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Miami Hurricanes in free fall: UM drops to No. 24 in AP & No. 23 among coaches after 42-24 loss to VT

You and U knew this was coming.

On the heels of their 42-24 loss to Virginia Tech last night, the Miami Hurricanes have gone from a season-high No. 7 going into the Florida State game to No. 14 going into the Virginia Tech game to No. 24 as of this morning's new AP ranking and No. 23 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

The Canes were ranked 11th in the BCS standings going into Virginia Tech. The new standings will be released tonight.

 It was nice while it lasted, but the Canes can't have performances like last night -- on national television no less -- and expect to keep the respect of voters and analysts and anyone who has seen them of late.

How much hope is there for the rest of the season? They travel to Durham, N.C. to face a Duke team (7-2, 3-2 ACC) that is winning and fighting in the Coastal Division, then return home to face lowly Virginia (the team that somehow manages to upset UM regularly), then go on the road for the regular-season finale at Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving.

Pitt beat Notre Dame last night.


The Canes will do all they can to keep this season from unraveling. But right about now, it doesn't look especially promising.


1.Florida State(9-0, 7-0)

2.Clemson(8-1, 6-1)

3.Syracuse(5-4, 3-2)

4.Boston College(5-4, 2-3)

5.Wake Forest(4-6, 2-5)

6.Maryland(5-4, 1-4)

7.NC State(3-6, 0-6)


1. Georgia Tech (6-3, 5-2)

2. Virginia Tech (7-3, 4-2)

3. Duke (7-2, 3-2)

4. Miami (7-2, 3-2)

5. North Carolina (4-5, 3-3)

6. Pittsburgh (5-4, 2-3)

7. Virginia (2-8, 0-6)





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Finally, those dudes at the Canespace are such bloody TURNCOATS and what not.

Chit, that SOUP'e/86cane and their MINIONS been UNADULTERATED, loyal D'Onofrio patrons.

Yet, now the majority are FINALLY beginning to doubt the Hurricanes current D-coordiantor. dUh Go bloody figure!!

I think recruits want playing time and other studs coming in with them. Miami has both, so I think the recruiting class will be very good.

These are HS studs, doubt they care about schemes.

I hear you guys about being able to sell what's currently being done. I just don't think it resonates with recruits. Current players might hate it though.

Obviously the defensive commits, but even the offensive commits might want to rethink things; as it sucks losing when you've done your part and your defensive teammates have no real control over the schemes... see Texas A&M as an example. they won't ever play for NC's with they type of defense they have, despite Johnny doing more than enough to position them to win games.


I haven't seen UVA play this year, but they put up a ton of points last year and our offense has lost its mojo.

Prior to the seeason I said Miami, Florida would finish the regular season with a TEAM DEFENSE ranked in the No. 55- No. 64 range.

N.C.A.A. Team Defense

NO. 54 Miami, Florida

FWIW... canespace dude was TOUTING Miami, Florida would have a solid, TOP 35/TOP40 defensive unit this season. So much for their collective FOOLISH forcasts and what not.

SOUP'er/86cane says... Canes 37, Va. Tech!

Didn't they get the message yesterday. Or is that today. Mark D'Onofrio is still hanging around Coral Gables.

7-5. End the season demoralized! Truth be told... This DC does not coach to the talent he has and Duke will make this season even more painful to the point where the kids will lose motivation. What a shame...

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 10, 2013 at 03:22 PM

Believe it or not Canesjunkie. The Canes will defeat Virginia on Senior Day.

The Cav's are 0-6 in conference play.

Golden has a B.A. in Psychology. Well, this week will determine how much of a sports psychologists he be. hUh

Oh, Hurricanes are a - 3 point road chalk. Seriously y'all Miami, Florida partisans.

SOUP'er/86cane says... Canes 37, Va. Tech 20!

What a couple of Bozo's.

Yeah, yeah that soup'ER has an undergraduate degree from the University of Miami, Florida, but he's still a THIN-SKINNED, loyal Cane dude.

