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Dorsett, Burns doubtful to play Saturday against Virginia; Golden talks recruiting

Although he's has been hopeful to get 2012-leading receiver Phillip Dorsett (MCL tear) back soon, UM coach Al Golden said Wednesday both Dorsett and freshman cornerback Artie Burns (ankle) appear doubtful for Saturday's home finale against Virginia.

Neither player has been fully integrated into practice this week, Golden said.

"If he feels good we're going to give it a run. But it's not where it needs to be right now," Golden said of Dorsett, who has missed four games after injuring his knee Oct. 17 at North Carolina.

"He's isolated right now. Until he can become integrated, avoid guys and make guys miss and protect himself we're not going to put him out there. When he's ready to do that we'll do it. But right now it looks doubtful."

> Receiver Herb Waters (groin) injured against Duke "has a chance" to play Saturday, Golden said. Golden lists Waters as probable.

Receiver Stacy Coley and freshman cornerback Corn Elder, who were in a non-contact jerseys earlier this week at practice are expected to play, Golden said.

> With three commitments since the NCAA sanctions were announced last month, Golden was asked Wednesday if he's noticed more interest from recruits since the penalties do not include any post-season bans and only the loss of nine scholarships over three years.

"Their response has been different," Golden said. "We've gotten three [commitments] since the announcement, which is unique this time of the year. Kids are getting ready for playoffs and things like that. So it's attributed to that, there's no question about that because mostly kids made the decision two months ago or are waiting until the holidays, visits. So that's positive for us.

"I think most of the interest from the younger guys is that it's behind us now and not getting hammered. Remember, the kids that are [high school] juniors, all they've ever known about the University of Miami is that we've been in trouble. Since they've been recruitable prospects we've been under probation. So it's good to have that behind us now. We have to move forward."

Golden said the Hurricanes were cut short last year on scholarships "for a variety of reasons" and the staff is now "trying to compensate this year by signing more than we did last year."

UM's class features 27 commitments and is ranked fourth nationally by Rivals.com.

Has the fact the defense looked so bad helped garner more interest from recruits who think the could help right away? Golden bristled at that question.

"We're going to continue to need help everywhere," Golden said. "People want to talk about the defense because all of us haven't executed well enough the last couple of weeks. So I answer that question now I'm saying that the kids we have aren't good enough. That's not the case. The case, as I've been saying, is we're going to continue to build until we have the depth to go through a whole season and there's no drop-off. That's a separate question all of us here who have worked today, that watched film -- all of us have to fix what's going on now."

> Golden has been steadfast in his support for his seniors and wasn't happy Tuesday when a reporter suggested the sudden emergence of freshmen and sophomores on the team's latest depth chart are a sign coaches are making a decision to play younger players.

"On the outside it's easy to sweep it under the rug and act like it's no big deal or it's over. It's not over. These guys have been through a lot," Golden said of his seniors. "They stood with us through a really tumultuous time. I think it's important that me, the staff, their teammates support them down the stretch.

"I keep getting the questions 'Are you going to go younger now that you lost a couple' No. We're not doing that. We're going to honor these seniors and push them to the finish line and help them do something they haven't done. They haven't been to a bowl game the last two years. We have to finish off strong and send them off strong."


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Posted by: FIRE AL GOLDEN | November 20, 2013 at 06:46 PM

Thank you. This is precisely what I wanted to see. At least you're suggesting fixes instead of asking for the coaches' head.

In both instances though, it is abundantly clear that our line play is not where it should be and if the d-line can be pushed around, a perfect scheme and a play call is not going to matter. But, I think though, our guys are limited by injuries. They cannot be this bad otherwise.

I have to question if golden is the wrong guy moving forward. . He asked that we hold him personally responsible for the team unachieving I say he is right..if we have a head coach who refuse to make needed changes to better the team then um will suffer more and recruits will not stay with the canes..no top flight recruit want to play for a losing ball club..I honestly believe um will lose at pitt and bowl game

“The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations,” a term originally coined by former President George W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, is one of my pet phrases (I’m sure you’ve seen me use it multiple times) because it so succinctly and accurately sums up just how repeated failures can cause people to lower the bar for what they define as successful, allowing someone to be deemed a “success” where others before them would be called a failure.

Hurricanes football with Al Golden

And that is the biggest threat facing the University of Miami football program going forward. To not allow continued mediocrity and defense of said mediocrity to become “baked into the cake” and redefine what is success at the University of Miami.

