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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

You know the drill. Kickoff at 7. Game is on ESPN. Vital to Coastal Division title hopes. Need I say more?


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If the kids can't tackle and are not aggressive, that is ALL on the D and the coaches. It is what it is.

Posted by: FATLADYSINGING | November 09, 2013 at 08:52 PM


Chubbybroadsinging, CALVIN said both Golden and D'Onofrio have TAKEN AWAY the natural football INSTINCTS of the players. Especially the home grown fellas'.

Think we can talk Jedd into coming back? We're a mess all over. I understand Duke and Dorsett is out, but Morris regresses more and more each week. Coach Golden`s loyalty is a fault right now. I hear him talk about the passion I'd want for the program, but I'm not seeing the action. I'm all for holding players responsible, we need to, but that extends to our coaches as well.

wrong anti, they shouldnt of copeted for a nat title. be real, just finally got rid of the ncaa cloud

Manny's tweet is so true... he said "New Uniforms.. 2012 #Hurricanes tonight"

If Miami stops F-ing up they can still win this game. My assessment of the team wont change. Still no good. Been watching trash repeatedly. Just not good. No leadership, lack of good coaching and no players with killer instinct.

I haven't seen Kelvin Cain since he hit a NC rb while fighting off a blocker. The runner was stymied then got two yards before help arrived. This dumbazz staff probably considers that a missed tackle.

This defense makes every team they go up against look GREAT!

Who on here feels that coach D must go. Im number 1

Hey Coach Beamer,

Got no running game? No problem. Just run it around the ends. Your kid will look a Heisman player.

Got no passing and too many turnovers? Hey no problem. Throw underneath all night. The Canes play perma-prevent.

Coastal on the line? No problem. Miami is a souless team with poor coaching.

Got a good defense? we'll help with a gimpy QB.

Hey Golden, you will "get it fixed," right? By the way, Miami Ohio might be a good fit for you.

Hey D'Onofrio, you are a pathetic excuse for a DC.

This team has no heart, fears making errors and plays like a loser. Pathetic!

pinkel great coach.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | November 09, 2013 at 08:54 PM

The funny thing is I wanted Coach Pinkel as a possible Hurricane hire when their was an opening. He and his staff know how to get the most out of 3-Star players. Of course, he has a handful of 4/5-Star players, but not to the extent of Miami.

We need to start a petition for Coach D right now. He doesnt belong here

he has a ton of 4/5 star guys now. has the number one recruit in country from a year ago, scored 4 tds today

And offense doesn't help the Defense at all, with all of the three and outs! Very simple and predictable play calling...smh

Remember, we were ghost ranked this year and NCAA sanctions has crippled this organization and VT, FSU, etc,,, never had a recruiting/ sanction problem vs we did, we also have injuries and lost commitments, look at the stadium, we also have poor
team support in south florida, go to another teams stadium and they can have the worst record and still the community goes and support them. Remember this is not a football league, it's college sports, kids going to school. I'm happy we even made it this far.

Get the aflac duck in for the halftime speech. Him screaming aflac will be the best coaching this team has seen in a decade.

LSU 7 Bama 3... Let's see. UM ranked 11th and LSU ranked 13th. what's wrong with that picture. LSU would absolutely destroy the U and they'd do it with their 2nd stringers.

Dusty.....sorry....I'm just so upset right now

Who recruited Williams? Ugh, in our house we can't take command. I need my team to have a sense of urgency! I am from Howie days as well. I dont't expect the glory days but I do expect preparation and to be competitive. It seems like we play pusher ball ie do enough and the opponent implodes. Argh

sad seeing no fans ever there. no homefield adv at all

D.... Why are you being such a hater ?
how can you say such blasphemy when we all know we have greatest coach in all of college football

And we don't have the talent or recruiting background or tradition of mu

Game after game the defense makes the opposing Qb look like a heisman candidate. Logan Thomas has been horrible as of late until of course he plays us. 3 yrs of this already.

Come on Canes! Let's go get this one! I'm tired of just getting by. Bring the pressure on d. Get that O swag back. Let's just get it f`n going!

I am so disheartened about this Cane's performance that I can't even type right. Grammar sucks, spelling sucks, my triple E's are sweating like a motha-fo. I need a cold shower.

MIGHTY Duke gets a 38-20 win over Carolina St. this afternoon.

Cane loyalists, the ROAD doesn't get any easier for Goldie after tonight. Especially with D'Onofrio in the booth.

well lets come out this half and score a td, put pressure on them

Every QB we play looks like Heisman hopefuls when they play against a D'onfrio defense

This team lacks toughness. They are soft and the Miami swagger is gone. This needs to be toughened up. This team could use a Richie Incognito!

dont sleep on duke , they could go to acc title game over va tech

or a ray lewis, vilma, saap, taylor, reed, on and on

The question is does VT get to 56 and UM get to 21?

-5 yards rushing at the half. wow is this what the run game really looks like without Duke

here we go last chance to turn it around

vtech wont get near 56

ACC Coastal Power Rankings:

1. Duke
2. VT
3. Miami

But honestly guys as bad as dno is, I'm afraid nothing can get him canned bc if 116 can't what possibly could

run the ball!!!!!

run it up the gut u idiots

Even the Offense looks like chit. Terrible outing for the U.

Let's watch dnos awesome adjustments

Golden has no confidence in Morris, yet he keeps him in the game. He does not have him throwing the ball down field. At this point, why not bring in Ryan Williams. He is not going to be any worse than Morris.

3 & out coming out the half. Great halftime adjustments

This is the first time I've started to question the Golden hire. I understand losing to FSU. But this loss is really inexcusable. It's a home game and we could have gone to the ACC title game. I guess UM just can't pay what it takes to get a good coach. This team looks absolutely terrible and has for several weeks. Honestly does anyone see this team being any better next year?

orlando dorsett is gone, they have no down field threat.

so we cant even move the ball without Duke or the threat of Duke.

The canes just cannot tackle, they are out of position. This is horrible.

thats a fumble


You can blow my knee 10 times when I sign my million dollar contract in the NFL, but all of these college kids have taken a toll and they might not see a NFL team, having all these injuries, Remember play it safe, tackle at best you can, play at best you can, this is the motto in college football, That's why no one wants to blow a knee for fans like you on a empty stadium, but on Sundays in the NFL? they won't care if you watch them or not? They are signed in the NFL in the Millions, so blow both of knees all you want, Maybe Duke Johnson can play and score more points, but he won't see a NFL team. GO CANES, Cane Fan 1970's

This is sad

well thats game. im out cant watch anymore of this garbage. nor will i watch another game this year, like always "maybe next year"

wow they BLOW....

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