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Is a youth movement about to get going on Canes defense? Looks like it on new depth chart

The University of Miami released a new depth chart late Sunday night after the team's third consecutive loss and as expected receiver Phillip Dorsett was back on it, an encouraging sign considering the Hurricanes could use all the help they can get.

Perhaps the most encouraging sign of all was that for the first time all season explosive sophomore Tyriq McCord was on it, listed as the co-starter with Thurston Armbrister at strong side line backer.

Also around and easy to spot on the two-deep: freshman defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad (backup to Shayon Green, hadn't seen him listed in weeks), freshman safety Jamal Carter (backup to Rayshawn Jenkins and Kacy Rodgers) and freshman cornerback Corn Elder (second team behind either junior Ladarius Gunter or freshman Artie Burns). Also, sophomore Deon Bush is now the clear-cut starter over senior AJ Highsmith at safety and sophomore Earl Moore is now listed as a backup to Curtis Porter at defensive tackle.

Which raises this question: is Al Golden ready to dump the old guys for the new guys? Sure has that aroma.

Obviously the depth chart is a mere piece of paper. Golden can ultimately do whatever he chooses and play whomever he chooses. But I'm taking this as a sign that now that the Canes really have no shot at the Coastal Division title and because the defense has been horrendous he's going to let some of the young guys get some real burn. Honestly it's one of the smartest things he can do at this point.

UM FB Depth_Chart 111713


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You know the old adage: "You get what you pay for", well Alabama probably pays their DC more than Golden;
Sha-la-la would rather waste $$ bringing the Liar-in-Chief to campus for his propaganda speeches to indoctrinate the students.

Enough with the GATOR "rivalry". who gives two dinks about them? Pitiful.

OK - finally got a rebuttal to :

USC ???
TEXAS 2-2 - ok
....same players....SAME PLAYERS...

WHO gets that cane booty on the "Cares-Not-A-Lot Bowl"?

congrats blue devils! give fsu hell!

Let's go Cavs!

If dnoffrio stays then i am done with golden. he can go too and we can hunt for another coach who wont waste our talent.


It's diversion attempts to keep mentioning the gators. Only a few idiots bring them up when they can't make a point.

I agree with you 100%, personnel is not the issue, it's the coaches. We need to get rid of these bums and bring in someone with an aggressive mentality.

Very frustrated but Golden is the reason there is talent at UM, not ready to throw him to the curb. I'll continue to support. As far as Coach D goes, I think he needs to go.

Fire Coach D, Fire Golden, fire Shalala, fire the water boy. Like those are really going to help. Granted the criticism against Coach D is justified to a certain extent. He needs to leave the box and get back on the field. The Duke Qb scoring from the 4,3,2 and 1 was unacceptable. Had there been a 7 man front it would not have happened. Its true there are no horses up front but Howard was a 5 star and Burns and Bush both 4 stars, Muhammed a 4 star, Perryman and Chickilo, 4 stars. Miami's recruiting class is ranked 3rd in the country but they are all going to be freshmen and will need at least a year to develop

Where was there one victory over a more talented team, by Al Golden? To let him off the hook as the head coach is ridiculous. Miami Hurricanes Football has been lessen during his tenure. He must go. Just let the season end and terminate him.

If he loses to Virginia, terminate him at once. I thought he should get another year. But that was because I knew that there was never a time that Miami would lose to Duke. There is no way he deserves the job if he loses to Virginia, as well.

All right, let's talk Baylor, USC, auburn and Texas. First up, auburn, a team 3 years removed from an undefeated nc that currently has 15 players from that squad on the roster. Has AVERAGED a top 10 rec class ever since. You damn well should be 10-1. Next up, USC. One year removed from being the preseason #1 team in the country. Also avg'g a top TEN rec class over the previous 3 years. Ridiculous roster of talent. Texas? News flash, also avg'g a top10 rec class for the previous 3 years running, including top5 twice. My grandmother could squeeze 9 wins out of that roster. And finally Baylor. Currently stocked with a roster including 24 seniors that has gone bowling each of the previous THREE YEARS! What, exactly, is your point?

