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Miami Hurricanes in free fall: UM drops to No. 24 in AP & No. 23 among coaches after 42-24 loss to VT

You and U knew this was coming.

On the heels of their 42-24 loss to Virginia Tech last night, the Miami Hurricanes have gone from a season-high No. 7 going into the Florida State game to No. 14 going into the Virginia Tech game to No. 24 as of this morning's new AP ranking and No. 23 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

The Canes were ranked 11th in the BCS standings going into Virginia Tech. The new standings will be released tonight.

 It was nice while it lasted, but the Canes can't have performances like last night -- on national television no less -- and expect to keep the respect of voters and analysts and anyone who has seen them of late.

How much hope is there for the rest of the season? They travel to Durham, N.C. to face a Duke team (7-2, 3-2 ACC) that is winning and fighting in the Coastal Division, then return home to face lowly Virginia (the team that somehow manages to upset UM regularly), then go on the road for the regular-season finale at Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving.

Pitt beat Notre Dame last night.


The Canes will do all they can to keep this season from unraveling. But right about now, it doesn't look especially promising.


1.Florida State(9-0, 7-0)

2.Clemson(8-1, 6-1)

3.Syracuse(5-4, 3-2)

4.Boston College(5-4, 2-3)

5.Wake Forest(4-6, 2-5)

6.Maryland(5-4, 1-4)

7.NC State(3-6, 0-6)


1. Georgia Tech (6-3, 5-2)

2. Virginia Tech (7-3, 4-2)

3. Duke (7-2, 3-2)

4. Miami (7-2, 3-2)

5. North Carolina (4-5, 3-3)

6. Pittsburgh (5-4, 2-3)

7. Virginia (2-8, 0-6)





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I called this from the very beginning. True Canes fans knew this team was not ready for prime-time. They were mediocre from the very beginning. Al Golden sure sounds better than Jimbo Fisher, He looks better than Jimbo Fisher, Talks better than Jimbo Fisher---but the reality is the defensive coordinator runs a mediocre scheme, Shannon is beginning to look better and better in the rear view mirror and Golden appears to have won the Lottery.
It is unacceptable to play a cupcake schedule and implode down the stretch. Not even close to Hurricane Football. GET IT FIXED!!!!!

Harriet TUBMAN, it's been comical watching these guys turn on coach goldie and the 500 club just like that. But just to show how stupid the 500 club is, while he's over there blaming players, won't be long before these players hold a team meeting against the defensive scheme. But back to the 500 club and how stupid he is, oc's know how hell bent him & coach goldie are on not giving up "the big play" so they know we play our safties way back and than after the ball is hiked they go back even further, so all oc's are doing are sending 2 widereceivers streaking up the field, and the 3rd wide-out does a drag route behind the linebackers since all that space has been cleared out by the 2 streakers.

It's football 101, it's like wake had there o-line spread wide, we got into the game trying to have our d-line spread out even wider, to stupid to realize that's what wake fore/jim grobe wanted, which is why coach grobe was having a hard time keeping his poker face looking at how we were coaching against that. So grobe even lined his o-linemen even wider just to see how we would play it.

Instead sending the linebacers up the gut to force wake to change their offensive approach we call ourselves getting wider, and it was comical trying to see us get a sack comign from about 20yds away.

Somebody posted where the 500 club said, "he's been here for 3 years and it's been the same thing" basicall what he's trying to say is, our players are to stupid to pick up his scheme.

I'm telling yall, duke johnson said something in that interview before the Fsu game when he said "we just trying to play football the our coaches are trying to teach us" in other words, the football they trying to teach is foreign to the majority of our players but coach goldie and his minions keep acting like they no it all about football, when in fact alot of our players have played in championship games already.

Fire the entire coaching staff!!!!!! Go get Art Briles he would know what to do with a team like this. Better yet I'll take Bobby Petrino. I'll get him a motorcycle with a young hot chick if he comes to coach at the U.
Posted by: 850Cane | November 10, 2013 at 10:52 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/11/miami-in-free-fall-drops-to-no-xx-in-associated-press-rankings/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy



Ole boy bobby p is making 850k at western, he'd shonuff walk here for 2 mil!

