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UM's regular season ends today in bitter-cold Pittsburgh with Coastal title still in play. Will it be a happy ending?

PITTSBURGH -- It's hard to believe that today is the last regular-season game for the Hurricanes.

Where did the season go?

It feels like yesterday that Howard Schnellenberger was talking to all of us just before kickoff at the opener on Aug. 30th.

Now it's down to Pittsburgh, at Pittsburgh, in the bitter-cold of Heinz Field.

Miami opened as a 2.5-point favorite, and is now a 2-point favorite, from what I just saw. 

To me, this game is so important because it will cast an overall impression on the season. If the Hurricanes win, they'll have rebounded admirably from that ugly three-game losing streak at FSU (expected), against Virginia Tech (not expected) and at Duke (not expected).

A UM victory also would put Miami in prime position for a decent bowl, such as the Chick-fil-A -- and better yet, for a chance to win the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference should North Carolina beat Duke tomorrow and should Virginia beat Virginia Tech.

I just don't see Virginia beating Virginia Tech, though it's a rivalry game and it is at UVA. However, if all the stars align for the Hurricane, they would meet FSU again in the ACC Championship Game on Dec. 7 in Charlotte. Can you imagine that?

If the Canes lose, suddenly the 7-0 start is completely overshadowed by ending the season with four losses in five games. The bowl situation becomes murkier, too.

Pittsburgh has won its last two of three games, starting with a 28-21 victory Nov. 9 at home on national television (ABC) against Notre Dame in its coldest home conditions (windy, with temperatures in the 40s) until today (kickoff expected to be in low 30s, dropping to mid-to-high 20s by end). The next week the Panthers lost at home to UNC 34-27. Last Saturday, Pitt beat Syracuse 17-16 on the road.

 PItt's total offense and rushing offense are poor statistically. But it has two talented receivers in senior Devin Street (51 catches for 854 yards and seven touchdowns this season) and freshman Tyler Boyd (68 catches for 903 yards and six touchowns). Street, however, hurt his ankle against North Carolina and his elbow at Syracuse and, per Pittsburgh-Post Gazette beat writer Sam Werner, was limited this week in practice. So, we'll see if and how much Street plays today.

 The Hurricanes' biggest obstacle in this game is expected to be defensive tackle Aaron Donald, a 6-0, 285-pound senior who is a finalist for just about every national defensive award out there. He is an amazing talent, shedding blocks with ease. 

"Aaron Donald has been a one-man wrecking crew,'' Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said.

Donald leads the nation in tackles for loss, ranks 10th in sacks and 11th in forced fumbles. His blocked PAT last week at Syracuse made the difference in Pitt's 17-16 victory.

The question is, can UM's offensive line hold him off? It's very doubtful UM C Shane McDermott can do it alone.

If the Canes can hold off Donald and hold onto the ball despite the cold, they should win this game.

We'll see.

Happy day-after Thanksgiving to all of you. Enjoy the game.



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So, who thinks Alverage is going to use a new game plan today different than the sorry one he's employed 35 times in a row before this game?

Yeah, me neither.

The coachs have already posted injuries and weather will cause them to lose, big Al covering defense coachs butt again, people should be positive before the game not negative like Golden, his best buddy has clouded Goldens judgement and views, Mark needs to go, it wont work and certainly not next year with a tougher schedule, wake up Golden, your friend cant get it done here, smaller school maybe.

Play the game.

No one is going anywhere!!!.

Wish all you want, the rebuild continues. Take it or leave it!!!

The process continues.

Patience is not for everyman!!!

Root for the 'Canes. Or ??????????
Go 'Canes

Manny makes it seem like the season wasn't a bust after we lost to Duke. Dude, the stars aligned for Miami the day VT lost and we were on the field against Duke. We then proceeded to blow that golden opportunity to when the division and lost to DUKE!!!!

There is no rebounding from losing this division to DUKE!!!!

FWIW... the point spread opened as Miami favored - 3 points.

