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UM's regular season ends today in bitter-cold Pittsburgh with Coastal title still in play. Will it be a happy ending?

PITTSBURGH -- It's hard to believe that today is the last regular-season game for the Hurricanes.

Where did the season go?

It feels like yesterday that Howard Schnellenberger was talking to all of us just before kickoff at the opener on Aug. 30th.

Now it's down to Pittsburgh, at Pittsburgh, in the bitter-cold of Heinz Field.

Miami opened as a 2.5-point favorite, and is now a 2-point favorite, from what I just saw. 

To me, this game is so important because it will cast an overall impression on the season. If the Hurricanes win, they'll have rebounded admirably from that ugly three-game losing streak at FSU (expected), against Virginia Tech (not expected) and at Duke (not expected).

A UM victory also would put Miami in prime position for a decent bowl, such as the Chick-fil-A -- and better yet, for a chance to win the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference should North Carolina beat Duke tomorrow and should Virginia beat Virginia Tech.

I just don't see Virginia beating Virginia Tech, though it's a rivalry game and it is at UVA. However, if all the stars align for the Hurricane, they would meet FSU again in the ACC Championship Game on Dec. 7 in Charlotte. Can you imagine that?

If the Canes lose, suddenly the 7-0 start is completely overshadowed by ending the season with four losses in five games. The bowl situation becomes murkier, too.

Pittsburgh has won its last two of three games, starting with a 28-21 victory Nov. 9 at home on national television (ABC) against Notre Dame in its coldest home conditions (windy, with temperatures in the 40s) until today (kickoff expected to be in low 30s, dropping to mid-to-high 20s by end). The next week the Panthers lost at home to UNC 34-27. Last Saturday, Pitt beat Syracuse 17-16 on the road.

 PItt's total offense and rushing offense are poor statistically. But it has two talented receivers in senior Devin Street (51 catches for 854 yards and seven touchdowns this season) and freshman Tyler Boyd (68 catches for 903 yards and six touchowns). Street, however, hurt his ankle against North Carolina and his elbow at Syracuse and, per Pittsburgh-Post Gazette beat writer Sam Werner, was limited this week in practice. So, we'll see if and how much Street plays today.

 The Hurricanes' biggest obstacle in this game is expected to be defensive tackle Aaron Donald, a 6-0, 285-pound senior who is a finalist for just about every national defensive award out there. He is an amazing talent, shedding blocks with ease. 

"Aaron Donald has been a one-man wrecking crew,'' Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said.

Donald leads the nation in tackles for loss, ranks 10th in sacks and 11th in forced fumbles. His blocked PAT last week at Syracuse made the difference in Pitt's 17-16 victory.

The question is, can UM's offensive line hold him off? It's very doubtful UM C Shane McDermott can do it alone.

If the Canes can hold off Donald and hold onto the ball despite the cold, they should win this game.

We'll see.

Happy day-after Thanksgiving to all of you. Enjoy the game.



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The Hurricanes were “supposed” to win the Coastal Division and reach the ACC title game this year—not because talent, depth and experienced proved so, but simply because folks have grown tired of waiting and the drought has gone on long enough.

For those who continue beating the drum that Miami “should” be back, the question remains, based on what?

~All Canes

Oh, I am watching the UF FSU game.. they're talking about our 28 commits and 3rd ranking in that class, so there's that....

Yeah, thanks for pasting the enitre article mulitiple times, ZOOK; starting to regret giving you that...

Zook continues to re-post other people's thoughts, but U come here and lump him in with people who go against the prevailing national group think about Golden's personality and choose to discuss his coaching acumen instead.

There's no comparison.

And it is safe to challenge both side of an argument WE U DON"T have an opinion or conviction about the topic yourself.

U are an enabler and represent the majority 80% of our society who sits back and waits to see who will win social/class struggles.

U refuse to stand for anything and thus fall for everything.

I feel like I fight for the Canes legacy and mystique that is endangered by these Ganes fans who accept the mediocrity presented by the administration via: the Coker, RS, and Golden hires.

Your posts are like getting swung on by a non-participant who is comfortably seated in the stands waiting to pledge allegiance to the winner.

Truth is somewhere in the middle ( I agree), but I don't believe that my posts are one of those extremes--thats your opinion.

Find the prevailing sentiment and how its pushed on the average Cane fan (SEE: Zook;s posts as we type) and you'll notice the relevance lane and need for posts like mine.

Damn, I turned my head for a moment and Zook post certifiable to the hospital rants. I read as far as the, supposed, Ryan Hill details in the drawn out post. Just based on that point of your lies, Al Golden should be much, much better than his predecessor. But he is not with, supposedly, much, much better recruits. Again he does not show better coaching of those better players. While not having more success in the wins total.

Racist Zook, your comparison of the Miami team ranked No. 12 at the start of the season. The rankings do not equal actually talent. The quarterback, that East Carolina game, and the hurricane played a huge part into East Carolina's win.