And brink LT36 with him!

On the real tho if Goldie were to fail it would take 5-10 more years to get back right.

If he brought in the right dco we could be straight on d by next year! Maybe a nfl position coach like Raheem Morris type?

I'm still up in the air on Coley tho????

Also, here's another reason why the 500 club needs to Shut his pie hole about criticizing any players, how come our guys can't get lined up on time in the 9th game of the year waiting for the dildo up in the press box to try and figure out what defensive call to send in.

Also, no matter what, anytime you got shayon green matched up with a speed back, advantage, offense, all day every day!

Cristobal should go get Don Soldinger, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Winston Moss.

By that time we should be tired of mediocrity that those guys commit to getting us back despite their other interests.

WR coach Lamar Thomas, RBs Clinton Portis, TE coach Shockey or Winslow.

Winston Moss could actually be our best fit at HC w/ Cristobal as assistant HC/OL coach.

Then we won't need excuses. We'd see immediate results and the return of "the Miami Hurricane upset" over a supposedly superior opponent.

I ain't advocating a all cane staff but Uncle Al's gotta go against his upbringing on the defensive side of the ball!!

Bring in a Raheem Morris, Sean McDermott type guy

Dnofio answer for the last 3 years. players mental errors, players missed assignment, players freelancing, players didn't execute. to me that sounds like enough to fire the Defensive Coordinator, he is responsible for coaching these things if that was the problem....question, what has Dnofrio done wrong, nothing if you listen to him. he doesn't take responsibility for anything. he is paid half a million dollars a year for 3 yrs and the D still cant stop anyone. Its time for a change.

There's zero possibility of a let-down performance or no improvements in every category with coaches like those.

But of course Tad and his lads will have none of that (successful UM beatdowns and the on-field shenanigans that may ensue--ala exhibitions of swagger.

Cal, I swear to everyone on this blog! My wife walked over to the TV and said, "babe why are they so far apart like that and why won't Golden just have the d-line, line up where they usually do and get upfield...wouldn't that make them stop that"? Instead we got even wider to line up right in front of the players WHO ARE DESIGNED TO STOP US FROM MAKING PLAYS Lol!

Some very emotional comments...

Some very rational comments...

Calvin ate crow for UF...I might have to eat crow for seeing something that might not have been there, but I really believe was there...

At the start of the Season we saw an attacking Defense...even though they were playing inferior talent...everyone saw it...

I can not belive DNO threw his guys under the bus!!!!

Here is the reality of our D in Year 3!

UF - 413 yrds (291 Passing 122 Rushing)- Bailed out with Turnovers

GT - 401 yrds (335 Rushing 66 Passing)

UNC - 500 yrds (395 Passing 105 Rushing) - Bailed out by Ofense last 16 sec

WF - 361 yrds (302 Passing 59 Rushing) - Bailed out by Ofense last 53 sec

FSU - 517 yrds (325 Passing 192 Rushing)

Va Tech - 549 yrds (366 Passing 183 Rushing)

Ave - 457 yrds (290 Passing 166 Rushing)

For Games that really count...

Defense would be ranked 105 Total D (current 54)
Defense would be ranked 68 Rushing D (current 50)
Defense would be ranked ?? Passing D (Don't know how to figure that out...but you get the picture!)
Defense would be ranked 76 Scoring D (current 41)

So from where I sit, I will eat crow for believing in this team was was significantly better on Defense...

So here is where the realit sets in...

Is it the players? Overall, they look better and make better plays than they did last year...are they a little bit better? I think the players have made significant strides...

The Defensive Scheme/DC? Not feeling the same way...

I told a buddy of mine this was an 8-4 team based on the Defense I thought they would put on the field...He said 10-2...

Am I happy with the production of the Offense? No, but Coley gets a pass as the Offense has done enough to win games...even the Va Tech Game is the Defense does a decent Job...

