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Duke beats Carolina, heads to ACC Title game; UM shifts focus to final exams, bowl practices, recruiting

Al Golden said he wasn't going to lose his mind Saturday scoreboard watching or "become a slave to the TV for seven hours" to see if the University of Miami would get the help it needed to reach next weekend's ACC championship game.

Duke made sure the agonizing only lasted three and a half hours for everyone else who bleeds orange and green.

The Blue Devils, who beat Miami for the first time since 1976 two weeks ago in Durham, punched their ticket to Charlotte and a date with second-ranked Florida State Saturday afternoon thanks to a late 27-yard field goal in a 27-25 win at North Carolina.

Had Duke lost and Virginia upset rival Virginia Tech, UM would have began preparing for a rematch with the Seminoles Monday. Instead, the focus for the Hurricanes (9-3) now shifts to final exams, a few days off and the team's first trip to a bowl game since Golden was hired in December 2010.

> Golden said "it's tough to quantify" what missing 30 to 35 December practices under self-imposed bowl bans did to hurt the program over the last two years and he's definitely looking forward to having them this year.

"Having all the [recruits] in South Florida come watch bowl practice and watch us operate and be around our team and players," will be big for the program moving forward, Golden said. Getting to 10 victories with a bowl win -- at likely either the Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta (Dec. 31) or the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando (Dec. 28) -- is also important, Golden said.

> What did Golden like and not like about Friday's effort in chilly Pittsburgh?

"The kids competed; they had a great attitude," Golden said. "It meant something to them which is so important. I think we’ve all seen instances where it’s like, all right, nobody cares. We’re not in this bowl game or that bowl game. Or we’re letting external influences impact our judgment or our attitude or how we play. That didn’t happen [Friday], which was awesome. They wanted to finish on a positive note."

Golden cited Miami's continuing woes on third down (UM was 4 of 11 on offense; 6 of 14 on defense), special teams breakdowns on kick return and kickoff coverage, and a few instances of poor tackling as negatives in the Pitt win. He did, though, credit linebacker Denzel Perryman, safeties Rayshawn Jenkins and Deon Bush and cornerback Antonio Crawford as having better tackling performances Friday.

"There are so many things we have to fix and continue to fix," Golden said. "One of our goals in the postseason is clearly to push a lot of young players along that have not had the benefit of this time of year -- to be pushed at this time of year."

> Golden said UM came out healthy from the Pitt game and he expects cornerback Ladarius Gunter and defensive end Dwayne Hoilett, who missed Friday's game, to return for bowl practices. Linebacker Alex Figueroa, who has missed UM's last three games, could return but must be cleared by a doctor.

"If we were playing next Saturday Fig would not be ready," Golden said. "There’s a good chance for the bowl game. That would be awesome for him and great for him to have that opportunity."

> Golden said freshman running back Gus Edwards is "practicing better and starting to become more comfortable" in Miami's system. Edwards ran 11 times for 64 yards and a touchdown Friday.

"We can’t live in the past but there’s a young man that missed however many practices in training camp, a good bunch of them," Golden said. "Gus is a young man that is really going to continue to improve. He should be fresh. His play count is  not as high as Brandon Linder or Clive Walford or some of those guys. He should bring some energy to us and we expect him to continue to improve.

"He’s got deceptive speed but I thought he did a great job with his vision and his lateral cuts [Friday]. He really made the right cuts. He stayed with his cuts, he didn’t freelance at all. And when he got to the second level he made some guys miss. We’ve got to continue to get his pads down and get that stiff arm going but we’re hopeful that Gus will continue to improve."


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9-3 and possibly 10-3. out of the NCAA cross hairs no immediate scandal, top 5 recruiting class, no apparent scholastic looses, scholarship players actually going to class, discipline for those who cross the line, a class act as the coach, all of the above were absent over the past 5-7 yrs. Be thankful for what you have-which is respect which the U has not had for quite a long long time.

S.E.C. !!! S.E.C. !!! S.E.C. !!!

Get the defense of coordinator some help!

SEC won't be going to the championship this year.

I don't know who you are Ron Zook, but a big AMEN! to your long essay above.

That is a great recruiting class coming in but if MD insists on playing that 3-4 they had better get some more ILBs. I see 1 3-star ILB. Please send Perryman a years worth of baby supplies so he doesn't bolt for the NFL.

"Finally, when will the race card pulling stop. Randy was HIRED because he was black, NOT FIRED because of it.
I guarantee if Al Golden does not get UM in the ACC Championship game, his seat will be red hot, as it should be."

