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Lamar Thomas, Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis headline 2014 UM Sports Hall of Fame inductees

Current Texans receiver Andre Johnson and Hurricanes football greats Clinton Portis and Lamar Thomas headline the UM Sports Hall of Fame’s Class of 2014.

All eight members will be formally introduced at halftime of Miami’s home finale against Virginia on Saturday, Nov. 23.

The Class of 2014 also includes Heat forward James Jones (basketball, 1999-2003), Jeff Morrison (baseball, 1978-81), Wyllesheia Myrick (track, 1998-2002), Rio Ramirez (diving, 1997-99) and Javy Rodriguez (baseball, 1999-2002).

The University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1966 by eight Dade County Circuit Court judges, who wanted to establish an organization that would recognize those student-athletes, coaches and administrators who excelled at their sport and brought acclaim to the University of Miami through achievements and championships.

With the addition of the eight newest members, the Sports Hall of Fame will increase to 282 honorees. The eight-member class will be inducted at the 46th annual UMSHoF Induction Banquet, which will be held April 10, 2014.

For more information on the banquet, fans can visit www.UMSportsHallofFame.com or call 305-284-2775.


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And of course it is STUNNING that you attacked his comment, but then chopped off and ignored his supporting comments for his claim. Here is the ACTUAL article comment, that the name-changning fellow chopped at "rattling off".

“One of the best defenses, if not the best defense, we’ll see all year,” Golden said before rattling off a few eye-opening Hokies stats. “Twenty-eight sacks, 29 percent on third down, 16.9 points per game, a world of experience on defense.

“They’re great at turnovers (20 total), get interceptions (17). They’re very disruptive (81 quarterback hurries). They’re hitting your quarterback, making your quarterback throw under duress. That’s as good a secondary as I may have ever seen from Virginia Tech. They’re big and strong up front, play a lot of guys. On the back end, they’re really talented.

“This is a Bud Foster defense. It has his fingerprints all over it.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/08/3738354/virginia-techs-defense-has-miami.html#storylink=cpy

Now, did Al Golden LIE In any of his comments? Did he MISLEAD anyone? No. So then why do you attack him for wearing a tie and accuse him of "fooling" someone you already knew he was telling the TRUTH?

I know, I know, you never said that, and never said you were working a drug angle on the Taylor murder, either. Suuuurrrrreeeee.....

Five it sounds like you're speaking about our favorite blogger who just can't seem to let RS go? If I'm wrong then my apologies, but that's what it sounds like, lol.

From that same article, I saw some great comments that will make the anti-Donofrio crowd happy. Virginia Tech does alot of man coverage, QB pressures with an extra man joining the pass rush.

"Virginia Tech’s pass defense ranks No. 1 in fewest yards allowed (150.6 yards per game) and has allowed the third-lowest completion percentage (47.5) in the nation. Senior cornerbacks Kyle Fuller (coming of a groin injury) and Antone Exum have 76 combined career starts and 12 career interceptions between them."

But yeah, the name-changing fellow thinks VTs defense is terrible. Good luck with that...

ColaCane, nope, I believe the guy I am talking about actually hated RS and wanted to lynch him. He would refer to RS as a lawn jockey. Very big difference between someone supportive of RS like Calvin and the name-changing "fellow" that I was referring to.

We have to run right at VT's d, and set up the pa. That's how you beat them.

Gotcha Five. Regardless of who it is, they BOTH need to let RS go. That was years ago, and he had his chance here. He'll always be part of Cane history, good and bad.

HTC, I think you will be happy to see this set of quotes from Golden, using "we" instead of They, even while being critical of the team's performance. It appears that he has taken to heart one of your critiques of his media interactions. Glad to see he is learning.

“Number one, we’re not getting our hands on many balls,” said coach Al Golden, whose defense is allowing opponents to convert on third down at only a 37.4 percent clip (improved from 42.1 percent in 2012) but allowed Wake Forest (8of 16) and Florida State (11 of 15) to convert at better than 50 percent the past two weeks.

“To be quite honest, we’re also drifting too much in our zone coverage and allowing them to catch it underneath and not making the tackles we need to. We’ve been better in our man coverage. But sometimes when we’ve been in man coverage, we’ve let them out of the pocket and let them scramble or create. It’s really a combination of all those things.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/07/3736239/miami-hurricanes-to-focus-on-third.html#morer#storylink=cpy

That is six "we"s in five sentences. Saw it and thought of your point in previous comments.

