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Duke beats Carolina, heads to ACC Title game; UM shifts focus to final exams, bowl practices, recruiting

Al Golden said he wasn't going to lose his mind Saturday scoreboard watching or "become a slave to the TV for seven hours" to see if the University of Miami would get the help it needed to reach next weekend's ACC championship game.

Duke made sure the agonizing only lasted three and a half hours for everyone else who bleeds orange and green.

The Blue Devils, who beat Miami for the first time since 1976 two weeks ago in Durham, punched their ticket to Charlotte and a date with second-ranked Florida State Saturday afternoon thanks to a late 27-yard field goal in a 27-25 win at North Carolina.

Had Duke lost and Virginia upset rival Virginia Tech, UM would have began preparing for a rematch with the Seminoles Monday. Instead, the focus for the Hurricanes (9-3) now shifts to final exams, a few days off and the team's first trip to a bowl game since Golden was hired in December 2010.

> Golden said "it's tough to quantify" what missing 30 to 35 December practices under self-imposed bowl bans did to hurt the program over the last two years and he's definitely looking forward to having them this year.

"Having all the [recruits] in South Florida come watch bowl practice and watch us operate and be around our team and players," will be big for the program moving forward, Golden said. Getting to 10 victories with a bowl win -- at likely either the Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta (Dec. 31) or the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando (Dec. 28) -- is also important, Golden said.

> What did Golden like and not like about Friday's effort in chilly Pittsburgh?

"The kids competed; they had a great attitude," Golden said. "It meant something to them which is so important. I think we’ve all seen instances where it’s like, all right, nobody cares. We’re not in this bowl game or that bowl game. Or we’re letting external influences impact our judgment or our attitude or how we play. That didn’t happen [Friday], which was awesome. They wanted to finish on a positive note."

Golden cited Miami's continuing woes on third down (UM was 4 of 11 on offense; 6 of 14 on defense), special teams breakdowns on kick return and kickoff coverage, and a few instances of poor tackling as negatives in the Pitt win. He did, though, credit linebacker Denzel Perryman, safeties Rayshawn Jenkins and Deon Bush and cornerback Antonio Crawford as having better tackling performances Friday.

"There are so many things we have to fix and continue to fix," Golden said. "One of our goals in the postseason is clearly to push a lot of young players along that have not had the benefit of this time of year -- to be pushed at this time of year."

> Golden said UM came out healthy from the Pitt game and he expects cornerback Ladarius Gunter and defensive end Dwayne Hoilett, who missed Friday's game, to return for bowl practices. Linebacker Alex Figueroa, who has missed UM's last three games, could return but must be cleared by a doctor.

"If we were playing next Saturday Fig would not be ready," Golden said. "There’s a good chance for the bowl game. That would be awesome for him and great for him to have that opportunity."

> Golden said freshman running back Gus Edwards is "practicing better and starting to become more comfortable" in Miami's system. Edwards ran 11 times for 64 yards and a touchdown Friday.

"We can’t live in the past but there’s a young man that missed however many practices in training camp, a good bunch of them," Golden said. "Gus is a young man that is really going to continue to improve. He should be fresh. His play count is  not as high as Brandon Linder or Clive Walford or some of those guys. He should bring some energy to us and we expect him to continue to improve.

"He’s got deceptive speed but I thought he did a great job with his vision and his lateral cuts [Friday]. He really made the right cuts. He stayed with his cuts, he didn’t freelance at all. And when he got to the second level he made some guys miss. We’ve got to continue to get his pads down and get that stiff arm going but we’re hopeful that Gus will continue to improve."


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Those throwing barbs at Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio are effectively the same group who tried to run Butch Davis out of town in the late nineties.

“From National Champs to National Chumps—Thanks Butch!”, read a banner that flew over the Orange Bowl for a 1997 home game in an eventual 5-6 season.

Another situation where the new guy was paying for the old guy’s sins, while frustrated fans showed no regard to the how or why and deemed the losses unacceptable.

