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Golden discusses defensive philosophy, other notes from Tuesday (w/video)

With his team on a three-game losing skid and his defense in the midst of one of the worst runs in school history, UM coach Al Golden continued to face questions Tuesday about defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, his scheme and the basic philosophy behind it.

Once again, Golden reiterated he signs off on everything the defense does.

"I'm going to keep saying it, that I'm involved in every aspect of football here at the University of Miami," Golden said. "I'm responsible for it all. Right now we're not playing well enough collectively. Again we had some good performances the other night. I indicated those to you the other night on Sunday. But really collectively it's not good enough and I'm responsible for it."

What exactly is the philosophy behind this 3-4 scheme? And why does it seem like players are reading and reacting instead of being aggressive?

"There's never a day where we ever talk about read and react. That's not even a mention," Golden said. "Depending where you are on a defense you have a key and have to respond. That's defense. We want to be a 3-4 because a 3-4 lets you get more speed at linebacker, get in and out of over and under fronts. It allows you to play with four down or go to an odd front, allows you to have speed, allows you to attack more. Interceptions are up, takeaways are up, sacks are up. All that's up, but it's not good enough. So we have to continue to build it. We have to continue to build our depth, continue to develop kids. Obviously we want to attack, want to be a dynamic defense, a defense that can fly around and disrupt the passer and get tackles for loss. Otherwise you don't want to be in that configuration. Again, it hasn't been good enough. I want to own the fact it hasn't been good enough the last couple of weeks."

Why did Golden choose this style of defense?

"Because we didn't have a million defensive linemen," Golden said. "We didn't have 16 defensive linemen. For the real big guys, the noses, you only needed a couple of those. [Curtis] Porter, Earl Moore, we had to bring [Justin] Renfrow in to have enough to go through the season. We didn't have the depth on the defensive line. We had more linebackers, more guys like [Tyriq] McCord that were a hybrid guy. I think it was the best decision for us coming into this season and we'll continue to personnel it. But we're going to have to continue to improve and continue to build depth and move forward."

How important is scheme in relation to execution?

"At the end of the day you summed up any coordinator or any entity. You lay out what the philosophy is, what you're trying to execute and ultimately it comes down to the execution of it," Golden said. "It comes down to whether or not we're carrying out everything we need to do in those positions. The problem with our defense is you can get exposed if there's nine or 10 guys doing it right one play and one guys is not. No. 2 when you have issues you weaken other areas by trying to fix those. I don't think there's any question in my career I've seen just about every defense, been a part of a staff of any defense that you can have. Ultimately it comes down to the execution of what you're trying to get done on any single play. That's it at the end of the day. There's a million different things we can call. We look at that every day. We're evaluating that, we're evaluating our personnel, making sure we putting guys in position to execute and get their talent in the game."

Have you seen a difference in run defense in the 3-4 compared to the 4-3?

"I think we had more success early in the year by continuing to be multiple, by lining up in both, by pressuring out of both, and we'll continue to do that," Golden said. "We need more tackles for losses, more sacks. And we need more takeaways. All three of those can be tied together. We need that kind of output to return."


> Golden said there will be personnel changes this week, but he didn't want to delve deeper into than what UM released in its depth chart late Sunday night.

He did say senior Justin Renfrow would play more at end so Curtis Porter and Earl Moore see more time at tackle. Golden also said sophomore Tyriq McCord has played well at strongside linebacker the past couple weeks.

"[Freshman] Corn Elder is on the depth chart now. He is going to get more reps," Golden said. "[Freshman] Jamal Carter got a lot of reps today. Some of those guys are earning reps and doing a good job in the roles that we're giving them. We'll see if they can't add spark us or add something to it.

Is Golden going younger on purpose to get those players more experience? He stayed away from saying that -- or upsetting his seniors.

"It has nothing to do with their age," Golden said. "The one thing I want everybody to know -- we're going to support the seniors through this. Because we lost a couple of games I'm not going to turn my back on the seniors that really stood with us through all this tumult. I'm not going to do it.

"But certain kids I mentioned, Jamal [Carter], [Al-Quadin] Muhammad, [Ufomba] Kamalu, Corn Elder, they're earning reps. And they're earning reps because they're producing. It's just like Stacy [Coley]. Stacy is producing on kick and punt returns so now he's going to earn more reps. It's not that were taking any reps from any seniors. Some of these guys have earned reps and we're going to give them an opportunity."

> Golden said if the Hurricanes played Wednesday receiver Phillip Dorsett would be listed as doubtful.