VT's defense is actually even better than that, when you consider how much extra time they are on the field due to their atrocious #101 ranked offense. Their 4.06 yards per play is second in the NCAA, but they have had to face 111 more plays than the Louisville defense, which DOES have a great #16 offense supporting them.

So I am not sure why someone would rip Golden for stating pregame that they will be facing what might be the toughest defense they will face all year. Unless of course they did not have a CLUE that Golden was speaking the truth. In that case, "You're Welcome".
Posted by: Five Titles | November 08, 2013 at 08:56 AM

This is why i stated earlier we've faced 2 top defenses and really only scored 14 points in both games, when we played the gaytors, if it had not been for that tyriq mccord sack/fumble at around the 5 yard line, we still only had 14 points in that game. In fact when you break it all the way down, if not for the turn-overs against those top flight defenses, no telling if we would've scored more than 3 points or so in those games.

Also, with this dweeb we got as a fieldgoal kicker, i'm not sure why coach goldie keeps lining him up for anything over 40 yards, this guy seems like he skipped out that b.s. named U-tough, never liked the sound of that corny shat. Anyway, i was checking my man matt bosher out the other day, he still getting 15 yard penalties for hitting people, lol, bosher is one of my all time favorite special teams players, he gets pissed whenever somebody returns one of his kicks, when he gets to do them, he think he's chuck cecil(http://youtu.be/AT14rYHV8CQ), one of them under hyped safties to come thru the league, one of my favorite players.

But anyway, if we don't get turn-overs, it's going to be real interesting to see how we score points, and dallas crawford is a good runningback, if he doesn't have break away speed like duke, going to be real interesting to see how bud plays us, but rest assured, bud foster is not going to assume like we do that we have top notch receivers, he's going to challenge us and see if that's the case like we always did.

Now we treat every opponents wideouts as if they're all-world receivers, it's sickening. Everybody else is using our blue-print to play top notch ball except coach goldie and the 500 club.

So Calvin, that means we will need to rely on our defense to do as well as the Duke defense and hold VT to 10 late points.

Much as I would like to see that, I cannot picutre our defense pitching a shutout in the first half like Duke did.

I still expect a win, but like others here, I am concerned about how well our offense will do against this top quality, aggressive Bud Foster defense.

After watching the way Stanford palyed agressive against Oregon last night, I'm with Calvin. Get up in people's faces and play ball. Get some coverage sacks.

So Calvin, that means we will need to rely on our defense to do as well as the Duke defense and hold VT to 10 late points.

Much as I would like to see that, I cannot picutre our defense pitching a shutout in the first half like Duke did.

I still expect a win, but like others here, I am concerned about how well our offense will do against this top quality, aggressive Bud Foster defense.
Posted by: Five Titles | November 08, 2013 at 09:44 AM

Soon if we're not careful, you'll start hearing people say "we should do what duke did" as if we need the blue-print from duke to beat another team. But the flip side of that is, let's see how we play V-tech compared to how duke played them.

4)The Seminoles seemed to exploit the Miami defense in a few ways, but was that just a sign of how good FSU is or breakdowns/weaknesses by the Canes?

Ferman: Everyone has been exploiting the Miami defense. North Carolina, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech gave the defense fits, too and all three were close, tight games. Florida State was a different beast, though. Miami really had a hard time matching up with the Seminole athletes.

At least his guy said it exactly how it is, to many people making a big deal about the Fsu game, Fsu didn't exploit us, they just took what we gave them just like the teams we played prior to them.

Coach goldie & the 500 club claiming guys tried to do to much or freelancing are all lies. That defense is designed to give up what it gave up, there is a reason gumbo fisher called that perectly times screen play. To those who claim to know football, that screen play that gumbo called that went for a touchdown untouched was basically the same play called against us by wake forest when they took the lead on the opposite side.

Unc almost had one as well, it has nothing to do with guys "tackling bad" or "not bringing there techniques to the game" it has everything to do with guys consistently not being put in the proper position to make plays. How is that 3 coaches who called those screen pass, and all most all of them got the same exact result, sissy scheme!

If I were still coaching the Gators, we would have beaten Miami and FSU, 3 times per year. And we would dominate the SEC, especially Alabama.

Sure Five, and as much as I hate Urban and think OSU will be beaten by any other top 5 team, i have to admit that his game-planning, scheming, ball control offense, hard-nosed defenses, add on historical referee and media bias for OSU and we'll have a game with them vs. Alabama. Urban is Satan lol. He always has a sneaky approach that works. And as much as I'd like to call a blowout, that game might be a classic.