After 3 years of .500% ACC football, it's become obvious, for better or worse, that Golden & Company simply will not adjust and play the MIAMI WAY (thank you Donna)... Instead, it's we Cane fans that will be the ones that have to adjust to his style and that is the Penn State and Temple ways (especially defensively). Deny and hope all you want, but that's Golden's product and always will be. Semi-Solid, but rarely if ever exceptional.

R.I.P. MIAMI "It's A Cane Thang" Football. I now know Al just doesn't understand or care to.



Posted by: Chris H. '88 | November 13, 2013 at 12:12 AM


If one doesn't identify and then fix a problem, then one is due to repeat that mistake time and time and time again.

Posted by: Michael B. | November 18, 2013 at 08:14 AM

Ridiculous, that is the only way to explain the Miami defense, or lack there of. Why change the players? That is the players that the coaches put in because of their ability in practice and the coaches evaluations. The coaches are the problem. Never seen a Miami defense so out of position, never! It is hard to watch. Duke's running game was destroying our defense. Are you serious, Duke!!!!!!!! Something has to be done. We don't deserve the Coastal Crown, so good for Duke. An overhaul needs to start with the defensive coaches. D-line and linebackers are a joke, always late to play or miss the tackle. I didn't want to admit it earlier, but our defense just stinks. Is it the players? I don't think so, they were all good athletes. It has to be the coaches and the scheme. Zero adjustments are made!!! Why, because the coach is not capable of making in game adjustments. Please, for the sake of the tradition of MIAMI football, something has to change. Watching Miami's defense get pushed around for another season isn't acceptable. Should never have been acceptable. If Golden can't do what needs to be done, get rid of him also. The only glimmer of hope on defense is the defensive backs, but it takes pressure generated by the D-line. They generate zero pressure, horrible. Words can't even explain how pathetic Miami looked against Duke. DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts me to post this, but there is no denying out current status on defense. The bottom line is this, a good coach can take an average player that wants to be great and make him play great. The flip side is a bad coach can make a great player play below his potential and appear to be below average. It is obvious what we have.

7-3 is 7-3 scUM even if we can only beat doormats. Bowl eligible lmao who cares if we get blown out. We have had an easy schedule with beatup half teams and still are not bowl eligible. We are going to be 0-2 against any good team we play. U are right about one thing though, we can beat any glorified highschool team. See U in the bowl season.... Lmao! Lol! Rotf! By the way, how is the "reloading" going for U?

Posted by: sidcane | November 18, 2013 at 08:38 AM

UCF almost beat s carolina. What does that say about the "tough" sec this year? Good thing we don't play either of those teams, give me more Savahnna please. FSU is gonna play Bama,then what? Unless of course the powers that be wont allow it. It has happened before. I know I dont make any sense.

Posted by: sidcane | November 18, 2013 at 08:46 AM

For having such a small fan base in s florida as y'all claimed in the beginning of the season, this stadium sure is always dead.the way U talked I thought the tarps would have come down already, guess not

Posted by: sidcane | November 18, 2013 at 09:20 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/gator-grades-almost.html#storylink=cpy

They said USC was hurt by sanctions abd had a talent problem too, but after a coaching change they're beating top 5 programs abd have been on fire for the past month plus. D`Onofrio is the biggest and only liability this defense has. A few weeks ago I was still a Golden believer, but if he can't distinguish between personal and professional business then he needs to go too. There is no excuse for the way D`Onifrio is ruining our defense.

Here's the way I see it and the bottom line -

Since we've been in the ACC, we've had higher rated recruiting classes, much higher in most cases, than every other school except FSU (and higher than FSU some years). That means that our recruits were assessed by the experts with more talent and ability than these other recruiting classes. Not only did UM coaches see that in our recruits, but coaches at other top programs saw that and recruited them as well. Are some highly touted recruits busts? Yes. But don't tell me that every or the majority of the recruits we've had on the defensive side in the past 5 classes have been busts. It is up to the coaches to take that talent and ability and develop it along with a game plan and scheme to maximize that talent and ability. The coaches have failed miserably to do so.

Can you name one player on defense who has improved since they arrived at Miami? I would say maybe Gunter but that is it. Everyone else has stayed the same or gotten worse (Chickillo). If that is not an indictment of the coaching I don't know what is.