Golden I am not buying your used car sales man on your D coach anymore, the scheme U are running go ahead and put them in skirts....


There's a difference between blind loyalty and waiting to see what happens. I waited to see what happened, it looked good at the start and then less so every week.

We were undefeated, so really didn't have evidence of an issue until USF. Everything else was subjective until USF. USF forward we were a little bit less impressive every week. Yesterday, worst so far (yes, could get worse).

We're in danger of missing out on the ACC Champ game. So now I take that info and say..change need to be made.

You don't fire a DC of an undefeated team...imo.

Golden considers Frank Beamer — who has coached Tech since game stories were etched on stone tablets — to be a mentor. Recently, Beamer sent Golden a note lauding him and Miami for the way they handled that elongated, just concluded NCAA probe. The gesture moved Golden.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/10/3743591/greg-cote-worst-performance-of.html#storylink=cpy

Frank Beamer knows a good thing when he sees it. A guaranteed win, as long as Al Golden is the coach. Get rid of him, or remain a mediocre team.

Posted by: ChampCane | November 10, 2013 at 02:44 PM


Now the clueless haters are belittling Frank Beamer...and the cluelessness only expands with each and every hater post!!

You people don't know what you don't know.

What is certain is the hater screen names will soon be changing as Al is going too bring championships to Miami no matter how whinny you girls get.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 10, 2013 at 03:38 PM

Al will never hoist a crystal football with Mark D'No as his DC. I'll go one further and say that Al is in danger of hoisting a paycheck in 1-2 years if he doesn't get rid of D'No after the final game at Pitt. Blake is on the clock as well. That's not hating, that's reality.

You are a mindless drone. At the Al Golden altar. Do not, I repeat, do not come on these sites when Al Golden proves to be the failure I have said he is.

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

What do you see that us "haters" don't. Unless you are truly delusional how can u rationally provide evidence that supports the things u say?

This team doesn't need defections from the recruiting, they need the help, expecially the home grown kind, where grandma gets on the kids who aren't performing. be realistic, there needs to be a sense of urgency instilled and that can only come from grandma. Tne locals need to stay home and man up and not run from some outland territory to never be heard from again. Most of the talent in the NFC that was from homegrown is from from the U, so, the premise is if you want to be in the NFL you come to miami and take the tongue lashing from grandma and make money. Dudes, you being stupid going anywhere else expecting to be noticed. Any where else your one in a million,but, at the U your one onf a kind.

You don't fire a DC of an undefeated team...imo.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 10, 2013 at 03:34 PM

That sums up the feelings of most folks in Caneland. Hell he didn't have to win the FSU game but he definitely couldn't lose the VT game in the same manner. UVA is the only gimme game left on the schedule.
D'No must go.

Recruits do not see things the way irate fans do after a numbing loss. UF just got a commit from a highly rated tight end. UF is awful offensively and has thrown almost zero passes to its tight ends all year. Recruits are motivated by different things and feelings. Sure UM could lose a recruit or two, but there will be no parade of lost commitments. UM had maybe its most humiliating loss ever in the last OB game against Virginia. They finished 5-7. They followed that with the No. 1 class in the country. It's not as dark as it looks today.

If u wicki dno it says he was fired after the vt game. Who would be so cruel to pull a prank on us like that

Wiki says D'NO is fired,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_D'Onofrio,

Also get rid of those STUPID grey jerseys. EVERYTIME we wear combat uni's we lose, and that was ALSO against VT, when we had the one sleeve longer than the other uni's. Very stupid

Oh wait a minute Mr. D. You predicted these canes to finish ranked in the top 10.
I admit I thought we were, WERE 2 years away from competing. This game proved, PROVED golden IS NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP COACH. Three very bad coaching hirings have doomed this program to having no hope with Golden signed til '18. If Golden can't make changes, both cood's and Morris, (not that it's all on Morris), then he accepts losing and that means anytime. Miami football is done for 4-5 more years, recruits will be harder now than with the ncaa around. Changes are needed, this team stinks.

