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Is a youth movement about to get going on Canes defense? Looks like it on new depth chart

The University of Miami released a new depth chart late Sunday night after the team's third consecutive loss and as expected receiver Phillip Dorsett was back on it, an encouraging sign considering the Hurricanes could use all the help they can get.

Perhaps the most encouraging sign of all was that for the first time all season explosive sophomore Tyriq McCord was on it, listed as the co-starter with Thurston Armbrister at strong side line backer.

Also around and easy to spot on the two-deep: freshman defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad (backup to Shayon Green, hadn't seen him listed in weeks), freshman safety Jamal Carter (backup to Rayshawn Jenkins and Kacy Rodgers) and freshman cornerback Corn Elder (second team behind either junior Ladarius Gunter or freshman Artie Burns). Also, sophomore Deon Bush is now the clear-cut starter over senior AJ Highsmith at safety and sophomore Earl Moore is now listed as a backup to Curtis Porter at defensive tackle.

Which raises this question: is Al Golden ready to dump the old guys for the new guys? Sure has that aroma.

Obviously the depth chart is a mere piece of paper. Golden can ultimately do whatever he chooses and play whomever he chooses. But I'm taking this as a sign that now that the Canes really have no shot at the Coastal Division title and because the defense has been horrendous he's going to let some of the young guys get some real burn. Honestly it's one of the smartest things he can do at this point.

UM FB Depth_Chart 111713


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FSU, VT, and Duke all scored in the 40's on that defense. You realize that it doesn't matter who we play now, they are going to score in the 40's, right? It doesn't matter who you role out there, they've all been institutionalized by that idiot coordinator, best friend of yours.

You want to upgrade something, start with the defensive coordinator. I'm sick of you blaming the players when you scheme like idiot.

Philip Dorset should Tweet the dictionary until September. Finish that and then maybe you can play.

Great. Get the young kids on the field so D'Nofrio can blame and destroy their confidence too.

Great news Hurricane fans.

Virginia will finish with a losing record in conference play this year, no matter what happens Saturday.

So Alverage has a chance to beat these losers, they're the type of team he can handle with his one size fits all gameplan he runs. Don't let his three losses in a row to them fool you, Alverage has them right where he wants them and will be able to say he's a .500 career coach again by Sunday.

The bad news is in conference play, the defense is giving up 479 yards a game, 205 on the ground for an average of 4.6 yards a carry, and surrendering a 65.1% on completions. In other words, the ACC is shoving it up Alverage and his boyfriends orifices however they see fit. Again.

Al Golden, Captain of the Costa Concordia a sinking ship with D'Onofrio leading the way, as a gigantic cast iron anchor around Golden's neck. The ship is taking on water faster than the Titanic, yet Golden refuses to take heed and give himself a life jacket by dismissing his long time pal. You can change the lineup all you want! the damage is done! you relegated our team to another "also ran" season. Last season's excuse was the players were too young. Anybody remember???? I certainly do! Can't wait to here the string of excuses from this coaching staff.

It does not matter whether we play old guys or young guys as long as our defense still has the stench of d'onofrio schemes. As a proud CANE that bleeds green/orange as well as an alum I am completely over this pitiful excuse of a defense that we put on the field week after week. I am also tired of our DC blaming these kids and not taking the blame for the fact these kids are running the defense that you told them to run. In order for the U to get back to being the U we have to bring back the in your face smash mouth defense that made MIAMI well MIAMI. It will not happen with the guy that is masquerading as a D1 defensive coordinator.

When a real DC takes over this defense McCord & Alquadin will start at DE. Move Chick to the inside. This will make r D Line faster thus causing mismatches with opposing offenses. This is how it was done for 5 titles. Its the way all top teams do it now. Speed kills. Why this current staff cant see that McCord & Alquaddin r the best DE's on this team is laughable.