Posted by: IMAWriter | December 01, 2013 at 01:17 AM

Excuse me? Your comment is libelous!! What race card reference are you talking about here? Enjoyed your comments on the memory of Chizik but the constant worship of Golden and his below average staff is ridiculous!! Better defense can be found on our local Pop Warner fields. Some of the coaching is a problem and the honeymoon is over for the faithful!!

Zero Tolerance for excuses

I read where the D coordinator needs help. But isn't it his job to bring help in? No DL brought in, no linebackers who are studs? Secondary, our biggest problem three years ago, has been addressed. But it is still 1/3 of a defense. Look at D No, study him and then ask is this really a guy who will inspire difference makers to come to Miami? Or will they say, rightfully so, this is a guy who holds his job because he knows someone, hasn't improved Miami's defense since taking it over, and I don't want my NFL future to be determined on that basis? Why would any recruit do so? You Golden fans are missing the point. You will never get the talent when players and fans perceive it is not about performance than who you know.

Al can know D No all he wants. But this is BIG TIME college football, our boosters comments notwithstanding, and it is time to put up or shutup. Ridiculous this is even a question.

In today's AP Poll. here are teams with equivalent or lesser records than Miami that are ranked.

#14 LSU 9 - 3
#17 UCLA 9 - 3
#21 Wisconsin 9 - 3
#22 Texas A & M 8 - 4
#23 Texas 8 - 3
#25 Georgia 8 - 4

We were crazily ranked at #7 before the FSU game. It is clear that the voters see that UM does not have the strength (in spite of a 9 - 3 record) to be ranked.

Several of these teams lost over the weekend.

To make it to the Top 25 will require a 10th win.

By the way, I loved that some of the players came out bare-chested at PITT before the game! A touch of swag and it was good to see. Now all we need is a D with more speed and push up front, and a new DC.

Go Canes. Beat ???.

Wow. Miami took off their shirts pre-game and beat Pitt 56-0. Great job. But the reality is that this team squeaked by and won against a much worse team by ten. It actually was alot closer given the yards we yielded. That wasn't swagger, it was stupid, like stomping on Louisville's field. Difference is that Pitt, like UM, is a small college in a big city. Why come to Pitt? Maybe you like the Steelers. Maybe you like freezing your butt off playing football. Maybe because every major college never offered you a scholly? Latter is most likely.

Shirt off thing was stupid. We have a bowl game in 3 weeks, last thing these dudes need to do is get sick. If you want to impress, win the bowl game.

nse wins games, our coaching staff on defense doesnt have the knowledge or experience to win against quailty teams, and Golden protects his buddy Mark We need a good defense coach that has great skills, not even Golden knows defense well. The fans are going to demand change and if they dont get it, next year with schedule, fans will be calling for Golden to fire defense coachs. Excuses and we can fix it have worn out no progress means time to change, Golden should try to fix penalty problem.

Golden needs to get new deense coach, Mark is over his head and Golden doesnt have the experince either, need a hard lined coach who knows football. Fans are tired of BS that poors out of Goldens mouth about fix it and young no different than anyother team. The DC cant coach and the fans know he cant adjust, Mark has made no progress read the numbers we are the same before the Temple crew showed up, DB coach stinks he needs to go back Temple with Mark take a job anywhere but here. Golden is full of BS and excuses about lack of coaching performance.

Defense wins games and Miami has same talent as other teams with young players, there will always be young players. Golden needs to admit he has failed with defense coach selection and all the gother defense coachs. Golden cant fix bad coaching cause he really doesnt have experince to do it really. Next year Miami plays a tough schedule, we will hear same excuses and wasted the time replace the defense coachs this off season, Miami needs strong leadership and a head coach who can do the right thing for school and fans, Mark is out. He just is to many years away from being a good defense coach period, laughing stock of ACC, EVERY GAME WE LOST WE WERE OUT COACHED PERIOD.

The reason I like "Shirts Off" is because UM is an overly regimented program. Look at the guys who were bounced off the team. Non-conformists (and some criminal activity as well). Where is Rashawn Scott, a really good WR, and suspended last year by the way?

Guys that deviate some from "The Process" are not tolerated and encouraged. Look at Golden's mediocre endorsement of Gus Edwards' play at Pitt. " He didn't free lance at all." Real inspiring comments by your coach.

In fact, Gus is a real promising running back with some size. Where is the encouragement?

A little "Shirts Off" showed some in your face attitude which this team needs. And they also need better players and a new DC. But they often fear making mistakes and play that way, confused and without confidence and a dominant attitude.

So I say, "Shirts Off" or anything else that begins to show a new Cane attitude. Loosen up, Golden. Go Canes!

