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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at Pitt Panthers

Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Susan Miller Degnan is up in chilly Pittsburgh to cover today's game, which kicks off at 3:30 p.m. and can be seen nationally on ABC. Feel free to participate in today's live blog as usual.


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Bowl predictions put UM vs. Louisville in Orlando. Not a good matchup for UM.

UM vs Louisville is better than UM vs LSU. LSU would beat us by 50+ points.

Some thoughts: It has been a good regular season for the Canes. Thought we'd lose to Florida, and beat Virginia Tech and Duke.

But that's why they play the games...

Today was a good win, and we got a few breaks out of the gate that we capitalized on. A great start.

Coley is a tremendous player, very smooth and fast, and Gus Edwards will be very good for UM. He hits the hole and can bang into defenders. And he is fast.

Our defense is easily attacked with the underneath passing game, or throws underneath the safeties down the middle. Most of our guys are good hitters once they get to the ball. I like our younger players.

If you seal off our DEs on the run, it is a good ten yards. If you have a cutback runner, as Pitt did, he can rack up big gains cutting inside the DEs. Our LBs just ain't happening and our DBs may be playing back in pass coverage. So, in the Golden - DNO era, few real adjustments have been made on defense to stop this approach. It always works, and Pitt exploited it today.

Good to see no 3 man D line schemes. But our pass rush was weak as is typical. Blitzers off the corner had to run a mile to get near Savage.

CBS has the Canes playing Louisville in Orlando. That would be ironic with Bridgewater as QB. Something needs to happen for our secondary to stop such a team.
The extra practices should help the Canes...

I liked Morris throwing underneath today. It was an effective ball control strategy and it worked. Hurns was great. No turnovers. Great job!

Overall, it haas been a good season for UM. Some very disappointing losses, but 9 big wins. So great job, Canes. Let's get W number 10!

Gus Edwards showed today that he is the best running back on the roster after Duke Johnson. Why was he not used on a consistent basis until the fourth quarter? Even then, he was not used late in the game when Miami was pinned inside its own five. Dallas Crawford went backwards in three carries and almost caused a safety. Gus Edwards has shown that he should be the no. 1 back for the bowl game. But he won't be.

Dallas Crawford-14 carries for 22 yards- 1.6 yds. per carry
Gus Edwards - 11 carries for 64 yds.- 5.8 yds. per carry.
We need the big back to get the tough yardage!

i hope the bowl game is not vs Louisville, they will be in the ACC next year. it would be like seeing Miami vs Clemson in a bowl game, dont want to see that.

miami vs USC ?????

Good point moe, had not thought of that. IKe you, I like playing different teams to mix it up. This season seemed to have less out of conf games that were interesting than most. With the conference change-ups, it has taken away a lot of those games. And some teams never take on top teams OUC.

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