"We have to be careful not to go too fast," Golden said. "If he's not ready to go we're going to have to continue to have Rashawn [Scott] and Stacy [Coley] and Herb [Waters] and those guys step up and chase the rabbit - the rabbit right now is Allen Hurns, he's doing a great job for us."

As for the other players battling injuries: "[Offensive lineman] Danny [Isidora], it's positive he's in yellow. Stacy [Coley] has already been integrated, will be clear. Corn [Elder] is moving forward. Artie we had to protect today. We'll know more about Artie [Wednesday] and Phillip [Thursday]. [Receiver] Herb [Waters] was fine. We were on our seventh returner in the game, lost our returners, needed guys to step up and they did."

> What has Golden seen out of freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen?

"He's starting to understand," he said. "Every opportunity he's in the film room he needs to listen, learn, take notes. Every time we're in a team meeting, go in that environment on the road, he has to learn. He has to learn to give him the best chance to compete with Ryan [Williams]. We have a smart team, know where to go with the football. Ryan and Stephen [Morris], very fortunate they can talk football the way they talk. They watch film, have ideas and reasons why they're doing it. We need Kevin to develop into that as well. Our biggest concern with Kevin was adhering to a process and learning how to do it. Because at the end of the day, playing quarterback, that process has to be second nature."


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The question that needs to be answered is can we win a championship with these coaches? No accountability or adaptation equals no championships acc or otherwise.

Posted by: Tallycane | November 19, 2013 at 10:23 PM

U should be ashamed of yourself for even pondering that notion.

Because Thee Carpetbagger's will NEVER play in an A.C.C. championship game. Let alone win the A.C.C. title.

Albeit Golden nd' D'Onofrio will lead the Canes to winning seasons.

Unfortunately, those winning seasons won't be of the " 11- " or undefeated sort of seasons. And a 10-2 season will probably come ONCE every four seasons or so.

We lost to Duke and you guys are apologizing for Goldilocks?! We lost to Duke! Duke! In football! Duke!

People like he said>>>>>>>>IT WAS DUKE>>>>>>>>>>>DUKE

Al golden did something at temple that had never been done at temple had a winning record. Addazio took over and they fell back to average. Sorry but coach golden can coach. He knows how to build and is doing that. Its not his fault he was left with a very bare cupboard and had only 4 guys commited when he took over as coach so his first class was left scrambling for bodies any bodies to be part of the canes. Then the ncaa mess hit and he spent the last 2 yrs recruiting dealing with that mess and all the rumors of a death penalty which limited the talent he got. Miami is finally getting those top d line guys in a class this year. There front 7 has little depth and is avg. Perryman is good but the rest is ok, Chick is good as well. The top talent in our secondary and even dl is young sophmore freshman. Thats the truth. i trust in coach g to get us back where we belong but anyone who actually thought this was the year was naive . Id love to see miami win out and then win there bowl game. 9-10 wins is a nice boost for this team not to mention he gets that extra month this year of practice by going to a bowl game.

Posted by: mainecane | November 19, 2013 at 11:54 PM


Looky here, just another GULLIBLE canespace bUffon. Nothing more, nothing less.

So do those loyal, Cane fan-dom whom AREN'T brainwashed by Goldie nd' Marky Mark.

And take your SILLY, propaganda notions back to that CS!!

FWIW... Thee Carpetbagger's NEVER won a championship in the LAME m.a.c. Chit, the Groh/JoPa disciples NEVER won a championship during their brief tenure at Virginia.

" Sorry but coach golden can coach. " MAINECANE

Can somebody tell this " CS Bozo " to get back on his medications. hUh

Because I witnessed the ENTIRE Duke coaching staff do a NUMBER on Goldie nd' Marky Mark's squad.

This whole thing is fine for the loss to FSU because we don't have as much talent as FSU. But homie, we lost to Duke. How did Duke get more talented than us?!?! Golden is basically saying we don't have horses to compete against Duke? Not only did we lose, we got whipped.

How do you explain UF? They are down this year, but don't tell me Duke is better than UF.

Posted by: mainecane | November 19, 2013 at 11:54 PM

What a FOOL believe's should be your ephitet.

I agree Golden knows how to build a program, but he's wrong here. This is the third year this defense is horrible. How can Golden keep that moron as a DC, he's bring the entire team down.


As one UM insider said, UM’s defense has nobody who does anything extraordinary, nobody who’s a consistent game-changer.

“Their biggest talent void is up front; they’re getting controlled on the line,” former UM assistant coach Don Soldinger said. But “they also need a guy in the secondary that’s a big-time guy like Antrel Rolle, that will lay the wood. They need a big-time linebacker.

