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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

You know the drill. Kickoff at 7. Game is on ESPN. Vital to Coastal Division title hopes. Need I say more?


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Hire Kirby Smart as Head Caoch

Ladies and Gentleman you have the worst coached defense in all of college football!!!

So glad I skipped homecoming this year, best decision I ever made. Those uniforms need to be never worn again and don't try any of this gimmick garbage anymore Alverage, you're a .500 mediocre coach with one game plan that doesn't work against above .500 teams that don't run the triple option like a high school team.

yearby goes to fsu......say bye also to trevor darling.....

The truth is that no matter what D'nofrio is not going to get fired. He is a good person yes and that’s being honest but most of all he is a loyal and trusted friend of Coach Al, so he will not be fired, whether we like it or not. So let’s get used to it. It's sad because we are used to the old days when we ran the 4/3 and we had coordinators that attacked the offence. At some point you can't blame the freelancing players we had or that they were not in shape.. You have to look at the schemes that he runs and the read and react philosophy. That will never work specially with the high power offences now. Three years and we still can’t stop the crossing pattern, so is it the players or is it the scheme?? We know the answer. It’s a waste of player talent to see Chikillo play in excess of 60 plays a game when obviously by the fourth quarter he is gassed. You have a great talent in Tariq McCord and Muhammad sitting on the bench waiting for a chance. Now the Morris conundrum; Morris is a good young man and has a very good arm but he is not and was not the answer. He is was a step up from Jacory but still cannot read the defenses effectively. When he gets under pressure his mechanics break down. So for closing, Coach Al is not going to get fired and he is not going to fire his close friend D’nofrio and college teammate. So as long as that goes we will be 8-4 for the foreseeable future.

It was funny listening to the announcers talk about logan thomas and how excellent his decision making was tonight, how hard is it to keep throwing to backs or receivers coming wide-open in the flats, lol. Coach goldie and the 500 club running a defensive scheme as if nobody ever’s seen it before, lol. Coach goldie tried to front load the schedule with cupcakes to try and up the defensive stats, now that we’re in the real part of the schedule, the same thing from last year has shown again.
bigger, faster & stronger, U-tough, good showing for recruits.

Al Golden and his staff must go. They can never coach at a high level. Under them, UM players will not develop, and they will continue to play with a lack of confidence and passion.

And the coaches will blame THEM when the problem lies elsewhere. The usual blather of "fixing it" is not about the players. The problem is the coaches.

I have seen enough of this kind of crap tonight. There are dozens of football teams in America that play with more passion and intensity than UM does.

If UF cans Muschamp, hire him. At least we will have a defense.

This is a disgrace...Morris is horrible and should not be playing..the D is horrible.....can't tackle and do not know how to pick up man running crossing pattern...change is needed...the players look like they didn't want to be there....no emotion...this is sad but could see this coming,especially Morris

OK here is my analysis.

As a 'Cane and one who is a Die hard Miami Supporter, this game made me mad as HE**.

It is Us against the World.

Why in the world with the lead that VT had would they put their first team defense on the team with 50 seconds left in the game?
Answer just to prevent any more points in the pouring rain when you already won. That Caoch G should file away for future reference.

My respect for everyone from VT with this display and even Brad Nessler (the announcer with sarcasm said that the lonely holdouts for the 'Canes are being drenched.
Camera showing empty seats.
Show total disrespect to our 'Canes.

We need to play the remainder of this season as warriors and beat everyone with a fervor that will make us know that the fire is burning hot.
We will be back.
Go 'Canes

I lost my faith but my heart is still saying still canes for life. Let D go and we start again.
What a shame on our D. Please no more excuse, AL.

I am through trying to stay positive and support this disaster of a team. I have been a Miami fan since the late 40's, listened to the games on the radio and going to the Orange Bowl when I could. Went through one losing season after another, but the team was still trying and we all supported them.

This farce of a program that has been presented to us is not only an insult, but it is denigrating the history of this program. Time to clean house or shut down. I can not stand to have to endure watching the complete dismantling of our football program.