So it must be said, unequivocally, that the first two years and 10 games of Al Golden’s tenure on the field have been completely unacceptable. He is 20-14. But further dissecting that reveals a more troubling trend. Three of those wins came against FCS teams, but taking the games against FBS teams, we find that Golden has really struggled against anyone decent:


Why didn't the gator guy post this article by Chris bello?


The danger to the Hurricanes football program is not the past, but the future. One of the more troubling trends is the attempt to excuse this performance. Last week, after the Virginia Tech loss, I quoted Al Golden as saying, “I know no one wanted to listen to me five, six, seven weeks ago. We’re not back. We’re building.”

The problem with that is not that he is building or whether or not that building is working, but that he is excusing playing horribly and getting blown out by a team that is playing terribly. These are games that the Hurricanes should be winning in 2013, in the third year of his regime, and are not. He has taken responsibility and is telling fans to blame him, I am simply agreeing with him. It is his fault. But apologizing for one shocking loss after another does not make anything better. At some point, you have to actually stop losing these games, and that time is now.

It's more

Now, Navarro goes on to further explain how much attrition Miami has had (true), how the scandal has impacted the recruiting (true) and how Miami is probably a year or so away from being “back” (true), which at Miami means Top 5 and competing for championships.

Everything is true there, but here is why I don’t think that particular information is important for the discussion that needs to be had. There are questions that must be asked:
◦Do Virginia Tech and Duke actually have more talent than Miami?

The answer to that question is no. There are many steps on the ladder between Miami being “back” and being on Duke’s level in terms of talent. Miami is in between the two now, meaning with coaching neutral, they should beat those teams.
◦How much more talent does this coaching staff need than Virginia Tech and Duke so that they don’t lose to teams of that ilk by 18 points?

Because that is what happened. This wasn’t Miami playing the odd bad game, or having a bad day. This was them getting blown out by inferior talent. Yes, it’s not as inferior as the name would imply, but it is inferior nonetheless, and Miami being “back” is not at issue.

What is at issue is Golden’s ability to extract the maximum out of the talent that he does have. As Navarro’s analysis showed, Miami, on paper, was more talented than those opponents and managed to be played off the field. The concern isn’t missing out on the opportunity to get killed by FSU in the ACC Championship Game, the concern is if/when the talent level increases, will the Canes still be operating at the same coaching deficiency that cost them the last two games, even though they had superior talent?

I guess Bello is a gator troll right Zookster,

How Bare was the Cupboard?

I actually think it was quite bare. Randy Shannon’s last two recruiting classes were his weakest. But this raises more questions than answers. If Shannon left the empty cupboard, why then were 12 of the 22 players that started on offense or defense against Duke from the 2010 class, Shannon’s last, or before (Shannon’s signees in bold):


QB 17 Stephen Morris
RB 25 Dallas Crawford
FB 33 Maurice Hagens
WR 1 Allen Hurns
WR 6 Herb Waters
TE 46 Clive Walford
LT 74 Ereck Flowers
LG 70 Jon Feliciano
C 62 Shane McDermott
RG 65 Brandon Linder
RT 77 Seantrel Henderson


DE 71 Anthony Chickillo
DT 96 Curtis Porter
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
DE 51 Shayon Green
OLB 31 Tyrone Cornileus
MLB 59 Jimmy Gaines
OLB 52 Denzel Perryman
CB 3 Tracy Howard
S 2 Deon Bush
S 26 Rayshawn Jenkins
CB 37 Ladarius Gunter

If Shannon left such bad talent, why hasn’t Golden replaced the underperformers?

Are the most talented players playing meaning that Golden is actually recruiting worse players than the ones starting?

If they aren’t, then why is the defense so difficult to learn that they would rather give up 500 yards the last three games than put in the younger, more talented, but less seasoned players?

These are difficult questions that I don’t have the answers to. They are not straightforward. But something is horribly rotten with the way this team is playing.

Someone like Raphael Kirby, who was coveted by Alabama and Florida State, was rated by Rivals as the fifth best player at his position in the country in the class of 2012. Someone who also enrolled early and therefore has gone through two full offseasons cannot supplant some of Randy Shannon’s recruits (that were not nearly as coveted). We end up discussing whether Miami is “back.”

Here is a hint: they just lost to Duke by 18! I will go ahead and confirm that Miami is not back so we can move on to actual relevant discussion. Just because they aren’t back doesn’t mean these performances are acceptable. There is a vast middle ground.

Posted by: I'm just sayin | November 20, 2013 at 09:34 PM

I would agree with you if Golden had to battle only on field issues. Alas, that was not the case. Why don't you go back and look at Butch Davis's first three years at Miami?

