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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

You know the drill. Kickoff at 7. Game is on ESPN. Vital to Coastal Division title hopes. Need I say more?


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Offense is horrible

homecoming/ theres 434 fans there

Its on the players and the coach Cane88.

Players: poor tackling and technique

D'No: for calling that same zone defense that allowed the completion without any challenge that even gave way to the missed tackles that resulted.

U have to begin at the root of issues--not at the results.

Cause proceeds Effect.

No coaching
No leadership
No fighting
No oooup...

they got away with this vs awful nc and wake but no chance vs va tech. should fall out of top 25 now

I hope that the canes walk out at halftime to a chorus of boos. This is horrible!

The announcers need to stop giving Morris excuses.

The Canes see mediocre

Will somebody tell these guys to effing "WRAP UP" when you tackle!

Um suck ever since they left to the acc division and the players they recruit are soft all around and the quarter back Steven Morris is strait garbage is he the only garbage they have?

This team should go home now they are disgracing the canes name.... If the D coach doesn't go this yr. it is time to put a 40 yr fan looking for another team to root for here in florida, maybe UCF since they at least play defense.

orlando all 434 fans have been booing

canes will finish 8-4, lose at duke and pitt. beat vagina

We need a rematch with florida to see who the worst team in the state is. Miami would get blasted this time.

the fact that golden has not put Williams in tells you how desperate the UM QB situation is at UM.....

golden is gonna go down with Morris.....Williams warms the bench as Olsen looks on praying they don't put me in!

Miami better get a new coordinators on both sides of ball. ALSO ALSO ALSO you can also put alot of blame on the position coaches. Oline Dline Lb TE all have problems. This been going on for 3 years.

williams is horrible, no reason to switch qbs. this is all on the bad defense and 2 fumbles

miami will score here. always play better in hurry up

Morris needs to get the hell out

not easy when u lose dorsett and johnson, easily best 2 players

time for the canes to have a gut check , becaue atm the are shameful...

I don't understand what it would hurt to change QB's at halftime. Morris has looked terrible most of the year. This game is clearly almost lost. Admittedly the defense is just terrible and has been for a number of years. But why not try out someone different since the game is almost out of hand.

Morris needs to understand that he's not doing his team a favor playing hurt, he needs to step out

Lol When the announcer said normally vt would take a knee but not tonight..no one respects dno

LOL look at that pass LOL

I've been the biggest supporter of Golden and I really do love the guy, BUT as the head coach he is responsible for his staff. D`Onofrio HAS to go NOW! Our defensive rankings have been inflated by a weak opening schedule. As much as I think no other coach could've done what Golden has, I'm okay with him leaving if it means getting rid of D`Onofrio. One frustrated Cane.

who the hell is he throwing at?

Morris is playing afraid like he's expecting to make a mistake.

Look, I love my Canes. I went to the U in the early 80's and remember when Schnellenberger was hired. I was there when Kelly was QB and the Canes were not only respected, they were feared. Unfortunately, the U is nowhere near what they once were. I will cheer for them, but I will not be blinded by homerism. It is what it is and truthfully, the U should not make it to a bowl game if they are going to get embarrassed.

james we dont have any other qbs, williams is so bad

D`Onofrio HAS to go NOW! Our defensive rankings have been inflated by a weak opening schedule. As much as I think no other coach could've done what Golden has, I'm okay with him leaving if it means getting rid of D`Onofrio. One frustrated Cane.

Posted by: UMCanes02 | November 09, 2013 at 08:41 PM


Don't tell that to the VAST MAJORITY of canespace/eoth partisans. Those dudes believe Marky Mark is the second coming of one Bud Foster! hUh

And Goldie won't FIRE his beloved D'Onofrio. Because, again, he had the opportune time, and reasons, to CHIT-CAN D'Onofrio at the conclusion of last season. BUT HE DIDN'T.

Are we giving James Coley a pass? This offense has been out of sync all season and play calling is getting progressively worse!!!

