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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at FSU Seminoles

It's the big matchup you've been waiting for: Canes at Seminoles, 8 p.m., ABC.

Feel free to participate in our live blog throughout the game as usual. 


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I cannot believe that our garbage FG kicker left 3 points on the field. Canes are going to have to score TDs to stay close. They cannot count on the sorry kicker. Worst kicker they have had at the U in a long time.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 02, 2013 at 09:06 PM


U read my mind, H.T.C. And both Herbie and I immediatley said that was Highsmith's FAULT!!

Time for the offense to answer the bell,again.

Like I've been saying all year. Highsmith does not need to be back there, especially in a game like this. Go up and contest or knock the wr out. Damn.

can they find better position for AJ Highsmith. he is not cut out for safety

the fix is in. Duke was gone for a TD nothing but green grass in front of him.

Here come the refs. That would have been a huge play for the canes. Al Golden needs to be in the refs ear after that call.

Here come the conspiracy dorks, everyone is against us. Puke would have fell down anyway

Tonight's atmosphere and level of competition is superior to his (AH) abilities.

He cool against the Wake's, USF's, Duke etc..

Remember that dropped INT right in his lap last year in Chicago vs ND. It was clear then that the big lights were too bright for him. He's a good kid though.

Defense ABSOLUTELY needs to get a stop!! I feel the MO shifting, again.

This offense is offensive. Morris can't hit anything. FSU knows that Morris is bad, all they have to do is stop Puke, only receiver Miami has is Hurns. FSU will start to cover the spread here, a big play you will see

Why does UM recruit 4 foot receivers?

Mountain shut yo nut az up!

Need a big play on D!!

Maybe UM can recruit at halftime, these players will be worn out. Peewee players will do

TOLD YA THAT WAS COMING Now Morris will fumble or throw a pick, then the spread will almost be covered. Those cub scouts are still trying to get out

Good play call.


I guess Curtis Porter though he was going to run Freeman all the way down. Why not leave you vucking feet and dive and try to trip him up?


Stick a fork in them. Soon it will be time to go watch a movie.

Can't say that I am surprised though. FSU is the best team in the country and the canes are not ready to compete against this type of team. I am surprised they hung in there this long.

Morris plays like a freshman. How do you take a sack in that situation.

If the noles score a TD here I am out.

I told yall to watch #26 S Jenkins before the game!

Rayshawn Jenkins. Ballplayer. We have to score here.

Orlando, I bet you use a fork a lot. You sound fat. The offensive cood needs to get an imagination. Always the same on first down, and EVERYONE knows it. COACHING, that's why Jimbo calls the plays. This guy is horrible. Winston is having the perfect game for UM, and still they lose

I hope that we don't have to kick a FG here.

INT getting converted to TDs.

Hurns is beastin, his draft stock is rising!

Wow huge TD. Imagine if the canes would have made that first FG. This would be a 4 point game going into the half.

I am proud of the canes. They had no business being in this game. I don't care if they lose. I just did not want them embarrassed. Great job Canes.

We have to give Golden credit. He has the canes ready to play. He is the real deal. The future looks bright now that he will have a level playing field for recruiting.

great 1st half

1. win the turnover battle - check
2. fewer pentalties - check
3. establish the run - check

I'm not feeling this defeatist pacifist mind state. The Canes can and should win this game tonight, not just compete. Even Golden was talking about clawing, fighting, and hoping to be in contention in the 4th quarter in his pre-game interview??

I definitely give Golden credit, but no time is better than now. We need to stop doubting ourselves. Do it tonight!

This is the first game I've seen where Winston actually looks like a freshman. If the Canes could get some pressure on him it might get pretty interesting.

Agreed Harriet

I'd pay for a sack. We have him off his game, and sack or two would do heavy damage. Hope Morris is ok, he's playing lights out

Checking at the half. Lot of negative posters on here. But the U fans in the stadium are great. Lots of hype and talking smack with FSU fans. Love it.

Miami can win this game. FSU is not stopping us. It's all about play calling. Their fans are nervous. First they were worried about covering the 22pts. Now they're wondering if they can stop Miami and stop turning the ball over!

4mins to start of 2nd. Go Canes!

This is where FSU destroyed BC, adjustments at half. With our so called speed, why can't we get to the QB like they do?

We may not have the more talented team tonight, but we have the more experienced team.

That experience can beat the talent we face. We just have to believe and execute.

I hate RB James Wilder Jr. He think he's so hard.

Wow... lots of holding going on and it's not getting called.

I still believe they don't really trust Morris enough to let him loose. The play calling needs to be better, screens when they come after Morris like that. Great game so far, better than most expected, but they need to hold them here. Can't get to far behind

Need a turnover before this becomes a 2 score game again

Stop rushing only 3 d linemen! Maybe this fight is what we need to get fired up

The Canes should not drop to far down in the polls after this loss. I am hoping that they can cover the spread.

Poor tackling by the canes. He should have been down for a loss. # 30 sucks!

Winston ugly as shyt.

Our blitz is getting stymied.

There goes momentum. we have piss poor tackling technique. Bad fundamentals

Highsmith again. At this point it's not even on him. It's the coaches fault for keeping him in the game. Tyrone Cornelius passing up hits too. Can't win games like this unless everyone wants it.

#96 Porter is going crazy about the holding.

Highsmith is terrible Smh where is bush at

The canes needed to score a TD on their first possession of the second half. That would have put a lot of pressure on the Noles.

If we can win the ACC Coastal. It will be an interesting ACC championship game against FSU in a rematch on a neutral field. The canes have showed that they can play with the Noles. We will see what the final score in this game says.

Considering the difference in talent, Miami is doing well. With the ncaa not holding the program hostage, we will see if Golden can really recruit and get some top talent.

Now it is over. Why did he do that?

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