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Is a youth movement about to get going on Canes defense? Looks like it on new depth chart

The University of Miami released a new depth chart late Sunday night after the team's third consecutive loss and as expected receiver Phillip Dorsett was back on it, an encouraging sign considering the Hurricanes could use all the help they can get.

Perhaps the most encouraging sign of all was that for the first time all season explosive sophomore Tyriq McCord was on it, listed as the co-starter with Thurston Armbrister at strong side line backer.

Also around and easy to spot on the two-deep: freshman defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad (backup to Shayon Green, hadn't seen him listed in weeks), freshman safety Jamal Carter (backup to Rayshawn Jenkins and Kacy Rodgers) and freshman cornerback Corn Elder (second team behind either junior Ladarius Gunter or freshman Artie Burns). Also, sophomore Deon Bush is now the clear-cut starter over senior AJ Highsmith at safety and sophomore Earl Moore is now listed as a backup to Curtis Porter at defensive tackle.

Which raises this question: is Al Golden ready to dump the old guys for the new guys? Sure has that aroma.

Obviously the depth chart is a mere piece of paper. Golden can ultimately do whatever he chooses and play whomever he chooses. But I'm taking this as a sign that now that the Canes really have no shot at the Coastal Division title and because the defense has been horrendous he's going to let some of the young guys get some real burn. Honestly it's one of the smartest things he can do at this point.

UM FB Depth_Chart 111713


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Rabblerouser, your point was very valid. What has Al Golden done since he came here? Not one victory over a better team. But he has several losses against lesser teams. The apologists, like 9>5>2, etc., are always there to give the excuses for Al Golden's failure.

HarrietTubmamCane, it was the same people that called out any and everything on Randy Shannon, that make excuses for Al Golden even before he does.

The least correct statement used is that the 2008 class was number one in the nation. The number of linemen in that class was too insufficient to rate that high. But the fact is those lines of scrimmage are much better now, but Al Golden gets much worst results. That is one of, the several, clear facts that Al Golden is a worst player developer and coach.

Sorry to disappoint folks here hoping for a loss to Virginia, but they are in the mids of a seven game losing streak, and were just beaten by UNC 45-14.

We have our problems, and losses to three straight winning teams is one of them, but we are not at the level of this year's Virginia.

We will likely not only win, but win big, making them take the brunt of the frustration that losing to FSU, VT, and Duke on consecutive weeks SHOULD have placed on these players.

Senior day, and a better bowl game, are in the balance.

mids = midst.

We'll drum UV, n Pitt n go to a decent bowl, win that n finish 10-3.

I truly hope that it plays out that way, Five Titles.

I had absolutely no doubt the same situation would occur at Duke. I was very confident that a similar situation would occur at home, against Virginia Tech.

This staff has shown that they are not good at defeating good teams. Nor do the beat lesser teams, regularly.

Let's see if Al Golden can change his pattern, at least, once.

I know the feeling, ChampCane. This team has made me disappointed two weeks in a row. At this point, there is no reason to expect our defense to stop anyone that can run or that can pass.

But Virginia cannot do either. 81st in passing, 81st in rushing, 360 yards total and 20 points per game.

Even if they stop this team, the defense needs a coaching change, even if it is a placebo effect. Similar to how baseball teams fire their managers and then suddenly go on a roll, even without the interim manager making any outward changes.

But if they lose to Virginia, they need to make the change before they play Pitt.

So, beat Virginia to keep your job for another month Donofrio, or lose and collect your last paycheck that Sunday.

We'z gots depths! Next bro up! Dats what we do! ACC is tough! We would get killed in any other conference,even this year! Pick on us all you want we are the scUM! No reason to be ashamed. We almost beat everyone we were supposed to beat. The teams that beat us just got lucky. Duke is a bottom feeder ACC team that got lucky,same with VaTech. FSU got lucky. Wake was lucky.they were all lucky we didnt reload after week 7. If we lose the next two it will be the players fault. Practice while everyone else is bowling and get blown out again in a crappy December bowl game. A cane Christmas tradition!

ChampCane, I am curious about the claim that Golden has never beaten a "better" team. By definition, if they win, they are the better team.

Any time you are the underdog and you win, you can claim you beat a "better" team.

Miami does have wins while an underdog. Did Duke, by beating us while an underdog, beat a better team, when their record is better than ours?

Any time you are the lower ranked team and you win, you can claim you beat a "better" team.

Miami does have a win against a higher ranked team. Did VT and Duke, by beating us while lower ranked, beat a better team, or do we judge it based on their votes and BCS ranking after the games?

Just saying that we did beat a healthy gatr team, which is not the same team as the one that has lost five straight.

When 6-6 Miami beat 7-6 North Carolina and 8-5 Georgia Tech, wouldn't those be "better" teams?

When did Jimmy beat a "better" team, by that logic? I mean, every time we won, we were supposed to, but every time we lost, we lost to a worse team.

Strange. I had four posts on here over the past four days. Yet still, some guy that claims there is no name-chaning fellow, who has a bunch of his posts deleted as he jumps from IP to IP, still is obsessed with me.

