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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at Duke Blue Devils

Only three games left. The Hurricanes (7-2, 3-2 ACC) have a big one this afternoon at Duke (7-2, 3-2 ACC). Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on ESPNU.

You know the drill here.


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From a major college footbal fan-dom's perspective, the head coaching ( and staff ) matchup is going to be very, very interesting. To say the least. hUh

Nontheless, the MAJORITY of the intangibles/intangibles FAVOR Duke today. Which is shady omen of what could happen today. Still, I SEE-r the Hurricane's flying home with a victory. Albeit it WON'T be a DOUBLE-DIGIT win for Miami, Florida. That I'm absolutely certain of. dUh

I refue to give up on M-Y Hurricanes! I say it loud and proud, that I refuse to give up on M-Y Hurricanes.

Yet, I've absolutey GIVEN UP on Marky Mark and his beloved, APOLOGIST'S can kiss my royal arse. hUh

Goldie's squad is surprisingly 7-2 so far. Still, it feels like the Canes are 5-4 and going nowhere fast.

Why is that murky ennui hanging around Hurricane fan-dom.

Seriously LOL... no I'm not chuckling at U bubba Canes.

Because approximately 60% of that canespace ILK are touting a DOUBLE-DIGIT victory for Goldie's squad. hUh SMH Go bloody figures'.

Your predictions are not very reliable dude, you predicted this UM team to finish in the top 10 in the final polls. That won't happen. This should not be a game, but after 3 bad coaching hires, Miami has dropped to the level of the weak ACC competition. Golden and staff are still looking for that win to justify themselves as coaches. Against any team relevant to the national scene, UM gets blown out consistently, the only consistent thing about the program anymore.


When was the last time the ESPN College Game Day crew ANIMOUSLY picked against the Hurricanes. Serioulsy y'all Cane partisans.

Because it's one thing for May and that ex-Celtic coach to CONSISTENTLY pick against Miami, Florida. But Herbie, Fowler, Howard and Corso tend to be fairly, open-minded and relatively objecitive.

Chit, even the astute Mr. Mel Kyper gave VALID, reasonable reasons why Duke would get a Senior Day win. hUh

All I can mutter is that Goldie and Marky Mark better get their squad to win, someway, somehow.

Otherwise, the CARPETBAGGER's will absolutely feel the FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE, wrath/hate of Hurricane fan-dom!

Your predictions are not very reliable dude, you predicted this UM team to finish in the top 10 in the final polls.

That's because I was BLINDED by the Golden light ( no pun intended, bUbba! ). Nothing more, nothing less.

And I-F only Goldie and Marky Mark wouldn't have been OUTCOACHED last Saturday on NATIONAL TELLY, it's concievable that Miami, Florida would finish in the regular season Top 10 polls.

But that's all MOOT now, bUbba!

Now, SNAKE your good ol' boy way to that EOTH/cs!!

Beating Duke should(would) mean very little for a coach at Miami. Pathetic to say beating Duke could(would) be a job saver for the likes of Al Golden. Did I say Golden has NEVER even come close to beating a relevant team. mountaincane has the right idea


Posted by: mountaincane | November 16, 2013 at 01:05 PM

No way Hose, yous' gotta give Goldie until the completion of the 2015 season. But that's a far fetch inference, because Goldie has a Golden PARACHUTE which will keep him safely from FREE FALLING until the 2018 season. If not beyond the '18 college football season.

Now, it would've been shrewder for you to post a CHIT-CAN D'Onofrio commerical site. But that AIN'T going to happen for the obvious reasons. dUh


I'm not sure who Hose is, but 2015 means along time with no hope. I know he has the contract, and I know UM can't afford to can him, but that is the only hope for this program. Golden has had 3 years and so far not one player on this team is good enough to start on a relevant team. Duke J. is good, but not great. Against good defenses, this offense is as pathetic as the defense, and that goes back to last season as well. So it's more than D'No, it's the whole package.

Coaching has so much to do with a teams development and overall performance.Auburn didn't even win a game in the Sec.Same players, different Coach.Andy Reid same think in K.C., besides at QB, which Alex Smith is a good QB.Point being you have to coach your team and put your players and position to make plays. I know all our players weren't 4 and five stars, but we still have studs on that side of the ball who had numerous offers from elite D1 schools. So stop blaming the players.The Defense has regressed period and could get exposed today.If that happens, there will be changes made.Regardless of the situation you have to win games.

Your posts are as far off as your predictions.
Just for the info, MD has been stopping a very inept VT offense so far. MD is as bad as anyone in the ACC, and their def is better than ours. If they had an offense, they would be beating VT. Last week was disgusting at best.


