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Lamar Thomas, Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis headline 2014 UM Sports Hall of Fame inductees

Current Texans receiver Andre Johnson and Hurricanes football greats Clinton Portis and Lamar Thomas headline the UM Sports Hall of Fame’s Class of 2014.

All eight members will be formally introduced at halftime of Miami’s home finale against Virginia on Saturday, Nov. 23.

The Class of 2014 also includes Heat forward James Jones (basketball, 1999-2003), Jeff Morrison (baseball, 1978-81), Wyllesheia Myrick (track, 1998-2002), Rio Ramirez (diving, 1997-99) and Javy Rodriguez (baseball, 1999-2002).

The University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1966 by eight Dade County Circuit Court judges, who wanted to establish an organization that would recognize those student-athletes, coaches and administrators who excelled at their sport and brought acclaim to the University of Miami through achievements and championships.

With the addition of the eight newest members, the Sports Hall of Fame will increase to 282 honorees. The eight-member class will be inducted at the 46th annual UMSHoF Induction Banquet, which will be held April 10, 2014.

For more information on the banquet, fans can visit www.UMSportsHallofFame.com or call 305-284-2775.


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Teams know to stay away from dzp, and don't tell me tyrone corneilius is starting again this week.

Posted by: Calvin | November 07, 2013 at 02:17 PM

And what's up with LB Figueroa-sp. Heck, both D'Onofrio and Goldie were heaping praises and hosanna's on the freshmen. Yet, he's seem to faded away from all the hype and what not.

Five Titles:

I think we finish very strong this year.

I don't think we finish less than 10-2 this year.

What the recruits care about is if the Canes are improving and if Golden's staff has what it takes to coach them up to the elite level- and they clearly do.

What the kids' parents want to see is if their kid have an opportunity for a top level education if their kid blows a knee. And UM definitely is in the top 10% of academics.

Remember kids don't always chose the top 3 schools if they know going to a top 10 will give them a quick shot at starting and being mentioned on ESPN.

Easier to do that at Miami than at Bama, Oregon, or FSU in 2014.

Winston will lock down the QB position for at least 2 more years. Which means good news for us in recruiting a QB. Although Kaaya could lock it down starting next year at Miami.

The Newman Alumni Loyalty Challenge put out a call, asking all loyal alumni donors to support the University. Loyal alumni answered that call like never before and, because 3,173 alumni stepped forward, UM will receive $125,000 for student scholarships through the Newman Alumni Loyalty Challenge!

Glad to see the Canes alumni are generous as well as well off.

Calvin, aren't all interceptions due to someone on offense (QB, WR, lineman) making a mistake?

But I do not like this deferring when we face a top offense, like we did last week. Against VT, I hope we defer though. They start off slowly, but get alot of late scores. It is a case where we want the ball to start on offense, IMO.

Bret Bielema isn’t thrilled about Arkansas’ lodging at Ole Miss

This guy is a cry baby, 1st it was the crying about a tape from a team and now this, STFU and coach!

SCB, and the parents want to see that the staff takes their student's health and well being more into account than just Xs and Os.

Training them be be stronger and faster than they were in high school.

Holding back a player even as good as Duke when he had concussion symptoms, risking a loss in the process.

Holding an injured player instead of just dragging him to the sideline and forgetting him.

That is part of what makes Miami a better choice for parents and players.

Calvin, aren't all interceptions due to someone on offense (QB, WR, lineman) making a mistake?

But I do not like this deferring when we face a top offense, like we did last week. Against VT, I hope we defer though. They start off slowly, but get alot of late scores. It is a case where we want the ball to start on offense, IMO.
Posted by: Five Titles | November 07, 2013 at 05:27 PM

Nope, i'm sure you've watched enuff football to know that some defensive are able to just go an make plays and take the ball away. This scheme is designed to make a qb say after the game, "oh, i'm color blind". It tries to trick people into throwing picks, whereas in True press-man, you have the opportunity to go and get your own pick without tricks except for baiting the qb to make him think he has a man that can out run you.

