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Miami Hurricanes in free fall: UM drops to No. 24 in AP & No. 23 among coaches after 42-24 loss to VT

You and U knew this was coming.

On the heels of their 42-24 loss to Virginia Tech last night, the Miami Hurricanes have gone from a season-high No. 7 going into the Florida State game to No. 14 going into the Virginia Tech game to No. 24 as of this morning's new AP ranking and No. 23 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

The Canes were ranked 11th in the BCS standings going into Virginia Tech. The new standings will be released tonight.

 It was nice while it lasted, but the Canes can't have performances like last night -- on national television no less -- and expect to keep the respect of voters and analysts and anyone who has seen them of late.

How much hope is there for the rest of the season? They travel to Durham, N.C. to face a Duke team (7-2, 3-2 ACC) that is winning and fighting in the Coastal Division, then return home to face lowly Virginia (the team that somehow manages to upset UM regularly), then go on the road for the regular-season finale at Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving.

Pitt beat Notre Dame last night.


The Canes will do all they can to keep this season from unraveling. But right about now, it doesn't look especially promising.


1.Florida State(9-0, 7-0)

2.Clemson(8-1, 6-1)

3.Syracuse(5-4, 3-2)

4.Boston College(5-4, 2-3)

5.Wake Forest(4-6, 2-5)

6.Maryland(5-4, 1-4)

7.NC State(3-6, 0-6)


1. Georgia Tech (6-3, 5-2)

2. Virginia Tech (7-3, 4-2)

3. Duke (7-2, 3-2)

4. Miami (7-2, 3-2)

5. North Carolina (4-5, 3-3)

6. Pittsburgh (5-4, 2-3)

7. Virginia (2-8, 0-6)





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Todd L,

I know you are smarter than that.

549 yards to 324
26 first downs to 12
8-14 3rd down conversion to 3-12

Are you implying you saw two similar defenses on the field last night?

The dc must go! With that being said miami is in the perfect postion for its fate. You lose to duke wich is a very realistic posibility will put an exclamation point on the fact that coaching in all three phases need to be corrected. How can we be the hurricanes and the last two times we have played tech in the rain we have been ripped. Shannon lost to tech in the rain when graham, benjamin and others had the butter fingers. The better disciplined teams win in the elements. The players made plays but gave the ball away putting the famous prevent defense in very bad situations. We dont desrce to be in the acc championship game an that probably the best thing. State probably would bust the clock again and thats never good. We beat duke and not go to the acc championship game is about where we are as a team. The remaining games will be the perfect platform for this team to prove who they are.

I'm surprised by nothing that has happened this year. Not the victory over UF, not the losses to FSU or VT. The people that comment here, or most of them, have lost their damn minds. This team was never that good and every Miami fan knew that going into the season (or should have known it). You don't go from last in the country in defense to a top 5 team in a single year. The team is better than last year but nowhere near elite. All this talk about Golden and the defense coordinator and the secondary coach is just a bunch of crap. Who do we have up front on defense? Perryman? Chickillo? Who else? You can't play effective defense with two guys up front. We don't have the talent and or depth on defense that we need to be very good to great. Stop complaining and just accept it. Does it suck? Yes. Is it time to clean house? No, not even close. For those of you waiting for a revival of the 80s and 90s, forget it. Those days are over.

Posted by: Todd L | November 10, 2013 at 05:58 PM


Excellent post Todd, although I believe Al will put together a program that rivals the 80's and 90's.

Go Canes!!

State may have lost those games to those teams but the main reason they are a better team this year is because they got an upgrade in Pruitt as their dc and gave us coley as their inexperienced oc. Winston is also a big reason as well.The d was exposed as usual but those fumbles and not jumping on that ball with Knowles took life out of our already listless team.

per rivals
DE gayle 3star
DT hopkins 3star
DT maddy 2star
DE collins 0star
LB tyler 0star
LB edwards 3star
LB trimble 0star
DB taylor 4star
DB exum 3star
DB bonner 3star
DB fuller 5star

DE chickillo 4star
DE green 3star
DT porter 3star
DT robinson 4star
LB dzp 3star
LB gaines 2star
LB cornelius 3star
DB gunter 3star
DB howard 5star
DB bush 4star
DB jenkins 3star

are you saying that beamer is the greatest recruiter in the world and all his 2 and 0 stars are diamond in the roughs and every single one of our highly nationally recruited guys busts. come one ppl stop with the talent argument

We will never win a championship with de's in the flats or getting choked out and only one of our db's is the only one out there having a problem with that. We have a coach that is also continuing to play a qb with a busted wheel and not make a change. A coach that also will not check a dc for having a defense with the same characteristics as a seven eleven convenience store. The coaches have not adapted well since their first game at Maryland.

