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Golden discusses defensive philosophy, other notes from Tuesday (w/video)

With his team on a three-game losing skid and his defense in the midst of one of the worst runs in school history, UM coach Al Golden continued to face questions Tuesday about defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, his scheme and the basic philosophy behind it.

Once again, Golden reiterated he signs off on everything the defense does.

"I'm going to keep saying it, that I'm involved in every aspect of football here at the University of Miami," Golden said. "I'm responsible for it all. Right now we're not playing well enough collectively. Again we had some good performances the other night. I indicated those to you the other night on Sunday. But really collectively it's not good enough and I'm responsible for it."

What exactly is the philosophy behind this 3-4 scheme? And why does it seem like players are reading and reacting instead of being aggressive?

"There's never a day where we ever talk about read and react. That's not even a mention," Golden said. "Depending where you are on a defense you have a key and have to respond. That's defense. We want to be a 3-4 because a 3-4 lets you get more speed at linebacker, get in and out of over and under fronts. It allows you to play with four down or go to an odd front, allows you to have speed, allows you to attack more. Interceptions are up, takeaways are up, sacks are up. All that's up, but it's not good enough. So we have to continue to build it. We have to continue to build our depth, continue to develop kids. Obviously we want to attack, want to be a dynamic defense, a defense that can fly around and disrupt the passer and get tackles for loss. Otherwise you don't want to be in that configuration. Again, it hasn't been good enough. I want to own the fact it hasn't been good enough the last couple of weeks."

Why did Golden choose this style of defense?

"Because we didn't have a million defensive linemen," Golden said. "We didn't have 16 defensive linemen. For the real big guys, the noses, you only needed a couple of those. [Curtis] Porter, Earl Moore, we had to bring [Justin] Renfrow in to have enough to go through the season. We didn't have the depth on the defensive line. We had more linebackers, more guys like [Tyriq] McCord that were a hybrid guy. I think it was the best decision for us coming into this season and we'll continue to personnel it. But we're going to have to continue to improve and continue to build depth and move forward."

How important is scheme in relation to execution?

"At the end of the day you summed up any coordinator or any entity. You lay out what the philosophy is, what you're trying to execute and ultimately it comes down to the execution of it," Golden said. "It comes down to whether or not we're carrying out everything we need to do in those positions. The problem with our defense is you can get exposed if there's nine or 10 guys doing it right one play and one guys is not. No. 2 when you have issues you weaken other areas by trying to fix those. I don't think there's any question in my career I've seen just about every defense, been a part of a staff of any defense that you can have. Ultimately it comes down to the execution of what you're trying to get done on any single play. That's it at the end of the day. There's a million different things we can call. We look at that every day. We're evaluating that, we're evaluating our personnel, making sure we putting guys in position to execute and get their talent in the game."

Have you seen a difference in run defense in the 3-4 compared to the 4-3?

"I think we had more success early in the year by continuing to be multiple, by lining up in both, by pressuring out of both, and we'll continue to do that," Golden said. "We need more tackles for losses, more sacks. And we need more takeaways. All three of those can be tied together. We need that kind of output to return."


> Golden said there will be personnel changes this week, but he didn't want to delve deeper into than what UM released in its depth chart late Sunday night.

He did say senior Justin Renfrow would play more at end so Curtis Porter and Earl Moore see more time at tackle. Golden also said sophomore Tyriq McCord has played well at strongside linebacker the past couple weeks.

"[Freshman] Corn Elder is on the depth chart now. He is going to get more reps," Golden said. "[Freshman] Jamal Carter got a lot of reps today. Some of those guys are earning reps and doing a good job in the roles that we're giving them. We'll see if they can't add spark us or add something to it.

Is Golden going younger on purpose to get those players more experience? He stayed away from saying that -- or upsetting his seniors.

"It has nothing to do with their age," Golden said. "The one thing I want everybody to know -- we're going to support the seniors through this. Because we lost a couple of games I'm not going to turn my back on the seniors that really stood with us through all this tumult. I'm not going to do it.

