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Golden after loss to Virginia Tech: "Whatever I say is an excuse. At the end of the day, we have to fix it."

On the difficulties in fighting uphill after falling behind early...

“Huge. You can’t spot them 21 points like that. At the end of the day, we executed the punt return and kick-off return exactly what we wanted - one was 30 [yards], one was 50 [yards], and we fumbled both of them. Just inexcusable. We had a low snap and gave them a short field there, and now you’re playing uphill the whole time. They’re basically playing keep-away at that moment. We didn’t get off the field well enough on third down. We didn’t convert enough plays on offense. Just really disappointed in those mistakes.”

On lopsided time of possession in the first quarter affecting chances of success...

“There isn’t any question about it. We had two fumbles and basically what amounted to a fumble on the low snap that we were down on. To start out the game like that, I don’t think there’s anybody in this business that would see that coming. There’s just no way that should happen. I’m really disappointed there.”

On the general issues that he sees with his team’s defense...

“We didn’t get off the field enough on third down. We missed too many tackles - too many egregious third downs that they converted. Really against the odds plays for them that they converted, and we didn’t stop them enough in the red zone. Even with the mistakes that we aided them [with] in the half, I think we were still only in the 30’s going into halftime play-wise. Not that that’s great, but it’s not like it was 40 or 50 plays. Again, just really disappointed. We didn’t deserve to win. We didn’t protect the ball, a low snap, three big blunders to start the game, and as I just said to them, don’t let anyone say we weren’t ready, we weren’t focused. If everyone is blocking who they’re supposed to be and we return it 50 yards, we’re ready to play. We fumbled the ball. We had a good scheme and we fumbled the ball. We score early on a screen, we’re ready to play. Just really disappointing. It’s impossible to overcome those odds.”

On how the weather affected his team’s gameplan...

“None. Zero. Don’t let anyone say the rain affected those fumbles. They started to get in traffic, you have to cover that up, and the ball should be higher. Something we work on constantly. The ball was just too low, the point was down. I’m embarrassed by it, to be honest with you.”

On any systemic issues he sees with the defense...

“We need to help them on special teams and on offense. There are a lot of things we need to fix. We had too many guys open, we didn’t tackle well enough, we didn’t get off the field, we didn’t get a red-zone stop, and we didn’t get enough pressure on the quarterback.”

On if the same issues that plagued the defense last week were recurring against Virginia Tech...

“The numbers would say yes. There were too many third-and-longs, too many against-the-odds third downs they converted. It was the function of two things: we blew a coverage – a man got free or cut a guy loose - lost leverage in the zone, or we didn’t tackle real well.”

On the play of the Virginia Tech wide receivers...

“We had some guys running free. We got out-leveraged a couple of times. As I said, we didn’t tackle. There’s no excuse. It has to be better, it wasn’t good enough, and it’s my responsibility to get it fixed.”

On what his team needs to do better offensively...

“We needed to get the ball. Obviously on the two occasions that we fumbled it, those two possessions certainly could help. We’re not good enough right now on third down. We’re not converting enough on third down with enough consistency, and obviously that’s an excellent defense we’re playing [against]. [When] you spot them 21 points, you’re fighting an uphill battle. It gets skewed when you make those kind of mistakes. It’s really tough. We didn’t convert enough of our shots down the field.”

On if he anticipates making any changes to his defensive scheme...

“We have to look at it. It would be premature to say we have to change things when we really had too many unforced errors, to be honest with you.”

On if the cushion for Virginia Tech wide receivers on third down was the product of mental errors...

“I know twice we got rubbed off and didn’t stay on our man, the other one we missed a tackle. We’re playing man [coverage] a couple of times, so it wasn’t like we weren’t being aggressive. We didn’t get it done. There’s no excuse. We’ll examine it, look at it, from top to bottom.”

On the Coastal Division race...

“We’re going to go to work tomorrow, like I just told the team. I’m going to be in there, getting back to work. They have to decide which direction they want to go – there’s a lot of football left. They have to get their minds right and move on. I don’t want to hear anything about last week’s game affecting this week’s game. We were ready to play. We did not take care of the football, and it really was the equivalent of three turnovers early in that game when you look at the two kick plays and the knee down. We didn’t tackle well enough, we didn’t get out of the field well enough, we didn’t get a red zone stop on defense. On offense, we didn’t run the ball well enough, we didn’t convert on third down, we didn’t hit the shots when we had them down the field, and we dropped a few [passes], to be honest with you.”