And no, we should always defer to the 2nd half, whether it's a better offense or not, but as far as i'm concerned, all the offenses we've faced the last 3 weeks are just about one in the same in the 1st half of the games because they all know we're going to come out now with the same defensive approach, no surprises, what you see on tape of us is what you're going to get in the game as well.

Seriously? Who ever heard of decent lodgings in Oxford Mississippi? I looked up Hilton, Oxford, Mississippi, and there is NOTHING nearby there. LOL. On the plus side, if B.B. loses it, Randy might get that head coaching chance sooner than if B.B. sticks around....

Well, well La-Dee-Dee, La-Dee-Dah.

That punk SOUP'er/86cane have RUN OFF another loyal, dedicated, OPEN-MINDED University of Miami, Florida Hurricane zealot.

And all because he CHOSE not to be a ZOMBIE and repeat the CS mantra over and over... Marky Mark's SOFT ZONE defense ISN'T the problem and what not. hUh

Well, Mr. Cane XXX, formerly of that canespace/eoth. U should take great UMBRAGE in being one of the hundreds of Miami fan-dom, whom have been EXCOMMUNICATED by the SOUP'er/86cane.

Seriously? Who ever heard of decent lodgings in Oxford Mississippi? I looked up Hilton, Oxford, Mississippi, and there is NOTHING nearby there. LOL. On the plus side, if B.B. loses it, Randy might get that head coaching chance sooner than if B.B. sticks around....

Posted by: Five Titles | November 07, 2013 at 05:42 PM

I guess B.B. is just another CARPETBAGGER head coach from de North.

Because it's obvious he's never experienced the BACK WOOD's of the deep south. LOL

The simple truth is we haven't looked like a good football team in a month, I'll take 7-1, but we have to get better


Dude i have no idea what you are talking about most of the time...

You must be on that really good Oregon weed we have out here.

Remember... puff puff pass...

Could little Jimmy be on the payroll of Blake James and Chris Freet and be wasting that money pandering women who don't want anything to do with him otherwise to have a relationship for that money? It's more likely than you think;


Seriously? Who ever heard of decent lodgings in Oxford Mississippi? I looked up Hilton, Oxford, Mississippi, and there is NOTHING nearby there. LOL. On the plus side, if B.B. loses it, Randy might get that head coaching chance sooner than if B.B. sticks around....

Posted by: Five Titles | November 07, 2013 at 05:42 PM

I guess B.B. is just another CARPETBAGGER head coach from de North.

Because it's obvious he's never experienced the BACK WOOD's of the deep south. LOL

Posted by: D | November 07, 2013 at 05:55 PM


Hey guys were all adults here and were all fans of the u. What ever our views or opinions may be in the end it's bc we all want the u to succeed. Part of being a fan is to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the team u follow. No matter what topic we argue and debate about trust me if we didnt want the u to succeed we wouldn't waste our time. each one of us are passionate about our view points bc we care so deeply so when we disagree its not about saying someone is wrong or right its more to open our minds to other possible thoughts and ideas. so dont take things personally and we as a fan should not call each other a hater or troll for not agreeing 100% with everything that's going on at the u and even if you aren't a fan of the u in my mind you are welcome to join our debates which at times can get heated but if your sole purpose is just to take personal shots or gloat about your team then ask yourself why are u here? To just cause drama?

I like this forum bc it suits me bc I unfortunately don't think that dno is the solution at um and this is a place I can freely discuss what i see and think after every game. There are plenty of guys who even if I don't agree with totally I respect their opinions and views as long as it pertains to um football. I love the diverse characters her from the golden can do no wrong Ron Zook to anti golden Calvin and htc to level headed D. There are many others of u on here too that I truly enjoy debating with bc it helps me be a better fan and a smarter fan. Hell there are plenty of guys here who I would love to go out and kick back a few drinks and just talk football bc I learn from u guys and see different perspectives. So blog on guys but just remember just cuz we don't agree doesn't mean we are enemies.