Hey, Al, why don't you take your stupid gray jerseys and pep talk notes and burn them in the parking lot...just before you and your a-hole buddy posing as a defensive coordinator leave town.

Fire Donforio

And now, the time has come, and I must face the final curtain.....

The U lost...
The Heat lost....
The Panthers continue to lose and fired their coach
The Marlins, ah, they're just smelly fish and irrelevant

And finally, the Dolphins... They too will lose to the lowly Bucs and there will be a total meltdown in Phinsland.

Thank God we have the weather and even that sucked tonight.

Posted by: UGoCane | November 09, 2013 at 10:38 PM

They won't be back with that D.

conservative coaching UGOCANE

Never thought the day would come when I would be scared to see us play Baylor.

I guess we'll just have to wait out the inevitable firing of Golden and hope we get lucky next time. I figure it will take two more years for him to get canned so here's to 8-4 and/or 7-5 for a couple more years.

8-4 here we come. bowl humiliation. i can't believe it, but gallo was right. this is the exact same team as last year. i was blinded by the early win against uf, but it is the coaching. we have the talent to compete. i just turned on ag.
once again our defensive scheme utterly fails against a mediocre, nay, bad offense. our offense is streaky and inconsistent. smo17 is legit bad.
we are not going anywhere anytime soon. exposed.
we lose to duke. i put money on it.

Oh, how about that gigantic offensive line that we hear about every week. You know the one that is one of the largest in college football...
Yeah..the same one that can't block anyone...

He's gotta go, I've seen enough 500 yard games against my team. The guy makes every team look like juggernauts

Oh yeah, the team didn't give up, but let's look on the brightside, everybody passed the conditioning test this yer, we have a 40/40 club a 30/30 club, the team put on over 155lbs of mass/weight gain. The guys who didn't buy in got kicked off the team, so we have a team full of buy-ins. Don't forget the players committee either.

If this was the most important game of the year, great coaching job and having the team prepared, once again though, you gotta give the 500 club credit, he's the epitome of what coach goldie means by, "be the same guy everyday"!

yes....kirby smart....good choice, look if golden gets canned in 2 weeks he wont even be missed.....

everyone moves on.....lets get top HC from top 5 program or nfl....

dbc think about what you wrote tomorrow.
Tonight you might have written something way out of context for you as the dbc I have known on this blog.

To even mention Muschamp means you need to take a chill pill and recover. That is utter nonsense and you know it.

We don't do that here.

Go 'Canes

golden better stop wearing that stupid tie and white shirt.....its embarrassing now

The canes need a DC and a coach golden style isn't the type of procedure football Miami play were use to smash mouth defense and a aggressive offense I don't think him and his staff. Can do either.

D'No must go. I was a Randy apologist to a fault and now I've been conned by D'No. He's in waaayyyy over his head.

I'd like to take him on a short drive and dump him like the last guy

CALVIN nd' HarrietTubmanCane and like-minded loyal Huricane fan-dom are the bloody T-R-U-T-H baby!!

Calvin, it's the process. The 500 plus yard process.

Bring back the nc2a and the investigation, we played alot better before the punishment was none!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | November 09, 2013 at 10:42 PM


sarasotcane/Canes4life, why don't you WEASEL your way back to that canespace. Serious bUbba!!

Chit, that sarsotacane/canes4life been a D'Onofrio SYNCOPHANT for the past three seasons.

Calvin, D, HTC...apologies...the defense is officially a laughingstock.

Fire coley and donforiol. Fire golden too

gallo's right about the recruits too. won't be a bit surprised if we lose some of them; a lot of them.

hell, we lose to pitt too. i also got money on us being 8-4, losing to vt, duke,and pitt. even uva isn't a gimmee.

can we still self impose a bowl ban? lolol.

D how does smug feel to know that the team LOST?????

Great isn't it Harriet T, Calvin, and Gallo.

Let lose and let us know how HORRIBLE the 'Canes are. Now is your chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good feeling isn't it.
Go 'Canes

Fire golden

Seriously LOL... because I dig how that SOUP'er/86cane touted Miami would win, 37-20. hUh

I guess that haven't woken up to the FACT that Mark Marky is still in Coral Gables and will be for the ongoing duration.

