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Final four-game stretch will show us how much progress Canes have truly made

There was a reason Florida State pushed the Hurricanes around Saturday night like a little brother.

The Seminoles are better, elite in a lot of places: quarterback, running back, receiver, defensive line, secondary. The gap may not have looked that big after two quarters Saturday. But it was on display for the nation to see over the final 30 minutes. Florida State is legit, national championship good. Miami is just getting back into the Top 25 good.

That gap is nothing to be ashamed about if you bleed orange and green. Jimbo Fisher has been building this thing for over five years, since we first heard he would be the guy replacing Bobby Bowden.

Al Golden? He's been trying to rebuild Miami for three years with one arm tied behind his back. It wasn't until two weeks ago tomorrow the 28-month hostage situation with the NCAA really came to an end. Even then, it's been impressive what Golden has been able to accomplish the last couple years.

As fun as it was to see this team start 7-0, climb to No. 7 in the national rankings, ask any talent evaluator and they will tell you these Hurricanes truly were not ready for a Top 10 showdown Saturday. Three recruiting classes into yet another Miami makeover, Golden has restocked the shelves with a few gems (RB Duke Johnson, CB Tracy Howard, DE Tyriq McCord, DE Quan Muhammad, CB Artie Burns, S Deon Bush, OL Ereck Flowers, WR Stacy Coley, LB Jermaine Grace). But really, he's still playing catch-up and only now beginning to fight with both fists free.

I know the thirst has been here for awhile to shout "We're back baby!" But that's really not going to happen until the Hurricanes get to the point where Florida State is. Where you have legit NFL prospects up and down your roster. Fisher had a school-record 11 players taken in last April's NFL Draft. He'll probably have eight more at least this year with half of that taken in the first two rounds.

Miami had two players taken last April (RB Mike James, CB Brandon McGee) and might have four or five this April (LB Denzel Perryman, QB Stephen Morris, OL Brandon Linder, OL Seantrel Henderson) and one of them is a punter. Do the math. Did that sound like a Top 10 matchup Saturday night?

Truth is Golden and his staff over the last three years have taken a bunch of average, leftover talent (DT Curtis Porter, OL Jon Feliciano, S Kacy Rodgers, MLB Jimmy Gaines, WR Allen Hurns, DE Shayon Green, OL Malcolm Bunche, WR Rashawn Scott), coached them up, plugged in a few holes with transfers (DL David Gilbert, DL Justin Renfrow, P Pat O'Donnell) and made this team better year-to-year.

Saturday's game might have been a little closer in the second half had a few guys (LB Eddie Johnson, LB Gionni Paul, CB Thomas Finnie) kept their heads on straight and still been here. But every program has a few knuckleheads who don't seem to get it. Until Saturday, UM hadn't faced a team with superior depth and talent to the them. Florida? The Gators have an elite defense and that's why Miami was in a dog fight. But the Gators are 4-4 now, proof even Will Muschamp (hired at the same time Golden was) isn't having an easy time of it in Gainesville after losing eight draft picks from last year's team.

What the Hurricanes have proven thus far in 2013 is that they are not going to lose games they shouldn't and have the fight in them to rally when they're down. Players are improving. That's what we didn't see enough of during the last regime.

Now, after Saturday's heartbreaking loss (Golden gave the team Sunday off to rest and recover) we'll get to see what this coaching staff and this team is really made of. Duke Johnson is a special talent. But he's not the sole reason Miami is 7-1 and still ranked 14th in the country.

Saturday's opponent, Virginia Tech, a team UM hasn't beaten twice in a row since 2002, is the real benchmark the Hurricanes have to measure themselves against. The Hokies have won the ACC four times since coming over from the Big East with Miami in 2004. Their talent and Miami's talent is and has been much more comparable over the last couple of seasons.

What Golden and his coaches have to prove to us now is that even in the face of adversity (losing his best player) and coming off a humbling defeat against the team you want to catch-up to they can get this football team to re-focus and finish the season strong. As Golden pointed out last year, you can't win the ACC until you win the Coastal Division.

That's really what this season needs to be measured on: Can these Canes continue to beat the teams they are supposed to, win their division and finish the season with momentum for the future?

That's what Randy Shannon's teams couldn't seem to do. UM only had one winning month in November (3-1, 2009) in his four years here. Golden is now 5-4 after Saturday in November. UM finished 3-1 in November last year.