Golden gets one more season, no more excuses. D'onofrio needs to be fired. Poor coaching, poor preparation, poor use of talent and resources. Play out the rest of the season, get the new kids in since the future is theirs. Stop talking about "distractions or lack of focus" and play ball.

Sunny Dee - Gunter is the only one who comes to mind. Tracy Howard maybe but not so much.

All you posters must be watching a different game than I am. It's not the scheme when 3 or 4 guys whiff on a tackle. They are in the right place but aren't aggressive enough with the hits. They know what to do but aren't executing it. The players might have the talent, but not the fire in the belly. And the lame discussion about Paterno and Al's upbringing...Remember PSU's defense SLAPPED down our Canes in the NC Game despite the fact we had 4 guys go in the first round of the draft. A new broom sweeps clean and the rest of the cleaning will take place at the end of this year!!! Go Canes!!!

bring back shannon as dc

TGMoney - you make my point for me. The teams were performing badly with loads of talent....coaching personnel changes made, the players respond.

We have talent, not enough yet, but we have enough talent to compete defensively much better than we have been since the cupcakes were dispatched early in the season and we actually showed up, fired up for the gators.

We started to see the same old cracks vs. GT, though they run a different offense. We listened to how much progress had been made, especially on the defensive side of the ball - precisely because of experience and training gains...

UNC provided the formula and the first real inkling that the improvements on defense weren't so much... then FSU - no problemo there; they are the real deal, though they used the same formula laid out by UNC and WF...and as the year has progressed, after having our spirits apparently broken by the FSU loss....the stats speak for themselves.

Many well coached teams get better as the year goes on, those I invoke in my point - all made coaching changes and have capitalized handsomely on those changes - mid season for USC and Texas [2-2 since, one vs. ranked rival OK, is better than where they were headed, and a recycled HC for Auburn.

Now, using those same players and maybe a few additions and departures - none of which were marquee, you get drastically different results.

I have turned on AG, but not completely. Coley gets a pass this year. Morris has actually done pretty well in our blowout losses, but he's gone...why we are losing so badly now is NOT because we have been decimated by injuries to our defense; it is because teams have figured us out, we haven't adjusted our coaching schemes to mitigate successfully, and the players have quit.

The last is the MOST important, because the lack of adequate coaching has led to it.

Those teams I mention as having made changes are programs that are trading on their recent successes, their brand. Us too. Those temas made business decisions. We need to.

We're playing to salvage the season for our seniors, yet the young blood is teed up as starters - great! love it! Let's see what happens...

Make a business decision and get a great DC.
It really isn't a stretched point. It's a solution.

It's more than just the coaches.Our talent level isn't elite and until it is we should show a little more patience.The people who complain about the coaching; can you name one dominant defensive lineman or linebacker we have???I can name you at least 4 from fsu 5 or 6 from bama.Go back and look at the last 4 or 5 recruiting classes and see the difference in the talent being brought in by us compared to the top programs.Did everybody just forget that we've been under investigation the last 2 1/2 years just because we started off 7-0?This is gonna take time and as much as it hurts to lose like this we haveto be a little more realistic with what we can accomplish with this current roster.Let's see what it looks like next year and the year after.GO CANES!!!

They both know what they presented to the public was not what they meant,” Golden said. “It was expressed the wrong way, and for that they are contrite. I’m going to talk to both of them, but I know they both wish they hadn’t hit ‘send.’

“What they really wanted to say was that they thought they could have helped us win.”

on the "embarrassing" tweets by duke and dorsett.....

golden has lost the team.....it is so over

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 17, 2013 at 09:07 PM

ROFl, coach goldie is a moron, let me get this straight, this guy hasn't talked to dorsett or duke yet, but he's trying to interpret and tell us what they meant. So since he's a mind reader now, how about he use some of those skills to anticipate and shut down offenses!

Well, let's all remember back to August...we were picked by the punditry to win the coastal - for good reasons! the defense was the big question mark. With the inarguably soft schedule, the path was laid out...9-3 was expected by almost all....with great reason!

Defense was the big question mark. Stopgap transfers, weight training, experience, etc, etc...

Well, that's all been answered pretty clearly for two weeks in a row...

This is the exact same team as last year. Good and Bad.
Fine, DNO stays.
8-5 is reasonable.
7-6 is not outlandish.
Next year....