"But certain kids I mentioned, Jamal [Carter], [Al-Quadin] Muhammad, [Ufomba] Kamalu, Corn Elder, they're earning reps. And they're earning reps because they're producing. It's just like Stacy [Coley]. Stacy is producing on kick and punt returns so now he's going to earn more reps. It's not that were taking any reps from any seniors. Some of these guys have earned reps and we're going to give them an opportunity."

> Golden said if the Hurricanes played Wednesday receiver Phillip Dorsett would be listed as doubtful.

"We have to be careful not to go too fast," Golden said. "If he's not ready to go we're going to have to continue to have Rashawn [Scott] and Stacy [Coley] and Herb [Waters] and those guys step up and chase the rabbit - the rabbit right now is Allen Hurns, he's doing a great job for us."

As for the other players battling injuries: "[Offensive lineman] Danny [Isidora], it's positive he's in yellow. Stacy [Coley] has already been integrated, will be clear. Corn [Elder] is moving forward. Artie we had to protect today. We'll know more about Artie [Wednesday] and Phillip [Thursday]. [Receiver] Herb [Waters] was fine. We were on our seventh returner in the game, lost our returners, needed guys to step up and they did."

> What has Golden seen out of freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen?

"He's starting to understand," he said. "Every opportunity he's in the film room he needs to listen, learn, take notes. Every time we're in a team meeting, go in that environment on the road, he has to learn. He has to learn to give him the best chance to compete with Ryan [Williams]. We have a smart team, know where to go with the football. Ryan and Stephen [Morris], very fortunate they can talk football the way they talk. They watch film, have ideas and reasons why they're doing it. We need Kevin to develop into that as well. Our biggest concern with Kevin was adhering to a process and learning how to do it. Because at the end of the day, playing quarterback, that process has to be second nature."


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FACT: TGMoney-your daily posts are redundant, filled with hearsay and riddled with excuses.

There are no players developing or being recognized for honors and awards because of the scheme that slows them down and works against there natural abilities.

So keep calling yourself a Cane all the while--throwing the players under the bus, but at the same time expecting recruits to come play for UM when all the onus of mental, physical, and emotionally development is on them exclusively.

And despite Golden promising their parents (during recruitment) that he'd take the lead on helping them actualize those development initiatives.

And the good news is for the first time in 10 years help is on the way with Big Al's top 3 recruiting class.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 19, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Yeah, yeah, heard that before in 2008. You're just repeating yourself ad nauseam. Ever the eternal optimist, but it's not just past getting old. It is old. This 2014 class won't help on the field until 2015 if that. That's the problem. We count on Freshamn constantly instead of ready developed upperclassmen. Year after year, it's unsustainable. Top-Programs NEVER rely on Freshman. They just plug a few in from time to time.

Problem is, that out of the 28 commits (yes there are 8-10 really nice 4-Stars and a few solid 3-Stars), at least 10-12 of them were UNRANKED and 2-Star kids that have limited offers from a few bad D-1 schools and mostly 1-AA and D-2 schools. Now that they have committed to Miami, the Recruiting websites bump them up to barely 3-Star kids based solely on the fact that Miami offered, not actual talent. Every year, especially after the Jan. and Feb. decommits, Golden throws far too many schollies around to unranked-2 Star projects with minimal talent (or as he calls it, "potential" yeah, Temple "potential" maybe), but high "upside" character kids. Simple fact, if 10-12 of these types cycle in every year, all you have is nearly 40-50 of these "projects" making up half of your developmental depth. The Top-Programs DONOT build this way. They take maybe 2-3 2-Stars a year and maybe 10-12 max make up their entire roster.

Point is, the vast majority of Miami's players, minus a few good O-Linemen and WR's, Duke, a corner or two and Perryman, there are well over 50-60 players on this squad that would be Scout Teamers in Top-10-15 Programs.