It's going to be challenging without Johnson to finish this November 4-1. But this UM team should be good enough to beat Virginia Tech (6-3, 3-2) at home Saturday, Duke (6-2, 2-2 ACC) on the road Nov. 16, Virginia (2-7, 0-5) at home Nov. 23, and win at Pittsburgh (4-4, 2-3 ACC) the day after Thanksgiving.

It's time to finish the mission Canes. 


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Great points, Manny. Glad that the team finally has the other hand untied, but part of what can make this team better is not just the recruiting, but cleaning up the coaching errors.

Coley made some head-scratching calls on offense. Where was the trick play, the drive down the throat touchdown, and the time consuming efforts that were expected?

And Donofrio had been making defensive adjustements that worked against UNC, GT, and Wake, but his halftime adjustments in this game seemed to actually benefit FSU, as they were able to let Winston relax in the pocket and OLeary became a threat in the second half. Disappointing.

I believe the players played with heart, which better than we had seen in losses the previous years, and yes the talent difference was clear from the start when Winston could scramble for 19 yards while an injured Morris could not even stop when out on the sidelines, but that second half was a real shame. We stayed as close as anyone in the nation in the first half against them, even with the refs taking away points from Miami, but the coaches put out a horrible second half gameplan and second half play calling. Run left on fourth and two, when Duke was getting his yards running to the right all night? Dumb. Throwing deep on first down right after the defense was finally off the field after a long drive? Dumb.

With the right calls, maybe we still lose, but we don't lose 20-0 in the second half like that.

Pollsters were so eager to drop Miami after that loss, even behind a Clemson team that showed they were worse than us against this same FSU squad.

Looks like we will need to run up the score against VT, Duke, and the rest, because the pollsters are obviously looking at the final score and not the actual games.

Not likely to happen though, has Golden ever run up the score, even in our easy games? I think he puts in the backups as soon as we are up 30....

what bothers me the most is the offensive line does not show up in big games... when will we finally see Kehoe put his stamp on this group? when will Morris look like he really wants to play and not smile on the sideline and not sit with the offense of coordinator??? all is not lost but saturday night was a definite temperature gauge on where this team really is..... we are a top 20 team were not a top 10 team... Virginia Tech is hungry for a win its going not going to be easy.... I love my canes god bless everybody!!

Miami lost to undefeated #2 FSU, on the road, with a close first half. But the pollsters ignore that, dropping Miami behind worse teams. If #7 loses to #3 on the road, that is the expected result and they should not be punished for that. Clemson dropped six spots after losing at home to a lower ranked opponent, seems fair, but Miami drops SEVEN after losing on the road by less to that same team? That is messed up.

Stanford lost to unranked Utah. Should not be ahead of Miami.
Auburn lost to two loss LSU. Should not be ahead of Miami.
Clemson lost by 10 more to undefeated #2 FSU, AT HOME, with the game never in doubt. Should not be ahead of Miami.
Missouri lost to two loss South Carolina. Should not be ahead of Miami.
LSU lost TWICE. Should not be ahead of Miami.
Texas A&M lost TWICE. Should not be ahead of Miami.
Oklahoma lost to unranked Texas. Should not be ahead of Miami.
South Carolina lost TWICE. Should not be ahead of Miami.

We have lost the state championship, and our shot at the national championship, but we still have the ACC title in reach, and a Top 5 finish, if these bogus teams were not being gifted a spot in front of us.

I hope we take it out on VT and Duke, because I do not want to see us give up after a loss, the way we did for a few years in the past.

In NCAA football, the team that adjusts right first...wins. In the 2nd half FSU adjusted and we didn't. I could not understand why we stayed in zone coverage and not change to man-to-man. The holes in our coverage was huge. Man-to-man would have allowed for more pass rushers.

The pollsters know what they are doing. So do the Taiwanese and the folks at Vegas. You should have never been ranked in the top 10. Guess what if you lose another one you will be out of the top 25. Lucky for you you have no one good left on your soft schedule.

I respectfully disagree Mark, I think the offensive line was a strength in this game, against a tough Top 10 FSU defense, the total yards of 83 is skewed by the two deep Morris sacks of 27 yards, combined with the last four rushes for only 7 yards after the game was out of reach.

Otherwise, it was 23 carries for 103 yards, not great, but a respectable > 4 yard average.

And the two sacks in both cases were not so much the fault of the line as they were a scrambling and skittish Morris. He throws those ablls away, instead of in one case taking the sack and the other hitting a lineman, and the OLine looks much better.