Lol at folks blaming the talent for last nights loss after hollering for months this is the most talented team in years!

Saying the dco ain't got nothing to work with is even funnier! The scheme give up the same routes as it did Maryland 2011! The same plays still work against us. The same green grass is still open!! Howard, Gunter, Crawford bail on the snap of the ball like they are running a relay race with the opposing wr. Same as with wake transfer, Jo Jo, and Chambers! Go watch some of their old d clips from temple and you'll see penn st 1970- 2012!!

My potna Calvin, Gallo, True Cane, Talleycane said the d numbers were inflated based on the competition. But I gave the Mac staff the benefit of doubt because even bad O's made them look bad in the past. But the worst O in the acc hardly punted last night and converted 3rd and long after 3rd and long!!

Sooner or later Goldie gonna have to bring in a guy and let him do his own thing on d and Al just oversee from there.

Anything less than 10-2 in year 3 is Randy Shannon like IMO

Todd and Zook, I agree wholeheartedly with Todds post about the defense. But expecting improvement should not be a crime. Last night showed we really are the same defense. So where is the "coaching up" we should see. I know I am being maybe TOO negative, but I am still really ticked at that game. If we lost a close one and showed some fight, it would be easier to take, but to be DESTROYED by a struggling offense like that, is really sad. Always GO CANES

VT has THREE!!!!! 0star recruits 1 4star and 1 5star to get these guys to play the way the do is coaching imagine what DNO would do with vt recruits...

Some of the posters are right on, VT CONSISTENLY has low ranked recruiting classes, and CONSISTENLY turns out top 10 D's, STARS mean NOTHING, it's their teacher. They are clay and you mold them, or in our case they're turned into MOLD, lol. We can still have a great season, finish 10-2 and possibly 11-2 with a bowl victory. Can the team put this behind them, and look at it the way we do, or will they fall apart internally? I'm PRAYING they finish strong.

December 13, 2010 at 11:20 AM
Interesting point by a Temple Student but Miami fan…

Dose of Reality

I’m here to bring a dose of reality. In no way, shape, or form am I bashing the guy I’m merely showing you a bit of the truth behind Al Golden. While I fully support the hire and the guy (I’m a Temple student and loved how he has turned the program around) there are some things you guys should know.

I am copying this from owlscoop.com message boards. That is the best board for any Temple info, basketball and football. These are not my words.

Cap is spot on with his assessment.

I thank Al Golden for resurrecting the Temple Owl football program from near extinction, which was a mighty feat in itself. He will always have my deepest appreciation for all that he has done for the Cherry & White. The program is now once again relevant, and poised for even greater success.

However here is what I have personally discerned from closely watching his 5 years as Head Coach.

1. He is a good recruiter, but a mediocre game day coach.

2. His clock management skills are poor, as is his ability to make adjustments at half time. He has been repeatedly out coached in the second half of numerous games by coaches who have lesser talent, but more savvy. Frank Solich, Ohio U’s HC, really has his number.

3. His offense is often one dimensional, and he seems to stick with a game plan well after it has proven not to be working. He has a plan A, but not plan B if plan A gets shattered due to injuries, weather, bad calls, etc.

4. He holds his players to very high educational, ethical, and moral standards; sometimes not to the betterment of the team. Various quality players have been suspended, benched, stuck in the dog house, etc for minor infractions which have definitely cost us wins.

5. He is secretive regarding players, schemes, offensive and defensive philosophy, and other aspects of the program.

6. He has not been able to develop a Quarterback, or even establish a cohesive offensive scheme.

7. He functioned as the Special Teams coach with very poor results.

8. His teams have only beaten 3 D-1 teams with winning records in the past 5 years. He has not won the MAC East Crown, let alone the MAC conference title.

9. He is an opportunist. He was at Temple not even a year when he was out interviewing for the UCLA job; then he was calling on Notre Dame, Tennessee, and countless other schools looking to move on. Do not be fooled, once he is at UM he will touting himself to SEC schools, and even the NFL!

Again, I thank Al Golden for all of his hard work at Temple and wish him the best at the University of Miami. However, he is not the Wunderking Coach he is touting himself to be.