On the differences he sees from his team’s win against Florida to the loss against Virginia Tech...

“Whatever I say is an excuse. At the end of the day, we have to fix it. We have to go back to work and fix it. I’m not even going to go down that path. We’re all responsible for it, I’m responsible for it, and we’re going to go to work tomorrow on getting it fixed and getting this thing right, and do all the little things right to move forward and move the program forward. That’s what we have to all get going tomorrow.”


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Harriet TUBMAN, don't look now, but hears goldie's fresh press-conference, after a lost, "be the same guy everyday"

Heeeeeerrrrrreeeee's goldie:

I’m going to be in there, getting back to work. THEY have to decide which direction THEY want to go – there’s a lot of football left. they have to get their minds right and move on.

And people try and get mad at me and gallo for calling coach goldie and his mac minions outsiders, even coach goldie doesn't think he's apart of the team/THEM!

Let the Truth be told, we'd be better off finishing the season without a person listed as defensive coordinator on the roster, at least people would be able to understand than why we keep giving up all these yards.

What's is our defensive rank now.

Wheew weee, logan thomas did even better than i thought he would, 80.6 comp% 185.6 qb rating, zero turn-overs, if those are not heisman trophy candidate numbers i don't know what is, even jameis winston didn't have a game like that against us.

The only reason FSU didn't score more is because Winston tried to take more than what D'No was giving them underneath. Once Jimbo reeled him in and made him take the underneath yardage--they cruised to an uninterrupted win. Winston's disrespect slowed the Noles.

I'm kinda speechless after that game. I'm definitely not happy or going to boast or rub anything in that I honestly don't want to happen (UM lose like this), plus I don't want to mimic distractors who behaved like obnoxious Gator fans after we beat the now 4-5 Gators by 5 points. To gloat would mean that I'm surprised to have been right about the coaching ineptitude on our coaching staff. I'm not happy to have been "exonerated" by some. The proof has been in the pudding but;

There's a difference between believing something and wanting to believe in something.

The lesson dudes should learn is to not always marginalize their own demographic to remain trusting of another that may be frauding Us all.

UGoCane, U are a good Cane Soldier and I honor your support of our team, but the realm has been usurped by outsiders that are making money off of the sincere loyalty of good Canes like yourself and they don't deserve your loyalty until they clean and reset their intentions for this football program. U are like the Barrister on "Game of Thrones", U want to honor your lifelong commitment to a cause, but that cause has changed. U have to now fight against those in the positions U used to trust and protect to get Us back to the true mighty UM!!

U are a good soldier, in need of a sincere general.

"Football"--please just stop already. Enough is enough of U. Have U no shame?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 10, 2013 at 12:08 AM


There's zero possibility that Golden is using: "they", "them", and "their" after a loss AGAIN!!

I have to listen now--be right back.

Well those quotes are all unsatisfying.

Not even his press conferences are entertaining anymore and the team he coaches to play so damn bad every week still isn't worth the price of admission.

I'd throw in a, "Al should crawl on his hands and knees all the way to Arkansas to Randy Shannon to beg him to come coordinate the defense and recruit for him," joke here, but that's just piling on at this point and Alex Collins would just die laughing at the site of it, so I don't want to kill the poor young man when things are just starting to look up for him in his life.

Fire Golden and Donforio Now. Send them Back to the penn state showers

Typical golden bull$hit answers. The reporters questions were very good and goldens responses were very telling. Golden doesn't really see anything wrong, just some unforced errors.

somehow this randy shannon fault too right lmao. we wont be good until its a new defensive coordinator who isnt ruining great talent with poor play calling.

At least those ugly uniforms had Alverage's motto of, 'Deserve Victory,' embroidered into the collar tonight, you know, so when they choked on the field they could be strangled by that PR BS without having to find a copy of the handbook printed in orange and green on the cover from the sidelines to use instead.

That saved some time.

I can't do it Calvin! I don't want to hear it tonight...sorry bro. If I wanted to hear a hustle I'd just ride downtown and stand on the corner next to the 3 card mollie dudes.

Deserve Victory? We deserve d*ck. Team had no heart tonight.

