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Miami Hurricanes release new depth chart for Duke. Few changes, and very minor ones at that.

  Here's the new UM depth chart for Saturday's Duke game (3:30 p.m., ESPNU).

The only changes: all four positions in the secondary have co-starters.

  WEEK 10 DEPTH CHART (as of Nov. 12, 2013)


WR 1 ALLEN HURNS 6-3, 195, Sr.
9 Malcolm Lewis 6-0, 187, So.
80 Rashawn Scott 6-2, 199, Jr.

LT 74 ERECK FLOWERS 6-6, 315, So.
79 Malcolm Bunche 6-7, 327, RJr.

LG 70 JON FELICIANO 6-5, 318, RJr.
79 Malcolm Bunche 6-7, 327, RJr.

C 62 SHANE McDERMOTT –OR– 6-4, 296, Jr.
75 JARED WHEELER 6-5, 319, Sr.

RG 65 BRANDON LINDER 6-6, 319, Sr.
75 Jared Wheeler 6-5, 319, Sr.

65 Brandon Linder 6-6, 319, Sr.

TE 46 CLIVE WALFORD 6-4, 259, RJr.
82 Asante Cleveland 6-5, 260, Sr.
85 Beau Sandland 6-6, 255, Jr.

FB 33 MAURICE HAGENS 5-11, 250, Sr.
44 Walter Tucker 6-0, 226, Fr.

QB 17 STEPHEN MORRIS 6-2, 218, Sr.
11 Ryan Williams 6-5, 223, Jr.

RB 25 DALLAS CRAWFORD 5-10, 194, RSo.
23 Eduardo Clements –OR– 5-9, 192, Sr.
7 Gus Edwards 6-2, 225, Fr.

SLOT 6 HERB WATERS 6-2, 193, So.
9 Malcolm Lewis 6-0, 187, So.

WR 3 STACY COLEY –OR– 6-1, 180, Fr.
6 HERB WATERS 6-2, 193, So.


90 Ufomba Kamalu 6-6, 285, Jr.

DT 96 CURTIS PORTER –OR– 6-1, 325, Sr.
78 JUSTIN RENFROW 6-6, 320, Sr.
72 Earl Moore 6-1, 304, So.

DT 91 OLSEN PIERRE 6-4, 305, Jr.
93 Luther Robinson 6-3, 296, RSr.

DE 51 SHAYON GREEN 6-3, 264, Sr.
11 David Gilbert 6-4, 256, Sr.

OLB 31 TYRONE CORNILEUS –OR– 6-2, 225, Sr.
36 ALEX FIGUEROA 6-3, 235, Fr.

MLB 59 JIMMY GAINES 6-3, 240, Sr.
56 Raphael Kirby 6-0, 235, So.

OLB 52 DENZEL PERRYMAN 6-0, 240, Jr.
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3, 233, Jr.

CB 3 TRACY HOWARD –OR– 5-11, 184, So.
21 ANTONIO CRAWFORD 5-11, 187, So.

S 2 DEON BUSH –OR– 6-1, 203, So.
22 KACY RODGERS II 6-2, 212, Sr.

S 26 RAYSHAWN JENKINS –OR– 6-1, 208, So.
30 AJ HIGHSMITH 6-0, 208, Sr.

CB 37 LADARIUS GUNTER –OR– 6-2, 196, Jr.
1 ARTIE BURNS 6-0, 190, Fr.
29 Corn Elder 5-10, 173, Fr.

P 16 PAT O’DONNELL 6-5, 220, Gr.
18 Matt Goudis 6-0, 172, So.

FG 18 MATT GOUDIS 6-0, 172, So.
16 Pat O’Donnell 6-5, 220, Gr.

KO 16 PAT O’DONNELL –OR– 6-5, 220, Gr.
18 MATT GOUDIS 6-0, 172, So.

H 16 PAT O’DONNELL 6-5, 220, Gr.
11 Ryan Williams 6-5, 223, Jr.

LS 57 SEAN MCNALLY 5-10, 200, RJr.
61 Paul Kelly 6-1, 255, RSr.

SS 61 PAUL KELLY 6-1, 255, RSr.
65 Brandon Linder 6-6, 319, Sr.

PR 3 STACY COLEY –AND– 6-1, 180, Fr.
25 DALLAS CRAWFORD 5-10, 196, RSo.

KR 3 STACY COLEY 6-1, 180, Fr.
1 ARTIE BURNS 6-0, 190, Fr.