Canes to the Orange would be cool, against who though? If as bloggers claim: we don't have the talent or "horsies" yet, then what would they expect the outcome of a major bowl game against a top 5 team to be? Since Golden has never been expected to overcome a talent disparity with a game-plan or coaching adjust we witness other team's coaches devise and have their players execute every week (called an "upset"), then that game. We'd be playing Oregon, Stanford or Baylor--do we have the horsies for a game like that? We all know that on paper and counting stars--we do.

Five, those quotes are obviously responses to specific aspects of playing intricacies by the players.

When asked about the belief, mind state, or whether he can predict the team's level of commitment or performance prior to a game is when he uses, "they", "them", and "their"---thats fact. The "team" is all encompassing, including the coaches, so why push it to the context of the players only. The interviewers don't always specify the players when asking for the team's state of being.

Pre-Florida game, he used those words exclusively when asked about his feel for the team. He wasn't confident enough to stand next to them because he wasn't sure what he had in them. Listen to the interview with Joe Rose pre-Florida game.

Its very easy to use the term "we" when speaking of something U are involved in or passionate about directly or indirectly. We even type "we" here when we post about our team. So if its natural to use "we" in these situations of belonging, then it should be difficult or premeditated to use terms like "they"--which the direct antonym of "we". They doesn't denote an association with.

With all that being said Five, your post would be better suited to explaining Golden's usage of the terms: "they", "their", and "them", instead of the ones that come natural like""we", "our" and "us". Of course there's evidence of his usage of the latter--he is the coach lol. The question is why does he use the former terms during times of uncertainty (pre-Florida game) and during times of adversity (post-FSU game) when he went back to the formers usage?

Check the transcripts--they prove my point. His transcript post FSU game (our first loss and blowout of the season) was the return of "they", "their" and "them". Why? Thats what U should focus on.

Maybe we might face Louisville or Oklahoma, too.

Oregon would kill us.
Stanford we actually match up well against.

Strange to say that after watching yesterday's game between those two schools, but that is my impression.

Baylor would also tear apart this defense. I can see that.

I wonder, even if we lost to FSU in the ACCCG, we would be the likely Orange Bowl representative, since they would go to the BCS bowl and we or Clemson would be the next team up.

But I would rather go to the bowl game with a conference win, not with a loss.

Harriet TUBMAN, what's irritating to me is hearing coach goldie say after every game against a good opponent, "they have to get to the point where they can mangage the week and manage the process", as if these are real reasons why the game was lost. No other coach has come in and ever talked down like that about the players, but coach goldie coming in talking as if he's ever coached or played in a game as big as the one last week and that's the major problem we're going to always have with coach goldie being in charge, i said it in his 1st year hear, especially after he tried to tell us how good boston college was that his inability to evaluate what a good team is, is always going to hinder the rise of this team.

He's the one who hasn't coached in big games until he got here, he's the one that hasn't ever really played in a big game, so he's the one that needs to be able to manage the week and stop trying to be a micro manager, trying to control everything but the other teams on gameday.

That's why i've said in the past, until coach goldie makes that mental transformation into becoming a True Miami Hurricane, we'll always be a team that gets beat by a team with just as much athletes as we have who deploys them differently. I'm glad we playing Virignia tech this weekend, cry now goldie, if we lose tomorrow are you gonna say "guys have to buy into the process" after telling us how guys bought in after the gaytor victory. Until coach goldie stops thinking it's his selfish system that'll bring a championship back to UM, and stop trying to every chance he gets highlight his 300 page binder and his core-values as the path to a championship, when that shat he's put together hasn't won a championship nowhere up to this point, so WTF is he talking about all the time.

Until coach goldie steps back like jimmy johnson says til this day, "i wasn't a great coach, i just had great players". See that's a humble heart of a True Champion, still passing off/giving credit to the guys, not the system/process, pillars & binders. Coach goldie keeps trying to come off as some legendary coach, as it stands right now, coach goldie has "put the cart before the horse". How you gone write something about a path to something you've never experienced yourself, WTF is that about Harriet TUBMAN.

We got enuff coaches that have won championships here before(with the exception of thee incompetent one" that was just in the right place at the right time)who should be the ones writing books and leaving that at UM as the True path because there paths ended up with real rewards. Right now, the path that coach goldie is taking is like somebody going down a path with enuff battery power left to get just about half-way down the path, that's where coach goldie is at right now.

Both teams playing our trademark traditional UM style defense!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 07, 2013 at 10:14 PM

VOILA... the man AKA harriettubmanCane, ceases to amaze me.

