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Final four-game stretch will show us how much progress Canes have truly made

There was a reason Florida State pushed the Hurricanes around Saturday night like a little brother.

The Seminoles are better, elite in a lot of places: quarterback, running back, receiver, defensive line, secondary. The gap may not have looked that big after two quarters Saturday. But it was on display for the nation to see over the final 30 minutes. Florida State is legit, national championship good. Miami is just getting back into the Top 25 good.

That gap is nothing to be ashamed about if you bleed orange and green. Jimbo Fisher has been building this thing for over five years, since we first heard he would be the guy replacing Bobby Bowden.

Al Golden? He's been trying to rebuild Miami for three years with one arm tied behind his back. It wasn't until two weeks ago tomorrow the 28-month hostage situation with the NCAA really came to an end. Even then, it's been impressive what Golden has been able to accomplish the last couple years.

As fun as it was to see this team start 7-0, climb to No. 7 in the national rankings, ask any talent evaluator and they will tell you these Hurricanes truly were not ready for a Top 10 showdown Saturday. Three recruiting classes into yet another Miami makeover, Golden has restocked the shelves with a few gems (RB Duke Johnson, CB Tracy Howard, DE Tyriq McCord, DE Quan Muhammad, CB Artie Burns, S Deon Bush, OL Ereck Flowers, WR Stacy Coley, LB Jermaine Grace). But really, he's still playing catch-up and only now beginning to fight with both fists free.

I know the thirst has been here for awhile to shout "We're back baby!" But that's really not going to happen until the Hurricanes get to the point where Florida State is. Where you have legit NFL prospects up and down your roster. Fisher had a school-record 11 players taken in last April's NFL Draft. He'll probably have eight more at least this year with half of that taken in the first two rounds.

Miami had two players taken last April (RB Mike James, CB Brandon McGee) and might have four or five this April (LB Denzel Perryman, QB Stephen Morris, OL Brandon Linder, OL Seantrel Henderson) and one of them is a punter. Do the math. Did that sound like a Top 10 matchup Saturday night?

Truth is Golden and his staff over the last three years have taken a bunch of average, leftover talent (DT Curtis Porter, OL Jon Feliciano, S Kacy Rodgers, MLB Jimmy Gaines, WR Allen Hurns, DE Shayon Green, OL Malcolm Bunche, WR Rashawn Scott), coached them up, plugged in a few holes with transfers (DL David Gilbert, DL Justin Renfrow, P Pat O'Donnell) and made this team better year-to-year.

Saturday's game might have been a little closer in the second half had a few guys (LB Eddie Johnson, LB Gionni Paul, CB Thomas Finnie) kept their heads on straight and still been here. But every program has a few knuckleheads who don't seem to get it. Until Saturday, UM hadn't faced a team with superior depth and talent to the them. Florida? The Gators have an elite defense and that's why Miami was in a dog fight. But the Gators are 4-4 now, proof even Will Muschamp (hired at the same time Golden was) isn't having an easy time of it in Gainesville after losing eight draft picks from last year's team.

What the Hurricanes have proven thus far in 2013 is that they are not going to lose games they shouldn't and have the fight in them to rally when they're down. Players are improving. That's what we didn't see enough of during the last regime.

Now, after Saturday's heartbreaking loss (Golden gave the team Sunday off to rest and recover) we'll get to see what this coaching staff and this team is really made of. Duke Johnson is a special talent. But he's not the sole reason Miami is 7-1 and still ranked 14th in the country.

Saturday's opponent, Virginia Tech, a team UM hasn't beaten twice in a row since 2002, is the real benchmark the Hurricanes have to measure themselves against. The Hokies have won the ACC four times since coming over from the Big East with Miami in 2004. Their talent and Miami's talent is and has been much more comparable over the last couple of seasons.

What Golden and his coaches have to prove to us now is that even in the face of adversity (losing his best player) and coming off a humbling defeat against the team you want to catch-up to they can get this football team to re-focus and finish the season strong. As Golden pointed out last year, you can't win the ACC until you win the Coastal Division.

That's really what this season needs to be measured on: Can these Canes continue to beat the teams they are supposed to, win their division and finish the season with momentum for the future?