“They have one guy at each position, but they don’t have two or three. It bothers me, because it doesn’t look like they’re in the right spots. They need guys that can run better. Their linebackers can’t make plays downhill; they’re too much east and west.”


I told you then, do you still need to be told ?


HOLA ARTY !!! holla later brother ... U too cane cluck bro.

They didn't lose to Duke in football.

They got blown out of Wallace Wade Stadium in the fourth quarter going away while the Blue Devils cycled two QB's in on almost every other play of every offensive series in the game.

But the worst coach in modern UM history just needs more time, and no evaluations at all, none, of his competency or lack thereof.

Sounds legit . . .

Where have they been successful with this at UVA and Temple ? I suggest you go back and check this defense has not been great anywhere.

"I'm going to keep saying it, that I'm involved in every aspect of football here at the University of Miami," Golden said. "I'm responsible for it all. Right now we're not playing well enough collectively. Again we had some good performances the other night. I indicated those to you the other night on Sunday. But really collectively it's not good enough and I'm responsible for it."

there you have it.....it is official. the blame all goes on golden and who has 16 deep DL's, WTF is he talking about?

UM will NEVER be anything under these idiots.....

bs......addazio has BC winning......and if BC was playing UM, UM would get crushed. he has them getting better on the backend of the year....golden/dnofrio's team is getting worse each game.

golden says he doesn't have enough DL's? just check the rosters

UM DL - 16
Alabama DL - 13

players are not mature enough, players went the wrong way, they are not big enough, players "freelancing".....on and on.....

this is underlying statement that he is not capable...more importantly is he is not getting rid of dnofrio.....he had put the gauntlet down....

the good news is their inability and stubbornness will eventually blow them out....fans will have to just wait and suffer.....but it will happen....


I agree without reservation. We're short on the kind of physical talent at LB that you need to run Coach DoNo's scheme. When the opponent is running the ball for at least 4 yards every time on first down, your defense is going to be in for a long day.

I'm not knocking the players: they give it their all, but none of our LB's are stand-outs. Perryman is the best of the lot, but he's not fast and that shortcoming is exacerbated when the guy next to him is a step slower and not as talented.

Let's finish the season playing hard and recruiting just as hard.

First understand that I am a REAL Cane fan and have been for over 50 years. Stop with the fire everybody after each loss. Al Golden is the best coach we have had since Butch Davis. He inherited a team that had recruiting problems for years! The objective analysis done last year on our defensive talent said they were the size and talent found in JUCO. Al's recruiting has to be considered the best in the nation given the sanctions that were held over our head for the last 3 years. Those sanctions are now gone and his current 2014 class looks to be in the top 5 in the nation. He will turn our program around and we will be contending for titles in the next couple of years. I hate watching our defense never get anyone off the field until they score. I hate losing. There is no fairy dust that will make us number 1. Time baby time that is the only thing that will cure the years of decimation done to our program from horrific coaching hires after Butch left.

And golden is in that same line of mediocrity when U remove appearances, pageantry, political and other irrelevant aesthetics that are 2nd fiddle to actually coaching acumen, prowess, stratagem, and schematics.

U have zero proof that Al Golden is good coach skill-wise.

Riding a seeking ship and ignoring reality doesn't make one loyal or "real" anything but delusional and enabling.

not enought at LB...thats funny, we hade (2) remember?

eddie johnson - gionni paul.....right up until golden kicked them off the team.....

Coach Golden said: "Interceptions are up, takeaways are up, sacks are up."

I was disappointed to hear him make that comparison. Firstly, it doesn't stand up to the eyeball test. Furthermore, those STATS don't mean squat. We didn't win the Coastal Division, never mind the Conference CHAMPIONSHIP.

Coach can run his numbers after the Virginia game and then maybe he can tell us again what's up, but let's just focus on ACC games. Our defense couldn't stop Duke's QB #18 from running the ball straight ahead into the end zone four times (I'm pretty sure it was him all four times). That's what my eyeballs saw.
We made goal line stops at least twice last year in ACC games.

For everybody that is falling for the "lack of talent" excuse, i would like to point something out... This front seven which we are being told is devoid of talent, was able to hold a healthy Florida football team to 122 rushing yards. An average of 2.8 yards per carry.

Now ask yourself a questions. Is Dukes O-Line better than Florida's? Yeah Right!!! If you believe that I have a bridge in San Francisco I can sell you!! So why is it that we can successfully defend Florida but get gashed by Duke. Maybe because Coach No'D had an entire summer to gameplan for Florida, but only a week for Duke. Maybe because now, opposing coordinators have about 8 weeks worth of film to watch you calling the same defensive plays over and over and over with no adjustment.

