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Hurricanes deliver Thanksgiving dinner to Overtown church

Six Hurricanes players and several coaches’ wives delivered 48 turkey dinners and other traditional non-perishable Thanksgiving food items Tuesday afternoon to the Greater Mercy Missionary Baptist Church in Overtown.

Players delivering Thanksgiving meals included: backup quarterback Ryan Williams, receiver Herb Waters, defensive tackle Justin Renfrow and walk-on linebacker Akil Craig, walk-on defensive back Alex Irastorza and walk-on defensive back Hugo Delapenha Jr. Director of Player Development Ryan McNamee organized the trip along with Kelly Golden, Diona Kehoe, Valerie McNamee and Inika Vance.

Pastor Willie Williams greeted players as they arrived Tuesday afternoon and was very appreciative of the Hurricanes’ special delivery. All 48 Thanksgiving dinners were handed out within an hour.

> UM coach Al Golden said receivers Phillip Dorsett (knee) and cornerback Artie Burns (ankle), two players coming back from injury, looked good during Tuesday's light practice.

> Golden said he's "struggling a little bit" with why punter Pat O'Donnell is not a finalist for the Ray Guy Award. O'Donnell, a fifth-year transfer from Cincinnati, is averaging 47.6 yards a punt this season, second-best in the nation.

"Pat's a great kid, always locked in, very processed oriented, always out here working on his game," Golden said. "Blame the offense or blame me for not putting the punt team out there enough."

Golden said O'Donnell is in the mix to be named team MVP at the end of the year. Golden said he's never named a punter team MVP in the before.


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I got no problem with O'Donnell. But he's been punting waaaay too much this season. One reason is because the O is not into ball control and time of possession.

BTW: Happy Thanksgiving.

O'Donnell will be the highest Canes draft pick this year.

Good for him, back for the other seniors

*bad for the other seniors

Let's get the game on. I'm ready for some football!

Hell yeah ChampCane.

Last regular season game.

One more game to put some improvement into the teams young players.

I have a feeling there'll be some fire in the team to finish strong and bowling.

Prepare yourselves for the cold game, our boys are going to be shell shocked, nobody plays in that type of whether, advantage, pitt, soft zone coming at you, advantage pitt. moron 1 & moron 2, advantage pitt. All coach goldie has to do if he was smart is get an aggressive d-co in here that let's the boys play their game and we can figure out the offense later.

Instead of coach goldie being dumb enuff to try and tell the players to block out weather they've never been, what he needs to concentrate on this week is how to manufacturer points from other parts of the game, like special teams(returns & blocked punts) to get the energy going early and get an early lead, if the game starts looking like the duke game, guys are going to start packing it in, to cold for that crap.

Right now, the word on UM in college football is to run right t the DL. Then when U line up on D against UM, just play the long ball.

Recommendation: Regime change. The thing that bothers people is there are obvious problems with this team, the likes of which a UM team has rarely seen, but there is nobody telling folks like the DC that this isn't working and that isn't working.

We got the players to get back to respectability. UM will always have the players to return to respectability. But this regime has settled in to the 9 to 5 mode.

Right now, the program is sorta running on auto-pilot. There are no real adults out front doing anything. Just a bunch of smoke and mirrors and fake talk.

The thing that cracks me up is the "tackling" comments by the DC. I'm a guy who has been a superstar since 1 years old and all of a sudden I forget how to tackle. Now that's is truly funny.

Dunnotoday, DunnoTomorrow, Won'tKnowAgainstPitt, JustDunno.

Punter as the MVP? Not again! Great kid, but he's not the MVP. Gunter and Duke are my MVP's.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Long sleeves = another loss

Friday High Temp in Pittsburg is 31 degrees at 1 pm. Temp will drop to 28 at the 3:30 kickoff and then dropping to 25 at 5pm Sunset.

Does Pitt provide sideline heaters or does Miami have to rent their own ? A bunch of 50 gallon drums with fires set inside them up n down the sideline might help.

Man, I bet half the team has never been in those type of temps, much less play in them. It was barely 49 degrees in Orlando during the Bowl game a few years ago and they were bundled up by the heaters and looked like they were in Siberia.

Look for alot of dropped balls up their in pittsburgh, this type of weather makes a player question why he's even playing football.

pound the rock. just like they will. Dorsett- time to make up for the two drops in the cold vs Notre Dame in Chicago- with two TDS. Allen Hurns needs to be thrown to at least 10 times.