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this 3-4 odd base defense sucks.

U know we talk about of talent and if its talent then golden and crew need to recruit true 5 star studs at every position for this dno defense to work. If and only if they can recruit wilfork like talent at dt. 2 clowney clones at de, bc that us the only way a de will ever cover a back in the flat, 4 ray Lewis at his prime lbs, reed and Taylor at safeties, and two Charles Woodson at cb. Then and only then will this defense work and I have a feeling until we get that kind if talent all we will hear is excuse after excuse about talent. So golden and co better get busy finding this talent, or he could do the much more sensible and easier solution and change dc who will work with what we have. There are multiple dcs who get much more for less than our talent

Golden is too stubborn to admit his guy can't coach. Golden is supposed to be a defensive coach himself, which does not look good to our future. Little or no development of his recruits is also a very bad sign. The only hope UM has of returning to a top program is someone "steals" Golden away.

I say go 62 Cover 11; drop all 11 players to 10 yards deeper than their initial alignment... BEND DON'T BREAK!

320 lbs across the line and end up with 28 yards rushing. That is pathetic.



"The Wall of Coral Gables" is a farce. Upperclassmen, over 300 lbs. per man who cannot provide adequate protection or open running lanes. What a joke.

More like "The Great Facade of Coral Gables"
And Golden is The Great Farce of Coral Gables.
3 games left, need to win all 3 to salvage the season, still no ACC ship game again.
So tough to make it to that elusive game.

Has anybody seen Five Titles and his BFF Ron Zook?
I need them to help me defend The Great Golden and Captain Onofrio from all these wolves.
I mean Golden still is the best coach in the Universe. Right?
These last 2 losses are obviously on the players. I mean there is only so little a Great coach like The Golden One can do.
What do you expect, is he to develop the talent? Or put the players in a position to succeed? You expect him to come up with some type of scheme to attack the opposition or to get the most out of his players. Next you going to say he is expected to make adjustments during the game and correct what is not working or counteract what the opponent is doing.
Who does that?
Now we have the eternal ACC power Duke looming large on the road. And then we get Virginia. Virginia who has our number and beats us while getting beat by everyone else. Are you going to blame The Great Golden for that too?
Don't forget we have to go play Pitt in the great white north to end the year. What a horror, the cold. Who can play in the cold?

perfect post delusional. actually laughed out loud.

Hilarious - acc blog on espn...sidebar vote - acc coach of the year -I submitted for david cutliffe...Alverage Golden received....0% of the vote. About right.

I was fully on board with AG until this VT loss. all the warning signs that the critics have been pointing out seemed like sour grapes and trollage....I have watched the last decade of canes fb just piddle in the lower middle...

Hope in 13! Well Founded Hope!


Weakest of schedules, a decent performance against an overrated rival, and then....the truth starts leaking out....

This is almost exactly the same team as last year, except in some ways, worse...

When I talk to my non canes friends about serious football considerations, it becomes ever more apparent that when one takes away the stats put up by both the offense and defense against the 5-22 group of early opponents...our numbers are not good. FAU. SVST. USF. Granted, throw in the 4-5 UF-who still put up @400 yds.

There's really no spinning it when you get outside the echo chamber. Everyone in the real world expected the FSU scenario. Not a shcoker.

When we got pummeled, pummeled, by a heretofore offensively struggling VT....ALL THE WEAKNESSES THAT HAVE PLAGUED THE PROGRAM since AG started came back into focus....that is: they all came down to coaching deficiencies.

There have been some decent points made in defense of the players - the FSU letdown, that VT is always a tough team, looking to rebound, wanting it more than we did...the fumbles, the punt....all true.

What gets glossed over in those analysis points - that the defense COULD. NOT. STOP the turnovers turning into points, even on a short field. NOT. ONCE.

Moreover, what progress on both sides of the ball has been shown this year in terms of the team showing grit in close games, unlike in the rs era, or even in the last two years, was nullified by ....bad playcalling and poor execution.

So much of the arguing on here goes between the players vs. the coaching....Any real honest person who cares about the game has to come down on the side that holds coaching responsible for the ultimate performance of the team.

UM was expected to win the coastal this year precisely because of the talent and experience of the team in its third year under stable leadership. So, we got an new OC, big whoop - FSU coaching and players lost...we are behind them right now - yes, we are and will be until

Alverage makes the right business decision and gets a marquee DC.