It starts with having Thoroughbreds. 2-DEEP Thoroughbreds... We have a few... Horses too... But way too many Donkeys n Jackazzes that see extended playing time.

Dear Harriet, for someone who has consistently put the "dunce" in redundancy, give it a rest. I'm not on here to be targeted by some self loathing moron with a sexual identity crisis. Unlike you, I was hoping to come on here for an open forum with fellow cane supporters who are just trying to figure it out and instead I've got to deal with an assclown that wants to point out hearsay, and then promptly cites what a coach is promising recruits in their living rooms. Take some advice, keep your yap closed and let me assume you're an idiot, instead of running your mouth and removing all doubt.

Heya TG,
Interested in a DC position?

Further, it was evident that throughout the summer Coach Golden and his staff were searching the country for defensive line help much like NFL teams peruse the waiver wire. They picked up a few kids, but as is plainly evident they have not made a significant difference.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 19, 2013 at 04:31 PM

And he will have to do so again this Summer. A trend that is never good and will never be successful in the end.

Every coach doesn't promise to development the players talent? How is that hearsay? Thats the #1 initiative and sales pitch.

So many insults (moron, assclown, idiot) for a dude speaking about an open forum with fellowships and all that. Not one insult in my post to U, nut I'm the moron and self-loathing--the proof is in the pudding.

Keep regurgitating what you've been told to above, by those who accountable. Keep mentioning coaches who have been gone for years now and how we don't have talent despite Golden's 3 to 4 star average since coming to UM.

Different day--same excuses. But U a Cane tho. Thats an oxymoron.

Everyone here knows many starting on this defense is not in the class of our championship defensive classes, but what Gallo and others are missing is the degree to how they are losing. RECORD setting yardage, points, first downs, yards per attempt run, yards per attempt pass, third down conversion percentages etc.

This type of futility is the direct result of a defensive coaching staff and head coach that doesn't know how to develop talent, scheme an effective defense, quickly make adjustments, make timely defensive calls or make the offense confused, forcing them into mistakes.

There is enough talent on this team to be A LOT better defense. When you're this bad its the coaching, no way to deny it!

Coach goldie is a moron, plain and simple. I mean seriously, what exactly is this guy talking about when he says this:

Coach goldie talking:

Again, it hasn't been good enough. I want to own the fact it hasn't been good enough the last couple of weeks."

Somebody explain to me what is this guy talking about. The sad part about it is, coach goldie said "the last couple of weeks" In all honesty, it hasn't been good all year, that's the real Truth, yeah we beat the gaytors and i could careless how good or sorry they were, as long as we beat them, but jeff driskell hada career day, the gaytors moved the ball up & down the field all game long.

Now coach goldie is saying "the last couple of weeks" trying to focus in on just the losses, it hasn't been good in the squeak by wins either. This guy is a moron trying to talk over peoples heads trying to use psychology to hide him & his boys ineptness. When in reality, coach goldie is no better than the snitch, this guy is a con-artist his damyum self.

Harriet TUBMAN keeps pointing it out, and i said it when it first came up, if coach goldie was that True to UM, he would've never had taken that raise and just said i'll just take the extension, that would've been understandable.

People keep saying "cause coach goldie stuck by us" hell, shannon would've still been the headcaoch investigation or no investigation, to many people giving coach goldie credit for perfect attendance, if somebody is stupid enuff to pay alot of yall over 2million a year for not doing nothing exceptional but for showing up, most of yall would have perfect attendance to.

I keep hearing people say "Coach goldie has done an exceptional job in recruiting while the investigation was underway" which is comical, lol.

Trying to get recruits to come here while an inviible investigation is underway that people can put in the un-seen category is one thing, people act like that was tough to do.

When the real challenge is really just starting to take shape, cause the investigation was basically minuscule, the challenge is going to be trying to explain how the defense has been this bad for the 3 years coach goldie and clown 500 have been. To many teams got real seen proof that they have the right coaches in place to coach defense. When Fsu goes into a recruits living room and basically ask them now "We know you are a Miami Hurricane fan, what you like about them?
recruit: I love how they play defense and how they play with confidence(mis-interpreted as swagger) and how they play with a lot of energy and just dominate teams.