This team is 8-3 and likely to finish 9-4, either win Sat and lose a respectable bowl game or lose Sat and win a weak bowl game. 9-4 after all the crap Golden has had to deal with is outstanding. We were all blinded by the 7-0 start. But a few of us realized this team was not ready to go 13-0 and win a title. They are still building, NOT rebuilding, because that would imply there was a base to rebuild from. And Randy left no base for Golden to build on. We need MORE out of state recruits, especially along the the OLine, at Linebacker, and QB.

South Florida talent = speed; not football IQ, not decision making, not fundamentals

Good recruiters pluck the right players from the right places.

If they lose Saturday, they'll check out for the bowl game.

If they win Saturday, the team they draw in the bowl game will be more than capable of not self destructing against the same sorry game plan that Golden puts in each and every week.

So 9-4 is on it's way back to UM in the best case scenario! From a Alverage coach with almost a decade of experience at the job.

Yeah, it's going to be time to move on in about 14 games.

Wonderful gesture by the players and coaches wives.

It has been a great football season for the Canes football program with not only 8 wins (so far), but a huge victory over the NCAA and a stellar top '3' 2014 recruiting class. Our future is so bright we real Canes fans have to wear sunglasses.

Happy Thanksgiving to all real Canes fans and the best coach in all of college football, Big Al Golden!!

namechanger predicts a Canes loss, shocking.
And then says even if the Cane win this one, they will lose the next one, even more shocking.

At least YOUR team is guaranteed not to lose their bowl game this year, eh?

Good to hear such an uplifting message during Thanksgiving RE: the game from Calvin the not so closet hater of Al Golden and any non black head coach!!!! Well you know if you've read his illiterate posts!!! Go Canes ! Win or Lose we love you!!!!

Man it NEVER fails, the old, tired, bitter, walking negative IDIOTS come clamering on here like a bunch of grannies sitting around playing canasta, you KNOW who you are.

You guys must have a miserable existence, and everyday wake up and say F the world, and I hate everything and everyone. Thanksgiving, and you BUMS can't even ONCE just say 'hey I hope we go up there and lay the wood to Pitt, and go out on a high note', I mean it's just inconceivable for you IDIOTS to wish that on our guys.

Talk crap to the coaches all you want, but what about the PLAYERS? You F'ing dolts virtually never at least back the kids. I mean GD if u can't give it up for them on their LAST game of the season then I'm sorry, you guys are just POS's. Give em Hell Canes, and lets drum Pitt!

The charitable effort is not only by the football team, nor just by current players.


James Jones, former Cane and current repeat Champion in the NBA, is working with radio host Jonathan Zaslow to help gain donations for the James Jones Legacy Foundation.


And the charity of Miami players is not limited to Miami only. I love that Ray Lewis has the Ray Lewis Family Foundation, giving back to the people of Baltimore.

Canes making a positive impact not just on the field, in the NBA and the NFL, but in the lives of families in need everywhere.

I am hoping that for a change, Golden's years in Pennsylvania will assist this team in preparing for the cold. Getting them out there practicing early in it, throwing in the cold, catching in the cold, and hitting in the cold, unlike how they sat in the hotel and under heaters for the Champs bowl.

If the cold is your enemy, then fight that enemy, conquer it, dominate it, so that Pitt instead has to fight the Canes and the cold.

Remember, it is not like Wisconsin coming down to find it WARMER than what they are used to, this will also be worse than usual weather for them, too.

Cold showers, visits in walk in freezers, and holding bags of ice are not preparation enough, they need to take a part of Thursday to play a real bit of football to get them ready.

How about a wager boys?

Canes WIN: i expect HTC, Calvin, Gallo, Cane72 and all the haters to come on here and say "I SUCK RANDY'S NUTS AND AM A MORON FOR DOUBTING THE CANES"

Canes LOSE: then i and Five Titles will come one here and say: "WE ARE MORONS TO BELIEVE IN AL GOLDEN"

Put up or shut up....

Now let's make a positive impact on the field with defense. All this outside stuff is great, but it's just more cosmetic lore to try and cover up the ineptness of morons #1 & #2. At the end of the day, You didn't hear about this from howard, jimmy or dennis, when they did things it wasn't for p.r. purposes, moron #1 is like some type of media whore, the art of trying to perfect coach speak, that's moron #1, raising Canes videos, more cart before the horse crap, you don't show those videos now, you show them after you've actually won something of significance, this clown hasn't won nothing and he's consistently showing a journey to nowhere but the bottom of the defensive totem pole.

