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Miami Hurricanes in free fall: UM drops to No. 24 in AP & No. 23 among coaches after 42-24 loss to VT

You and U knew this was coming.

On the heels of their 42-24 loss to Virginia Tech last night, the Miami Hurricanes have gone from a season-high No. 7 going into the Florida State game to No. 14 going into the Virginia Tech game to No. 24 as of this morning's new AP ranking and No. 23 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

The Canes were ranked 11th in the BCS standings going into Virginia Tech. The new standings will be released tonight.

 It was nice while it lasted, but the Canes can't have performances like last night -- on national television no less -- and expect to keep the respect of voters and analysts and anyone who has seen them of late.

How much hope is there for the rest of the season? They travel to Durham, N.C. to face a Duke team (7-2, 3-2 ACC) that is winning and fighting in the Coastal Division, then return home to face lowly Virginia (the team that somehow manages to upset UM regularly), then go on the road for the regular-season finale at Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving.

Pitt beat Notre Dame last night.


The Canes will do all they can to keep this season from unraveling. But right about now, it doesn't look especially promising.


1.Florida State(9-0, 7-0)

2.Clemson(8-1, 6-1)

3.Syracuse(5-4, 3-2)

4.Boston College(5-4, 2-3)

5.Wake Forest(4-6, 2-5)

6.Maryland(5-4, 1-4)

7.NC State(3-6, 0-6)


1. Georgia Tech (6-3, 5-2)

2. Virginia Tech (7-3, 4-2)

3. Duke (7-2, 3-2)

4. Miami (7-2, 3-2)

5. North Carolina (4-5, 3-3)

6. Pittsburgh (5-4, 2-3)

7. Virginia (2-8, 0-6)





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I agree canesjunkie. He didn't fumble at the five, he fumbled on their side of the field, while trying to get us to 14-0 singlehandedly. One in a million that the PUNTER would get helmet to ball so perfectly, and Miami would lose one of four scrums for the ball.

The defense still allowed VT to drive down the field, not for a FG, but for a tying TD.

The Coley fumble, PLUS poor defense, merely tied it up. If Burns then holds on, it is forgotten and we have the ball on their side of the field. Instead, a poor defense is given a FOURTH round out there, three straight with no break, and again let VT drive and score.

Coley, Burns, and ODonnell are getting the blame this day, but Coley got us the lead and almost got us 14. And ODonnell averaged 55 yards a punt, in the rain, and his knee grazing the ground would have happened to ANY punter on that terrible snap.

We should be placing the blame in exactly one location, the poor offensive playcalling and the poor defensive playcalling.

Zook's *only* proof or evidence that Golden is the best coach in America is quotes from Kirk Herbstreit and Mark May, that he has done a great job despite his record.

Pageantry Praise. No substance, just appearances.

How do U reference the opinion of the same people (especially Holtz, Rece Davis and May) that you've called anti-UM and idiots pre-Florida and pre-FSU game when they completely counted Us out, but then their *opinions* are your sole proof of Golden being the best there is in America?? They don't believe Golden is even close to the best coach, they simply believe he has done a good job and even that opinion is based off the supposed barriers he has faced like a raise, extension, and no performance appraisals. The transcripts the media base their opinions on are provided by whom? Usually the universities PR rep.

Selective referencing. If a person is a moron, they're a moron all the time, not selectively.

I'm still too pissed to write anything coherent or void of emotion so I'm going to leave the "process" alone right now


He lost to Duke, Boston College and went to 3 overtimes to beat Marshall. He's another one of those guy's who will NEVER be successful, because he started coaching at Murray State, which is almost as bad as coaching at Temple.

From 1981 to 1986, Beamer served as the head coach at Murray State University. He is currently the winningest active coach and longest tenured coach in Division I FBS.

The 66-year-old Beamer, the first alumnus to guide the Hokies since the 1940s, took over the Tech reins from Bill Dooley in January 1987. He began work a few days after the Hokies had beaten North Carolina State in the Peach Bowl. It took a while for him to get the Hokies moving in the right direction because the football program was hit with NCAA sanctions at the time.

Hmmmm...imagine these people trying to say that a 6 month NCAA investigation that resulted in some sanctions drastically slowed the most wining coach in major college football from producing a wining program. Liars I tell you...all liars!!!

Of course Beamer didn't take over a program in a death spiral, but took over a program that was just off a bowl win. Yet, if you believe the liars the NCAA investigation and sanctions caused Beamer and the Hokies big trouble for numerous years afterwards. It's a shame we Canes fans didn't have something to say about Beamer back in the day, because we would have made sure he was FIRED!!!!!!!


