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Miami Hurricanes in free fall: UM drops to No. 24 in AP & No. 23 among coaches after 42-24 loss to VT

You and U knew this was coming.

On the heels of their 42-24 loss to Virginia Tech last night, the Miami Hurricanes have gone from a season-high No. 7 going into the Florida State game to No. 14 going into the Virginia Tech game to No. 24 as of this morning's new AP ranking and No. 23 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

The Canes were ranked 11th in the BCS standings going into Virginia Tech. The new standings will be released tonight.

 It was nice while it lasted, but the Canes can't have performances like last night -- on national television no less -- and expect to keep the respect of voters and analysts and anyone who has seen them of late.

How much hope is there for the rest of the season? They travel to Durham, N.C. to face a Duke team (7-2, 3-2 ACC) that is winning and fighting in the Coastal Division, then return home to face lowly Virginia (the team that somehow manages to upset UM regularly), then go on the road for the regular-season finale at Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving.

Pitt beat Notre Dame last night.


The Canes will do all they can to keep this season from unraveling. But right about now, it doesn't look especially promising.


1.Florida State(9-0, 7-0)

2.Clemson(8-1, 6-1)

3.Syracuse(5-4, 3-2)

4.Boston College(5-4, 2-3)

5.Wake Forest(4-6, 2-5)

6.Maryland(5-4, 1-4)

7.NC State(3-6, 0-6)


1. Georgia Tech (6-3, 5-2)

2. Virginia Tech (7-3, 4-2)

3. Duke (7-2, 3-2)

4. Miami (7-2, 3-2)

5. North Carolina (4-5, 3-3)

6. Pittsburgh (5-4, 2-3)

7. Virginia (2-8, 0-6)





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Who cares what these people believe? The polls are for losers and the media. Al Golden has never beat a better team. That shows if you are a good coach. Consistently beating worst teams and defeating better teams, is what good coaches do.

That is a true statement. Canes are 7-2 but are 1-2 against teams with winning records. Outscored by 30 by teams with winning records. I hate to say it but no better than last year.

This is where most "realistic" fans thought we would be.. ranked 23rd or 24th or so.

The defense sucking again this year is not a surprise. Morris morphing into Jacory is surprising.

The current players are good, but, they are not good enough to roll their helmets out onto the field and expect to win. Until they realize that they have to bring their A game each and every time they will continue to have problems like these. It's not about the coaches getting them ready as even the best game plans go by the chalk board as long as the players something of more than what they are, good players, but, not great players. The last game is an example of what happens when they don't prepare themselves mentally. Unlike the FSU game where it was men against boys, this game was winable if the players had prepared themselves mentally. They can watch all the film they want and the coaches can have the perfect game plan, but, if the team does not have their respective heads screwed on right more games like this is waiting for them in the immediate future. Imagine how embarassing it will be when they lose to Duke, Duke of all teams that has to have 4 takeaways at the least to barely get by Va Tech. Duke, a team, that in all reality can't get out of it's own way. Me thinks that this team got too big for it's britches and when they got slapped down by men, their egos couldn't take it. Unless, they want more beatdowns like the last two weeks, and, infront of a national audience for all to see they have two choices, either lie down and continue to take the beatdowns or get their heads screwed on right and play some football. The canes have totally and completely embarrassed themselves the last couple of weeks. FSU was a true beatdown and in the Va Tech they simply laid down being out of position for much of the evening. I can not and will not believe that all this is because Randy Johnson is hurt and out for the rest of the season. If that be the case, then this team isn't a team at all. It seems that when a player goes down the team rallies around that player and picks their game up, no so, with this team, they would rather lay down and take a beating, not one beating, but, two beatings and to make sure that it really sinks in in front of two national prime time audiences. Their lucky their as high as 24th. I give them another week before they blow that up too.

Team is weak all the way around. Lot of work to do and i dont mean this year

If you think we will stay at 23 or 24 you are kidding yourself.

4th in the weakest division of one of the weakest leagues. This program has turned into a laughing stock. Won't be long before the recruits start to leave and the rankings take a major hit just like on the field. Its not the talent most of the players were offered by better schools. Its player development haven't had that since butch left

Who's ready to watch a shootout with Duke in six days?