Coach No'D is a terrible gameday coordinator. Just open your eyes and make your own decisions people, stop falling for the coach speak. Yea the talent is not great but its not as bad as they want you to believe. Let them tell it, we are the least talented team in America. Last week what you saw was players giving up on No'D. Tired of being lied to and thrown under the bus.

So what most of you are saying is that Duke has bama and fsu you caliber players. Most players with that typw of caliber cant qualify at duke. Dont be stupid, talent is a must but even rudy made a stop. A good coach can get production from a sub par player, thats why its called coaching.

All of this blind loyalty and lack of accountability that dudes wholeheartedly express here towards him everyday has created a monster. Dude feels like he can sell Us anything now and we better buy it. His spin game is getting more intellectually insulting everyday.

Yall never made him earn his spot or allegiance (he got it for taking the 2 million dollar job after leaving TEMPLE and honoring that contract to coach UM thru a trumped up NCAA investigation that he parlayed into a raise, extension and no performance appraisals)

Now ask yourselves "REAL CANES" is that the Cane way?

To get on out of nowhere without any semblance of accountability. With dads like these--no wonder today's children are running amuck--entitled and spiritually weak.

Dudes siding with him over the player demographical constant that brought Us 5 NC's with 4 different coaches.

Our players are the proven commodity, but all of a sudden they can't play and have no talent now that they don't execute this defeatist scheme they aren't accustomed to.

Instead of us bashing our players, lets talk about this garbage scheme...

Linebackers are lining up about 7 yards away from the line of scrimmage. Dont blame the linebackers for that because this is what they are being coached to do. If the play is a run, off the bat your linebackers have are behind the eightball because they have so much ground to make up. You dont find many linebackers who run 4.4's, you dont find many linebackers that are faster than running backs. However, most good linebackers have excellent short area quickness. You cannot take advantage of this quickness with linebackers who are 7 yards away. There is not possibility of your linebacker making a tackle for loss because they have too much ground to make up.

If the play is a pass, linebackers who are already 7 yards away appear to drop another 3-5 yards back in coverage. Giving up the underneath routes easily. You can blame this on the players you want, but if they keep doing it then its coaching.

On goal line, linebackers are still about 5 yards away from the line of scrimmage. I dont even know what to say about that....

D'No said ..the players that didn't put themselves in positions to make plays..."

Isn't that called "free-lancing"? I sounds like he's encouraging free-lancing. If the players are being ask to position themselves, then how can U get mad at or blame them for free-lancing?

But I thought he was putting them where they needed to be???

I'm confused.

we need to switch to a 4-3 with chick and shayon at end..porter and renfrow inside..mccord out OLB, perryman at MLB and Gaines at the other OLB...

A lot of posters are putting the ENTIRE onus on the coaches, and TRUST me I'm on their asses too, but it aint ALL the coaches fault fellas. I mean I see guys flying right by our guys, and they don't even flinch, or even try to make a tackle, and flinging your body at them is NOT making a tackle. You learn this in pee wee football. Our Dline, Gallo you really want to compare Alabama's DL to ours? Are you crazy? They have 13 GOOD or GREAT DL, and we have 16 that are NOT, so numbers don't mean jack unless they can play.

They can't shed blocks for some reason, and that's on them, not the coaches, they can't block for them. I'm on the coaches asses like everyone else and their schemes and what not, but it's not all on them. The kids need to be held accountable as well. Inner pride is what I don't see in many of them.

We had two dope malcontent linebackers, Johnson and Paul, who put themselves selfishly above the team. They are no longer here and doing absolutely nothing elsewhere.

So, no big loss.

"Posted by: RichmondVaCane | November 19, 2013 at 06:06 PM"

That may be your opinion but it goes against most people who have spoken about this who actually know what they are talking about.

Here the bottom line. Golden has had some good 3 and 4 Star gets in recruiting over the years. He has some really nice 3-4-Stars this year. But less than half his classes are ALWAYS filled with those guys. The real problem is how he's filled out those classes. Say he gets 8 or 9 solid 3-4 Star kids that can play and were also recruited by other top programs. But when you round out those classes with 10-12 UNRANKED and 2 -Star PROJECT kids that not ONE, ZERO, ZIP, NADA Top-30 program offers, that's going to show up on the field eventually. Sure you need a few of those types of kids each year to experiment with. But maybe 1-2, not nearly half your class with 8-10 of them. And before anyone researches past classes, I assure you, there were 8-10 unranked and 2-Star kids, each recruiting year, that were elevated to VERY LOW 3-Star kids by the Recruiting websites so fans would pay the $9.99 a month and read articles how these Unranked and 2-Stars (elavated to barely 3-Stars, that NO TOP PROGRAM would even sniff, could be future "Top" players for Miami. (In fantasyland)... When more than a THIRD of your teams roster is comprised of these type of lacking good-elite talent players, and you keep bringing in 8-10 a year, it will show as a huge lack of Top Talented Depth and mediocrity will eventually, when injuries occur, on the field. Always has, always will. And EVERY TEAM gets injuries. It's the top programs, with the Elite players and depth that overcomes them.

