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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at FSU Seminoles

It's the big matchup you've been waiting for: Canes at Seminoles, 8 p.m., ABC.

Feel free to participate in our live blog throughout the game as usual. 


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I hate the Noles and that stupid chop.

Are you kidding me? You over throw that if anything.. can't let them score again or the route is on for sure. We have to run it more than pass it to limit Morris' penchants for mistakes.

Is Sherman the OC for the U as well?

Great routes and playcall but Morris threw it way too late and short.

FSU's DBs can't cover Coley, Waters and Hurns when Morris has time. Coley had the young bouy beat bad.

That's why we run so much, Morris will lose the game. I would rather see a few first downs and kill the clock to keep the score lower than that stupidity. A good call, just a bad throw by a bad QB.

Hopefully is game is a reality check for UM and their fans. Barely beating middle tier ACC teams was not a real barometer of where this program is currently.

Looks like the defense is giving up. Thought that was over when Shannon left

Great run by FSU!!! Good news for Canes fans that the ACC is so pathetic, UM might have another shot in the ACC championship game.

This exactly why we have to run the ball. Defense gets used and abused the whole length of the field and Morris comes out and throws a quick pick puts the defense back out onto the field without even giving them a breather or a chance to regroup. I vet Miami runs it on 1st down this coming drive

FIU, most canes fans know we have a way to go. Difference is, it's all up from here, we can still win our division, go to a conf title game, and win or lose, get a pretty good bowl. Where will FIU be after the season.

Jimmy Gaines exposed as well.

Calvin was right, this is the kind of game U need the would-be junior and seasoned vets like Gionni Paul and Eddie Johnson at LB.

We should be learning alot for Charlotte though.

Bush needs to play the entire game with Jenkins

Where is Duke? Oh there he blows!!

I don't think they will be a comeback on this one. Only thing left is to play great rest of the season and play for the ACC championship.

Only a couple clowns thought we were back and tried to talk up our horrible opponents. 90% of real Canes fans who actually played football in high school and college know our record was a byproduct of playing a bunch of scrubs. Where are those homers? Zook? Dom? Hello?

Bad play calling

STOPPED! Wow FSU came out knowing they were 4 touchdowns better then UM, and they want to prove it.


No this is the kind of game that Giovanni Paul and Eddie Johnson needs The U for. You can't act like a fool and be bigger than the team and not act responsible just because you're an "athlete".

Where is Dallas Crawford??? Duke is 5 9 190 and wee keep pounding him. Mix it up with Crawford some! Smh

That was proof Morris doesn't have the trust of the coaches. If he is our best right now, I hope we have something special for next year. Olsen? We shall see, it could be a long year next season.

No Duke and down by 21 points means more Morris mistakes and quick 3 and outs

Harriet TUBMAN, the offensive game plan in that first quarter was just what we wanted to see, the 2nd quarter, those stretch running plays and trying to have guys lead for duke are not going to work, but at least they're mixing up the line-men tap snaps, so i like that. That screen pass was a clear example of their coaching staff vs our coaching staff and there coaching staff won.

Our boy allen hurns ballin once again, like i said earlier today, they're facing an allen hurns that doesn't need shoulder surgery, making a big difference.

The refs once again making hugh mistakes, duke was gone on that play, and than what's up with the non-call on the center when he clearly moved the ball, that's why jimbo called that time-out. So when allen hurns made that 2nd touchdown catch, i was saying who cares, that call needs to go to us because of those bad calls.

Again, this is a game where not having gionni paul & eddis "bath salts" johnson has hurt this defense! Might as well put in alex figs!

Duke is not a workhorse back!

Thats the game. Who is the next QB up? I knew Morris sucked when he couldn't beat out Harris, and Harris sucked

oh well. the negative nancys were right. hope we don't tank the rest of the year. no games left are gimmees. we will probably lose to vt and duke at least.

hope we have a good qb to play next year. so bummed.

So much Miami's halftime adjustments. I hope guys don't start dropping with "injuries" to get out of this game

One things for sure, jimbo nuetralized the 3rd down pass rushing package. So the 500 club is going to have to learn how to bring them in on 1st and 2nd downs as well. tyrone corneilius has been a non factor this game and jimmy gaines plays hard but like highsmith, at this level of competition they're almost useless, i don't see next year's defense being any better either, but i could be wrong, but hey, the game plan was semi decent, but you cannot run primarily zone defense and don't bring pressure and expect it to work.