Yet, the LATE MONY ACTION yesterday and today has MOVED the line to it's a current - 2 points. Ouch!!

That's NOT a good indicator for y'all Cane partisans.

And yes Suzie Q, Beamer Ball absolutely WON'T lose to a moribund Virginia squad tomorrow. hUh

The bottom line is Miami, Florida had TWO gift wrapped opportunities to play mighty F.S.U. in Charlotte, but Golden and D'Onofrio's squad lost to both Va.Tech and Duke.

So looking for other A.C.C. division teams to BAIL OUT the Cane's is bloody well BOGUS. dUh

Suzie Q

Win, lose or draw today the 8 & 3 Miami Hurricanes, led by college footballs best football coach and recruiter--Al Golden, are in the midst of a rebuilding project that will soon deliver the Canes 6th National Championship (really the 7th when you consider the Ohio State win that Terry Porter stole from us).

The extraordinary progress coach Golden has brought to the program during the worst NCAA assault since SMU, which destroyed that program for 25 years, will go down in coaching history as the best crisis management job ever.

With a top 3, or better recruiting class coming in thanks to Coach Golden and his staff the turn around is in full bloom and the foundation Coach Golden is building will insure Canes championship football for at least the next decade, if not longer.

Like all--REAL--Canes football fans, I look forward to the Canes beating Pitt today, but based on our current lack of depth, injuries and the talent required to compete at the level we all would like to see I will not be disappointed by the outcome should it not be favorable knowing today's game is simply another building block and the Fact we are 8 & 3 is miraculous when you factor in the challenges that I previously mentioned.

Go Canes!!

Suzie Q, I clearly remember that SNOW Bowl game... err Sun Bowl game.

Heck, NINETY ( 90% ) percent of the Celtic starter's DIDN'T have no long sleeved shirt's or EXTRA clothing on.

Yet, the vast majority of Miami's starter's had their LONG-SLEEVED, extra warm clothing on. Seriously LMFAO

Right then, I knew the Canes was in TROUBLE. hUh

If y'all Cane degenerates are looking for a little excitement to spice your viewing plearsue's.

Then take the UNDER TOTALS in this afternoon's game between U Know Who vs. Pittsburgh. dUh

Obviously golden's record doesn't show he is the best coach in college football. Dc needs to resign.

Yeah, both Goldie nd' Marky Mark arent' even the best coaching tandem in the A.C.C. Go bloody figures'

Chit, I still can't figure out how a Golden and D'Onofrio coached Cane team lost to that major college football JUGGERNAUT Maryland back in 2010.

Heck, the Turtles ONLY won TWO games that 2010 season. A win against I-AA TOWSON ST. and U Know Who. dUh

Yeah, yeah the Hurricanes didn't have 3 defensive starter's for the game and what not. So what.

Because, Maryland ONLY won two games that season of '10. hUh

Hopefully it snows and visibility is zero and the only option is to play man 1 on defense

I give ron DORK credit for " keeping it real " with his
bumbling, stumbling, mumbling meaderings of the Grand Illusion sort.

Seriously I do, ron DORK!!

It's still a process and not everybody can deal with process... Whether if Golden is the guy or not, he is building or should I say RE-BUILDING the FOUNDATION and it starts w/recruiting the 305 and the surrounding zip codes. I'm a TRUE fan and will be down w/the CANES win or lose. So, to all who want to JUMP, JUMP!! My saying is,"Kick us while we're down, cause when WE get up, WE BOSS like NOBODY ELSE!!"..
This is SCTexas Cane and I rep that.. Either you REP OR STEP....

Again, D'Onofrio ain't going no where and will be in upscale Coral Gables next season and seasons after that.

Because, Golden had the most OPPORTUNE moment to demote his defensive coordinator at the conclusion of last season.

Chit, the Men of Troy's A.D. Haden CHIT-CAN'S that lame Kiffin and now U.S.C. is about to win TEN GAMES and go to a Top-Tier bowl game.

