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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at FSU Seminoles

It's the big matchup you've been waiting for: Canes at Seminoles, 8 p.m., ABC.

Feel free to participate in our live blog throughout the game as usual. 


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#31 LB Tyrone Cornelius half_stepping out there--no presence at all.

Why is Morris acting like Walford did something wrong? Their DB made a great play...thats it.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 02, 2013 at 11:08 PM

He's doing what he learned from coach goldie & the 500 club, pass blame on somebody else.

I will say this, our best chance to win this game and keep the hype going was taking away when they blew the whistle to early when duke reversed field, that would've gotten the team more amped up, because we definitely didn't play with that much emotion like we're use to and what coach goldie doesn't understand, guys from the crib like to have fun out there.

Warford has bricks for hands.

I'm glad that Morris is a senior. LOL.

Morris is almost as bad as Jacory Harris. One throws jump ball wobbly rainbows for int's and the other one over throws rockets for int's.

and 2nd half 0 points says it all , disgraceful.

It was a sweet surprise to get this far with Morris throwing the ball. The dude sucks and I don't know why they as the coaches keep putting their faith in him. I see no one learns from past mistakes. The last coach that kept that trash out there got fired. I guess we are destined to repeat history.

Dom as long a morris is the QB and our defense is coached by Ohno there will be no shocking anyone. we are slow, and mediocre at best.

Posted by: keith | November 02, 2013 at 11:16 PM

They said we were bigger, faster and stronger, lol, Fsu ran to the corner at will.

yes thankfully he will be gone , when will they get a real QB ours have sucked for so long...

Clive Walford is another guy that's given you absolutely nothing tonight. He either bobbles the ball and gives up yardage or flat out drops it. When your main guys do that repeatedly, just go with the youngsters. Standish Dobard or Cleveland.

That is why the play calling is not good. Pass on fisrt down and mix in runs. Stay away from over the middle. After walford dropped that first pass that was on the monry he would not have gotten another chance tonight. The bobbled catch sealed it. You don't get second chances in a game this big.
4 and 2 play up the middle stupid¡¡¡¡¡

Morris has been great...Hurns has been great...Walford having an off night.

We will beat the Noles in the ACC Championship game.

Hopefully Duke isn't gone for the year.

well, i can get back to doing things irl instead of reading this blog. Donofrio should go. Morris is a bust and a half. Duke is out for the rest of the year. Not one game is a lock, not even UVA. I will call another humiliating bowl loss this year. By this hour next week, we will be unranked as, we should be.

This isn't a talent issue...I'm sorry to say this but all the coaching has to go...I don't see fundamentals from the players, week in to week out, same issues....Golden is included...If he can't see the writing on the wall, Bad D, poor play calling on the offensive, then he is culpable...

Is Retard Zook watching the same game? MORRIS HAS NOT BEEN GREAT.

Morris is horrible. This freshman kid from FSU is a stud

worse thing about this is having to put up with the F-cking FSU fans here in central florida , it does "SUCK" to be a canes fan , when they get embarrassed the way they did.

Congrats FSU .
Your team dominated .

We can only pray that Jed Fisch gets fired by Jacksonville and comes back as our OC and our DC resigns!

no hope for this team , need a real Qb and some talent on defense , and a running back who can actually get 2 yards when needed.

Other than the under throw to Coley Morris was fantastic. Even on that throw Coley should have knocked the ball down. Those throws to Hurns were nothing short of spectacular. We also saw tonight that Stephen is still injured, which makes his performance tonight all the more remarkable.

Go Canes!!

For the love of God, why was Morris left in the game after the middle of the third quarter? FSU is obviously the better team by a large margin and there is no way Miami comes back in this one. Bench Morris and give Williams some playing time. He certainly could not do any worse than Morris. I have a feeling that we will need him for the rest of the season.

Also, Wolford seems to be practicing for his next gig as a juggler in the circus.

Well Miami is "irrelevant" again... I could have dealt with a 10-14 point loss , but this was a joke , and shameful... Im so tired of how many years this team has sucked!

and Zook ,,, your an idiot

This loss was an absolute embarrassment. I hope those homers will STFU with their nonsense and excuses. The U is not back and this defense still sucks. Top 10 team my arse!

The people on here talking about Duke don't know football. The coaching is terrible that's not how you utilize your best weapon on offense. Who runs their small back up the middle when you have a strong back on the roster? The QB suck and has always sucked. It was a nice ride now back to reality. Thank you FSU for putting us back in our place. Oh yeah OC and DC should be fired.

The Canes are 7 and 1 with the opportunity to win the ACC Championship and play in a BCS bowl game. This after 3 years of a brutal NCAA massacre. The Canes will soon be playing for National Championships.

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!!

Wow...didn't think we would win, but didn't think it would be this bad...Git rid of them all....

Some of yall are jumping off the deep end now.

Morris is a decent QB. Don't be disrespectful, people like Cal been telling yall he aint all the hype cracked him up to be. All U had to do was check his numbers against strong opponents. Don't be unappreciative because we are gonna miss him badly next year (when "all of Shannon's garbage" is gone)--I promise yall that!

Ryan and Greg can't make the throws he made tonight lol!

Dudes even dissing Duke smh. Although he doesn't have the numbers against good opponents either. He is still that dude.

We have the more experienced team--the talent deficiency is in coaching.

There's a reason behind why the media (who we all know hates UM)--strangely loves our coach.

Even with a serious ankle injury Stephen Morris played great. When we meet the Noles in the ACC Championship game at a neutral field the Canes will shock the world and win that game.

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!!

Go Canes!!

