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Duke beats Carolina, heads to ACC Title game; UM shifts focus to final exams, bowl practices, recruiting

Al Golden said he wasn't going to lose his mind Saturday scoreboard watching or "become a slave to the TV for seven hours" to see if the University of Miami would get the help it needed to reach next weekend's ACC championship game.

Duke made sure the agonizing only lasted three and a half hours for everyone else who bleeds orange and green.

The Blue Devils, who beat Miami for the first time since 1976 two weeks ago in Durham, punched their ticket to Charlotte and a date with second-ranked Florida State Saturday afternoon thanks to a late 27-yard field goal in a 27-25 win at North Carolina.

Had Duke lost and Virginia upset rival Virginia Tech, UM would have began preparing for a rematch with the Seminoles Monday. Instead, the focus for the Hurricanes (9-3) now shifts to final exams, a few days off and the team's first trip to a bowl game since Golden was hired in December 2010.

> Golden said "it's tough to quantify" what missing 30 to 35 December practices under self-imposed bowl bans did to hurt the program over the last two years and he's definitely looking forward to having them this year.

"Having all the [recruits] in South Florida come watch bowl practice and watch us operate and be around our team and players," will be big for the program moving forward, Golden said. Getting to 10 victories with a bowl win -- at likely either the Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta (Dec. 31) or the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando (Dec. 28) -- is also important, Golden said.

> What did Golden like and not like about Friday's effort in chilly Pittsburgh?

"The kids competed; they had a great attitude," Golden said. "It meant something to them which is so important. I think we’ve all seen instances where it’s like, all right, nobody cares. We’re not in this bowl game or that bowl game. Or we’re letting external influences impact our judgment or our attitude or how we play. That didn’t happen [Friday], which was awesome. They wanted to finish on a positive note."

Golden cited Miami's continuing woes on third down (UM was 4 of 11 on offense; 6 of 14 on defense), special teams breakdowns on kick return and kickoff coverage, and a few instances of poor tackling as negatives in the Pitt win. He did, though, credit linebacker Denzel Perryman, safeties Rayshawn Jenkins and Deon Bush and cornerback Antonio Crawford as having better tackling performances Friday.

"There are so many things we have to fix and continue to fix," Golden said. "One of our goals in the postseason is clearly to push a lot of young players along that have not had the benefit of this time of year -- to be pushed at this time of year."

> Golden said UM came out healthy from the Pitt game and he expects cornerback Ladarius Gunter and defensive end Dwayne Hoilett, who missed Friday's game, to return for bowl practices. Linebacker Alex Figueroa, who has missed UM's last three games, could return but must be cleared by a doctor.

"If we were playing next Saturday Fig would not be ready," Golden said. "There’s a good chance for the bowl game. That would be awesome for him and great for him to have that opportunity."

> Golden said freshman running back Gus Edwards is "practicing better and starting to become more comfortable" in Miami's system. Edwards ran 11 times for 64 yards and a touchdown Friday.

"We can’t live in the past but there’s a young man that missed however many practices in training camp, a good bunch of them," Golden said. "Gus is a young man that is really going to continue to improve. He should be fresh. His play count is  not as high as Brandon Linder or Clive Walford or some of those guys. He should bring some energy to us and we expect him to continue to improve.

"He’s got deceptive speed but I thought he did a great job with his vision and his lateral cuts [Friday]. He really made the right cuts. He stayed with his cuts, he didn’t freelance at all. And when he got to the second level he made some guys miss. We’ve got to continue to get his pads down and get that stiff arm going but we’re hopeful that Gus will continue to improve."


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Duke does not have the depth or overall talent miami does. Go look at their depth chart and their recruiting over the past four years. look at the offers the duke players had where they were ranked compared to miami. Now the talent that duke did get is put in better positions and coaches up better is true which might give the impression they have more talent than um but to say duke is overall more talented with more depth is wrong. How can anyone actually think that?