Yo cane trash

Yo U still got No D
Why is it so hard for U to accept what everyone else knows?
R U listening RondUmmyZook?
Golden Retriever is the best coach, Right clUck?
U r dUmmer than dom the dUmb clUck
And that is sayin a lot

Yo Virgini is next
But U can't lose to a 2 win team, can u clUck?
Virgini is the type of team Golden Retriever likes to play
U know, to get over the 7 win hump
The flea infested Dog likes them 2 win teams to pad his sorry record

Yo The Challenge is a total fail
3 losses already with at least one more to come
Back in the same place U were
No trip to Charlotte, again
No BCS bowl, again
Unranked, again
Irrelevant, again
sUcks to be U

Have to agree with Tampa Cane; Miami is under-performing for its talent level, and talented high school players will see that and sign elsewhere.

But something else is up with this football team. I saw it going way back to the 33-0 loss to LSU in the Peach Bowl. (when was that, 2005?) I don't think UM has the sports culture to support an tough football program. It's going through coaches like a lawnmower goes through grass, and none of them seem to make a difference. So I'm thinking it's not the coaches, it's something else. Something at the school has changed. I've seen it with the baseball team, too. All of sudden the 'Canes can't get past the regionals.

I don't think it's the players, and I don't think it's the coaches. It's something else. The University of Miami's leadership has lost--or perhaps deliberately surrendered--the will to field competitive teams. The basketball team did well last year, and some of the women's teams are doing well, but the school's football and baseball teams--it's two strongest programs--have been paper tigers for over a decade now.

Posted by: LakeWorthCane | November 17, 2013 at 03:21 PM

^^Exactly, maybe it takes someone else to say it!

They both know what they presented to the public was not what they meant,” Golden said. “It was expressed the wrong way, and for that they are contrite. I’m going to talk to both of them, but I know they both wish they hadn’t hit ‘send.’

“What they really wanted to say was that they thought they could have helped us win.”

on the "embarrassing" tweets by duke and dorsett.....

golden has lost the team.....it is so over

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 17, 2013 at 09:07 PM

ROFl, coach goldie is a moron, let me get this straight, this guy hasn't talked to dorsett or duke yet, but he's trying to interpret and tell us what they meant. So since he's a mind reader now, how about he use some of those skills to anticipate and shut down offenses!
Posted by: Calvin | November 18, 2013 at 01:46 PM

This dude Golden continues to insult our collective intelligences. SMH

The Death of a Salesman

Beed, the point I am making, or tried to, is that those programs are stacked and were underperforming. UM is working with a talent deficit. "We are what our record says we are". The canes are performing right about where they should be. They were picked to win the coastal by default. Every other contender had major holes to fill. Um was picked because of what was supposed to be a high powered offense. Injuries have offset that. canes faithful have such a high standard, but given the circumstances, ag is doing a good job with the hand he was dealt. It was hard to go from 7-0 to this, but home team bias led to blindness. As annoying as they are, gallo's lists are an affirmation of the job golden is doing, not an indictment. Again, you could bring in Lombardi to coach and he's not winning games he shouldn't with this group. The same guy who is a genius with New England got fired by Cleveland. Then again, "scheme" always seems to work with Tom Brady as your qb.

Remember 1998, 1999

Back to back losses to East Carolina. Yes, THAT East Carolina!

Loss to FSU
Blow out loss to Syracuse

Then came 2000, thanks to recruiting and scholies.

Duke this year is the ECU of 1998, 1999. We are in 1998 right now comparatively speaking, meaning we have two more years before we compete for a ship realistically.

Plus by then these garbage defensive players will be gone.

I say garbage because they have shown no pride, no heart, no desire no swag in the last 3 games. ID give a rats a55 who the dang coach is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least show some pride. Stop effi-ing walking. Stop giving up on plays! HIT SOMEBODY FOR GODS SAKES!!!!!!!

In my opinion the current defensive playes should hand in their helmets and uniforms and return their scholarships.

They dont belong in a U uni.

Theyhave shamed us enough

GTFOH with tha lame effort garbage

I see two glaring errors in the latest depth chart.

One, D'Onofrio is still the dc.

Two, Morris is still the qb.