That's what Randy Shannon's teams couldn't seem to do. UM only had one winning month in November (3-1, 2009) in his four years here. Golden is now 5-4 after Saturday in November. UM finished 3-1 in November last year.

It's going to be challenging without Johnson to finish this November 4-1. But this UM team should be good enough to beat Virginia Tech (6-3, 3-2) at home Saturday, Duke (6-2, 2-2 ACC) on the road Nov. 16, Virginia (2-7, 0-5) at home Nov. 23, and win at Pittsburgh (4-4, 2-3 ACC) the day after Thanksgiving.

It's time to finish the mission Canes. 


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Why are we playing duke on the road again?

We made Wake look better than they actually are. And apparently made UNC look better than they actually are, too.

Did you just realize this, you are stating the obvious. That is why you were 22 point dogs. That is why you fell to #14 in the AP poll with many a one loss and even a few two loss teams ahead of you.
Not only do you play bad teams, you struggle mightily against them too.
In Taiwan they are laughing at you right now.
One more loss and you will be unranked.

BCS rankings have the Canes at # 11

That's the only ranking that matters.

If we keep winning the rest of the year, we are going to be 11-1. And that would be one hell of a successful year. Including an ACC Championship game where we get another shot at FSU.

And you know these Canes are angry.

Tell me Chickillo isn't pissed about being straddled by that FSU player. He's got the fire in his eyes like he wants to hurt someone during that video interview after the game.

This loss can do MORE for this Canes team than we realize.

It's a humbling loss like this that makes them even more hungry. This team will not quit or lose hope in their team.

Some of the "Fans" on this blog might want to learn from that.

IF we win out and go to the ACC, Canes will be back in the top 8 and will be among the top 4 bowl games.

There's still so much to play for. This game against FSU was not the only measure of this team and the team is young enough that they are still learning how to beat the best.

The future is bright.

FSU is in the past for now.

VT is the only game that matters this week.

I wrote:
"Your blog has 18 total comments in your last three posts, we have over 260, because your team is irrevelevant."

The fellow's response?
"No it is because your buddy sidcane and others like you are clogging up that blog."
Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 04, 2013 at 11:49 AM

18 posts, less than half by non-gators, in three days is "clogging up the blog", but you posting in here four times per hour under multiple IDs is not?

Perhaps you should get a plumber if your blog is clogged by three extra posts per day. If we could limit your obsession to three per day, that would be a miracle.

Still waiting for that Manny or Vegas quote that says another loss knocks us out of the Top 25. And I notice you ignored the request that you leave us alone until then.

You are not very good at following instructions, fellow.

The scoreboard this year has shown that Miami is not yet back. I remember 2000, the year we should have played for a title. It was that year that Miami was "back." All of those team (like Washington) that snuck in wins against us from 1995-1999 were given the slap down payback. We didn't see that this year. Give it another one or two, and the UNCs, UVAs, and other will FEEL the beatdown.

We DRUMMED VT last year, and as long we stop their QB we should handle them again. Hoping DNO will unleash the hounds, as this bend don't break D is breaking too damn much.

The comparisons to the team of players Randy Shannon had and Alfred James Golden has is not valid. Al Golden has had the most talented team of players since 2001. The players chose to come here and Al Golden chose to dismiss them. He did so at the greatest rate of all the previous coaches ever. No more than this loss, for the year, should be accepted. The last year of, Alfred James Golden, tenure should be next year. He has never won anything, anywhere, ever.

Johnny, they are a conference opponent and we faced them at home last year. It alternates for our division rivals.

For example, next year FSU will have to come into Miami. Hopefully that home cooking they got will be returned to us next year.

Winston's big "Heisman" play where he got out of a full tackle to throw a touchdown to O'Leary would have been considered a tackle if they used the one hand touch method they had for Duke Johnson on his stopped TD run.

Quick whistle to help FSU, late whistle to help FSU, the pattern is that the refs do what they can to help FSU.

Golden isn't even remotely considering Ryan Williams at QB, and that should tell Us something. Ryan Williams is not, I repeat not, a top-tier Miami level QB. Can't wait to some get their wish when he starts next season. The comments will be hilarious.

Golden better holla at Treon Harris, because right now, the Noles have him.