Can't believe a fan is taking a shot at Dorsett...I am proud of the kid for speaking the plain truth along with The Duke.....that was embarrassing, no other way to put it.
Feel bad about some of the kids cuz they were supposed to redshirt and give us depth going forward. What this season has shown is that it is not the players, it is the scheme! You took a 2nd Team All Big 10 DE and make him look terrible....scheme. What isn't said in this article is that they are probably playing the younger guys because the senior guys have given up on this coaching staff/ DC...with good reason.
Wait a minute, wasn't the coach's rallying cry YESTERDAY for the rest of the season that this was gonna be for the seniors who have endured so much?! Okay, 24 hours later you are benching them all....got it Coach....only one person needs to go...Donofrio...He has to see it like everyone else does.

why is chickillo still a starter???.every game he is completely irrelevant,gets blown off the line 99% of the time..how often do you here his name called for making a tackle???..playing totally on name alone...

Right now this is a clown factory. We need defense!!! The athletes are there. The development and play calling isn't there. If you check the articles all summer long Goldie keeps talking about how much deeper this team is... He even talks about it earlier this season. I'm tired of excuses. I would respect this coaching staff more if they would quit making excuses and say that we are not a good team. Fire D'O.com!!!! If they don't Goldie will be without a job.

Jimmy Gaines is to slow to be an ohtside backer.... to much soft coverage... The strength of the O is the oline yet we running 5 wide sets when its 3rd and 4 (Smh) if we do run we running to the edge which every one knows..... We have talent there's no doubt about that yet the schemes make us look mediocre. ... I stand with Golden as far as a recruiter but something has to give as far as over all play calling...... Its all about the U

I'm still devastated! Even back in the late 70's before we stepped out of the phone booth we played better defense than we are currently. Shameful

This defense is awful. D'Onofrio must go today. If this doesn't change, then change the whole staff. Go get another coach that will mix things up! Go after Bobby Petrino

“We bow to no man, we bow to no program. We are going to build a bully.”—Jim Harbaugh

That is the mentality you need not goldens scared excuse filled mindset. And shows what a coach means to a program


A great article to read bc Stanford has a higher academic standard than us doesn't have the tradition of the u but consistently plays hard physical aggressive football. Win or lose this team always shows up And that's on the coaches. Interesting point in the article is their sc coach cares less about how much they bench but golden was so happy to post those numbers and flaunt it to justify his bs u tough.

there is your proof....golden knows the season is over. So now he is dumping the seniors just like he did last years with bowl sanctions.....

fyi - try to graduate when you are a junior at UM

Donferio needs to go has ruined any chance for a bowl for Miami, to many other ACC teams with teams and records. Our defense cant be fixed so Golden is out in left field, the only positive to do is change entire defensive coaching staff, need hardnose coach who knows football and adjust to different sets on offense, our next years schedule is extremely hard, heads will roll. We need players that want to hit not look pretty. Golden knows what he has to do, but his friendship is in the way, it will cost people their jobs, get a good defense coach several are available soon.

Everybody should be ashamed with that lost to Duke. FSU Ok Va Tech. Shaky lost But Duke, Duke Fire DC I don't even want to speak his name

I said it long ago. If the "U" expects to catcvh FSU we need better quality recruits. Presently we have 28 commitments of which 13 are NR. Simply put, we pick up a good 4/5 star here and there but overall mediocrity reighns. Secondly, where's the speed? yes we have a few burners but team speed stinks. Finally, we need to recruit kids that know how to tackle. My viewing of this team is over for the year.

This was posted last week and it bears repeating.


Here is the deal with Al Golden and Mark D'Onofrio. Plain and simple they are Joe Paterno and Penn State indoctrinated disciples. They both Coach from the Penn. State handbook of being less talented but better prepared and discipline from the 1970's and 1980's days when Penn. St. was an Independent and played garbage schedules. Every now and then, they would play in a Big game against a far better team and were able to eek and pull out some Victories as underdogs with that mind set. But this is THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI !!! We don't play conservative ! Our Offense plays to not make mistakes, don't turn it over and get field position. The Defense plays PREVENT from the get go. NEVER dictating the play but always back on their heels not giving up the big play while they themselves rarely make any big plays while giving up 500 yards in front of them time and time again to bad teams. Do any of you see this trend ? Well, that is NOT CANE Football ! Al talks all about the U tradition, but has never, doesn't and will never play they way we used to. It's what we are and will always be with these two Nittnay Lions to the core running the show. Nice guys? Sure. Do we want nice guys leading the U or mean attacking sumsofbitches like Howard and Jimmy's Coaching tree ATTACKING in ALL Phases of the game for 60 mins ?