Selective referencing. If a person is a moron, they're a moron all the time, not selectively.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 11, 2013 at 02:06 PM


Finally, something Harriet and I agree on--Harriet is a moron all of the time...not selectively!!

Why all this talk about depth issues, the starters were the ones on the field that were getting smoked(of course because of the scheme), so are we expecting something differentfrom the back-ups. At the end of the day, it's the scheme, coach goldie and clown 500 came in saying "think players not plays" and you could tell he/they were lying when they said it. Than to prove they waerelying, thhe consistently started putting shayon green in coverage at 264lbs vs backs 4.3 backs.

"THink players not plays" let's have curtis porter come out and cover a back in the flats. This is what you call comical defense, but the sad part about it is, after the game, they'll put it on recruiting and basically say we don't have the talent, what d-co in their right mind would a put 300lber in coverage against that type of speed, it was stupid when he first got here and it's been stupid while he's here and it'll be stupid when he's gone.

I got a question, who in here, if they were the headcoach at UM, and hired their boy to be d-co but you on the sidelines watching the game and you see shayon green and curtis porter 15 yards away from the d-line (scheme designed) in coverage on backs with 4.5/lower speed. A. Would you yell at him the 1st time, WTH is wrong with you B. Would you swing on em if he did it again. C. Would you do both D. Would you stand there wait until after the game to blame the players.

How do U reference the opinion of the same people (especially Holtz, Rece Davis and May) that you've called anti-UM and idiots pre-Florida and pre-FSU game when they completely counted Us out, but then their *opinions* are your sole proof of Golden being the best there is in America?? They don't believe Golden is even close to the best coach, they simply believe he has done a good job and even that opinion is based off the supposed barriers he has faced like a raise, extension, and no performance appraisals. The transcripts the media base their opinions on are provided by whom? Usually the universities PR rep.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 11, 2013 at 02:06 PM


You 5 star dummy, the fact that the ESPN people almost never have anything good to say about the Canes, and like every other college football expert believe that Al Golden has done a tremendous job only adds more credence to Coach Golden being...the best coach in all of college football.

By the way...once again you couldn't get through a whole post without a lie...I never said the ESPN people were wrong about their FSU views.

And another lie...you infer that the ESPN bases their views and opinions on information provided by the UM promotional department....seriously, that is so dumb and needy it borders on insanity.

Here's a foreign thought for you sweetie...occasionally think before you speak or post...LOL!!

Who cares about those fumbles, those guys were making plays, something we need more of around here. That catc hand run by stacy coley is what we can expect more of from him. What i like bout bud foster, he'll say ok, i've seen enuff of that shat, and he'l lforce an offense to have to look to someone else. smo17 keeps under-throwing receivers.

rick sandlin, if smo17 is not a leader, than coach goldie isn't either, cause no matter what smo17 was talking about, who in their right mind couldn't see that he was hurt. Every game the announcers no matter how sickening kept talking about how smo17 is having "weight transfer" issues, so if they knew it, how come the micro manage/organizer/detail to everthing don't know. It's because they wanted smo17 out there to try and be sure he gets drafted so it'll make coach goldie look like something.

Than to hear coach goldie come out and say "i'm not trusting smo17 again" when it came to that injury, was more stupidt. Doesn't show leadership to me.

Zook, one thing about Beamer, is VT has never beaten a top team. They have played a few tough, but usually get whipped. So Beamer is a bad example. VT used to have a softer schedule than UFelons. Getting 10 wins against no-one really isn't impressive. But I get your point, I just hope Golden gets the point that Miami fans are really not happy.

So, THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLOGGING thinks a guy who never has won anything a fan of UM will remember after he retires in three decades is someone to look up to as a mentor and aspire to emulate.

Sounds like a fan of a .500 coach, not Ron Zook.


Zakkee, keep kicking him around like the mental midget he continues to prove he is. It's hilarious how he only has a 'I'm rubber, you're glue,' response every time you undress his lack of critical thinking skills.

Great use of time and money Blake, keep it up and you can pull the tarps over the entire upper deck in another few games while you refuse to address the failings of the guy who you gave an extension for a .500 season to.

U on here talking about Fire Beamer and Fire Jimbo??????

What does that have to do with UM?

More smokescreens and misdirection after your God has been exposed again.

The ESPN people have something good to say about UM when we have a leader that leads Us to mediocrity, which is the only state this football program is acceptable and praiseworthy in. They love the shirt & tie, beatable and docile "U", that Golden provides, hence the praise.

*But when its time to make a game/outcome prediction thats based on his coaching acumen--what do the unanimously say?? LOL!

They all pick against him, when substance and skill is the topic!

Forget all of that Zook.

Where is your factual proof that Golden is the best, using stats, not the opinions of the media, who've *never* said he was the best coach in college football?

