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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

You know the drill. Kickoff at 7. Game is on ESPN. Vital to Coastal Division title hopes. Need I say more?


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uninspired, undisciplined and pathetic....the is from a SENIOR team.....these coaches do not motivate or inspire this team....

you want vanilla...you got it....defense is confused with basic misdirection plays.....it looks like they are on the verge of giving up....

this is ALL THE COACHES......time to clean house....

Outside of Morris, the defense is the really weak link on the team. They just can't be counted on to change the momentum of a game. I remember going to the OB in the 80's and was always happy when the defense was on the field. Now you just want to close your eyes when they are up.

I wonder how bad this will get since we now have to rely on Morris. I thought VT would get 31 earlier, now I would bet on 42 -17.

I hope you negative nancies find another team...damn babies!!!!

Damn it He didn't get hurt. lol

I have seen a lot of UCF games. They are better than the canes. That is not a joke. They have a better defense and a better QB.

Canes are over ranked. To be honest, and from what I have seen from other teams, the U should be ranked somewhere around 19th or 20th at best. It is the reality of things. Beating the Gators was a misleading victory. UF totally blows this season.

Finally, nice pass by Morris.

allen hurns, a.k.a. reggie wayne!

Canes 88, just curious, but in your world is there a difference between being negative and being a realist? Just wondering.

On senior night, i'm just waiting for gus edwards to fumble next, why are we giving the ball to young guns this early in this weather!

Crawford is a gutty, TOUGH ball player. Need i say more.

This is the first game where we look like the better team on the field without the miscues though. It's clear we have the better talent over V-tech, i'm not sure how they're going to keep artie burns off the field come next year though, he might out-grow that cornerback spot though, big boy!

Our offense is playing well coley has been impressive thus far and seems to have learned from fsu.

because Calvin the coaches are searching for ANYTHING to change momentum....

the coaches tank are empty.....they don't have a depth of knowledge....they are limited to basic stuff....VT is not good but as always UM make them look terrific....

In fairness to the U, they don't give up easily which was a problem last season. They may be down, but they will not count themselves out until they see zero on the clock

We have the D guys that are hungry but we don't have the DC who is hungry and aggressive and trying to dictate the game to the opposing offense. He's a reactive personality, not a proactive personality so the saying that defense takes on the persona of its coach is definitely ringing true since he's been here. I hope he leaves after this season even if it's not on his own accord.

Touchdown...FATLADYSINGING, some of the same people come on this blog and start whining the first time something bad happen...or turnover, opposing team scores etc... We have those who are already conceding the game to VT (1qtr).

Man this defense is terrible. The Duke defense dominated VT. I know that the canes had trouble recruiting the last couple of years but this defense should be more disciplined and aware.

Are the d linemen gassed? Why are they standing straight up after the snap instead of exploding into the offensive linemen across from them?

Can't watch after last week's prevent defense so who fumbled? Do we have leader? I miss having players who would take control and the tone and expectations!

This DEFENSE SUCKS.... and that is not anything but the truth...

dnofrios "keep everything in front of you" at its best tonight....

gaps in secondary will be wide and a terrific night for VT QB....

and it is not the players it is the shameful scheme.

Horrible and Sad!!

Game far from over and Canes will win, despite ugly uniforms.

D, Dallas Crawford is a man!

wow they should just go home at half time , this is embarrassing.... they are a disgrace.

Next year has to be the year when the canes recruit that top QB. I am still giving Golden a pass because of the recruiting difficulties of the past couple of years.

He has a couple of more years before I start bashing him. My main concern is how confused the defense looks. You can lack talent but they have to be more disciplined. The defense always has a deer in the headlights look and are undisciplined. They are always weak too. Embarrassing!

I see your point Canes88, but c'mon man. it isn't always about whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game. You have to admit, VT has averaged 22 points, not that high. They already have 21 and the U can't seem to stop them. Also, just to put things in perspective, look at what FSU did to WF. Yet, the U had a tough time with WF. It's called tendencies, and the U's tendencies are that they aren't very good on D and mediocre on offense.

And now, a horrific TD against the mighty U defense. See what I mean?

3rd and 17... that's on both Marky Mark and the Cane players!!

Is that the coordinator fault?!?!

Fire D. ....right now

this d is horrible bye bye acc title game

I guess you can't spell suck without the U.

28 points in the first half

how many missed tackles is 26 going to miss tonight?

stripping the ball vs tackling.....these players have no basic knowledge on defense....

"freelancing" is on deck......watch news conference after....

9 games into the season and this defense still can't tackle! Unbelievable. Where the homers to tell us how great our team is and how we have the best college coach in football?

be lucky to finish 8-4

Maybe VT scores 56? Wow this team is worse than I thought.

the D co or must go , I wasn't saying that before , but after "another" yr of making every other teams QB look like the best in college football, it is time to get a D co ord who actually knows defense, this guy and defense is shameful.....

The defense always has a deer in the headlights look and are undisciplined. They are always weak too. Embarrassing!

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 09, 2013 at 08:28 PM


Maybe some of the problems on defense has to do with the schemes and what not. Because it's not all on the players. SEE Duke holding Va. tech to " TEN POINTS! "

Are the d linemen gassed? Why are they standing straight up after the snap instead of exploding into the offensive linemen across from them?

Posted by: ronnie nuggets | November 09, 2013 at 08:24 PM

Nope, that's been the technique taught since the goldie and his mac minions have gotten hee, it's stand-up check run first and than got to your pass rush move. Wide-outs coming wide-open all game long!

I think VT has just scored more points than they did on BC in 4 quarters too.

have to have a td here, get ball first second half

I cant watch much more of this INSANITY!!! As much as I like what Golden is doing, if he doesn't fire his booty partner No'D then he can hit the door right along with him!!! Coach No'D couldn't coach Pop Warner in Dade!!!

I no longer want to go to the ACC title game anymore just to be embarrassed again..... this team is aweful...

There is no defense for defending the piss poor performance these Canes are showing on their homecoming night on their field. Pretty bad.

wow guess vatech will score again this half now

At this point I don't give a damn what Miami is going to be ranked, how the team is perceived by the nation or if the team wins another damn game. Miami plays the wrong personnel, the wrong schemes and there is no accountability when people F-up. Just flat out ridiculous. This is the night Miami should be putting up points on a weaker Vtech team. Just terrible.

Cane88 no whining here but bewilderment over the lack of aggressive
Play calling and strategy. Like not using Crawford last week on 4 and 2. Perhaps bringingback up QB would motivate Morris. I don't see strategy by Morris. Iam used to Miami QBs developing relationship with receivers and trusting them.

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