Now back to the subject, I think well win a close game 23-20 kind of affair. I'm sensing a big return in this game we haven't had a good punt return to the house in a while and u feel we will win by beating Beamer at his game. And btw why is it called Beamer ball? The u has traditionally blocked just as many kicks and we have had by far superior return men. If anything aggressive in your face d plus devastating special teams should be called u ball not no bs Beamer ball I was always offended by that bc credit want given where it was due lol. And to end my long post I think dno will give up 500 yds again unfortunately but thomas will throw a few pics and well win a close one. If vt matches up and down on us again from 20 to 20 will we once again say its lack of talent? Bc in my mind that excuse is only reasonable against fsu


Well put.

However, let's talk again about your anti-D'Onofrio stance.

1) Can you give me some defensive stats from 2011-2013 to show why you think this Defense is not improving under his coaching?

Because what i am seeing is a progressively improving defense that went from total push-over to now holding down teams for the most part of this season.

2) If you think D'Onofrio is a failure as DC, do you think that Golden wouldn't know that? Are you in the camp that believes Golden is willing to keep a poor quality coach over winning more games at UM?

Essentially, if you have no faith in D'Onofrio, then you have no faith in the head guy Golden also. Right?

I just want to see how you back up the anti-D'Onofrio position with some facts.

@five titles... stop being such a Sally and "explaining" yourself to people about how you asked others not to call you names or attack you personally. You come off weak man. This is just a "blog" full of opinions that guys try to pass off as facts. Don't get so bent over Internet nonsense. You don't want to flip like Jonathan Martin! Haha

Posted by: jsy | November 07, 2013 at 06:41 PM

Yes, JSY. Some of us are adults here. For others everyone else who has a different view is an imbecile. Go figure.

Good post jsy, but I'm anti-Um administration and Board of Trustee--they are the root of this self-induced "process" of mediocrity. Golden is just the latest face of stagnation ala his inept predecessors Shannon and Coker.

The irony is that Coker's auto-pilot NC in 2001 has paved the way for the new funding approach of "get more for less" by the administration who know nothing about football, so that win with an inadequate, mid tier coach showed them that the South Florida talent *alone* can take Us to national prominence every season, without superior skilled and well paid coaching talent to guide it.

It was a risk but surprisingly its paying off (despite immediate exposure the next season when he was ou-tcoached in the NC game vs Tressel--we needed more than talent that day obviously)--just look at the majority of the posts here. Most Cane fans have adopted this philosophy of the "horsies" are the only integral aspect of the UM championship equation and coaching doesn't matter--well thats right up their alley because they don't want to pay a capable coach if we don't make them. And please don't start with the $ stuff and excuses they've provided U to spew whenever someone is close to exposing them. No we aren't a state school, but we have money for an adequate coach.

As far as insults, ask yourself who are the bloggers being called "haters" (played out urban vernacular, but when a black poster uses urban jargon--they're talking "ghetto"???). Who are the ones being called "trolls"? Are bloggers who are pro Golden and D'No being called those terms?

So we question and criticize our coaching and style of play (without insulting any bloggers initially) and in return we get insulted by other bloggers. Thats the known sequence of events that can be witnessed every single day here.

Scb this is pure speculation but I feel goldens loyalty is his problem so dno has a longer leash than someone who isn't your bf and best man bc how else can u explain him keeping dno after 116 last year? That's the kind of performance that would get u canned at top programs. Do u honestly think any of the previous coaches would have kept their dc after a performance like that? 1 year at 116 is just not acceptable bc no matter what u say about talent out talent was not 116 bad.

And my issue with dno lies in my belief that our talent is not as bad as its made out to be. It's however improperly used. How can teams like vt who we consistently out recruit even with the ncaa cloud play at such a consistently high level? And when I see guys who in hs were similar measurables and skills according to every recruiting site as ours blow up and become studs while our players don't. A prime example is chick why did they blow him up instead into a huge lumbering guy. Where is the creative ways to get him in a mismatch? All he does is line up at end one 1st and 2nd then on 3rd down he goes to dt. Have u ever seen him presnap rove around flip sides to get a favorable match up or him standing and shooting a gap? No and that's what's so frustrating bc they should have just keep him around 250 and had him constantly move around to dictate match ups but instead they do none of that

Quick question:

mountaincane? Why are U posting as GatorkillerCane now? Please don't evade the question, just wondering?