This loss was not the fault of the OLine or Kehoe, in my opinion. Morris, the playcalls that got us out of the run game, and the defense missing tackles were far more of a factor.

Lol....blame the officials.

Posted by: reload...its what you do, right? | November 03, 2013 at 03:39 PM

That guy looks soft and clueless!

Posted by: Gary Busey | November 03, 2013 at 03:45 PM

Maybe if the coach weren't such a jackass on the sidelines... Can't imagine anyone wanting to play for this guy.

Posted by: jjdds | November 03, 2013 at 05:44 PM

Lol at scUM playing for pride. Thats usually saved for the last game with no chance of bowl eligibility. Maybe the see the writing on the wall.
VaTech=possible lose
Duke= lose
UVA=possible lose
Pitt= lose
. Pride my a55!

Posted by: the ghost of Danny Rollins | November 04, 2013 at 09:45 AM

wwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh,, Canes gifted the game to FSU. Waaaaahhhhhh, we were injured. Waahhhhh, it was too loud. Waaaahhhh, it was too dark.

Face it, maggots, you were pounded by your big brothers again. Canes lost to the only good team they have faced. Where does the shame really lie, need to stop playing good teams.

Will be watching the Hokies pound you . What other excuses can you possibly come up with? You seem to have exhausted them all, including now the officiating.

Maybe the cleats were too tight?

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 04, 2013 at 10:06 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/muschamp-lobs-grenade-at-sec-officiating-.html#storylink=cpy

in college football the most talented team usually wins 9 out of 10 times. The one time they don't win is because they come out flat or look past a team. Fsu lost to nc state last year because of this. Fsu is a much better mature team this year. miami hung with fsu longer then any team this season fsu is really good. Miami wasn't outcoached. Sorry they lost because fsu was more talented. Golden and coach d have worked magic with this team. go canes. When your best players on d other then perryman are sophmores redshirt freshman and true freshman the future is bright.

Your team lost four games before we lost one. Truth Hurts, indeed.

Your blog has 18 total comments in your last three posts, we have over 260, because your team is irrevelevant. Heck, I bet you have more posts here than on your own, blog, because we are in your thoughts 24-7. Truth Hurts, indeed.

D'No's job is on the line these last 4 games, which will be much tougher than they appear on paper.

VT's defense is rolling, their offense is not, but our defense's scheme has voluntarily holes in it that even has Logan Thomas's nut az licking his chops. We can't lose this game on homecoming--that might be a demoralizing and season shifting event.

Duke at their place is not an easy win for our coaches. Especially without Duke and Dorsett.

Virginia at SunLife should be an easy win, but UVA has owned and outcoaches this staff since their arrival, so thats a mental hump they must hurdle Mike London.

Pitt at their place is shady as well, as they have shown signs of being capable this year. they always have a few overachieving players that relish the stage of facing a team like UM. Their QB Tom Savage is more than capable of hitting targets in D'No's porous scheme.

Five Titles, U are right that we shouldn't be ranked those teams and why, but the pollsters aren't going off of your reasoning, they are going off of who they believe is a better team or who would win head to head games between the teams at hand. They don't believe that we could beat Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, Clemson or Stanford.

jsy, I don't know who U are, but you've been posting fire these last two days...bravo!

Feliciano has consistently graded out higher than anyone except Linder. If you look back, he was recruited by Tennessee, Missouri, and passed on by many schools because He made it clear He was attending UM.

mainecane, they might not have been out-coached, but there were coaching mistakes made by Miami. We likely still lose due to that talent gap you are talking about, but when a few changes could have given us a halftime lead, I cannot claim the coaches were not partially at fault.

As long as Coach D is our coordinator we will always be suspect on that side of the ball. Golden dont allow ur friend to cause you a dismissal. As for the offense Stephen needs to see the pine. He has went backards this year, blame injury if u want we watch the same game as you. Also if ur hurt don't play plain and simple. He dont hit is check down or tightends on a regular.

Dave-N-PC, I think it is worse than saying we didn't adjust, I think our halftime adjustments fell right into the strength of FSU.

Pass happy in the second half, lost time of possession battle in the second half, put less pressure on Winston in the second half. All disappointing results.

