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Here's the transcript of Coach Al Golden talking to reporters right after the Hurricanes lost to Duke

Al Golden on Saturday after 48-30 loss to Duke

On Duke’s interception, trailing 17-7 in the first half:

“You could say the momentum changed there. It was unfortunate because we had a chance for a completion, and they got the ball with some good field position. There were so many other things that we did wrong. It’s my responsibility. The penalties. We didn’t tackle well enough. We didn’t get enough red zone stops. It was really disappointing.”


On Miami’s re-evaluation of coaching defense:

“I think it’s fair to say we’re evaluating every component of [the team], every step of the way. That includes defense. There’s enough blame to go around in this game. We didn’t punt the ball well. We weren’t good on kickoff returns. We had too many penalties. We didn’t answer. We needed to answer them on offense, if it was going to turn into that kind of game, and we didn’t do it. It’s all three phases. The buck stops with me. I have to get it fixed.”


On commonalities through the last three Miami losses:

“I don’t know. Obviously we’re giving up too many points. That’s changing the way we play the game on offense. We had more penalties in the first quarter today than I think we had the last two weeks. We’ve been punting the ball well, but we didn’t punt the ball well [today]. There’s too many explosive runs. Too many missed tackles. We have to dig deep and look at everything and see what we can do better, and see what direction we want to go here, starting tomorrow.”


On the defense allowing 358 yards rushing:

“Disappointing, for sure. No excuses. Too many explosive plays on the ground. They weren’t throwing the ball very much. We didn’t make enough stops. They got into too many third-and-shorts and converted them.”


On Virginia Tech’s loss earlier in the day:

“Somebody mentioned something. That’s not going to change anything we do. We didn’t execute well enough. Give Duke credit. They played really well. They’re playing really well right now. We have to get back to work and improve … I think maybe the players were aware. I don’t know. I don’t know if they saw a score, or announced it, or what. I don’t know what happened. It’s immaterial. It’s really about executing, and we didn’t do that well enough. Duke did.”


On Duke’s two-quarterback system:

“In terms of them staying fresh, that was difficult. I don’t think there was much difference when each was in the game. They’re both running the ball well. Obviously they used a lot of running backs, and ran the ball well, and we didn’t tackle well enough and they wore us down.”


On Miami’s preparation coming into the game:

“We started well. We just aren’t doing a good enough job of answering on defense. When you get into this kind of game, you really need to be perfect on offense. We weren’t, they were. We had one turnover, they didn’t have any. Obviously we aren’t generating enough turnovers right now. We’re not creating short fields. There is no excuse. It’s my responsibility.”


On coaching methods to use following three consecutive losses:

“Obviously it’s the seniors’ last home game. I think it’s important to rally around those guys. They’ve been through a lot. It’s important that we respond. Virginia will be coming off a week off, so they’re going to be fresh. We need to get our guys healthy. We have a lot to play for. Obviously this team has not been able to go to a bowl game the last couple years. We have to get our minds right and finish the season. That’s my responsibility to get them focused and recentered and get going.”




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Just fire the DC asap please. He is pure garbage he couldnt gameplan against a little league team.

At some point, one has to put the blame squarely where it begins, on Coach D'onofrio. If there are not to be any excuses, then there shouldn't be any made. Nor should their be any reason to keep D'onofrio in his current position.

Being a coach isn't always about "making the right calls". It is about making the calls that play to the strengths of your players that you have. You have to adapt your play calling not only to the game, but the personnel you have on the field. It is frustrating to see that we hardly blitz and if we do, one can see it coming all day long. It stings to sit back and see that when a situation calls for man to man that we call zone schemes with our DB's 5-8 yards off the ball. At some point you have to trust your players to make plays. That means making calls that allows their individual talents to excel. D'onofrio doesn't do that and calls a "bend, but don't break" defense.

