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News and notes from Monday: Injury updates, D'Onofrio talks defense, more

With the Hurricanes preparing for the season finale Friday afternoon in chilly Pittsburgh we got our only chance on Monday to talk to players and coaches -- aside from Al Golden -- before the game.

> The big news of the day is that cornerbacks Corn Elder and Nate Dortch are lost for the season. Golden had told us Saturday after the win against Virginia both were significant injuries. He wouldn't elaborate more on Monday, but Elder tweeted that he had a small tear in his meniscus. He was spotted walking around campus on crutches and with his right leg in a large brace.

"Disappointed for both of them because both were really starting to come on and both would have benefitted greatly from the [bowl] preparation moving forward," Golden said. "I also feel badly for Corn because I know he was anxious to play basketball."

Could they be back in time for the spring? "It'll be a couple of months for both of them," Golden said. "I don't want to jump ahead. The doctor is going to see where it's at and hopefully what it is what we believe it is and it will be a couple months' injury for both of them."

The good news? Freshman Artie Burns, who missed the Virginia game with an ankle, "looked really good" Monday according to Golden. 

> Ladarius Gunter, airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital on Saturday with a neck injury, was seen walking around campus in a neck brace. UM is keeping him out this week as he recovers, but there's a strong possibility he will be back for the bowl game. 

"He's around. He has a great attitude," Golden said. "[All the tests] are negative. It's just a function of him getting his confidence back, feeling comfortable and also the doctors clearing him."

> Miami had two 2014 commitments sign and return financial aid agreements on Monday with the school: blue-chip offensive lineman KC McDermott and receiver Braxton Berrios.

The NCAA recently made changes that allow a recruit on track to graduate early from high school to sign a financial-aid agreement as long as the participating college establishes that the player is enrolled in all coursework necessary to graduate high school at the midyear point.

The financial-aid agreement is not the same as a letter of intent, which binds a recruit to a college. The financial-aid agreement commits the university to provide a scholarship, but does not commit the prospect to accept. The benefit for UM? The Hurricanes are no longer restricted by NCAA rules that limit communication with a recruit.

Golden said he couldn't comment on any players who might have signed financial aid agreements because all documentation must first go through compliance and the league office. Golden said he would love to see an early signing day put it place and suggested around the holidays as the window (Dec. 22-Jan. 1).

"In a sense, we're almost circumventing something we've all wanted for a long time, an early signing day," Golden said of the new financial aid agreements. "It's kind of there. To some extent [this] does allow that to transpire. But I would be in favor of an early signing day. Fiscally it's the right thing to do. For all of us as institutions were going to save a lot of money. It clears up the pool for everybody who is a member institution.

> UM signed three fifth-year transfers last off-season: punter Pat O'Donnell and defensive linemen David Gilbert and Justin Renfrow.

Will Golden continue to take fifth-year senior transfers? Not if he doesn't have to.

"I want to get back to conventional recruiting," he said. "We would like to be back to manage our numbers and going through a normal recruiting cycle. This one, the penalty is already factored into this one. Next year, 2015, is the first one we won't have anything to deal with [in terms of the NCAA investigation]."

> Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said Miami's tackling effort against Virginia was the best performance of the season for his unit. They graded out at 93 percent. UM had graded out at 79 and 78 percent in its two previous losses to Virginia Tech and Duke.

"We're still a work in progress, fighting for consistency," D'Onofrio said. "They obviously ran for more yards than we wanted to. But at the end of the day we played almost 99 plays. You're going to have yards.

Virginia tallied 483 yards against UM, but 147 of those came on the final three drives of the game with UM already up 38-20 and playing a lot of prevent defense.

"The last three series we were playing soft the whole time," D'Onofrio said. "It's my job not to give up a bomb at that point and let them back in the game. We were getting there, hitting the quarterback, hitting him with a four-man rush and trying not to give up something deep. The snuck some runs in there, did some things. But you can't sit here and worry about the yards. You got to worry about the game. It's a play-by-play basis.

D'Onofrio said he thought Luther Robinson, Curtis Porter, Anthony Chickillo and Olsen Pierre "were stout" along Miami's defensive line Saturday.