In reply to SJMPARMAN Dec 2 at 12:30AM:

You might want to look at the Pitt roster and answer your own question. Why do talented kids from highschools in south Florida want to play at Miami?

Pittsburg is a great city with a rich culture and tradition. If you love sports, you probably couldn't find a better place to live. Sorry if I don't start clapping when you tell me how great it is to live in Miami.

By the way, the smallest crowd to see a Pitt game this year was for the Miami game. Too bad it was Tksgiving. Play that game in the early fall and it would have been a sell-out. Pitt sold out for FSU and Notre Dame. Pitt had to drop WVU from its schedule when it joined the ACC, or it would have had another sell-out. PITT averaged 50,000 for Virginia and North Carolina. I was at the Virginia game at SunLife and I was embarrassed at how empty the stadium was for our Seniors on their day.

I don't live in western Pennsylvania or South Florida. I'm a CANES fan however and that's by choice. As I saw it, Pitt's last TD was a gimme. The game was over. I'm no fan of Coach DoNo's Defense. We couldn't stop anybody, and I don't have to stretch the truth to prove it.

I was at the DUKE game and saw Coach DoNo's Defense let #18 run into the end zone four times and also throw for another TD. We let him look like Tebow.

That's my beef with the coaching staff. We've had better talent in the front seven, but this group wasn't that bad (they never quit). I don't want to think that if somebody else was coaching them, we'd be playing in Charlotte. Get it fixed, Coach.

We won, in a game they predicted we would lose. And still they are complaining. We gifted a late TD to shrink the total to ten. Beedharpong and Alex, great posts!

Well said dbc!

1 ass whipping is enough from fsu

There are so many posters who have a fixed mindset that the problem is the D and we should reconstruct the whole concept of playing our D.

The only poster who came up with a plan is Dom.

All the caterwauling and hang wringing about our team has no reality in addressing our needs, and those are:

1. We need talented players to fill key positions on the D.
2. The rotation is non existent because the players cannot execute what is asked. Even the basic vanilla dumb downed defense schemes have not been used successfully.
3. Recruiting can fill the pipeline but that does not give an answer since only 4-5 players can step in and play, right now. The others have to learn at their own pace..
4. JUCO players are perfect for the recruited players to season and learn. This is an important part of the plan.
5. All this shouting about firing and plays are tautological.
We vent, but who would be the replacements after firings?.
How much time would the replacement have to implement their plans?. Who is looking over their shoulders, and after every loss here comes the threats, denouncements, and critics with sharpened knives.

Many of you remind me of a schoolyard where everyone stands around and criticize. Changes are made and things get worse so the group turns on those who advocated change and blame them for their predicament.
They end up much worse than their dream fix.

Many of you could not operate a Company because it takes measured short term and long term planning for the success of the venture. Not whimsical, reflexive, shoot from the hip decisions.

The new 'Canes need to be run similar to a Corporation, not a backyard pick up game. CG realizes that.

Grow up people and start thinking.

moving zen is a moron supporting a 3 def linemen NO defense that moron goldie and d'o run.

It is not the players. You could have 3 all pro NFL def. linemen who would still get beat by 6 offensive blockers since goldie and d'o have moved LBs out of position and five yards back from the line of scrimmage and use a zone pass NO coverage that allows easy completions against the Canes.

Of course, goldie and d'o can whine all day about missing tackles and Canes out of position when the coaches are the ones who put them out of position in the first place.

Miami had better go to the lowest bowl game they can find because they are NOT going to beat a good bowl bound team with goldie's and d'os moron defensive set.


Seems like it was only yesterday we warned fans not to fall for "the banana in the tail pipe" crew from the Mac. Another year down the drain. Now we got to watch Duke get drilled in the ACC championship game.

All of those fantasies about how the 3rd year of UTough would have this defense prepared. Remember "they crushed the conditioning test" LOL. I guess the coaches forgot to incorporate tackling, pass rushing technique or shedding blocks drills in UTough. The kids did their job and the staff failed to prepare them. They bought in to the UTough garbage and have no results. All of this talk about weight gain, bench press records, power lift but no mention of adding football skills. Now after all of the praise on weight gain it took four or five games for some of these clowns to see how slow the team is now. As if it doesn't go hand to hand with weight gain. *NEWSFLASH* Just because you can run the same forty time prior to gaining weight that isn't the same as your short area quickness, which is more important then a forty time.

We were in the minority but not anymore. Real Cane fans are arising. Love to see a lot of what's being posted hear now-a-days. Hold these frauds accountable and lets get a real D-coordinator in hear to play Miami style defense.

