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Golden discusses defensive philosophy, other notes from Tuesday (w/video)

With his team on a three-game losing skid and his defense in the midst of one of the worst runs in school history, UM coach Al Golden continued to face questions Tuesday about defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, his scheme and the basic philosophy behind it.

Once again, Golden reiterated he signs off on everything the defense does.

"I'm going to keep saying it, that I'm involved in every aspect of football here at the University of Miami," Golden said. "I'm responsible for it all. Right now we're not playing well enough collectively. Again we had some good performances the other night. I indicated those to you the other night on Sunday. But really collectively it's not good enough and I'm responsible for it."

What exactly is the philosophy behind this 3-4 scheme? And why does it seem like players are reading and reacting instead of being aggressive?

"There's never a day where we ever talk about read and react. That's not even a mention," Golden said. "Depending where you are on a defense you have a key and have to respond. That's defense. We want to be a 3-4 because a 3-4 lets you get more speed at linebacker, get in and out of over and under fronts. It allows you to play with four down or go to an odd front, allows you to have speed, allows you to attack more. Interceptions are up, takeaways are up, sacks are up. All that's up, but it's not good enough. So we have to continue to build it. We have to continue to build our depth, continue to develop kids. Obviously we want to attack, want to be a dynamic defense, a defense that can fly around and disrupt the passer and get tackles for loss. Otherwise you don't want to be in that configuration. Again, it hasn't been good enough. I want to own the fact it hasn't been good enough the last couple of weeks."

Why did Golden choose this style of defense?

"Because we didn't have a million defensive linemen," Golden said. "We didn't have 16 defensive linemen. For the real big guys, the noses, you only needed a couple of those. [Curtis] Porter, Earl Moore, we had to bring [Justin] Renfrow in to have enough to go through the season. We didn't have the depth on the defensive line. We had more linebackers, more guys like [Tyriq] McCord that were a hybrid guy. I think it was the best decision for us coming into this season and we'll continue to personnel it. But we're going to have to continue to improve and continue to build depth and move forward."

How important is scheme in relation to execution?

"At the end of the day you summed up any coordinator or any entity. You lay out what the philosophy is, what you're trying to execute and ultimately it comes down to the execution of it," Golden said. "It comes down to whether or not we're carrying out everything we need to do in those positions. The problem with our defense is you can get exposed if there's nine or 10 guys doing it right one play and one guys is not. No. 2 when you have issues you weaken other areas by trying to fix those. I don't think there's any question in my career I've seen just about every defense, been a part of a staff of any defense that you can have. Ultimately it comes down to the execution of what you're trying to get done on any single play. That's it at the end of the day. There's a million different things we can call. We look at that every day. We're evaluating that, we're evaluating our personnel, making sure we putting guys in position to execute and get their talent in the game."

Have you seen a difference in run defense in the 3-4 compared to the 4-3?

"I think we had more success early in the year by continuing to be multiple, by lining up in both, by pressuring out of both, and we'll continue to do that," Golden said. "We need more tackles for losses, more sacks. And we need more takeaways. All three of those can be tied together. We need that kind of output to return."


> Golden said there will be personnel changes this week, but he didn't want to delve deeper into than what UM released in its depth chart late Sunday night.

He did say senior Justin Renfrow would play more at end so Curtis Porter and Earl Moore see more time at tackle. Golden also said sophomore Tyriq McCord has played well at strongside linebacker the past couple weeks.

"[Freshman] Corn Elder is on the depth chart now. He is going to get more reps," Golden said. "[Freshman] Jamal Carter got a lot of reps today. Some of those guys are earning reps and doing a good job in the roles that we're giving them. We'll see if they can't add spark us or add something to it.

Is Golden going younger on purpose to get those players more experience? He stayed away from saying that -- or upsetting his seniors.

"It has nothing to do with their age," Golden said. "The one thing I want everybody to know -- we're going to support the seniors through this. Because we lost a couple of games I'm not going to turn my back on the seniors that really stood with us through all this tumult. I'm not going to do it.