I meant in football.

Reality Check Folks:

Coach D must go.
Coach Coley is a joke. Jed Fisch was brilliant.

Team continues to look unprepared.
Offensive scheme is predictable.
Defense is awful.
Morris should be benched for rest of season.

Place and add in the Miami Herald:

Head Coach in need of:
Brilliant Defensive Coordinator
Brilliant Offensive Coordinator

A UF coach's name and Kinetic Cane;


Great use of time and money Blake. Use those funds to hire a real coach who doesn't run the worst football field related strategy related to Penn State derived from a pedophile and his protector instead. So transparent after another undressing, on homecoming yet again, that it's not even funny in a sardonic manner today to Hurricane fans.

To the ppl who say we lack talent u do realize We were beat by a guy who was recruited to be a te. He never wanted to play qb but was asked to play due to vts lack of recruiting elite players Even with the ncaa vt has not ever out recruited us in the past TEM years. I just don't get this staff they have an uncanny a ability to deflect blame and minimize their weaknesses while trying to enhance their strengths that's why all u heard was how we lacked talent, were freelancing, just trust the process, u tough

If only this staff could gameplan against an opponent like that maybe they wouldn't always have to feed us the same bs

The turning point in the VT game was midway through the 1st quarter. Once again, I don't even know if it was a defensive breakdown or if we're not getting to the right spots fast enough or maybe the players stuck with the defensive play that was called.

Whateve, UM loaded the left side of the DL. Just like at FSU, the VT QB, who is a runner, read the heat coming and dumped it for a screen pass TD. The right side of the D was naked, in one on one coverage, a block here and there and VT scores, because there was no weak side help. Again, just like Freeman and FSU. Green and Perryman cannot be everywhere. A straight 4 man rush is the best way for this team to go, with Green OFF the DL.

Chick isn't getting to the QB like last year. He might be playing at least 10 pounds overweight. And just like last year, the VT QB seems to just know that he can run right straight up the middle at will.

Let's get Coley away from returning punts and kicks. Maybe UM has to recruit a guy that does just that. I saw some screens, some TE usage. But did Crawford play this game? For an all-around player, he could have been used better. We got to get the FB, TE and screens down a little better.

Conclusion: It bothers me that the DC blames lack of tackling and focus for everything. The UM defense lacks, schemes, disguises, packages, etc. This is an average or below average team that has superior players on it. Most of these players could frickin' start at FSU, Alabama or whereever.

Cane fans are angry and rightfully so. The anger mostly concerns how this year's defense, in its 9th game and playing with almost nobody injured, could look as bad as last year's defense in this game. They actually played much better against FSU. At least defenders in the secondary were in the same area code when passes were thrown. TennesseeCane has some valid points. This team may have thought they are better than they really are. If so, when will they learn. FSU has much more talent than UM but not V. Tech. This was a very embarrassing loss.

Zook, you're wrong, buddy. This is the exact same team as last year. Exact same team.

We were blinded by the early wins against a bad UF team and some really weak scheduling to start the year. We all knew the schedule was weak even before the season started. We wanted to believe that real progress had been made.

It really hasn't. Our strength and conditioning did get better. Some players developed a bit. We showed some grit in tough wins to mediocre oppenents, but the reality is: once we got our psyches rattled as a team, the coaching schemes have yielded to their true deficiencies...

This is the exact same team as last year. The process is the same - coaches' words - and that process is now yielding its fruits.

I don't care how you try to spin it, that game should not have gone the way it did last night. The numbers don't lie. Look at the defensive numbers since we got into playing teams that had half a team.
Granted, we showed up to play against UF, but it's now glaringly apparent that our defense looked good for the combination of being amped, prepared, and up against a historically bad, but healthy UF offense.

EVERY team since usf, has slowly, inexorably exposed our defensive scheme for what it is: Garbage.

DNO really, really needs to go. We are stuck with AG for the indefinite future - you are correct.

Coley as OC? fine, give him two more years, with a qb to develop who can use the middle - he gets that pass, but DNO? no good. bad.

Golden needs to make the right business decision.