It's funny how hard some people work to disguise that they are posting under more than one name... and agreeing. Before the Florida game = "y'all," after the florida game "we," and now it's "y'all" again.
Like I said before - Some of us cry when the Cane's lose, some of us cry when the Cane's win. Find another team to troll, the Cane's will be fine without you.
For such knowitalls running around here, I'm surprised how you think the Cane's would have a good defense with a different scheme. The D line will be disgustingly bad under any scheme. The line backers will be slow under any scheme. It's just the way it is.. for now.

Oh yeah, if you were a fan you'd remember that Miami beat GT and Wake Forest.. How is GT beating Georgia? Wake Forest hung with Vandy.. what's your point? Cane's beat both those teams.

Vandy alum but was a Canes fan way before I attended Vandy. Miami administration seems content with the program. So "real" Canes fans just watch 30 for 30 to remember how great teams played. I guess all those 2-3 stars at Vandy is making James Franklin a good coach. Guy has given no excuses just I came here to change the culture and win games. Golden is a liar and a fraud...blah, blah, process, process,etc. Don't waste money on a bad product people!

Ganes fans in full put out the fire mode after that 2-3 November wrecked the smoke(d) and mirrors based fools gold ranking in the first two months.

Going to be hilarious watching the mental gymnastics they employ next year to keep sucking from the spigot as he gets exposed yet again as a mediocre coach who can't win big anywhere, even the MAC.

I'm glad duke won. Getting blown out by fsu twice in 3 months on national tv is just too much to stomach. If the predictions hold and we face Louisville we might have a punchers chance if our offense can put up 40. Bc u know teddy will put up playstation numbers on dno I'm just curious if he could throw for 600

Excuses are tools of the incompetent and often build monuments of nothingness. We wont win anything meaning full with that inept dc. Our thirdown defensive percentage is terrible because he has shayon green playing corner now.lol

Let's just give Duke coaches and players their respect and move on. I am sure Duke's basketball fans were upset when the U won the ACC last year too. Our BB team won the championship on the floor...not with what was on paper or star ratings. Duke's football players and coaches prepared, competed, and accomplish their dream season on the field.

Coach Golden will have to look at his defensive scheme, because it is his baby...not the DC. Look at the Head coaches around the country, and you can tell which side of the ball represent their coaching experience and comfort. Also, the position coaches plays a significant part in the players' development too. GT, Duke, Georgia, Oregon, ND, Ohio State, Auburn, TCU, Bosie State and FSU are all offensive focused teams lead by an offensive minded head coach. Florida, LSU, Alabama, L of U, Nebraska, VT, and Oklahoma are led by Defensive minded head coaches. The most disappointing issue I have is that Golden was brought through the coaching faternity as a defensive coach, and he handpicked our DC. Therefore, our defense should be the best squad, which reflects the head coach.

For example, Jimmy Johnson was a defensive minded coach, and that side of the ball dominated every game. Shannon was a defensive coach, but he hired the wrong OCs...which costed him employment at the U. If we had the previous OC under Shannon, he would probably be still the head coach...J12 was a better QB his last season in that system.

What I am trying to say, Coach Golden, I like you as the U head man, but you need to be more focused on the defensive side of the ball going into the next season. The offense and special teams are not hurting us, and the stats do not lie. We will be loaded on the offense next year with the RBs, Line, QBs, WRs, and recruits (Yearby, Powell, WRs). The OC will have a year under his belt, and I believe his play calling has been better as the season unfolded.

As for the defensive unit, we have too many holes to fill with the front 7. We must find a play maker at MLB (Grace), and need 4 DTs. We will be better with CBs and Safeties...but they need to play close to WRs. Coach, the term progress...means progression...not regression.

Finally, for the Seniors who were recruited by Shannon, thanks for demonstrating high level of character, while learning to play for 2 head coaches, 3 DCs, and 3 OCs. Nevertheless, you guys were able to graduate too.

