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Dorsett, Burns doubtful to play Saturday against Virginia; Golden talks recruiting

Although he's has been hopeful to get 2012-leading receiver Phillip Dorsett (MCL tear) back soon, UM coach Al Golden said Wednesday both Dorsett and freshman cornerback Artie Burns (ankle) appear doubtful for Saturday's home finale against Virginia.

Neither player has been fully integrated into practice this week, Golden said.

"If he feels good we're going to give it a run. But it's not where it needs to be right now," Golden said of Dorsett, who has missed four games after injuring his knee Oct. 17 at North Carolina.

"He's isolated right now. Until he can become integrated, avoid guys and make guys miss and protect himself we're not going to put him out there. When he's ready to do that we'll do it. But right now it looks doubtful."

> Receiver Herb Waters (groin) injured against Duke "has a chance" to play Saturday, Golden said. Golden lists Waters as probable.

Receiver Stacy Coley and freshman cornerback Corn Elder, who were in a non-contact jerseys earlier this week at practice are expected to play, Golden said.

> With three commitments since the NCAA sanctions were announced last month, Golden was asked Wednesday if he's noticed more interest from recruits since the penalties do not include any post-season bans and only the loss of nine scholarships over three years.

"Their response has been different," Golden said. "We've gotten three [commitments] since the announcement, which is unique this time of the year. Kids are getting ready for playoffs and things like that. So it's attributed to that, there's no question about that because mostly kids made the decision two months ago or are waiting until the holidays, visits. So that's positive for us.

"I think most of the interest from the younger guys is that it's behind us now and not getting hammered. Remember, the kids that are [high school] juniors, all they've ever known about the University of Miami is that we've been in trouble. Since they've been recruitable prospects we've been under probation. So it's good to have that behind us now. We have to move forward."

Golden said the Hurricanes were cut short last year on scholarships "for a variety of reasons" and the staff is now "trying to compensate this year by signing more than we did last year."

UM's class features 27 commitments and is ranked fourth nationally by Rivals.com.

Has the fact the defense looked so bad helped garner more interest from recruits who think the could help right away? Golden bristled at that question.

"We're going to continue to need help everywhere," Golden said. "People want to talk about the defense because all of us haven't executed well enough the last couple of weeks. So I answer that question now I'm saying that the kids we have aren't good enough. That's not the case. The case, as I've been saying, is we're going to continue to build until we have the depth to go through a whole season and there's no drop-off. That's a separate question all of us here who have worked today, that watched film -- all of us have to fix what's going on now."

> Golden has been steadfast in his support for his seniors and wasn't happy Tuesday when a reporter suggested the sudden emergence of freshmen and sophomores on the team's latest depth chart are a sign coaches are making a decision to play younger players.

"On the outside it's easy to sweep it under the rug and act like it's no big deal or it's over. It's not over. These guys have been through a lot," Golden said of his seniors. "They stood with us through a really tumultuous time. I think it's important that me, the staff, their teammates support them down the stretch.

"I keep getting the questions 'Are you going to go younger now that you lost a couple' No. We're not doing that. We're going to honor these seniors and push them to the finish line and help them do something they haven't done. They haven't been to a bowl game the last two years. We have to finish off strong and send them off strong."


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So, you want a pictorial representation of how sorry this loser is you say?

There it is.

So Coach Golden, the guys we have here now are good enough? Then it's clearly your boy D`Onofrio. Fire his butt today! I'm over the excuses. USC had talent issues and NCAA sanctions too that magically fixed themselves after a coaching change and now they're beating Stanford and just about everyone else too. Golden, fire your buddy or you can go too. I really liked you until you proved responsibility doesn't extend beyond the players on the field. D`Onofrio clearly isn't following the process. If he is, it's not working. Either way, IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

And the good news is for the first time in 10 years help is on the way with Big Al's top 3 recruiting class.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 19, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Yeah, yeah, heard that before in 2008. You're just repeating yourself ad nauseam. Ever the eternal optimist, but it's not just past getting old. It is old. This 2014 class won't help on the field until 2015 if that. That's the problem. We count on Freshamn constantly instead of ready developed upperclassmen. Year after year, it's unsustainable. Top-Programs NEVER rely on Freshman. They just plug a few in from time to time.

Problem is, that out of the 28 commits (yes there are 8-10 really nice 4-Stars and a few solid 3-Stars), at least 10-12 of them were UNRANKED and 2-Star kids that have limited offers from a few bad D-1 schools and mostly 1-AA and D-2 schools. Now that they have committed to Miami, the Recruiting websites bump them up to barely 3-Star kids based solely on the fact that Miami offered, not actual talent. Every year, especially after the Jan. and Feb. decommits, Golden throws far too many schollies around to unranked-2 Star projects with minimal talent (or as he calls it, "potential" yeah, Temple "potential" maybe), but high "upside" character kids. Simple fact, if 10-12 of these types cycle in every year, all you have is nearly 40-50 of these "projects" making up half of your developmental depth. The Top-Programs DONOT build this way. They take maybe 2-3 2-Stars a year and maybe 10-12 max make up their entire roster.