With that being said I still think he ends up being a great coach. Some of those points are merely opinion and I don’t necessarily agree with. However, a lot of those things are true. His main knock with Temple fans is that he hasn’t beaten a above .500 MAC team. I question his ability to make adjustments after halftime. Offense is very one-dimensional.

Don’t bash me. Just stating some truths. Some of those again are opinion and should not be taken as facts.

Thanks guys!


Starting to look spot on to me!!

I want us to finish strong as well but its a catch 22 if we finish strong will golden address the d or will he decide that its ok and look forward to next year. On one hand we need to finish strong to keep recruits. On the other hand if we lose to duke and and lose one more game he will almost have to make some change.

Posted by: delandcane | November 10, 2013 at 06:46 PM

You're not being too negative because a lot of us waited to see what we could do post VT game. We crapped the bed two weeks in a row. The statistical gains on defense that we thought were the result of improvement now appear to be nothing more than bi-products of an easy schedule and slightly better off-season conditioning. The schemes are the same and the tackling is the same and the result against better teams is the same.
3 or 4 times last night I was watching the VT wr/te move the ball with no UM player in sight. When they did get to the receiver UM couldn't wrap up giving up TD's on TWO 3rd and long plays.
Bottom line is D'No must go, sooner would be better than later.

UM's record the last three years after a second loss on the season:

'12; 3-3
'11; 5-4
'10; 4-4

That's a half game over .500 for the portion of the roster that's neither a true freshman or fifth year senior on the team.

If that holds up, you're looking at a 2-1 finish and a 9-3 regular season with a losing record in the month of November. Golden is now 8-3 at UM off a straight up loss.

9-3 regular season would mean this year was a failure seeing as how they were picked to win the division by the media and without winning out, won't even have a winning November to go with their tie-broken second place finish in the Coastal.

Nash's re-post from Temple student looks pretty accurate in hindsight, particularly No. 4 and No. 8. But Golden will not "ending up being a great coach" for a variety of reasons alread stated. Mario Cristobal - one coach who wisely left Golden's staff for Alabama - has done a superb job as OL coach for the the Tide. Cristobal has a better shot than Golden of becoming a standout coach.

Biggest loser of UM-VT game besides Miami was FSU, because had Canes won out regular season, they would have re-entered Top-Ten in polls and FSU could have defeated another Top-Ten team for BCS consideration. Now Ohio St (Michigan State) or Baylor (OK St - No. 10/Texas)have a good shot to overtake Noles, who likely will play VT or Duke for ACC title. If Baylor wallops Tx Tech, OK St and Texas, Bears will emerge No. 2 in BCS.

Zook, Herbstreit is usually kind to Miami, but remember those comments came before this game. I would bet he would think differently now. This was not a loss to a respectable VT team, this VT team has struggled ALL season to score, or even stay on the field offensively.

This was not a loss to a respectable VT team, this VT team has struggled ALL season to score, or even stay on the field offensively.

Posted by: delandcane | November 10, 2013 at 06:12 PM



Let's start with the VT lack of offense comment...it is simply not true as VT has moved the ball on most anyone they played. The problem they have had was turnovers, which they had none last night.

And there is absolutely no chance that Kirk changed his mind about the Canes and/or Al Golden after last night. Kirk knows precisely the brutal challenges Al and the Canes have faced the last 3 years and he also knows that Al Golden has done a remarkable job. Prior to the game Kirk picked VT to win knowing Miami is undermanned and are worn out. He also knew that VT was fresh and was much, much better than their record reflected.

To be clear, there is no question that the Canes defense continues to be a huge problem. Of course when you look at the total lack of depth and questionable talent across the whole unit due to the NCAA debacle then you start to understand. Even with that said, does D'Onofrio deserve to be held accountable and should the defense be playing at a higher level despite the negatives beyond D'Onfrio's control? 100% yes!!

Does Golden address the d? No guarantee he does address the coaching issues. Dino is his best friend, how does he fire his boy?

Friends and money, oil and water.

Lanner, Mario bolted because more $$$ and also he thought Miami would get big time sanctions. Bama is a different beast and Mario is a good position coach, not a HC. I think AG will be fine, we just need a new DC, and to open up our O more. We have talent just need to use correctly.

Posted by: Who could possibly do better than a .500 coach? | November 10, 2013 at 06:18 PM

Seriously, if they gave First Team All American honors for stupidity you would be a unanimous selection.

You have NO clue as to what your posting and what makes your lamebrain comment so funny is you truly believe you have it all figured out.