Htc I agree whole heartedly agree that u need elite aggressive coaching and while I honestly can't say about golden cuz he's more a CEO in my mind but dno is clearly not. In that nc game the only area where osu was superior to us was coaching and preperation and it clearly showed. OSU was a huge dog to us the biggest bcs underdog. No can honestly say we weren't superior talent wise. Our guys were already setting up their after parties cuz no one could imagine us losing. So what does osu do they come out and attack they were hitting kd literally every play he dropped back I recall they even hit him once after he handed off. And that's what rattles the man and we knew osu came to play. And Johnson was a bigger stud than any of the fsu receivers so what did they do they had gamble in that mans face all game as the game wore on u could clearly see him getting frustrated bc he never got a clean break off the line. That's the beauty of aggressive d bc u might give up a big play occasionally but it wears on the opponent mentally and physically. Thats how we should attack an opponent esp someone like fsu. No one but um thought we would so why not come out in their face and attack from the beginning and set the tone for the game by letting your team know we came to play and we will leave everything on the line. Instead we come out in zone. When your team sees that and hears the coaches keep saying we have to keep it close what kind of message does that send them. I mean how can u have belief in yourself when your coaches don't. And when a huge fav like fsu sees u defer then sit in soft zone they know you're scared and they go for the kill.

Posted by: jsy | November 07, 2013 at 07:37 PM

JSY, you crack me up. Ohio St. was on zone most of the 2002 NC game. They did a lot of stunts and blitzed up the middle. They had a disruptive DT and a DE (I forget names) who gave fits to our OL and Romberg resulting in KD being sacked. It wasn't like Romberg didn't know this wasn't going to happen. Art Kehoe had explicitly warned Romberg that his job wasn't going to be easy because that particular DT was a strong wrestler.

End of the day, McGahee got hurt and our D with all those first rounders allowed Krenzel to convert a 4th and 14! You know why? Glenn Sharpe was a freshman CB (and not an exceptional one at that) and he got pushed around by a senior.

What is so hard to understand that we run both zone and man coverage? We also run 3-4 and 4-3 fronts. We are not stuck to "soft zone" coverage, but at times due to the play call or otherwise, zone has been much bigger. But, if we had the talent to tackle O'Leary a couple of times, he wouldn't have pushed forward for third down conversions and Benjamin would have been lit up a few times. With the guys we have on the line, with your approach the score would have 42-0 first half.

We needed a ball hogging O last Saturday. Unfortunately, we couldn't sustain drives. Our passing game is out of sync. The only exception is the USF game.

Osu did mix their coverages beautifully but gamble shadowed johnson over half the game. I think this vt game will say alot a out our d bc no one absolutely no one can say they are more talented than us so if Thomas throws for 300 plus yds we have to seriously start questioning dno bc finally there aren't any excuses

Yall seen I pulled my D I C K out of HTC turd cutter so he could blog is opinion. D still stroking and posting. Calvin still hasn't figured out which crayon taste best. Just sad😓

Is everyone else excited to see when the Gators become bowl eligible? I'm hoping win #6 comes against FSU, when we CHOMP them in Trailerville!

Watching the Oregon game makes me wonder why we always say its talent we lack but according to espn and rivsls since 2008 we have had collectively better offensive recruits than Oregon and better defensive recruits than Stanford yet how are we so far apart?

Im sorry but the stanford coaches come out and say theyre going to challenge oregons offense and they come out aggressive almost all man.... thats all I want from dno

he didnt even challenge unc or wake

you guys hear on TV jesse palmer say that man FORCES your opponent to beat you hence Stanfords plan have you ever once heard that about dno it doesnt matter if we play sav state he doesnt say that, thats all i wish to see dnos plan is to let the opponents qb complete as many passes as he can against his soft zone and by the law of averages hes bound to mess up

crying about D'No is pointless.....as long as Golden has a job he has a job...the best you can hope for is that he takes an offer to be a head coach at like a 1-AA (FCS) school.