Golden's position actually was worse than Butch because the "death penalty" was hanging over the U. Next year will be the actual year 1 for Golden without external problems. People have to be realistic instead of regurgitating pet phrases.

You want to know who just put up over 500 yards on Miami? Let me introduce you to Duke’s Juwan Thompson. He is the epitome of a team player and a star running back. But when Duke literally ran out of linebackers, he agreed to move to linebacker. He is now playing both positions (and by playing I mean he is getting carries and registering tackles). That is great testament to his character, and also takes a sledgehammer to the theory that Golden does not have the tools to compete. Duke is literally playing a player both ways, and the Canes need exactly how many top-level recruits to not give up 500 yards?

One of my favorite lines from The Sopranos was from the episode “A Hit Is a Hit” in Season 1. Christopher Moltisanti is beginning to recognize that his girlfriend is managing a band that might not be successful, and he tells her “you need to mentally [expletive] prepare yourself for the possibility that Visiting Day sucks.” Well, Canes fans need to mentally prepare themselves for the possibility that Al Golden might not be a great football coach.

Just to clarify, he has done many good things off the field. And I actually like him. Under no circumstances should his job be in question. He deserves more time. That is not a debate worth having at this juncture.

But we also should not ignore all the warning signs. What do you call a team that misses tackles, drops passes, makes stupid penalties, and mismanages the clock? Well coached?

There are examples of all of this against Duke, over and over again, but a few instances were particularly glaring:
◦To start the 2nd quarter, the Canes were up 17-7 with the ball on their own 14. They completed a six-yard pass, but a holding penalty made it 1st and 14. Then, a 33-yard completion was blunted with a downfield holding penalty. Another 10-yard holding penalty further backed them up. Morris ended up throwing an interception on 3rd and 4 from the Miami 49. But the important point is on this drive where Miami could have gone up 17 and possibly killed off the game, the Canes gained 65 yards, but backed up 30 yards on penalties and only netted 35 in total. It’s this sort of slop that is holding back the offense and preventing them from being an elite scoring unit. Is this not coaching?
◦With the Canes down 15 with 6:50 left, the Canes exhibited no urgency whatsoever. They called a running play, completed a one-yard pass, and let the clock run while huddling. 1:34 gone with only four plays run. Does that not reflect on the coaching?

I ask this simple question: When was the last time you went into a game and actually thought, “the Canes’ coaches are going to out coach the opponent this week?”

We've asked that question a million times on this blog, LMAO

Did you write this article with Chris Bello?

Nothing can be accomplished against Virginia or Pittsburgh that will erase these doubts. They are the two worst teams in the ACC Coastal. Beating them won’t mean much in terms of reversing the trend of beating bad teams, and losing to them would be disaster. These are — to steal a soccer term — “dead rubbers.”

We must recalibrate our expectations and evaluate this staff in the same manner with which every other staff was evaluated. Larry Coker was fired three years after winning the Orange Bowl, four years after playing in the National Championship, and five years after winning it. This was based on one seven-win season. Randy Shannon was afforded time to grow, and went 5-7, 7-6, and 9-4. But one downturn (to 7-5, with the starting QB getting injured, mind you) was enough to get him fired.

Al Golden should be judged by the same standard.

Next year is his fourth year, and the team has performed poorly, below par, in his first three years. When the calendar turns to 2014, the expectation should be that the team dominates. That bend-but-don’t-break turns into break the opponent. That the Canes look like a Miami Hurricanes team. That 1-5 against Virginia Tech and Florida State is a thing of the past. Building should turn into built.

There should not be a lowering of expectations because the Canes blew an opportunity to win the Coastal this year. One year’s underperformance leading to the lowering of expectations of the next year is how mediocrity sets in. This year was the year to win the Coastal, as a stepping stone to win the ACC in 2014. Now, 2014 should still be the year that the Canes are players at the top of the ACC, not a step (or several steps) down from FSU and Clemson.

Golden has asked to be held responsible for the performance of the team. Next year, I suggest we take him up on his offer, and give him all the plaudits he deserves if he delivers, but also hold his feet to the fire if the Canes continue to fail. And make no mistake, losing three consecutive games by a total of 63 points in a coach’s third year is unacceptable. But no one will care if next year the Canes get back on schedule. Absent that, we should not even entertain excuses, but expect accountability, all the way to the top.

This is something that must happen now. It must happen within the coaching staff, the administration and the fan base, lest we allow the soft bigotry of low expectations to sink the University of Miami football program.

I ask this simple question: When was the last time you went into a game and actually thought, “the Canes’ coaches are going to out coach the opponent this week?”