The rivalry is over, we won, get over it. Move along, and see if you can overcome that tough Georgia team. Oh wait, that tough Georgia SOUTHERN team.

Seriously, I apologized for whatever perceived slight I did to you three blogs and five years ago, why do you still track my posts daily with your foul language, racist comments, and personal attacks? You must have SOME reason for your madness.

with the golden and d'o no nothing about defense set,
VA will be in the entire game just like WF and UNC.
And if stupid'd'o uses his 3 down linemen, zone NO pass coverage lack of defense against Pitt, Pitt will win and look good doing it just like Duke and VT.
And goldie and d'o do not deserve to go to a bowl and give the other team a gift win on a silver platter using d'os NO defense.

Al Golden was put in a much, much worse situation than Muschamp and has saved the program from the damage inflicted by the two previous coaching staffs and the NCAA and is in the process of delivering a top 3 or 4 recruiting class. Canes fans should look past the current deficiencies that are not the doing of Al Golden and support the current coaches and kids who are “fighting their butts off” knowing what a great future awaits the Canes.
Florida Gators football coach Will Muschamp told UF's complaining fans to "get a grip' in his news conference after the South Carolina game.

"It's not excuses. It's real," Muschamp said after the hard-fought 19-14 loss to South Carolina. "It really is. You know? You can say what you want to say, you can write whatever the hell you want to write: It's real. It's frustrating. It's frustrating for that locker room — to hell with me, I worry about the kids.

"You know, these kids have fought their butts off. There's a lot of negativity out there, and our fans need to get a grip. They really do. They got a bunch of kids in that locker room fighting their butt off. And they continue to fight and play hard."

Athletic Director Jeremy Foley gave Muschamp a very public and very strongly worded show of support last week.

telling, you just do not know any more about football than goldie and d'o know, and they know nothing when it comes to their worthless three down linemen, zone NO pass coverage, bend and break, prevent the win.

You could have NFL all pros playing on goldie's NO defense, and they would still get run over and have pass completions against them because 6 blockers will beat 3 defensive linemen, and even average QBs will complete passes when their receivers go and sit in goldie's gaps in his zone NO coverage worthless defensive sets.

When will you mental midgets get a clue after several seasons of hundreds of yards and 40+ points per game run up against goldies' moron lack of knowledge about his soft bend and break defense???????????

No one can be so stupid as to not see the obvious, well, except for goldie and d'o and the AD and shallalaalla and the boft.

Cane72, when the name of the poster displays in blue, another email address from another person is posting as that name.

Yeah, CaneFan72 you maggot, tell us again how awful Shalala was for letting Butch go.

You are a moron, probably a Gatr Trash although that is redundant.

Go suck a "D" you Pig.

2014 verbal commit goneeeeeee, Dalvon Stuckey - 6'3" 300 DT.....more to come

here we go:

2013....sound familiar?

alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT

the casualty list will be interesting next year....

Five Titles: The real posters know who you are by your posts and who is impersonating. We need to be real and civil to each poster as we comment on our 'Canes. Especially now.

9>5>2 you do not need to apologize for looking realistically at the team and the short term and long of the 'Canes.

Recruits will help, but isn't it odd that we play great in the first half of ALL our games, but have difficulty finishing games. 3 rd downs get us every time.
That tells me we do NOT have the depth we thought we had, and our rotation is weak as the game progresses.

This year will be used as an example to show that you start games fast, but to Win you have to finish each game Strongly.
Go 'Canes

ugocane are an idiot.....rosters nationwide are basically all the same....UM is no less deep than any other NCAA school.

why dont you count how many people we have at each position....please, UM can field another team if it wanted to.....then look at the size of our player in that wide and deep roster.....

then pick any top 10 BCS school and tell me what the spread is on both size and athlete count per position...

Still claiming Miami plays a 3-4?

In an article that shows the depth chart and the TOP of it says 4-3?

And when every highlight play Duke had was against 4 or more linemen?

You can badmouth the 3-4 all you want, but Miami does not play a 3-4.

A little late with the Stuckey news Gallo, we ALREADY knew this, and he was NEVER a

solid commit anyway, and was ALWAYS wavering.

Five Titles, that is partly semantics on the 3-4 defense. Shayon Green is placed in coverage, many times. Just as I stated Al Golden has not defeated a better team.

It is, somewhat, a given that teams on paper are considered better than others. Rankings, are truly opinion based. Talent is opinion based, too.

An eye for talent can estimate which team has a better chance for victory. Not once has the estimated more talented, team on paper, loss to Al Golden at Miami.

Cola Cane, you have been quiet on the point that Al Golden has shown his lack of coaching skills.

The point, Jim Gallo, seems to have made is valid. As he has posted previously, players were used incorrectly. Players were forced to transfer, at an extremely high rate. The pattern of large decommitments from Al Golden's recruits was previously established, too.

Five Titles and UGoCane,

I do not want our Canes to lose to Virginia or Pitt. I want them to win both games.