Then, Great-Granpa Mack from Texas CUT LOOSE his suspect defensive coordiantor and lo and behold, the Longhorns are now 8-3 and their defense has IMPROVED. Go figures'.

Oh no, not another attempt at defining the word 'fan' with a false dichotomy! With choices like that the WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY will surely be safe from criticism of his poor record at UM for eternity to come!

Guy will be bought out next year if he doesn't play for the ACC title and he's yet to live up to pre season expectations in eight years, but year nine, that's when it'll all change, right fellow TRUE fans?

Of course it will.

Golden is doing a simply amazing and great job recruiting South Florida and other enclaves around the country. That's not the issue, bUbba.

It's Golden's/D'Onofrio's suspect x's and o's regarding the defensive side of the L.O.S.

And believe it or not. Miami, Florida will NOT go 11-1 or dare I say, Undefeated with SUSPECT defensive ploys and schemes and what not's. hUh

Guy will be bought out next year if he doesn't play for the ACC title and he's yet to live up to pre season expectations in eight years, but year nine, that's when it'll all change, right fellow TRUE fans?

Of course it will.

Posted by: At least there's only one more game to go after this next toasting in the cold | November 29, 2013 at 01:26 PM

I don't think so regarding the " buy out," and what not.
Because President S. and the A.D. and the Board of Trustee's are ENAMORED with Golden and D'Onofrio.
In other words, the University TROIKA above are quite content with winning seasons of 7-5 or 8-4 or 9-3.
And yes it's quite possible a 10-2 season will occur EVERY four or five seasons. hUh

Somehow I don't think UM will lose today just because of the weather. They will win or lose on their own merits. UM has a fighting chance to defend Pitt's offense and not give up a ton of points. Wins have gotten much more difficult since Duke got hurt, but UM can definitely win this game. I'll take the Canes in a close one.

Posted by: rboud | November 29, 2013 at 01:40 PM


Perhaps you should get back to that canespace/eoth!!

Because Miami's defense hasn't done nothing statistically speaking the past SIX GAMES!

In other words, Wake Forest, F.S.U., Beamer Ball, MIGHTY Duke and a moribund Virginia have put up EYE OPENING offensive statistic's.

Too bad y'all canespace/eoth peeper's continue to MAKE EXCUSE'S for the beloved Goldie nd' Marky Marky.

Coach Golden often states that he is changing the culture at the U. I know he is not talking about character, because Shannon had clean that up, which impacted his ability to prepare properly as a head coach. South Florida footbal culture is about speed, power...then scheme.
The U and South Florida Culture - 101

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | November 29, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Here's the one point that has to be looked at a little closer, Shannon didn't try and change guys personalities, because he's use to being around Miami guys, the only culture Shannon wanted to clean-up was the emphasis on the educational part of being a student athlete because he understood where it got him. On a personal level the way guys are, didn't bother Shannon. When moron goldie came in and made the statement about "changing the culture" he absolutely meant trying to change the guys personalities because he's not use to Miami/Florida type guys.

While you got a lot of Miami guys on the team, they're trying to continue to do what troll Shalala said when she said "we're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami" meaning, guys that are to rough from a social standpoint are not going to get offered much and when they do come in, they'll basically be on probation and watched closely and than eventually kicked off the team. That's the type of culture that's been started up by moron goldie.

They're not use to guys not looking at them with respect or reverence like they know something. Once guys get here and realize these morons don't know football, than they try and Sandusky the situation, when they realize that's not gone work, they kick you off the team. This guy goldie doesn't need more time here unless you're a fan of mediocrity than the's your guy, if we want to get back to being dominant, these 2 scared of "the big play" morons are not the guys to do it.

After basically 3 years and we still can't get defensive calls on the field fast enuff and teams still racking up 500 yards of offense, time for regime change, get these losers and binders out of here!