Think tonight was the Last Straw with me and this football program AND this university. This performance was just atrocious! Have been following the Canes since 1963 and this game,along with that 47-0 lay down against UVA several years ago were just inexcusable and unforgivable! Things haven't improved one iota for10 years! One would think, having had a top ten program for years, this school would have made an
N effort to retain it, but with cheap garbage coaching hires, failure to monitor the program closely and lack of effort to get a decent place to play, the whole works has regressed to worse than the70's when the team was almost disbanded. These kids don't care whether they play well or not and the coaching is abysmal! Enough already!

Simply pathetic. Enough with blaming the players. Haven't seen one coach get in these guys faces all year.

Lack of preperation, lack of executions. I blame this game totally on the Defensive coaches. VA Tech did the exact same thing that FSU did. Why was those issues not addressed and fixed for this game? Horrible, and Golden was right there is no EXCUSE for the lack of play. D'Ofonrio has to GO. I know he is your friend Golden, but he has to GO. Our Defense was horrible, and made an average VA TECH offense unstoppable. Year end and Year out Miami does not get up for the Hokies and they are our main competition in the Coastal. I am totally disgusted by our team's play after this performance. Golden if you want to get it fixed, fire D'Ofonrio.

A letter to all the ignorant haters,
this is to address all the ignorant rants about Golden and the Canes,
The Canes will be ok, and when they are dominating soon, these same haters and ignorant folks who do not understand the program's plans which consist of getting recruits, refining there recruits mentally, physically, and should I say again cognitively. These same hating types of people, who don't comprehend work in process, will be on the bang wagon soon.
Its a difference between fans that understand and comprehend the saying "to be successful, successful people or organizations have to go through growing pains". The ignorant so called "fans" want immediate success. Well if your looking for success right away, get off the hurricane's band wagon and get on another band wagon because it's going to take another year or two before the canes are on beast mode. Example of FSU, the Heat etc. These teams did not win it all right away, before they became great they had to buy into the program and attain the right people to be where they are at now, and that's beast mode status. And that's a fact.
AL has been at the U for 3yrs. 2 successful recruiting class, who I should mind you are sophomores by now, so stop hatin, sit back and let that man do his job. Trust me on this, Golden is no slouch or scary dude; Coker, slouch, who benefitted from Butch's team cause he couldn't repeat, or Randy, scary dude couldn't let them boys grow to men, who wasn't the right dude either. Mark my words, skunks, or haters, whatever you want to be called, Golden and the U will be ok.

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, WHATEVER AL. Heard this all before. You've been say we need to fix these things. WELL WHY DON'T YOU FIX THEM. DID YOU EVEN WATCH THE GAME? YOU WERE THEIR I SAW YOU. Want to fix something? Fire your Coordinators. They reallllly suck AL. The hole team sucked last night. How bad are the canes? Why is that every single team we play look really good against us, then gets blown out by average teams. Just can't believe I went to that game and saw such a pitiful game. If this is what we have to expect from your staff? We may need to start making plans on running your butt out of town to pal. And before you Golden worshipers start your crap with me, its a open blog and you don't own any thing here so go joke yourself.

When you play not to lose you don't take chances. 9 running plays into the short side of the field with our line and backs speed is being cautious. If the foot hurts that much put Ryan in let him show out. The Dis like a high school D no innovation, blown assignments mean lack of attention to detail by coaches three weeks in a row against two sorry teams and the eventual NC and 1500 yards later it should wake up either the hewad coach or the AD. No D has to go.

To all those supposedly CANE fans who are done with the team or just can't stand it anymore, please go and support the Golden Panthers!

Through all kinds of weather, I am a CANES FAN! I am frustrated, disappointed, but I know we are coming around!!!

I love the CANES so much it makes cry who we perform this way, but I will support the CANES no matter the situation!

Here are the sad facts: 1) Morris is playing with the fear of further injury impacting his decision making. Obvious he is hurt worse than we have been led to believe. He needs to rest to heal. He does not give us the best chance to win right now. 2) There was a reason that Jimbo Fisher didn't let Coley call the plays. We are seeing that reason first hand. 3) D'onofrio was a fine coach at the mid-major level but he's not the guy to coach an elite defense. Golden must face that fact and make the change. 4) Elite recruits will not want to play in either of our current schemes on offense or defense. Without changes we will not get the top talent.