Back in May, June and July, they raved about every quote from Golden tongue's mouth. Now they are trying to question if we have more talent than Duke. Man how times have changed. LOL

No more excuses.

MUSCHAMP for um DC...

Think about it.....


Didn't think of it that way, good point. I think we just have a lot of nice kids, you wont see much defiance out of this group.

True Cane, EXACTLY!!!!!!!!
Loved your post!!
These guys (Golden & Crew) are talking but they're not walking. All that talk about their conditioning program has made UM a slow, plodding, unable to tackle, football mess. We also played one of the easiest schedules we will see in a long, long time. I am not pleased with the Coaching staff.

Honeymoon is over!!

This CaneFart72 is still beating a dead horse, I see (which is probably his body odor or his wife's. You know how old people smell).

"beat by 6 offensive blockers?" What about the defensive blockers. Don't they exist?

What a dumbass.

Saw the Steelers playing a 3-4 this weekend. Guess they don't know what they are doing either, CaneFart.

love this quote on mmqb by peter king by chip kelly. on why he hired his dc for philly even though stats were bad at arizona. He had 13 starters injured sometimes its not scheme's but players limiting your scheme that makes the d have bad stats. I hired mark herflich at oc at oregon even though his numbers at colorado were bad because i sat down talked to him 10 minutes and he really knew football. Sometimes the players u have can influence your scheme and play calling.

Wonder how chip kelly would respond if he got smoked years in a row. That's what has happened here.

Man if we win our bowl game and go 10-3, I guess many of you will commit suicide? Why not wait until the season is over with all your tips, and BACK the KIDS in their bowl game.

If we had won out, would we be no 1? I don't think so, I'm guessing we would be no 5. AD needs to adjust that schedule now before we get going.

That is the internal conflict for me. I support the playersyear in and out, but part of supporting the players for the sake of the whole program requires being honest about the coaching.

I wanted RS to succeed. He didn't. He wasn't going to.

I want AG to succeed. It's become apparent that his DC loyalty is his achilles. He still gets the BOTD, despite all the other charges about his record and lack of overall coaching against inferior, equal, or better opponents. Once he has no more of the RS crew, only his players, we shall see.

For all the valid arguments about our soft line and lbs (dzp excluded), it's still coaching at the end of three years, that has me so down.

On the one hand, I want us to win our bowl game, for obvious reasons.

On the other, I suspect and won't mind another drubbing, where whoever we play puts up 600+ yds offense against us, so that AG feels the pressure to change the D staff. Even that is probably wishful thinking.

Beed I feel your pain, and agree that something needs to change on our D, whether it be philosophy or DC. I also know that without a pass rush, it puts way too much pressure on the back 7, and we have NO DL whatsoever, hence lies part of the problem. Having said that, I WANT a bowl win for the seniors, and the kids who chose the U despite what could've happened to us, and the recruits coming in. 10-3 would be a nice finish.

Miami finished in the 30s in offense. They finished 57th on Defense. last season they were 116th on Defense. It would take a racist, a gator, a buckeye, a seminole, an FIU panther, a notre dame fan, an idiot, or someone who had a brain injury, alzheimers or another degenerative brain condition not to see that!

Are we cane fans happy that it is FSU and not UM ready to play in the BCS? NO. But its taken FSU longer. remember, they did not deserve to be in the 2000 ship. UM did! That was one of the many BCS blunders that has led to the playoff! So its been 13 yrs for FSU. Then they dissappeared off the map! UM competed all the way till 2003. Its been 10 long yrs but with this upcoming class of recruits, I'm tellying you all, im telling you all!

Pre 1983, UM was 7-6 and 9-3. Dont forget that.

Um is 9-3, and could go 10-3. That is a huge accomplisment given the garbage that we and the players and coaches have endured the last 4 years. Only a non cane or an anti cane would not see that

University of Florida head coach Muschamp fired his offensive coordinator today. Gotta respect Muschamp for not accepting excuses about injuries, because their offense wasn't that much better last year when they were healthy.

Time for you to step up Golden and do the right thing. Your boy No'D is in over his head. You gave him a chance so he cant be mad at you, but we cant justify paying him $500,000 a year based on his productivity. I'm speaking this way because Golden has to make a CEO type of decision and put all this personal stuff out the window.


OK, fair enough.

UM gets beat defensively by underneath passes, up the middle passes short of the safeties and running outside the DEs and/or cutback runs. That is the formula for running up mass yardage against us.

Some ideas:

Agree with move faster guys to DE and slower guys to DT if possible. Who can move outside with the play and make a stop? We need speed at the DEs.

Move LBS closer to the line of scrimmage for run support inside and outside. How quick can we make a north - south hit when runner passes D line?