Sound familiar? It’s like deja “U” all over again.

shannon recruits left for golden:

QB Jacory Harris ----Backup CFL Player
QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson ---- Golden Recruit
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche ---- Backup
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson --- Underachiever
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines --- Not a big time LB
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements ---- Injured
WR Davon Johnson ---- Scrub
WR Kendall Thompkins ---- Scrub
TE Dyron Dye ---- Liar
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler ---- Backup
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith ---- Always missing a tackle
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White ---- Are u kidding
DT Curtis Porter ---- Backup
DT Luther Robinson ----- Backup
LB Ramon Buchanan ----- Injured
OT Ben Jones ---- Backup
S Ray-Ray Armstrong ---- Kicked out of school
OL Jermaine Barton ----Scrub
LB Kelvin Cain ---- Backup
RB Darion Hall ---- Where is he?
RB Storm Johnson
DT Jeffery Brown ---- Rapist
DB Devont'a Davis ---- Division 2 Player
LB Travis Williams ---- Division 2 Player
DB Jamal Reid ---- Division 2 Player
LB Kevin Nelson ----- Division 2 Player
DB Keion Payne ---- Division 2 Player
TE Andrew Tallman ---- Division 2 Player
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson
DB Thomas Finnie
WR Travis Benjamin
DB Alonzo Highsmith
RB Lamar Miller
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson

what mess? Where is the Talent?

excuse after excuse....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 30, 2013 at 04:19 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/11/duke-beats-carolina-heads-to-acc-title-game-um-shifts-focus-to-final-exams-bowl-practices-recruiting.html#storylink=cpy

AG has had to deal with way more than Urban liar. Longer, more crippling investigation, and Miami will never have the funding OSU/ USC/ or any SEC school does.

This season has been one of fumbles at in opportune times, dropped balls, and missed tackles.

AG has done a hell of a job and I expect him to do what it takes to put a better defensive product on the fiel moving forward. Not sweating it the least bit. Get over it!

All for a vigorous exchange but some of this borders on pathetic.

Jim Gallo you were quiet for most of the year. What did you do for that time? Beat your dog?

Ron Zook - what exactly did Coker/Shannon bring to Miami except underperforming lousy execution teams. Coker? Really? What a joke. Where are either of those stars now?

about the 2009 team that was 9-4... Randy's signature win was against Oklahoma by one point.. without their starting quarterback Sam Bradford, the guy who threw 5 td passes the last time they played.. you know the one who's starting in the NFL? Instead Miami faced Landry, a freshman. Oklahoma went 8-5 that year. btw, how many of the Miami players that were on that team are in the NFL now? How many players from the U that are seniors or juniors now will be starting in the NFL? Name 5 and we'll talk about it?
Lack of player development was the previous coaches middle name. Utough is a problem with you? I'm glad it's here because I was tired of watching the Canes running out of gas in the 4th quarter because they were weak and could barely bench more than I can. what??? I'm 45 man.. these are 19 year old d1 football players!
4.5 is ok when you can put pressure on the qb. When you can't it's a serious problem. I think until recently AG was trying to stick with the seniors, but he's going younger cause the seniors really aren't getting it done.
I wish some of those players were still here also but they did whatever they did for whatever reason and now they're gone. Are they playing somewhere else? Starting? putting up numbers? Other than Storm, where are they?
I don't know that chick porter or perryman have regressed so much as there isn't anyone around them to pick up the slack, and when a coach looks at film and goes 'block these guys and the rest is easy money' they are going to be held in check. It's a team game, ask the one guy from Pitt... one or two guys can't do it all on defense. Has Clowney regressed or is he being dealt with?

If all geniuses think this UM squad can be competitive with guys like Armbrister and Highsmith, then gimme some of those pills y'all are popping! I wanna fly like you guys! Booker T has better linebackers and safeties than those two and I'm being generous with name dropping... Otherwise... Wait for it... wash, rinse, and repeat!

Let Blustein and the other Golden worshipers come here and provide excuses for why Duke is in the ACC Title game and UM fans await our second or third tier bowl game. Someone tell Golden, Coach Malzahn of Auburn established himself today. He goes down in Alabama football lore! He'll never buy another beer at Auburn ever again. He'll be talked about for the next 50 years.