I'm not going to even say I hope I'm wrong because I'm not. We are, philosophy wise, Penn. St. South. That's fine if an occasional 10-2 Season every 5 years or so satisfies you. But even in the ACC and with a weak OC Schedule we are destined to be a 7-5/8-4/9-3 squad year after year... And it starts with the Head mans philosophy. And Coach Golden's is and always will be Joe Paternoesque. "Don't beat yourself, field position, make Field Goals and Win close games.

Give me KICKA$$ and TAKE NAMES !!! The True Cane Thang Way !

Posted by: Chris H. '88 | November 13, 2013 at 12:12 AM


If one doesn't identify and then fix a problem, then one is due to repeat that mistake time and time and time again.

Man there are either a bunch of trolls here or a bunchof losers. If U cant pull for a possible 9-3 regular season then why even comment. Especially if U haven't commented before. I will be watching the final games. Hswalden is an idiot. We are already bowl eligible. Even if we drop the last two we play in a bowl and that will be an improvement . Win a bowl, fire donofrio, and start recruiting.

Canes Fans...please calm down, because this is not a youth movement. The coaching staff had to make some adjustments, and the core of this defensive unit is still in tact. The DL, LB and secondary will still have their normal rotations, regardless of performance. Manny and Susan are not a true canes fan, they are building interest for this column...$$$!

Al Golden has clearly made it known, his DC is not going any where soon...as long as he's the HC. If the President and AD are not going to listen to the fans and former players...then the customers (paying fans) must make a decision from a financial perspective. Supply and demand! I believe Golden has someone reading these posts, and he will sit down with the DC and OC at season end. Watch how some of the position coaches are going to be release...but not DC. Especially the DL and secondary coaches. No techniques taught or demonstrated all year. Scheme is impacting by lack of technique and assignment, which equals...no coaching prior to the game.

By end of spring practice, I will decide on purchasing my season tickets for 2014...not based on players...but coaching staff.

Look at us complaining about this year debacle of a season. We should hold our heads up for the simple reason, we did what we were not suppose to do. Yes, we had a short lived ranked #7 team. Who would of ever thought that we would accomplish that.
On the flip side, our defense is horrible. Yes, D'funk has a terrible scheme. This drop in coverage and get pressure with 4 is terrible. If you noticed, all the teams run the same plays on us with success. N. Carolina exposed it first, Wake followed, FSU just capitalized on it. If during the offseason he doesn't fire his friend then next year will be the end of the tie.
Recruiting? Wow, yes we have a descent class. But if you look at some of the players, some were not even recruited from any other major FBS schools. He is not getting talent he is just gathering bodies. Its like, "he you look good in a uniform come to the U."

I don't blame Coach Golden or either coordinator for Saturday's result. Our Canes were ready to play, but so was Duke. On Offense, we had injuries that took key players out of the game. Duke knocked them out: First, Coley; then, Corn. It looked like Waters was down to one leg by the 4th quarter. We were already missing our Duke and Phillip. Personally, I would have run the ball, run the ball, ride the Bus. The Duke around me at the game were wondering why we just didn't keep running the ball. We needed to control the clock, and you don't do that with big down-the-field plays. Clive had a tough time catching the ball. He has two hands but one of them wasn't much good to him. Morris is my qb.

On Defense, we don't have any go to guys. We're just not talented enough. We might be bigger and stronger than last year, but we still are what we are. We got gored up the middle on plays that went for huge gains. I don't if it's xxx's and ooo's as well as talent, but we don't have any top-25 talented players on Defense and we've lost a lot of confidence. Without confidence, you are what you are.