We've asked that question a million times on this blog, LMAO

Posted by: I'm just sayin | November 20, 2013 at 09:44 PM

Actually, Muskrat was outcoached by Golden & co. And so was Fisher for a half. They also outcoached Fedora, Johnson, Grobe in the second half of games. I am of the opinion our guys sustained injuries in the second half of FSU and most of them are playing hurt. There is no other explanation for the D's performance the last two weeks. Its not like you forget to tackle all of a sudden, when the tackling was crisp before.

After wading through all the redundant trash by 2 or 3 Haters with their countless screen names the following is reality:

The recent commitment of four-star defensive tackle Anthony Moten, of Fort Lauderdale-St. Thomas Aquinas, moved the Hurricanes ahead of Florida State in ESPN’s recruiting rankings for the first time since the list was released last April. UM, now No. 3 overall, is the top-ranked ACC team. FSU is ranked No. 4 and second in the conference.


With the NCAA holocaust and Shannon era toxic culture removed the Canes are now recruiting players that will soon have the Canes not only competing for the ACC Championship, but National Championships as well.



One week Chris Bello's article is posted as the gospel, this week he's irrelevant, LMAO.

Stop it I say

UGoCane, man U are welcome and thank you for having the courage to speak out as well against the seeming masses of arm chair coaches who lack to intellect in regards to football that can't see the forest for the tree that they are standing right in front of even if it is one or two bozo's with different alias.

The point you made about the morons who clamor for an instant fix or fire the guy coaching fail to realize is that sports teams at the collegiate or any level for that matter are turned into programs of excellence are formed by staff continuity through the tough times. When programs are down quality depth wise as we are now at the most important unit on defense which is the defensive line, then well there will be struggles. Even in the face of these struggles Coach Golden and this staff have done a job that I dare say no one else could have done on the recruiting trail bringing in better talent or having better talent to verbally commit to our program. Speaking of which when the board finally came to logical conclusions that the program had decayed and was going no where near where we should be under Coker and then Randy Shannon they fired them. And need I remind all of the so called want to be experts that use one alias after another that no one and I mean no one even wanted to interview for this job after the firings of Coker and Shannon because they had allowed the program to become so talent depleted, that they would be making career suicide if the attempted to rebuild the program. Enter Al Golden who is a man who could see the proverbial forest in spite of the trees directly in front of him and was willing to risk failure in order to succeed. And then of all things after the man had taken the job as if that wasn't bad enough, he got blindsided by the whole NCAA investigation. Did he try and weasel out, did he cry about it, did he run like hell the other direction as many coaches and the Gallo's, Calvina's, Cool Cat's and the others would do when faced with adversity? NO! He stayed here, sized up the competition and adversity, and fought with the hand that he was dealt like a man, setting examples for the young men that he leads every single day as our Canes.
And all of U who are about to die because we lost to Duke need to get out of your eighties mindset and hoping for a time warp to come so you can relive another time and place in history. This is 2013 and Duke is Duke in name only when it comes to football. I imagine many Duke fans felt the same way when our basketball team beat theirs. Put a different uniform on Duke's players and a different name than Duke and I guarantee none of U know it all's about nothing, would be saying anything. Last time I checked they beat VA Tech as well and U take a couple of special teams plays away from that game by the WR 22 and that game is probably won by Va Tech. So to complain like the rapture is here because we lost to a better Duke team on that day makes people look like little snot nosed punks who didn't get their way. We are not entitled to beat anybody because we are Miami fans. That being said no one was more disappointed and pissed about the last two losses than me but an intelligent person knows to allow the emotions to settle down before spewing more ignoramus rants on here that does absolutely no good for the program that I love. We are however blessed to have a great HC in coach Golden and his staff at this point and into the foreseeable future.

If Shannon left such bad talent, why hasn’t Golden replaced the underperformers?

Are the most talented players playing meaning that Golden is actually recruiting worse players than the ones starting?

If they aren’t, then why is the defense so difficult to learn that they would rather give up 500 yards the last three games than put in the younger, more talented, but less seasoned players?

Can one of you Golden girls answer?

Gator coach out coached himself by passing up make-able FG opportunities and letting a poor passer having a career day throw deep in field goal range for picks thus leaving multiple instances of three points on the field.

Fisher had a lead at halftime so he wasn't out coached.

Fedora, Johnson and Grobe were underdogs who nearly pulled upsets because they out coached THE WORST FOOTBALL COACH IN RECENT UM HISTORY and his one size fits all prevent for 60 minutes game plan, Johnson using a high school offense to do so before running out of gas in the tank, Fedora and Grobe using spread principles to do the damage only to be edged out by Miami's superior offensive talent scoring just enough to escape with a win while playing down to the level of competition as a program.