Posted by: mountaincane | November 16, 2013 at 01:35 PM

That's what happens when any particular B.C.S. college pigskin program SETTLES for a FOURTH-FIFTH tier hire! Esepically from some obscure, moribund program such as Temple U. Albeit the Owls have a decent mens basketball program. hUh

Yeah, yeah I totally understand the SUIT's at the University of Miami, Florida don't have the MILLION's to spend on a NAMED, 1st/2nd/3rd-TIER head coach and what not. And the Powers that Be involved with the university surely don't wanna' hire a bloody RENEGADE, weird head coach. SEE Mikey Leach.

That team that blew out Miami on homecoming is back to being as average as it gets.

Must have been the weather that negated all that athletic advantage Alverage's roster had, because it sure wasn't the coaching.

You'd say if you didn't actually watch the game.

On a positive note for Golden, if Miami beats Duke, and they don't lose any other games and win their bowl game, Duke will have the best record at the end of a season that Golden has beaten. 8-5 GT is the best Golden has beaten so far. 3 7-6 teams. And losses to 2-10 MD, 4-8 BC 4-8 Virg.

Your predictions are very reliable dude, you predicted this UM team to finish in the top 10 in the final polls. That will happen. This should be a great game, but after 1 great coaching hire (Golden), Miami has jumped to the level of the top ACC competition. Golden and staff are looking for that win to post the Canes 6th National Championship. Against any team relevant to the national scene, UM blows them out consistently, which is a consistent thing about the program nowadays.

PS: My Gators won't even qualify for a bowl game this year and our head coach will soon be fired...it's tough being the 6th ranked college football team...IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!! And yeah, I know, 21-16!!!!

Frostdog, perfect post. There is a lot of talent here, just not developed or used correctly. excellent

MD has been stopping a very inept VT offense so far. MD is as bad as anyone in the ACC, and their def is better than ours. If they had an offense, they would be beating VT. Last week was disgusting at best.

Posted by: cfl | November 16, 2013 at 01:40 PM

My point exactly, bUbba good ol' boy!

Again, D'Onofrio is the main CULPRIT which is, and will, hold back the Hurricane's from returning to major college football SIGNIFICANCE. dUh

I don't know, maybe it's some grand, odd conspiracy involving both Goldie and Marky Mark. And with smooth, slick, cunning they intend to bring the Cane's to MEDIOCRITY and what not. Because it seems that's what's happening the past two seasons and counting.

Again, AIN'T no way a Miami, Florida squad should lose to a TWO lost Maryland Turtle team, i.e, the Turtle finished with an impressive 2-10 record in 2011.

And as the Buddha would say... that Cane display against MIGHTY Maryland was a subtle, harbinger of what would happen with Hurricane football.

I see my twin has showed up.

Your posts are spot on as your predictions say.
Just for the info, MD has been stopping a very, very good VT offense so far. MD is as good as anyone in the ACC, and their def is better than FSU's. If they had a few breaks, they would be beating VT by 3 touchdowns. Last week was fluke at best and the Canes were still nursing a hangover after a tough loss at FSU. If Miami meets FSU in the ACC Championship game the Canes will win due to Al Golden's great coaching!

MD is driving with a 7-7 tie. Go terps

Right on bro

Instead of good cop bad cop, my twin is playing good fan bad fan

On yet another positive note for Coach Golden, when Miami beats Duke, and they don't lose any other games and win their bowl game, Miami will have the best record at the end of a season. 8-5 GT is another great victory by Golden so far. Not to mention the arse whupping the Canes put on my Gators. My Gators are the 6th ranked team in the state of Florida and our head coach will be fired at the end of the season...ouch!

PS: Me posting on a Canes site proves how needy I am hoping someone will wuv me.

FWIW... Canes are a - 3 1/2 or -4 point road chalk.

My advice is NOT to go near that game. Especially if y'all Cane zealots CAN'T afford to squander away your $10.00 or $20.00 bets. hUh

Morris and the wide-out's absolutel gotta' bring the A game today, because Duke is strong in the FRONT SEVEN and I guarantee the Blue Devils will have " 8 " in the box.

Speaking of 8. Goldie and Marky would be feeling more confident about right now. If only THE DUKE was suited up and what not.

For instance, THE DUKE was the DIFFERENCE MAKER in last season's game in Durham. dUh

Your twimn is jls from the gator blog.

va tech losing. if that continues it opens door for whoever wins today between u and duke for acc title game

I see my twin haters have showed up...Calvin, Gallo, Harriet, Cool Cat, Cane72.

also really sad watching va tech lose to duke, bc and down at half to maryland but they killed us


Maryland shutting down VT like every other school has this year except Miami. But it's because they are far more talented on defense than Miami, right? Maryland's offense has also turned the ball over. Seriously, if anyone still thinks D'O wasn't outcoached last weekend you should turn in your football card now.