I recall a quote from Coach Golden--"We can't keep talking about the past" Well presently, we have one of the worst defenses against the run in division 1. Duke beat us for the ACC Title game. FSU embarrassed us on National TV and David Cutliffe is getting it done at Duke, I cannot believe I'm serious about that!! David Cutliffe and Duke owned UM on a football field?? Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that, had I not seen it with my own eyes. A historically poor football school, the perennial doormat of the ACC.

When do Golden supporters sober up and end the honeymoon understanding, these problems cannot all be dumped at the feet of recruiting? We have Coaching issues and someone's head should be on the chopping block. Someone should be leaving town, especially after one of the easiest schedules in the history of College football. Nobody wants a coach for 10 years who can't beat FSU, who can't beat inferior programs, who is not competitive against quality opponents.

Signed Zero Excuses!

Echoing Jim Gallo's comments about supposed "mess" Randy Shannon left Al Golden, consider that 12 of Shannon's recruits that played for Golden are now in the NFL.

Travis Benjamin (2012 Draft)
LaRon Byrd (2012)
Chase Ford (2012)
Marcus Forston (2012)
Harland Gunn (2012)
Lamar Miller (2012)
Olivier Vernon (2012)
Brandon Washington (2012)
Ray-Ray Armstrong (2013)
Mike James (2013)
Brandon Mcgee (2013)
Sean Spence (2013)

In addition, half of the current Miami squad are Shannon signees.

I'm no Golden fan, but UM's record has improved over three seasons, mostly with Shannon's recruits. Next season, however, will provide a truer indication of Golden's coaching and recruiting skills. Big turnover differential - the main reason why UM won this season - may not carry over into 2014. Fortunately, for UM, most of Coastal opponents will be breaking in new QBs, which might help Canes' ever-leaky defense.

Overlooked in fury over defense this season is that UM offense underachieved as it rarely clicked on third-down against ACC opponents, nor did it score many red zone TDs. Morris was consistently inconsistent against solid competition. Canes' O was shut down in second half of Pitt game till coming up with one of the team's best drives of the season in fourth quarter. QB will be key question next year, but Williams does not appear to be the answer.

Yea, after that NCAA mess he's got quite a bit of currency. Get over it! You sound like a broken record.

Nothing more pathetic than trying to explain one's position on a topic without using results or stats, but instead only rattling off 3 year old excuses and 9 year old pleas for more time.

9 yr old plea. The reason golden needs more time is coker started a downward spiral that continued under shannon. When golden took over 4 guys were commited to miami. He was left scrambling to sign 19 guys. This is a fact. Then u throw in ncaa investigation. The fact that almost 30 players left due to off feild issues or the fact they just didn't fit into goldens team. Throw in fact that golden had to spend his first 2 recruiting classes under ncaa microscope. U can't count the first class as his as he only had 1 month to recruit and most guys are commited by then.What golden has done this far is amazing. he went 7-6 on a team most experst last year predicted to win 3 games. He improved on that to go 9-3 so far and if win a bowl game could be 10 win season. He hasn't had a month to practice by given up bowl games 2 years running and like it or not miami talent isn't that much better then duke, it may even be worse at the sr jr ranks. so please golden is building and will get maimi back he just needs more time and 5 yrs is what a guy taken over what golden needs, u can get by with 2-3 yr rebuild if the guy in front of u recruited well like meyer with zook or saban with shula at bama u can't when the former coach pretty much gave u crap

Coker didn't start it--his bosses--the people who hired him started it with his cheap budget hire as a good coordinator, but not HC material. He won that auto=pilot NC and they decided that ANY decent coach could win with the South Floridian talent that we are directly exposed to.

Lack of player development, bad player evaluations in recruiting, bad game-day coaching, lack of scheme from game to game, lack of ability to adjust to opponents, lack of institutional control, transfers, defections, lack of continuity at AD, OC, DC, skill position coaches, NCAA mess, Nevin's acceptance by the administration despite Shannon's warning etc etc.

U reduce all of that responsibility to the workers--coaches institutionally and players--on the field.

What demographic would love all fans to feel this way^^?

The administration and Board of course.