With that said i'll give him one more year to get "his guys" The defense seems to be more knowledgable, and they are creating turnovers

Now mountain the coward switches to "same ole same ol" and proceeds to expose his alternative lifestyle--all because he's afraid to post as himself anymore.

He's afraid of another man on another blog that gave him an ultimatum posted here, that he either blogs here or there, and he obliged. He posts there and exclusively trolls here now. Sad.

Football are U insinuating that OSU's talent was superior to or even with ours in the 2001 NC game?

For all the Cane fans that don't know what coaching looks like--just turn to ESPN and watch this chess match being held with talent similar if not inferior at many positions to our own.

Both teams playing our trademark traditional UM style defense!

Zakkee, I disagree, both teams are base 3-4 sets, although you just saw Stanford get gashed for 11 plays, switch to the 4-3 and sack and turnover the QB who's a joke. Oregon has been steamrolled with the 3-4 scheme tonight by a team determined to run the ball from what I've seen.

Pacific Athletic Conference is even more overrated than the Big 10 one was until recently.

Now as far as offensive play calling goes, Shaw is pretty fantastic, defensively they're the most traditionally hard nosed in a pretty soft scheme part of the country.

True, I meant Stanford's defense primarily. The refs are going in on Oregon adding insult to injury. I sense that OSU's monetary influence is at work. Urban trying to finesse them into another blowout NC game--even with him at the helm.

Tubby is a hater, who posts repetitive anti Golden nonsense multiple times a day. Anyone with an iq over 50 got it by the 100th telling. Continuing to post the same drivel will influence no one, except to solidify the view that he and his gang are haters trying to derail Canes obvious improvement and momentum.

His Gator boys looking like a distant memory and now headed in the wrong direction.

If anybody's buying refs tonight, it's got to be FSU who had the most to lose after owning Golden and his butt buddy from the Penn State showers.

I want to be the first to congratulate FSU on making it into the national championship game tonight. They beat us soundly, have no one else on their regular season schedule, and there is no one else on either FSU's or OSU's schedule that will change the BCS standings. While Baylor may make a late run on the BSU if they win out, it is hard to see them passing FSU, particularly if FSU should win the ACC championship game. Since at this point it is not even assured we will make it to that game, I can't say anything about a rematch. I am way too worried about VT this week.

I wasn't surprised Oregon lost to Stanford. I also think Stanford will lose a second game this year based on their schedule. As someone who played old school football in the 70's it was fun to see a team line up in the old formations. 10 offensive players in the box and one split wide, and just pound the football. Three or four yards and a cloud of dust until those undersized defensive players stopped it. Bottom line, they never did. With all of the talent and depth we have had on the O line for three years, it is surprising we never did it. But alas.

I have to admit some glee to seeing Oregon lose. They spent Alabama money on a sport complex second to none. They brought in the best players based soleyl on speed and conditioning. And they got their butts handed to them by a team with little money but all heart. Congrats Stanford. It's not money, it is the heart within the players, and Stanford won hands down!

WHEN FSU plays BAMA....

I can't lie, i will be rooting FSU.

I hate Saban and Bama.

When we play FSU i hate them

But when they play Bama, i will respect them

I think the jury is still out on Bama with respect to the SEC title game. I haven't been particularly impressed by them. But if it is Bama v FSU, I'll be doing the tomahawk chop all four quarters. Ok not really, but I hate Saban and will root for FSU. Also, I would probably root for any ACC team in FSU's position.

“One of the best defenses, if not the best defense, we’ll see all year,” Golden said before rattling off

really tie boy ?

The Website works well ... too as well

Nice blog. Keep it up. We can only predict things after they have happened, but astrology makes surity of those things and careful us....

“One of the best defenses, if not the best defense, we’ll see all year”, Golden said before rattling off

really tie boy ?

Posted by: who's he fooling ? | November 08, 2013 at 01:54 AM


Yes, really.
VT is third in the country in Total Defense, and barring a bowl game against Michigan State or Louisville, they will be, LITERALLY, One of the best defenses, if not the best defense, we’ll see all year.

Who are YOU fooling with another 2AM name-changing attack? Nobody.

