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Dorsett, Burns doubtful to play Saturday against Virginia; Golden talks recruiting

Although he's has been hopeful to get 2012-leading receiver Phillip Dorsett (MCL tear) back soon, UM coach Al Golden said Wednesday both Dorsett and freshman cornerback Artie Burns (ankle) appear doubtful for Saturday's home finale against Virginia.

Neither player has been fully integrated into practice this week, Golden said.

"If he feels good we're going to give it a run. But it's not where it needs to be right now," Golden said of Dorsett, who has missed four games after injuring his knee Oct. 17 at North Carolina.

"He's isolated right now. Until he can become integrated, avoid guys and make guys miss and protect himself we're not going to put him out there. When he's ready to do that we'll do it. But right now it looks doubtful."

> Receiver Herb Waters (groin) injured against Duke "has a chance" to play Saturday, Golden said. Golden lists Waters as probable.

Receiver Stacy Coley and freshman cornerback Corn Elder, who were in a non-contact jerseys earlier this week at practice are expected to play, Golden said.

> With three commitments since the NCAA sanctions were announced last month, Golden was asked Wednesday if he's noticed more interest from recruits since the penalties do not include any post-season bans and only the loss of nine scholarships over three years.

"Their response has been different," Golden said. "We've gotten three [commitments] since the announcement, which is unique this time of the year. Kids are getting ready for playoffs and things like that. So it's attributed to that, there's no question about that because mostly kids made the decision two months ago or are waiting until the holidays, visits. So that's positive for us.

"I think most of the interest from the younger guys is that it's behind us now and not getting hammered. Remember, the kids that are [high school] juniors, all they've ever known about the University of Miami is that we've been in trouble. Since they've been recruitable prospects we've been under probation. So it's good to have that behind us now. We have to move forward."

Golden said the Hurricanes were cut short last year on scholarships "for a variety of reasons" and the staff is now "trying to compensate this year by signing more than we did last year."

UM's class features 27 commitments and is ranked fourth nationally by Rivals.com.

Has the fact the defense looked so bad helped garner more interest from recruits who think the could help right away? Golden bristled at that question.

"We're going to continue to need help everywhere," Golden said. "People want to talk about the defense because all of us haven't executed well enough the last couple of weeks. So I answer that question now I'm saying that the kids we have aren't good enough. That's not the case. The case, as I've been saying, is we're going to continue to build until we have the depth to go through a whole season and there's no drop-off. That's a separate question all of us here who have worked today, that watched film -- all of us have to fix what's going on now."

> Golden has been steadfast in his support for his seniors and wasn't happy Tuesday when a reporter suggested the sudden emergence of freshmen and sophomores on the team's latest depth chart are a sign coaches are making a decision to play younger players.

"On the outside it's easy to sweep it under the rug and act like it's no big deal or it's over. It's not over. These guys have been through a lot," Golden said of his seniors. "They stood with us through a really tumultuous time. I think it's important that me, the staff, their teammates support them down the stretch.

"I keep getting the questions 'Are you going to go younger now that you lost a couple' No. We're not doing that. We're going to honor these seniors and push them to the finish line and help them do something they haven't done. They haven't been to a bowl game the last two years. We have to finish off strong and send them off strong."


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Keep the faith and have patience I say!
Posted by: Kinetic Cane | November 21, 2013 at 07:36 AM

Very well written post. However, I think that the lack of recruiting AND the defensive coaching are both at fault.
Your list of other teams that Miami competed with for these players shows alot.

Miami averaged 44 PPG last three games, 41,42, and 48 given up.