It is now time to be very worried about Virginia Tech next week.

While I am grateful that Golden stayed and got us through this rocky period it does not excuse por strategy. Dallas was awesome filling un for Duke earlier this season. Packages should have been designed for him. PREVENT defense sucks and way gave up too much space to make first downs easier. Too many tackles missed in the back field.

Smh @ the folks complaining about Morris. Dude is playing hurt!

my thoughts on the game 1. cant wait for highsmith,cornelius and a few others to graduate.what was cornelius doing on a goaline package?did you see him bounce off wilder on that second td. 2.wish mcdermont was the senior and wheeler the jr 3. need a new dcordinator 4. need 2 more dt plus hold on to the commits we got

Zook, That remains to be seen. This game could have been a lot uglier, but FSU toned it down. Class of the coach. We were overmatched, most knew it. Now concentrate on VT, so much at stake. An 11-1 season is reachable. A really good bowl game, and next years class is looking good. If Golden can recruit while the ncaa held them hostage, imagine now. Much like Butch, as soon as they were released from the ncaa, it turned around. It's time to turn the corner. Next years class is a lot of defense, so we shall see. 2 years away, now that we are free.

Hopeful first half against a superior team.

Second half, Morris destroyed any chance we had of competing for the full game. Two interceptions, dumb decisions on key downs like throwing the ball away or hitting an underneath route on 4th and 11, missing Coley for a TD on two occasions, etc.

The usual Morris performance. Mediocrity after a good first half.

I will be glad to see the guy go, truth be told.

And Duke getting hurt is a real downer. I hope it is a mild low ankle aprain.

Ever seen such a crap call as "forward progress" on the run by Duke when the "tackler" barely touched him? Tired of the anti Miami refs for years and years? Would you like to punch a few of them out to get their attention? I'm in.

The remainder of our games are winnable AND losable, and that includes UCF, Duke, Va Tech and a hungry Virginia. The Canes better come out swinging next week.
They have a shot at 11 - 1, but it will take intensity.

But FSU is a superior team. It gags me to say it but 41 - 14 speaks loudly, no? Our day will come...

Game reviews and to do list.
. defense sucks
. LB lack of talent
. DT lack of speed and power
. Offense not smart from lack of coaching experience
. RB good but QB not know how to use them
. SECONDARy getting better

To do list

. Fire D
. Recruit Top LB and DT
. Al Golden...continue to study how to break FSU deffense at acc champ. Game
. See game video again and again

We may get close to fsu next year if RW play well.

Don't go down but rise again by VT next friday.

Go canes

Beat VT and prepare next battle against FSU.

morris is a limited QB that is very inconsistent. Duke has to learn to protect himself, and that is on that new converted RB coach. before the last BR coach went to the NFL you didnt see Duke with fumbles , concussion , or not protecting himself. that being said Duke is still the man with over 100 yards rushing in 3 QTRS i hope he makes it back by the bowl game , that was an ugly roll on that ankle. the Mohamed kid is a beast and needs to play much more, he was up against much bigger guys and still getting pressure on the QB. they dont show him much but teams try to stay away from tracy howard, he is getting it done. its a bad loss but not the end of the world.....go canes.

It appears that it is bash the canes night. Look, the canes are 7-1 because they ran into a truely better team. Admit it, FSU has it going on, but, it is not the end of the world for the Canes. The canes need to win out and go to the championship game and then a bowl. Folks, doing that is not a bad thing for a team that has spent nearly 3 years under the microscope. Recruiting has had to be a bear, considering, everyone, used the investigation to lure prospective canes to their school. Now that the other shoe has fallen and a new recruiting class is ahead, there is new blood coming. Having said that, I think the Cane players have done an outstanding job this year with what they've had to deal with, they've just kept getting up and up and up. The coaches, yes, the coaches have worked their butts off and the players have responded quite admirably. So, before any of you decide to jump on the bash the cane bandwagon, think about just how great you would have looked out there tonight. 7-1 isn't 8-0, but, regardless of the score, these Canes have come a long way from a year ago, so, give them credit. They deserve it. Go Canes.

congrats to fsu i think fisher has them at the level of phisicality of an alabama on both lines. now we should use this game as the standard we must reach to compete at a national chmpship level. really need to redshirt more guys next year. fsu looked bigger and were more physical at every level


Walford must've done something wrong, Morris went right to him. We don't know what the play call was, at least I'm not on the coaching staff. Clive Walford should move to second string, too many bad plays.

Good game by Seminoles. Congratulations Calvin. I hope we play you again.

Pissed my 21 1/2 didn't cover.

Morris erratic and his ankle is obviously a problem-- he can't move around, can't scramble and threw a horribly underthrown ball to Coley. It was intercepted because the db was so far off Coley it hit him almost in stride, instead of Coley.

Without Duke, we'll be pressed to beat VT next week, unless Logan Thomas stinks up the place more than Morris, which is certainly possible.

And what in the hell is wrong with Walford. I've never been impressed with his YAC, he always gets tackled immediately, but today he became clank hands.

Lol at U sore losers...we can get a rematch and end up in the orange bowl. Would be nice to get the gators in a bowl rematch too but they have to be eligible first....dont look good for them. Lets beat vt at home and continue with our season

Orlando, your comment about Clive's hands is much too unkind----to bricks.

This game is on the defense. They couldnt get off the field on 3rd down. The punter didnt have to punt until the 4th qtr. LB play was very disappointing.. Need to recruit more LB's big time.. These are not UM caliber linebackers.. DL did there job.. LB were no where to be found for the 4 straight game.. Smh

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