Play more man in the secondary, thereby giving up the soft coverage idea which usually yields yards.

If you don't have great LBs, you need to play a 4 - 3 D Line. Bringing other guys up on the line to either blitz or drop off in coverage can help.

Move up the safeties and compress the secondary, thus challenging underneath and middle routes. Play cover two if you have a WR that is a deep threat.

Get the DC on the field where he belongs. He should interact with and inspire his players in a hands on fashion. How often do we see the D not even set for a play? Too much sending the play from here to here to there.

After 3 years of awful defense for the most part, find a new DC who is intense, energetic and connects with the players, thus inspiring loyalty and dedication.

Go Canes, get #10!

If u go to the ncaa website um is 76 in total defense. Where did u get 57?







At Foley's urging, Muschamp fired his OC and O-Line coach to take the heat off him and quiet the calls for his firing.

Peace was an incredible OC at Boise and suddenly the Gators brass would have you believe he forgot everything that made him so successful. It was his offense that upset Oklahoma led by Adrian Peterson in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl where the viewers saw offensive genius by Peace and his play calling, not to mention the numerous trick plays.

Like Miami the Gators ran out of talent as the season progressed and in their case it was due to a inexplicable rash of injuries. When you lose your 1st and 2nd team QB's you have no prayer, not to mention the offensive linemen, etc.

I don't care who the Canes DC was over the last 3 seasons, because you are going to get steamrolled when you have no defensive line and very little talent at other positions and absolutely no depth...period...end of story.

Now that the NCAA attack is over Coach Golden will bring in championship caliber talent as is already proving to be true based on the 2014 top 3 class he has recruited.

Gallo go delete your entire list and start over... Thomas Finnie, Duke and Chick were left for Golden by Shannon? LOL. You have no shame posting outright lies. This very newspaper had an article about Thomas Finnie being flipped from South Carolina to UM by AL GOLDEN. How does Shannon get credit for that too? You have the same credibility as the blog bigot Ron Zook.


Gallo go delete your entire list and start over... Thomas Finnie, Duke and Chick were left for Golden by Shannon? LOL. You have no shame posting outright lies. This very newspaper had an article about Thomas Finnie being flipped from South Carolina to UM by AL GOLDEN. How does Shannon get credit for that too? You have the same credibility as the blog bigot Ron Zook.

Posted by: Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football | December 02, 2013 at 01:49 PM


You lecture Gallo not to lie then in the same post lie about me being a bigot. You don't have the courage to use one screen name and steal other screen names of posters who you don't agree with to post nonsense and lies. You make some of the world's biggest cowards appear to be brave. I know my comments will not stop your lies and stealing others screen names or somehow give you just an ounce of courage, but it does reinforce what your family and if you had friends and everyone else knows about you.

We dont have a problem getting talent. Duke, Howard, Coley, etc...all came here during the ncaa. The defensive issue isn't talent, unless you believe we only have talent on offense. If that's the case, who is responsible for recruiting the defense? Is it Dino? If so, he's the cause, not the victim.


Defense finished the season ranked #76. Big improvement over last years ranking but how much of that was the result of playing such a soft schedule? Fire the DC after the Bowl game or both Golden and the DC go after next season when we still have a horrible defense and the same old excuses about players free lancing and not playing their assignment right.

dbc that is what I am talking about!!!!!!.

Love your post!!.

It is factual, innovative, and has ideas that we could seriously look at as alternative plays to where we are.

Excellent distribution of speed, bulk, and positional play, to work on our D..
Thanks for a great post, 'bro.

That is what I meant when I said that we need some constructive ideas to kick around, instead of arguing about 3-4, 4-3.

Great job.
Go 'Canes


Appreciate it and your calling us to task to present some constructive ideas. On the mark!

Go Canes, win #10!

You lecture Gallo not to lie then in the same post lie about me being a bigot. You don't have the courage to use one screen name and steal other screen names of posters who you don't agree with to post nonsense and lies. You make some of the world's biggest cowards appear to be brave. I know my comments will not stop your lies and stealing others screen names or somehow give you just an ounce of courage, but it does reinforce what your family and if you had friends and everyone else knows about you.

Posted by: Ron Zook | December 02, 2013 at 02:20 PM

Wrong... me calling you a bigot isn't a lie.. it's my opinion based on your posts where you use racial innuendos and ignorant remarks. Your past comments referring to black posters on here that disagree with as baboons, the muslim remarks about HTC like him being a muslim somehow discredits his opinions is spot on for a bigot. All you do is type nonsense and post ridiculous claims (Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football by far, etc) with no actual FACTS (your opinions don't count as FACTS).

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