Bowling Green Averaged 10 PPG last three games
Alabama Averaged 11 PPG last three games
Kent State Averaged 12 PPG last three games
North Texas Averaged 12 PPG last three games
Buffalo Averaged 20 PPG last three games
Ole Miss Averaged 20 PPG last three games
Florida A&M Averaged 20 PPG last three games
Cincinnati Averaged 21 PPG last three games
UCF Averaged 22 PPG last three games
Auburn Averaged 26 PPG last three games
Boston College Averaged 28 PPG last three games
South Alabama Averaged 30 PPG last three games
Georgia Tech Averaged 30 PPG last three games
USF Averaged 31 PPG last three games
Syracuse Averaged 31 PPG last three games
Ball State Averaged 32 PPG last three games
Iowa State Averaged 37 PPG last three games
FIU Averaged 38 PPG last three games
Temple Averaged 40 PPG last three games
Ohio Averaged 41 PPG last three games
UCONN Averaged 43 PPG last three games, but against two RANKED teams
Indiana Averaged 43 PPG last three games
Purdue Averaged 46 PPG last three games

That means only PURDUE played worse defense than Miami over the past three games, when their players are settled in. We haven't had alot of injuries on defense, the players are mostly in their second or third year in this system, and still we did worse than 22 of the 23 teams that went after our "worst" recruits.

1-9 Purdue. That falls on coaching. Is it one segment of the defense that is doing poorly? I don't believe so. So it is not a position coach that is the problem.

Is it the same type of errors across the board allowing for easy passes, soft hits, soft tackles, and a lack of fire on plays that matter? I DO believe so. That leads us to Donofrio.

Look, I am not a Golden basher, and I applaud all he has done here. But it is not a question of patience when I see us in the Purdue level of the teams that we "beat out" for recruits recently.

Fake Gallo, you bash Golden for removing Shannon recruits in one post, and then ask why are any Shannon recruits still playing in another.

Face facts. Miami had 11 fewer scholarships, self-imposed. That means 11 fewer spots for "his" guys.

Is Golden misusing the Shannon players? Apparently not.
Is Golden recruiting bad players? Apparently not.

Is Golden getting the performance expected from them? Apparently so, on offense, like Duke and Coley and other young stars.

Apparently not, on defense. Soooo, ripping Golden in one post for using Shannon players, and in another for removing Shannon players that have done NOTHING outside of this program, is talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Your demand that we clean house and start over, or return to the Shannon era, is NOT going to happen. Repeating that is just an attempt to rile up the regulars on here, but is NOT an attempt to change minds or convince folks with your disproven lists.

Name one player on the DL that can do this:


I think Jordan Futch, and certainly Sean Spence, know 10x more than any of the morons on this blog. They reiterated what most experts say: That it is lack of talent, not coaching, which hurts the defense.

So, unless any of you morons have played 4 years of big time college football and are currently on the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, shut the phuk up already. You are geeks sitting behind a computer who think every defensive snap should result in a sack or tackle for loss and every offensive play should be a touchdown.

Put your money where your mouth is and get into coaching. With the expertise most of you claim to have, you should be making big $ coaching in the NFL. Instead, you sit behind your computer and post dozens of idiotic posts day and night.

Especially you, Gallo. I banged your old saggy wife last night. She stinks.


On behalf of all true Cane's fans, I want to apologize that Coach Golden is white. I know that tests your "suck Randy Shannon's balls" preference but sorrrrrrry!!!!!!!

yes BC is starting to really come together at the end of the year....thats what you want to see....not a miami dolphin model (start strong, then collapse)

andre williams - BC back top rusher at 1,810.....huge

so many Jim gallos, lol....this is entertaining....but it is easy to tell the real one.....I will never endorse golden.....

It is really sad to see this HC and DC the last few years after the Canes' program went downhill with RS and the last year of Coker.

And as long as they are running their 3-4 NO run defense, NO pass rush, and NO pass coverage zone, prevent the win, bend and break, allow other teams to look like all pros, Canes are going to have one mediocre year after the next after the next.

Always with the excuses, players not big enough, not tough enough, not mature enough, out of position, freelancing, need recruits, NCAA problems, whine, whine, whine.