Again, the Hurricanes aren't going to be in the conservation for a possible N.C. playing a SOFT ZONE, Marky Mark style of defense! hUh

Because any college football neophyte knows, that it's that Miami, Florida ATTACKING, AGGRESSIVE, PHYSICAL style of defense which done brought the conference championships and national championships. And even playing in a N.C. game. dUh

If FSU faces Alabama for the NC, I'm unequivocally with FSU. I would think that most Cane fans with our mind state would be. Like someone said (maybe Edwin Pope), FSU has to (or should have to annually) go thru Us (twice) to get there. They never run from Us, so they deserve our respect not Bama--with a coach thats a known runner.

Have a bad feeling about tomorrows V-Tech game. I am not sure the "U" has fully recovered both mentally and physically from last weeks war. If the "U" starts off slow, V-Tech will be tough to beat. Fast start and how well Morris plays will be key. ACC Coastal Division is within sight. After a tough week do the players want it bad enough? Go Canes.

H.T.C. must be a mind reader, too. Go bloody figures'.

Heck, prior to going cyberspace, I was telling some Cat that MIGHTY F.S.U. would play Roll Tide Roll in the final B.C.S. national championship game. hUh

And y'all Cane zealots should be ashamed of your self's, because Urban Liar's squad AIN'T going to be near that N.C. game.

Why? Because Michigan St. is going to show the Buckeye's want a SOLID defense is in the Big 10 championship game.

By the way, that Spartan defense reminds of those PASSE Hurricane defense's of yesterday... attacking, aggressive and physical!

“This is a Bud Foster defense. It has his fingerprints all over it.”
That quote says all u need to know about why in so anti dno. It basically means his defense will challenge our offense and force us to beat them. Not once have I heard an opposing coach say that about dno maybe dno is too nfl where many times u play not to lose instead of playing to win. Once I hear an opposing coach have that kind of respect for dno I will have absolutely nothing to gripe about.

Posted by: jra | November 08, 2013 at 11:43 AM

Personally, I think these young-school Hurricanes are resilient and tough-minded. So, I not too concerned about their psyche and what not.

However, I agree with U about Mr. INCONSISTENT Morris. Because I absolutely believe he's PLATEAU-ed as QB and his stat's and mannerism's have indicated that. hUh

The bottom line is both teams have UGLY units and what not. Heck, the Canes have the better overall " talent " on their roster. But talent doesn't always win games.

So it will probably come down to the BETTER and SHREWDER overall coaching staff. And unfortunately, the Hurricanes still have D'Onofrio in the press box.

Tubby is a hater, who posts repetitive anti Golden nonsense multiple times a day. Anyone with an iq over 50 got it by the 100th telling. Continuing to post the same drivel will influence no one, except to solidify the view that he and his gang are haters trying to derail Canes obvious improvement and momentum.
Posted by: GatorKillerCane | November 07, 2013 at 11:18 PM

Again mountain, I'm not a hater--I'm just not a sucka. Again, I'm not anti-Golden--I'm anti-UM administration and Board of Trustees that I believe Tad Foote still serves on till this day. Like I said, Golden = Coker = Shannon and when I take my argument to the above rout no one responds lol! this explains why i'm so repetitive with the argument I pose.

If a poster neither has the obvious anti-Golden argument nor the covertly, racially motivated Shannon vs. Golden argument--then dudes don't know how to respond.

I say RS and Golden (there's no distinction between them concerning our performance/records on the field--the separation is seen off-field with appearance initiatives) are the same ball of served mediocrity by the UM elites who have Us in an indefinite "process" of self-inflicted mediocrity to conserve a funding initiative of "get more with less", after Coker's auto-pilot NC in 2001.

This wouldn't be repetitive if anyone would dare to sincerely challenge my summation without insults and lies.

I'm not trying to influence, I want to be proven wrong about this. So I don't have to feel this way about the state of my team.

Once I hear an opposing coach have that kind of respect for dno I will have absolutely nothing to gripe about.

Posted by: jsy | November 08, 2013 at 11:52 AM

Bingo! JSY hit's the lotto ticket, again.

The sad notion is NO opposing team FEARS Miami, Florida's defense no longer! Especially since Goldie brought D'Onofrio along with him.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 08, 2013 at 11:55 AM

Golden being the NO.46 highest paid head coach is all U have to know about H.T.C.'s well thought out points of contention.

Again, the University of Miami, Florida admin. SUIT's had the OPPORTUNE moment to hire a Top 30, or dare I say a Top 25 experienced head coach.