I do agree that you and your type should all sign in as All Goldens

beed, U attacked me and then have the nerve to say "sheesh", like I'm the aggressor when I respond to it.

Larry Coker left Randy Shannon a program that went 25-12 his final three years and was months removed from a 40-3 postseason beat down, courtesy of LSU. From there, Shannon stumbled to 28-23 before Al Golden was brought in and asked to get it right.

Coker was tossed the keys to the hot rod he eventually totaled and Shannon set it on fire it. Golden was then given a can of Bondo and a running clock regarding getting it race-worthy again—and not enough folks see that as unfair.

there it is.....lowly duke wins coastal and play fsu for championship.....

a senior UM team with 3 years under its belt.....the 3rd best QB in cane history.....

but golden is the best coach in the ncaa, lol

more koolaid...I'm buying, lol

Golden had 4 recruits but one of them was all he needed and is without question the single-handed reason he has won any games as our coach:

Duke Johnson.

Everyone of impact and who starts on this current 9-3 team U guys are enamored with, was already here when he was hired lol!

Can't win a Championship without a Defense.
Can't build attendance without a Defense.
Get it fixed, Coach.

Golden hustled to save the Randy Shannon 2011 recruiting class—which had only four verbal commits when Shannon was let go the previous December.

By February, due to Golden's herculean efforts 19 kids joined the Miami program, though the class reeked of last-ditch effort as a new leader had less than two months to sell, close and deliver.

Four months later, a recently-graduated cornerback acknowledged the elephant in the room regarding UM’s broken culture that Al Golden inherited.

Well, HTC, I do lump you with the naysayers. Fair enough. Waiting to side with a winner? psssh. I've struggled through a decade of mediocrity too. Again, if you weren't ignoring my posts, you'd glean that I have made myself pretty clear that I hoped we went 7-5, so we'd get rid of DNO, if not AG. Upon reflection, I have tempered my visceral frustration and think AG has bought himself another 2 years, where we don't have the RS's leftovers argument anymore and we have a full stable of AG's "remarkable recruiting" TIME. WILL. TELL.

I appreciate you calling me out on my apparent lack of loyalties, but you are mistaken on that front, sir. Have I unfairly characterized you? Maybe. i'll make an honest effort not to, but I request the same, for the sake of having constructive bitchin about our Canes middling.

but to drop these lines?
"U are an enabler and represent the majority 80% of our society who sits back and waits to see who will win social/class struggles.

U refuse to stand for anything and thus fall for everything

Your posts are like getting swung on by a non-participant who is comfortably seated in the stands waiting to pledge allegiance to the winner."

Which is it? I stand for nothing? I swing on the apparent loser waiting to pledge allegiance? Please, I stand on my own two fee twhen talking about my Canes or any other issue.

Calm down, Cpt. Hyperbole...
Yew doan' know meeeee...LOLOL.
Good talk. good talk.

Can't win a Championship without a Defense.
Can't build attendance without a Defense.
Get it fixed, Coach. - CampbellvilleCane

Yep. Yep.

Duke J? - Gallo - Pretty much, though a little overstated.

Gallo, you're a complete F'ing A-HOLE, and Tubs you're not far behind him. You guys are a couple of the most miserable little punk beestards on this blog. Gallo Duke won because they played a season for the ages, they beat VT, they beat us, and they beat UNC, you act as though they only beat us and no one else. They earned it, we didn't, so f'ing deal with it you little whiny woman. Tubs, you just wait for your little childish opportune moments to chime in your STUPID little words of wisdom. By the way Coley has been a stud all year, and AG recruited him, so STFU. You and Calvin and your prejudices are an effing joke. AG isn't going anywhere so deal with it, and how about GROWING up and backing these kids as they attempt to go 10-3 for the first time since 03.

Congrats to a good DUKE team. A built program. All credit to David Cutcliffe. He should get COTY.

Duke may give FSU a decent game, but go FSU, Beat Bama or whoever the SEC gets into the NCG.

we didn't need to get our A##eS whipped again by FSU next week. We'll get it whipped by whoever we face in our Bowl. Who's gonna get to hang 600-700+ yds on us?

Ryan Hill never lived up to the hype on the field, but soon as his playing days were over, called it like it was in eye-opening fashion.

Hill went on to explain that Golden had “a problem on his hands” regarding a culture of insubordination and a bunch of pot-smokers more interested in a sideline snowball fight, than the fact that Notre Dame was pummeling Miami in a mid-tier bowl game.

Two months after Hill’s revelation, Charles Robinson and Yahoo! Sports dropped an atom bomb and began spinning jailhouse tales from a jaded Ponzi-schemer intent on destroying the Hurricanes’ football program. Hello NCAA investigation, goodbye football program.