Hopefully, you've heard and will take to heart the saying, they are laughing at you--not with you!!


ColaCane, I agree that we need new DC, but our offense has regressed because Stephen Morris is inconsistent and opposition is stacking box against overrated O line.

As for Cristobal, FIU is a different beast, as well, and Cristobal showed he could win at a school with little tradition and few resources. Cristobal will get organizational seasoning from Bama HC Nick Saban a few years and get another crack at HC. It worked out pretty well for Jimbo Fisher, who cut his coaching teeth with Saban and LSU HC Les Miles.

I'm no fan of Al Golden - He wasted Stephen Morris' sophomore year on Jacory Harris and is severely overrated as a recruiter as evidenced by his "waiver wire" pickups, such as David Gilbert and Jordan Renfrow. And so far, there is no first-round talent on the team, save perhaps Duke Johnson. But Canes fans are stuck with Golden - Hopefully, he will become a better coach, which would be ideal, or get hired away to another program.

The only one laughing is anybody with half a brain and one working eye who reads the continual drivel pumped out by the worst poster in all of college football blogging. (That's you geen pea, to borrow a phrase from somebody who's had the coaching staff figured out for some time.)

You have no clue what you're even arguing, thus the continual quotes from media members who don't cheer for Miami or care if they win another national title because the checks keep rolling in regardless. Meanwhile, back in reality, another homecoming blowout on the record, another no show by UM, another tumble down the rankings and back towards irrelevance.

Open up and gargle. Alverage needs to relieve himself down your mouth again and everybody knows how eager you are to oblige.

You can add Blake Ayles in there too lannertcito.

In fact, he's probably the worst of Alverage's graduate transfer players. Even the best one set up a short cash in for VT last night.

Last night saw the consequences of putting personal friendships ahead of business decisions. AG is too rigid when it comes to making adjustments. This DC will not fall on his sword. By the way, we now know why the OC was not allowed to call plays at FSU. Good grief. Well, as the saying goes, "we'll get this fixed."

Does Golden address the d? No guarantee he does address the coaching issues. Dino is his best friend, how does he fire his boy?

Friends and money, oil and water.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 10, 2013 at 07:30 PM


There is no question Al is addressing the 'D' and his friendship with D'Onofrio will not stand in the way of him doing what is best for the program.

If D'Onofrio is the root cause for the defensive problems, which it is hard to imagine anything else, then he may offer to resign.

The time has come for Golden to play the individual who preforms and not on how good he thinks they are. This team was not ready mentally and that is a coaching mistake. They had no fire in their belly or even a feeling of embarrassment afterwards. S Morris as the QB is a mistake. He has been and is injured. Cannot throw off his back foot-no accuracy even for the short routes. Put R Williams in. Duke, Va, Pitt we have to sweep-coach it is up to you to push the right buttons. No excuses. Get the job done.

Posted by: Who could possibly do better than a .500 coach? | November 10, 2013 at 07:50 PM

Laughing my arse off...you are now quoting Gallo...thanks for the laugh!!!

How about you pasting together one of your infamous lists that even some of the haters find to be insane.

I'm embarrassed to be a Hurricane. Every year we hope that next year will be better. Instead we continue to be disappointed. This year we have 10 returning staters. A O-line that continues to underachieve. A defense that is lost in every game. Players continue to lack discipline in their assignments. I'm sick of excuses. Everyone in this Blog has valid points from weak scheduling to players with no brains. I'm done

#23 in the BCS ranking of this week....just came out

Only a former gator coach would find anything amusing about the complete failure of leadership on display at Miami last night. Now you've been exposed as a double agent trying to keep UM down with your pathetic propaganda promoting a fraud of a coach. One ranked team lost to an unranked one last, night worst blog poster in all of college football, and they were wearing horrible amateur-hour uniform designs on homecoming when they did it.

Shove that up your arse with the one size fits all gameplan UM will be using again Saturday, if you can get the tie out of the way to make room first, that is.

Posted by: Who could possibly do better than a .500 coach? | November 10, 2013 at 08:43 PM


Do you also see dead people you dummy? Now you think I'm a...secret agent. I am not kidding, as I typed that I was truly laughing out loud. Paranoia must run in your family. You are a lot of things, but we can safely rule out you being a CIA agent.

If you don't like the uniforms why don't you contact Nike and also tell them they are doing it all wrong and Phil Knight should be fired. Let us all know how that works out for you.