Point is, the vast majority of Miami's players, minus a few good O-Linemen and WR's, Duke, a corner or two and Perryman, there are well over 50-60 players on this squad that would be Scout Teamers in Top-10-15 Programs.

It starts with having Thoroughbreds. 2-DEEP Thoroughbreds... We have a few... Horses too... But way too many Donkeys n Jackazzes that see extended playing time.

Further, it was evident that throughout the summer Coach Golden and his staff were searching the country for defensive line help much like NFL teams peruse the waiver wire. They picked up a few kids, but as is plainly evident they have not made a significant difference.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 19, 2013 at 04:31 PM

And he will have to do so again this Summer. A trend that is never good and will never be successful in the end.

The only question that any reporter needs to ask Goldilocks is: "do you realize you lost to Duke?!.....in fotball"

Coach Golden answers to the 'U', his staff, and the team.

Notice his reply " the kids that are juniors all they have ever known about the Univ. of Miami is that we were in trouble.". Enough said right there.

Think about it.

Scholarships adjustments were made.

Two yapping morons (above) get on and post S***, without even considering, where we were, how we handled adversity, and where we want to go.

It is the same poster and Zook is right he probably is a 'Gator just loving our Loses and the turmoil of stirring fans negativity.
So many posters are buying into this, and pandering to stupidity.

No Coaches, Staff, or players are going anywhere so shout, stomp and throw a childish fit.
It changes nothing!!.

We continue to REBUILD.

Congratulations to the 'U' on securing a top 10 Class, and thanks to the Seniors for hanging in there with us.
We appreciate it. We continue to REBUILD.
Go 'Canes

Look, blame all the players you want. The bottom line is that D'O. can't coach or teach these young men how to play defense. Most of these guys came from winning programs in High School so, what went wrong between then now. Ah, the coach in 3 years he's had time to get this unit together and all we get is lip service from Golden who's covering his buddy's a**. Coach D. your a grown a** man admit your in over head and tell your best friend your resigning before he has to fire you. Just look at Auburn last year they were a losing team. They changed coach's and bingo now their a winning team again. You don't win unless you have the right coach's in place. If D'O. and his staff could teach and coach up these young men after 3 years you wouldn't be hearing all this BS about the defense.

Well, bad news Hurricane fans.

Yesterday, under Alverage put in the same scheme on defense for Saturday's gameplan, you know the one, you've seen it 34 times in a row over the last three years.

So that means UVA has a decent chance of being the team to end their losing streak on Saturday.

One size fits all gameplans mean that it's time to . . .

Coach goldie is a moron, plain and simple. I mean seriously, what exactly is this guy talking about when he says this:

Coach goldie talking:

Again, it hasn't been good enough. I want to own the fact it hasn't been good enough the last couple of weeks."

Somebody explain to me what is this guy talking about. The sad part about it is, coach goldie said "the last couple of weeks" In all honesty, it hasn't been good all year, that's the real Truth, yeah we beat the gaytors and i could careless how good or sorry they were, as long as we beat them, but jeff driskell hada career day, the gaytors moved the ball up & down the field all game long.

Now coach goldie is saying "the last couple of weeks" trying to focus in on just the losses, it hasn't been good in the squeak by wins either. This guy is a moron trying to talk over peoples heads trying to use psychology to hide him & his boys ineptness. When in reality, coach goldie is no better than the snitch, this guy is a con-artist his damyum self.

Harriet TUBMAN keeps pointing it out, and i said it when it first came up, if coach goldie was that True to UM, he would've never had taken that raise and just said i'll just take the extension, that would've been understandable.

People keep saying "cause coach goldie stuck by us" hell, shannon would've still been the headcaoch investigation or no investigation, to many people giving coach goldie credit for perfect attendance, if somebody is stupid enuff to pay alot of yall over 2million a year for not doing nothing exceptional but for showing up, most of yall would have perfect attendance to.

I keep hearing people say "Coach goldie has done an exceptional job in recruiting while the investigation was underway" which is comical, lol.

Trying to get recruits to come here while an inviible investigation is underway that people can put in the un-seen category is one thing, people act like that was tough to do.

When the real challenge is really just starting to take shape, cause the investigation was basically minuscule, the challenge is going to be trying to explain how the defense has been this bad for the 3 years coach goldie and clown 500 have been. To many teams got real seen proof that they have the right coaches in place to coach defense. When Fsu goes into a recruits living room and basically ask them now "We know you are a Miami Hurricane fan, what you like about them?
recruit: I love how they play defense and how they play with confidence(mis-interpreted as swagger) and how they play with a lot of energy and just dominate teams.