Again, Miami will win and what not. But it will be of the 8-4 or 9-3 variety. With an occasional 10-2 season.

Fire golden now. Www.firegolden.com

Sarasota,,,What defense? You mean the 11 guys that stand around watching the opposing offense run and pass all over them?

If this was the most important game of the year, great coaching job and having the team prepared, once again though, you gotta give the 500 club credit, he's the epitome of what coach goldie means by, "be the same guy everyday"!

Posted by: Calvin


Here comes the excuse brigade

"obviously we didn't execute, obviously we need to get better, obviously we're not back yet, it's a process, that's on me but we'll get it fixed. "

Sure Al.

I just want one reporter ask him "why is it every game the other team comes out attacking on defense and we sit back and allow opposing qb's to get in rhythm? Is that by design?"

Posted by: UGoCane | November 09, 2013 at 10:47 PM

Good Ol' Boy, I happen to blather to KEEP HOPE ALIVE and what not. Even though it was a lost cause.

Now, please SNAKE your way back to that eoth/CS!

Golden Sucks, seen enough of this garbage product.

Don't even want to post anymore, but I am so p'd off that I can't stand it. Big changes needed and soon. I am off the bandwagon. Can we please get a competent coaching staff?

people don't trust data...that's the problem with bloggers.....stats don't lie since stats don't get interviews during press conferences....

47-47 after 8 years as head coach....no bowl wins, it aint gonna change......data doesn't work that way

a rushed hire with a 300 page binder that blinded administration....just look at the win at temple and the records of those teams.....1-11 or 2-10, all like that....

the scrubs we played this year provided the same dynamic.....

its all a FRAUD

The Cane media-nexus won't ask Goldie the HARD BALL questions and what not. Yet, they would GRILL the last head coach. hUh

Yeah, yeah Goldie is an excellant salesman and and excellant speaker and what not.

Now the true test of support for the 'Canes begin!!.

If you think they are everything that is written on this blog and not worth the time to support. LEAVE

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
In fact we should take note of who are the posters who hang around our worthless 'Canes.

If you don't like the 'Canes tonight watch another team.

The test begins.
Go 'Canes

Current staffs are short of game adjustment because they are not smart enough but dumb. ....

I've seen enough, these guys suck. Take your process back to the showers at penn state.

Well, the better team won tonight. Sad to say it wasn't Miami again. The defense had the same problem this week as they did last week, couldn't stop getting out flanked, again, and again, and again and the over the middle stuff either. Come to think of it they didn't do all that well against the run either. It's almost as if they were playing fsu again only this time the other team was wearing va tech uniforms. The offense is another story, if morris can't get his throws down so their no more than 8 or 9 feet off the ground, if, his foot/ankle is distracting him that much then Williams would be the better qb. What's wrong with making the change? Morris isn't doing enough now and maybe the rest will do him good. Well, maybe next week they can give Duke a run for their money, providing fsu doesn't show up again?

The only positive from this game is to hear what ridiculous words are spoken by ppl on here who will still say it's the talent and come up with excuse after excuse

Folks, what is on display is the work of the devil, the NCAA. They tied UM's hands for3 years regarding recruits. YES, there IS a difference between a 3 star and 4-5 star recruit, or FSU, 'Bama, OSU, etc would bust take1 star guys.
It's obvious, the Canes a a step slow/late, whatever. True, the schemes on both sides of the ball are 2nd rate. Fisch was a big loss, as is our DC.
Our kids are SO out of position, no adjustments are made, and no leadership on the field. Our D players like they are constantly afraid of getting beat deep. But the TACKLING? Or lack of?
UM can't afford the kind of assistants the State schools get, or big Indis like Notre Dame,. Stanford, etc. So how do you explain Vanderbilt?
An EXCELLENT coach with players of superior intellect. James Franklin will be hired away by Alabama when Satan goes to Texas, and they won't miss a beat. It's about timing.
I really like All, and he was dealt a lousy hand. But we're watching another Shula/Olivadotti, Jimmah/Wannstache, thing.
The kids deserve better than our 2 Co-ordinators.

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