"To answer your question it wasn't them," D'Onofrio said of Miami's early struggles against Virginia (203 rushing yards).

> Gilbert, who returned a fumble 72 yards for a touchdown, admitted he was disappointed with how little he played early in the season and actually approached defensive line coach Jethro Franklin about more playing time after getting in on only seven snaps against Wake Forest.

"David played his best game. He gave us something, gave us some energy," D'Onofrio said. "He looked like he had a little more twitch to him. He was moving around a little bit better, gave us something in the pass rush game. We created some competition over there. Quan [Muhammad] went into the game before him. When he got his chance to go in the game he made something out of it. That's what competition does."

> D'Onofrio said sophomore outside linebacker Tyriq McCord did well with his expanded role Saturday (the first time all season he was in on first and second downs). But D'Onofrio said McCord still has a couple things he needs to improve on.

"He earned the right to get in there. He's got big play ability and he has the right tools to really be good in this defense," D'Onofrio said. "He's just got to make his mind up daily that he's got to improve, which he's done the last couple of weeks I don't see any reason [he won't]. He's got a world of potential and he's continuing to improve. Being able to play all those guys helped us."

> Offensive coordinator James Coley, whose unit produced only 304 yards (third fewest this season behind Florida and Florida State), said the Hurricanes left a lot of plays out on the field against the Cavaliers.

Miami has struggled on third down over their last four games, going a combined 17 of 52 (32.6 percent). UM's third-down conversion percentage this season (37.6) is slightly down from a year ago (39.4).

"It's been a tough deal the last couple weeks," Coley said. "We just got to execute. We got to do a better job. It starts with me. I got to do a better job coaching."

Quarterback Stephen Morris didn't have his best game either against Virginia.

"Sometimes when the weather is bad you got to overcome those things, make your plays and trust your teammates," Coley said. "I love his attitude. I love the way he's approaching practice, the message he's giving the younger guys with regards to here's where we're going; this is what's facing. He's been very professional and business like. I love it. I like where his mind is at."

> Coley remains hopeful receiver Phillip Dorsett will play this week, but cautioned Miami's practice Monday was light. "He looked good running out there," Coley said. "We'll find out more [Tuesday] when things heat up."

> Coley said freshman receiver Stacy Coley, one of only three receivers to catch a pass in Saturday's win, has really matured as the season has gone on.

"He's a smart guy. He processes when you're either criticizing or you're coaching him or hard on him," James Coley said. "He's not listening to how you're delivering your message. He's actually listening to what you're saying. Smart players do that. They get past the other stuff. That's where he's improved."

> Cornerback Tracy Howard was named the ACC's Co-Defensive Back of the Week. UM has now had eight different players honored by the ACC in its weekly awards.


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this team was close to 11-1 (if they beat Pitt), but also close to 7-5. Let's hope we keep the 2014 recruiting class going strong.

well this was really like goldens 1st year. He inherited a mess of a roster, no depth, then shapiro mess, then got rid of alot of baggage players and last year played all young guys. With a top 5 class, we are prob 2 classes behind FSU but shoud have enough talent next season to compete with anyone in a game and no longer be blown out in losses. too much depth next year. 13 espn 300 players already in this 2014 class . THATS HUGE, not counting the last day few guys golden might steal

Hahahahah. They were playing soft just the last three series?!!! That is the funniest joke ive ever heard. Hilarious. Try the whole year donofrio.
Manny how did you manage to take these notes while jamming donifrios meat? Very impressive.
We will never be a legit contender with donofrio. Ever.
I like how tracy is playing though, too bad donofrio thinks he freelances, which is telling bc he is the only one making plays.
Coley deserves another year, and i am sonewhat intrigued by what ryan williams cab do. He looked good in garbage time this year.
Gotta hope donofrio is gone in the offseason.
Wont happen though

This DC cracks me up. Tackling. If I'm a high school player and a blue chip or a star recruit, do i all of a sudden forget how to bring guy down?

The fact is opposing teams consider it child's play to run right up the middle on UM's D.