NO MORONS. It is the 3-4 setup to fail that has ruined Miami in the last three games and last three years which will constantly fail against any team that has a decent coach and QB to exploit the inherent weaknesses of the d'o and goldie's 3-4 MORON NO defense. Put in four defensive down linemen, move the LBs up to within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage in the gaps and play close man to man on receivers with two free safeties. Duhhhhh.

Hey Gallo, Bama lost ANOTHER Top 300 recruit, the sky is falling, time for another list.

Interestting stuff in The Herald from 2 former defensive players (Spence and Futch) that appears to support D'Onofio's coaching. Spence talks as if UM is blitzing, and that is not true.

Futch's comments about a couple of key guys on D not playing with heart. Want to take a guess who?

And lack of speed in the secondary. It is implied that this may require the perma-prevent defense we seem to be playing.

Better to get burned on a long pass play and give your Offense a chance to respond, than to get destroyed in the run and pass on drive after drive.

For a nice analysis of where the Golden era stands, check out " Miami's Soft Tyranny of Low Expectations" on Page Q, by Vishnu Parasuraman.

This article breaks down Golden's record (as many have done here) and UM's losing to teams with "inferior talent" but way more heart and better coaching.

I think many of our guys have lost motivation. As a result, Virginia will be a closer game than predicted, and Pitt may be insurmountable on the road. They want to win and play tough, and I like their QB as a big prostyle passer.

That said, hope we win them both. A convincing W would be nice for a change against an ACC team.

Go Canes! Bring the fire if you've got it!

Hey, Cane72, you dipshyt, Bama runs a 3-4 over 60% of the time. You are an old crusty maggot.

If this defense had Sapp and Ray Lewis, they could run West Virginia's 3-3-5 stack and pound people. You know nothing. Pig.

Hey phony JG, if a frog had wings, he would not bump his butt when he jumped. IF, IF, IF. You sound like excuse ridden goldie and d'o.

I have played college ball on defenses using a four, five, six, and three def. linemen setup.

The three down linemen is a NO defense against the run inside or outside the box. It is a no defense to put a rush on a passer. It is especially a no defense when used with zone NO pass coverage and DBs guarding empty space.

You and goldie and d'o are such morons, you can not even count. Let me type slowly for you retards. 6 big offensive linemen. Can they push back 3 defensive linemen based on physics alone? Oh, I forgot, you are not out of 8th grade and have not had any physics classes.

How long does a passer normally have to get the ball out of his hands? Answer: 2 and 1/2 seconds. If he holds it any longer, he will normally be sacked. But not with the goldie d'o 3 down linemen, NO pass rush. He has all day long to write a letter and look for receivers.

How long before a lineman on a 3 down linemen setup will have his legs turn to rubber from trying to fight through 6 blockers? Answer: One quarter.

You moron retards need to study football a little cause you sure have not ever put on a helmet and played defense. And that includes goldie and d'o

Didn't mean to be redundant on the Herald and "Soft Tyranny" pieces since many had seen them. Really worth a review if you haven't.

Hey Jim, who is using your name on this blog, man? I usually can tell when it is your analysis. But some of this stuff is downright personal and uncalled for. You know, we can agree to disagree and that is cool.

Since there are so many great posters and smart football people on this blog, it makes it tough to know what's what when people are using others' names.

We can disagree on points of football and where UM is headed, and I enjoy that. Always learn something new here. Thanks to all the serious commentators in shedding light on some of these issues at the UM!

For Canes' fans, it has been a tough run for a long time now. Hope we can win this weekend.


The crusty, senile maggot does not answer the question. Bama runs the 3-4 over 60% of the time in the big bad SEC. It works for them. Wonder why. Many NFL teams run it as well.

Answer the question, moron. You keep jabbering and regurgitating the same nonsense. By the way, D'onofrio was a 3 year starter at Penn State, so, you know, he has played big-time college defense. Not that a maggot ass-like like you would know.

We only wake you from your senility when important things happen.