The kicking game should have been our advantage, but after Coley got knocked out, that advantage was gone and our punter had an off-game (for him). Duke's punter had luck, and maybe some talent. Those returns in the late 3rd and early 4th broke us down.

I will sum it up like this ..... I was embarrassed on Saturday no need to rant BUT its one thing to loose to a better SKILLED team fsu is better I can take that ( don't like it ) VT is not better we get and have much better recruits every year period ! And Duke gets one 4 star kid a year so skill set wise commingle out of high school we have a huge edge over these two teams right ? So then you most ask why are they a better team then we are ? They both beat us pretty easy right ? I have been a big Golden fan since day one but its time for him to evaluate his DC you have 4 star kids that all of a sudden forgot how to play ? Not buying that story at all I can see a kid making mistakes but not a whole unit falling apart still trying to rush only 4 and giving QB 6 seconds does not work and dropping your LB back 12 yards is so passive you recruit athletes then put them in a small box to play in why ? So frustrating to watch right now sorry for the rant ...... GO CANES

Its like this,,the old guys,,well, you know what they can do,,which is very limited,,and most of them are graduating this year or eligibility is up, (Wisconsin and Virginia transfers) but you have to play the young guys the next 3 games (including the bowl game) to get them some reps and practice...and people dont fortget, Miami has not been to a bowl game since 2011 season. Getting those extra 12-18 practices before this year's bowl game will go a long way to improve next year's squad. Minus some of these seniors (Highsmith, Kacy Rodgers, I like them both, but neither should have recruited by Miami).

I have not seen such consecutive poor play from the defense as I have in the last 3 games and Duke, of all teams score the way they did. This defense, though not where other U defenses of the past were at, were supposed to be improved. They were like a sieve yesterday and the one in charge, D'onofrio, has to be held accountable. This defense was supposed to be bigger, deeper and stronger than last year's defense and they may be all that, but, you can't use the same schemes at the U that were used at Temple. The players on all the teams are better than Temple could ever think of being. You play off the receivers at the better schools they're going to dink and dunk down the field and wear you out. Other teams tighten up as the game on our offense making it harder for them to move the ball, but, D'onofrio's keeps laying back and laying back until they get worn to the point the other team runs over them regardless of their conditioning. Duke, Va Tech and FSU had the can do, while the U had the maybe. The defense has played itself into relative obscurity again this year where the rest of the team has to play to carry them. The defense is the real weak link on this team again this year even with the additional depth. So the problem does fall back on D'onofrio, as it appears, that he really is the problem.

Posted by: Tennesseecane | November 17, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Lots of messages to read, some valid, some just piling on. But I believe this one says it best.

Defense handed a 17-7 lead, goes 41-13 the rest of the way.

I am not saying we change the DC because that was Duke.

I am saying we change the DC because that was the VT defensive scheme, yet again. And this time, it showed it could not stop the run after last week showing it could not stop the pass.

I gave this staff the benefit of the doubt over and over again. They got all they wanted. A bigger, stronger, better conditioned defense, with experience in both starters and backups. But it allowed 48 points , without the excuse that special teams let them down or anything like that.

If the players are everything they wanted and they still cannot stop teams consistently, it is time to find someone that CAN get them to stop folks consistently.

Golden needs to make a change, for the sake of the team.

Here is something I dont understand, the Elder kid from Tennessee,,who was MR. Tennesse for 2 straight years, as a result of his offensive play,,so why in the heck did the Miami coaches move this guy to the Defense...If he is that type of athlete, they should have his ability in the slot,,scant back,,Duke had a fast scant back in Snead,,we dont,,and I think it

Time to clean up the coaching staff. Al Golden can't protect his boy no more. Mark D made it clear that he's not fitted to be a D coordinator at UM. We need to get rid of him immediately. AJ Highsmith please stay off the field with Jimmy Gaines. The opposite team OC is smart because I would do the same exact thing as they were doing. Attack Gaines and Highsmith. If you do that your guaranteed to succeed.

Were is the Travis Benjamin or Devin Hester type recruit? With all the speed to burn in the Miami area, why dont Miami have a 5'8 165 pounder..4.3 type guy in this year's recruiting class...