I'm waiting for another of your Gallo lists...

offense cant convert 3rd downs even with only 2 yards to go.......defense allows opposing QB's to be comfortable that allows better decisions = big yardage plays....

that's what you saw yesterday...it aint gonna change until UM fires golden/dnofrio.....its all a fraud..

this team totally has to be rebuilt again...remember this is a SENIOR team...cant make the freshman argument today....al golden does not believe the root cause of UM under performance is his coaches.....that's too painful for him ...his ego is standing in the way.....

al golden see's himself equal in experience/ability to dnofrio.....if he fires him, he fires himself...

time to put both out of their/our misery....do the right thing for the brand and move on with a new staff....

green pea bloggers are to young to understand any of this......

UM rushing 24 for net 28 yards.....that's unbelievable.....that's golden/coley....how the hell do you do that at HOME?


Zook, I watched the Duke-VT game, and yes the turnovers, but VT could do nothing right on offense. I have watched their a few of their games actually, and Logan was awful. Until last night that is. The Hokie fans want him out as proof of what I am saying. but Beamer stands behind him, probably no-one else ready to come in. But I get your point, and glad to be a long time canes fan. Last night really made me question Golden more than any other time. I really do think changes need to be made in the coaching staff. I know Coley? is 1st year, and Morris is in his last, but something needs to change.

Weston Cane,

I can't stand the garbage of the offense getting set and then having to look at the sideline, get set again and run the play. What a bunch of stupid nonsense. Call the play, get set and run it. Period.

I have never seen a secondary so confused and out of position as UM in the last three yars. High school teams do better. D'Onofrio is a lightweight who doesn't even get what the problem is, and that is HIM.

Move on. Stop embarassing Miami football.

And by the way, it is also the coaches job to get a team up for a game. Golden blathers on about process, technique and training, but he is unable to motivate his team on the basis of emotion. Screw the process. Learn how to fire up your squad so that they want it more than the opponent does.

I am ready for a new regime at the U, sad to say.

One other thing Zook, I am not as positive Golden will make the change with D"No as his friend. Golden is a class act in many ways, maybe to a fault with the friendship. Just let me say it one more time to make me feel better, last night made me believe Golden can't develop players to the next level. And if and when I'm proved wrong, tell me and I will be very happy to celebrate being wrong. Have a great night, Go canes


I believe we have a high probability of losing to Duke and Pitt on the road, and very possibly Virginia at home.

This team is a psychological train wreck that gets worse by the week. The defense is shell shocked. Morris is an erratic leader who can't seem to find open recivers in the middle, unlike the rest of the QB universe, especially if they play us.

These coaches do not have what it takes to turn this around.

And I hope I am wrong.

UM goes nowhere 2012 and nowhere 2013.....olsen/william are complete disasters....

can you imagine if williams was put in both fsu/vt....say what you want but morris is STILL the best QB even hurt that UM has now.....morris closes the season

Zook is delusional because there is no way that he can watch the same games that we are seeing and think that we are playing at a high level.


One other thing Zook, I am not as positive Golden will make the change with D"No as his friend. Golden is a class act in many ways, maybe to a fault with the friendship. Just let me say it one more time to make me feel better, last night made me believe Golden can't develop players to the next level. And if and when I'm proved wrong, tell me and I will be very happy to celebrate being wrong. Have a great night, Go canes

Posted by: delandcane | November 10, 2013 at 09:40 PM



We both share the same hope...the Canes will soon being playing championship football. As for Coach Golden not being able to develop players--let's agree to disagree. Should I be right I will not be compelled to point out later that you were wrong...if that hopefully becomes the case:)


Here's a little free fantasy football advise, if you have him on your roster start Anthony Boone next week.

For all unaware he is Duke's starting qb.

Posted by: True Cane | November 10, 2013 at 12:31 AM

ROFL, you ain't have to do it, ROFL, so you saying by weeks end, somebody is going to be a household name.

I read it earlier, somebody said i hope we don't get in a shoot out with duke next week, what they fail to realize is, jedd fisch not here no more, so if it's a shoot out, only one team will be shooting and more than likely it won't be us.

Howard, Gunter, Crawford bail on the snap of the ball like they are running a relay race with the opposing wr. Same as with wake transfer, Jo Jo, and Chambers! Go watch some of their old d clips from temple and you'll see penn st 1970- 2012!!