My take is there are a lot of problems, but we are heading in the right direction and the biggest factor holding us back is LACK OF TALENT, there are more 3 star players than 4's and certainly very few 5's. I am hopeful that the 4 and 5 star players will start to come back to us, now that the sanctions are known, and the negative recruiting will diminish a great deal, since the case is resolved, and the recruits can see what is ahead.
I believe this because talent is probably the larger component of the equation, along with coaching, they both go together. I looked at the talent report before the FSU game, and it was clear they had the advantage. The player that is considered our best is Duke Johnson, a 5 star recruit. I will say this, even larry coker won a championship, and played for another, why? Superior talent, because we now know he was not a great or even good coach. I like Randy shannon, but he was over his head, not organized and let a lot of internal things transpire.
That said, I do like coach Golden, I think he is the best choice right now, but, his friend DoNo seems to be a second rate defensive coach, and he never takes any responsibility for the errors, that bothers me. I only hope we get better talent and improve the coaching defensively or move on from him.


Posted by: Ron Zook | November 10, 2013 at 03:38 PM

Al will never hoist a crystal football with Mark D'No as his DC.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | November 10, 2013 at 03:48 PM


You may be right about that, but if Al chooses to stay with the Canes he will, without question, lift the Crystal Trophy celebrating Miami's 6th National Championship.

I promise you this--if Al does take a job with another major program, which he may because of the thankless Miami fans, the Canes will be in the cellar for at least the next decade, if not longer.

One thing I don't really get, is everyone is all over the def coach. But this offense has not produced against any good defenses. Last year or this year. We have struggled against some very weak defenses. This goes beyond the cood's. It goes into the head coaches office, if Golden isn't man enough to make changes, he will never be man enough to build this team. This is not TEMPLE. It's time to start the website. FIRE GOLDEN

If the Miami haters had their way they would have fired Jimbo Fisher.

After all, he lost to Wake, NC State was waxed by the Gators at home and never seemed to win impressively during his first number of years after taking over for Bowden despite not being embroiled in a Brutal NCAA investigation and having a cupboard filled with 4 and 5 star players.

Folks, the haters have no idea what they are watching with the Canes and are clueless as to how blessed the program is to have Al Golden as the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

I know this much, the FSU whiners and complainers are now lecturing everyone as to what a great coach Jimbo Fisher is...of course they all have new blog screen names...lol!!

Blake taking the initiative is the ONLY way UM's DC is set free, terminado.
Next year's path should be a power football team, run 60%, with the occasional deep ball to Coley and whomever. TE was supposed to be a Canes strong point, but in big games has not panned out. Walford has dropped 5 passes in the last 2 games, and juggled 2 others. Sandland was supposed to be a stud. A pro offense without the guy that can get you 6-10 yards on 3rd down is NOT a pro offense.

This year, it looks like 8-4 to me, unless our DS turns it around in a hurry against Duke. Their HC, David Cutcliff is an excellent and inventive offensive mind, a major force with Peyton Manning.

Realistically, VT has it easier schedule wise the rest of the way. The Coastal is THEIRS to lose.

Sorry, Meant defense turns it around quickly.
We're all hurting here pretty badly. A nice win at Duke will help some, but not if we give up 400+ yards.

Mike Elko, thank me later;


As for the gator coach, he's as usual an idiot with nothing to back up his idiotic proclamations. Just like his namesake!

2011 FSU...lost to Wake Forest and Virginia (along with Clemson and Oklahoma)!

Pre-season ranking 6th...end of season 25th.

Jimbo did not inherit a program that was in a death spiral and then was shortly thereafter saddled with a 3 year NCAA investigation.


You haters are clueless!!

Zook....keep up the good fight....Golden is the answer but he needs to let D'o go!