Paul Williams DB coach needs to go today, another Temple coach Goldie brought with him, LB play is result of players leaving before season started Paul etc..,DL is being taught to contain and not pressure.Bottom line Athletic director has to tell Golden get rid of DNO or leave. I like Golden, good person good recruiter good head coach but he's delegating authority to the wrong coaches(DNO) and that's making him look bad.Give Coley a break this year since he went with old system to help make it easier on the players.

The 2a, or b, team in Florida is Central Florida. And possibly the 2a, or b, team is Louisville. Both of those teams are full of Florida players and transfers from Florida schools. Both coaches are better than Al Golden. Both coaches have deeper and more talented teams, because of the forced transfers, of players, by Al Golden. Al Golden had an really talented team, that would have been extremely talented. Had he not practiced the forced transfer of talent, that was there when he got there. He has not, I repeat, has not done a better coaching job than any Miami coach since I started following Miami in 1977. The fact is that he has lost more than, the so called, worst coach that Miami has had, Randy Shannon. With Al Golden having, at least, a third more talent than him. Let us face facts and stop looking through imaginary glasses. There is not benefit in retaining Al Golden as coach of the team. He has been a complete failure as a head coach. Now it is time to fire him. If we would have brought in Kevin Sumlin, this mess would not be here. But the fan base and leadership was blinded by the light, the style, but no substance light.

Lets go through some more facts:

1) You were hallucinating thinking that the U was back after beating the Savannah States and FAUs of the world.

2) Now that you are facing the upper tier teams in the ACC you are losers again, and losing badly you are. Can you imagine what would happen if you played in a tougher conference (SEC/Pac - 12/Big 12)

3) You have no home field and no one is scared playing in your rental property JRS/PPS/Sunlife, whatever it is called.

4) When was the last time you beat a top 25 team?

The Defensive coordinator has had 3 years to fix, Golden just making excuses Mark needs to go DB coach needs to go they are over their heads, 1st year Golden said were to young ,second year, we are growing up, this year whats the excuse, get a good man, Mark should step down you cant give up over 500 yards a game against good teams no excuses Golden your pal is done and will bring down the whole team, and playing injuried Morris is just stupid cant run or perform , Coley needs a lot of work, the coaching staff needs a lot of work, Mark D is the major problem

Golden says we have to fix it, you cant fix stupid.

Golden isn't fixing it until he gets rid of his buddy coach D and I use the word coach loosely!

Last year the excuse was that they were young. What's his excuse this year? Miami will never be good enough until they get rid of the DC. The defense plays soft and every team gets 10 yard chucks with short passes underneath. I can't watch anymore, I am miserable even with the last minute wins. I am moving on because I want a happier life without the frustration.

I'm looking for a silver lining in this latest UM loss, but I cannot find one. For the first time this season, UM was badly out-schemed on both sides of the ball for an entire game. Even TV analyst Todd Blackledge knew which UM formations were going to be run or pass. Though Hokies seemed destined to win the game after recovering two of their own fumbles deep in UM territory, VT simply played with more heart and hustle. Canes were down double digits for fifth game in a row, they were emotionally spent, and they could not come up with turnovers - the real key to Miami's success this season. So, Miami is once again on the outside looking in re Coastal race, and ironically, if Canes beat Duke next week - an admittedly huge if - then Hokies will waltz to Coastal championship with games against Maryland and Virginia left on their schedule.

I agree with most of aforementioned commentary about shortcomings of Al Golden and his coaching staff, particularly about the way he has handled Stephen Morris, which has been detrimental to Morris' health, as well as Miami's on-field performance. But in any case, the bottom line is UM is not going to fire Golden. As a hard-core Canes fan for 32 years, I can only hope Golden will become a better coach or some other university will hire him away. I also have to admit that UM is not a plum location for a top-notch college football coach. That's why the school ended up with Randy Shannon and Golden, the latter of whom cut his coaching teeth primarily with Al Groh. FSU HC Jimbo Fisher cut his with Nick Saban and Les Miles. You get what you pay for.

Though UM's season seems over now, there are still four games left with an 8-5 or a 9-4 record being the realistic goal. For the moment, I have to swallow poor coaching and lack of talent....But if Canes dog it in the first half of Duke game like they did in VT contest, I'll find something else to do.