Cane72 = Gatr Trash.

So easy to see. Back to your trailer for the food scrip and wash down the TV dinner with some Jim Beam. Nap time, dirtbag. Don't forget your bedpan.

Just remember, Savanah State was a well coached team, for those of your that think coaching is the only solution. It takes player talent as well.

Hey phony jim gallow with the filthy mouth just like his mother's crotch, bama uses a four down linemen defense just like DUKE did all game to beat the Canes, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Agree with your observations on the attacking Michigan State defense. They started the year slowly on Offense, and the D kept them in games by scoring. Now their O is working and their D remains the team strength.

Watch them play, or countless other attacking defenses in the country that are not loaded with 5 star players.

You correctly point out that the Spartan guys are not highly ranked players.

But they have the coaching in Pat Narduzzi as DC and Marc D'Antonio as HC. These guys are intense and coach passion and an attacking mentality.

I was going to say "Bring in the Paisanos," but we already have D'Onofrio. So there goes that theory.

They could be a model for the UM, and also remind me of the spirit of great Canes' defenses of old...And the talent is not that much different from us now in terms of star rankings.

Who doesn't want 5 star kids? But bottom line, it is the coaching that matters.

Bama runs a 3 - 4 that works because their LBS are attacking near the line of scrimmage. And their HC is another football crazy, northeastern ohio, kick your butt, no excuses kind of guy. If you have five stars and great coaching, there is no stopping your team.

If you don't, coaching will bring out the best, as at MSU.

Really, what happened to Saban with the Dolphins? What happened with Orgeron at Ole Miss? Did Mack Brown forget how to coach that last few years?

Cane72, still have not answered the question you bitter old piece of crusty garbage. Bama runs 3-4 60% of the time. In the few moments of lucidity between your bouts of senility, wipe the apple sauce from the corners of your mouth and answer the question, you maggot.

Or, tell us again how Steve Walsh was throwing TD passes to Andre Johnson in the OB. BWWWWWHAHA, what a senile moron.

d'o was a LB which means he does not know squat about how important the defensive line is and why it has to have four down linemen to match up against 6 offensive blockers and why it needs real LBs moved up close because they are supposed to BACK up the LINEMEN, you know LINEBACKERS = back up the linemen. Duhhhhhhhh.

DBs always want more help in the defensive backfield because they are inherently lazy and not focused enough to stay close to receivers or come up fast to make tackles when the ball carrier reaches the LOS.

Oh, and BTW, d'o is such a moron, he even uses the same worthless 3-4 as a goal line and short yardage stand which is insane when he should be bringing in big linemen even if they are offensive linemen to clog up the QB sneak.

Also, just because a guy played ball does not make him a joe paterno or urban meyers or sabin or jimmy or butch or howard Schnell. d'o and goldie are jerks who are too stupid to change a losing game and a losing NO defensive formation even on short yardage plays.

No DEs to stop the end runs, NO interior def. linemen and LBs to stop the run inside, NO def. linemen to put pressure on the QB, No man to man coverage to force a coverage sack, NOTHING from goldie and d'o except to whine, whine, whine about the players.

Ahhhh, don't even know where to begin with this senile moron.

Let's see: Saban played DB at Kent State, so does he also not know anything about "how important the defensive line is?" In the senile Universe of CaneFan72, only d-linemen know how important that position is.

DBs are inherently lazy. Hmmmm, not sure what to make of that. Perhaps your Alzheimer's forced you to type that without any real conscious thought. You know it happens when you are in your late 60's.

And who exactly is urban Meyers? Did you go to the Corinne Brown school of speech and language?

By your use of "duuuh", I bet your are an old queen.

Oh 72, will it ever end? Your ignorance is unbeleivable!

"match up against 6 offensive blockers"

What a moron. "OFfensive blockers" as opposed to the defensive blockers. This is great comedy.