You continue to deflect from the poor coaching at every chance, as Zakkee would say, defeatist, lack of accountability and deflection by using flat out untruths to poorly founded opinions are your stock in trade. Start using 'don't know' in front of your blog ID or just go back to being mystified why the defensive line gets no penetration every single snap they're on the field when it's been explained multiple times that it's a numbers problem combined with poor technique being taught to be employed by Jethro and his Temple loser overlords.

Some of these antagonists are never going to understand the effects of a NCAA sword hanging over our program. I think Golden did an amazing job bringing in the talent we have in this program.

One doesn't have to be a genius to know our D underperformed the last couple of weeks. But, it is still too early to call for the coaches' heads.

But, some "fans" of the U did fly a banner calling for Butch's head in 1997. I guess most of those guys are on here now.

If Shannon left such bad talent, why hasn’t Golden replaced the underperformers?

Are the most talented players playing meaning that Golden is actually recruiting worse players than the ones starting?

If they aren’t, then why is the defense so difficult to learn that they would rather give up 500 yards the last three games than put in the younger, more talented, but less seasoned players?

Also, why haven't the "sanctions" hurt the offense recruits?


Can one of you Golden girls answer?

*offensive recruits*

Posted by: FIRE AL GOLDEN | November 20, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Oh really? Fedora and Grobe couldn't make changes to be able to win. Morris threw four INTs in the UNC game and we still came out on top. I would fault the O for underperforming in those two games. Johnson (GT) was out schemed too. He had no answers after we adjusted on D (there goes your one size fits 60 minutes argument out the window, LOL). I am sure they are all disappointed that they didn't play us after FSU.

FSU had to resort to rushing more in the second half and if our offense had executed a bit better the score would have been closer. Clearly, the defensive performance for the past two weeks has been extremely poor and I don't think that has anything to do with coaching or the schemes.

The guys who are using untruths here are those who cannot accept the fact that we are just emerging from under a very dark cloud. Do I have to take your word that "it is a numbers problem" with "poor technique"? Jethro coached with sneaky Pete for crying out loud.

My perspective is that the coaches need at least two more years to have a fair shot and prove themselves because what we've been through. I expect them to succeed, but they deserve a couple of more years. That's all.

Football that's an excellent point. I agree the defense has not gotten the job done the past few weeks but anyone who know's anything about building a football program knows that when there is a coaching change recruiting will take a hit. Couple that with the stagnant program that Shannon and Coker had ran as the two prior head coaches and throw in an almost 3 year investigation that on the front end of the release of allegations made it look like we were destined to be the SMU of the new millennium any logical person would have enough sense to realize that there would be some tough times. Also one could argue that this mess is far worse than the mess that Butch Davis inherited and he followed a two time National Championship winning coach in Erickson. Now that the investigation is over and the penalities are minimal, finally we can see what kind of team coach Golden and his staff can form especially now that the selling pitch others schools have been using against Miami for the last three years of a possible death penalty is no longer a viable option in regards to negative recruiting tactics. I do know this much, the staff is on pace to bring in the most impressive class in recent memory and that was before the NCAA dealt out their punishment. That is why I am not going to go for knee jerk emotional reactions at this point. As far as I am concerned Golden has at least until his fifth year or possibly sixth to have us back at the top. If then we are where we are now, well then I have no problem at all admitting I was wrong.

Posted by: I'm just sayin | November 20, 2013 at 09:22 PM

How about the soft stupidity of a low IQ?

What is this horse manure i'm reading?

There's only one champion and everyone else is last. Let's move this forward. When we baptized UF the D was all world, but now we can't tackle? Players gotta make plays!

Coaching aside, and i'm not saying there's isn't a discussion to be had, but look at all the dropped passes, fumbles, missed tackles and lack of physical play that are directly PLAYER-related variables.

The best scheme in the world can't account for drops and bad tackling. We need leaders in the locker-room that will hold everyone else accountable. Duke goes out and we go soft. This is a player/locker-room issue at the core.

Stop talking about people on the sidelines and acting like these kids bring it every week.

If Shannon left such bad talent, why hasn’t Golden replaced the underperformers?

Are the most talented players playing meaning that Golden is actually recruiting worse players than the ones starting?

If they aren’t, then why is the defense so difficult to learn that they would rather give up 500 yards the last three games than put in the younger, more talented, but less seasoned players?

Also, why haven't the "sanctions" hurt the offensive recruits?


Can anyone of you Golden fans answer?

ok I took out girls.