Ryan Williams just might surprise everyone. Kaaya will also be here and maybe Olsen will have a grasp of things by then.

OH well, scUM Trash. There's always next year when your QB won't be Morris and all your best defensive players will leave.
You will still lose to FSU again.


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/icymi-playing-for-pride.html#storylink=cpy

The west coast: UCLA, USC, and Oregon are coming hard at Kaaya.


When I said the Canes SHOULD handily defeat Va. Tech I meant that I believe they should on paper, not necessarily that they will. The Canes did beat them handily last season and the Canes are better than last year, while Va. Tech is worse. Va. Tech has looked horrible on offense the past two games. Now, as for what I think will actually happen, I think it will be a dog fight until the end.

"Posted by: 41 - 16 | November 04, 2013 at 01:13 PM "

Actually, posted by jlo the dumbass. No creativity. Doesn't even make sense. Typical. Gatr. Trash.

HTC, Canesport had an article about Treon Harris, but it was an insider article. But the gist seemed to be that if they offer him at QB, he might be swayed to join his teammates.

Brad Kaaya is still in the fold, though, but I wonder how he would react to a local prospect getting an offer. It might make him rabbit to USC.

Where are the stud D-line and LB recruits?!! Can we talk about that effort Manny, what is Golden doing about that?

Y'all want to play the seminoles again...might as well go ahead and add the L now. Even with Duke on deck , its not an automatic W. U may fall out of the top 25 lol...and y'all wanna talk smack. Keep playing soft schedules and running away from good teams like LSU.
That is why you get no respect from the pollsters
Posted by: 21-16

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/gator-grades-empty-cocktail.html#storylink=cpy

HTC, had not seen your comment about Kaaya when I wrote mine. Seems we are in agreement that it might happen, but unsure as to whether he jumps due to a local offer, or we make a local offer because he looks to be jumping.

hey we were given our shot and we missed it completely.... we now have 4 more shots to prove everybody wrong.... it's time for Dallas and Gus to step up....Morris needs to atone for smilong on the bench hands in pads...nonchalant behavior while the ship is sinking!!!!....sorry, but that said it all to me...

namechanging fellow couldn't even get the score right. LOL!

The last four games are a tossup because goldie and d'o refuse to put in, and keep in, four down defensive linemen and go man to man pass coverage under and two free safeties over.

Canes could have even beat FSU if the Canes did NOT have d'o as the DC.

If you see three down def. Cane linemen and zone pass NO coverage, the results will be the same as the season til now, IE, miracle wins against by Morris and the offense over UF, WF, GT, and UNC.

Pro teams sometimes use the 3-4 to allow high scoring games so moron fans can do chest bumps and shake their fists after lots of scores. The 3-4 is a vastly inferior "defense" (I would not even call it a defense) compared to a legitimate 4-5-2 with middle LBs up close to the los.

Pro basketball teams are not allowed to use zone defense because again, pro owners want to see high scoring games instead of tough defense. Zone defense in basketball is like defending a small area like your living room.

The Cane zone defense in football is idiotic because d'o makes it easy for any college QB to hit a receiver sitting in a gap. First in ten. They add up as FSU and every other team moves the ball down the field in d'os bend and break and prevent the win NO defense.

After reading Manny's succinct and telling article the trolls still post lies and misleading statements.

Here's the thing you dummy's, your ignorant comments will not change the facts. And just two of those facts are.... Al Golden is well on his way to delivering more National Championships to the Miami Hurricanes and Al Golden is the best coach and recruiter in all of college football.

Manny made you trolling fools look like...well...trolling fools!!

Yea, Five. At the time of Kaaya's commitment he didn't have offers from the west coast big boys in his own region. Since his play, Elite 11 and commitment to UM--he has been buzzin.

With both QB Mariota (Oregon) and QB Hundley of UCLA draft eligible after this season, not to mention the likelihood that USC will start him immediately with the inconsistent QB play they've had; it'll be interesting to see how his recruitment plays out.

I want him to stay with Us, but these pressures (who wouldn't want to play QB for Oregon right now?), plus his family probably desiring to see him play in person, all add up to a huge decision for that young man this off season.

Hurns Miami touchdown, 4 Noles on the line.


Hurns Miami touchdown, 5 Noles on the line.