DunnoToday, DunnoKnowAgainstPitt, JustDunno, DunnoHaveAnyUMTies, DunnoGetPad

Key words for the day: Regime change.

"Our 1st. Team Q.B. stinks... Let's put in our 3rd. string Q.B."

At least Coley admits the offense starts with him and that he needs to do a better job coaching. He deserves another year. Can't say the same for D'O. 3 years is enough. The defense did play better against UVA but they were playing UVA and gave up 435 yards.

Correction - 483 yards...

This place is turning into a joke.

Someone posting in everyone's ID now just to spit in everyone's face.

The things i do know:

1) Canes and Golden supporters get attacked daily by HTC, Gallo, Calvin, Cane72

2) Same group above always dogging on the Canes whether they win or lose. They want Golden fired but have no clue who they think would take the job for $2million that would be an improvement .

3) The same Cane defenders here get their ID's ripped off and misused.

Now the guy is tagging everyone and laughing about it.

It's gotten to the point where no one knows who they are talking to.

There is only one constant left: those who stand by the Canes, continue to stand by the Canes.

And the haters continue to hate on the Canes.

Same sh*t, different day...


He was talking about the game. Not a season. They play soft at times out of neccesity of no pass rush. That poor young secondary has to cover all day long. This team needs depth on dl that can rush passer. They are getting that. Guys need to understand all the crap golden and coach d and everyone at miami has dealt with with ncaa mess. Then u throw in the fact that very few of shannons' recruits actually were good. most shannon recruits sucked . Thats the truth he had only 2 real classes that are his. his first one was a short one after getting job and he was left scrambling to get players as shannon had 4 guys commited to canes. This staff is getting the team better and players better yr to yr and thats all u can ask. miami is on its way back and golden is the guy to get them there. Coach d has had top 20 defenses at temple of all places he can coach d.

He was talking about the game. Not a season. They play soft at times out of neccesity of no pass rush. That poor young secondary has to cover all day long. This team needs depth on dl that can rush passer. They are getting that. Guys need to understand all the crap golden and coach d and everyone at miami has dealt with with ncaa mess. Then u throw in the fact that very few of shannons' recruits actually were good. most shannon recruits sucked . Thats the truth he had only 2 real classes that are his. his first one was a short one after getting job and he was left scrambling to get players as shannon had 4 guys commited to canes. This staff is getting the team better and players better yr to yr and thats all u can ask. miami is on its way back and golden is the guy to get them there. Coach d has had top 20 defenses at temple of all places he can coach d.


so can you tell me how many years should it take ? 8, 9 or 10 years?

Bad news Hurricane fans, Alverage put in the same soft zone garbage defensive game plan that's been in place for 35 games now for the 36th week in a row today and because of that fact, Pitt now has an excellent chance of winning this game despite having inferior talent to UVA.

Who pre-ordered their season tickets for next year to attend this garbage for the fourth year in a row? Yeah.

Me neither.

Posted by: At least there's only one more game to go after this next toasting in the cold | November 25, 2013 at 08:25 PM

Thats because u aint a Canes fan so STFU.

Awe, the racist can't leave still.

Go paint your face like a Cal Bear student who just got housed by 50 by your rival team.

Oh wait, you did that two days ago, racist.

How anyone can still defend anything this acting dco says after getting drilt by DUKE (not Duke Johnson) is beyond me!!

At the begging of the season the hc was hollering we're experienced, deeper, tougher, stronger, conditioned, yada yada yada...

It's been anything but those things.

I got a clue for the Mac staff does no wrong crew. TRUST your eyes and IGNORE the bs coach speak!!

Almost 500 yards to a garbage UVA team...240 rushing the week after DUKE rushed for 350?? Any other dco would have been fired 5 times if the hc wasn't his bestie!

Canes fans should be ashamed of themselves for justifying such incompetence!

Well, I sure hope that we finish with a win and a win or decent performance in a bowl game. Hopefully the big turnaround that we (all real Miami fans) have been craving is just around the corner.

I have been somewhat critical of the performance of the team and coaches, but have decided to support our team and look forward to the future. Better talent will definitely help the coaches.