Oh, and the poser zook is either a blatant troll or has an IQ well below room temperature if he actually believes the garbage that he posts.

Very, very well put TGMoney. Thank you.

I am still not happy with what my lying eyes see, but no real quarrel with your analysis.

D'Onofrio buyout comin....stay tuned!!

Philip Dorset should Tweet the dictionary until September. Finish that and then maybe you can play.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 18, 2013 at 01:16 AM

dorsett and duke had more ball then the coaches to say what that game was, an embarrassment. no problem can be corrected if everyone is afraid to speak up...Good job Duke and Dorsett, true canes.

Golden will quit before he fires D'Nofrio. The best thing Donna can do at this point is reach out to Schiano or Kirby Smart (Bama)to guage interest. This is about the second stage of saving the program. Thanks Golden for hanging in there but you're not what this institution needs to bring it back to prominence. Why waste Million $$$ on people you KNOW, have shown, proven they cannot coach. Hell event their mentor, Poppa Joe, hadn't done anything in many years prior to his death. There is smoke and we better get water on it before the fire burns the place down.

Is a youth movement about to get going on Canes defense? Looks like it on new depth chart ?

Yes, and then let the Coach speak about how we are young again begin... Again.

I like Al Golden but if he cant make the hard choice and fire Dnofrio then i have to stop supporting him al together. What top program would keep an Defensive Coordinator that has preformed so poorly over three years. Would Dnofrio last this long at Alabama, Would he last this long at FSU, would he last this long at Stanford, or even south Carolina. the answer is No, No, No, and No. We can get rid of players that don't perform on and off the field but we cant get rid of a coordinator that doesn't perform and that's paid half a million dollars to do so? if at the end of the season Al Golden cant separate business from friendship, then he may not be the man for the job...and this is from a guy that likes golden.

I really don't get it the point why Morris will play next Virginia game ? I don't get it. Should bench Morris, he is done at the U. Does the U give him how much credit? For what ? For NFL draft ?

It is something wrong there if this saturday RW not play. I don't care DNO. Anyway we won't win 6th national title as long as we keep him. That is reality, Al may know this. However, Al will not gibe up anything on DNO.

I like Al but he should admit DNO's poor coaching and find a new D. coordinator asap. I hope Blade James has already started searching someone.

Another thing, without Duke Johnson, what is the ranking ? It may be bottom of ACC, or close to bottom, or close 6-6 this year.

This coaching staff really has to admit in terms of how poor their coaching is, how many times outcoached by the oppenents ?

Next year, I guess same thing on D. and overall 9-3 or 8-4 or 10-2 (loss FSu and VT again-on the road) without ACC title.

Building is good excuse for them, but you gave them Alabama players, then they could win natitional title like Nick Saban ? I don't think so. How long does it take to bring Championshio to Coral Gables ?

For example, NFL, KC, this year they have new coaching and new QB, then all of sudden becomes 9-1 from 1-9 last year ? Come on, guys.

I believe talent is enough for the U but depth is not there yet since we have gave up so many in the 4th Quarter during last three losses.

I hope Ryan Williams will be much better than Morris in terms of awareness and playing action in the pocket though he is less strong arm, so 1st down or thrid down percentage will be improved a lot. Morris is three and out and 1 dimensional player. Lowest thrid down QB in college football.

Hope DNO will go and we will have new D. coordinator next year and Duke will be back with Yearby. Then, it maybe possible to beat FSU at home like we did againt healthy Gator.

I love the U and players. Canes for Life !!

Can some one tell me why? anthony chickillo, is a bood football player but he is slow. he came to the U slow. now he is bigger, stronger and slower than before, why is he at DE? he is not going to run anyone down. the apposing team don't fear pressure from him. is this not a waist of a good player?

typo...good football player

Nick Saban with Alabama

2007 2-6
2008 12-2
2009 14-0(National championship)
2010 10-3
2011 12-1(National championship)
2012 13-1(National championship)
2013 10-0 (?)

I mean he was 2-6 in 2007 but next year 12-2.

Can we expect this things from AG ?