Recruiter from other school: Did you see the 30 for 30?

Recruit: Yes, about 10 times

Recruiter from other school: No doubt, those teams definitely knew how to play defense, back than, BACK THAN! But let us show you what they're doing now, that's nowhere near those same UM teams you fell in Love with nor are they near that dominant, in fact they're not even a solid defense, here's what happened when they played duke, here's what happened when we played duke, now you tell me who looks more like they're playing that style of dominant defense today!

The "U"s biggest victory this season was versus the NCAA. But for some reason the "U" failed to ride that momentum into the rest of their season. I still believe that the "U" never truly recovered both mentally and physically from the FSU second half beat down. Because even with the injuries and lack of talent this team was good enough to win a very bad Coastal Division. The loss to freaken Duke should have never happened, especially after V-Tech lost earlier in the day. The Duke loss proved that this "U" team was still not ready to play football two weeks after the FSU loss. Go Canes?

Duke is the reason I am upset. VT and FSU were game that I looked at in the start of the season and said, "those will be tough games". I EXPECT to beat Duke. If we went 9-3 with losses to UF, FSU and VT, at the start of the season I would say ok, those are tough games and I would have taken a 9-3 season. Since 9-3 is better than 7-5 and improvement.

Posted by: DMoneyUM | November 19, 2013 at 05:03 PM

Would U feel better "if" the U beat Duke and then lost to either UNC or Wake ? I'm sure both UNC and Wake thinks they should have beaten Miami. It's those 2 games that say more about Miami and who they are than any others. The mere fact that they had to pull those out in the final seconds is more than telling where this team is at. And the Gators drove into the Miami Redzone 5 times coming away with ZERO points in a 5 point game with a missed FG and 4 turnovers. Thank God for FAU, Savannah St. and USF to pad the stats huh ?

Problem with what Golden said is that even 4 and 5 star DTs don't come in from high school and dominate. RBs and WRs maybe, but not DTs.

So does that mean we can expect the same horrible defense next year, specially with our best DT (Porter) graduating?

Posted by: Marios | November 19, 2013 at 06:11 PM

YES. Plus no Denzel Perryman. He's gone.

Golden throws far too many schollies around to unranked-2 Star projects with minimal talent (or as he calls it, "potential" yeah, Temple "potential" maybe), but high "upside" character kids. Simple fact, if 10-12 of these types cycle in every year, all you have is nearly 40-50 of these "projects" making up half of your developmental depth. The Top-Programs DONOT build this way. They take maybe 2-3 2-Stars a year and maybe 10-12 max make up their entire roster.

It starts with having Thoroughbreds. 2-DEEP Thoroughbreds... We have a few... Horses too... But way too many Donkeys n Jackazzes that see extended playing time.

Posted by: Carmine | November 20, 2013 at 12:29 PM

EMPHASIZES on the temple POTENTIAL and what not!

CARMINE knows Hurricane football. Au contraire to what the Golden nd' D'Onofrio loyalists have to say on the DIRE matter. hUh

I, also, mentioned many, many, many moons ago that Goldie is heavily recruiting like he's still back at Temple and Mr. Carmine SECOND my notion!

And like CARMINE above, even one Barry Switzer said it's all about the CLASSIC THOROUHBRED's and what not.

The bottom line is Miami, Florida Hurricane football is in DEEP, DEEP, DEEP trouble and the Canes will NEVER return to major college football ELITE status as long as Goldie and Marky Mark and hanging around in Coral Gables and making more money than THEIR WORTH!!

Posted by: jra | November 20, 2013 at 01:20 PM

Just another LAME excuse making Cane dude. Nothing more, nothing less.

So what kind of SIZZ ARSE excuse are YOU going to come up with Saturday evening, IF Virginia upsets the Cane's on Senior Day.

