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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

You know the drill. Kickoff at 7. Game is on ESPN. Vital to Coastal Division title hopes. Need I say more?


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41 14 FSU
42 24 VT
43 34 Duke???

Yeah, that quote conveniently forgets the fact he had his 3-4 front on the field all night long giving up huge gains on 80% of the snaps and then switched to the 4-3 inside the five only except at the end of the half.

Other than that though, another Penn State gameplan classic by these goofs.


Mea Culpa...

It won't be the first sin I have committed. This is terribly frustrating and painful to witness. I am sure you agree.

The quip on Muschamp was meant to again illustrate how pathetic our defense has been for several years now.

And, if he was dumped by UF, I'd take him as a DC because ANY change would help minimize this doom I am feeling. I have lost confidence in Golden's ability to motivate a team to play at a high kevel. He is a good man, but something essential ain't happening.

And the confusion in the secondary is hard to find at any big-time football program. These kids are confused, afraid to make mistakes and they are playing without a feeling of freedom and passion. That is at the heart of the Canes tradition.

When interviewed, they sound like robots. Enough process garbage already. These kids talk about their "training" as if they were circus dogs.

Something is seriously amiss with our Hurricanes, and I would not be surprised to see them lose the next three games. They are a psychological train wreck, and I feel really bad for them.

Peace, brother...I always appreciate your loyalty and dedication as a True Cane.

i wanted rs to succeed. he didn't. i wanted ag to succeed. he isn't. i had earlier told gallo to stfu, that we were stuck with golden for at least 3-4 more years. i hope i am wrong about that too...but don't think i am.

well we all said 9-3 or 10-2 was a good season. D did make VT look like FSU however, could not make 1 play sep at end of game......offense is not what we expected, with all those playmakers and good o line, we should b able to run the ball.

TURNOVERS---the 3 straight counting punter lead to 21 pts. thats the difference. we might have scored 14 pts on burns and coley fumbles

Sad to say but I'm not sure UM could/would out-spend Boise or Cincinnati for their DC's.

The only reason FSU didn't score more is because Winston tried to take more than what D'No was giving them underneath. Once Jimbo reeled him in and made him take the underneath yardage--they cruised to an uninterrupted win. Winston's disrespect slowed the Noles.

I'm kinda speechless after that game. i'm definitely not going to boast or rub anything in that I honestly don't want to happen (UM lose like this), plus I don't want to mimic distractors who behaved like obnoxious Gator fans after we beat the now 4-5 Gators by 5 points. To gloat would mean that I'm surprised to have been right about the coaching ineptitude on our coaching staff. I'm not happy to have been exonerated.

Rather the lesson dudes should learn is to not always marginalize their own demographic to remain trusting of another that may be frauding them all.

UGoCane, U are a good cane Soldier and I honor your support of our team, but the realm has been usurped by outsiders that are making money off of the sincere loyalty of good Canes like yourself and they don't deserve your loyalty until they clean and reset their intentions for this football program. U are like the Barrister on "Game of Thrones", u want to honor your lifelong commitment to a cause, but that cause has changed. U have to now fight against those in the positions U used to trust and protect to get Us back to the true mighty UM!!

U are a good soldier, in need of a sincere general.

"Football"--please just stop already. Enough is enough of U. Have U no shame?

Chuck Heater, if you're not above 'crossing the streams' of that rivalry, desperate times and all, so I'm not, a Nick Holt is fine too.

Offense put up over 100 yards more and seven more points than VT's average, a lot of those yards were garbage time but hey, it was garbage time due to the garbage defensive scheme not stopping anybody again.

I don't think I have to add, "It can be argued," to the end of that last sentence anymore do I? No?


Could you get your job done without your best employees?? Sometimes

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