I really like Golden and what he has done...If he will not deal with his Best Friend and DC, then the AD needs to step in and lay down the law...after all, it can not be much worse...

The Defenseive Calls come in late (really! & the DC is in the Box!!!) consistantly.

The Defensive Players are in poor positions of leverage with no support on the big plays of the game (being out coached...either on the field or in preperation).

The Defensive Coordinator throws the players under the Bus...Really!!! Consistantly!!! over 6 Games where the Defense gave up over 400 yrds of Total Offense.

I played from the time I was 5 years old until I graduated from college...

If I am DPZ, Gunter (really frustrated kid!), Green...the Leaders on D...I go to the DC and the HC together and get this stright. DZP and Gunter were demoralized on the field...I know the guys believe in each other, or they would be calling each other out on the field...just the way it works out when guys are not doing thier jobs...

When players are not being put in positions to succeed by the DC...they get demoralized...

I predict we give up over 500yrds and over 35 points to Duke...Cutclif is too good of a Coach not to eat up this Defense...Duke is playing for the ACC Championship Game...they Win and it should them and FSU...

MHO and the facts.

Coach Golden please ask DNO to resign!

Go Canes!
Bleeding Orange, Green & White!
It's A Canes Thing...You Just Don't Understand!

Based on how this team has performed, if I was a 5 star recruit I would come to Miami. U don't have to worry about sitting the bench. The players now are week soo u would be a starter day one... lol

Golden is on a suicide mission if he keeps these 2 coordinators. He really needs to do himself a favor and get rid of Colley and Dino.

You people got the dumb assss
We dont hand them 21 points right off the bat
the defense plays better and we beat VT.
we were never going to beat FS
Turn this thing around,go 8&2 get a nice
bowl game.
Go Canes!!!!!

Golden is on a suicide mission if he keeps these 2 coordinators. He really needs to do himself a favor and get rid of Colley and Dino.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 11, 2013 at 03:44 AM

To do so would be to admit failure. I don't think AG is capable. He would rather go down with the ship.

Cane fans are angry and rightfully so. The anger mostly concerns how this year's defense, in its 9th game and playing with almost nobody injured, could look as bad as last year's defense in this game. They actually played much better against FSU. At least defenders in the secondary were in the same area code when passes were thrown. TennesseeCane has some valid points. This team may have thought they are better than they really are. If so, when will they learn. FSU has much more talent than UM but not V. Tech. This was a very embarrassing loss.

Posted by: rboud | November 10, 2013 at 01:12 PM

Maybe because it's the exact same players.

Why should we support mediocrity any longer?

Us loyal fans we have been more than patient and tolerant with the UM program and it's administration since 2001. Now many of us will find better and other things to do on Saturdays ......
Posted by: Montreal Cane
Sooooo canesrule aka Montreal (real name: Alain Dubois). You're flatly admitting now that the canes are straight GARBAGE. Outstanding! Lmao

It's utterly amazing how much krapp UM has fed you and you've savor es every morsel.
[]_[] are a giant fraud Alain Dubois.

Va Tech has no chance of losing to either Maryland this week at home or at Virginia with two weeks to prepare for a team that has quit. Hope I'm wrong.

Maryland reached the top 25 before the Noles obliterated them. Now the Terps have to win one more game to be bowl-eligible. Can they beat BC at home or the Pack in Raleigh? How many years does Edsel get?

I was there when his Terps beat Morris and our Canes on Labor Day night in College Park on ESPN in Coach Golden's first game. How have things changed?

Good thing our Canes found a way to win late against Tech, the Heels, and Wake. We've played one good game this year. ONE. If we don't play another one on Saturday, Canes won't be ranked next week.

Its time to start Playing Ryan Williams already to give him reps for next year. Morris is done, he still cant hit the side of a barn from at 20 yards.

We are already bowl eligible, lets to start working towards next year.

8-4 is the best this team can do this year and I am ok with that.

The Coordinators are bad, they must go. Team does not know the basics of football, tackling, blocking and ball handling. Blame all that on the coaches. Plus they also cant scheme.