Recruiter from other school: Did you see the 30 for 30?

Recruit: Yes, about 10 times

Recruiter from other school: No doubt, those teams definitely knew how to play defense, back than, BACK THAN! But let us show you what they're doing now, that's nowhere near those same UM teams you fell in Love with nor are they near that dominant, in fact they're not even a solid defense, here's what happened when they played duke, here's what happened when we played duke, now you tell me who looks more like they're playing that style of dominant defense today!


The WORST COACH IN RECENT MIAMI FOOTBALL HISTORY is not up for the Maxwell Coach of the Year award.

At least Jim will still have a chance to defend his coach of the year award from last year Hurricane fans. Always fun to watch him get his team ready to play.

If the CANES don't get some stops on defense, Virginia will leave Miami with their first conference win. We could beat a Savannah State or FAU or this year's South Florida without a defense, but we can't count on beating Virginia. Not a chance.

These Goldilocks defenders sure are sensitive......he lost to Duke, HELLO!

SoFla kids know much more about the 'U' than you apparently do, or give them Credit.

That is why the largest Class in Years are signing up to attend the 'U' from SoFla. Newsflash~~~~~~

Let us remember your dream Class under shanny did NOTHING, so think before you speak about players interviewing Coaches about plays on our D,(in your dissertation above) when the program has JUST emerged from sanctions, and is trying to find players in JUCO to fill gaping holes.

Don't you ever read and comprehend what Coach G is saying, or are you so wrapped up in your thoughts that nothing is getting through to you.

We are Rebuilding after your top Class that you touted had so many players that failed to live up to expectations at the 'U'.Even JUCO and transfer players could not plug the gaps.

We are now paying the price. No rotation, no depth. Moving players around to do assingments in multiple positions. Get real Calvina.

Go 'Canes

This dude lost to Duke, the kids on UTough got manhandled to Duke, he was clearly outcoached by Cutlifee, and it's obvious the players are not playing with any type of passion, and some of you guys are defending Goldilocks calling other posters names.......GTFOH, and go wipe the ball sweat from Goldilocks sack.....this dude lost to Duke.....in football


Remember we talked about this all summer long and the slurpers were singing praises to Golden tongue. Even Denzel knew this clown didn't know what he was talking about.

Q: Denzel Perryman, talk about his season.

Golden: Denzel is starting to mature, and it really started all the way back in April and May when we gave him his goal weights and he looked at us like we were nuts...........


Here's another

If the 277-pound Chickillo returns, “he either has to lose weight and stay at end or bulk up and move inside,” Fishbein said. UM is using him at both spots but he seldom gets a chance to rush on third down.

Why are we rotating the O-Line in cold weather?

Anybody just catch the ESPNU piece on the Michigan State defense?

The players talked about putting fear in the opponents.

The DC talked about hitting the opponent in the mouth.

The HC talked about intimidating defense.

Golden talks about "the process, bringing your technique and your training."

Same stuff we hear from conforming UM players who are intimidated by this coaching regime.

Michigan State plays aggressive defense and they are feared. Surprised?

Posted by: dbc | November 20, 2013 at 02:40 PM

Voila... I've seen Michigan St.'s defense in action in three games. Well, I've observed the Spartan's here and there in part's of three games.

And Michigan St. plays a 4-3 ATTACK style of defense the majority of the time.

Chit, Sparty's defense REMINDS me of those Top 20/Top 10 Hurricane defense's from yesteryear!!

Even their corner's play a tight MAN-A-MAN coverage technique, i.e., 2 or 3 yards off the receiver and NOT a 5, 6 or 7 yard cushion akin to U Know Who's defensive DB's.

And dig this y'all D'Onofrio and Golden APOLOGIST'S. Michigan St.'s BEST coverage CB is an OBSCURE 3-Star player from some SMALL TOWN in Georgia. An Ed Reed, for example.

By the coup de grace, is Michigan St. has those MOUTHY, UPPITY type of player's on defense. Again, AKIN to the VINTAGE Miami, Florida defenses of days gone bye. hUh

Finally, the MAJORITY of Sparty's defensive two-deep personnel are THREE-STAR prep players. With a handful of 4/5-Star H.S. players! Go bloody figure.

In other words, Michigan St.'s defensive coordinator and staff recruit player's whom will be COMFORTABLE in the 4-3 and DON'T lamely attempt to fit a CIRCLE into a RECTANGLE!!

FWIW... Michigan St. has a very, very, very good opportunity to defeat that Ohio St. team in the Big 10 championship game. SEE their No.1/No. defense as the Forest Green and White TRUMP card.

What exactly is the philosophy behind this 3-4 scheme? And why does it seem like players are reading and reacting instead of being aggressive?

"There's never a day where we ever talk about read and react. That's not even a mention," Golden said. "Depending where you are on a defense you have a key and have to respond.