Now, in the era of the spread, where there are only 5 linemen, does your senile theory still hold? Or are you still stuck in the Lombardi era?

hello, CaneFan72, they don't wear leather helmets anymore. Time to change your adult diaper.

the stupidity of the morons on this site defending crap like goldie and d'o is incredible, adding all kinds of irrelevant garbage.

The goldie/d'o NO defense is garbage. The huge yardage run and passed against them proves it. The over 40 points a game against them proves it. Physics proves it, 6 blockers against 3 def. linemen proves it. LBs five yards off the los proves it. Zone NO pass coverage proves goldie's and d'o defense is garbage.

The only conclusion is that anyone like phony jim gallow and the other aholes arguing against the facts just proves they are aholes.

goldie says he does not have 16 million def. linemen.
Hellloooooo. All you need is 6 def. linemen, four on the field constantly, two more added for short yardage stands or to put on a stronger pass rush.

You do not need big LBs, just solid LBs playing up close to the LOS to stop the inside run or take the short pass coverage to a TE.

But nooooooo, we have to listen to goldie and d'o whine, whine, whine for more years as they prove they are only mediocre over and over.


anytime you want to take your defensive coordinator skills to the NFL, they are always looking for top coaches. Instead, you sit and type like the senile old Pig you are.

And you still have not addressed the issue of Bama's 3-4. You hold your opinions as facts yet have not refuted one point I made.

YOu still think Kenny Dorsey threw passes to Mike Irvin.

What a senile Pig you are, CaneFart.

CaneFart had someone pee in his apple sauce at the home.

What's next? ...this no run, no pass offense is stupid. We need to run dbl tight w/full house backfield with our rbs 3yds off line of scrimmage?

Bring back the Wing-T, CaneFart. 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Fullback dives all the way!!!!

Look at CaneFart72 go. Motorized scooter and colostomy bag and all.


Agree on role of LBs, although it is often a strong safety who makes the play on a TE underneath. Remember the great Bennie Blades.

I see LBs primary function to back up the D Line on the run, and even play attacking depending on down, distance and score. They may also play dropback on pass coverage, supposedly protecting underneath routes..

In this day, D lineman may also play pass coverage on occasion (not UM, I do not believe). Historically the DEs play the screen if they read it.

Now sometimes they play the short passing game. Recall the D line kid from Ohio State (Craig Somebody?) a few years ago who had a few interceptions on underneath coverage in the middle.

Our LBs are not contributing much to the run stoppage, especially to the outside. They are not contributing much on underneath coverage, an area that opponents have destroyed us in the last three years.

You can see an aggressive corner making plays on sweeps or off tackle plays in particular. And an aggressive safety making stops on interior runs near the line of scrimmage. Some of our young guys have potential to play real aggressively.

Agree that we have major holes in personnel and how the defense is functioning. And our run defense seems too loose near the goal line. Look at how the Duke QB easily shredded us for four TDS. So agree with you there.

Medical Update: Regarding Alzheimers Disease, there is a 5% chance of getting this under Age 60 if you have a strong family history. Over age 85, there is about a 70% chance. Odds go up with age over 60. In fact, at age 45 we starting shedding neuronal cells in the brain and our memories may slip a bit.

Unless I have forgotten these stats!

If you can remember in the short term (1 minute) what some of these slamming posters have said about you, then you are good. Looks OK to me at a distance. No worries, man!

Go Canes!

That was wierd. Get out of my head fake gallo! Thought it was odd when i saw gallo making sense.

Actually, he is the real Jim Gallo. The one that stole his name and started posting lists full of lies is the Fake Jim Gallo.

Keep it going Real Jim Gallo, don't let that imposter ruin your good name! He loves stealing IDs, so don't let him get away with it! Don't worry, we can tell the difference between a real Canes fan and that imposter that does cut and paste of old repeated lies.

There you go, CaneFart. Odds go up after 60 so you clearly are in the midst of an Alzheimer's fog.