I promise you this--if Al does take a job with another major program, which he may because of the thankless Miami fans, the Canes will be in the cellar for at least the next decade, if not longer.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 10, 2013 at 04:35 PM

First off he's not going anywhere. Second, who would hire him right now? FAU?
Al has to fire D'No. We waited, we watched, we (most fans and media) determined that this game was the litmus test for Golden and D'No. D'No did not pass the test. Golden can still buy some time if he or Blake pulls the trigger on D'No. It's not hating, it's reality.
I can't remember watching a game where the defender was not visible in the camera's line of sight until they had secured the ball and were heading downhill with a full head of steam over and over again. It probably happened 4 times last night using the same play. No adjustment whatsoever. I haven't watched a team beat us with the same play like that over and over since the UVA final Orange Bowl game.
Plus two TD's on third and long with 6+ missed tackles? It's practically the same defense as last season, it just took longer to reveal itself because of the schedule. The players are a little older and a little stronger but the schemes are the same and they don't work. VT knew whether UM was lined up for blitz or zone every time they came to the line.

right on Sidcane... keep golden but fire coach no d

Zook, Jimbo's teams may have lost games they shouldn't, but that team also showed progress, even if only at times. The defense rarely got scorched by a QB that the home crowd wants out. Logan looked like a 1st rd draft pick against us. 3 years later, ZERO progress for this program so far. ZERO. The ncaa is one excuse, but Golden still has not come close to beating anyone. The only, ONLY positive in 3 years is beating the turds. Which is awesome. Golden says the same things every time we get out butts kicked, and it's getting old. I like the optimism, but nothing I saw last night makes me optimistic, about this program or it's coaches

If Fisher had lost three games in a row to Golden, each time getting a larger and larger final score spread year to year, he'd be gone, all else remaining the same.

Again, wild proclamations, no facts or observations grounded in reality to back them up. Just like the idiot namesake.

i am a homer for sure and look for the positives, but the facts are we were exposed again, we cannot get to the qb against big time competetion , the 20 sacks we have were tallied against you know who , we cannot stop anyone on third down , offensive coordinators must lick their chops when they watch us on tape, we have not defended the middle in two years,we blitz once maybe twice a agame, on offense we have not run a draw or screen in two years or a reverse or half back pas in two years, our 2nddown play calling was atrocious, the thing that hurts most cane fans is we are better than this , otherwise we would just say it is what it is, 5 times we had va tech where we wanted third and long and three times the receiver was open by twenty yards one over the middle by 10 and four misssed tackles on thomas on one play, it is so embarrasing please al stop saying in the post games you are getting it fixed, our play calling is beyond pathetic, bet everyone would love to have jedd back

If Fisher had lost three games in a row to Golden, each time getting a larger and larger final score spread year to year, he'd be gone, all else remaining the same.

Again, wild proclamations, no facts or observations grounded in reality to back them up. Just like the idiot namesake.

Posted by: Who could possibly do better than a .500 coach? | November 10, 2013 at 05:12 PM


You are a moron and fool...and those are your best qualities!!


How about this quote, "just a case of the chickens coming home to roost"

Can we apply that one? Absolutely!!!

Here's Al Golden prior to the season as part of ESPN's "Car Wash'' today, and I was impressed by his answer to Samantha (Steele) Ponder, when she asked him...

"Defensively I know you wanted to make some changes this last year. What are the things you think need to change in order to get the defense where it needs to be?"

Golden tongue's response:

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit. I felt different about the defense in the spring – there was a calmness, they were communicating more. And then of course getting [defensive tackle] Curtis Porter back and then giving everybody another year in the weight room.

"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense."

Poor lame brain still making excuses.
Virginia Tech front seven 2 deep per Rivals

James Gayle 3*
his backup
Tyrel Wilson3*

JR Collins no *
back up
Dadi Nicolas no*

Luther Maddy 2*
Nigel Williams 3*

Derrick Hopkins 3*
Woody Baron 3*

Jack Tyler no*
Chase Williams3*

Josh Tremble no*
Kendall Fuller 5* db is listed


What's the difference with the front sevens on the field? I can care less about the player rankings but I'm going to provide these blind folks this list per Rivals to defeat that dumb arse excuse they keep giving Golden tongue and his boy. You know they say we don't have the players. If Logan Thomas played us 5 times he'd win the Heisman.