Certainly, injured offensive stars Duke Johnson and Phillip Dorsett fall into that category. They watched the Duke loss on TV in Miami and both tweeted the word “embarrassing” as it related to the game.
And even though Golden said he doesn’t read Twitter, those particular tweets were surely brought to his attention.

“They both know what they presented to the public was not what they meant,” Golden said. “It was expressed the wrong way, and for that they are contrite. I’m going to talk to both of them, but I know they both wish they hadn’t hit ‘send.’

“What they really wanted to say was that they thought they could have helped us win.”


No Coach, they, like all Cane fans were and still are embarrassed. U should be too.

And we are all STUNNED that you still back your buddy as D-Coord.

Come on people, the recruting gurus get it right every year. Miami's defense is made up of 2 and 3 star players. Justin Renfrow didn't even start at Virginia last year. What does that tell you? Jimmy Gaines was a 2 star recruit. Only other offer was Buffalo. Kacy Rodgers wasn;t even a top 50 recruit in the state of Texas. I bet the "crowd" for next Saturday's home game won't be more than 20,000.

Were is the Travis Benjamin or Devin Hester type recruit? With all the speed to burn in the Miami area, why dont Miami have a 5'8 165 pounder..4.3 type guy in this year's recruiting class...


Sorry to tell you, those guys won't see the field here at Miami anymore. UTough, we may not be able to catch or run by you, buy we will look good for a magazine shoot.

Calvin/ HTC,

What up brothers,

Can you do me a favor and tell these slurpers to let their boy Golden tongue know he needs to stop saying the seniors never been 7-2. We were 7-2 in 2009.

Tell him no matter how many times he says it, it's still a lie.

HOW MUCH LONGER ???? D'NOFRIO NEEDS TO BE FIRE INMEDIATELY !!!!!!No matter how loyal Golden wants to be..... ENOUGH !!!!

uva is senior day.....how can golden not play seniors.....but it doesn't matter to him....the season is over........

next year more trouble with weak QB's......williams / olseon......they are nowhere near the talent of morris.....total collapse next year

A lot of insightful comments here.

Now, with younger guys on D, Golden and D'Onofrio can do their "it's the youth" excuse. It's blame the players with these guys. They are both rigid and a poor fit for UM.

As noted, they are Penn State guys. Their philosophy, nicely described above, fits in a MAC conference, but not the ACC or aggressive, defensive conferences.

We have watched the defense play prevent for most of the game and get destroyed by decent teams. The players fear making mistakes and are confused. That is poor coaching. It is obvious. To lay back for entire games while getting stomped is madness.

I was a Golden supporter. No more. These coaches will never bring UM to national prominence. They have served their purpose, In the case of Golden, guiding the program through the NCAA harassment. In the case of D'Onofrio, illustrating what we really need to win on defense.

And it ain't either of these guys. Time for a new start, but I doubt administration has the guts to can the current regime.

Pitt will beat us. With Tom Savage, they have a guy who wanted to play at UM but was rebuffed. Virginia has a good shot at winning as long as our defense is shredded as expected. D'Onofrio is a rigid guy living in the past, and Golden is right there as well.

Hate to say it, but the future really isn't that bright with this coaching regime. Three stars ain't gonna get it either, and kids will wise up to what is happening.

Find a coach who turns loose the aggressive spirit of players, and who the players love and respect first, instead of fear being the dominant emotion on the team.

I mean, Tweets are an issue when this team is so beaten up pdychologically? Idiot coaching.


Posted by: Ron Zook | November 17, 2013 at 01:02 PM

U and Dom need to get a room together and shack up over a weekend discussing Ur excuses.

Nowhere near the talent of MORRIS???

That's just scary because that guy flat sucks

Did Al Golden, on the Joe Rose Show, just rattle off 10-12 guys names on Defense that played "well" ? What game was he watching Saturday ? Certainly not the one I saw give up 48 points, 500+ total yards and 350 yrds. rushing.

Coach Golden... Kiss me. I like to get kissed when I'm getting FU@KED !