If duke is not out for the year, that'll be a blessing. Bad running play-call!

Morris, great 1st 1/2 and the 2nd well not so much

It's not about "negative nancy's being right" its about the obvious piss poor play by Morris and a horrible defense being covered up by playing horrible teams pushing us to the brink (GT, UNC, WF). Only those guys with their heads stuck in the sand and trying to make excuses for our play by talking up our opponents to make themselves feel like better fans are to blame for this letdown. Morris sucks and nothing those clowns (Ron Zook and Dom) say will change the facts.

Great job Morris now go fill your application out at walmart and join your boy Harris. Both of you suck. Miami wont be back until they get a decent QB.

Another 3rd down conversion. are you surprised? I'm not

Morris is a disgrace.... and the defense is pathetic... they are sad to watch.

Walford needs to be on the bench. Where is Crawford? Morris should target Hurns and Coley!

Play calling is pedictable and suspect

This was to be expected. The talent level is evident. I still thought that they played better than expected.

Now Golden can go out and get that top tier QB. Morris is awful! I don't care how strong his arm is, this guy should not go earlier than the 5th round and that is just because he has a strong arm and some one will be dumb enough to draft him.

FSU is going to run the ball down our throats and embarrass us in front of all of thoserecruits.

Point spread is covered. ..

tonight was a total Disgrace, and as far as Duke , he is ok at best , there is 50 backs in college better than him , he is almost half way thru his career and he has not had 1 good game against a decent team.. I had high hopes for duke, but he withers against good competition. and the play calling WOW he blows, no wonder Jimbo didn't let him call games....

#31 LB Tyrone Cornelius half_stepping out there--no presence at all.

Why is Morris acting like Walford did something wrong? Their DB made a great play...thats it.

They canes played their hearts out. The talent level is just not their for them to compete. The canes were at a huge disadvantage the last few years because of the pending sanctions. I look forward to the future. I think that it is a miracle what Golden has done with this team. I think that we will see him recruit some top tier recruits now and we will see what he can do with them. I expect great things the next few years.

Maybe Clinton Portis can go down and give the Canes a pep talk. Abe Lincoln theme.. 4 scores and 7 minutes to go.. this is your moment!

Stop with the excuses and call it for what it is... we have a bad QB who is a one trick pony and a DC that should have been fires after last year.

ROFL pep talk wont excuse a piss poor QB.. and that last pick should not have been ever thrown. Morris should sit and let Ryan Williams come in and show him how to throw a pass over the middle, or when not to.

Is anyone surprised? Vegas line was 21.5. Anyways I think the playcalling was just fine. Offensively and defensively this problem is FSU has soooooo much more depth than UM plus a stud in Winston at QB. The cycled in 3 RB while we have 5 9 180 slamming into the middle of 300 pounds men. He needs to be utilized in space!!

The main issue is depth FSU cycled in Freeman,Williams and Wilder. Dallas C only got in after Duke was injured. Also our DL are horrible have anyone ever seen Porter or the other fat DT make a play in the backfield like Sapp, Jerome Brown, Vince Wilfork used too??

We are going to shock them in the ACC championship game! We are holding back our play book for when it really counts!

8-4 here we come.

even the announcers were saying that FSU was crashing the line because Miami was running up the middle on first down every series, and then get in 3rd and long so morris could fail on us again. but at least morris stayed true to his form with Picks again , at least he is consistent.

No this is the kind of game that Giovanni Paul and Eddie Johnson needs The U for. You can't act like a fool and be bigger than the team and not act responsible just because you're an "athlete".

Posted by: defense | November 02, 2013 at 10:48 PM

This is true, the only problem is that there's two sides (sometimes even three) to every story and we are only made privy to one of them. My life experiences don't lend to me being comfortable with believing the most powerful and influential's side of the story that we always get. I wish we could hear from the kids when they get dismissed, so we would have a more informed basis for our judgements on them. Nevertheless, we could definitely use them tonight. Gaines, Highsmith, and Cornelius are not on this level of competition and it unfortunately shows.

Dom as long a morris is the QB and our defense is coached by Ohno there will be no shocking anyone. we are slow, and mediocre at best.

Dukes ankle looked broken....it was not pointed the right way when he rolled over on it. Score some respect points .rematch in ACC Championship game. 7-1 is better than 4-4 lol....this team is gonna have a field day with florida.

last first down what was called ??? a run for 1 yard again to clement. play calling blows!

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