I love my Canes enough to root:
GO BLUE DEVILS! You deserve to win this division.

The only hope UM has of returning to a top program is someone "steals" Golden away.


Sorry my friend no one wants this guy. Don't buy the fan blog spots. His agent did a heckuva job getting him an extension for nothing. He's a .500 coach that has never been a part of a championship team. But have the nerve to carry around a 300 page binder talking about a process. Process to what, mediocrity. Who wants that? Just because it's been repeated here over and over it still remains a bold face lie.

from the washington post article -

" ===============================================

After a week in which his play was scrutinized like never before, Hokies quarterback Logan Thomas fired back at his detractors the best way he could — with one of the best games of his career. He finished 25 of 31 for 366 yards, two touchdowns and no turnovers, taking advantage of a Miami secondary that played a soft zone and left underneath routes open most of the night."


"Take out Miami’s touchdown passes of 81 and 84 yards, and Virginia Tech’s defense was its typical stout self. The Hurricanes were held to less than 200 total yards otherwise, including just 28 on the ground. They averaged 3.67 yards on every other snap."

So, I just left this message for the Blue Devils over at The Herald Sun article talking about their chances this week at getting past UM...

"As a Hurricanes alum and canes fan, GO BLUE DEVILS! You deserve the coastal this year. David Cutliffe should win COTY. Great to see you emerging. Please help yourself to any underneath route you can think of against us this week. We need a new DC, so help us out."

Posted by: delUsionalcane | November 12, 2013 at 10:09 AM

Fell out the chair lol!

Although I in NO way am defending our performance Sat., beedharphong's analogy is kind of ridiculous, (if you take away Miami's 2 long tds), well by the same token if you take away our 2 fumbles and the punter knee hitting the ground, they wouldn't have 21 points and we most likely win. So 'come on man' let that go.

I still think we should keep AG, but DNO for sure needs to go. He just isn't good at making adjustments, or game planning for that matter.

Cola U keep getting sucked into Golden's manipulations (not trying to be offensive).

beed's post can be debatable but is definitely not ridiculous and this is why:

First, those turnovers/fumbles/and knee down punt, were not scoop and scores as they continue to be purposely portrayed and described, "we spotted them 21 points" huh??

There is a such thing as defense and not letting them benefit from those mishaps. Then didn't have to lead points/turnovers don't automatically score points.

Secondly, beed and other fans have reason to believe (according stats and what we all witnessed) that VT could/would have drove the entire field for those 21 points anyway. When did we ever stop them? How many times did they punt? We didn't get off the field on 3rd downs consistently the entire game so?

If a person didn't see the game, he or she would think from the interview transcripts that VT scored on 3 turnovers by Us. Not the case, the defense never stopped them--turnovers or not.

We need new position coaches! Michael Barrow was a great player, but a horrible coach. Our linebackers have not developed at all. Perryman was solid as a Freshman and he has only maintained. 52 is not dominant! Opposing offenses don't shy away from him. I love 52, but Barrow needs to move on. Find a coach who can teach the fundamentals of football these guys. I can't handle watching anymore mistackles resulting in first downs on 3rd-and-99.

meant: they didn't have to lead to points--turnovers don't automatically score points.

Alright, alright. cola - you got me - lol.

Just listened to Manny's radio interview, and the point he hammers is that we really don't have talent on the defensive side of the ball. Agreed. DNO doesn't trust his players to execute man coverage, ergo, the cruddy soft zones. Okay.

I have succumbed to the unrealistic expectations that the start of the season begat. I am emotionally tied up in this team, maybe too much.

I think we lose to Duke - fine. We win against Pitt and UVA; finish 9-3 - fine. Bowl loss? Probably.-fine.

Trying to get the most out of the talent we have - fine.
Really hope the recruiting pans out and in 2015 we have a full, unhindered recruiting class of AG's making. Hopefully, we have a QB and Coley has gotten more comfortable with playcalling. We already have some elite young talent at corners. Maybe we get us some great LBs and a def front that has more than a couple of stopgap transfers at the ends of their careers...

Next year could be more of the same roller coaster. Sheesh, go Canes.

Oh, I have backed off the straight hate, but yes, thank you HTC - the point that we never stopped them after the turnovers stands...but we really just don't have the talent and a mediocre DC - who we are not getting rid of.

ah, reality...