Miami's Late-Season Collapse Is a Lack of Talent on the Field, Not Effort!

Miami returners Stacy Coley and Artie Burns were in the doghouse after two huge special teams fumbles against Virginia Tech a week ago.

Saturday at Duke, the explosive wide receivers were both eventually knocked out of the game and sorely missed against the Blue Devils as injuries continue to take a toll on the Hurricanes in the latter half of the season.

An early 79-yard punt return by Coley helped Miami jump out to a 10-0 lead, but in a second straight shootout between these ACC foes, the Blue Devils pulled away late for a 48-30 victory as the Hurricanes simply didn't have the horses to hang.

Miami needed a strong start and got it. Stephen Morris was crisp early, while running backs Dallas Crawford and Gus Edwards did their best to effectively step in for the irreplaceable Duke Johnson.

The Hurricanes pushed the lead to 17-7 late in the first quarter and seemed destined to build a comfortable first-half lead when a deflected Morris pass was picked off by Deondre Singleton in Duke territory.

Six plays later, the Blue Devils pulled to within three. They eventually took a halftime lead and from there began Miami's slow fade into the dark Durham night.

Golden had this to say afterward, via the Associated Press (h/t ESPN), "We started well. We just aren't doing a good enough job of answering on defense."

The Hurricanes' undersized, undermanned defensive line was also unable to pressure quarterbacks Anthony Boone or Brandon Connette, each bringing a different dynamic and element to the Blue Devils' potent offense.

After a 7-0 start to the season, Miami has since dropped three straight. The Hurricanes overachieved early, but injuries and a lack of overall depth and talent has brought Al Golden's program back down to earth.

Miami's road to undefeated-through-October included three comeback wins against mid-level ACC foes—Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Wake Forest—while an early upset of No. 12 Florida was the result of forced turnovers as the Hurricanes defense still surrendered over 400 yards.

Over the past three weeks, Miami has given up a grand total of 131 points and 1,609 yards—with Virginia Tech and Duke both outgaining what Florida State dropped on the Hurricanes three weeks back—which in itself is inexcusable, even with holes in the roster.

The X-factor for Miami since that initial loss of the season—key injuries taking their toll and forcing momentum to slip away.

The Hurricanes lost the dynamic Johnson to a broken ankle against the Seminoles, while the absence of Coley and Burns cast the inexperienced Corn Elder—a late addition to the 2013 recruiting class—into a bigger special teams role than expected.

The absence of Johnson's breakaway ability, coupled with the loss of deep-threat wide receiver Phillip Dorsett in mid-October at North Carolina, has crippled Miami's offensive production. Meanwhile, Morris' ankle injury suffered mid-September continues to nag the quarterback, seemingly on display anytime the senior is forced to run the football.

Last November, Johnson rushed for 176 yards and three touchdowns at Duke, while Dorsett had a four-reception, 83-yard outing. A year later, the Hurricanes totaled 186 yards on the ground with four running backs, while the lack of a deep-threat receiver was sorely missed by Morris and Miami.

With the luster having since worn off the Hurricanes' unexpected 7-0 start, reality has set in and, fact is, the "The U" has a lot of catching up to do.

Miami was 13-11 under Golden the past two seasons, with the 116th-ranked defense in the nation. Prior to Golden's arrival, it was a 28-22 run over the previous four-year span on Randy Shannon's watch.

Stephen Morris was 30-of-49 for 379 yards against Duke, but Miami settled for three red-zone field goals in a game where touchdowns were necessary.

Toss in a hovering NCAA investigation that came to a close in October, coupled with three dozen players that departed the program over a three-year span—2010 to 2012—and a lack of depth and talent is as much to blame as overall game-planning and scheming.

While this year's goal of winning the Coastal Division and playing for an ACC Championship are long gone, there is good news for the Hurricanes—help is on the way.

Miami earned a verbal commit from 4-star defensive tackle Anthony Moten earlier this week, as well as 3-star wide receiver Tyre Brady, bringing next year's class total to 28.