Wilder FSU Touchdown, 4 Canes on the line.


Wilder FSU Touchdown, 5 Canes on the line.


Freeman FSU Touchdown, 5 Canes on the line.


Wilder FSU touchdown, 7 canes on the line.


PLEASE stop trying to blame it on some 3-4 scheme, when it isn't the case.

Not only do you play bad teams, you struggle mightily against them too.
In Taiwan they are laughing at you right now.
One more loss and you will be unranked.

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 04, 2013 at 12:57 PM

Kinda like having UF on the schedule.. Must be pretty hard for you to swallow that a team you think is so bad beat your favorite team huh?

HTC, playing for Oregon would only be second to playing for Alabama at this point.

One gets the stats, the other the titles. But I bet JH and SMO wish they could have that offensive scheme and Pac 12 defenses to go against.

Cane in Cali, if they dropped Mimai, they would be 5-3 and beating their, um, chests like always. But finally facing a state rival ruined their season earlier than it had been ruined since, well, since the last time they lost to Miami early in the season.

J'ville Cane, i've said it before and i'll say it again, when it comes to coaches at the Florida schools, coach goldie is on the bottom of the list when it comes to mental tuffness and what it takes to be a Miami Hurricane, when that mofo tried to celebrate that fake coastal division shat that was handed to us because of the penalties on Unc who beat us, that told me all i needed to know about his way of thinking.

A real coach would've said look fella's, they say we are the coastal division champs, you know and i know and they know we lost to Unc and had Unc not had those penalties, they would be the True champs, and since they beat us, they are the True, i don't know about you, but i don't want it this way, so they can keep that coastal title, and next year, we'll come back and win it our way and that's out right.

Seeing him trying to get the team to celebrate it, was sickeningm even the players barely clapped, you can't pretend to be tuff mentally, you either are or you're not.

When it comes to being mentally tough, muschamp has what it takes, gumbo fisher wants to anihilate the competition and he'll praise coach goldie all day long about how UM is well coahed and this and that as long as he knows he can beat us when he wants. He didn't feel like that when shannon was the headcoach cause he knew he was going to be in for a dog fight, except in the year the oc got bought off.

Coach brian jenkins up there at BETHUNE COOKMAN is would be a way better coach at UM than coach goldie, why, because he knows how to deal with guys like thomas finnie, eddie "bath salts" johnson, gionni paul, guys who really didn't do nothing that can't be dealt with in house.

With d'o as dc, Canes can easily finish 7-5, another mediocre season for mediocre goldie and d'o.

shalalalalalaa needs to find a winning football coach who has excellent winning records. The problem with her though is she and the AD have no clue or they would not have hired golden.

Another brilliant post by Calvin the troll...

"When it comes to being mentally tough, muschamp has what it takes...Coach brian jenkins up there at BETHUNE COOKMAN would be a way better coach at UM than coach goldie."


Calvin it becomes evident more n more the kind of team you want to field, and that you STILL live in the 80's. You want a team of thugs, and how can you even MENTION Finnie is beyond me, the mf'er STOLE from a teammate and you want it dealt with in house? Well it was, he was kicked off the team and lucky he didn't get his azzz kicked.

You CAN'T have a team full of thieves n thugs, and expect to have cohesiveness, or your players on the police blogs every week. That mentality ALMOST cost the U it's football program, and U want that all again. Those days were awesome, but the landscape has changed, and the NCAA and media are just waiting for us to F up again, so thank GOD U r not the coach.

We have problems for sure, and DNO needs to change his philosophy with a quickness, but those players you refer to that r no longer with us, were either crims, or broke too many rules, and where r they now? It's called character, and they didn't have it.

The following are subject lines from Rivals.com concerning the 4 and 4 coach “Calvin” believes is better than Al Golden. Pay special attention to the last entry

Florida State 2013 is Muschamp's Final Game

AJC torches Muschamp


Our Next Head Coach

Will Muschamp As HFC To Date: Muschamp vs. ZOOK: Actual Numbers Zook Better

Disband the program

If we finish 5-7 do we keep Muschamp?

Muschamp Fired?

Excellent Article on the difficulties of finding a head coach

24 Year Record Broken! Thanks Coach Muschamp


I really like al golden.....