"But certain kids I mentioned, Jamal [Carter], [Al-Quadin] Muhammad, [Ufomba] Kamalu, Corn Elder, they're earning reps. And they're earning reps because they're producing. It's just like Stacy [Coley]. Stacy is producing on kick and punt returns so now he's going to earn more reps. It's not that were taking any reps from any seniors. Some of these guys have earned reps and we're going to give them an opportunity."

> Golden said if the Hurricanes played Wednesday receiver Phillip Dorsett would be listed as doubtful.

"We have to be careful not to go too fast," Golden said. "If he's not ready to go we're going to have to continue to have Rashawn [Scott] and Stacy [Coley] and Herb [Waters] and those guys step up and chase the rabbit - the rabbit right now is Allen Hurns, he's doing a great job for us."

As for the other players battling injuries: "[Offensive lineman] Danny [Isidora], it's positive he's in yellow. Stacy [Coley] has already been integrated, will be clear. Corn [Elder] is moving forward. Artie we had to protect today. We'll know more about Artie [Wednesday] and Phillip [Thursday]. [Receiver] Herb [Waters] was fine. We were on our seventh returner in the game, lost our returners, needed guys to step up and they did."

> What has Golden seen out of freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen?

"He's starting to understand," he said. "Every opportunity he's in the film room he needs to listen, learn, take notes. Every time we're in a team meeting, go in that environment on the road, he has to learn. He has to learn to give him the best chance to compete with Ryan [Williams]. We have a smart team, know where to go with the football. Ryan and Stephen [Morris], very fortunate they can talk football the way they talk. They watch film, have ideas and reasons why they're doing it. We need Kevin to develop into that as well. Our biggest concern with Kevin was adhering to a process and learning how to do it. Because at the end of the day, playing quarterback, that process has to be second nature."


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" I don't recall Warren Sapp, Cortiz, Stubbs, Maderrezs, Maryland, Wilfork, and a host of other DL who started ever coming out of the game every three or four plays."

Not true. Look at all the guys they had rotating. In addition to the ones you mentioned, Greg Mark, Bill Hawkins, Kevin Patrick, Mark Caesar, Shane Curry, Anthony Hamlet, Darrin Krein, do I need to go on.

Almost to a man they played in the NFL or were All Americans or Conference first teamers.

Even a Pig like the Curse could have coached these guys. Talent wins, ladies. Go cry about firing some other DC or OC or coach.

I remember the idiots (probably some of you) who wanted Coker fired after some loss. Once Santana, Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis and crew grew up and had some depth behind them like, I dunnno, someone named Frank Gore or Willis McGahee, he was all of a sudden brilliant OC. Hmmmm, funny how that works.

The man has stood on his head to get the message across that on the defensive side of the ball there is a massive lack of talent, especially along the defensive line due to what he inherited and the holocaust by the NCAA. He doesn't want to belittle the kids who have worked so hard, but simply don't have the talent to be on a major football college roster.

Further, it was evident that throughout the summer Coach Golden and his staff were searching the country for defensive line help much like NFL teams peruse the waiver wire. They picked up a few kids, but as is plainly evident they have not made a significant difference.

For those who know what they are watching--it is unmistakable that the defensive line is getting blown off the ball on most every play and pushed right back into the faces of the linebackers and not getting to the passer when called upon to do so. Additionally, no matter how many stunts or scheme adjustments fixing that problem is not a possibility without considerably more talent. This is why Coach Golden bristled any time someone would claim the Canes are back as he simply knew from a talent perspective it wasn't even close.

If you don't have a defensive line--you simply don't have a defense--no matter the defensive coordinator.

Al Golden was best summed up by the student at Temple. A transparent opportunist, that does not possess a single winning coaching skill.

Well, he did beat the Gatr Trash. So that counts for something.