Albeit I don't SEE-R the Hurricanes losing to the WORST team in the A.C.C.

No Denzel? As much as I like him, what exactly has he done? Has he elevated the play of this defense or, more often, disappeared when the defense needed a big play.

He will be back. Free agency in the NFL is a tough way to make a living.

There's gossip going around in South Florida, that DT Valentine MAY back out of his verbal to Miami, because both L.S.U. and Alabama are going hard at him now.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 20, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Like Chickillo, Perryman is jus ANOTHER player who has REGRESSED since his freshmen season. So it's probably best he flee the clutches of both Goldie and Marky Mark.

Heck, Cane fan could argue that both Chickillo and Perryman were on their way to stalwart All-Conference type of seasons with the Canes.

What exactly is the philosophy behind this 3-4 scheme? And why does it seem like players are reading and reacting instead of being aggressive?

"There's never a day where we ever talk about read and react. That's not even a mention," Golden said. "Depending where you are on a defense you have a key and have to respond.

LMAO!!! I just read on another blog something very true. Golden is trying to play us with word play. Read and react and key and respond are the same d@mn thing!!! GTFOH

D are you serious? Why the cheap shots? My comment was not an excuse just an opinion. What are you like 10 years old? I guess the only thing you desire is to be the typical internet tough guy or something. People like you are the reason real Cane fans stay away from this blog.

Yeah D, I didn't see any excuses made by jra. His post was very reasonable.

I see people throwing aroudn the term "real cane fan" a lot.

Granted there might be some trolls on this blog, but if you take time out of your day to write your opinion about this football team, you are most likely a fan. We don't have to agree, but to question somebody's fandom because they disagree with you seems kind of insane. IJS

Anyways......we lost to DUKE, brb, I need to go throw up

Anybody just catch the ESPNU piece on the Michigan State defense?

The players talked about putting fear in the opponents.

The DC talked about hitting the opponent in the mouth.

The HC talked about intimidating defense.

Golden talks about "the process, bringing your technique and your training."

Same stuff we hear from conforming UM players who are intimidated by this coaching regime.

Michigan State plays aggressive defense and they are feared. Surprised?

enjoy: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1855649-miami-football-is-al-goldens-loyalty-to-staff-holding-canes-back?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=miami-hurricanes-football

D, I think you misread jsa up there, although for all I know they had been copied by THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING previously as is the golden shower takers second favorite past time when a Hurricane fan doesn't smile at the opportunity to listen to THE WORST COACH IN ALL OF MODERN HURRICANE FOOTBALL HISTORY deflect from his sub .500 career record without raising a valid objection to the line of BS streaming from his mouth and running down his lame tie.

Valentine, Moten and Thomas] are going to all be better than what they have or anyone they’re losing,” Fishbein said. “There is not one guy on Miami’s defensive line who will play in the NFL except maybe Chickillo. Valentine and Thomas have first-round talent. Valentine at 6-4, 320, is more physically impressive than anyone Miami has, and he moves like a running back.

It's lack of talent...not coaching!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 19, 2013 at 09:29 PM

But Blustein disagrees. He said Valentine needs to get in better shape, and “next year, you would never compete with those [freshmen] kids. They’ll be manhandled.”

Fishbein believes a trio of four-star UM oral commitments --- defensive linemen Travonte Valentine, Anthony Moten and Chad Thomas --- can be big contributors immediately, though Soldinger said that’s an awful lot to expect from freshmen defensive linemen.


Conveniently left those parts out huh ? Blind Homer opinions from Fishbein and U aren't just like azzzholes, they are azzzholes.

How many Freshman DT's are on this team from the 2013 Class ? How many Redshirt Freshman DT's from the 2012 Class ? Pppppffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttt !

“The defense could struggle again next season and give up chunks of yardage,” Blustein said. “Linebacker is not deep. They need to add junior college tackles that can come in immediately and play. They’re teetering on basically the same situation next season."