I don't think Calvin wants to have a team of criminals. I just think it's his way of saying golden doesn't know how to channel a player's personality to on field results. He doesn't let his players personalities come out. For example after wilder flexes after a run or freeman flashes a u at the sideline u don't see fisher get upset. This team is missing the high stepping brash boastful play that defined the u. He got rid of all the players like that. We don't look like we have fun out there instead the players over think and worry so they won't be called out as a freelancer. If golden was at Texas a and m he probly cuts manziel after the autograph fiasco or at least suspend him multiple games. If u watched the u documentary what did jj say? Ill take care of the media u guys just keep winning. Golden needs to loosen up and just let his athletes take over and play.

Canefan2, who would they have gotten instead that you would approve of.

Leach? 7-14 at Washington State and had another round of allegations that he abused one of his players.

Gruden? Still unhired, an analyst at ESPN.

How about the ten coaches ahead of him in the rankings?

Saban? Not available.
Fisher? Not available.
Helfrich? Not available.
Meyer? Not available.
Shaw? Not available.
Briles? Not available.
Swinney? Not available.
Pinkel? Not available.
Malzahn? Not available.
Stoops? Not available.

No problem with being critical of Golden, but unless you can find a better option at the time, it was the best we could do.

Is Morris still smiling after that whooping, I like to kick him in the face....

jsy you miss my point, NONE of those teams have been through what Miami has been through with the NCAA and the Media, so we're under a microscope. Come on man, you saw how quickly the issue with Manziel was thrown under the rug, but if that would've been a Miami player signing autographs, BOOM out go the lights. It would've been ALL OVER the tv.

Many of those players Calvin mentioned either broke team rules MULTIPLE times, or (as in Finnies case) arrested, and a cancer to the team. We can't have that chit anymore. JJ is my boy but even he knows you can't do the things his teams did in todays world.

Freeman flashed the U because he grew up a Cane fan and we waited to late to recruit him and it's his little way of pay back, nothing wrong with that.


FSU guy gets up and does a jet plane action. Miami gets celebration penalties called against us for much less.


Ref even comes over to tell him to stop the celebration after he highsteps and gets ready to do even more, but still no flag.

When they called it the Miami Rule, who knew they would make it mean the ONLY Miami Rule.

I agree cola so that's why I don't blame golden cutting ties with those guys ESP finnie. It was the right thing. All I want to see now that the ncaa mess is gone is him loosening up. But I think he is by taking a chance on whyche with his past problems. South florida brand of football is just an emotional brand of football and that stems from these guys living a hard childhood and letting their emotions fuel their play. I just want him to play to win not play to not lose. Over the past two years against top competition his philosophy has only worked against uf and that's only because they had a Kyle wright impersonator at qb. Ask yourself this after all those losses to ranked teams how many times have u truly felt we played loose with nothing to lose and left it all on the field? Do we ever see fake punts? Or fake field goals? We never play to win.


I'm waiting for the day for some hot shot AD roll in and offer golden that big contract as a lot of these homers claim. But I know it will never happen. Who's pulling out the check book to higher a head coach a couple games over .500, and never been a part of a championship team? Only desperate Miami. And what's sad is he was below .500 when we hired him. Like HTC stated that was a heckuva job by his agent to get him an extension for doing diddly squat. And the followers keep telling the lie that he was sought out by all of these schools. Where is the proof? Other then rumors started on a fans blog spot.

When is he going to be held accountable? He started with saying after he was hired after the Sun Bowl we "aren't that far away", then he said last year FSU is "little bit" ahead of us, now his followers are screaming give him two more years. SMH


I read you jsy. Maybe he will loosen it up a bit in that regard. One thing I don't quite understand is we recruited all these bad azzz TE's, and for what?? We hardly utilize them, and that would help our O tremendously to get them more involved, and also quit milking the left side when we run. More short 5 yd passes, and let the talent and speed of our wr's take over. We could be putting up way more points, but what do I know, lol?

I want us to play Ohio State in a bowl game this year. Urban Liar would unquestionably commit suicide if he ever lost to an Al Golden coached team.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 04, 2013 at 12:49 PM

No U don't HarrietTubmanCane... and I'm absolutely being STRAIGHT with U!