All the comments about the sorry ass DC are correct, he needs to go NOW! If Golden wants a future coaching football at the top level he needs to put aside personal feelings and fire him. If DOno was a man of honor, he would see that he is the absolute worst defensive coordinator in UM history and just resign!!!!
Its absurdly embarrassing how bad UM's defense is with the athletes and speed that are there!!!!
One of these men getting paid millions of dollars to coach football, needs to step up and get this crap straightened out!!! Please look, the defensive scheme you guys are running sucks!!!!!!

Another post making excuses for Al Golden. The talent is here, in the greatest amount since 2002. There would have been a greater amount of talent, had Al Golden not forced players to transfer. He should be fired if this team does not win, at least, 11 games. No excuses for the lack of coaching by Al Golden, none.


ChampCane, UM's overall athletic talent is a bit above average at best - there is no first-round draft pick in the starting roster. Great athletic talent usually can overcome bad coaching, which did not happen in FSU or VT games.

What Miami did not have, in the previous coaching tenure, was a good offensive line. And no defensive line depth. As I posted during that time, the recruiting experts were wrong about the rankings. There was not strong lines of scrimmage, during that time. This offensive line has top level and talented players. The defensive line has big players and depth. The skill positions are better. And would have been, vastly better had Al Golden not forced the payers to transfer. No excuses for this team to not win 11 plus games. Anything else should result in Al Golden's termination.

ChampCane, I'm trying to follow your line of thinking, but the stats keep getting in the way. Canes could not run the ball last night and the D-line rarely got run penetration or sacks. Boston College sacked VT QB Logan Thomas six times, and held Hokies to 55 yards rushing, while running for 196 yards. Miami rushed for 28 yards to VT's 183 yards and got two sacks. BC is a mid-pack ACC team, not FSU...

Last time we beat a ranked team, we beat the #12 gaytors. But they do suck way more than we do. So that shouldn't count. Because the gators are one of the worst teams in the country

You are proving my point that Al Golden is not a good coach. The proof of the talent was shown in the players that went to the NFL. The proof is in the greater talent on the lines of scrimmage. The proof is in the lack of results, on the field, from the lack of coaching by Al Golden. This is a 13 wins team. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt in saying that they should win 11. The time to terminate Al Golden is here, if he does not win 11 games.

Wow, what great uniforms, last time they wore new uniforms we lost to VT 31-17. Maybe the U should stick with tradition wear their traditional Orange and White and the traditional helmet, play like Hurricanes and possibly pull out the Coastal Division, then play FSWho for the ACC. Maybe, just maybe, we can play some defense, sit Morris and let him heal and lick his wounded ego, play Williams and win the last 3 games of the season.

Canes fans want 11 to 12 wins a year. Be realistic, apathetic fan base, no home field, mediocre budget. The only thing going for it is the amount of talent in the area.

Qback Morris has obviously been hurt the last few games. Why Coach Golden doesn't replace him is beyond me. They should beat Duke next week (note, I said "should").

AG won't be fired this year or next. reality.

here's what needs to happen.

We need to lose every remaining game; go 7-5; get humiliated in a middling bowl. Every team can and should put up at least 4-500 yds offense on us.

At that point, AG's loyalty to DNO has to give. This is supposed to be elite level college fb; a business. AG has to make a business decision to replace DNO.

Same with pulling smo17 and letting RW try to salvage the year. Look at what Duke did last night - pulled starter, let backup qb save the game. That's what backups are for. Business decision.

I am a canes fan, but I am now actively rooting for defeat for the rest of this season. Full exposure to sunlight is the best antiseptic. Our coaching is certainly septic.

We are stuck with a middling coaching staff at the top for at least another 3 years. Reality. The only realistic change can come at the coordinator level. The only probable coordinator change comes with obvious deficiencies in schemes fully exposed.

Go Blue Devils!

I not interested in 11-12 wins a year, what I am interested in is watching a Hurricane team play Hurricane football. Win or loose, Hurricane football, hard nosed every play, game after game, every minute of every game, with no one taking plays off. And, what happened to having your "skilled" players who have a habit of fumbling the ball carrying a football around campus and to class. Wow, if we keep fumbling the old pigskin they way we have the last 3 games could be a nightmare. Someone on that staff needs to get inside their heads and tell them there are 3 very important games left, and an opportunity to finish the regular season 10-2 and stay ranked in the top 25. So, let's get behind our Canes and support them.