Soooooo, it's back to the JUCO "waiver wire" the next few years to not just get a DT or two for depth, but rather fortify Ur D-Line with as many as 4-5 limited 300+lb FATAZZZ no talent slugs to man Ur DT positions again in 2014 and beyond... Or as Top-Programs Recruiting Directors call it, "That's not how we recruit here. We bring Top Talent in as Freshman, Redshirt them and develope them to contribute as Redshirt Sophs."

Soldy n Arty have warned U for years. U didn't listen... Deja vU U.


Arty n Soldy can go gargle with bleach, and kick rocks with chancletas on

Let's just say for argument sake that we have mediocre talent. That is not an excuse for being bad. A good coach would coach them up to being the best that they can be. That is clearly not happening here. Let's take Alabama for example. There defense looks like they have nothing but top flight NFL talent but the production of there players when they get to the NFL has not been great with exception of a couple players. That is because the coaching at Alabama is in a totally different class than UM. They make average players look good and good talent look great. The last two weeks I have watched Alabamas defense closely and UM does nothing the same as far as threatening the line of scrimmage with linebackers and safeties. I could not understand why when I watched the duke game that UM linebackers so often were 5-7 yards off line and safeties were 12-15 yards off and then would sit and wait to react on the snap. You would have thought that Duke had the best TE and passing attack in the nation. Mean while they're killing us with 8 yard runs and we are playing to defend a prolific passing attack. Sorry but that's not the players fault that is on coaching. The coaches keep talking about tackling but you have to at least put your players in the best formations to be affective.

Sad will make UUUUUU wanna cry.. http://www.pageqsports.com/2013/11/miamis-soft-bigotry-of-low-expectations/#.Uo0c4-2Tc1w.twitter


Waiver wire...lol. That's basically what JUCO is, you're right.

Every season will be the same deal with the current defensive coordinator.

MUST READ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sad will make UUUUUU wanna cry http://www.pageqsports.com/2013/11/miamis-soft-bigotry-of-low-expectations/#.Uo0c4-2Tc1w.twitter ......

Bad coaches can lose games with good players. Good coaches can't win games with bad players.

Looking at our defensive starters, the lack of talent or lack of experience becomes obvious. Of the 17 defensive players listed on the depth chart for the Duke game as either starters or co-starters, only 4 (or 24%) were 4-star recruits or better. OF those 4, only 1 (Chickillo) is an upperclassman. Taking a look at a few of the lesser-rated recruits and who offered them scholarships:

Jimmy Gaines - Miami, Buffalo, UCONN, Syracuse

A.J. Highsmith - Miami, Boston College

Shayon Green - Miami, Auburn, Kent State, Ole Miss, Purdue, USF, UCF

Olsen Pierre - Miami, Temple

Antonio Crawford - Miami, Ball State, Bowling Green, FIU, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Ohio, South Alabama

Ladarius Gunter - Miami, Indiana, North Texas

Rayshawn Jenkins - Miami, Alabama, Cincinnati, UCONN, Florida A&M, Iowa State, USF

While disappointed in the team's performance, I firmly believe the problem is not coaching but recruiting, which has been hampered by the NCAA investigation. The incoming class (2014) is an improvement. By the 2015 class, we better be competing against the major programs for top talent AND winning those recruits. If not, Golden is not the answer and we should cut ties. Also, Coley should add considerably to our recruiting efforts by the 2015 class.

Keep the faith and have patience I say!

Golden shouldnt be trying to use big words about his defense scheme, it isnt working get it done find a new defense coach we dont have time for Mark to learn the ropes, besides uf you dont do it, by 4th game next year he will be fired and thats the point dont lose anymore time.

No matter how Coach Golden addresses this situation....the scheme SUCKS. it's too reliant on all eleven players being on the same page EVERY play? There is no defense that gets that, yet other schools have great defenses. 4 teams in a row have done the same thing to attack this SAME defense....

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