It wont matter how many 4-5 star recruits they get, these coaches cant coach period. Talent will not develop.

Canes are broken just like the Phins. Problem comes from the Top.

Go Canes!!! Try to keep Duke game close.

the turning point inthe Miami loss was when Coley fumbled the return and the D had to get back on the field. Period. Game was over then.

This is ridiculous. We recruit and recruit here in so fl and we get are these immature no football basics speedsters. I mean- all over the country you see freshmen and sophomores that re studs and mature beyond their years contributing. But Um gets these fumbling fumblers.

On the D side, while Donofrio is 50% to blam for his lack of imagination and aggressiveness, some blame has to be put on the players- how does a barely recruited former 2 star wide out burn our defensive backs over andover and over?? In fact VT's entire roster is composed mostly of 2-3 stars out of virginia and the Neast. How is it that they have been the bain of Ums existence since 2001?

But overall, a team that comes out playing like they rather be at home playing video games with they girlfriends cuddled next to them will lose 99% of the time. That is what this team showed. It seems like they re reverting back to the Shannon years.

Morris has been the biggest dissapointment and bust of the NCA this year. This was HIS year to bust loose and show the pros that he is a 1st or 2nd round. Now he may not even be drafted. His inability to move the chains (unless he throws a bomb) is proof that he cant read defenses to save his life. All over the NCAA we see QBs dinking and dunking to death. You telling me that 90% of college hasbetter receivers or rbs coming outof the back field than Miami? Are you serious?

How is it that one of the worse offenses in the ACC, who lost to Duke at home, and to BC comes in to our house and Um makes them look like they are a top 10 team? How is it that a team that lost to Duke may actually end up playin in the ACC ch instead of us?

I cant understand it.

If Miami loses to Duke I am selling off all my Miami sht

Coach Golden can recruit and is a very good manager - says all the right things, has a plan, etc. His coaching is good, but predictable and makes very little adjustments during the game or it takes a long time for the adjustments to occur. He saddled himself with a DC that is just not that good, period. Three years in and the defense should be better. They have given up 500+ yards 3 of the last 4 games, 300 passing to WF and 400 to GT. Offensively, hard to tell how much of it is Coley and how much of it is bad decisions by Morris. Certainly, the play calling has been questionable at times but Morris is wildly erratic, making a great through followed by a bad decision. Jedd Fisch was more consistent, but his offense did not show up against quality competition at all last year. They can finish 10-2 and play FSU again & that would be great, but they had everything in their hands against VT and they (team & coaches) shrank in the moment. That is what is frustrating. It happens, but we'll find out what kind of coach Golden is over the next 3 games. The win over UF was nice at the time, but besides that he has never coached a team to a big win. He needs to figure out how to do that soon. He needs to make some hard decisions about what they are doing defensively and offensively and at QB, if the program is to keep moving forward. It seems we have circled back around to 2009, the team ranked in the top 10 then loosing a few tough games to finish 9-3 before loosing the BG. That is, poised for something bigger but never making it over the hump.

Should be "throw" not through!

The game and the uniforms have one thing in common.....UGLY!!!
We are CANES.....THE U......ORANGE and GREEN!!

Those calling for a new HC, forget it. He stood by the school when the gestapos came calling and the school won't cut the cord. Best case: he comes to his senses and can hire competent OC & DC, but don't hold your breath on that. Maybe if we get blown off in the last 3 games he may have an awakening of sorts. His on the field performance is disappointing, to say the least.

Caniac I agree that the next three games will put a lot of pressure on the Coaches.

The question we should all be looking at, would be how have these loses affected our players?. Especially the young starters who are learning as they go.

Football is not all physical and athletic. The psychology of "Can I do it " is about 60 % of the game. All the talent in the world with no confidence psychologically will not make a player at this level of college ball outstanding.