Or to quote one who knows...

*** As one UM insider said, UM’s defense has nobody who does anything extraordinary, nobody who’s a consistent game-changer.

“Their biggest talent void is up front; they’re getting controlled on the line,” former UM assistant coach Don Soldinger said. But “they also need a guy in the secondary that’s a big-time guy like Antrel Rolle, that will lay the wood. They need a big-time linebacker.

“They have one guy at each position, but they don’t have two or three. It bothers me, because it doesn’t look like they’re in the right spots. They need guys that can run better. Their linebackers can’t make plays downhill; they’re too much east and west.”

Besides speed, UM also covets more size. The UM staff aspires for this unit to look more like a top-caliber SEC defense.***


Bottom line... If Miami wants to be like an SEC team, they better start signing Top-Talented kids that only other SEC teams offer and round them out with SOLID-Consensus 3-Star kids that others offer as well and not the 10-12 projects that Golden is bringing in yearly that the #50-#75 Schools are battling for year to year... That's the Formula. Miami needs better ingrediants and lots of them.


Bingo. We have a winner. To add to this, while Herb Waters and Phillip Dorsett are nice players who make some plays and may eventually play in the NFL, they are not Amari Cooper. Phillip was not the best receiver at Aquinas. That was Rashad Greene, the stud at FSU. They are game changers and catche those balls that Herb dropped. Same goes for the other side of the ball. Denzel is a decent player. He is not a game changer like CJ Mosely.

Cola Cane, Disappointed, Football, and Cane4Life you all bring up valid points and I agree with your posts.

The common thread that is in all analysis of our 'Canes D is that we need depth.
We fade in the last half of games.

Talent we need too,( agreed with Gallo here) but when the Coaches have to structure schemes among the personnel on board, and then take into account fill in's for injuries during the season. The creates a CONSISTENCY problem, and a DEPTH and ROTATION problem.

When we played Florida we were fresh at the start of the season. Attrition and rotation wore our D and showed a lot of errors made. This was used on tape by the other teams. Fix those, and others were created.
Compounding the problem.

Reality is that we need to recruit and work on our JUCO acquisitions. The rebuild continues.
Go 'Canes

Good point DirtyRed about D'O having all summer to gameplan for Florida. Duke does not have the same talent that Florida had coming into that game.

Also, I have yet to hear Zook or anyone else answer these questions. Does Miami have more raw talent on defense than:

East Carolina
Marshall (3 OTs v. Va Tech)
Western Carolina (Va. Tech had pick 6 in that game)
North Carolina Central


All of the teams named above gave up less yards and less points to either Va.Tech or Duke than Miami did. That list does not include dreadful ACC teams such as Virginia, NC State, and Maryland. If you want to judge Miami's talent v. coaching, the correct analysis is to compare Miami's defense to how other defenses fared against the same teams. I know Miami's talent on defense is down, but it is not as bad as the teams named above. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Sunny Dee what you seem to miss the boat on is VT is a RIVALRY game, and they lost to Duke which EVERYONE on the planet underestimated. Our guys mindset (albeit wrongly) was 'hey they just lost to Duke, we'll pound them', and we started out great, until the 2 turnovers, and the punter downing it, ALL three led to scores, and we just couldn't overcome that big a deficit. The weather also attributed to it, and VT just had the ball bounce their way (more than once) that day. Some teams play their BEST games against us, whether our D is good or not. Also our kids, (I've said this many times) do NOT have the 'inner pride' to lay it on line when it needs to be

well thats good.....all the "gallo's" are in agreement.....get rid of golden/dnofrio,,,,,

Why did Golden choose this style of defense?

"Because we didn't have a million defensive linemen," Golden said. "We didn't have 16 defensive linemen. For the real big guys, the noses, you only needed a couple of those. [Curtis] Porter, Earl Moore, we had to bring [Justin] Renfrow in to have enough to go through the season. We didn't have the depth on the defensive line

we are talking depth...who said anything about talent?