All the posters who have a FIX for our D need to read the response that CG gave, AGAIN........

If it ain't there then you put together what you have.

The D is so fragile that if 1 player screws up that opens up a host of problems.

No rotation depth/ talent confirmed.

We need the fix and that can only happen with Recruiting. Good talented players that can come in and immediately contribute.

Three days ago Zook addressed this, and many on this board, reacted.
Go 'Canes

Most knowledgeable people say that this roster is an 8-4 or 9-3 roster. The clowns here wanting the DC, OC, HC fired think it is a BCS roster.

Got news for you ladies. Canes need a few more top recruiting classes. Even then, it does not guarantee anything (I'm talkin' to you, Texas and Gatr Trash).


"what has Texas done since firing their D coach, what has USC done since firing their Coach"

You really think Miami's talent is on the level with Texas and SC? Really? USC last year's preseason #1? Texas preseason top 10? Both with top 10 recruiting classes the last 15 years.

You think it's an apples to apples comparison? You have a way of looking at half the ledger and thinking your answer is absolutely correct.

Here is an old quote about the 3-4 defense "I think good coaches will coach with the personnel they have, and if you only have one (good) linebacker, you’re not going to play a 3–4. ”
—Hank Bullough, who installed one of the first 3–4 defenses with the New England Patriots.

I am sorry but saying we don't have D-lineman, doesn't mean we have line backers. We have one good one and a bunch of over achievers. We have run off way to many of our LBs and so the above quote means that Golden might want to re-think that 3-4 scheme. If we are going to stick in the 3-4, Golden better get working on LBs. We don't have any good ones that I could see operating base 3-4 scheme. In the 3-4, the LBs need to be FAST and BIG as well as having super BIG DTs who can occupy 2 gap responsibility. Right now, we don't have DTs that can do that and we don't have super fast big ILBs. So, the 3-4 by all accounts is the bad choice for Miami. We have Des who are good but without a DT to eat up two blockers our DEs and LBs can attack. Since they can't attack and are already small and slower than required, the 3-4 defensive scheme gets exposed. Bama runs the 3-4 and the Steelers run the 3-4, but look at their DL and LBs.


We have DEs who are good but without a DT to eat up two blockers our DEs and LBs can't** attack.

Had to fix my typo

Jim, Maybe we are not more talented than Texas, but we are more than USC. USC has had scholarship restrictions for 4 years. That handcuffs them.

Jim, before this season started I thought we would go 10-2 or 9-3 in the regular season. But I also thought our losses would be FSU and UF, only. That would make us a 1-loss team in the ACC, 10-2 and in the ACCCG. We are now 7-3 and 3-3 in the conference and not going to the ACCCG. So, by all accounts, I don't think we are a BCS roster but I do think we should be in the ACCCG. I mean even with the loss to FSU and VT we still should be in the ACCCG. Duke is the reason I am upset. VT and FSU were game that I looked at in the start of the season and said, "those will be tough games". I EXPECT to beat Duke. If we went 9-3 with losses to UF, FSU and VT, at the start of the season I would say ok, those are tough games and I would have taken a 9-3 season. Since 9-3 is better than 7-5 and improvement.

Remember Golden comments earlier this year when he thought we had got better, WE HAVE MORE DEBTH NOW AND WE CAN ROTATE PLAYERS, NOW ITS BACK TO THE EXCUSE TO HELP PROTECT HIS FRIEND

Rick, that is correct. I remember the talk about the D-line rotation and depth.

Opposing Offensive Coordinators must be salivating week in and week out the last 3 years watching game film of the Cane Defense. It it the most unaggressive, vanilla, unsophisticated, non blitzing, non stunting, with decent corners 10 yeards off the ball dropping immediately at the snap, with below average Saftey play over the top and just ONE NFL prospect in the front seven. But all that is ok, because they all make up for by being pizz-poor tacklers.