Zook, Jimbo's teams may have lost games they shouldn't, but that team also showed progress, even if only at times. The defense rarely got scorched by a QB that the home crowd wants out. Logan looked like a 1st rd draft pick against us. 3 years later, ZERO progress for this program so far. ZERO. The ncaa is one excuse, but Golden still has not come close to beating anyone. The only, ONLY positive in 3 years is beating the turds. Which is awesome. Golden says the same things every time we get out butts kicked, and it's getting old. I like the optimism, but nothing I saw last night makes me optimistic, about this program or it's coaches

Posted by: delandcane | November 10, 2013 at 05:08 PM



You are not factoring in the hand that Al Golden was dealt and the way he has deftly played that hand:

~College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit said on Tuesday (October 29th, 2013) that he believes that the job that Al Golden has done at UM is nothing short of remarkable. He said that for someone to come into Coral Gables, staring at the mind numbing problems that Golden had and to have the team playing at a high level, while securing some of the finest recruits in the country for his 2014 class is just mind boggling.

"I do not think that enough has been said about the job that Al Golden has done in Miami under the circumstances," Herbstreit said. "He was from outside the circle and for him to be embraced the way he has, is really special."

Herbstreit said that one of Golden's best moves came from his opening press conference wherein he invited all former players to come back into the fold and to be part of the program once again. Bringing back coaches like Art Kehoe, who won a national title as a graduate assistant in 1983, was a move that Herbstreit liked from the get go.

"He respected what was already created at the University of Miami and embraced its past," Herbstreit said. "He has been able to do and say the right things publicly and he is a better coach for it. When this whirlwind encircled his program, he blocked out a lot of things and got kids to buy into his program. Not many, if any, people could do that. He has this program headed in the right direction and is building solid foundation to work with.

"The future is very bright with Al Golden."

It is tough to see the players have to struggle with bad play calls and schemes by overmatched OC and DC.
You can see the pain in their faces........let's make them proud to be Canes again...........let's go get BUTCH DAVIS......Butch could make this same team be legit top 5.....once he gets a QB......Nat Champs

I'm surprised by nothing that has happened this year. Not the victory over UF, not the losses to FSU or VT. The people that comment here, or most of them, have lost their damn minds. This team was never that good and every Miami fan knew that going into the season (or should have known it). You don't go from last in the country in defense to a top 5 team in a single year. The team is better than last year but nowhere near elite. All this talk about Golden and the defense coordinator and the secondary coach is just a bunch of crap. Who do we have up front on defense? Perryman? Chickillo? Who else? You can't play effective defense with two guys up front. We don't have the talent and or depth on defense that we need to be very good to great. Stop complaining and just accept it. Does it suck? Yes. Is it time to clean house? No, not even close. For those of you waiting for a revival of the 80s and 90s, forget it. Those days are over.

Even after what u just posted true cane why ppl say its lack of talent is beyond me. We clearly get talent and good raw material. This staff doesn't mold that raw material correctly or design a plan around that talent. So lets please for once stop this lack of talent talk.

Todd L,

Can you explain why VT plays that type of D with the talent they have?


They can make all the excuses they want but they can't make up their own facts.

Below are remarks that many nationally syndicated talking heads have bellowed over the past 3 years that recruits, their parents, advisers, friends, high school coaches and recruiters from Florida and many other schools drilled into their heads. Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football:


Shortly after allegations surfaced of widespread NCAA violations at UM, ESPN analyst Mark May said that, “If there ever was a case [for the death penalty], this is the case.”

May was on an ESPN conference call with college football writers on Thursday and I asked him if he still felt that way.