UM = 16 defensive lineman (roster)
Alabama = 13 defensive lineman (roster)

this is where incapable s search for answers....plenty of people in all business that look good on paper but cant execute.....but they get canned...no firm would allow this....those people would be gone.....

you will all see.....gallo was right all along


71 Anthony Chickillo
91 Olsen Pierre
96 Curtis Porter
51 Shayon Green
94 Kelvin Cain
99 Jelani Hamilton
17 Tyriq McCord
92 Jalen Grimble
66 Dequan Ivery
67 Corey King
72 Earl Moore
93 Luther Robinson
90 Ricardo Williams
87 Jacoby Briscoe
97 Dwayne Hoilett
49 Dyron Dye
85 David Perry


59 Jimmy Gaines
34 Thurston Armbrister
52 Denzel Perryman
31 Tyrone Cornileus
56 Raphael Kirby
54 JaWand Blue
47 Akil Craig
57 Nantambu Fentress
Alex Figueroa

lets not forget gabe terry - eddie jonhson - gionni paul who golden kicked off

wtf is this guy talking about...he doesn't even know his own roster?

But he, and we, know you are an effeminate loser who is a pedophile.

Suck it, Pig.

Yes, I remember the VT game. Two of the turnovers occurred in VT territory and their offense still had to go over 50 yards for TDs. Miami was picked apart that game and could not stop a simple crossing route. Even if Miami did underestimate Va. Tech, whose fault is that - the players or the coaching staff? The coaching staff is responsible for ensuring that the players have the right mindset entering the game. It's even worse when the players are not ready for a rivalry game.

I didn't watch the games of the teams I listed above but I'm sure they had some bad luck too. Still, they yielded less yards and less points than Miami. That is a fact. You say Miami often gets a team's best shot and that is the reason why Miami played worse than Troy, North Carolina Central, etc... However, you forget that teams usually run up the score and pad their stats against those opponents, just like Miami did against Savannah State.

All I hear is excuse after excuse for the defensive performances. Lack of depth, lack of talent, missed assignments, bad execution, etc... The truth is that Miami's talent is down but not down far enough where the opposing offenses of Duke and VaTech, who are dreadful by the way, are scoring TDs at will. Do you realize it is almost physically impossible for a defense to play worse than Miami's defense did against both Va. Tech and Duke? If you had no defensive coach and the players were left to fend for themselves, the result could not have been much worse.

It is a coach's job to maximize the talent that they have and put them in the best position to win. If you think D'O has done that over the past two games it is pointless to have any further discussion on the issue.

I concur that the talent is not their on defense. It should be understood that due to the coaching transition from Shannon to now, the NCAA effecting recruiting, as well as many defensive guys either going pro early or getting kicked off the team, that we do not have the horses on defense.

HOWEVER, until you have the "horses" you need to implement a "perfect" system, you NEED to find a way to create sirloin steak out of chop meat, and give your offense a chance to win games. The defense cannot continue to just let this thing play out the way it is until we get better players. That means there needs to be different looks, different packages, a different approach. Some type of strategic attempt to keep the opposing offense off balance.

Discipline, strong fundamentals, mistake free playing would be a start. That happens with better practice habits. Desmond Howard reported on the Joe Rose show, that while attending Cane practices, he was remiss in seeing any tackling or fundamental drills occurring. First hour of practice always has to be fundamental, repetitive drills. Second hour of practice needs to be allocated to scrimmaging.

My concern about the young, inexperienced coaching staff, is that they may not know how to properly "coach" these kids up. That was the same problem we suffered under the Randy Shannon regime. He also recruited well, but the kids never were coached up.

This includes even on offense. The fact that Stephen Morris has to check to the sideline before he can audible, is ludicrous. Not only is it a disservice to him for his potential pro future, but it kills the offense's momentum on the field. If he can read a defense, notice a breakdown, he should be able to make the adjustment and go for it himself. Just the way Steve Walsh did with Michael Irvin to throw the game winning touchdown against FSU in 1987.

The University of Miami is quickly approaching 15 years before we have competed for a National Championship. That impasse is too critical for the community to continue in this direction.

I have confidence in Golden and do not doubt he is a hard worker and GREAT recruiter. But we can't just say, take the four or five years you need to build a program, and everyone will wait patiently. The current state of the program is past that patience factor.

If the administration wants to award the current coaching staff, due to their hard word, then lets do so. But do it in a structured format; do it with an ADVISORY BOARD made up of FORMER UM COACHES, PLAYERS, AND ALSO SAM JANKOVICH.