Reality stinks. Maybe some reverse psychology will get Goldie gone. (don't say reverse, it will lead to points). Remember, one teams garbage could be anothers treasure, (like Temple). There has to be someone who wants this dude, and his defense of his bff d'no. (don't say defense, dirty word). Let's turn that garage sale into a moving sale.

You are in recovery mode!!.

I like you hate to Lose, but although we tried to will our 'Canes to WIN the last 2 games Reality kicked in. We lost.

Yes it sucks but, as a tribute to the players who for every day starting in Spring put their sweat and tears in this team, acknowledge their effort, let them know that even in loss you have their back..

Straight hate is not going to change those loses, and the Coaching staff is here for the long run whether we like them or not.

Soooooooooo it comes down to do you want to support the 'Canes in the future through the rebuild, or do you want to cheer for someone else and then re-appear when they start winning again?.

That is the question all these haters and those espousing unrealistic "Fire them" quotes are faced with.

Do you stay or leave?. That is the question.

I am staying with my 'Canes.
Go 'Canes

I love how everyone goes from "Al Golden for President" to "fire him" - this is why we are recognized as the worst fans in sports. I, as all of us were, was disgusted by the play on Saturday. I was disgusted beyond belief. You can't blame the coaches for 2 freshmen with immense talent fumbling the ball at midfield on returns. You can't blame coaches for missed Goudis field goals the past couple weeks. You can't blame coaches for ridiculous missed tackles on 3rd and longs. And you can't blame coaches for losing your top 2 offensive weapons and 2 of the premier players in CFB to injuries. This team will play for a NC in 2-3 years and Golden is the man to take us there. D'no is another story. If he can't get it done by next year he must go immediately.

UGO, c'mon dude, the reason for these posts is to VENT to other canes fans. We are fans or we wouldn't care enough to be here. But this rebuilding must start from the top, because our problems start there. Golden IS the problem, it shows after three years and nothing is Building. SUPPORT THEM, YES, ACCEPT THIS, no. not quietly anyways.


Using your logic why does it matters who coach? Why should D'No ever have to leave?

And as far as "Al for president" that was only from a few slurpers that's still showing up every now and then. They used to be on hear 24-7 now look no where to be found. They'll pop in every now and then after Al does an interview. They have to wait for him to give them something to post.

I was here yesterday, and here today. And you already knew that. So why is it LOL worthy to claim I was not?

I can accept the "lack of talent and depth" excuse on defense against FSU. However, you cannot tell me that Miami has less raw talent on defense than: East Carolina (311 yards, 15 points v. VT), Marshall (382 yards, 29 points IN TRIPLE OVERTIME) and Duke (387 yards, 10 pts). You could also throw in Pitt (315, 19).

Miami gave up 549 yards and 42 points to one of the worst offenses in the nation. And it was ENTIRELY due to the type of defense they were playing. Sure, there were some missed tackles, but you are going to have missed tackles over the course of a game when you allow a receiver to come across the middle of the field untouched and wide open every time.

Why was D'Onofrio asking linebackers to cover crossing routes? Why didn't he make a single adjustment the entire game? All he had to do was put in a nickel corner and jam the slot receiver at the line to throw the timing off. You can't just allow that player to remain wide open.

The bend don't break defense philosophy is garbage and only blind homers can't see it. Nobody wants to play in this type of defense. In any event, if you are slowly giving up nearly 600 yards a game to horrible offenses, is that considered not "breaking?" Let the players play free and to their strengths. Let the CBs bump the receivers at the line and play physical.

I don't think D'O can coach. He has gotten a free ride his entire career because he is Golden's buddy and roommate. There is no added pressure for him to perform or get better because there apparently is no threat that he will be terminated for lack of performance. Golden's loyalty should be to the program, not his friend. I doubt he will fire him, so he should at least demote D'O and give him an "associate head coach" position, bringing in a new defensive coordinator who will bring aggression back to this defense. If not, the Canes will never win a ACC Championship and won't even sniff a national championship.

I like Golden, and I think he is doing a lot of great things for the program. He hasn't been able to recruit all of the players he has wanted because of the cloud of sanctions, and you see what he is doing this year with recruiting. However, right now, he is not getting the most out of the players he does have because his staff is weak. In the end, it is Golden's job to ensure he has the best possibly staff to execute his vision.