IF, GOD ONLY IF, We would just play across man press with 7 in the box bringing 5 and 6 at a time BANZAI Defense, if only just for 1 First Half, sure we may get a few big hits on us, but I PROMISE we will put FEAR into opposing Offenses causing multiple mistakes, turnovers, short fields and Defensive T.D.s ! No more of the sitback, bend, bend, bend, bend, hope, bend BULL$HEET !!! Do we have the personal to do it ? WHO THE HELL KNOWS !!! WE NEVER TRY IT !!!

but I suppose Penn. State won games the Golden n Dno way, so that is that.

Posted by: willg | November 19, 2013 at 01:25 AM


Here here. That's pretty much all we are asking Coach Golden. Bring the HOUSE not just from time to time. But PREDOMINANTLY. Please Coach. Don't just try it, do it.

Ty Dmoney

AS far as the team fell and with NCAA Sword of Damocles over Al over the last 3 years... I am just happy we have a guy who has ALL THE QUALITIES YOU WANT IN A HEAD coach. WE are not to the caliber we all want to see. BUT
Its just the beginning of the Golden Era... give him some time to recruit. Canes will be back!

Goldie and Mark Mark DON'T have enough TALENTED defensive tackles, because they seriously DIDN'T recruit enough quality, B.C.S.-level D-line tackles.

Furthermore, thee Carpetbagger's FAILED to develop the ones in the Cane locker room. Heck, Goldie and Marky even RAN OFF a couple of DT's.

The same lame guesses above can be APPLIED to the Hurricane line backing corp!

When AG said he want and "aggressive" defense did anyone ask why 90% of the time he has the corners 7-10 yards off the receivers and twin safeties not even in the picture. Or his linebackers 5-7 yards behind the dline WHEN THE OTHER TEAM HAS 3rd and short. Or ask him why their version of defense has given up the same flat routes, crossing routes, read options since the Maryland game 2011?

Sift thru the bs coach speak and believe what your eyes tell you!.

Face it, we're just not that good at this point. We can't destroy what's in place the moment things go wrong. We have to give it time. Ten years of mediocrity and NCAA cloud is not gonna turn sunny all of a sudden.


Canes will be back!

Posted by: who can coach | November 19, 2013 at 05:12 PM

If you say so dUde! I'm guessing your a CS/eoth VISITOR and what not. dUh

More POIGNANT though, is Auburn FINISHED with an ugly 3-9 record last season and it DIDN'T take War Eagle 4 or 5 season's to COME BACK!

ENTER a current record of 10-1 for Auburn and basically the same roster and starter's. Go bloody figures! hUh

Now canespace/eoth INTERLOPER. That's coaching and NOT excuse making!

They are missing on the DTs and LBs. If they want to run this 3-4 defense, I am ok with it. BUT you better sure as heck recruit the players to run the system. They have DTs in the class, some studs actually. They do not have any stud LBs in this class to run the 3-4. Perryman is the only LBs worth anything and he is still slow and small for an ILB in the 3-4. He is a OLB.

By the way, Auburn finishes the season at HOME against Roll Tide Roll and I wouldn't be the least bit surprise to see one more SHOCKER in college football. SEE Stanford's win over Oregon a few weeks ago.

And IF that UNTHINKABLE outcome did become a reality. Then, your witnessing a War Eagle team going from one extreme, 3-9 in 2012, to another extreme on the college football season record, spectrum... 11-1.

Again, Thee Carpetbagger's have sold CS/eoth dude's FOOL'S GOLD. No pun intended. hUh

I am glad I was away through this dumpster fire. Clearly, the VT and Duke games showed the weakness of our D. Unfortunately, the O couldn't convert either in critical moments, but we expected the D to be a lot better.

Instead of calling for coaches' heads (it is clearly a combination of coaching and talent), I am beginning to think a couple of our critical D lineman and LBs may be playing hurt. Giving up multiple long yardage rushes to any team is a recipe for disaster and I don't think our DL/LB corps are that weak or the scheme is that bad. It is not that the scheme is exclusive to our D or coaches.