But the Powers That Be whom oversee the university absolutely CHOSE NOT to go in that direction of hiring a PRIME TIME head coach.

VT is going to stack the line...push our OL around, and make Morris win this game....on offense they are going to pick up 4-5 yrd/carry and then when passing...either some WR no ne has ever heard of will be streaking across the middle wide open...or QB will run for the 1st down.

We GOT OUR HANDS FULL this week...I hope Morris plays error free, and we can run...We are good enough to beat them, but we are also bad enough to let them get one from us, if we do not play 4 qtrs....

should be a classic UM-VT game...both need the W...lets see who wants it more!

God bless ya'

FWIW... Miami, Florida is currently a - 6 1/2 point home chalk.

Chit, I guess the Wise Guy's believe Va. Tech's offense is that atrocious and are willing to give the benefit of doubt, to a stumbling Hurricane defense. hUh

Does ANYONE on this F'IN blog want to talk about the game tomorrow, and what we have to do to win, or are you ALL just going to BEETCH about the HC, the DC, the Pres, the stadium, the weather, the grass, the PAST coaches, and PAST glory, and PAST interviews. I mean GD it's like you mf'ers just can't wait to get on here and pat each other on the back for your little insights, and bit's of philosophy. Jeez enough already. We got VT who is one dimensional, and we have the opportunity to drum them again. Focus on that people.

should be a classic UM-VT game...both need the W...lets see who wants it more!

God bless ya'

Posted by: MARK | November 08, 2013 at 12:07 PM


Yes Mark, it will be a typical Beamer Ball and Hurricane style of game.

My money is on which ever QB ( Morris vs. Thomas ) makes the LEAST mistakes and which ever defensive unit hangs tough, then the game winner will likely be the result of these two tangibles, as well as other tangibles/intangibles.

Also, don't forget that coaching matchup. That too will a major indicator of the outcome on Saturday night.


There are no big games, they all count the same. Managing means they have to deal with film and prep work.

Posted by: ColaCane | November 08, 2013 at 12:13 PM

It seems like you don't wanna' mess with the TRUTH, and what not, regarding Miami, Florida's current state of football affairs.

So, I suggest you bumble and stumble your way back to that CS/eoth. That way you DON'T have to deal with reality and then you can continue to bellow the SAME bloody MANTRA over and over and over!

Discussing Dnos weakness and soft weak philosophy is talking vt game bc we are predicting what will happen based on Dnos past results. When we discuss Dnos weak style we are discussing the changes that must be made to beat vt. If dno does what he typically does and vt marches up and down on us which i unfortunaley predict they will based on Dnos past performances we will lose. The only way we win is by winning the turnover battle. If dno calls his typical dno plays we will not win unless vt turns the ball over.

D what the hell r u talking about dude?? Same bloody mantra? All you guys do is complain about the same chit EVERYDAY, and you say I bellow the same (bloody mantra)?? I want to talk FOOTBALL dude, not freaking soap opera BS. I've been on this site for about 10years, so maybe U should GTF out of here. The REALITY is we have a HUGE game ahead of us, and all U wanna talk about is how bad the coach is, and how things used to be. Let it go man.

jsy DNO just may use Duke's gameplan and force their QB into making mistakes, which he does when rattled. He did last year as well. We also had great special team play last yr as well. We need that again.

To summarize the game saturday.... Dno is inept, vt offense is inept. We need to hope we are less inept than them.

Cola your statement is why dno must go.. Copy dukes gameplan? I mean its better than anything dno will call but Did we become so inept with defensive coaching that we have to follow dukes blue print? We should give other teams blue prints to beat others but instead we will use dukes blueprint. I mean when did we sink so low..

jsy I'll be the 1st to admit his play calling is at best predictable, but having said that, he's all we got right now, and will have until seasons end, so just for him, (HE) should emulate Duke's D strategy. Albeit Duke is not the Duke of old, as they've proven. Hell we barely won last yr.


There are no big games, they all count the same. Managing means they have to deal with film and prep work.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 08, 2013 at 12:14 PM

Coach goldie, is that you, must be, what-up yello. I understand the annual penn st. & temple game doesn't get a lot of outside attention, but when 2 teams that have had an impact on who was going to play for the national championship almost every year for about 20 years, i can understand why you saying coach goldie, i'm sure you own the process!

If I coached at Miami, we would join the SEC and win a ring every year!!

Without Campanaro, WF has no chance to survive the 1st quarter.

Canes had better come to the game on Saturday night with the mindset of a winner. Preparation is just talk if you don't play the game all-out, every play. Canes will win Saturday night if they come to play.

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