In the college game the coaches are teaching the players how to play the game. This team cannot tackle and they are always out of position. Denofrio needs to go. If Golden remains loyal he will eventually lose his job. Golden better wake up and fire the DC.

this team is lucky is not 5-3, this is pathetic, it hurts to watch them play, I'm a 20 year Cane fan but watching this team literally hurts

Keep hope alive, there's still one-half to play.

Oh, at least Miami, Florida is CONSISTENT in one phase of playing during PRIME TIME. They've not lived up to their rankings and what not.

My obsevations....stacey coley is a beasts. I don't vare if he fumbled.. that dud is theman. The oc needs to go.

need to be like mu tigers, what a team they have

ACC coastal division on the line and this is what a get a get. The defense is making Logan look like a superstar 15/19, missing tackles and LB's have disappeared once again. Where is Armbrister and Figuroa. We are beaten ourselves by not puttin our playmakers on the fieldat. Gus make a good run and no more carries after that. Corn has a good play and he disappear.. It's real simple, put your playmakers on the field, then find a way to get them the ball and make plays.. DUHHHHHHH

Its obvious to all of the "realists" that the Canes are pretenders and not true contenders. That being said, I think Miami comes back and squeaks out a win.

Can't wait for the homers to come on with their excuses for yet another horrible showing from the team.

agree coley true frosh, gonna be a stud. lets hope they find a qb next year. maybe olsen will step up

CALVIN said it's all about the defense and what not. And CALVIN alluded to the GRAND ILLUSION regarding the Canes defensive stats'. Too bad the BLIND, loyal Hurricane fan-dom in the M-H and CS/eoth didn't get the message.

dont be so bias man, no chance miami wins this game now. sucks having to watch va tech play in acc title game again, they suck

It's so obvious this team just doesn't want it. They have no drive, no kill and very few instincts.
The defense has not changed since the first game D'Nofrio has been here as DC. The guy is a loser and the Canes will be stuck in this hole as long as he's here. I know it's unfortunate because he's a package deal with Golden...So I guess we just have to watch this come apart every week.
I hope Va Tech beats their butts tonight and wins the coastal. It will save the Canes the embarrassment of playing FSU again.

D, I agree, but last season and the once prior there were legitimate reasons or excuses to allow for a stay of execution; the fact that the U lost a bunch of players to the draft, the fact that there were new coaches and difficulty with recruiting due to the NCAA bull crap, etc. etc. Now, it is all Golden's kids, with good talent and the cloud of the NCAA lifted. There is no reason the D should be so sucky. Three seasons should produce something better than what there is now. That is all on D'Onofrio and even Golden. If the kids can't tackle and are not aggressive, that is ALL on the D and the coaches. It is what it is.

and please quit throwing that minus one yard pass every first down to the te

need to be like mu tigers, what a team they have

Posted by: dusty bottoms | November 09, 2013 at 08:49 PM

And the VAST MAJORITY of players on the Tiger roster are THREE-STAR players. With a handful of 4-Star players.

Nonetheless, Mizzou has the Head coach and staff to put his players in the PROPER schemes to win!

Vt plays crowds the los, gets in our face, attacks and plays behind the los. He's forcing Um to beat him. Dno has a weird phobia for the los, lines up 10 yds back, tells his players to stand and look pretty and just wants to keep things in front. Why the hell do we give vt such big cushions are the "real" fans going to say our cbs will get eaten alive by vt?

Vt is down two corners and they still man us up. Imagine if u switched dno and foster. According to all the ppl here we would still be losing bc we don't have talent. The only biggest lack of talent is at dc

D'Onofrio has to go!

Three years in a row, Miami should have competed for a NC.

Defensive schemes are horrible!

The U have no DL man or LB.. Chicklo shouldn't be starting period at best maybe a rotational player. When was the last time you seen Porter or the other DT make a play in the backfield?? I have no idea. It always starts up front! Get some beast DTs

maybe we can hire the duke DC he held this sorry V tech team with less talent, our D co ord could stock 50 top defenders and win a game the guy is sad....

yup mu staff is awesome, pinkel great coach. sonny your lying u dont want them to lose. this isnt the dolphins where it helps them next year if they tank rest of season. if they could of won this game they had great shot at acc title game, even if they lost they would of had great pub for being in the game

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