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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at FSU Seminoles

It's the big matchup you've been waiting for: Canes at Seminoles, 8 p.m., ABC.

Feel free to participate in our live blog throughout the game as usual. 


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Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

win the toss. defer. get a stop. good long drive and some points; even a field goal to start.

Manny Navarro twittered:

Looking ahead: If #UM loses tonight, #Canes would still have to beat #VaTech next week to control Coastal Div. destiny.

Hi Manny,

How about if The U wins tonight?

excited, finally find out how good are Canes are and where they stand nationally.

Go Canes!

Heading to stadium now with a quiet confidence that The U will win this game.

1. FSU has not been challenged and down by more than 7pts this season. The U has 3 times come back from 10pt deficits to win the game.

2. All the pressure is on FSU. They're supposed to win and win big, which means they will press and take chances

3. We have a great mix on offense and defense and FSU can't stop everything we want to do

Go CANES. I'm rocking The U gear top to bottom in their stadium. Its on baby!!!

Today, the Gators once again proved why they are the most classless and despised team in college football.

Of course despite all their "trash talking" they still lost.

What a bunch of clowns!

Bon chance ATL Kane, and yes, the Seminoles haven't had a PRESSURE game yet this season. Especially going into the crucial fourth-quarter.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 02, 2013 at 07:20 PM

What do U expect, the Gators learned MOST of that classless behavior from Urban LIAR!! Chit, Urban LIAR knew what type of character player's he was recruiting and what not. Yet he still recruited them,i.e, the dude who's facing a 1st degree murder charge, for example.

Lets go Canes!!!

Damn, I am almost too nervous to watch this thing. I do not do well when we are not competitive. Sure hope Morris, the offensive line, and the receivers improve drastically tonight. Defense must be aggressive and tough.

Come on Miami, let's look good tonight!


Unfortunately, the Gators classless act was going on long before Urban Liar arrived on the scene, although he helped enhance it.

Syracuse held Wake Forest scoreless today...concerning.

Mix up the run, and short passes, take what they give, and sooner or later, we'll get a chance for deep shot. Launch out of bounds if a sack is coming, and Morris, if you're totally healthy, and you see an opening, TAKE OFF brother, you have some wheels, so use em.
Defense, mix up blitz packages, don't do the sane thing over n over, and get after Winston, and don't let him get comfortable. We will NOT go down without a fight. Leave it on the field guys, and show FSU we're STILL here. GO CANES!!!!!

Lets go!!!!!

Don't worry Zook, we were looking ahead to this game. These boys will be FIRED up, and are going to play their azzez off.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 02, 2013 at 07:35 PM

I believe Wake Forest put all their EFFORT into the Miami game and were breathing fumes against Syracuse. That's what usually happens with .500 football teams. These teams play their best game of the season against a Top 20 or Top 10 team and don't have that same MoJo the next Saturday.

This boston college team is starting to be a problem!

BC ...LOL..Thomas is a bad as jpick! Va Tech sxks..

Regardless of the outcome, our guys are not quitters and will fight and play hard to the end. Let's go Miami!

Again, this will absolutely N-O-T be a Saturday night MASSACRE! If U Know What I Mean. hUh

Like Goldie said, the Hurricanes have to weather that initial Seminole War Whoop and what not. dUh

Duh Here goes D with his moronic posts

Lets go CANES 🙌

Just Do It Canes!

This game is overhyped. UM has little chance to even come close. It's the future for us, not this week

BEAT VT That is most important

OK, I promise not to beat up on the hurricanes in this game. We will be very tempted but let's face it all of us should have 0 expectations in this game. IMO FSU is the best team in the nation and they are playing at home. I am just hoping my canes do not get embarrassed 45-0.

Al Golden has done a great job of having this team rated this high. With the NCAA violation looming for 2 1/2 years Golden did not have a level playing field when it came to recruiting. Sometimes I think we are too hard on Golden.

AL Golden couldn't coach a crew of cub scouts out of a pup tent. eh what say

Too hang around in this game, Morris will have to have the best game of his college career. The canes will also have to run the ball well and hold the Noles to FGs. I just hope the game is competitive.

If not, that is OK. VT is the big game for us. Win the coastal division, play in the ACC championship, and win the bowl game those are achievable goals. We will worry about national championships after this year.

As long as they protect the ball I don't care about the outcome. As a fan I hope Morris plays a great game, his future and $ could greatly use it.

Syracuse shut out Wake Forest because Wake Forest sucks... stop making ridiculous excuses for why Miami barely squeaks by bottom of the rung teams.

Dom, every team matches up different with each other, you can't compare games like that

7-0 canes already lost they cannot score

The route is on. There is big gap in talent between these two teams.

Like those beaties on 79th street EASY

BEAUTIES I forgot the U on purpose hahahahhah

Here we go smh

No wonder these games are taking 4 hours. They review too many plays. If the score is obvious why spend 5 minutes confirming it.

Can't be giving up 1st downs on 3rd and long

Morris should squint so he can actually hit something

Why defer the ball to the 2nd half. Why not try and keep Winston off the field early.

Puke will not be able to run without Morris actually completing a pass

Wow, dropped an easy one.

Why did he take Duke out.

Huge difference between Morris and Winston.

This FG kicker sucks!

one chance to score and it's WIDE LEFT

gonna be tough to stop that Seminole O all night but ladies and gentlemen we're gonna have ourselves a ball game tonight

Why is Highsmith out there? He is half-steppin when we're on GO tonight!

He was replaced by Bush and it paid dividends immediately.

Highsmith sucks

DE Muhammad is 18 years old and on "GO" tonight!

Highsmith just got burnt again! WHY OH WHY????

Where is Deon Bush?

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