Good wishful thinking post maine, but the facts remain and disagree:

Miami was out-coached: how do U explain the first half performance (why din't we get blown out off top and until adjustments were made, if our talent is inferior to theirs?) compared to the 2nd half performance after FSU coached adjust and made Winston stop disrespecting us throwing those bombs that he has been miraculously completing all season, but were picked off by Us because of our talented backfield (superior to any other team FSU played). After Winston stopped the give aways--they cruised with underneath throws, taking advantage of D'No's gift defense.

The talent was dead even *on the field* (not on paper) until coaching came into play (watch the game again).

Like jsy said, we lost the game before the game...hoping for contention in the 4th (Golden quote), instead of expecting dominance from the beginning!

FSU lost to NC State because NC State believed they could not only contend, but actually win that game and their coaches out-coached the Noles.

The experience between UM and FSU was dead even and thats fact.

How was FSU more mature when they started a RS freshman QB, lost their assistant OC/QB coach and have a new DC as well?

The excuses and qualifying efforts are surely for coping needs, but they simply don't add up..sorry.

Gallo you're a douche bag

Noles also lost more than half of their defense to the draft last season, so were they more mature than Us?

truth hurts likes boys!!!

Canes ranked 11th in BCS poll.


Sunny dee, the only teams we've beat handedly this year are of the lower level division type, all other D-1 schools we'll be scratching and clawing just like the gaytor game, UNC and just like Wake. THe way we've been playing, no game is a gimme. In fact, the way our offense has been playing, that duke game is going to be real interesting.

The part that kind of pisses me off though is, the fact that we got the 2 picks in the first half is going to give the 500 club more justification of why he should run this soft scheme. It was good to see deon bush get what i believe to be his first college pick(congratulations) and he did an excellent job of holding onto the ball after getting karate chopped in the throat.

Coach goldie's principles and the 500 clubs principles are not in line with what UM has been all about. I hear coach goldie talking about "we gotta change th culture around here" most took that as pertaining to the football team, but he's actually talking about the personal culture, that he doesn't like. Him & the 500 club are to straight legged to be around here for real, their mentality makes us softer as a football team mentally, we got the players to go head and get the wins like saturday night, dzp52, t3(i luv'd seeing him get that penalty) deon bush, duke johnson was on the sideline pissed when they took that potential touchdown away(like somebody said, 2 hand touch, in that case it was 1 hand touch), the camera came in perfect as soon as duke said, "WTF was that call".

Once i saw that call myself, the first thing i said while they were blowing the play dead was, ok, the fix is in, they want Fsu to win the game. Them boys were holing left & right saturday night, no calls. The center for Fsu was moving the ball after being set, no flags, how in the hell is that possible when you got a referee who's main job is to just look at the ball. Fsu o-linemen moving before snaps, no calls.

So the fix was in, they knew Fsu needed a lil bit help to be able to pull away from us, but that doesn't excuse the schemes. I'm going to look at that game again myself too.

Manny or Susan or whoever wrote this article, I dont appreciate you calling our players " a bunch of average, leftover talent " The fact is: the story of the canes is that these type individuals (which you characterized so negatively), out-worked their opponents to gain their own luck, and their own victories. So you are effectively defecating on the very core of what it is to be a cane. Your livelhood is to talk about them, which shows you still dont see the picture very clearly.

Please curtail your use of adjectives when referencing the canes as they seem to portray you the writer, more than your subject.

One of your best articles ever, Manny - You really nailed it and put things in perspective for delusional Cane fans who think this team should be able to slug it out with FSU. The 7-1 record is a testament to Golden's ability as a head coach. Without Duke, they can easily lose 2 more regular season games this year. I'm not saying they will, but I won't be surprised. Win Saturday and UM will win the Coastal Division. Lose Saturday and they may not play FSU again. I love the fight of this team and the tough play of E. Clements and D. Crawford, but the drop off in talent after Duke in the backfield is exactly the thing your article points out. You won't see the overall lack of talent in the backfield again as long as Golden is coaching the team.

Why can't we recruit big time LB's and D-linemen? I knwo we have them down here in S. Fla!

Harriet TUBMAN, and before the game alot of these guys wanted to have a discussion with me about how "trash talk" was not that important, lol, trash is an indication of your confidence level and our guys played just like they talked before the game, unsure. Since coach goldie & the 500 club don't man-up, they are to scared and afraid to let our db's man-up who are just as good as anybody out their.