LMAO!!! I just read on another blog something very true. Golden is trying to play us with word play. Read and react and key and respond are the same d@mn thing!!! GTFOH

Posted by: DirtyRed | November 20, 2013 at 02:16 PM


Great post.

This is what happen when yall give Golden tongue all of this unearned praise. I bet when it's all over for them he and his butt buddy from Pedo State will sit back and laugh at what they have done to the U.

Like I said the new car smell has worn off of Goldilocks and he's geting exposed

For all the folks saying we lost to Duke, this is not the Duke under Ted Roof with 1-9 record. They defeated VT as well and as a team executing well.

But, they may lose to UNC or WF because they are ready for a let down game. I for one strongly believe some of our guys are playing hurt and not at full strength. Irrespective of the scheme, our execution is awful and glaringly so. This cannot be attributed to coaching or talent. We have seriously regressed.

FWIW... my apologies RSJ! I had a case of MISTAKEN identity and thought your was one of those BRAINWASHED canespace/eoth visitor's.

Again, my apologies!

Chit, approximately 50% of those RUMMY'S at that CS/eoth still say give their beloved D'Onofrio more time. Go bloody figures'.

For all of you naysayers, Golden will be here for a few more years and I hope he turns around the program soon enough. He has earned it.

For all the folks saying we lost to Duke, this is not the Duke under Ted Roof with 1-9 record. They defeated VT as well and as a team executing well.


Then VT lost to Maryland, so VT aint that great either but VT made us their prison wife, just like Duke did! LOL!

BTW - we lost to DukE!!!

Why didn't the gator guy cut and paste this story by Chris Bello? LOL

The Miami Hurricanes are coming off the type of three-week run that can leave a football program questioning just about everything.

After a 7-0 start rooted in comeback wins and a heavy dose of overachieving, the first half of November has been a season-defining nightmare for Miami that won't seem to end.

Over the past 12 quarters, the Hurricanes defense has surrendered a mind-boggling 1,609 yards and 131 points in three straight losses. Even scarier was that Virginia Tech and Duke each tagged Miami harder than third-ranked Florida State—proof that confidence in Miami's defense has been further shaken with each setback.

How Miami got into this overall mess isn't nearly as confusing as to how it will find a way out. Head coach Al Golden inherited a squad that went 28-23 the previous four years and limped to a combined record of 13-11 the past two seasons.

Conditioning issues, a broken culture and a roster littered with entitled, underachieving players were just the beginning in Coral Gables. Toss in two-plus years of the NCAA's hovering presence, and the Hurricanes program has been fighting with one hand tied behind its back for entirely too long.

Some thrilling early-season wins, coupled with closure of an NCAA investigation (per Andrea Adelson of ESPN.com), had Miami flying high in September and October. Since then, however, there was the harsh reality of a 15-day span that served as a reminder as to just how steep a mountain the Hurricanes still have to climb.

D'Onofrio Still Missing the Mark

To Hurricanes fans, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio remains the face of everything wrong with Miami football.

Miami's defense gave up 48 points and 543 total yards in a loss to Duke, including 358 rushing yards.

A lack of talent and overall depth had plagued the defensive side of the ball before D'Onofrio even arrived at Miami, but the third-year coordinator's inability to baby-step the Hurricanes back to respectability remains a huge sticking point for his critics.

Ten games into this season, players appear lost, confused and out of position, while failing to execute basic fundamentals. Still, the losses aren't what necessarily have the spotlight on Golden and D'Onofrio—it's the lack of measurable progress.

Much has been made of the brotherly bond and working relationship that exists between Golden and D'Onofrio. Former teammates at Penn State and coaching compadres since reconnecting at Virginia in 2004, D'Onofrio followed Golden to Temple and then to Miami.

Their third year together at Miami is limping to a close, and while the Hurricanes could still mathematically finish at 10-3, the odds of that now seem slim based on injuries, a shattered team psyche and recent results.

Even with wins over Virginia, Pitt and a decent bowl opponent, winning three straight soon erase recent losses or mask the defensive issues that have since been revealed.

Canes Defense Experienced Late-1990s Shift

Butch Davis took over a Miami program knocking on the door of NCAA-inflicted probation in 1995. Between 1996 and 1998, the Hurricanes surrendered 31 total scholarships. Three-loss seasons became the new norm, while the 1997 squad bottomed out at 5-6.

Butch Davis spent 1995-2000 at Miami and made a big decision regarding his defense after year four.

The Hurricanes appeared to be on the mend in 1998, but fell, 66-13, at Syracuse in late November with a Big East title on the line. A week later, Miami managed to upset No. 2 UCLA behind a monster 299-yard rushing effort from Edgerrin James, but still surrendered 45 points and 670 total yards.

Although Miami beat North Carolina State, 46-23, in the Micron PC Bowl, the Hurricanes still surrendered a grand total of 1,068 yards and 111 points over their final three games, convincing Davis to part ways with fourth-year defensive coordinator Bill Miller.