After reading that Figs didn't play last week, we are not being made aware of injuries on the D side of the ball. So, hang in there fellow 'cane brothers.

Our O and D are well complementing each other on 3rd down conversions. The D allows everyone an easy conversion and our O can never convert easily. That is a lethal combination. Given that what we've been through, the coaches need to be give a minimum of two more years to fix this mess. No other coach will be able to bring us back before two more years either.


To your Auburn point. The cupboard wasn't bare when that coach got there. He had a team of underachievers. Our team doesn't even have underachievers. We had nothing 3 years ago. Coach D No gets this year and maybe next year. I usually like to give coaches 4 years. I feel in four years, if you can't get things working, then it is time to change. Not Al Golden. I think Al has earned the right to be here for at least 4 more years since he stuck through the NCAA crap, which is why I also would give Coach D'No another year maybe even two. The main issue I have is that we want to run the 3-4 but we don't bring in the DTs and MLBs to run that scheme. They have this recruiting cycle and the next one to address those positions. We have done well with DBs and DEs but the MLBs and DTs suck, and those are what decide your base defense. Not that running a 4-3 would be better but I think our personal dictate that we run a 4-3.

The other issue isn't the play of the DBs, it is of the coaching of the DBs. They are being told to stay back 6 yards on the snap, when they are in a 3rd and 2 or 3rd and 3 situation. That opens of the easiest slant routes in the world and also makes the screens a lot easier. In 3rd and 2/3, you have to have the confidence to play press coverage in man-to-man. Otherwise you are giving up the first down, which is why WE all hate this bend don't break crap.

I won't attack the coaches but I can tell you this right now. If I can see the personal we have and the scheme we are running. Then the opposing coaches can see it also.

I agree with you Football…

I would give Coach D'No one more year if the Defense sucks next year and two years if they really improve next year.

I would give Coach Golden 4 years. I say this because Next year would be his first year without the NCAA crap. To me that is like it being his first year even being here. He would also get that time from me because I think he should be honored for sticking with Miami over the past 3+years. His 3+ years for NCAA crap has bought him at least 3+ years from me. I know most fans won't agree with me but I believe there has to be a mutual respect and he has shown that to us, so we should return it to him.

Posted by: D | November 19, 2013 at 05:17 PM

Auburn didn't take long because they hired their former "O" Coordinator. They had bad years in 2011 and 12 because they had changed their style of "O". So, it wasn't like they didn't have players (two years after a NC). And they perhaps paid off NCAA over Cam Newton issues. Unfortunately, either due to injury/ coaching or a combination thereof, Morris has regressed.

Stanford and Oregon also had relatively easy coaching transitions. I only wish that we finish strong, but if the guys are playing hurt, that is not going to happen.

Finally, before I head to the gym. I don't think calling for a coaches head or job is the best route anyways. The opponents and out side world will do that enough. The fans should support the coaches. When I criticize the coaches, I usually try to back it up with facts about the scheme and such. I think that attacking them only feeds the fire of negative recruiting and then they best players who might help turn this thing around end up going to a different school.

Go Canes and I Stand With The U…

Lets get this thing fixed.

Good point Football,

I also agree, we need to win the next two, going 9-3 is an improvement. 9-3>7-5. They need to win, get the bowl and recruit

Posted by: DMoneyUM | November 19, 2013 at 05:37 PM

I agree with you DMoneyUM. All of these guys clamoring for change are not thinking this through. The man stuck around when our program was in dire straits with Muskrat and others negative recruiting that we will be given death penalty. We need to be patient and let him do his work.

It is hard to watch our D giving up 40+ points week in and week out, but it is not solely due to coaching.

Seriously, the VAST MAJORITY of CS/eoth and M-H Cane fan-dom are a bellowing, HERD of F-O-O-L-S!!! Nothing more and nothing less.