Bless their hearts for trying and for being real good kids but I for one will not miss the on-field performance of Highsmith and Rodgers. Two of the least talented safeties I think UM has ever had in the starting lineup. These two never learned how to take good angles and tackle with leverage. Wish you both well in your future endeavors.

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | November 30, 2013 at 06:19


Good post

Slogans that sell t-shirts and garner high-fives from like-minded fans on game day. Right now, when this program needs those phrases to take full action, words are out-speaking actions.

Ten years of failed expectations has unfairly been lumped directly on this current team and coaching staff. Judgment is clouded, words are harsh and support is far from undying.

A forced agenda, rooted in the fact that Miami should be “back”, instead of logically accepting and processing why it isn’t. Comparisons, unfair timelines and parallels drawn to turnarounds made by past Hurricanes squads, though circumstances are completely unique.

Or, Alverage could have, you know, BEATEN Duke, in football, and won the division like the media voted to predict that UM would before the season started.

Oh, but that would have required coaching acumen that he doesn't possess, so that wasn't possible.

Deal with it Ganes fans, the truth isn't pretty under this loser.

"a forced agenda" , but the agenda that is pro Golden above any initiative thats UM related is the prevailing sentiment thats pushed on Canes fans everywhere.

And your (Zook's) ability to paste and re-post countless articles that share that "Golden is infallible" sentiment is proof that its being published everywhere and is the national opinion about him--from Canes haters as well (as U said).

People who hate our football program...love Al Golden...U said so yourself.

Now how is this possible?

What dc would put a de on an island with a wr? One that allows duke to rush for almost 400 yards. The dc is garbage make that a slogan.

The DC is the right hand puppet of the head coach.

So if you think he needs to go, you think the head coach needs to pack up and leave with him.

This is by far not the worse than that can happen to the football program.

It's hilarious to me that THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING is reduced to a spam bot for a PR outlet today. How so very fitting.

Whats your point "Zen" when U talk about "we", "y'all" and "they" usage when

Your commander, God-in-chief Al Golden set the precedent for how to use those terms pre-Florida game and throughout the whole season depending on the outcomes of our games. Calvin and I followed this occurrence all season using his transcripts, so your beef is with your Dealer/Hustler.

Also I'm considering GT beating Georgia as an upset even with Murray out, in my opinion. Thats the relevance it has--that upsets and coaching still exists, is impactful and encompasses more than recruiting 5 star players.

Whether UM beat those teams or not wasn't the point. We can't upset anybody because of our coaching ineptitude was the point.


Georgia southern just scored again!lol

FSU blew out UM this year. It's even stupider to mention them than it is to keep talking about week two if you're a Hurricane fan.

Ganes fans of course think that was something to write on a blog about, but that's because the golden shower is making their eyes sting so much they have to close them.

I think Mary-Frances Monroe has the UM soccer team moving in the right direction. Should be good for at least one upset win next year.

The Hurricanes were “supposed” to win the Coastal Division and reach the ACC title game this year—not because talent, depth and experienced proved so, but simply because folks have grown tired of waiting and the drought has gone on long enough.

For those who continue beating the drum that Miami “should” be back, the question remains, based on what?

Whether Nevin Shaprio was speaking truth or falsities, perception was reality, the media was screaming “death penalty” and a program damn-near life support looked like it had reached a tipping point.

Forget ultimate success, back then most of us were hoping UM would merely survive.

From begging and pleading two years ago that Miami would live to see another day, to a sense of entitlement that these Hurricanes should again be a contender—just like that, with little attention paid to the past half decade of disaster and mediocrity. How soon we forget.

For those who continue beating the drum that Miami “should” be back, the question remains, based on what?
Posted by: Ron Zook | November 30, 2013 at 07:07 PM

Canes don't allow perception and the national media to affect ability and results on the field of play.

National sentiment doesn't guide or determine a Canes expectation for themselves nor ability to perform their jobs.