They have U blaming the old coaches they hired to save money and blaming the South Floridian talent region or players for all performance related issues on the field. Since the Coker team won despite his coaching acumen--all other Canes teams are to held to the same expectation. Zero accountability for any current coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

Thus the newly created Ganes fan is born.

Golden has won all of his games with offense offsetting the poor defenses he puts out on the field schematically. All the impact players during Golden's tenure have been Shannon recruits.

So Duke Johnson, Stephen Morris, Allen Hurns, the o-line, and Hagens are crap?

What I don't get is the idea that Al Golden has some type of hard sell recruiting players to Miami. He has 30 person class sizes versus the larger class sizes for bigger schools. He has the mystique that is Miami and always will be. He has perfect weather and beaches. The threat of NCAA sanctions may deter 5 star recruits but not quality 4 star recruits. But it doesn't matter because on the defensive side of the ball there are no 5 star recruits except one safety and one cornerback. The rest were three star guys (except Perryman who I think was a 4 star).

Actually, who is the special player Al recruited so far? Duke Johnson was born a Cane, didn't matter who was coach, he was always going to play here. Gus Edwards is a good player, and he may develop into something special but he is no Duke. Coley, yes, he is special. He is also a Fort Lauderdale kid and it wasn't a tough sell to get him to stay home. This year's entire offensive line were Shannon recruits. Where is the future Linder that Golden recruited? No beasts on the D line recruited by Golden, and no beasts at LB recruited by Golden? Exactly what has Al Golden done to earn the praise? I don't get it? He didn't go 4-8? This 9-3 record is a mirage, no serious Canes fan thinks Miami can beat Missouri, South Carolina, Texas AM, Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan, USC, UCLA, Oregon, neverthless VT, Clemson, Florida State, and apparently not even Duke. Al Golden is not even close to the best coach in the coastal division of the ACC. Saying he is the best coach in college football just means you are delusional.

Gus Malzahn took a 3 - 9 team, 0 - 8 in the SEC, and got them in the championship game in his first year. Gary Pinkel's team also had a turnaround season, though he has been at Mizzou for a long time.

Both of these teams play their hearts out.

They play tough defense. UM's defensive woes will continue as long as D'Onofrio and Golden are calling the shots. Though we do not have speed up front or with the LBs, they should not play this bad. The secondary is often confused downfield. It is coaching. Emotion has waned as the season has progressed.

A good defensive coach should be on the sidelines motivating players, not in the press box like some imagined god/daddy figure.

That said, I hope the Canes put together their 10th win in a bowl. And that some change takes place with the DC. As in, bye now...

Parman is right, FIRE GOLDEN NOW

And by the way, where is Rashawn Scott? The kid made a great catch on the play where he was injured. He has been cleared for several weeks. Why isn't he playing? He doesn't have "the process" down right? Who cares.

He is a good player. Put him in the game...

That's the point, to play your best guys.

Get off the rigidity Coach. Provide guidance. Everyone did not come from an intact family like you did.

Duke scored in the 40's on us, so did FSU. I guess that means it's going to be a close game, right?

Shannon beat OU fielding the QB who is their career passing leader and was an NFL draft pick himself. So, next excuse for THE WORST FOOTBALL COACH IN MODERN UM HISTORY.

It a Ganes fan thing, they never understand.

DBC auburn had the players there Gus recruited them there before he took the Arkansas st job and Missouri had the talent also til they lost franklin their starting qb with no decent backup.

I hope Duke can make it close, even win. I know that's asking a lot, but it would be great. Miami is still projected to Russell Athletic in Orlando against Louisville, maybe Cincy if they win Thurs.

Rabblerouser, you said "He goes down in Alabama football lore! He'll never buy another beer at Auburn ever again. He'll be talked about for the next 50 years.

Yeah, tell that to Gene Chizik, former Auburn coach who won the BCS 3 years ago.
Gus won with Chizik's guys. He is a recognized great offensive mind, and that was proven today, but lets talk again in a couple years.
As memory serves, Larry coker won 24 straight…with Butch's guys.