"It was time to go in a different direction," Davis told the Associated Press. Miller understood and owned up to his shortcomings.

"We didn't play very well the last few games of the year, and I take full responsibility for it," Miller said. "The bottom line in this business is to produce, and it's my responsibility how we played."

Davis' decision to replace Miller caused the Miami head coach to embrace a more aggressive philosophy entering his fifth year as proven by his choice in replacing Miller.

Within a month, Chicago Bears defensive backs coach Greg Schiano was tapped as the Hurricanes' new defensive coordinator, ultimately playing a huge role in Miami's resurgence. Schiano, then 33 years old, talked about his coaching style, per HurricaneSports.com.

"Everyone wants to talk about the scheme, but the biggest thing we've talked about is consistency," Schiano said days before the 1999 Kickoff Classic. "We have to stop the run, win third down and come up with the deep ball when we have the opportunity."

In the same AP article, former Chicago Bears coach Dave Wannstedt made it clear that he approved of Davis' hiring of his former defensive assistant.

"Greg is probably as conscientious and smart as any young coach I've been around," Wannstedt said. "I don't know how much talent Miami has, but he'll get the most out of them."

Schiano proved his former boss correct right regarding the maximization of talent in Miami. The Hurricanes fielded the 16th-ranked overall defense in 1999, one season after Miller's unit had finished 62nd. Schiano also accomplished the step forward in a season when Miami faced No. 9 Ohio State, No. 2 Penn State, No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Virginia Tech—with the Seminoles and Hokies going on to reach the national championship game.

Greg Schiano spent 1999-2000 coaching up Miami's defense, before bringing his style—and the Hurricanes' smoke tradition—to Rutgers.

In 2000, the Hurricanes reached the BCS, finished 11-1 and boasted the fifth-ranked scoring defense in the nation, largely due to Schiano's "attack, attack, attack" coaching style.

Davis gave Miller ample time to get Miami's defense on track, but things went from bad to worse as Year 4 wound down to prompt another change. Not only were the Hurricanes giving up too many yards and points, but Miami's defense simply lacked the aggressiveness that past UM squads had possessed.

Change Must Take Place One Way Or Another

Whether Golden's third season ends up being 7-5, 10-3 or somewhere in between, the Hurricanes' backslide is evident and must result in some form of modification.

Should Golden choose the Davis route by parting ways with a coordinator a few years into his regime, Miami would need to hire a proven commodity. Time is of the essence, as the Hurricanes are riding a 10-year down cycle. Another bad hire could be difficult to overcome—for Golden, as well as for "The U" as a program.

Jim Leavitt spent 13 years building something out of nothing at the University of South Florida. The former Bulls head coach was relieved of his duties in January 2010 for allegedly striking a player in a heated moment during halftime of a game the previous season. Leavitt took some time off, but was eventually hired by Jim Harbaugh in 2011 as the San Francisco 49ers linebackers coach.

Former South Florida head coach Jim Leavitt will probably never wind up in Coral Gables, but the current 49ers linebackers coach will be back in college football soon enough.

Redemption stories are prevalent in sports. In due time, Leavitt will get the call to run a defense or head up another program. It's simply a matter of letting enough thing blows over in the wake of his scandal.

Leavitt is a great defensive mind, a solid recruiter and knows the ins and outs of running a program. Should the Canes opt for change, Leavitt could be to Golden what Schiano was to Davis back in the day—a defensive shot in the arm and a way to inject some life into the program.

While Leavitt going to Miami reeks of wishful thinking, a more plausible scenario could come in the form of an offseason overhaul for the Hurricanes defense.

Miami may scrap what isn't working, study what is and turn D'Onofrio loose as soon as the season ends. The Canes could set up some visits with powerhouse programs, hit the road, pick the brains of defensive gurus nationwide, bring that information back to Coral Gables and get busy implementing the information.

While coaching changes may or may not be in Miami's future this offseason, here's a cold, hard fact: If things don't turn around over the next couple years—especially on the defensive side of the ball—the Hurricanes will be replacing more than just a coordinator.

For all of you naysayers, Golden will be here for a few more years and I hope he turns around the program soon enough. He has earned it.


and people have been hoping for the return of Jesus for 2,000 plus years. dude is nothing special, passion is no substitue for football acumen, regardless of how big his binder is

btw - we lost to Duke!

This is what happen when yall give Golden tongue all of this unearned praise. I bet when it's all over for them he and his butt buddy from Pedo State will sit back and laugh at what they have done to the U.

Posted by: True Cane | November 20, 2013 at 05:13 PM


Your notions have a GREAT degree of merit. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nevertheless, what does one expect from Thee Carpetbagger's.

Yeah, yeah I can still hear canespace RuMMY's bellowing give them MORE TIME. hUH

Heck, those same CS/eoth said ad naseum, that the FOURTH YEAR would be the Golden season for their beloved Hurricanes.