So, #10 Oklahoma lost, 41-12. The name-changing fellow CLAIMS they will not be ranked below Miami after that loss.

Looks like he will be wrong, YET AGAIN.

If everything falls into place as expected, Miami will get a shot at the #2 BCS team in the nation, FSU, in the ACC Championship game.

Unless of course the gatrs find a way to beat FSU. LOL!!!! Not going to happen. I think Vegas AND Taiwan would agree with me on that, too.

So, Miami will be part of the National Championship picture, and if they beat FSU, will destroy that last BCS bowl. Something to hope for going forward this year.

Vegas was right about Baylor, but wrong, wrong, wrong about Oregon. I guess Vegas is NOT perfect, and instead of proclaiming them some know-all and be-all, the namechanging fellow should just accept that Vegas spreads are just the result of the general public's predictions as they try to get even money on both sides of the bet.

When Miami beats VT, they are back in the Top 10. That is all that matters, not some Taiwanese animation.

jsy wrote "Hey guys were all adults here and were all fans of the u. What ever our views or opinions may be in the end it's bc we all want the u to succeed."
Very well said jsy! And what you say IS true with one noticable exception. I am glad to see you even commented to him below.

jsy wrote "if you aren't a fan of the u in my mind you are welcome to join our debates which at times can get heated but if your sole purpose is just to take personal shots or gloat about your team then ask yourself why are u here? To just cause drama?"
I asked the name-changing fellow that same question, but you notice he ignored it. He will ignore it from you, too, since he is never honest on here.

I think you are right though, he is just here to take personal shots, post lies and sick comments, and to try to cause some drama in his otherwise dull and purposeless "life".

Thanks for seeing the difference between adults, who while disagreeing about the coaching, the playcalling, the history, and the likely hopes of the Canes might claim one side or the other is wrong, and the actions of an obsessed fellow (we are not allowed to use the "t" word on him, while he continues to spew profanities on here) who thinks it is fun to claim he killed Canes players and got away with it.

I really wish those that are attacking other Canes fans would stop. I have done my best to disagree politely with other Canes fans on here lately, including D, Calvin, HTC, and yourself. I think that the personal attacks on them are being done by that same guy to sow bitterness within this blog, in his "divide and conquer " mentality. He did that on the Sun Sentinel, where he would steal one ID, and insult another Canes fan repeatedly until the person rataliated, then he would report tham both and get them banned when they fought.

I would much rather see the classy discourse of yourself and Football, for example, where he can disagree with you, and you with him, about such things as Donofrio, without resorting to personal attacks.

For myself, my preseason predictions and hopes still stand, but we have gotten away from one of them the past three weeks.

1. Hold onto the ball on offense, to reduce time of possession against our defense.

Because of that, until the end of the Wake and UNC game, we were trailing. And because of that in the FSU game, we gave up quick INTs that led to a blowout.

To me that is more Coley than Donofrio. NOT saying Donofrio is a good coach, just that we failed to mask the defenses weaknesses as well as we had done in previous weeks.

SJMPARMAN, If it does end up Satan against Fisher, I would have to reluctantly cheer for FSU as well. It at least keeps the title in state. Plus, the Dolphins are STILL trying to recover from the destruction of Saban's years.

Very similar to last year's reluctant support for the Fighting Irish.

If we ended up ONLY losing to the eventual national champion, it would show how close we are to getting back to that level.

VT's defense is actually even better than that, when you consider how much extra time they are on the field due to their atrocious #101 ranked offense. Their 4.06 yards per play is second in the NCAA, but they have had to face 111 more plays than the Louisville defense, which DOES have a great #16 offense supporting them.

So I am not sure why someone would rip Golden for stating pregame that they will be facing what might be the toughest defense they will face all year. Unless of course they did not have a CLUE that Golden was speaking the truth. In that case, "You're Welcome".

HTC, your assertion that this might help OSU has me wondering:

If Miami beats FSU in the ACCCG, that would help Urban Meyer. That would be sickening to see those two coaches up there at the same time for the last BCS.

But it would be worth it to get the Canes to the Orange Bowl. Would you agree?

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