Harriet TUBMAN, somebody needs to go over to coach goldie and let em know, the gig is up man, you got paid, you got you and you boy some decent money, go back to the mac or out west where you belong and GTFOH. All coach goldie had when he got here is potential and we all know what potnetial means. I could careless if we get another d-co in here, it's that goldie mentality that i can't take myself man, he's weak minded for real, you know it and i know it. He's not UM material, reciting UM history and memorizing it for press conferences don't make you UM material.

He has not made that metamorphosis into a UM headcoach like jimmy & dennis did, this guy is to much of a moron to be able to do it. For real, once i saw rashawn scott get put in the game, that did it for me, i'm tired of this clown man.

After the gaytor game, it was "the kids have done everything we've asked them to do and have bought in" "we got the right kids here now" why was it necessary to take shots at guys like thomas finnie, gionni paul and eddie johnson, they not here now and the embarrassing loses keep piling up.

The defensive players are not stupid, they no this scheme gets them laughed at on & off the field. You know and i know if i'm playing against a guy playing that far off from me as a db, i'm going to clown him and his teammates all game long. How you gone make to the nfl and when they reviewing tape trying to evaluate players, all of our db's keep running off the screen.

The Canes have historically been a very aggressive read and react type of defense. Mainly press man to man with a four man front, or maybe a nine man front. This is what made us successful over the years. Our defensive gurus need to mix it up big time. They need to show different looks all the time. There is no reason that they can't show 11 men on the defensive front, they can all out blitz, or drop 8, rush 3, send 6, drop 5. You MUST keep the QB guessing. I hate this bend don't break defense. It is NOT Cane football. I would rather play press man to man and blitz on every down and get beat 2 or 3 times a game for touchdowns than to watch our defense get dinked up and down the field for 8 minute drives. Even if we gave up 21 points a game being aggressive, we generally will score at least 24 points, which would result in more wins and more exciting Cane football. Either change your defensive strategy, or turn in your resignation. Go Canes

I will suck Muschamp's ball juice till the very bitter end guaranteed. I sucked Zook's ball juice as well. And the next guy that comes along after Muschamp's inevitable firing? I will be slurping his ball juice too.

Foley's ego will always keep the football program down. It takes BIG cheating to win BIG. How much did the last 100 felons we signed add to the program? Over 60 arrests! But yeah there is nothing available in the Alachua County Jails. Laughable.

I am an ignorant fool

Until GOLDEN, and DNO and Barrow who has developed ZERO lbs GO..we are DOOMED!!!! DONT GO TO THE STADIUM!!!

D'O (no nothing defense) has to take responsibility and stop blaming the athletes who are trying to execute a defensive plan which has no strategy or agressiveness. If he had a thought in his head he would resign but I guess he is so incopetent that he can't think of that. Golden should be directed to fire him. Where is the Athletic Director for the U?

I'm Mrs. (cut and paste)...I'm still at it,

Oh! No wonder I feel like Bello's a reliable source.
He earned a B.A. in English from the University of Miami and has his diploma mounted in a University of Miami frame. As a Gator with my worthless diploma that makes me mad.

He's a lot like you Canes, honest and tells it like it is and is successsful. As you all know I am a Gator posing as a Cane who wants to see the Canes rest in mediocrity.

I am also a loser.

Once again crazy Muschamp has been proven to be wrong... 4 total wins is a helluva record.

So what you're saying is that Goldilocks aint ready for prime time? tea time? game time.....


It's diversion attempt by me to keep insulting Golden and the Canes. Only me and a few other idiots do this by using various aliases, because we are Gators who are jealous of the Canes.

I agree with you 100%, so long as your are always saying bad things about the Canes and Golden. We need to get rid of the bum Muschamp and bring in someone with an aggressive mentality. But, until that happens I am going to continue bashing your team as I have done on every other Canes blog.

Every year since I moved back to Florida, I've hoped the Canes will FINALLY STOP SUCKING! Every year it is the SAME THING all over again. If THIS is the kind of football we can expect now, please terminate this program. It is so bad it is just nauseating. Time to pull the plug!

yeah Cal, but whats crazy to me is how certain dudes who previously always attacked Us for attacking the Mac miscreants are on other Canes blogs saying the EXACT same things now??? Its totally hilarious. I guess we were supposed to wait until our views were the prevailing sentiment before speaking our minds huh.

The 2007 college football season was strike-shortened to 8 games?

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