Mich St. lost to ND! The same ND that almost lost to Navy. My guess is that Duke will defeat Mich St.

What's very disturbing for Miami's defensive personnel under both Golden and D'Onofrio, is they've INTENTIONALLY pacified and EMASCULATED that, Nastiness is Required, Mouthy attitude of ALL the incoming and left over Shannon player's. SEE the transfer's and CUTTING LOSE of lose cannon's. No pun intended.

And it's on defense where you need those confident, brash, nastiness is required type of defender's. Albeit an under control Ali-esque mind set. Huh

Humor me you folks who are calling for the coaches' head.

Analyze the film and post what went wrong during Duke's 56 yard rush and 33 yard TD in the 4th Q. I am looking for specifics what could've been different in those two situations.

Defense is where you need that EMOTIONAL fire in the belly attitude and what not. Albeit an under control wrath.

Chit, a lot of those offensive player's whom played against Miami, CIRCA 1983-2005, were AFRAID to go back on the field of competition when they faced the Cane defenses.

Posted by: Football | November 20, 2013 at 05:38 PM


I've been calling for the CHIT-CANNING of your BELOVED Mark D'Onofrio going back to the duration and END of the 2012 season!!

So you can take your bellowing back to that CS/eoth. hUh

As for the specifics. It's called the LITMUS TEST and what not. And your boy Marky Mark ain't been passing it so far.

I also think that our offensive coordinator sucks as well It;s almost like we have only 5 or 6 plays in our playbook. No imagination, very few screen passes, tight ends over the middle, reverses, draw plays, quick outs, trick plays, nothing exciting...just not cane football

Posted by: D | November 20, 2013 at 05:43 PM

First of all D, our DC is not my boy! You need to talk about the specifics without the whole game being a litmus test.

BTW, I am going to be on here.


The two guys who actually played D under D'Onofrio have the only legit opinions about defensive woes.

They know the game, coaches, and players better than any of us here.

And they are calling out the current team as lacking in toughness. Boom.

These starters are the Shannon left overs and Golden's first hobbled recruiting year.

They are what they are, not that good...

Notice though it's the freshmen who have been making the biggest splashes....Golden's 2nd recruiting class.

I know the fans are upset, but I see yearly improvement, even this year.

And it'll only get better from here out.

Bank on it...

Here the bottom line. Golden has had some good 3 and 4 Star gets in recruiting over the years. He has some really nice 3-4-Stars this year. But less than half his classes are ALWAYS filled with those guys. The real problem is how he's filled out those classes. Say he gets 8 or 9 solid 3-4 Star kids that can play and were also recruited by other top programs. But when you round out those classes with 10-12 UNRANKED and 2 -Star PROJECT kids that not ONE, ZERO, ZIP, NADA Top-30 program offers, that's going to show up on the field eventually. Sure you need a few of those types of kids each year to experiment with. But maybe 1-2, not nearly half your class with 8-10 of them. And before anyone researches past classes, I assure you, there were 8-10 unranked and 2-Star kids, each recruiting year, that were elevated to VERY LOW 3-Star kids by the Recruiting websites so fans would pay the $9.99 a month and read articles how these Unranked and 2-Stars (elavated to barely 3-Stars, that NO TOP PROGRAM would even sniff, could be future "Top" players for Miami. (In fantasyland)... When more than a THIRD of your teams roster is comprised of these type of lacking good-elite talent players, and you keep bringing in 8-10 a year, it will show as a huge lack of Top Talented Depth and mediocrity will eventually, when injuries occur, on the field. Always has, always will. And EVERY TEAM gets injuries. It's the top programs, with the Elite players and depth that overcomes them.

Or to quote one who knows...

*** As one UM insider said, UM’s defense has nobody who does anything extraordinary, nobody who’s a consistent game-changer.

“Their biggest talent void is up front; they’re getting controlled on the line,” former UM assistant coach Don Soldinger said. But “they also need a guy in the secondary that’s a big-time guy like Antrel Rolle, that will lay the wood. They need a big-time linebacker.

“They have one guy at each position, but they don’t have two or three. It bothers me, because it doesn’t look like they’re in the right spots. They need guys that can run better. Their linebackers can’t make plays downhill; they’re too much east and west.”

Besides speed, UM also covets more size. The UM staff aspires for this unit to look more like a top-caliber SEC defense.***


Bottom line... If Miami wants to be like an SEC team, they better start signing Top-Talented kids that only other SEC teams offer and round them out with SOLID-Consensus 3-Star kids that others offer as well and not the 10-12 projects that Golden is bringing in yearly that the #50-#75 Schools are battling for year to year... That's the Formula. Miami needs better ingrediants and lots of them.

Posted by: Chris H. '88 | November 20, 2013 at 09:42 AM

Hey Calvin: Good post, esp. the part about the 30 for 30 reference: Let's suppose there's another 30 for 30 20 years for now: I can see the storyline now. Paradise lost, hopes dashed. A prominent program gone bad, etc.