We've always overcome obstacles but this time the obstacles are and have been SELF-INFLICTED for 9 years. For this very reason we shouldn't collectively harness and embrace this self-stagnation because we controlled its existence and thus we control its effect.

AUBURN WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Another upset in college football of a team with superior "horses" lol!

Apologists get exposed every single weekend when they throw our players under the bus!!!!!!!!





Laughing at Harriet...!!

The Nimrod blathering about Georgia Tech beating Georgia and of course Georgia beat Georgia Tech. And this know nothing wingnut is the one belching out all the negative comments concerning Coach Golden.

Once again you clueless fool I am laughing at you!!!

Adios, Nick Satan !!

At the time of the initial post that MovingZen respond to---GT was *beating* Georgia, I never said they *beat* them dummy LMAO!!!

Another attempt to discredit and ignore the questions I pose--that I know U see but as usual are ignoring because U don't have the ability to answer them lol.

Keeping reading my posts thoroughly to find any flaw lol!

Desperate times when U spend a whole Saturday copying & pasting 73 straight re-posts of someone else's thoughts and they fall on death ears and U end up getting laughed at by everyone lol!

But I'm the nimrod.

It takes a coach like Alverage nine years to win anything, at least.

Coaches like Guz Malzahn only need a year.

Ganes fans just wouldn't understand.

Ten years later, still not over the WORST call in history of college football: the non- pass interference call in 2OT vs Ohio St; what a rob-job. Canes are really 6 time NC in football.

Is Gus the coach that was coaching high school a few years back?




Of course coaching matters it always has and always will but that's bc we are "fake" fans, "real" fans blame the players and lack of talent.

If we play Texas A&M our defense is going to be humiliated.

Ohio State boosters are pooling their money as we speak in order to "persuade" that Tallahassee DA to bring charges against Winston prior to the NC game and they will succeed. Their collective wealth and influence is long.

Thank you Duke - no FSU rematch- thank you- try and win a bowl game against a superior opponent, because that's what's coming. Hopefully, UM makes a game of it against J Football, LSU or Louisville. Any of the 3 opponents would be a scary proposition the way the D is playing - happy for 9 wins, though,

FSU policy states that if a player is charged with a felony they cannot play for the team until its resolved.

LSU would be the worst match-up (for Us) because they have the best defense of the three.

When switching out real teams for cupcakes. Anybody can have a good season. Why don't the Golden bloggers evaluate game by game not by record. Then tell us where the improvement was at.Randy's 9-4 team beats Golden 9-3 team easily. Your Welcome

hswalden@gmail.com here's a question, how many 1st round draft choices did TEMPLE produce the last 7 years, and how many dod Miami produce. The answer is 3 for TEMPLE, and zero for Miami. That's all that needs to be said.

Posted by: jmike | 11/30/2013 at 09:25 AM

@harriet.. and yet neither of those teams upset anyone either.
Auburn beat a team with superior horses? Are you going to tell us that Saban is a bad coach and that he should be fired now?
My point about the "we, y'all" thing is that certain bloggers, and you know who (am I rite or am I rite?) is that certain posters blow with the wind. To me that's not a fan.
Of course I've read quite a bit of what Calvin has had to say about Golden's post game talks. As I read it I always ask the same thing.. "what do you expect him to say?" Should he throw the players under the bus? Should he throw the coaches under the bus? Should he come out and say "you saw the game, our defensive line sucks so bad it's not funny!" He doesn't have that luxury.
Once again, if you can't see how bad the D line is, or how slow the defense is as a whole, or how bad our senior safeties are, I really don't know what to tell you other than your expectation of a dominating defense is waaaay off base.
I'll stick with Golden for now. I think he's an upgrade from the last two head coaches.

you can't coach athleticism, burst, speed, and tackling ability. They don't have any of these. The fastest timed 40 in the spring for DB's was a 4.5. Not good enough.Coaching has little to do with what has happened to the D.