I actively root for the next 4 teams to beat us and expose DNO, so AG has to make the right business decison.

Go Blue Devils, Cavs, Panthers, & whoever is going to whip us in the "cares-not-a-bowl"

No more Savannah States, the coaches have showed their true colors and those colors are not the green and orange.

New and final Heisman Watch:

1) Give it to the FSU QB right now.

2) Manziel or Mariota.

3) Bridewater will get invited to the ceremony. Clowney will be talked about. The Baylor QB will end the season as just that.

I almost forgot...

WTF was up with those uniforms. The canes should NEVER wear anything but orange and white units. GRAY uniforms, what the fvck were they thinking.

place your bets, gents...how many decommits by Jan 31st?

Come on Cool Cat, there's probably not one UM player on defense who could start on Alabama's defense, certainly no lineman. Maybe Perryman and maybe T. Howard. I know you're not happy, but let's keep it real.

Boys...don't "deserve victory". EARN IT!!!!!!!

I am not optimistic against Duke. The D gave up 546 yards to VT. Gave up 517 to FSU.

It's a mediocre and ho-hum coaching regime.

place your bets, gents...how many decommits by Jan 31st?

Posted by: beedharphong | November 10, 2013 at 01:14 PM

If they're smart none (I know, right?). But that would require an immediate termination of D'No and a "sexy" replacement. As of this moment we lost what little momentum we might have had with the end of the NCAA investigation.
That game last night was "UVA in the last night of the OB" bad! "Peachbowl vs LSU" bad! "Stomping the Louisville logo" game bad. I don't count the KSU or ND game last year because we were already damaged goods when we took those beatdowns.
D'No must go.

Really disappointed in the lack luster performance against VT; all I could say was WOW! How many times does a RB or TE has to run free on a crossing route before a D Coordinator corrects the problem? How many times does a QB run a necked bootleg and throw to an open FB out of backfield before a D Coordinator corrects the problem? How many times does a running QB runs the ball up the middle before a D Coordinator corrects the problem? How many times does #30 or #2 miss a tackle before the D Coordinator corrects the problem? How many...on and on and on. We need an upgrade at D Coordinator; this isn't going to get it. There is sufficient talent on this team to beat better than average or below average teams. Is Bud Foster for hire? Bring him on board; with the talent we have on this roster, I venture to say that there is no way any team would gain 500 offensive yards against this group. At this point in his coaching career at the "U", RS' records was what? Al Golden's record is what? During the games RS coached at home, how many fans showed up to the games? Last night, how many fans showed up and how many were left in the forth quarter? I guess it's time to fire up and start the crop duster; who will draw up the signs. How long will it take before the planes start to fly? Finally venture to say that once UVA fires Coach London; Al will be headed back to the Old Dominion.

Players who are constantly out of position on defense indicates a problem. If the coach is unable to get his players to follow their assignments, something has to change. As we know, you can't fire the players. You know what that leaves. Coach D may have to fall on his sword and make it easier for Golden. He can find a job elsewhere at least as a linebackers coach. Sometimes you have to take one for your friend.

Hate to say it but I told you so.
Big drop in the AP poll and when the BCS poll comes out you may not be ranked at all.
Agree with the posters who said the record reflects playing terrible teams. Even so you figure you had better talent than VaTech. So why did you look so lost and play so poorly?
All of a sudden Duke and Pitt loom as "tough" opponents.
So you have a better record than last year yet you still lose to every good team you play, good thing you only had one of those. And you still lose to teams you should beat.
Golden weakened the schedule to make himself look better. So far it aint working. Next year it wont work in a playoff system, you wont get there.
Like the Taiwanese say, it sUcks to be U.

Posted by: rboud | November 10, 2013 at 01:32 PM

Out of position? How about not even in the network camera's field of view. If you can't see the defender from the network camera angle when the play begins to develop then you can bet the WR/TE is going to pickup 15-20 yards on the play.
And it also didn't matter if UM was in their blitz or zone package because Beamer was able to sniff it out regardless.
Golden has to see that D'No is not the answer regardless of personnel. And enogh of the Golden "loyalty" angle. The AD has just as much to lose as Golden does if this situation remains the same.
D'No must go.