~All Canes


Fair enough, but U swung on both fighters. knowing that are still engaged and praying that neither broke away to address what???

Your insults thrown their way?

See I don't care about insults and choose to not address most, but yours was special because unlike Zook's allegaince to the prevailing grouthink that Golden is God off the field of play--U have no opinion for me to ascertain and respond to.

I don't know how to talk Canes football with U unlike Zook who props up a belief thats tangible to combat.

I've skimmed your posts and always leave confused over what the point was. I've never seen anything about records or your predictions--thats just being honest. I skimmed and saw my name--which made me read the sentences my name was in. No one else was posting but Zook/All Canes (and I when your post came thru--thus the attention it garnered.

Beed I bet you were part of the crowd who said we can't play in the cold? These kids aren't going to let down, they're going to be PUMPED for the 1st bowl in a while, and we have the playmakers to get it done.

how was duke's recruiting class?. lol......

al golden voted the best seminar/powerpoint coach in ncaa....

10 keys to losing coastal and division championship.

1. have a 300 page binder handy at all times
2. make sure you hug injured players on the field when the cameras are rolling
3. have equipment manager stitch quotes inside collars of game jerseys
4. have gimmick cane walks to tease alumni
5. purchase game day tickets so the stats show good attendance since camera pans and stadium cover ups show tumble weeds rolling thru
6. be sure to hang "ghandi" nonviolent resistance quotes in the weight room
7. wear a long sleeve shirt with a tie and no gloves or coat when the temperature is 31'
8. stage whenever possible fake TD's in stadium with players hugging each other so herald photographer gets great picture
9. make sure you have at least 9 teams on your schedule that have losing records
10. have key quotes to deffer press questions like..."TMZ" and "freelancing"

Ganes fans that haven't forgotten whta coachiong ability ON the field looks like:

Watch Michigan vs. OSU right now.

Michigans gameplan is real


This is coaching even though he didn't get it!

duke almost lost to a loser unc team....lol and UM lost to duke.......

duke sucks....totally

Fine, HTC. No problem.

I broke into the fight, because I am frustrated that neither side would break away to stop saying the same things over and over, louder and louder, while the rest of us want to move on.

I posted the article that ZOOK will be pasting until the wee hours of Sunday, so I started that fight inadvertently between you two today.

Go Canes.


This is coaching even though he didn't get it!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 30, 2013 at 03:37 PM


You ignorant twat...Hoke blew the Game for Michigan and you think that's great coaching...no wonder you love Shannon and hate Golden. Let me guess...you believe Hoke and Shannon are Muslims. What a clown!!!

Good post Cola--A Pro players post is welcomed!


Why the heartburn? The article is factual and completely destroys the lies posted continuously on this Canes blog by haters.

For the last two years Harriet the Slave/Troll and her numerous aliases have posted the very same lies incessantly on this blog, yet, when I post factual information from a link YOU PROVIDED you now feel my actions, that 100% parallel Harriet the Slave's actions in terms of volume, are now somehow out of bounds.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 30, 2013 at 03:45 PM

The point is that Golden would have never been in the position versus OSU to make a gutsy call to possibly pull an upset vs. the #3 team in the country.

Hoke made the right call, because if U watched the game--the Michigan kicker almost missed every single extra point they had. Not to mention that they couldn't have stopped OSU's Miller and Hyde on a shortened field in OT...they hadn't been stopping all 4th quarter and his defense was dead tired. A real coach knows all of these things lol.

I don't love Shannon (U have no proof that I do--plus I just called his tenure mediocre). I don't hate Golden either--just don't think he is a good coach for the Miami Hurricanes and what we traditionally aspire to.

We don't have to guess with U though, your prior insistence upon quoting Muslims such as Muhammad Ali & Malcolm X (to gain blog credibility) shows your covert reverence for Muslims. Just not this one LMAO!!

A certain person saying something doesn't make their sentiment "fact".

Anything can be published--it doesn't mena that the contents are facts.

They're still opinions. Typing "Ryan Hill" or "~All Canes" doesn't make it fact lol.

Cola I backed the kids yesterday in person--and not with railings on a blog.

Where were U all season OH Great Cane defender of mediocrity?????

Should not be a question mark, we do not deserve to sneak in the back door and just killed by FSU. Duke kicked our butts all over the field like we were a high school team from VA; we deserve to play out in El Paso, TX.

From today's AP Poll, several teams with equivalent or worse records than the Canes are ranked:

#14 LSU 9 - 3
#17 UCLA 9 - 3
#21 Wisconsin 9 - 3
#22 Texas A & M 8 - 4
#23 Texas 8 - 3
#25 Georgia 8 - 4

The voters see what many posters also see. UM will have to win 10 games to be ranked, after once being ranked (crazily!) at # 7.

And by the way, I really liked our guys working out pre-game shirtless. That's the kind of attitude many of us hope to see more of. A positive step.

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