Football I remember the losses to Arizona State, East Carolina's as well as the 4th qtr meltdowns against Va Tech and the demolition by Syracuse that Butch endured as well. Also before Dorsey beat FSU and Butch took the boys to Washington after it looked like he had ran off Kenny Kelly in favor of Ken Dorsey and Dorsey threw those interceptions and he let a TE in Jeremy Stevens and an option qb in Tuiososopo beat him. Then there was also the Penn State game at home when we had them beat and he let Kevin Thompson throw that 80 yard bomb to Chaffee Fields that ended up beating us. I remember them all man and you know this year is eerily similar to that stretch where we lost to Penn State, FSU and ECU if you think about it. It could be said that the one game that saved Butch Davis from being infamous was the comeback Dorsey led against FSU after we had built the lead.

Sad will make UUUUUU wanna cry http://www.pageqsports.com/2013/11/miamis-soft-bigotry-of-low-expectations/#.Uo0c4-2Tc1w.twitter ...

This is what save Butch, so stop it.

Butch Davis took over a Miami program knocking on the door of NCAA-inflicted probation in 1995. Between 1996 and 1998, the Hurricanes surrendered 31 total scholarships. Three-loss seasons became the new norm, while the 1997 squad bottomed out at 5-6.

The Hurricanes appeared to be on the mend in 1998, but fell, 66-13, at Syracuse in late November with a Big East title on the line. A week later, Miami managed to upset No. 2 UCLA behind a monster 299-yard rushing effort from Edgerrin James, but still surrendered 45 points and 670 total yards.

Although Miami beat North Carolina State, 46-23, in the Micron PC Bowl, the Hurricanes still surrendered a grand total of 1,068 yards and 111 points over their final three games, convincing Davis to part ways with fourth-year defensive coordinator Bill Miller.

"It was time to go in a different direction," Davis told the Associated Press. Miller understood and owned up to his shortcomings

Well if U think about things logically, the defensive line is by the depth chart U listed made up two thirds of Shannon's guys. The D-Line is the most important aspect of the defense, just as the O-line is for the offense. I would be the first to say the Chickalo has not exactly been a Rusty Medearis like he looked in the Under Armour game either, but he has been more productive than the other three. Shayon Green came here as a MLB and really isn't a talent although he has played above his potiental at times. The other two are Shannon's boys. Now as far as the LB's Perryman has gave it his all and been a consistent player for us giving out big hits and so forth but is he really a Michael Barrow, Vilma, or Ray Lewis type LB? No. And Jimmy Gaines, Really? The secondary is by far the best at this point with Golden cornerback's in Tracy Howard, and Artie Burns along with Gunther have and are developing into a good group of corners. Add in the safety combination of a healthy Bush, and Jenkins who was brought in by Golden along with another Golden Safety in Jamal Carter, and Corner Corn Elder coming on, can you really compare that talent with Shannon's guys like Highsmith, McGee and Armstrong when they were here. There really is no comparison. The talent is young but in many instances inexperienced and that back half of the defense will look much better once the younger guys get time and experience in.

If Shannon left such bad talent, why hasn’t Golden replaced the underperformers?

Are the most talented players playing meaning that Golden is actually recruiting worse players than the ones starting?

If they aren’t, then why is the defense so difficult to learn that they would rather give up 500 yards the last three games than put in the younger, more talented, but less seasoned players?

Also, why haven't the "sanctions" hurt the offensive recruits?


Can any one of you Golden fans answer?

U have lost your mind if you think that saved Butch Davis more than what Dorsey had done. 1998 is a whole lot different than 2000, so U can just stop it. Now I am not saying that bringing in Schiano didn't help cause I really feel it did help Butch Davis be revered as he is in Coral Gables. But in 1998 he was never expected to do much and he wasn't getting the top talent as he started to do after he won that game against UCLA. But in 1999 he had a three game stretch where he lost to Penn State, FSU and of all people ECU at NC States stadium after North Carolina had been flooded by a Hurricane and lost all three after having leads late in the games. Then in 2000 the stage is set for us to be back, and he goes all in with an unknown true sophomore qb with an average arm and hardly no mobility over a Strong armed, mobile starting qb from the year before in Kenny Kelly who really looked good at the end of the 99 season and was surrounded by what would be known as some of the greatest athletes to make up the greatest CFB team of all time. All of this was going in his favor and he goes up to Washington and loses to an option QB, and a TE surrounded by a bunch of average to below average players who did incidentally have a pretty good record but were far more inferior talent wise. And you think the thing that saved Davis was Schiano and not Dorsey. Remember this in that game it was Schiano's unit that gave up the score and lead and it was Dorsey to Shockey that won the game. I'd give the hiring of Schiano as a great move but the one that saved Butch's image to Miami fans, not so much.