#23 or #24 is about right at this point.

Florida is probably #53 or #54, which is about right at this point.

Posted by: Tennesseecane | November 10, 2013 at 12:35 PM

It seems like you are THROWING the Hurricane player's UNDER the BUS. huh

But then again, that' s EXPECTED from a Golden nd' D'Onofrio APOLOGIST's!

By the way, your buddy Marky Mark has also REFLECTED BLAME on the D-player's. Go bloody figures'.

Ron English is available.

He uses naughty words though so if Frank Martin was removed from consideration for the same thing, that might make the AD's ears turn too blue to be able to swallow such a scary hire.

place your bets, gents...how many decommits by Jan 31st?

Posted by: beedharphong | November 10, 2013 at 01:14 PM


Our average recruiting ranking in the last 4 years, according to Rivals, is 20th.

If I'm a top recruit, and I see we have a potential top-5 class this year, I'm confident that myself and the rest of the group will put it on ourselves to make a difference for their home town team. I know the recruiting momentum will continue and more top prospects will come to Miami. With the huge talent coming, WE will make a difference.

So, if these commits are competitive SOB's like I am, i say they welcome the challenge and stay put.

blown out on national tv 2 weeks in a row??? I'll always pull for my canes but this is embarrassing. we have alot of talent on both sides but the schemes & the calls are just not utilizing that talent. I'm fine with coley getting another yr, ( at least he is a recruiter) but coach no D really needs to be run off. 500+ yrds & 42 points to vt who got 10 against duke? game 9 in yr 3? just no excuse for this being oUr defense. I love golden & think he can get Us back... but not with this d co.

Golden needs to make the right business decision.

I actively root for the next 4 teams to beat us and expose DNO, so AG has to make the right business decison.

Posted by: beedharphong | November 10, 2013 at 01:12 PM


Y'all CS/eoth, Miami-Herald Cane posters just DON'T freakin' UNDERSTAND!! Do U!!

Mark D'Onofrio isn't going anywhere, anytime soon... CAPICE, COMPRENDE, VERSTEHEN!!

Again, as I've WHINNED and BELLOWED ad naseum since November, 2012. Golden had the OPPORTUNE, MOMENT to CUT LOSE D'Onofrio after the conclusion of last season. But he STUBBORNLY chose not too.

And please stop with y'all's NONSENSE, that the defensive player's are not MOTIVATED and or these are under performing left over's from the previous Hurricane regime!!

Because it's NO LONGER... All about the U, but U wouldn't undertand.!!

It's now... It's all about the D'Onofrio schemes and ploys and game planning!! dUh

I wonder what the Golden and D'Onofrio loyalists and apologists are going to say, when that Duke roster which is FULL of TWO-STAR and or THREE-STAR baller's, goes TOE-to-TOE with MIGHTY Miami, Florida.

Golden weakened the schedule to make himself look better. So far it aint working. Next year it wont work in a playoff system, you wont get there.
Like the Taiwanese say, it sUcks to be U.

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 10, 2013 at 01:37 PM

Absoluely TRUE that both Golden and the current Hurricane A.D. " softened up " the non-conference schedule this season.

Oh, with the exception of that Go BIGot REDneck team, the Hurricanes play another LAME ARSE non-conference schedule next fall.

i cant believe coach golden turned temple around the way he did. he certainly has better talent here. i dont think the players are developed properly and the offense and defense schemes are horrible. we have had only one real coach in the last 25 years. and that was BUTCH DAVIS

"last night was like the UVA OB game all over"..best post yet and... speaks volumes to our Programs lack of progress in last 5 years. D'nof needs to be fired and now. Our D scheme is predictable and we are yet to make a halftime adjustment this year.

Our talent on both sides of the ball was superior last night yet we were out-schemed, out-hustled and out-coached. On offense, they stacked the line with 9 in the box on 1st and 2nd down and we ran the ball; on third down they rushed only 4 yet got pressure on SM despite our "superior" Oline. On D, we rushed 4 all game, rarely blitzed and never challanged VT in the trenches.