Conversely, Al has not had the pick of the litter, why with all the negative recruiting the last 3 years, especially by Louisville, FSU (Fisher supposedly was really nasty) and other ACC teams. UCF goes 10-1, with players UM couldn't get, playing in a 2 team conference.
You cannot underestimate the disadvantage UM has had the last 4+ years, as Randy's heartless team of his last season started the downhill slide.

Finally, when will the race card pulling stop. Randy was HIRED because he was black, NOT FIRED because of it.
I guarantee if Al Golden does not get UM in the ACC Championship game, his seat will be red hot, as it should be.

I'm a hardcore CANE 4 LIFE, but I'd be lying if I said I thought Al and Staff have the coaching aptitude to go beyond 10-2. If the DC's at Duke, Baylor, Arizona State can take lowly recruits and win Conference titles or field respectable defenses then the excuses for D'Nofrio have to stop and he must be released following the season. His defensive stats are too atrocious for him to remain and we continue to accept the players/depth excuse. Their are just too many examples of DC's doing more with less. Making your team tough is not only done in the training room its done on the practice field. They practice soft and its revealed in games. Al is too concerned about player happiness, injuries and concussions to allow physical and competitive practices where guys truly learn "U Tough"! Combine that with the coordinators incapability teach, develop and scheme, then you see a team incapable of executing consistently on both sides of the ball.

They are gonna use that NCAA card as an excuse as long as they are here. We all know that if Schiano or Butch for example had these very same players and conditions the results would be better and more promising than they currently are. I also believe they would have done a better job of recruiting and developing those so called 3 star players we were left to recruit. "Excuses are tools of incompetence"! That is no more visible than with this staff. Thank you, but the success of this football program is too vital to this university and its other sports programs to allow it to remain under your control. I say Schiano would have Saban like success at The U given his proven competence and the wealth of talent we have in S. Florida, the State, the Northeast, Southeast and the allure the U and City of Miami. These are moves Presidents, Boosters and AD's make to ahead of the pack. Job security sucks in the NFL and Schiano would be accepting of a $3.8 million salary plus incentives that will easily get him to $4.5. But they will wait and we'll be 3 years further behind schedule.

The Cane players are as good or better than 90% of the players of all colleges in the country.

But even pro bowl NFL stars would look like chumps trying to win using goldie's and d'os worthless 3 down linemen NO defense, zone NO pass coverage.

All of the great teams, ALA, AUB, Ohio St, FSU, etc use four down linemen and man to man pass coverage. Yes, they do get beat on a play here and there. But for the most part, a solid defense with four or more def. linemen and LBs close to the line of scrimmage will keep the score and the offensive yardage LOW.

goldie and d'o DO NOT KNOW what GOOD defense is all about which is proven over and over for three years of major yardage and high scores against the Canes. And they constantly blame the players as being out of position. Huhhhhh?????? Who put the players OUT OF POSITION if not goldie and d'o?

In reply to Dajediknight's post Nov 30 at 5:21PM:

When everyone has a career mark against your Defense, the problem is not just with the talent. The warning signs were there in 2012. The results on the field in 2013 confirmed it.

Coach DoNo's Defense didn't stop the run, or hold on 3rd down. Can't build game attendance if you can't play Defense. You can't win a Championship either. Coach DoNo is smart enough to fix it. If he wasn't back on the sidelines next season, I'd say that's business. If Coach Golden wants him back, I'd say last chance.

Duke deserves to go, they beat VT Miami and NC so don't knock there team this is college and teams change from year to year, remember the ACC last year was talking about UM winning the ACC title in basketball. Auburn is another example zero wins last year in SEC this year playing for championship. Big time defensive recruits coming in next year and we have a good offensive nucleus right now. If we had Florida's cornerbacks we would've been able to play man to man all the time.

Interesting. I had us 8-4 based on the lack of depth and talent wise. 9-3 is an overachievement for me. Everyone else that wants everything handed to them but doesn't show up for games can go kick rocks.

Let's just face it, our DL enjoy being blocked.


True enough. I guess my point is that Malzahn won with the same players who produced a 3 - 9 record last year. The major addition is QB Nick Franklin, a JUCO transfer, Pinkel also turned his team around, and with the exception of South Carolina, they won several games with backup Mattie Mauck.