The fact remains: There have been 3 straight games where there's an average of 550 yards given up on D. JustDunno does not come off as a coach. He's more like a 9 to 5 desk guy. I mean, can this guy talk X's and O's?

Still no schemes, no real definitive approach, nothing, again, JustDunno. But U just can't change the DC. This is about regime change, although I think the OC gets a pass because he does play to the strength of the O.

Forget about SM in the short yardage passing game. He's not cut out for it. He'll be a pocket passer in the NFL and a long ball thrower. SM could step in and replace Rothisberger right now.

This blog is mostly cluttered by one hater who is a Gator that uses a variety of aliases such as, but not limited too: "FIRE AL GOLDEN, Carmine, it's football season!, True Cane, DirtyRed, Lets Attack"

This 'thing' can't do what he has done in past year's by pointing at his Gators as being superior to the Canes so he has now taken a different tact and that is belittling Al Golden and Mark D'Onofrio while posing as a Canes fan.

He literally has 50 or more aliases and squats on all Miami football blogs day and night spewing his hate.


On a 4th and 1, when I see DU run right up the middle and very little contact or pursuit, that's a problem with coaching and preparedness.

Interesting article in the herald in which Jordan Futch and Sean Spence said the scheme and D'nofrio as a Defensive coordinator is one of the best and most prepared for a game as any defensive coordinator they have had. Now that includes Jon Loviet, Bill Young and a former defensive coordinator in Randy Shannon who was head coach at the time. In the article they both state that it is not D'nofrio but instead the lack of talent and toughness. Now Eric Winston and Duane Starks both who were critical of D'nofrio have neither played for him or know the scheme that is run. Winston has never played defense on college so for him to say anything merits the same weight as a typical fan who only sees the result and really doesn't understand the game or what may actually be holding the defense back. I'm not saying one way or another but I do feel that D'nofrio deserves time to recruit his guys, get them in as upperclassmen before a legitimate ruling is in order to call the scheme garbage no matter how bad we have looked the last three games, which I can't honestly see it getting any worse. We all have to take a step back and look at things objectively and take into account the affect that the Shapiro fiasco has had on recruiting the type of players we need. Now that it has passed the next two years will better give us a true litmous test as to where our program is heading. I do know that you have to have the preverbial jimmy's and joe's to be successful no matter what scheme we run. Also no one can argue with the absolute exceptional job Coach Golden and this staff has done as far as recruiting especially this year having us in the top 5 in the nation. The gap is closing and it will not as fast as we as fans want it which is now. It will take time and we are just going to have to be patient or just sound like an idiot like many on here have done.

Go cheer for California, you said you were leaving when Duke blew out UM before the game started moron. Oh, that's right, they suck even worse so no point in that is there?

Nobody wants another golden shower like you sign up for daily here still, despite not keeping your word because just like the losers from Temple, you have no integrity as a person.

For the 'don't know' Football on here,

2nd and 10 they should be in a 4-2-5 nickle set instead of the 3-3-5 hybrid garbage set that has sucked for three years now, Duke is in a pistol set with three wideouts, they should be blitzing a LB in that down and distance to provide five rushers while the safety's play zone coverage over the top not the one safety matched up in man with the TE like they have called, CB's play man bump and run, which they just run in tight man instead of bumping and look for the WR screen pass that is always open anyway against this coaching staff's gameplan they use ever single game of trying to keep everything in front of them, instead, key and read semantics aside, the line does the garbage technique of engaging at the line of scrimmage instead of shooting gaps to disrupt the handoff in the backfield, gets pushed down the line east to west and back and the LB who should be in man coverage on the RB is running away from the counter handoff so there's only a safety to beat 20 yards down the field before the ball is snapped once the line doesn't cause any disruption because they're never taught to anymore. Again, horrible scheming and play calling in the situation as usual from these losers.

4th and 1 and just like two years ago at VT for the winning score, the idiot play call was a goalline look. One CB was giving a full five and a half yard cushion while the other was in press man. Duke is in a pistol one back set, and UM should have a 4-3 look instead of the goal line defense it's in, the LB's shouldn't have been deeper than three yards from scrimmage but also have no buisness being right at the line especially considering how much these dopes want to play bend but don't break until key situations where that goes out the window and they get toasted like right here, both CB's should have been in tight press, and they should have blitzed only six, four down linemen shooting gaps, two linebackers blitzing from the middle and the outside linebacker on the strong side of the line and both safeties should be in two deep zone. Instead, they blitz a safety to the weak side of the line as he sneaks up pre snap thus tipping off everything and off to the races for 33 yards of a scoring play and into the crapper goes the season, just like two years ago except even worse, but that's par for the course with these idiots.