We have to work on making the team believe that they can come back and win out.
Believing in themselves. That is the task at hand.
Go 'Canes

Everyone said Shannon was a good recruiter, now we have no talent. Why do people assume Golden is a good recruiter? So far, with very few exceptions, his players aren't doing much either. The title comes with results, or should anyway, and so far the results don't look to good. I think Golden is over his head, and these players will suffer for it, like the ncaa stuff, the innocent suffer. FIREGOLDEN.com

850 Cane,

Briles and especially Petrino would work. I'm in.

Nash, great observations of Golden's history.

The model is Penn State South that they are trying to recreate. Linebacker U. Why? That's all they really know. Their DL was not that good (Like ours - where is Gilbert?) and the LBs made a lot of tackles (Ours are playing way off the ball). CBs and Safeties were slow guys but were hitters as well (Ours are faster). It was a run prevent defense. Not that much pressure on QBs (Like us). Name an outstanding PSU D lineman who got drafted. You can think of LBs, but not that many secondary players either. An occasional QB (Blackledge), maybe a tough FB and an occasional WR.
Mediocre for the most part...

We have better players at several positions whose strengths are not utilized because they must fit the JoePa model of yesteryear.

As noted in Jim's List, Golden has driven off a lot of tough kids who were not conformists, and who could have really helped this team. He is rigid.

UM needs a change in coaching. The obvioius choice is to dump D'Onofrio. Maybe he can go coach Lehigh. But Golden will never lead us to national prominence. A guy like Petrino could. Or look at what Briles did at Houston and Baylor. Those kids come to play full on.

I want Miami to be as strong as any other Canes fan does. But the evidence is starting to build for a change.

UM will have a tough time beating Duke and Pitt. And Virginia needs a significant win to salvage a dismal season. With our defense, watch all these QBs look like Heisman candidates, including backups.

Our guys are feeling defeated, not only by opponents but the coaches who blame them. "Lack of focus, missed assignments" and all that crap should be solved by good coaching. It is three seasons of the same lousy coaching. "We'll get it fixed" rings hollow.

Is it the talent level? Maybe to some extent. But this team fears making mikstakes and does not play as hard as they should. That is coaching.

I feel for some of the talented kids that we have in the secondary. Their development is thwarted by this coaching staff. UM needs a major shakeup. The future is not bright.

This is a message to all Hurricane alumni and fans. Please stop looking at the down side of this season and start looking at the good side. Granted Morris is not performing as he should, but we are 7-2, ranked 23-24 in the polls and we have a very good chance of finishing the season 10-2. They have the ability to finish well and they need our support, so let's start supporting them not picking them apart. GO CANES!!!

UGoCane, good point. I thought the GT, NC & WF the team showed a lot of mental toughness in overcoming deficits and winning those games. Granted, UM is more talented than them, but facing down adversity or a challenge and succeeding is an important lesson to learn. It seems they were not ready for VT at all on that level. However, Golden has an opportunity to display his ability to coach AND motivate his team over the next 3 weeks. He really needs to put his stamp on everything right now: shore up the defense and focus on the offensive strengths and game plan around those. Like you commented, Golden needs to mentally prepare the players for these games as they are more than capable of running the table.

C-A-N-E-S, 'Canes!

If people want to say talent is a problem, maybe I'll buy it vs FLORIDA ST!!

But against the last few teams we've been SCRUGGLING with not so much!!

And depth, I thought that was why Renfro and Gilbert were brought in for?

The next 2 teams on the schedule put up 40+ last year. Can our guys hold them to under 30??? It's trending NO.

Btw they are rotating 6-8 dlinemen

4-5 linebackers

6-7 db's

Depth ain't the problem.

And 90% of the guys had plenty pt over the last 20 games or so.

Its not enough to know (as a player), that they are five star recruits or are wearing the U on their helmet, so they're going to win or dominate. The psychology of the player is, "I dominated in high school, but on this level, I'll need superior coaching to my current abilities to garner the technique need to be successful in college.

College football is where coaching and scheme becomes crucial and talent is less influential than on the high school level. WR Travis Benjamin scored every time he touched the ball in HS, but not at UM, we needed to scheme (put him in proper positions) his talents from them to shine.