I could careless bout hearing that, as much money as coach goldie is making, he should use it to support the communities that will continue to have the ability to send him national championship players. If this moron ever figures out what he has his hands on, he has a chance, but goldie coming in saying stupid things like "these guys think they're better than what they are"

But than he turns around and thinks he's a better coach than what he is, teaching players scheme's and technique's that are contrary to their abilities that apparently coach goldie thinks are better than what they know, it's this type of hypocrisy that needs to exiled from this program. moron #1's boy clown 500 thinks he's better than what he is, when you sitting with basically a 90th to 100th ranked defense again(take away Fau & Savannah st & usF) in year 3, none of them have nay room to talk cause the message is, not even mediocre is the standard, but basically being in the bottom half is acceptable now.

These players are not stupid, they know football and apparently t3 has a way higher football I.Q. than moron #1 or moron #2, in fact, most of the players from Miami and SOuth Florida have a higher football I.Q. than most coaches, all they bring is the x's & o's, we take it from there and make it work, but this sissy scheme we're running has nothing to do with the players. I'll say it again, any so called coaches, that stand there watching shayon green line-up in pass coverage to cover who? backs in the flats and shor routes by wide-outs, that's not a player issue that a scheme issue.

luther robinson dropping back into pass coverage, is that luther robinson's fault they're asking basically a 300lber to be in pass coverage. But alot of you are silly enuff to try and blame the players.

Just goes to show the more ineptness by this coaching staff, no need for corn to get burn this year, just like no need to play earl moore just on special teams this year, he could've used a redshirt, not corey king sightings, threal problem is, this staff doesn't know how to recruit interior d-linemen from down here, they may have just figured it out this year. They keep bringing in guys that end up not working for them. Tha nthe guys that use to be on the verge of making plays consistently end up vanishing, how many d-linemen has this staff gone thru and wasted there careers, it's a crime really:

jeremy lewis(moved to o-line)

luther robinson(tried to move to o-line, didn't, not as much playing time)

curtis porter(dog house last year, asked to put on to much weight this year)

kelvin "i ain't going nowhere" cain(said f morons #1 & #2, doghouse, no playing time.

jalen grimble (Left)

earl moore(played as a True freshman, nowhere to be seen this year except special teams)

olsen pierre(has anyone seen em)

3g(lumbering jack, rushed weight gain)

jacoby briscoe(moved to o-line than moved on)

jake o'donnel(moved to tight-end, haven't heard from em since)

corey king(is he still here)

david gilbert(5th year senior, may have played a few snaps, must be saving him for the bowl game)

jelani hamilton(all world in highschool when healthy, here another weight gain victim and coaches don't know where to use em)

dwayne holliet(another talent wasting away on the sidelines)

dequean ivery(maybe off the team talented but may have been confused with deQuan jones and booted from the team by mistake).

And that's not all of them but when you that many guys, nobody can convince me that all of these guys can't play or don't know how to play d-line. Almost all of those guys would be successful if the right d-co & d-line coach was here, alot of speed within that group alone. And if it is the players, than who's missing on recruit this bad that they're still here cause these kids didn't give a scholarship to themselves. This is criminal!


No one can convince you of anything.

If Golden said "2+2=4" you'd disagree with that too.

But if Randy Shannon said "1+1=3" you'd be "hell yeah man, that's right!! Put the man in the hall of fame!"

Calvin starting to make "Gallo Lists"...

I guess that's what happens when the dementia sets in...


You got a list in the bathroom that reminds you how to wipe you a55 after you take a dump too?

Calvin makes lists because he can't remember one lie from the other. That is the way he keeps his lies "scraight."

Wear a scarf and get out in the cold a couple of times before Friday's game. Start by getting off the bus a few blocks from the hotel and walk to it. Arrange it so that you are walking into the wind. Cold is not the problem; wind and cold is the problem. We call it "wind chill". Until you get used to it, you'll think about it. Do like FIVE TITLES says, conquer it.

Ignore Calvin..

If we LOSE he can Outcoach all the Coaching Staff and nitpick everything as to WHY we lost.."Me Calvin the Coach". In your dreams!!!

If we win it was a sorry team, or we were lucky but compared to former Coaches it was not a BIG thing. Twisting and turning any blog to throw in irrelevant junk.

Calvin I got news for you.
I have been saying this for almost 2 years since you were chased from your former site with this foolishness.

There is a corner over there.
Go grab your blanket and cheer for the Gators (who could SURELY use your expertise right now) and you would not be missed.