My potna Calvin, Gallo, True Cane, Talleycane said the d numbers were inflated based on the competition. But I gave the Mac staff the benefit of doubt because even bad O's made them look bad in the past. But the worst O in the acc hardly punted last night and converted 3rd and long after 3rd and long!!

Sooner or later Goldie gonna have to bring in a guy and let him do his own thing on d and Al just oversee from there.

Anything less than 10-2 in year 3 is Randy Shannon like IMO

Posted by: Nash | November 10, 2013 at 06:45 PM

nash, True Cane, i just figured out now why our secondary plays the way they do, it's all starting to make sense now:


I'm going to cut coach coley some slack and the reason i'm going to cut coach coley some slack is this, In jedd fisch first year and first game coaching with smo17 as the starter vs the turtles smo17 threw for 195yds with 2 picks and jedd couldn't wait to sit him/smo17 down and start jacory. Plus smo17 benefited some by being in jedd's system for a 1 year before having to take over, so we've seen this version of morris before, it's coley's 1st year wit hsmo17 and he's running into the same issues with him that jedd did, the difference is, this is smo17's last year so he has to do it now.

I know jedd is saying to himself, man, this guy is not as good as they said he was or i thought. james coley is getting some big plays out of smo17 but coach coley is having the same issues jedd did with smo17 which is why i'm giving coach coley the benefit of the doubt.

mediocrity has settled into both the media and fan base....all of a sudden we are "lucky" to have a guy like al golden because that's what the media wants you to believe...but in reality where does a small time MAC coach get a pass with a brand like UM?

UM is a big time school with big time athletics....if the fan base can dumb on Jimmy - dennis - butch - coker and shannon...wtf do these guys think they are?

2 million for what?....you couldn't get golden to quit with dynamite.....this is his dream job..he was never going anywhere....his wife and him LOVE south florida....

time to get tough with these fu...kers.....time for heads to roll

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 10, 2013 at 10:08 AM

^^^Couldn't have said it better myself.

rboud, tennesseecane, kinetic, robcane--all apologists, defeatists, and pacifists. All continue to find ways to insinuate sole accountability for last night's performance on the players. Totally indoctrinated by the philosophy that is being pushed on them to conserve the self-imposed "process" of mediocrity and stagnation and the annual excuses that insulate it. Its cool though, because the players know whats the deal and showed signs of rebellion last night. U can't continue to coach them against the grain of their talents and then also blame them after your schemes get exposed, despite their commitment to dummying their own talents down to fit your schemes and realize their dreams of playing for the Miami Hurricanes.

The UM administration and Board continue their "get more for less" budget philosophy for the funding of our football program and the chickens continue to come home to roost as TrueCane said.

The players just like during RS years, have noticed that their coaching is inferior to their talent.

Any coach can attest (Maybe TK SWANN and TampaCane can chime in) that the #1 motivator and establisher of rapport, belief, focus, execution and camaraderie between coaches and players is an intelligent gameplan and coaching that put their talents in the best position to be successful.

Coaching should lend to the needed self-actualization of the kid's that participate. Not the other way around. Our coaches are attempting to use the fertile South Floridian recruiting region to realize their own ambitions.

Kids use sports to self-actualize and build self-esteem.

*Nothing* endears a human being to another human being more than one assisting the other in realizing their potential and belonging to a *successful process*.

good post on coley, calvin. good post on leadership htc.
if that post from the "temple" guy is true, then sheesh, we are in for a long haul.

Fire the entire coaching staff!!!!!! Go get Art Briles he would know what to do with a team like this. Better yet I'll take Bobby Petrino. I'll get him a motorcycle with a young hot chick if he comes to coach at the U.

delandcane, Golden is not a class-act--he is an opportunist. He has professionally benefitted from any excuse out there, moreso than he has been hindered. His coaching staff's ineptitude is the true basis of the negative recruiting aimed at UM. That letter from a Temple student ethered any notion presented by his apologists.

Also, Cristobal left UM because he could gain absolutely nothing management and schematically under a coach who is his equal at best (in those categories).

Cristobal will return as our coach after learning everything he needs from that Bama staff. By that time Coley should be an excellent OC that he should possibly retain.

We deserve to be ranked this low. Guess what I wouldn't be surprised if Duke beat out bleep this weekend. The season is done and over with. I'm so tired of going through the same ole thing every year. When we have things going our way we will find a way to piss it all away. Stacy Coley and Artie Burns thank you both for the turnovers. Allen Hurns keep doing your thing. Your the only one out there that shows up and play every Saturday. You will definitely be playing on Sundays.

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