A kid and their families sign the letter-of-intent as an agreement that the institution will *further* the child's current intellectual prowess via academics and to add to add intellectual prowess to the player's already high physical prowess on the football field.

When the kid doesn't realize this initiative and sees that the coaching is actually counter-productive, inferior and the coach also has the nerve to arrogant concerning so, it is a total let-down and motivation killer.

*Coaching MUST be superior to the talent it is provided*. The coaches actually *ask* for the chance to develop the talent themselves thru recruitment, so how can the onus of accountability be solely on the players, when in reality the relationship between coaches and players is initiated and led in every aspect by the coaches??

The players come with the talent (if not they wouldn't have been asked to play at the school by the coaches), and we all know that on this level that talent needs to be guided to success---what aspect of the team is responsible for that?

The cart before the horse???

SEC, five star DB recruits are getting beat by 2 & 3 star WR recruits on the same plays because the scheme asks them to line up 7-10 yards off the receiver and at the snap they are instructed to run back another 5 yards away from their WR.

How many times does a fan need to witness these schemes get exposed on the field and by fellow bloggers like CaneFan'& and Calvin, before they see that the five star is being coached wrong???

These losses impact our players immensely

They are too talented to be coached by HC's Coker, Shannon, Golden and the inferior coordinators and position coaches they've been exposed to by the UM elite's budget plan for mediocrity hopefully overachieving.

They're hoping and banking on our player talent being so superior to the rest of the nation, that it carries Us to NC contention every season ala 2001. On the contrary, the talent level of our coaching is neglected and ignored.

This leads to the philosophy of the players always being at fault and under performing.


It won't be a surprise to me if our CANES lose out. Coach Golden says all the right things, but coaching a football team to a BCS bowl requires more than an organized approach. Football is 100% passion. It doesn't translate well when read from a text book. Let's go to Duke with a simplified strategy that says who we are and stuff it down their throats. Winners take, they don't ask.

call me crazy....but he can recruit DEF, and coach them, when not injured...UF fires Muschamp - UM hires him as D Coordinator....
SAT NIGHT was disgraceful to watch..@ Home...U don't even show up???...VT smoked us on every single play...out coached, out played, out hustled....no real Canes fan thought we deserved to be in the TOP 10....but that talk and "rematch against FSU"....Look at the results...SHAMED on NAT'L TV at HOME...when they HAD TO WIN....no guts = no glory. It just does not drop in your lap...you have to go get it....this team lacks...in many areas...must show something...or Duke will beat US!...they have a LEGIT shot at the ACC conf..we are outside looking in...

Other teams improve as the season progresses...this team, is going backwards...sad to see...but ND(2 in a row), KSU (2 in a row), FSU( 4 in a row)...now VT...those are horrible displays of a football program...

maybe the PHINS can restore some PRIDE to MIAMI football tonight???

I think Maryland will beat VT, so Canes still in contention with a win at Duke.

At least that should be the mind state of the players and coaches. If we don't come out and demolish Duke after the last two weeks, that is a very bad sign for our U.

The team should be incensed.


Just the points on your last 2 posts!

It is not Depth...maybe a little quality at the bottom end...and yes FSU has us by 2-3 recruiting classes...

The DC is the issue...

I told my buddy if we could get 2-3 more stops a game on Defense vs what we did last year...we would win 10 games...I told him if not it would be 8-4

I figured 8-4 because of the DC.

Untill we get a better DC we will be stuck between 8-9 wins a year.

I suggest you all write letters to Blake and Donna and Al.

All you post her goes no where...we all feel the same way.

In fact letters to the UM Board and to high $$ boosters are the best...

Money Talks BS Walks!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

It's A Cane Thing...You Just Don't Understand!

And of course Montreal Cane is too much of a weasel coward to defend himself. And just like a coward, since he got exposed his trolling canesrule name has disappeared.