Because Ohio St. has 2 QB's whom are so much better than Stevie and what not.

And the Buckeyes have that NASTY defensive attitude which Urban LIAR brought over from MIGHTY Florida. hUh

Speaking of " attitude " and what not, which Calvin has alluded too. Goldie and Marky Mark have HAND COUGHED the player's regarding NASTYNESS!!

And that was evident on Saturday night. SEE a passive-aggressive defense!

Again, I have stated from the get go, Goldie's squad will have winning seasons in the future. Unfortunately, those seasons just won't be of the UNDEFEATED and or 11-1 variety.


Posted by: richard | November 04, 2013 at 02:56 PM

Yeah, I've had my absolute DOUBTS regarding D'Onofrio since the Maryland game back in 2011.

And yes, I put my negativity towards his Defensive schemes and philosophies, because to the winning streak.

But last night, should have showed Cane fan-dom that D'Onofrio's type of defense won't be successful against the likes of F.S.U. or a Oregon, or even any of those TOP-TIER Big 12 teams, in the future.

And that's with those nasty, fast, quick, aggressive South Florida prep players of the 4/5-Star variety.

Again, CALVIN can give a SEMINAR about playing a 4 REAL University of Miami, Florida Hurricane defense until the sun sets and or rises. But the vast majority of Cane zealots will close their collective ears.

And yes, I put negativity towards D'Onofrio's schemes and precepts on the self, because of the winning streak. ANOTHER typo... dUh

Also, like CALVIN mentioned previously. The majority of those 4/5-H.S. player's AREN'T going to wanna' play in D'Onofrio's style of defense and will surely flee to MIGHTY F.S.U. or even Florida. As well as a host of other S.E.C. schools.

Ref even comes over to tell him to stop the celebration after he highsteps and gets ready to do even more, but still no flag.

When they called it the Miami Rule, who knew they would make it mean the ONLY Miami Rule.

Posted by: Five Titles | November 04, 2013 at 02:47 PM

Voila, 5 titles.

And it's been that way the past 16 or so seasons. Chit, I witness plenty of celebration around the nation on Saturday's. Yet, the officials tend to keep their flags in the pocket and give said player a major VERBAL warning and what not. hUh

When was the last time we threw a slant? Just one simple slant. Against all that press man just imagine a couple slants to coley and waters. I can only come to two conclusion either both our coordinators are severely handicapped in basic football x and os or our players can't handle basic plays like a slant. Look how mettenberger has transformed after the new oc. A sign of a great hc is knowing when to cut ties with your staff even if its difficult. I agree that golden is a great recruiter and has an eye for talent maybe he should spend more time evaluating up and coming cheap coordinators and go get them instead of a guy who has never called plays before. Coley is just as bad as dno. The difference is dno plays scared while coley just doesn't know what he's doing. Um is not a learn in the job program go and get mid level coordinators who are inventive and aggressive. I don't care if coley is a great recruiter golden and barrow is enough in that department and golden needs to realize a high scoring fun to watch aggressive team will get recruits excited because no matter what ppl say we are still the U a national and household brand.

I don't think Calvin wants to have a team of criminals. I just think it's his way of saying golden doesn't know how to channel a player's personality to on field results. He doesn't let his players personalities come out. For example after wilder flexes after a run or freeman flashes a u at the sideline u don't see fisher get upset. This team is missing the high stepping brash boastful play that defined the u. He got rid of all the players like that. JSY

Voila! And that's why Miami, Florida will NEVER go undefeated again or endure a 11-1 regular season.

That NASTINESS has been CHECKED by Goldie and Marky Marky. Albeit I'm sure the current/past A.D. and the university President mentioned to Goldie, to CURTAIL that type of behavior and what not. So, I don't blame Goldie totally.

There are good coaches in this country, perhaps playing at a lower division. who ever heard of the coaches of oregon or stanford, boise state a few years ago before they started winning regularly?

And if a four man straight up rush can not get to opposing QBs, then, the Canes need to bring a middle LB or another blitzer to put pressure on the QB, not less.

The three down linemen defense is for losers who bend and break and let the other team move down the field, pick up first downs constantly. Zone pass NO coverage gives the first down to the other teams.

best read about mia. true and not biased.

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