The recent commitment of four-star defensive tackle Anthony Moten, of Fort Lauderdale-St. Thomas Aquinas, moved the Hurricanes ahead of Florida State in ESPN’s recruiting rankings for the first time since the list was released last April. UM, now No. 3 overall, is the top-ranked ACC team. FSU is ranked No. 4 and second in the conference.


With the NCAA holocaust and Shannon era toxic culture removed the Canes are now recruiting players that will soon have the Canes not only competing for the ACC Championship, but National Championships as well.



THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING is ready for his daily golden shower Alverage! He's got his mouth open and is ready to smile like it tastes good while he gargles for you and your roommate from college! Come give him what he demands and then it's time for the AD to . . .

Duke is the reason I am upset. VT and FSU were game that I looked at in the start of the season and said, "those will be tough games". I EXPECT to beat Duke. If we went 9-3 with losses to UF, FSU and VT, at the start of the season I would say ok, those are tough games and I would have taken a 9-3 season. Since 9-3 is better than 7-5 and improvement.

Posted by: DMoneyUM | November 19, 2013 at 05:03 PM

Would U feel better "if" the U beat Duke and then lost to either UNC or Wake ? I'm sure both UNC and Wake thinks they should have beaten Miami. It's those 2 games that say more about Miami and who they are than any others. The mere fact that they had to pull those out in the final seconds is more than telling where this team is at. And the Gators drove into the Miami Redzone 5 times coming away with ZERO points in a 5 point game with a missed FG and 4 turnovers. Thank God for FAU, Savannah St. and USF to pad the stats huh ?

I tell U what: When Don Soldinger speaks I listen. I'm wondering why DS hasn't spoken with Soldinger for a long term job. I don't think his personality is all that dominant. But if U listen to those South dade players who played for him, they'll tell that guy can coach and recruit.

I tell U what: If Soldinger is the HC at UM one day, U won't hear me question much about his decisions.

I tell U what: That guy knows football.

Valentine, Moten and Thomas] are going to all be better than what they have or anyone they’re losing,” Fishbein said. “There is not one guy on Miami’s defensive line who will play in the NFL except maybe Chickillo. Valentine and Thomas have first-round talent. Valentine at 6-4, 320, is more physically impressive than anyone Miami has, and he moves like a running back.

It's lack of talent...not coaching!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 19, 2013 at 09:29 PM

But Blustein disagrees. He said Valentine needs to get in better shape, and “next year, you would never compete with those [freshmen] kids. They’ll be manhandled.”

Fishbein believes a trio of four-star UM oral commitments --- defensive linemen Travonte Valentine, Anthony Moten and Chad Thomas --- can be big contributors immediately, though Soldinger said that’s an awful lot to expect from freshmen defensive linemen.


Conveniently left those parts out huh ? Blind Homer opinions from Fishbein and U aren't just like azzzholes, they are azzzholes.

How many Freshman DT's are on this team from the 2013 Class ? How many Redshirt Freshman DT's from the 2012 Class ? Pppppffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttt !

“The defense could struggle again next season and give up chunks of yardage,” Blustein said. “Linebacker is not deep. They need to add junior college tackles that can come in immediately and play. They’re teetering on basically the same situation next season."

Soooooo, it's back to the JUCO "waiver wire" the next few years to not just get a DT or two for depth, but rather fortify Ur D-Line with as many as 4-5 limited 300+lb FATAZZZ no talent slugs to man Ur DT positions again in 2014 and beyond... Or as Top-Programs Recruiting Directors call it, "That's not how we recruit here. We bring Top Talent in as Freshman, Redshirt them and develope them to contribute as Redshirt Sophs."

Soldy n Arty have warned U for years. U didn't listen... Deja vU U.


this all damage control by al golden......we go up and down the recruit elevator......

1. coaching
2. recruits
3. execution
4. success

all in that order.....change at the top is the only answer since miracles don't happen in football

thank you all the Jim Gallo's.....I have no many relatives, lol

champ that was a good detailed post with content, and the voice of reason shouting in the wilderness.

Many fans want the instant FIX and it ain't there.

How many times do we reiterate the rebuilding of our program will take time.

Those that shout the loudest about "Firing" have no idea of how it would be to start another rebuild to fit their ideas. Lose and then another rash of "Firing" would begin.

Players and Ex coaches repeat that you have to be able to put on the field competent players in order to win consistently.
We can tune out the agitators.
Reality can and will entail patience.....
Thanks again
championship is all that matters...... good stuff
Go 'Canes
Go 'Canes

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Sad will make UUUUUU wanna cry http://www.pageqsports.com/2013/11/miamis-soft-bigotry-of-low-expectations/#.Uo0c4-2Tc1w.twitter ....

MUST READ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sad will make UUUUUU wanna cry http://www.pageqsports.com/2013/11/miamis-soft-bigotry-of-low-expectations/#.Uo0c4-2Tc1w.twitter

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