The University of Miami has not only the most pro players in NFL, but also the most coaches in the NFL, that have either coached or played at the U. That is a resource that not many other college programs can attest to, and also a resource that the University Administration would be crazy in not utilizing. It was sort of a "dropped ball" on the part of the administration in not having more than just Bernie Kosar participate in the interview process with Golden. Had this Advisory Board been in place, they could have discussed defensive scheme, etc. with Golden and Donofrio.

It is a former management style that the George Steinbrenner used with the Yankees.

An Advisory Board made up of former proven winners, can certainly render practical insight to Golden, as needed,without an agenda, to keep the ship headed in the right direction. You never want to undermine or give up on hard work. But we need to ensure that his hard work pays off. He of course, will benefit from this as well.

Fake Jim Gallo, Dyron Dye is on the roster?

Sure he is, and you are just as much a Canes fan as he is a current Canes player.

These Golden comments are odd, given our 3 game streak of getting stomped.

It is nice that he is not casting blame on the demoralized players for once. Geez, no one has been kicked off or left the team in a while either.

If you don't have a good defensive line, then why play a 3 - 4? If you don't have a good defensive line, then a 4 -3 will not be of much help unless the fourth player is great or the D line has additional support..

If you don't have a good defensive line with 3 or 4 guys, then move up your LBs and do run support and some blitzing. You are not keeping LBs back to prevent underneath throws, because that obviously does not work.

Unlike our guys, I don't recall seeing such open receivers. Pitch and catch time all day long.

Why are we often throwing into coverage? Why aren't our guys open? What is the opponent's defense doing to prevent this? Why don't WE try it?!!

I have never seen a defense destroyed with the underneath passing game as UM has been in the last three years in particular. Bizarre. Are the players that bad? I don't think so.

But the coaching is.

If you bring up your LBs, then you bring up the secondary as well.

This entire concept of how our defense is coached is utter garbage and makes no sense. It is fear-based, not one of attacking the opponent.

It is to avoid losing, and because it is about no confidence and fear by the coaches, we will play fearfully. Add the incessant blame by D'Onofrio (he of the heavens, the Press Box), and a kid is scared to make an error.

Look at our pathetic record on defense. The confusion.

I truly believe Golden and D'Onofrio don't get it and continue to think this is Penn State. It will never work against speed and good passing games, as well as combo QBs and quick, powerful running backs.

So will we see a new Heisman candidate at QB emerge for Virginia this weekend?

Hope not, but no confidence in these coaches. Sorry, yes talent is needed, but so is exceptional coaching.

Stop living in the past where having the U on the helmet meant you were a superstar. This team has been digging out from under a train wreck of a program for the last decade. It's a known fact that the recruiting under coker and Shannon was a half assed effort that consisted of "recruiting by mail". They were almost arrogant to think kids had no other options and would fall all over themselves to come here. That went out the window with the explosion of espn where a recruit realized he didn't have to go to a top 10 program, sit on the bench for two years, and then get on tv. Alex Collins is a perfect example and so is teddy bridgewater. Their decisions had nothing to do with who wears the whistle. Both wanted to start on day 1 and be on tv 12 times a year. Done and done. You come here to play for the U, not the coach. And stop lamenting the loss to a "less talented" duke squad. They placed the same number on the preseason all acc team that we did, TWO! And they had four players on BOTH sides of the ball receive votes. Not a SINGLE cane on D received as much as a SINGLE vote. That should tell you how our defensive talent is objectively viewed from the outside. Not as much as a single vote!! You can put lipstick on a pig (change scheme, change starters, fire your doc, etc) but it's still a pig.

Al-Quadin Muhammad Played in one game, Savannah State.
Anthony Naser Transfer, has not played.
Kelvin Cain 6 games, 2 tackles.
Anthony Chickillo 1 Starter.
David Gilbert Transfer, 8 games, 9 tackles.
Shayon Green 2 Starter.
Jelani Hamilton 3 Games, 3 tackles.
Dwayne Hoilett Has not played.
Ufomba Kamalu 6 games, 6 tackles.
Corey King 4 games, 1 tackle.
Earl Moore 19 games, 6 tackles.
David Perry 1 game, 2 tackles.
Olsen Pierre 3 Starter.
Curtis Porter Starter when Renfrow did not start.
Justin Renfrow Transfer, starter when Porter did not start.
Luther Robinson 30 games, 37 tackles.

So, we run a 4-3, and have five DLs that are worthy of starting, three that have not been used, and 8 that have 64 tackles in 77 games.

1 Jonathan Allen
2 Dakota Ball
3 LaMichael Fanning
4 Brandon Ivory
5 Korren Kirven
6 Darren Lake
7 Dee Liner
8 Wilson Love
9 Michael Newsome
10 Anthony Orr
11 Jeoffrey Pagan
12 A'Shawn Robinson
13 Ed Stinson
14 Dalvin Tomlinson

Alabama meanwhile runs a 3-4, (oh how terrible), and they have 14 linemen.