Also, can the Herald reporters ask Golden and Co. some tough questions about the bend don't break philosophy? Is it coming from Golden? Does Golden allow D'O to run whatever defense he sees fit? Has he considered playing more aggressive bump and run coverages? Will they do this next year when they have more depth? Why do they keep rotating the same players in on third down when they have proven time and time again that they cannot get the job done?

2008, in 2-3 years we will be lucky, LUCKY to compete in acc title game. It doesn't take 5-6 years to prove you can coach. Most show something in the 1st year, some 2-3 years. The greats do it pretty fast. Golden shouldn't need 5 years to win in the ACC, a pretty bad conference actually. There is a lot of talent on this team, it needs to be developed, and after 21/2years, nothing has developed except Golden's excuses

First time I saw that soft zone, it was against Maryland in game 1 of Golden's career. They had 8 suspensions, and a bunch of new faces in there, so they did not want to get burned for a big play.

Seemed reasonable to do that. What I was expecting was that once the starters returned, and the players got more comfortable in their positions, that they would play more man and the zones would be closer to the line of scrimmage.

What I saw in the VT game was the same game plan they had in that Maryland game three years ago. With all their starters, and with their gameplan in place. And despite the scheme trying to take away the big play, they still gave up the big play.

The scheme is a failure. And since the coach has not recognized that after three years, then the coach supporting that scheme is a failure.

The question is, will Golden be a supporter of that scheme, or will he make the needed change, since his Defensive coordinator seems unwilling to do so.

I like that idea, Sunny Dee. Give him a promotion/lateral move to "assistant head coach", save face, keep his friendship intact, but still improve the team.


I do think that DNo is not good; as much as I will admit we aren't loaded with talent,great coaches make the MOST out of what they have and ADJUST their preferred schemes to ones that will effectively compensate in any particular situation...

I have compared FSU's new DC, though he has Jimbo's recruits - fair enough. VT has never been a recruiting powerhouse, yet BF gets the most with the least. Still, these comparisons aren't apples to apples, so...

My biggest gripe with DNO is that the reality of success, given our situation is somewhere in the middle [of the field - lololol - had to] - which he can't seem to find. He hasn't deviated enough from where he apparently wants the players to fit his scheme, to what they are capable of handling...It's a fundamental lack of creativity that the modern era of fb requires for BUILDING a successful defense while still overcoming a shortage of talent across the board.

I can't back off my earlier assertions that we are essentially the same team as last year, in the worst ways...We have made improvements on sacks and turnovers, thank Gawd, but given our easy early shcedule, where we are defensively is too much like last year; in that, we are regressing as the year goes on...Why?

I see teams that start slow, pick up steam - UNC, DUKE, etc, etc. - and get better as the year goes on...

well, when I went to UM grad school, the best academic advice I got that carries over to fb was this;

This is a competitive, adversarial environment.

You will find out quickly that your greatest strengths that got you into the program will serve you the most.

You will find out even more quickly that your greatest weaknesses will be loudly exposed.

Now, you can either:
1) spend your energy trying to overcorrect your weaknesses at the expense of further developing your strengths, or

2) you can go hardest with your strengths and be creative to mitigate your weaknesses.

It's a philosophical choice of prioritization, one where I see this staff choosing the former.

Why are good, mediocre, and not so good teams looking all world offensively against us this late into the schedule?

Because they know exactly what they are facing. They know we can't stop them with what we are willing to show them. Since UNC at least! Please, take the middle...oh, and when we get tired enough to finally try to account for it, now have the run, or the deep ball, or the draw, or....We have a formula, it's no secret, and there seems to be no deviation from it.

I am always a cane, but I think we should lose to Duke. they do deserve to win the Coastal this year. We don't "deserve victory..." we haven't earned it. A loss to Duke, further exposing a lack of wherewithal by DNO to make best use of limited personnel is needed, not wanted.

I hope Coley's playcalling and SMO17 have a great game - the offensive players, especially the TEs and WRs deserve a chance at redemption - to not drop balls, to mix up looks at critical junctures. I don't like smo17 - good riddance. Next.

Am I with the canes? yes, for the long haul...so that means really looking towards the future. realistically, with a great recruiting class and the begrudging time given for a suspect coaching staff to deliver.

Definitely not sold on this crew.

the main mistake i saw is our LB allowed the same WR to run the same underneath route without bumping him or simply attempting to cover him,,,but allow him to run free to catch the underneath pass,,,this is what pissed me off,,somebody have to tell the this LB not to allow the WR to run the underneath pass..