But let's face it, Virginia can stay in the game with us. Why? Because almost anyone can shred our defense with the run and an underneath passing game. As I recall, they have a quick QB (Bama transfer) who can run and pass. This type of player has destroyed us. Look at the QB who scored 4 times against us in the pistol formation. He was barely hit at the line of scrimmage.

So Virginia will be a closer game than anticipated.

Furthermore, our record on 3rd downs is terrible. Morris does not go through progressions and often throws to the covered reciver, even when pass protection is there. He has happy feet and makes some poor decisions. I am not confident about the game, given our battered defense and poor coaching.

Pitt does not have a running QB, but they have a big kid who can throw the ball. He will be drafted before Morris. They have a team that plays tough and can rise to the occasion, as they did against a fair ND team. They will have home crowd. And everyone loves to beat Miami. Watch out for this game. They too are looking for a bowl.

That said, I have no confidence in Golden as a motivator or game coach. Or D'Onofrio, whose incompetence can not be questioned.

I hope we win both games, show somethning new and get a decent bowl game.

Anyone for the Gator Bowl?

On the contrary ChampCane, as I've voiced my disdain the way our D is being coached many times, our O not so much because the D has let us down more often than not. I was merely pointing out that Gallon churn out these ridiculous lists ONLY when we lose, and MOST of the players he lists are NOT even playing for anyone else or are in trouble. So why even bother with a list?

Well said, dbc.

I disagree on Golden as a motivator, but I agree completely on Donofrio, who needs the rest of the team from offense to special teams to cover for his defensive schemes or the team loses.

UNC pasted Virginia, and we were even with UNC. So we SHOULD paste Virginia. But since that has not happened since the fourth quarter of the GT game, I too am figuring we will not beat the spread.

I know I jinxed us with last weeks pick gang, but I really feel with it being Senior day, and their LAST day to beat a team that has owned us of late in front of the home crowd, that they'll come out fired up, and lay waste to UV.

Hey Gallo, Bama just had an ESPN 300 OL DECOMMIT, and is headed to USC, uh oh, the world is falling apart, lets make a new list of casualties.

Some of you just cannot accept the fact that Goldilocks is at best average. He may look and sound the part but at the end of the day there is nothing spectacular about the guy, or his Penn State shower buddy.

Unfortunately, Goldilocks has bought himself at least 2-3 years barring a complete disaster of a season. We'll do 8-4, maybe a 9-3 with the soft schedule, that'll keep Shalala and the Goldilocks slurpees happy screaming "one more year" GTFOH with this MAC philosophy of football

Dbc, Cola Cane and Five Titles, great post. Dbc, the Gator Bowl has an agreement with the SEC and Big Ten. I'm not sure if they can bring in another conference team. It would be great if Miami came here again.

One of the Gator Bowl teams practices at Sandalwood High School and I believe the other would go to Atlantic Coast High School. Every practice I could, I would be right there showing that Jacksonville is more than South Georgia.

It's football, I hope for the wins, but I hope Al Golden does not complete his contract. Anything is possible. The clarity takes some time for the diehard fans to get. It is clear, when you are objective, sometimes.

Hey Gallo, Bama just had an ESPN 300 OL DECOMMIT, and is headed to USC, uh oh, the world is falling apart, lets make a new list of casualties.


But Bama will pick up two more before the day is over, and we know this kid didn't leave because he thinks Albama is headed down the toilet.

It's football season, Stuckey is a JUCO, and not that big of a loss, and we never fully had him anyway. Hell we just got Anthony Moten the other day, and he's a MUCH better prospect, so apparently him and the other 28 commits don't feel we're headed into the toilet.

the other 28 commits don't feel we're headed into the toilet.


I hope so, but I'm losingfaith in Goldilocks quickly

Hang on dude, it's killing me too, but I'm not giving up hope. These kids need us now more than ever, so we can at least salvage the season.

i'll be there saturday.......Lawd this sucks


There goes the Gator Bowl! Thanks for the correction
regarding conferences under contract. Jacksonville is a great place, by the way.

Five Titles,

Regarding Golden as a motivator, I just
don't see it. I look for flat starts and
how we come out in the third quarter. And how aggressive we are on third downs. And of course the fight in the defense out of the gate. Against
Duke, we were shredded on their first drive,
always a bad sign for your team. Their running game made us look like chumps.

I believe these kids are too afraid of making mistakes
and are being coached in an overly regimented manner. They do not display the aggressive spirit common to UM teams in the past years of success.

Maybe it is talent, I don't know. But when kids are playing too tight, it can inhibit a more agressive style of play. Our defense can not put a stop on decent teams at the line of scrimmage. There is little support from the LBs and the safeties are in another universe. The DL is beleagured with this scheme.

Motivation is key to getting the best out of your players. Scheme seems to produce confusion for our guys. The rigidity of Golden and D'Onofrio is punishing and constraining for our players. Who will the coaches call out next after the game?

D'Onofrio is like a distant, disapproving daddy in the Press Box. Get on the field and fire up your players and make contact with them.

Always appreciate your posts and good thoughts.

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