D, less than 20000 through the gates on senior day has to take the bloom of the enamored rose of this coaching staff no matter how OK the higher ups are with 9-3 to 7-6 regular seasons year in and out.

Results might not mean much to the administration, and I don't know how true that really is, but the bottom line in the red or black ink certainly will talk loudest and the ticket sales are flat-lined under this staff with admissions lagging even more than sale figures. Cue one of THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING bragging about season tickets sold to Gator fans this season that will never be renewed or resold this off season like dunce . . .

The Powers that Be at Miami, Florida are quite content with getting THEIR'S regarding the revenue from A.C.C. bowl games and naturally, the N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament.

So, perhaps the game attendance revenue is a minor concern and what not.

The only question is which player for pitt will have a career day.

oh yeah, D; almost forgot to mention

USC - just wow.
Auburn - 3-9 last year, same players.

AG has done a great job of recruiting, no doubt. Great.
Our defense still sucks, no doubt. Poor guys get left on the field consistently for 80-95 plays per game because they can't make stops; then our offense goes 3 n out, or has a quick strike...bad mix.

487 to UVA...best game of defense's year, according to DNO...What's pitt gonna do? I call 480 at least.

I smell some VT like special teams break downs, some fumblin', some dropped passes, some ints....

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/11/gameday-blog-miami-hurricanes-at-pitt-panthers.html#storylink=cpy

Pitt is 6-5, so this is huge for this coaching staff. Golden rarely beats, much less competes in games with teams with more wins than losses. Remember, his BEST win is over a 8-4 GT. Only 2 or 3 wins over teams finishing 7-5. All other wins against losing teams, so a win today would be out of character.

Obviously golden's record doesn't show he is the best coach in college football. Dc needs to resign.

Posted by: Tallycane | November 29, 2013 at 01:10 PM


Yes! His record absolutely does reflect he's the best in the game. You simply have no idea what you are looking at and have no understanding about the circumstances this man has dealt with. It is better you remain quiet, than remove all doubt as to you being a fool.

THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING goes to the unfounded excuse feedback for his horse-face lie of choice for the WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY.


THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING goes to the unfounded excuse feedback for his horse-face lie of choice for the WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY.


Posted by: At least there's only one more game to go after this next toasting in the cold | November 29, 2013 at 03:16 PM


The Canes warmed up prior to today's Pitt game in 30 degree weather...shirtless!!

The past several cold weather games they wore so much clothing they couldn't move.

To the cowardly haters losers...that's a culture change!! Laughing at you girls!!

AL GOLDEN IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8-4 here we come!

Shayon green at corner.lol

longest run by pitt this year....Coley is better than Dorsett.

Kacy Rodgers takes the absolute worst tackling angles I have ever seen.

M-Y Hurricanes are looking groovy today, so far. hUh

huh. not too bad so far.

Whats up you motherf*cking haters?!?!?!?


Defense and Offense going today.

Whats up b*tches???

24-7 Canes...we must be winning because it's quiet on here!!!

Will be the first to eat my crow pie if we can hold em up and pull this off. defense doesn't lloktoo shabby, despite giving up some runnning. Our secondary is doing really well. tracy Howard is having a great game.

Damyum, Cane good ol' boy's holding down the Heinz Field stadium today. hUh

#93 for Miami was covering injured #88 for Pitt. dUh nO. 93 HAPPENS to be a Cane DL. hUH

Stacy Coley...the next GREAT ONE!!!

Don't jinx us guys, yeah we're looking good right now, but lets come out strong second half. Stacey is a FREAKING beast. I know Calvin and company are just waiting for us to mess up, lol. Stay focused Canes, we're BETTER than Pitt and lets not let up.

They are waiting for us to mess up lol!!


HO boy. that first offensive series playcalling was garbage, then we give up the ground some more...cmon, guys.

I need a link to the game on line if anyone has one

Coley is a beast!

Please recruit some defenders...this is horrible.

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