I realize that Miami could very well have a 9-3 year and that would have exceeded my expectations for this year. I would even gamble to think that most fans would have been pleased with that as well. However, it is the way and the fashion in which we are losing that is causing a lot of us heartburn. We have given up over 130 points and 1550 yards in the past three games alone. Most of us fans are seeing a pattern again that mimics last years terrible defense. Miami has the players to be competitive with every team in the conference. Yet, they are being held back by a Defensive Coordinator who fails to put them in the best position to win.

I am sure I will get flamed here for what I said, but that is just how I see it and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Embarrassing.... we get out coached every week it seems.

AG mentioned PUNTING waaaaay to many times.

Whether duke started on their own 1 or our 1 they were going to score more often than not just like they did last year??

Still employed?

No money from me until that changes.

i hate when a coach says we have to play for the seniors. what he really wants to say is guys dont quit on me.

Always the same thing. Gonna get it fixed. OK - then please do it and stop all the talk. Either the coaching is suspect or the players are just plain thick - but something isn't happening. I'm resigned to our annual loss to the mighty Virginia Cavaliers.

NWFLCane -

No flame here. Good comments. Would it kill us to try some all out pressure once in awhile? QBs tend to do funny things when under pressure. Sitting back is NOT the answer.

AG says the same thing after each blowout. we need to get it fixed. i find it a little strange that AG had no problem getting rid of players that were not doing there jobs on and off the field but when it comes to the coaches that are actually getting paid not doing there job, no one gets fired!!!Coach you can not talk about accountability, when some of the coaches are not performing but they still walk around worry free. HOLD EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE, this is business first.

No matter how you may feel about Golden, he genuinely cares about his players and looks out for their best interests, These players better not quit on him because he is in their corner. Why do you think the parents of the players like him so much, great coach or not. If they quit, they should be run out of Coral Gables.


2012 duke
Passing yds Rushing yds Total yds Total points
432 151 583 45

2013 duke
Passing yds Rushing yds Total yds Total points
185 358 543 48

Looks like we were able to reduce their yardage gained this year by 40 yards, so what this tells me is, by the time the 2015 class are seniors, duke will only be gaining around 220 yds a game. "Trust the process"!

I have carefully considered the points made by both camps on this team's issues...Great points on both sides...

It comes down to this for me:

USC - cancer kiffin is gone and....
Texas - fired dc in the middle of this year...
Auburn - 3-9 last year....

essentially the same players...the SAME PLAYERS. RINSE. REPEAT.

different, vastly different results...

quibble on recruiting for Auburn, depth of talent at the other two....but I think the point stands...very firmly.

It is painfully obvious that a combination of the apologists' points about our "inherited" deficiencies and the negative nancys' points on coaching are in play and intertwined....

the team has quit on the coaching. the grit is not really there...

USC. Texas. Auburn. It's pretty obvious now.

Oh yeah, my fears that we'd start losing commits...how about the DT today....can't blame him...

Congrats DUKE BLUE DEVILS! Give FSU a game!

Let's go Cavs and Panthers!

The defense does currently blow, and just like every situation in life. you cant fire all the players so firing the coach is the answer.............

but is it fair to say that since we lost our duke, and dorsett our offense has lost two of our most explosive offensive players?

Another thought or am I the only person on earth that is sick and tired of hearing about Stephen Morris's ankle. IF HE IS NOT HEALTHY SIT HIM AND PUT IN WILLIAMS

5-15 on 3rd. downs....multiple in short yardage...averaging 6 yds a carry w crawford....

Play calling, bruddah. Oh yeah, some one dig up all the articles and quotes about the next man up thingys...about our strength and depth being better this year, the no quitting mentality that's taken hold...

We'll get this fixed. We'll get that fixed. We don't need to fix a flat tire. We need a new tire. A new rim too.

yeah this is a bad pattern every other team gets better as the year goes on we get worse....

Coach Golden, I am really trying hard to find a way to support you in moving forward, but your responses are still protecting the 3-year problem with the defensive side of the ball. If you are saying the offense did not protect the defense...then why pass the ball on the 7 yard line? The current U offensive is not a ball control-type system. Often, you are playing with 3 WRs, TE, and one RB...this is clearly a passing attack formation, based on OC play selections.