Would love to hear Coley's explanation for our "no huddle" but not "hurry up offense" complete with late personel substitutions and, a senior QB having to look over at the sidelines to be told what d he is facing BEFORE EVRY PLAY. If Coley does not trust SM to read the d and check out of a runnung play, (every 1 and 2nd down) when he is staring at 9 in the box then get Williams in the game.

Bottom line, changes needed in Coral gables and now...by the way we get FSU OC, how is that working out for them ?????

for a die-hard cane fan and season ticket holder since '86 i like the other 49,000 there last night am disgusted.

Canes have pissed me off for the last time. please sit morris. Fire dc.

Buddha bless those loyal Hurricane fan-dom whom stuck around SLS till the final seconds ticked away!!

FWIW... Vegas opening line between the Hurricanes vs. Duke is... - 3 points.

Miami, Florida is the road FAVORITE! Get outta' here, Outsider.

Next Saturday's road with the Blue Devils will be televised by ESPNU... that's ESPNU.

Golden's squad is UNDEFEATED when ESPNU televises the Cane games this season.

And that's a Green nd' Orange lucky charm. hUh Get outta' here with that CELTIC mumble, jumble!

Golden considers Frank Beamer — who has coached Tech since game stories were etched on stone tablets — to be a mentor. Recently, Beamer sent Golden a note lauding him and Miami for the way they handled that elongated, just concluded NCAA probe. The gesture moved Golden.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/10/3743591/greg-cote-worst-performance-of.html#storylink=cpy

Frank Beamer knows a good thing when he sees it. A guaranteed win, as long as Al Golden is the coach. Get rid of him, or remain a mediocre team.

Morris is hurt, and Williams is sitting or washing jocks. Time to make a QB move.

Prior to the seeason I said Miami, Florida would finish the regular season with a TEAM DEFENSE ranked in the No. 55- No. 64 range.

N.C.A.A. Team Defense

NO. 54 Miami, Florida

There's stil 3 games left and how many points did Duke score on this defense last season in Durham, Carolina.

Like CALVIN nd' JSY and like-minded serious, LOYAL Cane fan-dom mentioned. The WEAK non-conferene schedule CREATED the Grand Illusion.

Morris is hurt, and Williams is sitting or washing jocks. Time to make a QB move.

Posted by: Miami01 | November 10, 2013 at 02:45 PM

Ain't going to happen! Golden GAMBLED his season on one Stephen Morris!

Shocked we're still in the top 25. Who have we beaten? Florida which lost to Vandy?? This team has not improved since last year and has in fact regressed despite supposedly being a year older and stronger.

The D is still pitiful - Can't get off the field on 3rd down, can't put pressure on the QB with a 4 man rush, can't tackle, can't contain a running QB, can't cover a RB out of the backfield, can't blow up a screen, can't stop a simple crossing pattern, etc.

The O and Morris are worse - Can't convert 3rd downs, passing game is basically two great throws a game and not much else, can't sustain a long drive with the running game, poor play calling, lateral throws to the TE that go nowhere, etc.

Can't come up with even one of three fumbles. Ugh

The definition of insanity.

I can guarantee with absolute CERTAINTY, that Golden's team WILL NOT lose on Senior Day to a moribund Virginia squad!

However, both Duke and Pitt will be mighty, troublesome for the Hurricanes defense.

Best Case Scenario: 9-3

Worst Case Scenario: 8-4

What outcome do U figure will occur.

D, my point about decommits - if I were a recruit and I saw what is going on with the coaching staff here vs. say, what FSU has done this year with a new D Coordinator and a still young team...if I saw that the coaching schemes are getting the same game type results at year three, even with some good player development actually evident...I would seriously reconsider my options to play at a school where my team might actually be elite this decade.

That the U had been a NFL factory is on the wane with the new generation...Coaching matters, and recruits know it. CFB has indeed changed since our glory days, and recruits know it.

Go Blue Devils!

Can we get Clive the ball in motion, i mean going forward, not laterally, please? Put the TE in a position to succeed. If not Clive, then Assante or Beau.

Go Blue Devils!

Posted by: beedharphong | November 10, 2013 at 03:01 PM

Seriously LOL, beedharphong.

And yes, their MAY BE a couple of current recruits whom decommit in this upcoming class. Especially the defensive recruits.

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