UGoCane, I think you have been here long enough to know that a portion of the "FireGolden" camp is not actually a Canes fan. It is a single, obsessed, name-changing fellow that wants to create the appearance of the fanbase wanting Golden out.

You can tell the real fans by their desire to see the team improve no matter who the coach is. Big difference from just wanting coaching and recruiting turmoil in Coral Gables.

For example, people like beedharpong and al above stick with the Canes out of love for the Canes.

The other namechanging fellow sticks here even after his team was beaten out of hate for the Canes.

Five, thx; good lord. Right now, I wish I didn't care...lololsob.

Five you are exactly right. Al good point!!

We all want the best for our 'Canes, but some of the posts are almost ridiculous to say the least(especially the name changing fellow).

All of us have that vested interest in our Team.

The wagon riders not much!!!!!. Or None!!

We will be back.

Go 'Canes

How many times, after a loss that cost us something big, did we see this team decide to stop being aggressive the rest of the year? Far too many times.

After we lost to Florida in 1983, we punished the rest of the schedule, including FSU.

After we lost to Washington in 1994, we punished the rest of the schedule, including FSU.

After we lost to Washington in 1999, we punished the rest of the schedule, including FSU.

But lately, this team does not seem to have that same intestinal fortitude.

After we lost to Virginia Tech in a fluke game in 2003, we were flat and lost the next week at home against Tennessee.

After we lost to a baby blue UNC in a fluke game in 2004, we were flat and lost the next week at home against Clemson.

And by 2006, it was an epidemic. 5-2 Miami proceeds after a loss to GT to shut down on offense for three straight games, before scrambling back to 7-6. The team looked like it had given up.

The 5-7 2007 team? Looked like it gave up right after that second half against Oklahoma turned them into an also-ran. This was the year of the 48-0 loss to Virginia as part of a four game losing streak.

2008, 7-3 Miami proceeds to lose three straight road games, with the NC state and Cal losses especially disappointing.

This team on Saturday looked like those teams, once the two fumbles and the low snap occurred.

Were those fluke negative plays? Yes. But tough teams overcome that. I did not see that 1994 through 2002 toughness from these players on Saturday night.

It's is very hard to read all the negative comments. We all want UM to be dominant right now. But if you look at it objectively, I understand this is hard, you can see a huge difference between the players we have added the past 4 years versus teams like FSU or Alabama. That is what it takes to be dominant...dominant players.

Why don't we have those great players??? Take a look at Alabama and FSU rosters. That is where you will find all the south Florida dominant players. The NCAA mess scared them away. We are now free of that.

I can't say right now without a doubt that Golden or D'Oro are the right coaches for the future. But I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even with all this mess they stuck it out with the U when no one wanted anything to do with us. They have earned the right to have the opportunity to recruit at least 2 classes without the cloud. Lets give them that opportunity.

We are building and doing it the right way. Short cuts got us in the mess we are just getting out of. I get just as angry as the next Cane when we play like we did this past Saturday. I have to remind myself that we are not there yet. The NCAA cloud was just lifted 2 weeks ago.

Stand with the U now. OUT TIME IS COMING!

From that list above, what was it that Howard, Dennis, and Butch were able to do that Randy and Al seem to not be able to do?

Or is it that the players we got back then were hungry, while the players that sign with Miami now are feeling more like they just have to show up to win, and as soon as the ball bounces bad a few times they give up?

I get tired of defending myself on here sometimes. Always a gator, I mean canes fan. Someone please help, I don't know if I am the name changer or not. I get all messed up in my head sometimes. HEY, I know, I can be a def coach. I can sign on as Golden's boy. WOW, Ugo thanks for helping, I think it's time for my prozac

Posted by: beedharphong | November 12, 2013 at 12:24 PM

Excellent post!

Worst part is that we are NOT seeing that adjustment. Even though it is obvious to all that adjustment is needed.

Facing Duke on the road was once a punchline, now it is a true concern. Still predicting victory though, because all the bad luck had to have been used up in that last game....

So much for the Depth Chart...With DÓnofrio running our D.... this chart is just letters...no matter who plays we will get crushed!!! its the schemes and his sorry ass excuses blaming the kids

U guys still don't understand the mind of the corporate, alpha male, arrogant incompetent. D'No has never been professionally held to the accountability of skill, but instead has been given praise for simply existing. When a person has been reared this way and someone finally draws a boundary with them along acumen and prowess lines--they completely flip out. There's *zero* chance that D'No accepts another position on this staff other than DC. If Golden and/or D'No are ever forced to leave--they will throw the U so far under the bus it won't be funny. And they'll be nothing anyone can say about their definite reactionary rants because we created their sense of supremacy via appearances over accountability.