Well if you think about it they have hurt us in the past. We have lost a lot of players to the FSU's, Alabama's, LSU's, and Florida's of the world, as well as some to Louisville. Really Stacy Coley has been the one top flight WR talent that we have been able to grab at that position in a while. Dorset, Hurns and a couple of others have been nice players but none have come in and contributed like Coley as a true Freshman. At RB need I say more than Duke Johnson, the man is a beast, but after him you have a former cornerback and that is not to disrespect Crawford but is anybody ignorant enough to put him in the class of Duke Johnson? Edwards has the size and power we have lacked in recent memory, but the thing I don't like about him is he runs too upright but there is no question that he is going to be a real talent for us.
Te Dobard probably will end up being the best of the bunch. As far as the O-line goes, all I have to do is say Seantrell Henderson and that sums up one of Shannon's guys. Dude comes in as the number 1 overall recruit according to many of the experts and promptly gets beat out at the LT position by a freshman which by the way unless he is blocking for Michael Vick, or some other left handed QB, he has just lost a ton of money and has to be considered a bust because of his lazy practice and conditioning habits. So don't sweat the offense because it is going to be just fine moving forward. The sanctions have hurt just look at the QB postion, the only true blue chipper we have got is Olsen and he is just a true freshmen. Once he takes the field then we can truly evaluate the recruiting process and development of players by Golden on the offensive side of the ball.

Posted by: StormsCominBitches | November 20, 2013 at 06:07 PM

Why are U still posting here? U said that you'd leave if Duke beat Us and they did. U gave yourself an ultimatum and U loss--now hold to your words.

Championships is all that matters,

Your posts on this thread have been fantastic. The haters and gators (mostly one in the same) can't beat on their sunken chests and claim they are better than the Canes, so they are left with posing as Canes and ridiculing Coaches Golden and D'Onofrio, along with Donna Shalala and others associated with the program.

Keep up the great work!!

GT, 335 yards rushing, one dimensional offense that's run in high school, 45 UM points, 551 yards, only a two score margin and what was the adjustment to keep GT from getting to 400 yards on the ground? Again, UM was a favorite, had more talent, should have ground them to dust, didn't, played down to the opponent.

UNC, gave up 500 yards of offense, almost 400 in the air, have exactly one player that will go to the NFL in Ebron, needed a last minute score to win barely over a team UM was heavily favored over, played down to the competition.

Wake, smallest BCS auto qualifier league school in the nation, UM a heavy favorite at home, still gave up 300 yards in the air, played down to the competition and needed a last minute score to barely win.


There's nothing to brag about in those wins and trying to find the silver lining in the losses is something only someone who doesn't understand football would seek to do, which makes it the perfect errand for you apparently.

Zakkee, guy thinks that bravado equates to knowledge, which is why he types checks his person won't cash before UM takes on basketball schools in football. Smells like a Cal Bear to me, he should go dump (on) himself in the woods.

THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING still talking about something that happened in the second week of September in the third week of November that UM is 0 for the month of.

You don't become first in line for a daily golden shower and become THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING without being the same guy every day!

At least UM's basketball team will be showing some coaching competence and will to compete tomorrow, THE WORST FOOTBALL COACH IN MODERN UM HISTORY should take some notes . . .

Oh, oh!!!! Looks like Jameis Winston DNA matched the DNA found on the victims underpants!!!! It's not looking good for the kid!!

So Zooker (ie Canestool), tell us ALL again, like U did all Summer how Duke Johnson is the Best Runningback, Morris is the Best Quarterback, The Awesome O-Line is the Best group, The Receivers corp are the Best and the P-U 'efense will be the most improved in ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL this Season and how that will all lead to Winning the 2013 ACC 'Ship and playing in a BCS Bowl Game then Making the Final Football Four next year ...

Coach Golden says the defense hasn't played well the last couple wks. Real Hurrricane fans know this to b a straight up lie because its been 3 yrs of dreadful defense not a couple of wks.

The shocker to idiots like Calvin in Gallo -s that now you have two former Randy Shannon defensive players (Jordan Futch and Sean Spence) come out and say that the problems on defense is with the players and not with Donofrio!!!