I told all of U I seen this coming, I will give you my knowledge of why...1. Our Schedule has been very weak and we struggled. 2. We hired an offensive coordinator with no experience. 3. Our QB can only do one thing, (deep-ball). 4. They say our QB is a leader, let me explain to you why he's not.. Golden asked him before the USF game if healthy and he lied. He lied again after the USF game. He said that a player from USF twisted his ankle during the game on purpose. USF went to the media and said they checked the tape and said it is not true at all. Morris then says the same day he wants to put it behind him. (as hurricanes we don't lie about twisted ankles). 5. I am a 30 year Canes fan and this defensive scheme is right down trash. Our coordinator will not be hired anywhere else for a job. (Maybe at division 2 school). 6. When Morris was hurt Al had the perfect time against those week teams that we beat by 40 to sit Morris and let Ryan get some starting time. 7. Our QB made a comment at the end of a game that our defensive leader gave a great speech (OUR QB ALSO SAID "HE" GAVE A GREAT SPEECH" You think he might be stuck on himself? 8.The U up and running don't struggle every weekend against week teams. 9.When you got a QB that can only throw a deep ball and a weak defense that spells trouble.



Excellent summary of the UM situation.

Mark, I'd take Muschamp as DC in a minute. The guy has passion and his defenses typically play hard.

Cane11. I hope the Canes win out. But there are major problems as many have noted with this coaching staff. It is hurting our players and affecting performance.

Blaming players for poor coaching only creates resentment, fear of making mistakes and uninspired performance. Sound familiar?

HTC, you fail to understand that the dominate teams of the past were performance enhancing drug loaded animals. That culture has been completely removed and it's NOT coming back. When you finally accept this little dark secret , you will sleep better. JJ's UM and Dallas teams were all HGH freaks. Butch learned all the tricks of the trade from JJ. Those days are GONE and not returning. UM is a midtier private school now and that's exactly how the mule in a wig likes it.

Ps Art Kehoe is utterly useless at anything other than yelling.

I told all of U I seen this coming, I will give you my knowledge of why...1. Our Schedule has been very weak and we struggled. 2. We hired an offensive coordinator with no experience. 3. Our QB can only do one thing, (deep-ball). 4. They say our QB is a leader, let me explain to you why he's not.. Golden asked him before the USF game if healthy and he lied. He lied again after the USF game. He said that a player from USF twisted his ankle during the game on purpose. USF went to the media and said they checked the tape and said it is not true at all. Morris then says the same day he wants to put it behind him. (as hurricanes we don't lie about twisted ankles). 5. I am a 30 year Canes fan and this defensive scheme is right down trash. Our coordinator will not be hired anywhere else for a job. (Maybe at division 2 school). 6. When Morris was hurt Al had the perfect time against those week teams that we beat by 40 to sit Morris and let Ryan get some starting time. 7. Our QB made a comment at the end of a game that our defensive leader gave a great speech (OUR QB ALSO SAID "HE" GAVE A GREAT SPEECH" You think he might be stuck on himself? 8.The U up and running don't struggle every weekend against week teams. 9.When you got a QB that can only throw a deep ball and a weak defense that spells trouble. Fact

Zakkee, I disagree with your prediction as VT can regress to their mean in production this week and still handle Maryland with ease, remember this is the runner up to Golden in the last coaching search and Edsel is even more mediocre than UM's current coach is while the program reflects that three years into his tenure.

Duke will also have an inside track in a tiebreaker with VT so this is their elimination game for the first ACC title shot since '89 for their team. Golden has a good record coming off a loss as coach at UM, but after last week, it doesn't appear the team is going to hold true to form on that front this year and he'll be sliding toward his overall .500 mark there too, even though the talent isn't nearly on par with UM compared to what VT was fielding.

Oh, that's right, Duke beat them too, on the road, while UM puked all over homecoming again against the team from Virginia with the overrated coach. Well, at least they got all the way to #7 with the last set of Shannon players who stayed behind to implement the same game plan 34 times in a row for their careers.

Looking forward to watching the Hurricane basketball team rebound from that tough OT loss to start the year.