It is a coach's job to maximize the talent that they have and put them in the best position to win. If you think D'O has done that over the past two games it is pointless to have any further discussion on the issue.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | November 20, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Past three games. Otherwise, I agree completely.

^^^ Everybody is still lamenting the loss to Duke as if Duke is still a 2-8 type team, not the other way around...Credit Duke. Cutcliffe is building his program very, very well.

But, to lose to them like we did, where lesser teams put up more of fight..that point has merit too. Same with the VT examples. No excuses. We quit in the second half. We don't have the horses. We don't have the coaching.

It's in the middle...we have less talent than we'd like to think, and we have mediocre coaching. The talent we have is no longer responding to the coaching. The season is spent.

What's funny, say, we blow out UVA... Big whoop. A boost of confidence heading into the end? Yes.

A close game that we eek out?
We lose?


So, we suck right now. We will suffer through an offseason. We will be young and rebuilding again next year with the same coaching staff...We will have moments of brilliance and lots of suck...

Still calling it. 8-4 here we come....8-5...
won't be shocked with a 7-6....and that's okay too.
10-3? Dream on.

Interesting quote from a Duke offensive lineman... (paraphrase)... We could see by the middle of the third quarter that Miami's defense was poorly conditioned so that's when we picked up the pace.

"U-Tough" my butt. This is a team of underachieving guys who play as if they are entitled.

Hello!!! we lost to D-U-K-E....in football! GTFOH with all teh excuses for Golden. When Randy argued depth, many bloggers dismissed him, when Randy said that Duke might be tough, bloggers dismissed him, but when Goldilocks loses to Duke, all of a sudden we start hearing excuses! GTFOH! we lost to DUKE! what a friggin joke, the sight of Goldilocks, and teh sound of his voice make me want to puke

BTW - we lost to DUKE!

TGMoney a great realistic post looking at the short term and long term, and Big Picture of BEING a 'Cane playing for the 'U'.

Well said 'bro. Good points.

Go 'Canes

Everyone want to blame the defense I blame bad coaching, Duke was better coached better prepared, and played harder. I mean everytime canes lined up on defense Duke was already running there play, you know as a DC duke had 2, running QB'S so what's the first thing even a idiot half a.. coach do stack the line and make them one dimentional, and on top of this the defensive players for the last 3 years are dummies and can't catch on to a base 3-4 defense, listen to the head coach and dc not my words but there words read through the lines. I record games this team has a very bad dc who want ever be held responsible for his screw-ups by your head coach because of there friendship, if this had been Randy Shannon the sh.. would had hit the fan a year ago against Virginia, any half a.. coach in D-1 or D-II will out coach this crew, I predict Virginia winning on 11-22-13, running for over 300 yards. my money stops here have fun die hard cane fans.

It is incredible that goldie says he is joined at the hip with d'o, that they will continue to use the 3-4 even though it has been proven to be a weak, bend and break NO defense against the run, NO defense against the pass, allowing huge yardage and huge scores against the Canes.

And then, the SOB has the nerve to blame the players, needing development, not doing their assignments, not big enough, not enough players even though it is his scheme which is a failure.

The dumb SOB can not even count. Six offensive linemen and a running back will run over three defensive Cane linemen EVERY PLAY. And the other team will make 5-8 yards inside and outside especially because goldie and d'o want the LBs five yards off the line of scrimmage. You just can not fix stupid.

And there is simply NO way three Cane defensive linemen can rush through 6 offensive blockers to get any pressure on the other QB before he finds a receiver sitting in a gap in d'os and goldie's ZONE NO pass coverage setup.

As to big, tough linemen, goldie needs to stop his whining and put in four defensive linemen and keep them in the WHOLE game. goldie is wearing out the three down Cane linemen in the first quarter by them having to take on two blockers every stinking play.

One last thing. When any team WINS, it is the players who won the game. When any team loses, it is the coaches who LOST the game. goldie is a bum who has stuck with a losing NO defensive setup for three years and still can not figure out he is a loser and his setup is setting the Canes up to lose every game.

And he is too stupid to change and too stupid to look at successful coaches who use four down linemen like Alabama AND DUKE even used last week against the Canes. Until goldie and d'o are gone, all you will get is a losing team, demoralized, and goldie playing the blame game on everyone but himself.

Who will he blame next, the fans? Or how about no star athletes coming to Miami because he is a loser?

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