Unless you want to entertain us with stories of how Jim Kelly was throwing darts downfield to Santana Moss.

All I am stating are facts, such as:
FACT: massive yardage against the Canes each game,
FACT: over 40 points last three games which means goldie and d'o do not know defense, or maybe they left the defense in the locker room.

FACT: three down def. linemen on the Cane's own two yard line as if they are going to stop Duke from getting in.

FACT: zone NO pass coverage, lots of big empty grassland for other teams' receivers to go and camp out and wait for the ball to come flying at them.

FACT: no pass rush by three def. linemen against 6 blockers and a mobile QB.

FACT: Canes have just as fine of players as any team in the country. It is the coaches who lose games with poor offensive and defensive sets, not the players.

FACTS: Morris and the offense saved the Canes against WF and UNC with winning scores in the last minutes of those games. Or goldie would now be 5-5. He and d'o almost let the UNC win slip away with the dropped ball in the end zone in a UNC player's hands in spite of Morris and the offense winning the game for him.

Uhhh, uhh, uhhhh, CaneFart. Just because you are an old senile Pig does not mean you get a free pass on your moronic posts.

1. over 40 points last three games which means goldie and d'o do not know defense, or maybe they left the defense in the locker room.

==> first part is fact. Everything after "which" is opinion (see how this works).

2. three down def. linemen on the Cane's own two yard line as if they are going to stop Duke from getting in.

==> first part is fact. Everything after "as if" is opinion.

3. Canes have just as fine of players as any team in the country. It is the coaches who lose games with poor offensive and defensive sets, not the players.

==> Pure opinion with no basis in facts. You really need some learnin' or new meds. The Alzheimer's is creepin up fast.

4. He and d'o almost let the UNC win slip away with the dropped ball in the end zone in a UNC player's hands in spite of Morris and the offense winning the game for him.

==> not sure what to make of this post. You give the players all the credit for a win and the coaches all the blame for errors or a near-loss. Hmmm, by that double-standard, no coach can win in your eyes. All victories are the players and all losses the coaches.

Quick, someone call CaneFart's nurse and take him away from the computer. He is ready for his bedpan.

FACT: CaneFart is a douchebag.

I didn't realize this new Jim Gallo was actually the original Gallo (as opposed to the Gallo who always posts the lists). You learn something new everyday! What about CaneFan72, is there an original version of him? I only ask because CaneFan72 is my favorite poster. The "if a frog had wings" comment was brilliant.

By the way, this D'O discussion has probably run its course at this point, and I am guilty of dragging it out too. Bottom line - players aren't that talented but Coach D'O has not developed them or put them in he best position to win. I hope he is gone at the end of the year. I think the discussion has been good because Manny and Susan read these comments and I have noticed that they have asked D'O and Golden some tougher questions very similar to the questions we have all been asking here. Let's hope the Canes come out angry like we have all been and destroy UVA on Saturday.


Sunny Dee, the coaching staff put in the same game plan on defense for the 35th time in a row.

You might recognize it from such horrible Hurricane games as the only loss on at a Thursday night home game in Miami history in 2011 and losing on a last minute swing pass to the running back being covered by a defensive tackle on a zone blitz near the red-zone from last year both against UVA amongst many, many others.

As usual, because of that fact and several other damning ones, it's way past time for the AD to . . .

Better get your long johns out! Calling for high of 33 degrees next Friday in Pittsburgh! I smell a big Pitt victory!

Hail To Pitt

Wow. So, the coaching staff put in the same game plan and managed to more than 50% of their games? Simply Amazing! When we get enough talent, they will win in their sleep. We sure need to keep them here at the U for eternity. LOL.

look its very simple.....I always say fire golden/dnofrio.....that is me...these other make me laugh, this is outright hysterical......

here...golden casualties....you know this is me.