I'm sorry you(I) don't make more friends

@cfl..I also would also like to talk about performance not just the lost to VT. If the defense would have played better we would have just chalked it up to the turnovers.The coaches seem to keep forgetting that it was a 21-14 game after all those turnovers.Golden even said himself on the joe rose show that,"VT went into an eggshell of an offense" and we still couldn't stop them.Stop with the excuses Golden and do your job.It comes down to them period.

D'O and golden are brilliant coaches. VT was just more talented and Miami will beat Duke today.

I guess Maryland has better athletes than Miami. That is Crap.

Read the following and LET IT SINK in y'all D'Onofrio synchophants nd' bloody apologists.

1. Beamer Ball has a grand total of seven points at half.

2. Va. Tech's VAUNTED offense is 1-8 on third-down conversions. dUh

2. Miami made Logan Thomas look like a potential Heisman canditate last Saturday during prime time. Today, it's not going so well for QB Logan.

8-16 passing and only 88 yards passing at half. Yeah, yeah there's still the second-half and what not. So what.

3. Beamer Ball offense has 143 total yards.

4. Road game for Maryland speaks for itself.

And finally, the COUP DE GRACE... the Turtle's have TWO turnover's at half and still are winning. Go figures'

Chit, the Turtle vs. Beamer Ball game ain't even on a WET, SLOPPY turf with MONSOON like rains pouring down. hUh

Canes can finish in the top ten with a little help. Go Maryland Terps. The Terps must pull the upset of VT and Miami has to win out the remainder or the season,ACC and Bowl Game. All is possible.

The bottom line is Maryland is in the game SIMPLY because of COACHING!!

Au contraire to what y'all Marky Mark apologists have to say on the entire bloody Orange nd' Green matter.

Yeah, yeah the Turtle has 3 or 4 more four-star H.S. player's than Beamer Ball- NOT. dUh

Makes one wonder, huh cane bubba

Not sure why someone feels the need to post under my name to say Golden and D'O are brilliant coaches. I try to be as objective as possible. Sorry if you don't like what I gave to say. I do agree with the person posing as me that Miami will beat Duke today however. And I've said before that I like Golden, just not D'O. Go Canes.

For the longtime and experienced college football watcher and fan, its well known that when u follow a team there will be times of dominance and championship ecstacy... And there will be moments of crushing defeat amd down years.

Bama is cruising now, but look at the history books to see how long its been since their glory years of Bear Bryant....decades!

And when your team is down, you watch for signs o progressive improvement.

The glass half full crowd is the true fan who sees te good in their team

The glass half empty crowd as always complaining about what they don't have yet

Buidling back to the top takes years of right moved and luck. But it takes years.

Too bad Randy Shannon couldn't establish a solid base because we lost 5 years on his experiment.

Golden has all the signs of a winner and recruiting as such already. To be a barely ranked team an already lining up a top 5 recruiting class tells me all i need to jnow about what the players think of UM and Golden's staff.

That's my answer to you haters. Watch where the best athletes want to go. Thats where they trust the winners are and the best coaches are.

Most pf u haters here probably couldn't even throw a football with a tight spiral, much less opine on who should or shouldn't be coaching UM.


How about the ones who had half full glasses, but after a few years of little or no change, their glass became a little more empty. I believe all are fans, just some tell it like they see it, and others don't see.

MIGHTY turtles 21

Va. Tech 14

If that tangible isn't MOTIVATION enough for the Hurricane's. Then Goldie and Marky Mark bloody DESERVE the wrath which could commence upon them in FULL SPECTRUM FORCE. hUh

Posted by: StormsCominBitches | November 16, 2013 at 02:38 PM

Your lame, argument LOST all validty when you brought Coach Shannon into the equation!

Chit, there's enought talent for the Hurricanes to finish with either a 7-5 or 8-4 season in both Golden and D'Onofrio's first season in Coral Gables.

SEE the Maryland game for STARK example, i.e., TWERPS have 2-10 season in '11.

Most pf u haters here probably couldn't even throw a football with a tight spiral, much less opine on who should or shouldn't be coaching UM.


Posted by: StormsCominBitches | November 16, 2013 at 02:38 PM

Yes, I only played FLAG-FOOTBALL and never donned the pads in H.S.

But I still have eyes to witness and what I observe is a UN-miami-esque type of defense during Golden's short tenure!

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