Chit, we CAN'T get rid of no coordinator's at the END of the season, because that foolish move would bloody well DISRUPT the lame arse flow of the PROCESS.

Well, at least A.D. Haden knew what was best and CHIT-CANNED his head football coach.

And lo and behold... look where the Men of Troy are now!!

Heck, if U.S.C. defeats U.C.L.A., then A.D. Haden looks like a modern day college football SAVANT.

But no, the GULLIBLE Cane fan-dom are... the gullible Cane fan-dom. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then there was the GREAT GRANDPA from Austin, Texas. He chose to, also, chose to CUT LOSE his defensive coordinator and the Longhorn team defense suddenly IMPROVED and went on a winning streak. Go blood figures'.

Oh, I bloody BELLOWED that D'Onofrio should have been asked to resign at the conclusion of the football season last season.

Now, your beloved Hurricanes are the LAUGHING stock of not only the A.C.C., but the rest of major college football!!

FWIW... Virginia football player's are VERY CONFIDENT in facing Miami this Saturday.

Matter of fact, they see a Green nd' Orange FACADE in Golden and D'Onofrio's squad.

Also, that major college football POWER HOUSE Virginia has a THREE GAME winning steak against Miami, Florida and TWO of those wins were against... Thee Carpetbagger's.

My fellow 'Canes fans: I have no doubt UM is lacking talent on our D. But, you mean to tell me that Duke has so much more talent that UM that they blow out UM? Not 1 player at Duke was recruited by UM. Better players are being recruited but our DC blows.

Let me follow up and put this as clearly as I can: D'Onofrio, with the 2001 squad, would still lose 2-3 games/year. Enough said.

Problem with what Golden said is that even 4 and 5 star DTs don't come in from high school and dominate. RBs and WRs maybe, but not DTs.

So does that mean we can expect the same horrible defense next year, specially with our best DT (Porter) graduating?

Is the solution in the roster or is this the perfect excuse to keep D'Nofrio around for a while?

I'd prefer being more agressive and giving up the big play and get it over with instead of the slow death defense we have now.

Finish strong Canes!

I would like to thank the following players for finally graduating:

-A.J. Highsmith
-Jimmy Gaines
-Shayon Green
-Eduardo Clements
-Kelvin Cain
-Jared Wheeler
-Luther Robinson
-Tyrone Cornelious
-Kacy Rodgers

Same post made about Coker's outgoing recruits when Shannon was hired

To no avail again--history just repeating itself

Coker, Shannon and Golden are mediocre hires period and its on purpose to save money.

Can't wait till next season to hear the excuses and see what portion of the bus the players will be thrown up under again, while we collectively ignore the millionaires with the most power and influence.

Think the defense and offense are bad now???

Ricmondvacane you''re certainly entitled to your opinion. But, that does not make it a fact.
I for one think that our DC while may not be rex ryan caliber, is plenty good enough schematically to not allow 40+ points in consecutive games. My guess is that some of our guys may be playing hurt. The players do not have the same reaction they had during the FL game. Our coaches have also shown that they can be flexible schemewise. But, the execution is lacking on both sides of the ball (more on D last two weeks). I don't think its solely due to coaching

HarTubwoman read the post by TGMoney, and Cane89.

They state ideas and opinions, not a DU** a** POST which attacks speech pattern instead of ideas.

Why even post?.
Why look at the video?
You contribute nothing.
Go 'Canes

Posted by: UGoCane | November 19, 2013 at 04:34 PM
And all U do is hear and obey like a puppy dog.

Never made ONE decision in your life.

Everything u believe and hold to be true is a complete fallacy--go down the list and you'll see your pattern of being a total robot and puppet for any and everyone who wants to make $ off of your allegiance to nothingness.

Again complete "get in line...like the rest of Us" mentality to yourself

Employment doesn't entail Prowess-- sorry apologist-live on your lies but don't get upset because I choose not to.

These coaches don't come before the U...period...no matter how much and often U and others attempt to spin it.