Calvin- You a loser

These are Shannon players
These are former cane linebackers
These players have watched the games

They know what many of us know- UMplayers are soft, heartless, lazy and entitled and cant get the defensive schemes in the brains to save their lives. Maybe they too stupid too. It dont matter if the DC is Bill Belichick or Nick Saban. If the palyers just dont have it or dont get it- you just cant suceed. That simple. 4-3, 3-4 dont matter. You cant turn a pig into a beauty queen, just by wishing it. PLayers need to tackle, be in the right gap, able to read QB signals and react, cover receivers and not get pushed around. They need to shed blocks, and know to pursue. If not we done.

To me the biggest dissapointment has been Chickillo. He sucks skinny, he sucks fat, I just think he came in way overrated as well, that 4 or 5 star label should have been more like a 2-3 star.

Posted by: 9>5>2 | November 21, 2013 at 06:20 AM
Spence and Futch were ballers too. Jordan didn't play that much, but he put his face in the fan any chance he got. He hit it right on the head. No leadership on the defensive side.

Hello there Yankeecane, our 2011 D was much better. We were in almost all of the games we played. 2012 was a complete disaster and in 2013 last couple of weeks have been downright ugly. Golden is only talking about this year.

The "fire" crowd keeps saying we allowed this many yards to no name teams. What they are not looking at is the fact that in spite of an underperforming offense, D helped the team win. It pretty much shutdown GT, UNC and WF in the second half. If our O was executing all these games would have been blowouts. VT & Duke clearly the D was a disaster, but, seeing what they did earlier in the season, it is abundantly clear to me that our guys are playing hurt. There is no way one forgets to tackle all of a sudden.

All you negative nellies want us to lose, so why do you act surprised and upset when we actually lose?

Bad coaches can lose games with good players. Good coaches can't win games with bad players.

Looking at our defensive starters, the lack of talent or lack of experience becomes obvious. Of the 17 defensive players listed on the depth chart for the Duke game as either starters or co-starters, only 4 (or 24%) were 4-star recruits or better. OF those 4, only 1 (Chickillo) is an upperclassman. Taking a look at a few of the lesser-rated recruits and who offered them scholarships:

Jimmy Gaines - Miami, Buffalo, UCONN, Syracuse

A.J. Highsmith - Miami, Boston College

Shayon Green - Miami, Auburn, Kent State, Ole Miss, Purdue, USF, UCF

Olsen Pierre - Miami, Temple

Antonio Crawford - Miami, Ball State, Bowling Green, FIU, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Ohio, South Alabama

Ladarius Gunter - Miami, Indiana, North Texas

Rayshawn Jenkins - Miami, Alabama, Cincinnati, UCONN, Florida A&M, Iowa State, USF

While disappointed in the team's performance, I firmly believe the problem is not coaching but recruiting, which has been hampered by the NCAA investigation. The incoming class (2014) is an improvement. By the 2015 class, we better be competing against the major programs for top talent AND winning those recruits. If not, Golden is not the answer and we should cut ties. Also, Coley should add considerably to our recruiting efforts by the 2015 class.

Keep the faith and have patience I say!

Golden has dug a hole he cant get Mark out of nor the other defense coachs, he makes up to much stuff that has always been true at Miami, chances are great we dont win another game this year with Marks plan. Time has come for change on this defense side of the ball, Mark might be the best man but a terrible coach, wake Golden fans will not allow this crap to go on next year, schedule is real hard, Mark will not be up to the task.

how did an NCAA investigation that had no contact with al golden for 3 years be responsible for giving up over 1600 yards defense in last 3 games and killing any chance of a division championship only to give that prize to lowly Duke....

shannon recruits left for golden:

QB Jacory Harris
QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson
DB Thomas Finnie
WR Travis Benjamin
DB Alonzo Highsmith
RB Lamar Miller
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson
LB Sean Spence
WR Tommy Streeter
DL Oliver Vernon
DB JoJo Nicolas

lets not forget to add terminations: gionni paul - gabe terry and eddie johnson

if steve addazio can turn BC immediately around.....why cant golden/dnofrio do it? What if all these players were being coached up at FSU or Alabama?

UM would be national champions already...

BC? Are they doing anything this year?

Golden isn't going to get fired, I think he deserves to stay. Players are showing improvement and the team is very disciplined. I think he's the right guy to turn things around and build a sustainable winner.

I still think we need a change on defense. Losing to Duke has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with coaching. Duke's offense doesn't have more talent than our defense, but they managed to score in the 40's on us. That's almost the same amount of points we gave up to FSU. Duke is miles away from FSU in terms of talent.

I support Golden but if he's going to talk about dead weight he needs to take a look at getting Dino out of here. No player or coach has performed worse than this guy. His defense consistently underperforms in a way that impacts the entire team. Think about what the offensive game plan needs to be going forward. Score in the 40's or lose.

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