We do NOT need you to dissect our 'Canes.

Your blogs are erroneous and add nothing to the 'Canes but negativity.

You must be a miserable person.

Here it is Thanksgiving tomorrow and you come out with some list, instead of thanking the guys on our team for their efforts. The best Won Loss in years.

I have no regard for your posts, opinions, and A**
H**** prognostications. In fact I am totally tired of your S***.

If you can't say it I will .............
Go 'Canes

WestCoastCane/SCB still making wagers and offering ultimatums when his word means absolutely zilch and he has never honored any of the previous ones. Go figure.

Other posters still mad that a blog is a forum for opinion sharing and continue to rail other posters for not typing what they want to read everyday.

Child-like and bigoted behaviors of the blind-followers and voluntary slaves.

Calvin is right about his assessment on the game , players and coaching staff. Hate if you will. Respect when he right. He told everyone. Some of you didn't get the message.

I will close this comment by saying that being one that lives in Buckeye country, it's hard to rep the U with the terrible defense we have. That's not name-calling or mud-slinging; it's simply a fact!!!

Posted by: "The 305 in Ohio" | November 26, 2013 at 07:43 PM

HERETIC, HERETIC, HERETIC HATER... bellow the majority of Canespace/eoth bUbba's! hUh

How dare this man from O-H-I-O disrespect on the BELOVED Marky Mark. Hasn't heard the news today.

The horde at that canespace, now, say that both D'Onofrio and Golden deserve TWO MORE seasons to rectify Cane defensive matters and 2015 will be the season of championship ball. hUh

And just imagine. These same CS voices of STUPIDITY, said that Miami, Florida would BE BACK in 2014 ( Top 10 final ranking, TOP 25 TEAM DEFENSE, A.C.C. champion and B.C.S. bowl game, for instance. ). Go bloody figures'.

Because lambs are only open to one message

the one that makes them feel comfortable.

If its uncomfortable, then it has to go. Period.

Anything that challenges convention or encourages critical thought, garners resistance techniques like: deflection, projection, interjection etc..

Listen to these shags ..still blaa blaa blaaaa ..get a life HTC and Calvin..go outside

The remedy is to acquaint yourselves with the truth and be open to it.

Way too accustomed to lies and the comfort they supposedly provide. Some find comfort and insulation in lies and with frauds and liars.

Yall don't hate Calvin (he's just the scapegoat). Yall hate the truth. Y'all hate the ability that some exercise called thought.

"cane crazy" still has never made a post that wasn't about other bloggers

Still zero posts about any game or any Cane related topic.

But he gets to say blah blah blah...lol.

When Team A don't have the Classic Thoroughbreds, as one Barry Switzer once mentioned. Then it's all about the x's and o's and putting your " average " defensive player's in the PROPER schemes and ploys. hUh

ENTER Arizona Wildcat head coach Richie Rodriquez and his staff. Not only did his squad MOLEST a LEGITIMATE Top 10 team.

Rodriquez's team defense BYTCHED SLAPPED that High Octane Duck offense back to small town Eugene and held Oregon UNDER their season scoring average and offensive total average. Go bloody figures.

By the way, the VAST MAJORITY of Arizona's starters on offense and DEFENSE are of the THREE-STAR variety. With a handful of 5/4-Star prep player's sprinkled in among the starting 22.

UNFORTUNATELY for y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark supporters. Your STUCK with them until the year 2018.

Oh, MIZZOU is another team which has a strong head coach and a starting 22 made up of those unheralded THREE-STAR player's. Go bloody figures'.

Yet, that DORK west coast cane and like-minded HEHCHMEN will continue to blame the previous Hurricane regime for what's AILING cane defensive matters. dUh

Ex-Cane Vaughn Telemaque was a starter on a Top 27 team defensive.

YET, he was in Goldie nd' Marky Mark's DOG HOUSE is senior season. Go bloody figure!!

Last few posts hbt are completely true. So sound that it can be flipped 180 degrees and still ring true.

Oops, "htc".

Great point D, way to think.

How did Rich Rodriguez actual pull an upset?

I thought all coaches needed 5 star, 5th year senior laden depth charts to do such a thing lol.

U mean to tell me that Missouri's coach deploys schemes that lend to his unheralded recruits playing faster, smarter and aggressive?

It doesn't take 3 years to do this as Golden said after the Sun Bowl 2010?

Thanks bro, not trying to insult them either. Its sincere advice.