Whoever is lumping allen hurns, feliciano & curtis porter as "average leftover talent" must no be following UM. hurns has been doing work since he got here, pre-goldie, feliciano was never some chop liver & curtis porter, had this staff actually allowed him to do what he was recruited here to do and that's collaspe the pocket by getting up field, he would be of more value because that's his strong point.

Coach goldie & 500 club came in with coach speak talkin bout "think players not plays" on one hand, but on the other hand, let's see which d-linemen can go from a 1 tech to a 2 technique d-linemen.

This is a combination of coaching, talent, and rebuilding. Winning is a process that takes time. With every good habit Golden (and his staff) creates, he has to break two bad ones from the Randy Shannon era. His upperclassmen are still inferior to those at FSU and other dominant programs. Being mediocre for ten years has lasting effects that cannot be overcome in one or two seasons. I have nothing but high praise for Golden, his staff, and the upperclassmen who have given everything to conform over the last two years. It's not easy being told that everything you do is wrong, now do it my way.

We still lack a dominant QB, Morris is just a bit better than J12. Our defense is still coached like an underdog Temple team. Bend, but don't break mentality. Which helped on Saturday against a dominant team, but it's also what kills us against Wake, NC, and others we should pressure and destroy. Unfortunately, we won't really get to see Ryan Williams until next Fall, and D'Onofrio isn't going anywhere. We are not back, we are not close; but we're moving forward.

Your team lost four games before we lost one. Truth Hurts, indeed.

If your team played our schedule you would have lost all those games too.

Your blog has 18 total comments in your last three posts, we have over 260, because your team is irrevelevant.

No it is because your buddy sidcane and others like you are clogging up that blog.

Heck, I bet you have more posts here than on your own, blog, because we are in your thoughts 24-7. Truth Hurts, indeed.

Posted by: Five Titles

Not really but happy to copy and paste all the cane garbage and let you enjoy it as well.

41 - 14 hurts indeed

BTW everything I said in my original post is true.

Noles have a lot of talent--- no doubt. Hope they get a shot at the NC, but looks like Oregon will nose them out with strength of schedule.

The VT game and the following 3 will be a test for where we are right now. Without Duke or Dorsett it won't be easy, but we need to find a way to win. VT obviously critical for making the ACC championship game.

Good comments, but.....

Florida would have a better record if they still had their starting QB. Just saying, they're really better than a 4-4 team. Just being realistic.

Morris still isn't 100%. When he tweaked his ankle just before half time, I knew it would be trouble. Morris needs to get and stay healthy. Then the ACC championship game will be a little closer.

Tampa Cane, I agree with most of what you said. And in most cases, you are right about it taking more than 2 years to rebuild. Heck, it took Butch a while to do so. But there have been plenty of teams that have gotten a title a year after doing poorly, so it isn't impossible.

Not really but happy to copy and paste all the cane garbage and let you enjoy it as well.
41 - 14 hurts indeed
BTW everything I said in my original post is true.
Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 04, 2013 at 11:49 AM
So, we see two things from this.
1. You admit to changing IDs, and to cutting and pasting from your dead blog stuff that nobody here cares about.

2. That you ARE an obsessed gator fan with many years of trolling even after we killed the rivalry with our final 21-16 ending of the series, who still posts threats and lies on here long after the game is over.

"BTW everything I said in my original post is true." When you finally POST an original post, we can judge it then. But if you are talking about your "prediction" of a loss and us falling out of the Top 25, then no, it isn't true, it is bitter hatred by you, but far from a truth. An 11th ranked team losing might drop to 18th, but not out of the Top 25 altogether. Shows how little you know about how polls work.

At what point are we going to stop bringing Shannon in to what's wrong with the U?

Here in Jacksonville these gator fans are calling for Muschamp head like crazy. Even the fans that feel like he's doing a good job rarely bring up Urban as their crutch.

Some of you bloggers are very hypocritical. You spout how kids that were kicked off the team need to be accountable and understand it's a privilege to be at the U. You make these comments not knowing one thing about their upbringing and why they may have been kicked off the team. All of those reasons are irrelevant to most. But when it's time to talk about accountability with the coaching staff all we hear is excuse after excuse. Why isn't accountability a two way street?

Too all who claim coaching wasn't a factor in this game, can you provide one adjustment you noticed we made in the second half?

I agree with most, this "keep it close" "don't let it get away" attitude is not Miami behavior.