So it is the coaching that prosduces such a turnaround.

Whoever mentioned UM versus LSU in a bowl game, pray that it desn't happen. Louisville would be a better game for us. LSU would kill us.

Miami....miami who?
We kicked your butts and will so the same to whomever we play in the NC game.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman!

We had Shayon green playing corner.someone please explain that.

Bill Parcelss said you are what your record says you are......Goldilocks went 9-3 this year, is 22-14 overall at UM, and hovering around .500 for his career. Is he Alverage or on the upward tic.....we'll see next year....ACC title game or back to the MAC. I for one don't believe in him, don't trust him, and don't think he has "it"

Campbellville... I hear ya. The DC has a LOT of work to do to earn his paycheck. But can you honestly say that our defense would be the same if we had faster and more athletic guys running around in the secondary and on the front seven? Do those LBs deserve their scholarships, save DP, Figs, and Grace (who is a true frosh)? Come on... St. Thomas Aquinas has better players at those positions right now. Come on maaaaan!

duke johnson was recruited by randy shannon.....he gave his verbal on 9/20/2010......

al golden was hired on 12/12/2010.....he would be barred from talking to anyone until he was hired by ncaa.....so stop with all the BS.....

now UM plays Vanderbilt in a BS bowl....a complete disgrace.....

49-48 that's what you got in al golden....9-3 and not even in the top 25....there's your answer right there....

UM need's to go back to 1979 when Howard schnellenberger took over the program at a time when UM could field 2000 fans in the OB....."theU/swagger" is a lost decade....pretend it doesn't exist....

hire NFL coach with a name and record like what we were trying to do in 2010 with gruden.....

UM will NEVER be anything under golden/dnofrio....next year 6-6 at best.....

olsen/williams vs winston and bridgewater in 2014, lol....that's a laughter.....there's 2 loses right there.....

UM suffers when randy shannons guys graduate....morris was everything this year whether you believe it or not......more pain for alumni to follow

I'm disappointed in how we finished the year. Yes, Golden, in order to take UM to the next level, really needs to evaluate his DC. I'm sorry you let U. Virginia who won two games gain 493 yards and you praise a defense for getting 4 turnovers. Wow!!!!!! Is that improvement? Then there's Pit, who scored 24 unanswered points? Really!!!!! Our talent level is not being displayed, but how mediocre our defense and inconsistent we are on offense.

I think the talent was there to beat Duke, but the DC is so f'ing bad that Duke outscored us.

Duke is not talent, FSU is going to finish that game by halftime. Then we can discuss how Dino has to go this year.

Ya'll ragging on duke but they would dominate Moser of the SEC this year.

Gallo...yawn....PS idiot ....Teddy will be gone.... list ....same BS...no life...truly pathetic ....

Rough day for Ganes fans, still waiting for that golden shower to deliver something other than warm urine from the spigot.

No matter how much you lick it, guy will just be laughing at you with his college roommate there to reach around and hold it for him while it rains on you apologists.

Meanwhile, all over college football, just not in Coral Gables, competent coaches don't take four years to rebuild, they win big with what they inherit when they get there.

In reply to Dajediknight's post on DEC 1 at 10:36AM:

Correct, but we can't say what would have happened if we had better talent. This season is done. Team objectives were not met. We did not win a championship and attendance at home games was mediocre (can't say that about road games). Next season starts as as soon bowl prep begins. Coach Golden is not on track yet. Look at the empty seats at SunLife because at the end of the day, if you see them, we aren't there yet.

So in the coaches Poll, UM is ranked 26th, 1 behind Texas at 25.

In the AP poll, they are ranked 28th, tied with ND and BEHIND Cincinnati and USC.

And UM is 9 - 3. Those voting get the picture as do many of the posters here.

Uf is 112 in total offense so they can their oc dno finishes 116 and he gets a vote of confidence and excuses (lack of talent, ncaa investigation, blah blah blah) and he finishes in the bottom third again. Golden needs to show that accountability is at all levels. How can u teach that to your players but at the same time be a walking contradiction to what you say

A young secondary, a depleted linebacking corps (due to immature knuckleheads asked to leave) and a defensive line dependent on a few Division-I transfers each, with a remaining year of eligibility—forget the 2001 Hurricanes, this wasn’t even the same caliber of the 2005 squad.