Corn Elder, come on down, immediately preferably before they burn your redshirt on another lost season, you're the next contestant on 'Replace the real league Player of the Year on the defending ACC champs!'

Morris is not a leader.
there do not appear to be any on this team, at the current view.

the DEF is flat-footed, watching receivers run by them, then they are "trying" to react....too late my friend...poor tackling...yards after catch...we make no name receivers look like 1st round NFL talent...

who in that locker room really wants to WIN? anyone?

Guys lets be realistic with all the coaching choices people are throwing up. AG isn't going anywhere, but we DAMN sure need to AT LEAST address the DC. I'm sorry Al, but our D has NOT gotten better, and even I can call better coverage's then Dno can. Ridiculous to have lb's 8yds off the line on 3rd and 2, I mean WTF.


After all he lost to Wake Forest, North Carolina State, North Carolina, Virginia and assorted other teams.

He also had a team filled with 4 and 5 star players and didn't face a 3 year NCAA investigation and didn't inherit a team in a death spiral.

I think we could hire Art Briles or Bill Belichick or even Calvin/Gallo/Cane72/Harriet.

Look, Jimbo is not a nice man and only talks a good game and doesn't understand football and, well, help me fill in the blanks with other reasons we hate Jimbo.



Nothing but excuses and hot air and deflection. As usual.

Just let your owner take a golden shower on your computer and spare everyone the idiocy today, instead of the UM football program fans as is his way since he arrived after being hired by a Ponzi schemer's favorite AD.

Posted by: Insider | November 11, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Another weakling defeatist. The drugs are not needed. Are U telling me that the equation of great, intelligent coaching that understands the talent they are exposed to + 70% of the elite South Florida talent doesn't exist anymore?

There's no such thing as great coaching? Drugs? What areU talking about??

The culture of domination is alive and well, it just has to be accepted, harnessed, redirected and cultivated into smart play and game-planning. Drugs are the aspect that was not needed nor needs to be continued.

The culture of domination is in the players and their communities, it aint at Coral Gables anymore, so if what U are saying is true, why would any recruit want to come play here then? This explains a lot.

Hurricanes and Heat both lose, due to terrible bounces.

But guess what, Hurricanes and Heat lost because they were overconfident going into the game, executed poorly when they had a lead, and in the end did not deserve to win.

FOUR fumbles. All four not only benefiting VT, but two of them gaining yardage for them in the process.

Why WERE the LBs so far back? This is Logan Thomas, NOT Dan Marino back there.I can't find a youtube of the play, but watching live, there was one where on third and five, the LBs, were on the other side of the yellow line before the snap. I have not be part of the Fire Donofrio group, and Am not going to pile on, but that play stood out along with the one where Miami was not even ready for the snap.

First and five, three yard run. Fine.
Second and TWO, incomplete pass. Ugh.
Third and two, you cannot pick up those same three yards? Disappointing.

Punter was not at fault in that play, snap was way too low.

And second week in a row that Al Golden has told the sideline reporter we need to perform well on the opening drive of the second half, only to fizzle. We talk about the defensive adjustments at halftime, where are the OFFENSIVE adjustments?

Every team is going to be trying to strip our returners the rest of the year. I hope they prepare for that. Duke Johnson adjusted his carrying style and stopped fumbling. Can Coley and Burns do the same?

Tied with Duke, but they beat VT, while we could not. We can win out and still not get to the ACC CG. I had really wanted to see a different post-loss Canes team, but this is that sadly familiar.

The Sec....

The Coley fumble wasn't the game, our d blew this game. Coley was just teying to make a play, kid fumbled, it happens.

I like Coley, kid is a stud. He could've gone anywhere and he came here. Swag.

Players have gotten better, defensibe players have gotten better, but the defense is awful. That points to the scheme....Dino must go.

I say Cooley goes too, Morris regressed and we don't look half as dangerous as we did last year.

Golden is the right guy, I just think he neds to fire those 2 and replave with good peiople. If he doesn't do this, then you start to question him.

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