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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

You know the drill. Kickoff at 7. Game is on ESPN. Vital to Coastal Division title hopes. Need I say more?


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One size fits all game plan yet again tonight, watch.

Tonight is Beamer Ball weather. Especially with the news that it's a South Florida monsoon. hUh

All I wanna' see is a Miami, Florida Hurricane victory tonight.

And frankly Cane bUbba's, I don't care if it is a Ugly win!

aRE vA. TECH'S db's that slow. or Is Coley that FAST!!

ROFL, nephew cook em, i luv that look on beamers face when he's like uh oh, they got another great one. coley is nasty, i've been waiting for him to break one of those for a long time. I'll say it again, he's the best cutting widereceiver i've seen since peter warrick, only he has way better speed than warrick.

d, coley is just that fast, after the Fsu game he said the thing he realized was how they could get behind the Fsu db's, when i heard that i was like uh oh, somebody finding out they elite!

Our D coaching is garbage.....Fire D.

The ball is going in VA's favor. Not liking this one bit.

Them boys need to squeeeeeze the melon.

Canes can't afford anymore turnover's!

We are going to lose. I figured 9-3 this season so there you have it. This one and one more. Better than last year I suppose.

I am have now join Calvin's team. This defense we run is a joke. why is there no pressure and why are we playing 15 yds off their WR??? Duke pressured him he threw 4 int we let him stand around all day. Game over

What's funny is watching all oc's call for the screen pass on 3rd downs against us, talk about bein predictable on 3rd down defense. I got a question though, why do we bring in tyriq mccord & Alquadin Muhammad on 3rd & 3, who said that was a passing down.

VT has already scored more points tonight in one quarter than they did in 4 quarters vs Duke. Final score prediction VT 31 UM 17. Our offense is really bad. We just need to start a different QB.

No D and questionable offense. If Morris isn't 100%, why play him?

D'onofrio must go. The dude can't coach worth a chit.

How in the hell y'all crying about defense and we have 2 turnovers after the defense stopped them

they put Gus in for one play he almost breaks one then they take him out, what?

This James character is already crying that we have lost the game and it's the 1st qtr...WTH!!!

D'onofrio can't coach from the sideline nor in the booth. Maybe he should try doing it on the field, as in the huddle.

Don't waste one iota of y'all's breath on the Canes defensive coordinator, because D'Onofrio AIN'T going no where!!

Who cares about turn-overs, they still had to drive the ball, all this oc is doing is bringing in different personnel and drag across late/mis-direction cause they know the backside of our defense is going to be wide open because a defensive end is suppose to pick up the back coming out of the back field in this defensive design, that's why you saw gilbert and whoever that was rushing logan instead of picking up the back, their d-linemen that's what they're use to doing not covering guys.

The defensive scheme is comical, simple offenses, logan thomas has completed his last 5 passes, sounds just about right!

This weather is perfect for Virginia tech, lol!

I said MONSOON type of weather is Beamer Ball's DELIGHT!

Canes need to hold Va. Tech to a FG.

Nice punt.... not

About to be 21 to 7.

very hard to watch this

I think I am gonna go and oil up my boobs and get them all nice and shiny for when i go out and sing. It is almost time for this FAT LADY to sing.

Bye, bye birrrrrdie.....

game set and match

Yeah the run defense is absolutely horrible

I would say the Fat Lady has sung. Now it's just a question of how bad we get blown out at home.

Who cares about turnovers...really?!?!

This is just embarrassing. Duke had no problems with VT.

The canes need a QB.

soft d.....................................

Keep hope alive, because it's going to take a MIRACLE for the Hurricanes to come back. Especially against a Foster defense!

WOW!!! PATHETIC DEFENSE.... Unacceptable by any standard. There is going to be a revolution at the U. I can see it now, all them Canes burning The Tie at the Rat. Is that place still around? The RAT that is.

Defense been on the field the entire quarter...3 special teams mistake!!!

Lol UCF can beat these sorry asses. Duke is going to give them a run for their money.

I thought at the beginning of the season 9-3 was about right for this team. I figured we would lose to UF, FSU, and VT. Something tells me there is one more stinker on the schedule and a 9-3 record anyway.

its hard to watch my canes play this poorly offense defense and special teams....somebody stop the bleeding

I do think they should have changed QB's to Williams. I have never been impressed with Morris. He's very inconsistent. Without a running game he's really lost.

I'm hoping for Morris to get hurt for the rest of the season. He sucks.

It's because of the rain and the loss to Florida State and every thing else that we can blame instead of just admitting that this team is just not that good outside of playing push overs that allow us to pull it out in the last couple minutes of the game.

CANES SUCK..... I have had all I can watch from these under avhievers. and the D coach blows, he needs to go along with Coley....

This defense seems to make no progress. They get pushed around easily.

The canes are clearly overrated. VT is bad team period. VT is not a top 25 team. The canes got lucky early on with their schedule.

Going to be fun now, the game is on the offense and smo17, lol!

terrible morris sucks ass

wow this is just shameful and MORRIS YOU SUCK!!!!, plz we need a real QB and some D guys who are hungry....

The future is now. Let's bring in Ryan Williams. Let's see what he can do. We already know that Morris sucks!

This could turn into a 3 or 4 game losing streak. Lucky its not 5 or 6 games. This team is NOT better than last year and getting worse as the year goes. U get what u pay for when getting coaches.

Who's impersonating Stephen Morris throwing passes to the TE at the line of scrimmage when the defender is a half step besides him?

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