Posted by: jmike | 11/30/2013 at 09:22 AM

Miami bowl opponent. The team Al and Blake didn't want play in 2014 . You know who it is. LSU. Remember the peach bowl. Here's a chance to right a wrong. Get some payback.

Yes the D line is awful and slow. Everybody can see that except Goldy & Dontknow. McCord should play more along with Mohammed. They are clearly our best DE's but they get maybe 10 snaps a gm. Its a joke this staff. Its not that hard. Figure what your players do best then put them in position to succeed. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK would be a start instead of the soft zone prevent defense we play all gm.

Yesterday was a good win against Pitt.
It was not a great win. But it definitely was a good win against a good, tough opponent.

golden and d'o did notimprove the defense. But they did use fourdown def. linemen occasionally. And the DBs did play closerpass coverage.

I was glad to see the offense keep the pressure on the whole game and keep scoring. And the Canes handled the cold well.

But the Canes should get a decent bowl bid maybe Notre Damn even though it won't be the teams of the 80s and 90s..

In ACC play Miami surrenders 32.5 pts gm. Thats pitiful and embarrassing considering there are no juggernaut offenses in the ACC except for fsu. Come on people this defense needs a new coordinator.

Few teams have many defensive backs that run faster than 4.5. Even if they are faster, or slower, the proper coached technique makes a big, big difference.

So what is the excuse for a top former high school coach turning his team around so much faster than Al Golden? That includes winning their division in a much harder conference.

The point at the time of my initial post was that they were in contention to pull an upset and because of a scheme that was being executed. Their limited talent was being put in positions to be successful versus superior talent. Thats all I was saying.

Yes Auburn just beat a team with superior horses---thats obvious to everyone in the country.

No he should not, because he has a winning record as a head coach, has 4 rings, and has a history of consistently beating inferior teams and competing with team's with comparable and better talent than his. Golden has a record of losing to superior and comparable teams, while squeaking by and sometimes losing to inferior teams. Plus his HC record is at .500 for his career.

What he should always say is "we"--its that simple--tell the truth--its everyone, but the responsibility for production is on those who get paid millions to produce it. A consistent "we" which represents the entire team would suffice.

Once again, if U can't see that its also a lack of player development and that these kids are a product of the scheme they've been exposed to, then I don't know what to tell U. The scheme slows them down and UTough has slowed them down--why can't U fathom that despite Golden's well-known, UTough weight gain initiatives?

Players have regressed (Chick, Porter and DZP) in this defensive scheme, EVERY we play has gone for 500 yards as the season has progress ala last season.

Highsmith and Rodgers have been playing safety for Us when we had capable safeties like Telemaque and Ray Ray--by the *choice* of our coaches.

Bush, Jenkins, and Carter are better than them but they still play because of coaching decision.

Cornelius would make a better Safety. Devontae Davis was cut. Vernon Davis was cut. How many other players have been removed from the roster who could've played that position? The victim role is tired, they've contributed to the low numbers themselves.

Golden being an upgrade is wishful thinking, it has no tangible evidence to support.

Is it that we don't have any talent

or is Golden a great recruiter?

Who recruited and has been developing these slow untalented defensive players?

Who recruited 85% of this team?

In all the fan-fueled frustration, where is there regard for the 36 players who left this program between 2010 and 2012, recruited either by a coach who didn’t know better, or a new one forced to take chances as he needed bodies and had few options?

This impatience, know-it-all approach and frustration feels a whole lot like fifteen years ago, when Pell Grant fraud rocked this program and frustration was also at an all-time high.

Those throwing barbs at Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio are effectively the same group who tried to run Butch Davis out of town in the late nineties.

What "regard"? Why were their scholarships revolted by the coach after he recruited them here himself?

None of them were provided an interview to get their sides of their dismissals. If he needed bodies why did he cut 35% of the players he has recruited here and then have people referencing depth and low numbers as an excuse?

More self-imposed sanctions.

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