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Transcript of Dallas Crawford after UM loss to Duke

You lost 48-30 but had over 500 yards of offense. How difficult is that?


"We just look at it as another challenge. I didn’t even know we had that many yards. It gives us a good plateau to jump from. We see we can do it. We’ll focus on the little third downs that we missed, get back at it on Monday and see if we can fix our problem."


Did you know that Maryland had beaten Virginia Tech while you were playing, putting the Canes in control of their Coastal Division future?


"Myself personally I didn’t hear anything about it. I don’t know what happened but I didn’t hear it. About five minutes ago, after I got out of the shower. We weren’t really worried about that. We were just focused on taking care of Duke. Virginia Tech had no play on what happened."


So many things went well on offense -- you averaged six yards a carry and the passing game was clicking for a lot of the day but it seemed like things broke down on third down and maybe the offense buckled a little bit trying to play under so much pressure to score points?


“We have to just focus in. Third down is a critical down – the most important down. We have to focus in and pay attention to the small details. Usually when we watch film it’s just either one person out of their gap that usually causes the whole play to be off. We just got to watch film and fix it and keep going.”


What keeps you going now. You know you’re pretty much out of ACC race?


The seniors. The seniors. They put in a lot of work and have been through a lot. We just have to do this for the seniors. That’s our motivation right now.”