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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Cavaliers

The Hurricanes (7-3, 3-3 ACC) will attempt to end a three-game losing skid against woeful Virginia (2-8, 0-6 ACC) this afternoon. Kickoff is at noon and the game can be seen on ESPNU.


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Wondering what the "4:3" screamers on here are going to say today??

We played 4:3 all day today. Didn't make much a difference did it?

It's not coaching issues you morons.

It's talent.

Dear Pitt,
The middle of the field is NOT yours to do as you please. Don't even THINK about running it up the middle or passing underneath routes.


Coming into today, UVA was averaging 21 points and 365 yards a game on offense, 34 points and 418 yards given up on defense.

Winners were gambling on UVA staying close on senior day this afternoon, despite surrendering essentially three scores to turnovers and playing two average QB's. At least when they went prevent with four down linemen no longer engaging but just rushing the passer, they generated pressure and a fumble inside the 20 that was returned for a score against a team that had given up a month ago on the season and had less than no morale for this game.

So, who's buying season tickets for more of this crap next year?

That's what I thought.

Duke is 9-2, beat Us and have been beating teams with far superior talent because of their talent huh? Yea ok.

We played 4-3 all game because they came out trying to pick right up where Duke left off with running straight up the middle. If we played a 3-4 we would have lost. It was the obvious alignment to use today vs. a team in the rain and with no threat of passing on Us (although if #83 McGee would have caught the ball--this is a different outcome).

It did make a difference didn't we force turnovers and win? Thats two huge differences from the last 3 weeks.

Harriett don't use the term "we" and the Hurricanes in the same sentence. When it comes to the Hurricanes, Hurricane fans and you there is NO WE!


No wonder U are anonymous--complete idiot and excuse maker.

U aren't a Canes fan anymore--u are a golden fan now--deal with it.

Thats all U could muster out of that brain?

I can't wait for the day that m&m goldie and clown 500 get fired myself, they don't have the right mindset to be UM coaches. Guys like kelvin cain, scott, alot of the guys that you need on your team try to get made examples of by no ballz goldie, so he cuts they're playing time. Last year the excuse was, we got to many guys being distractions off the field. This year basically nothing and this is the type of garbage product being put out.

Like gallo has said many times, get rid of the jersey boys now, don't waste time. As for me i was ready for clown 500 to go after his 1st game here, was just stupid coaching. I'm actually ready for no ballz goldie & clown 500 to go, same people, no need in keeping these losers around, they belong back in the mac conference where they came from where ths type of play gets you high praise.

This win today was another piece of tape applied to a hole in a boat, might last long enuff to get us back to shore, but it's going to be a struggle all the way. If you want to compete for a national championship by luck every 20 or so years, than these 2 morons are your guys, this year, we had no excuse not to win the games we lost, even agaisnt Fsu, 2 years in a row we should've beat Fsu, in fact 3 years in a row. I'm tired of the mediocre mac staff that's here.

We don't need to go out and pay a headcoach alot of money to come here, or even pay alot for effective coordinators, mike london is still a better headcoach than coach goldie, 2 out of the 3 picks were actually forced by the defense, but make no mistake about it, had uVA started that back-up qb like it's been said, would've been a whole different ball game.

How many times do we have to see shayon green being asked/responsible for covering these small backs trying to beat them to the sidelines, and people call that putting guys in position to make plays, well we do for the opposing offenses, that's for sure.

That one play where tyriq mccord was being asked to cover #25 in space, lol, is that what m&m goldie and crew consider putting guys in position to make plays.

I said it in m&m goldie's first year and it's still True, the style of football that they've brought here, nobody wants to watch this crap and is not what made us the most highly watch team in football. We're not going to be asked to be on t.v. as much as we use to be with this sissy style of play/coaching. With these 2 nimrods from penn disgrace the style we're playing now will always get criticized. Basically every game since the morons have been here, the commentators have either been trying to help them coach or criticizing how we're playing.

We always set the standard for how football is to be played, no ball goldie keeps trying to make himself seem like he knows what he's talking about by saying "we're not back" of course not, you & your boy are here and until you're gone, we'll just be some middle of the road team. Who on here is excited about seeing us play next year, i could careless about watching the game today, no excitement nowhere. no ballz goldie with his lying self talking about "we teach kids how to play with passion at the University of Miami".

When i heard him make that green statement right there, i knew than he was a fraud than. Keep trying to pretend clown 500 is not the problem, he's going to force blake james to have to grow a pair and spilt -up the 2 man crew and if goldie threathens to leave with em, good, that'll open the door to have to make a power move, unlike many on here, i could careless if coach goldie left today, nothing special about that outsider/underachiever.

He's been giving everything he needs to be successful here and in his 3rd year, right now he's only 8 & 3, with as soft as the schedule was this year. I'm rooting for duke to get to the acc championship game, they beat us, they deserve it, no moonwalking in, win it out-right or go home. When coach goldie tried to pass off to the team last year that we were coastal divison champs, that was one of the most sickening moments for me last year, who does that backing in, the teams mentality is weak cause you got 2 of the weakest minded individuals leading the charge in micro-mananger goldie and clown 500.

Anytime a coach tries to go after 2 players in duke johnson and dorsett for saying the lost to duke was embarrassing, instead of agreeing with them, he's going to go and tell them how they shouldn't have said that, weak.

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