And to give you an idea of what those fans think of our coach it's laughable compared to what a lot of you guys think. They think he's mediocre at best. The radio host held a call in poll to rank the three coaches and it was 1 Fisher, 2 Muschamp and 3 Golden. Even with them calling for Muschamp's head they think he's a lot better then Golden.

JVille Cane, you are talking about a radio show in North Florida, full of FSU and UF fans. I doubt that poll ends up the same if if it done with a more even grouping of FSU, UF and Miami fans.

I agree with the rest though. Unlike the previous three weeks, there were NO positive adjustments by the coaching staff, and their switch to man got OLeary free, and their switch away from the running game led to two INTs and a lower time of possession.

rboud, so U believe that any Cane fan that believed we could "slug it out" with FSU was delusional?

Then how do U explain the slugfest the Canes were able to manage after 2 quarters?

Manny was reeled in this morning for sure. The only question was who sent the e-mail? Blake James himself or Chris Freet? This post was designed to continue to hopefest for another week till the VT game.

I believe in Golden, he has done more than most could given the cards he was dealt.

I don't mind losing to FSU as long as we fight hard.

The problem I have is that one of our senior leaders was smiling on the sidelines in the fourth quarter...after playing very badly.

That is not the attitude we need to turn the team around in my opinion.

one thing thats been bothering me all weekend bc trust me guys I love UM with my heart and sould its DNO i have a huge problem with and i finally see a problem with U tough. Why oh why is green dropped back in coverage? In my eyes hes one of our best defenders but when hes in coverage hes one of our worst. And why oh why do we drop DTs into coverage thats just silly. And i know teams like the ravens drop suggs and ngata into coverage but they are big and can run our guys cant do that. Instead of changing his schemes to match his players like a real coach should do ala pruitt at fsu who realized he didnt have the players to run bama defense we cont to try to force a circle into a square. An example if chick. That dude is not a DE. He should be moved to DT and be asked to attack and penetrate where he would be better bc watching this year he is not a DE anymore hes just to big and slow now. Our dline should be green and mccord at ends with chick and renfrow/portis inside. That would make much more sense to me. And what is up with U tough? Why are they supersizing our players? The one good year chik had and was able to pressure the qb consistently was his freshman year. He was 240 then and looked like a budding star. What does u tough do? it over inflates him to 280. The only successful 280 DEs are freak athletes which chick is not he is an effort high motor kind of guy. Hell clowney is only 260. So since they insist on supersizing him move him to DT cuz he is clearly not getting any pressure on qbs unless its a coverage sack. When in the last two years have u seen him blow by a tackle? U need fast quick guys on the edge and the fact u only bring them in on 3rd down is retarded bc the offense knows exactly whats going to happen. What happened to the style of defense that miami and jj created? Even UF plays defense more like miami than miami does. The best d tacke ive seen this year was easley before the injury and he was not even 300 lbs!!!! because he uses quickness over brawn. This staff needs to realize that this is football not powerlifting. U tough needs to focus on quickness, explosion, agility, and speed. Not on just size. It was so frustrating watching FSU hold on to the mindset of speed over size that UM created and teams emulated. FSU, VT, UF, LSU and most of the sec teams play with that concept in mind.

"That you ARE an obsessed gator fan with many years of trolling even after we killed the rivalry with our final 21-16 ending of the series, who still posts threats and lies on here long after the game is over.'

Where did you get this from? Obsessed is sidcane posting several times on every single Gator story, every day.
I did not say I have been posting here for "many years". Far from the truth.
I have not posted any threats nor lies.
It is very truth if you lose again you will drop out of the top 25 since every team left on your schedule sucks. The pollsters know it. The Taiwanese know it. Vegas knows it. Manny Navarro knows it.
Only delusional fools like you don't know it.

As Coach Goledn says: "Next Man Up"

I'm sorry to see Duke get hurt like that. Those ankle bones can be a problem to heal without leaving arthritis issues. Let's pray he will actually be able to play at a high level again. That's what i fear for him with this injury.

If you're a true Canes fan, send that boy some prayers.

Now it's Dallas and Clement's time to step up and show what they have. We need to replace the production of Duke.

I remember back in 2001 we had a stable of runners. Frank Gore was our #1 RB ahead of Willis MacGahee but went down with a torn ACL. His back up Willis MacGahee came in to help win the NC in 2002. Not a shabby back up at all. Gore came back the following years to set some records himself before leaving for the NFL to become one of the most respect RB in the league today....