Randy Shannon and the NCAA are to blame.

Some blame the current defensive woes solely on coaching and scheme instead of personnel—yet a decade and a half ago, back-to-back coordinators couldn’t solve it, either. Talent eventually did!

Davis fired defensive coordinator Bill Miller after year four. The 1998 season closed with a three-game stretch where 1,068 yards and 111 points were surrendered and the Hurricanes finished 9-3.

Syracuse put up 66 on Miami in the de facto Big East title game, while UCLA racked up 45 points and 689 yards a week later. North Carolina State then dinged the Canes for 498 yards and 23 points in the bowl game, the trifecta having done Miller in.

Greg Schiano entered Davis’ fifth year and while there were certainly signs of a change in culture, the problem was far from solved.

Miami started the season No. 12 and rolled to a 9-4 finish, with losses coming to No. 2 Penn State, No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Virginia Tech, but few recall East Carolina. The ninth-ranked Hurricanes blew a 23-3 third quarter lead and surrendered 450 yards in a 27-23 loss to team no better than this year’s Duke squad—on the watch of new defensive up-and-coming coach with an “attack, attack, attack” mentality, much like some self-appointed experts are clamouring for today.

A year later Miami finished 11-1 and No. 2 in the nation. The Hurricanes topped No. 1 Florida State during the regular season and thumped No. 7 Florida in the Sugar Bowl, having been snubbed of a title shot.

Yet, months prior, fans still wanted Davis fired. Sound familiar? If not, then you are only lying to yourself.

C'ville... Any Hurricane fan knows that attendance has always been poor, even in the NC years. We sold out two games a year (FSU and maybe V tech). So using that as a benchmark is silly.

lol @ CaneFan72.. you might want to check, there are quite a few NFL teams that run the 3-4 defense.
Chiefs, 49'rs, Colts, Ravens, Saints, and more. Rob Ryan runs 3 down lineman most of the time. I don't think it's the scheme jeevs.. could be the coaching tho.
No defensive line = no run stoppage and no pressure = you give up a ton of yards. Add in average linebackers and slow db's and you get what? Beat by better teams.
If the coach tells you how to tackle somebody a billion times, something you've been taught since you started playing football, and you continue to do it wrong.. is that the coaches fault?

Florida fired their OC because he stunk. Are we prepared to do what needs to be done?

If D'Ono (no nothing) does not get fired, then even a great recruiting effort on defense will not solve the problem. The D'O has no idea on how to adjust the defense for the second half of the game which is why we get completely outscored after the other team makes their offensive adjustments. I don't think he understands that you CAN BLITZ and play man to man for the cornerbacks. The NFL teams blitz 50% of the time. Fire Golden even though he is doing a very good job as a recruiter if he will not change the defensive coach.

501 total yards for Pit. Every team on 3rd down runs a crossing route in front of the Lbs and picks up first downs constantly. I don't understand how on earth after 3 years of this crap adjustments still not made. for real Dc needs to retire or let go.

It's Alverage's defense.

If you want a new DC, you want a new HC.

After three years of horrible defensive results masked the first year by playing at the slowest pace possible on offense, it's time to fish or cut bait on THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY.

I wonder where Goldie nd' Marky Mark would be WITHOUT those Shannon BUM'S of Stephan Morris and Hurn's and the ENTIRE offensive line!

Probably standing in the unemployment line for college football coaches after THREE SEASONS and what not. LOL

Oh, QB Morris SAVED both Goldie nd' Marky Mark's reputation with THREE victories last season. dUh

FWIW... Shannon's offensive line happen to SHUT DOWN Pitt's All-Conference DT. hUh

I believe Arnold only had 4 total tackles all day and that Shannon offensive line DIDN'T allow a sack. Go bloody figures'.

It's comforting to know that we haven't cornered the market on slow thinking fans as some Alabama fans are calling for Saban to be fired after last night's loss to Auburn, which is almost, but not quite as stupid when calling for Al Golden to be fired.

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