Let's start the process to get Mark D'Onofrio fired!


Same old crap from these coaches. The only thing that will "fix it" is changes in the coaching staff, top down.

The DC is simply incompetent and calls games like a loser. As Greg Cote says today, the safties play "comically deep." Now that he is up in the Press Box, again showing his disconnect from the players, maybe he will keep moving entirely out of Goral Gables.

This team is emotionally beat up and some vague "process" and "training" BS ain't gonna fix it.

They need leadership that addresses their emotional state and coaches that know how to call games and schemes.

Why is the dubious OC running into the strength of the Hokies' defense play after play? We have a weak QB, ankle or not. We should have grabbed Pitt's Tom Savage when he wanted to play for the U. Pitt is improving, UM is not.

They are at risk of losing out. Watch Duke, Virginia and Pitt show up smelling blood in the water.

Ad- the fans are pissed because we seem way more angry than the coaches and players. They just don't seem to mind losing. No one on the team is getting mad during or after the game. There is no desire to compete and that makes us ALL sick!

Golden has been fixing this to long make the changes in coachs and adjustments are never made like other teams, Miami will be 7-5 this year, coachs and players, particlar thanks to Morris, who knows he should not be on the field.

Miami doesnt stand a chance against Duke nor Pitt maybe Virginia, end result major change needed in defense coachs and players that want to play hard. DB coach is got to go, a complete failure

We all saw the same old defensive woes reemerging at the start of acc play..despite smo17 having a decent game with some longballs thrown, he is not a consumate leader.

I am glad I am not the only here who actively wants us to lose out and get rocked in a bowl, so the coordinators have to be replaced.

Mark these words, we have several key decommits coming much sooner than later.

Another half decade of middling is a comin'. Painful to be a canes, small c, fan.

LIstening to Golden-the two fumbles are not the problem. The problem is that the defensive coach and the corner back coaches are completely incompetent and need to be fired . If Golden who brought them in from Temple will not do it then he needs to go too, although I think he is otherwise doing a good job particularly in recuiting. That will begin to suffer too if the defensive coaching is not improved. Time for a change ASAP.

My take is there are a lot of problems, but we are heading in the right direction and the biggest factor holding us back is LACK OF TALENT, there are more 3 star players than 4's and certainly very few 5's. I am hopeful that the 4 and 5 star players will start to come back to us, now that the sanctions are known, and the negative recruiting will diminish a great deal, since the case is resolved, and the recruits can see what is ahead.
I believe this because talent is probably the larger component of the equation, along with coaching, they both go together. I looked at the talent report before the FSU game, and it was clear they had the advantage. The player that is considered our best is Duke Johnson, a 5 star recruit. I will say this, even larry coker won a championship, and played for another, why? Superior talent, because we now know he was not a great or even good coach. I like Randy shannon, but he was over his head, not organized and let a lot of internal things transpire.
That said, I do like coach Golden, I think he is the best choice right now, but, his friend DoNo seems to be a second rate defensive coach, and he never takes any responsibility for the errors, that bothers me. I only hope we get better talent and improve the coaching defensively or move on from him.


FIRE GOLDEN Third bad hire in a row has doomed this program. UM needs a proven coach, soon.

You want to put pressure to see D corch fired? Well it is time to join this face-book page..


First, I love my Canes & Always will...no matter what. Now to the game...The turnovers? bad, but not fatal. The defensive effort, FATAL. Coach Goilden always says: "We have to follow the process"...well, I'm convinced that process now begins with a new Defensive Coordinator. Our defense appeared to be much improved against the likes of FAU, Savannah State and even a now exposed Gator squad. Look at how many points we gave up to mediocre teams like Wake and UNC before our true defensive identity presenteed itself at FSU and last night against VT. Yes, I realize it was horrible conditions last evening, but VT's defense was playing on that very same field. As much as I admire & respect Coach Golden, he is facing the toughest decision of his coaching career...dismissing his best friend Mark D'Onofrio. I certainly don't envy him, but the excuses have to stop. We had better athletes on the defensive side of the ball who continue to underperform...that my friends, is the definition of coaching, regardless of your dictionary.

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