Mark May “Absolutely,” May said. “You look at this situation and you look at what the NCAA did in the past, particularly with USC where it only involved two players, you’re talking about over 70 players [at UM alleged to have accepted extra benefits.]

“If there was ever a situation that [merited the death penalty/ this would be it. That’s my opinion and I stick to it.

What does it take to get the death penalty now? 100 players? 125? It’s a culture of corruption. This university, in my opinion, was not run in the correct way. We all know that.

When you have a situation that didn’t happen in one year or two years or three years, it happened over the course of time, then something is definitely wrong…If it’s not going to happen with this program, then what would it take?

“If I’m Al Golden, I feel sick,” said May, who will join Lou Holtz and host Rece Davis on the set of ESPN’s College GameDay at Byrd Stadium for Monday’s Maryland-Miami game. “This is a coach that was definitely on the upswing, on the fast track to better things and he really got blindsided by this entire situation…”



Well it's took me about 24 hours to cool down from that mess last night and look at things realistically. First uniforms were sweet. Second Morris needs to sit until he is healed and ready to go. Coley is going to be a special player. The O-line is completely overrated or it doesn't work with Coley's scheme. Now to talk about defense, we have got to get pressure with our front 4 because that is killing us as well as stop those shallow crossing routes with slot receivers. Our tackling last night was absolutely atrocious as well as those three plays on special teams just killed us. The young potential is there with Burns and Coley on special teams, but it seems those three bad plays on special teams just put us behind the eight ball and then couple that with Morris and his poor mechanics throwing the ball, the drops by Waters, and clumsiness of Walford at the TE position, along with Duke being out is too much for any team to overcome. I would like to see Clements get the ball more and add in Edwards as the backup. Crawford is a nice little back and trys hard but let's face it he is no Duke by any means. Now everybody wants to jump on D'nofrio's case about the defense, however I well remember Shannon getting torched by Louisville, Houston, and Florida on the same crossing routes. The point is the players have to make the plays. One thing I do know is if you blitz you have to have somebody ready to cover the hot route underneath. I saw this same type of game play out when Butch was the coach so rather than let my emotions speak, I am going to step back and look at things from a logical standpoint and see this play out the rest of the year and next year.

True Cane:

What type of d? They stink too. It's not like they stopped the Hurricanes. Sure, Miami didn't run well but Morris threw for 324 yards. I don't call that good defense. Do you?

Zook, Herbstreit is usually kind to Miami, but remember those comments came before this game. I would bet he would think differently now. This was not a loss to a respectable VT team, this VT team has struggled ALL season to score, or even stay on the field offensively. This was a total beatdown by a mediocre team. I give Golden a lot of credit for sticking around the way he was hired, but he has YET to show development in HIS players. I'm not talking about the players he was handed, but even HIS recruits don't seem to matter. All the strong and healthy stuff, and we still get pushed around on BOTH sides of scrimmage. At some point, we should see signs of life. But last night, showed we are where we started. NOT ONE BIT CLOSER to being relevant.
My question is, are these recruits really good? Or overrated. Just because the class is ranked, GA,N.Dame, and others get top classes, but get no-where. It takes a special coach, and after last night, I don't believe Golden is a special coach.

The only morons and fools left on here can't do math and keep making excuses that hold no water for why a shitty coach is doing a shitty job. Keep taking that golden shower though, he's laughing at your naivete all the way to the bank.

Blake, time to flex the AD muscles after you weakly offered that extension for a .500 season to a, at that time, below, .500 coach. Tell him his buddy goes or he goes with him. He'll fold, he has no choice because he has no capital to draw on anymore three years in and no improvement at all to show except sneaking by the weakest teams some programs have fielded in over 30 years.

If Alverage loses to Duke, well, let's stop right there and I'll just say it's in play, which even after the FIU brawl with Kyle at QB taking Shapiro handouts and hand-jobs, it still wasn't heading into that weekend. Cutcliffe is licking his chops at the secondary play for the last month shown by UM and this is the best Duke team since the end of World War II.

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