Review the Wake Forrest Offense scheme to learn ball control..with the pass. If you need to fix the run defense, just go back and review what Bud Foster/VT DC schemed to stop Crawford. If you want to stop the explosive plays, get out of the prevent and move the back 7 from broward county...back to dade county. I really would like to hear from the position coaches, because the players are just restating what Golden and DC are telling them.

Nevertheless, it is too late to fix the defense at this point of the season. Coach Golden, if you are not going to make any changes with your staff...then look at visiting some NFL DC and OC prior to spring practice. If you are too proud to ask for help...then pull out the old U games from the 80s, 90, and early 2000. Please notice that a lot of those players were not 4 or 5 star recruits...they played with an attitude and passion. I do not see one player on our defense with that mindset. LBs and DEs should be flying on every play.

Virginia had a week off, and they will be following the same script used by NC, WF, FSU, and Duke. I am expecting a close game, because we do not play down-hill type football...fast and physical!

I too am tired of the excuses, and protecting the DC. We all know it's his boy, but could care less. I love Golden but EXPECT more from this team.

Defense win championships and until we can play defense we are going to keep hearing the excuses.

Bottom line is that this team has played below it's potential this year, not above it, and that is all coaching. The defense is horrible and so predictable. They sit back and react, we are not good enough to do that - see rushing totals for last 2 yrs. Donofrio needs to go, this defense is one of the worst in the FBS. The OC also does not take advantage of the speed we have, it just seems on both sides of the ball we are predictable and hard to watch. I also agree with the guy who said he's tired of hearing about Morris' ankle. Either sit him or let him run the entire offense, it's a joke that that we are so bad on 3rd down with the talent we have. In the meantime, Wake, Duke, NC convert 3rd downs on us with ease. I'm waiting for the dominant U to show up, looks like it will be a while.

It's official! Miami is giving up an average of 400.5 yards per game! Get rid of Coach D'Onofrio! Whether it is his scheme or not, it IS his responsibility!

What a bunch of losers, when the U was 7-0 every none was praising the coaches and the "progress" made. But no one was listening what AG scream a few times, still we are not there, he repeated multiple times. To have a successful program we need depth in both sides of the game, and we don't . They talk about Texas turn around because they got rid of the DC, well no so fast, they they are 2-2 since and the defence still sucks look at sat game and let me know. And I was at the U in the late 70's early 80' and some of the kids we recruited there were not rated because no one went to see games at South Fla HS, Marty S and JJ started that trend. And just a reminder WSapp and Wilkford there were 4 and 5 stars respectively just saying. Waiting for the current recruit class to add more depth to the DLine. The we will see some true improvement. People be patient. We gave Randy Shannon and Cocker more time and they didn't have to deal with NCAA mess.

Need to change defensive coachs this year, we will finish 7-6, with our talent that means changes must happen whether Golden likes it or not defense stinks and yes players need to tackle but that is basic you learn that in pee wee football coming aL STOP COVERING UP FOR mARK, AND DONT SAY YOU DONT KNOW EVERYBODY WANTS DEFENSIVE CHANGE asap, cant go another year with Mark and his team, cause next year they will say again were to young, thats bull.

HERALD posting now - talking about BOWL GAMES??? C'man man!!! can the media focus on the now? what is in front of this team, is 2 games against (1) UVA who for whatever reason looks like VT, when they play the CANES? and (2) a PITT team at their home finale' very capable of ending our season on a sour note!...PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT THE WHAT IFS? AND FOCUS ON THE RIGHT NOW!...Does everybody recall the AP Rankings...talk? We all ( true CANE - Realistic FANS) Knew this team was maybe a TOP 20/25, not a TOP 10...now look where we are...I love my Canes; but, please quit talking about the future, unless it is recruiting...oh yeah, news bulletin...if we don't put a beatdown on UVA & PITT...that will not be a fun read either....GOD Bless ya'

Divorce is always a better alternative to murder... Right now, the canes are being MURDER !!! AL, DIVORCE MARK !!!!

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