Tubs you're wrong in your assessment of ' ya'll hate the truth, don't hate on Calvin'. The truth is we ALL know the state of the team, and we ALL know what we WISH would get rectified to improve our teams situation, but what makes US different from you, him, Cane72, and some others is we also look at the positives and know the kids need support in times like this.
You guys would NEVER make it in sales, every freaking day you just beetch, moan, complain, point fingers, and act like your being prophetic with your comments. Jeez if you have wives, God help them, lol.

The positive thing is we STILL can finish the season 9-3, and possibly 10-3 which we have NOT done since 03. You guys can't seem to grasp that fact, because NO coaching changes are going to happen this season, so why not STFU and SUPPORT what's left this year, if for no else, do it for the KIDS!

D, Telemaque STANK in coverage and decided he wasn't going to tackle anyone his senior yr, so hell yeah he was in the dog house. Where's he at now? Why you would pick your FINAL yr of college to 'under perform' is beyond me. That's the yr you want to showcase your talents to the NFL, which he did not do. Even when they were 27th ranked, it sure wasn't because of him.

And U don't beetch, moan, complain, and point fingers here everyday as well correct?

There are people here who will talk Canes-all-positives despite results with U, but U don't go towards them or address them everyday. U choose to address w/insult those who choose to support the Canes by speaking out against the coaches and mediocrity they are endorsing and selling Us every single game.

U act ooooh ssssoooo irritated, but U help to fuel your own irritation. U can't make people think like U or type what you'd like to read here. We aren't Manny and Susan--controlled by bosses who tell them what to cover and what not to insinuate. Thats why the comments section exists--to give a voice to those who aren't binded by politics.

And thats the lane or void that these dissenting views fill. If U can't understand or accept that--then leave--its that simple. U come here everyday complaining about free speech.

Now the state of team: The state of the team is self-imposed. All of our programs issues have stemmed from internal mismanagement and lack of institutional continuity that has understandably funneled down to the field of play.

Now if someone thinks this way and has this understanding--why would they come here everyday and only post "Go Canes!" Despite the fact that--that saying is ill-supported and being made futile by those in power and influence to make *results* a reality.

Stay the course!!!!! Two more seasons!!!! Its the offenses fault!!!! NCAA clouds!!!!! Be patient!!!!!!! Be the same guuuuuuyy!!! ITS THE PLAYERS FAULT!!!!!!! Shaaannnnooonn did it!!!!

I don't have to fight on a lie.

Supporting something that is purposely not being wholeheartedly supported by those who get paid to support it, but who'd rather cut corners to save money--is not my responsibility nor cup of tea.

Are U gonna be at the game Friday? I will--is that support enough for U?

Propping up consolation prizes is your cup of tea. Accepting being sold short is your cup of tea. And dying on their hustle is your cup of tea.

10-3, 9-4, all consolation prizes that U have come accustomed to and accept--and that cool, but don't get angry at me for not taking 9 years and counting of scraps.

The KIDS KNOW their coaches can't coach so we are doing it for the KIDS. They don't have a voice as players--their playing time and thus careers are on the line.

Who is behind or gave Us that assessment of "the state of the team"?

Its a sales pitch thats been running for 9 years now.

Too young, not enough depth, the offense is the issue, kids aren't buying in, the "process", be patient, etc...while the product stayed the same the whole while.

I was U Cola--just 2 years ago.

This mediocrity is the product of a "get more from less" funding philosophy that Coker's auto-pilot NC put into play in 2001. Same time Shalala's tenure began.

Yell all U want, they want U to silence me, while they get paid off of our hope and ill-fated loyalty to a hijacked powerhouse called The Miami Hurricanes.

Posted by: Cola Cane | November 27, 2013 at 02:02 PM

Prime example^^^ of why some don't like Golden's Tebow-like aura with some Canes fans.

Apparently nothing good existed prior to Golden's descension from Temple of heaven. Now Telemaque sucked, because he didn't play well under Golden's defense which has been statistically proven to get worst every year h has been here so far, even hitting 116th last season.

How easy we forget: Here's VT making plays in Golden/D'No's 1st game despite the terrible scheme we are now accustomed to.


This is more evidence for Ron Zook the Gator who was offended by my comments that his former recruit CC was/is retarded and shouldn't be quoted on this blog as a credible source lol.


I bet Crowder supports Muschamp, Zakkee. Ron Zook does too and Al Golden. Idiots appeal to other idiots is what you can infer from that.


TAKING OVER for Gallo as the blogs hater spewer.

Who's the slave now?

Too chicken to wager huh, punk...

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