Moten marks the eighth defensive line addition and fifth defensive tackle, joining 4-star standout Travonte Valentine, as well as 4-star defensive end Chad Thomas. Brady is the third receiver, joining a group that already includes highly coveted 4-star wideout Braxton Berrios.

While the "wait until next year" battle cry can sometimes be viewed as a sign of defeat, for Miami the influx in talent should prove to be a huge difference-maker.

A fast start to the 2013 season caused some wishful thinking for Hurricanes Nation, as a decade of subpar football can do that to just about any proud fanbase.

In all reality, the Hurricanes' biggest victories have already taken place, both with the NCAA case coming to a close and the recruiting trail continuing to heat up.

Miami didn't have enough to take care of business at Duke on Saturday, but based on the fact that their talent level is set to increase, the loss in Durham can be chalked up to a fluke, not a sign of things to come.

By: Chris Bello (Featured Columnist) on November 16, 2013

Randy era: chronics refused to believe how bad he was. Eventually you accepted the reality of it.

Golden era: chronics refused to believe how bad he was. Eventually you accepted the reality of it.

Next?oh that's right, Zookers knows that Goldenfraude will be winning titles here.

shalallalaal has turned Hurricane football into powderpuff ball first with letting Butch go, then hiring RS and now goldie and d'no nothing about defense.

The sickness that infects Hurricane football starts at the top with the boft hiring shallaalalala and the AD who hired goldie who makes excuses for his butt buddy d'o.

After they are all let go, it will take a real coach and a real DC a year or two to dust off the Howard Schnellenberger playbooks for offense and defense he brought to the Canes from Don Shula and the Dolphins.

nowhere near......morris is 3rd all time cane QB.....whatever you think about him he is still the best QB UM has.....maybe golden should put in williams or olsen...that would be really funny......

but as soon as they come apart.....they cant come out...they have to stay in, OK? if it wasn't for morris duke would have blown UM out of the water......

keep drinking the koolaid.....

Ron (cut and paste) Zook,
still at it

Oh no wonder you feel like he's a reliable source.

Bello earned a B.A. in English from the University of Florida, yet has his diploma mounted in a University of Miami frame.

He's a lot like you, Gator posing as a Cane who wants to see the Canes rest in mediocrity.

Get lost loser.

Once again Big Al Golden has been proven to be right...Mark D'Onofrio is a helluva defensive coordinator.

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 30, 2013 at 09:54 PM

Zook will suck Goldens ball juice till the very bitter end guaranteed. He sucked Randy's ball juice as well. And the next guy that comes along after Goldens inevitable firing? Zookers will be slurping his ball juice too.

Donnas ego will always keep the football program down. It takes BIG money to win BIG. How much did the last fund drive raise? Over a BILLION dollars? But yeah there is nothing available for the recruiting budget. Laughable.

Your an ignorant fool Zook

There just doesn't seem to be any heart or fight in the D anymore. IMO the D has really been in the tank since FSU and they haven't come out. They don't tackle, get off blocks, or have gap discipline now. Now you can argue that it started before FSU, but, at least we won those. This time of year your team tendencies have been thoroughly scouted by your upcoming opponents as well.Now that goes to game planning.

The talent is sitting on the bench: Muhammed, McCord, Grace, Kirby, Carter, Burns, Elder. Why are Chickillo, Green, Crawford, Highsmith, Rodgers & Gaines still playing, let alone starting. These Seniors are just that, Seniors. They have no winning experience and they were low level recruits to begin with. The youth movement should of started 10 games ago....

Reality has bit us....we have to bite back....who on this team is going to take leadership? Accointability?

"Posted by: U deluded clown | November 18, 2013 at 10:04 AM"

Keepin' it classy, Gatr Trash. As always, the UFraud trailer donkeys are class.

Enough with the GATOR "rivalry". who gives two dinks about them? Pitiful.

OK - finally got a rebuttal to :

USC ???
TEXAS 2-2 - ok
....same players....SAME PLAYERS...

WHO gets that cane booty on the "Cares-Not-A-Lot Bowl"?

congrats blue devils! give fsu hell!

Let's go Cavs!

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