Our administration and fans (see: Ron Zook's posts from last night) have convinced them that we are lucky to have them here and that they are above reproach.

Sunny Dee, go listen to Golden's interview with Joe Rose from yesterday. It'll answer alot of your questions. Golden made it extremely plain and clear that he is riding out with D'No to the end and that the defense we see--is his own not just D'No's. He said, '...everything (every aspect of the team) U guys see, has my approval and imprint on it..."

The acceptance of Duke, Virginia etc.. being an annual test at home or on the road is the "process" that our coaching staff and some fans want us all to participate in.

The only "process" being preached is the process of annually lowering our collective expectations.

2008, in 2-3 years we will be lucky, LUCKY to compete in acc title game. It doesn't take 5-6 years to prove you can coach. Most show something in the 1st year, some 2-3 years. The greats do it pretty fast. Golden shouldn't need 5 years to win in the ACC, a pretty bad conference actually. There is a lot of talent on this team, it needs to be developed, and after 21/2years, nothing has developed except Golden's excuses

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/11/miami-hurricanes-release-new-depth-chart-for-duke-not-many-changes.html#storylink=cpy

This is one of the few posters pointing out the reality of the situation. Try as they might, the Alfred James Golden apologist, are attempting to do a few things. Some accuse those who point out the truth as non-fans. Which is untrue. Some state that the talent is not here. Another untruth, enough talent was previously here when the wins were being gained. The fault is with the defensive coordinator, or offensive coordinator. True, but the responsibility stops at the head coach previously, but not now.

The truth from my statements, and several others, were that this was a terrible hire from the start. My top pick then, who may not have come, Kevin Sumlin. He is possible the best coach out there, three years into his new program. Al Golden is not better than Randy Shannon. Who the majority agree was the worst coach every. Al Golden is truly that, without a doubt.

3 STACY COLEY 6-1, 180, Fr.
1 ARTIE BURNS 6-0, 190, Fr.
Just figure it is worth pointing out that they ARE just freshmen, and both of them were breaking off a long gain when they had a magic helmet hit in one case and a hidden arm while Burns thought he was in the clear in the other.

They will learn from this, which is all anyone can ask.

"a single, obsessed, name-changing fellow that wants to create the appearance of the fanbase wanting Golden out."

Only one poster complains about Golden Tongue. And he is not a cane fan, he is a troll. He is in my head, always attacking me, won't leave me alone. Everyone else loves Golden.

I get tired of defending myself on here sometimes. Always a gator, I mean canes fan. Someone please help, I don't know if I am the name changer or not. I get all messed up in my head sometimes. HEY, I know, I can be a def coach. I can sign on as Golden's boy. WOW, Ugo thanks for helping, I think it's time for my prozac
Posted by: Five Titles | November 12, 2013 at 01:13 PM

Just so that we are clear on this.
Your team is in the middle of a FOUR game losing streak.

Yet you continue your personal harassment of me, stealing IDs and changing IP addresses in the process.

People have asked you repeatedly to stop. Yet you continue. Then you get upset when I retaliate, by reminding folks of some of the comments you have made on here in the past.

I will ask again. Please stop stealing IDs. Please build up your blogs instead of tearing ours down.

You whine when I am not here. You then attack when I am here. You really need to get a better hobby.


Excellent use of 'heretofore'...good post too.

It is getting hard to stick up for Golden with this whole Dino situation.

"a single, obsessed, name-changing fellow that wants to create the appearance of the fanbase wanting Golden out."

Only one poster complains about Golden Tongue. And he is not a cane fan, he is a troll. He is in my head, always attacking me, won't leave me alone. Everyone else loves Golden.

Posted by: Five is a better man than you will EVER be, coward | November 12, 2013 at 01:32 PM

So you attack, proven, and then claim that I am imagining the attack? While spewing your usual profanities on here?

As for your latest lie, I have already SAID that there are Canes fans that are disappointed in Golden's results. So, no, not all the people posting negative about Golden are you. Reading compreension from the ID stealing fellow is not his strong suit though.

But, you are what you do, and again you need to get a better hobby.

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