Golden Casualties:
vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
luther campbell - #1 UM fan
tim ice harris - feeder coach
northwestern - feeder school
booker T - feeder school
carol city - feeder school
miami central - feeder school
norland - feeder school
Terry Richardson - RB coach
Jedd Fisch - Offensive coordinator
Geroge Mcdonald - WR coach
Mario Christobal - Head coach
Eddie Johnson - LB
Rashawn Scott-currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard - RB
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Seantrel Henderson - RT
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey - DT

Hey Gallo, Bama lost ANOTHER Top 300 recruit, the sky is falling, time for another list.

Posted by: Cola Cane | November 21, 2013 at 10:18 AM

Seriously, Ur going to popoff about a Bama decommit? U really think the kid made that decision because he didn't want to go to Bama? No, it's because he realizes, and Saban told him right to his face, that there are 3 better kids already in the 2014 Class better than him at his position, and 6-8 better already on the team. 2014 Bama commits, unless a difference maker, won't sniff the field for 3 years as Redshirt Sophs (Scout team developement). Where as Miami commits are asked to come in immediately and play when they're not ready and get beatup with no upperclass depth around them. Saban is closing in on another 8-10 Top-150 players that will commit at Seasons end that are better. Not saying Ur stupid, But U just don't know what's it's like to close strong since Golden loses and has lost his better commits as Feb. approaches every year and then replaces them with unranked and 2-Star projects because that's all that's left on the shelf. Then he'll hold back a handful of schollies to throw around to average JUCO (D.T.'s) hoping and praying any of them stick.

It's simple Cane conditioning that Top-10 Programs close with the Top-Uncommitted Prospects. As a Cane, U just wouldn't understand.

I guess the gatrs are the model for pulling in uncommitteds late? Facts? They got in your way PLENTY over the past few years.

Poor name-changing fellow, you are trying to lecture us about how Top 10 programs close on uncommitted prospects? Like how in 2012 Miami closed on Gator Lock Tracy Howard? You said between your murder jokes that he was a "Gator Lock". Seems he would rather BEAT the gatrs.


Or how about Stefon Diggs? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again.
Or how about Nelson Agholor? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again.
Or how about Darius Hamilton? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again.

Or how about Avery Young? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again. Seems he would rather BEAT the gatrs.
Or how about Jordan Jenkins? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again. Seems he would rather BEAT the gatrs.
Or how about Gerald Christian? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again. Seems he would rather BEAT the gatrs.
Or how about Gerald Christian? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again. Seems he would rather BEAT the gatrs.
Or how about Josh Harvey-Clemons? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again. Seems he would rather BEAT the gatrs.
Or how about Jermauria Rasco? I recall you said he was a Gator Lock as well. Wrong again. Seems he would rather BEAT the gatrs.

Jawand Blue, uncommitted until we got him late.
Antonio Crawford, uncommitted until we got him late.

Even the guys you bragged about like DJ Humpries were a fizzle when it came time to face the Canes. So, thanks for your weak repeated lecture that turned out wrong in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Now, since your team's season is ALREADY over, you are worrying about the 2014 loss yu will have in recruiting as well? How sad for you, name-changing fellow.

This guy is full of garbage, or clueless. To say we haven't done well lately? Where has he been. Even in the 7 wins, the defense was average at best.

Sunny Dee,

A nice summary and I hope the Canes bring some of the venom that pops up here now and again.


Good to see a list, man. Although I am not dementing out, these imposters do confuse me! I need some kind of sign when you post.

And by the way, whoever is wishing Alzheimers on a fellow poster who is giving his best thoughts on the issues...Know this - the first signs may be emotional impulsivity, adolescent behavior, personal attacks on others and inability to reason coherently.

Go Canes. Kick the crap out of Virginia. Soothe our troubled souls. Give us hope, dominance, a W, a D, an O, anything! A solid game in all three phases will work.

I know this is insane, when Jim Gallo has to say over and over .
it is me. The REAL Jim Gallo.
Confusion reigns.
Who is the REAL Jim Gallo?.

Go 'Canes

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