This is a great RB stable we have and their true potential is still to be revealed in Dallas and Clements.

If anything, i suspect Dallas may be much more durable than Duke. He may not have the burst like Duke but when he hits a hole, he's hard to bring down, as shown in the couple games he relieved Duke.

Keep on eye on Freshman Gus Edwards. Although he was only ranked 3 stars coming out, the boy is 6' 2", 225 and has already had an average of 6.5 yards a carry and 3 TDs in very limited opportunities this year.

I see the possibility Gus jumps clements for the back up role to Dallas.

Losing hurts. But losing is an opportunity to check your gut and see what you still need to do to improve. FSU is better than us. So the Canes need to take and honest look at it to see where they need to be.

Sometimes losing is a great measuring stick to see what you need to do to get to the top.

Failure is only a failure if you fail to learn from the experience....


The point is they want Muschamp fired but still think he's a better coach than Golden. I'm just trying to give all some perspective. Some of the reasons for why they chose Muschamp was many of what you read on here. He's never won anything, two games over .500 for his career, not sure he knows what a winner is supposed to look like etc........ I was interested to hear that from another fan base.

Just last week Golden told us Wake was a good team, they'll win a lot of games. They turn around and was blanked by Syracuse? He also told us something similar about Boston College last year I believe.

even that play where wilder bounced off of 31 into the endzone was not a bad play. I was ok with that he was there at least. The problem was he didnt wrap up but atleast he got where he needed to be. The difference vs the past um defenses is that his teammates would be fast enough to get there to clean up the mess. We arent anymore. U dont see us gang tackle no more because were too slow. Even perryman who is our best defender isnt like the old um backers. Its sad watching how the supersized him and now how he tries to cover a back or a TE he just cant hes only good when he sits in his zone and lets the player come to him. He cant go sideline to sideline like a true um backer should. ppl will say were pushed fsu around and thats true but what did they do, they took their 220 lb backers and jones who is 240 converted olb to DE and attacked like we used to. U cant hit what u cant touch. U compensate for lack of size with speed and aggression. watching um this year is like watching a big ten team we look a big ten team when we win and when we lose we get embarressed like a big ten team used to against um/fsu/sec bc we dont have the speed to anymore. Ppl just say we do bc weve been synonymous with speed for so long and changed the way football will be played forever but thats really not the case no more we are more wisconsin than fsu. and also let our dbs play they are studs they are just held back by dnos soft zone man up howard, gunter, and bush and let them play with bush and jenkins patrolling the middle like reed and taylor used to do. instead of playing they are forced to think to much about their zone and also running back ten yards after the snap so they arent labelled freelancers and benched. I love um it hurts to watch this mess and DNO must go as well as Goldens idea that this is big ten we are the U get back to speed over brawn or we will never hang with the fsu or the elite teams instead we will keep looking like ohio state against florida in the title game

Lets analyze "the cards" he was dealt:

1) An investigation that never touched him directly or affected our ability or his ability to coach this program.

2) Zero recruits have identified or referenced the NCAA investigation as pertinent to their decisions to come here or not. Golden has done very well recruiting thus far--so where is the damage?

3) Golden and his agent parlayed the trumped up, jailhouse rant induced investigation into: a new contract extension, raise, and sentimental crutch that has exonerated him from having a performance appraisal or inquiry being done by his superiors or this fan base for the last 2 seasons and counting.

4) Despite what bloggers continue to suggest or infer, there has been zero sanctions on UM until two weeks ago. Why did the investigation take so long? Because they had nothing on Us and were waiting to see what we would self-impose. If they had something as severe as bloggers suggest, they would have hit Us with stiffer sanction and not time served.

Yall dudes are so gullible to elites--yall still don't understand they way injustice moves do y'all?

Great post J'Ville Cane and Cal!

Fair enough JVille Cane.

And agreed on Wake, too. We made Wake look better than they actually are. And apparently made UNC look better than they actually are, too.

I hope we don't do that for VT, Duke, Virginia, and Pitt.


You are preaching to the choir on this one. I've stated this time and time again. The excuse last year was we were young and weak. What happens? UTough is touted the saving force for Miami football. All the local papers and fan blog spots write articles on top of articles about the whole UTough phenomenon. The fans soak it up, every other interview with a player or coach from UM it's discussed. During live telecast of Miami games you hear about the benefits of UTough.

Now we come out and have many of the same struggles we had last year, now the excuse is we don't have the talent?