He can't coach and its his defense--U are going to hear that truth everyday here--deal with it.

I've explained the whole UM 10 years of mediocrity frontwards and backwards, if U believe thats not contributing then thats subjective and your opinion. I'll tell U this--U won't find my opinion anywhere else, its easy to regurgitate Chris Freet and Blake James's press memos, but try to produce an original idea for once or critically think. What U and I consider "a contribution" is two totally different things.

The truth is never popular to minion like yourself. F' the status quo and prevailing sentiment U spew daily. Fall back--its a Canes Thing!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 19, 2013 at 05:51 PM

BTW, my post did (and always do) question ideas.

Did U notice the stars** around "*put themselves* in positions to make plays"???

Now whose job is that? And when the kids do it--they're benched for "free-lancing"

Golden and D'No have Us both ways on every topic imaginable but keep protecting them with the little Cane integrity U have left.

I support the players that brought Us 5 NC's with 4 different coaches!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 19, 2013 at 05:56 PM

What PRECEDES tackling?

Reads and coverage

Who teaches all three skills especially the latter

The DC and HC that used to be a DC.

If our secondary is taught to allow catches underneath and not challenge completions, then that forces them to tackle perfectly in space against slot receivers and TEs in full stride all game long. NO "HORSIE" can do that for 60 minutes straight especially when its offense scores in 1 minute on average.

Why is Golden running defense, is Mark getting paid, Miami has been in this fix before Goldens blowing smoke up our butts and if thats the best he can do what does he do well its not defense, regardless defense coachs have to go its not going to work with there fix ask a real coach still trying to save Mark he has no skills in defense. AD Blake will have to force Golden to fire Mark after season cause he wont, and we wont put up with anymore season or excuses or we can fix it crap, get real.

The scheme repetitively puts the defensive players in a disadvantage where tackling is concerned. No we don't have the "talent" to tackle perfectly in space coming out of backpedals and flat-footed stances for 60 minutes.

Who does?

The administration has tochange the defensive coachs, Golden is to buddy with Mark, enough he has had time but we have gotten worse not better on defense, so question is fire Mark and look imediately for new man as soon as season ends, cant wait another year, and no excuses were to young, it will always be that way. Golden is losing control of team, they will lose remaining games this year that should do it. I hope we win but not with Mark as defense coach, change has to happen.

Duke has less talent than Miami and less 4 star players, yet they kicked our butts they have coaching. Golden needs to wake up. I would think his job is more important than throwing it away to save Mark who is clearly a underachiever.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 19, 2013 at 06:31 PM

So, why do you think the coaches use this approach if its so blatantly obvious? Its not like they have not been successful in the past.

there's a saying in politics: when you're explaining, you're losing

Well I have never ben a big fan of the 3-4 defense as I have always been a 4-3 guy. I do see the rational from Golden that if you don't have enough D-tackles and an abundance of Linebackers it does make sense to make the switch to get your best players on the field. What I don't get is why move McCord to LB when he looks like and plays like a DE for a 4-3. Another thing is if you are going to be a 3-4 then send a LB or somebody to help with the pass rush. And if we are going to be a 3-4 then stop sending out a depth chart listed as a 4-3. I don't care what anybody says whether its Golden, D'nofrio or anybody else on defense we are reading and reacting instead of attacking. I don't understand why not go ahead and start Muhammad at DE along with McCord and allow Pierre, Moore and the other bigs to clog the middle, put Kirby at MLB, Perryman at OLB and whoever at the other OLB and play bump and run with our Corners. Who cares if they get burned deep, they are young and I can deal with them being aggressive and making mistakes. What I can't deal with is our defense staying on the field too much and not allowing our offense to get back on the field. I support Golden and still believe he is going to be a great HC for us,and is a much better HC than what we had with Shannon or Coker but this defense sucks. I might be wrong and hope I am but there is no way in hell that we are not reading and reacting on defense.

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