Also Zook, please explain how your name makes Gator fans upset? Especially how it does while using it on a Canes blog?

We'll wait.

THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL needs to be typing this drivel in his 'smoked' replica jersey, which I'm sure he bought before kickoff because they didn't sell any after the game started, I assure you.

With 'Deserve Victory' stitched into the collar, of course, over his tie printed t-shirt. All relics of University of Miami failure, all relics of hype and no substance.

Didn't UM get a payout bump from the next TV contract? There's your buyout money right there Blake, plenty of coaches available who would coach circles around Alverage and his binder of how to never win anything but pretend you're back in Happy Valley with Jerry and the ghost of Joe and his glasses.


Have you listen to Golden tongue interview with Joe Rose. This dude does not belong here man. Joe Rose felt sorry for him. LOL.

He's running out of excuses. He say they we were forced to be more aggressive then we were. LOL. AGRESSIVE???WHEN??? He say we had a mess on our hands after the 3 turnovers so the game plan on defense changed. I guess he consider having the safties run back 40 yards on the snap instead of 25 yards is what he calls an adjustment. What was aggressive about what we did on defense the other night.

He also used that 2010 excuse, "when you expect to see a certain kind of offense and they change and do something different it makes it really hard"

LMAO, he act like they are cheating. Some one tell that clown it's called in game adjustment. Will Penn State please come in and hire these bums away from here.

Posted by: cfl | November 11, 2013 at 02:34 PM


So, you don't consider Miami or FSU to be top teams over the years? How about Tennessee or Clemson? Do you think Alabama, LSU and Texas have been good teams in the past?

If the answer is yes, then the above is a small sampling of good teams that Frank Beamer has beaten.

A team is not suppossed to take a step backwards during the final 1/3 of a regime's 3rd year. Golden is way in over his head

True Cane, I gotta hear this interview, thanks for the heads up.

It'll also give Zook some time to come up with a twist and insult to selectively avoid responding to my questions above.


Check it out man. He's losing it.

I don't think morris has weight transfer issues...I think his footwork is way off of where it should be. This was an issue before the injury. Funny, this wasn't a problem last year and he knew how to move in the pocket. Cooley doesn't see that he won't climb the pocket or that he doesn't reposition his feet to throw a check down.

EJ Manuel had the same issue, then he went pro and got coached.

Zook....that 5 star dummy comment was one for the ages.....thats one that will stick.....like trailer donkey but funnier...

i'm really starting to fear the tie here man!!!


Watching the Canes regress to the toilet bowl, it eats are my stomach. D'No'Not'Again or whatever his name is MUST BE released and Defensive Coach. His schemes are absolutely terrible.

Coach Coley left FSU for a reason. He SUCKED. His offense is shallow, predictable and can't fire off the line to get anything done. Morris looks like he spends his days in the rocking chair. The ankle has been the excuse, the reality is he's over his head and drowning.

WTF, who cares about the ACC Title game, FSU will kill anyone they play. Why subject the team to that a second time. Replace Morris, fire D'O-No'Not'Again and lets have some fun.

I told all of U I seen this coming, I will give you my knowledge of why...1. Our Schedule has been very weak and we struggled. 2. We hired an offensive coordinator with no experience. 3. Our QB can only do one thing, (deep-ball). 4. They say our QB is a leader, let me explain to you why he's not.. Golden asked him before the USF game if healthy and he lied. He lied again after the USF game. He said that a player from USF twisted his ankle during the game on purpose. USF went to the media and said they checked the tape and said it is not true at all. Morris then says the same day he wants to put it behind him. (as hurricanes we don't lie about twisted ankles). 5. I am a 30 year Canes fan and this defensive scheme is right down trash. Our coordinator will not be hired anywhere else for a job. (Maybe at division 2 school). 6. When Morris was hurt Al had the perfect time against those week teams that we beat by 40 to sit Morris and let Ryan get some starting time. 7. Our QB made a comment at the end of a game that our defensive leader gave a great speech (OUR QB ALSO SAID "HE" GAVE A GREAT SPEECH" You think he might be stuck on himself? 8.The U up and running don't struggle every weekend against week teams. 9.When you got a QB that can only throw a deep ball and a weak defense that spells trouble....FACT

Sarasota Cane,

I love putting Harriet the slave on tilt...he lies so much he can't keep up with his own BS.

And yes, he is a 5 star dummy!!

Go Canes!

That's not me Zook and I do not appreciate you associating me with that reference to HTC.
D'no must go.

Obviously owned again and thus the racist backlash. As I predicted, the insults will ensue and now I'm a "slave".

CZook, beating UM, not when we are a top team. Fsu, same thing, The others, never when top teams. Just beating a name doesn't mean anything.

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