When a player comes to a program and his best season is his freshman year, that means the coaches aren't doing there job. These kids did what was asked of them and not getting the desired results. Has anyone taught 3g one pass rush move? How much more weight will McCord need to gain before they play him. How much more weight will Quan be asked to gain next year? What happen to the standout Figs? The only reason many are repeating what they are being told about FSU's depth is because their guys are put on the field. That's the only way you find out what you have. Christian Jones started out the season as a linebacker, their coaches said you know what that speed and athleticism can be used on the d-line and what do you know they haven't moved his since.

"That you ARE an obsessed gator fan with many years of trolling even after we killed the rivalry with our final 21-16 ending of the series, who still posts threats and lies on here long after the game is over.'

Where did you get this from? Obsessed is sidcane posting several times on every single Gator story, every day.
I did not say I have been posting here for "many years". Far from the truth.
I have not posted any threats nor lies.
It is very truth if you lose again you will drop out of the top 25 since every team left on your schedule sucks. The pollsters know it. The Taiwanese know it. Vegas knows it. Manny Navarro knows it.
Only delusional fools like you don't know it.

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 04, 2013 at 12:20 PM


So what???? I mean really dude you don't think we know who we play??? Here some TRUTH for you, your Gators STINK, and we beat u, and your BUMS. How's that for TRUTH????

LOL....truth hurts less than 4-4! Orrrrrrrrrrrrr?

"The cards" and "the cloud" have done more to benefit Golden and D'No professionally than it has harmed UM football-wise.

I want us to play Ohio State in a bowl game this year. Urban Liar would unquestionably commit suicide if he ever lost to an Al Golden coached team.

Canes have made tremendous progress, But their has not been any progress made in QB play......Morris is awful. Saturday night was the first time I have ever seen the Canes take a whooping and their QB smiling and laughing at end of game....GOLDEN NEEDS TO MAKE MORRIS MAN UP, OR MOVE ONTO THE NEXT, QB PLAY IS PATHETIC

"That you ARE an obsessed gator fan with many years of trolling even after we killed the rivalry with our final 21-16 ending of the series, who still posts threats and lies on here long after the game is over.'

"Where did you get this from? Obsessed is sidcane posting several times on every single Gator story, every day."
Hmm, so you posting every day for five years is not an issue, but sidcane doing so in retaliation after the gators game for your behavior on here is a problem? Double standards abound.

"I did not say I have been posting here for "many years". Far from the truth."
Yeah, sure. You just showed up for the first time, today, yet you know "sidcane"'s ID without him using that ID for ages. Your claims are so weak in part because you try this trick daily, under new IDs, yet post the same garbage that you did for years. There is a reason some of your most disgusting comments have been removed from here.

"I have not posted any threats nor lies."
You have never posted here before. A Lie.
Miami will fall out of the Top 25 with a second loss. A Lie.

"It is very truth if you lose again you will drop out of the top 25 since every team left on your schedule sucks."
Really? 6-3 VT, 6-2 Duke, and 4-4 Pitt suck? I wonder what that says about 4-4 UF with their biggest win being against 4-5 Tennessee?

"The pollsters know it. The Taiwanese know it."
The Taiwanese? Now, HOW would a person just reading this blog for the very first time today know about a Taiwanese animation that was four days and five posts ago? Caught in a lie, expect a name change in 3, 2, 1....

"Vegas knows it. Manny Navarro knows it."
Can you show where Vegas or Manny said that a loss knocks us out of the Top 25? Don't come back until you find it.

"Only delusional fools like you don't know it."
Yeah, new ID, but still throws around the "delusiona fools" phrase he has used for five years.
Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 04, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Record? 7-1 > 4-4 Truth Hurts
Scoreboard? 21 > 16 Truth Hurts
Championships? 5 > 3 Truth Hurts
Series? 29 > 26 Truth Hurts
Conference Titles? 9 > 8 Truth Hurts

At least you picks a better ID than Fact Check this time. (yeah, yeah, you are not Fact Check, sure.)

True Cane, your posts always have an lightbulb moment in them where I say, "damn, why didn't I think of that"!

Where the hell is the UTough standout Alex Figs??????????? LOL!

He couldn't possibly be worst than Cornelius, Gaines, or Armbrister.

Imagine: LBers Paul, Johnson, DZP, Kirby and Figs out there. D'No loves to leave bullets in the clip and chamber.

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