I have been preaching ever since I don't know when that Al Golden was a vertical move from Randy Shannon.

I actually think that if Randy was still the head coach, we would have had better teams the past three years.

It was unjust what UM, his Alma Mater, did to Randy.

Randy was not perfect, but he knew that if his OC or DC were not working out, he would get rid of them and get someone that would get the job done. Randy was learning to be a head coach, just like Al Golden is learning.

I have a feeling that Miami will play against LSU in the Chick Filet Bowl.

This will be a blow out win by LSU and it will be worse than the last time they played.

a blow out win like when Randy shannon was the Dc and looked like a deer in the head lights?

If Randy Shannon were coach the last 2 years we would have gone 4-8, 5-7. Seeee? Thats improvement!

The problem here is notjust donofrio. I abosultely feel that our offense with few exceptions (Duke early on, and now Hurns) is GARBAGE. pure andsimple. GARBAGE> Morris went 13 of 26 for G--ds sakes!!!! HE should have had 400 yds passing against UVA. So what happens then, 3 and outs give theball back to UVA! THAts how they had 99 plays. Thats how they drove the ball for 483 yds. BECAYUSE WE KEEP GIVING THE BALL BACK WITH SHORT DRIVESAND P--SS POOR TIME OF POSSESSION!


Youshould look more at our OC than the DC. Our OCV needs to get a lot of the criticism

Cane fans can NOT end the stupidity of the Cane coaching staff except by demanding they be fired.

If goldie and d'o use their NO def. of 3 down linemen, LBs five yards off the line of scrimmage, zone NO pass coverage, I guarantee Pitt will win and look good doing it.

If goldie and the OC continue to waste downs on offense by telling Morris to throw incomplete hail mary passes instead of 15 yard slant patters in and out, I guarantee the offense will have another bad day because the coaches force the offense to make first and tens with only two downs.

goldie and d'o and the OC just do not know football. And neither does the Miami AD and administration or they never would have hired these clowns in the first place. This is NOT and never will be Miami Hurricane football with the clowns running the clusterfug.

It's funny when I hear how "all you guys do is make excuses for Golden!!" and then the same guys turn around and make tons of excuses for Shannon and how he wasn't supported. Get over it already (CALVIN), Shannon is gone and deservedly so. If he's so great why is it the best job he can get is linebackers coach? I loved the man but he was not head coach material. Take the blinders off and see that he had no investigation to recruit under and his teams got weaker by the year. How many games did they lose in the 4th quarter? Canes started the fourth quarter four fingers thing cause that's when they put you in your place. Randy gave that away. I would take him over Duh oh no any day as DC, but no way he's a better coach than Golden. Randy's signature win was against Oklahoma? and Golden's signature win is against Florida. Now please tell me ONE Cane fan that would rather have a win against OK instead of FL??? Show me just one?
Yes, the defense is terrible and the offense has regressed. New OC can cause that. We got an OC that's never called plays and the old OC got a job in the NFL. How is that delta hard to understand? Now to Duh o no... the defense is terrible but they have shown some improvement so that means (to me) that he can coach. I don't know that I like the scheme, but it's pretty obvious the DL is disgustingly bad and the rest of the D is just damn slow. That is a terrible combination and who knows if this scheme isn't a way to try to hide those weakness' as best they can. I would love to see press man coverage but if your db's are slow and the qb can sit back there all day the wr are gonna get open behind your D and it's pitch and catch touchdowns all day. I can kinda see why they want to try to keep everything in front of them. I think in some ways they play the db's far enough off the ball in the hopes that at the time the wr's get to that level the DL might finally be starting to get pressure and those two scenarios at the right time can lead to turn overs or mistakes. I don't know, I don't claim to be a savant when it comes to football like our resident know it alls (Gallo, Calvin).
Hopefully now that the cloud is dissipating these guys might be able to start getting some of the DL talent and DB speed to stay in Miami. Until that happens it doesn't matter what scheme is run or who the coach is, the defense will continue to suck

Preach, Zen! These douches swear they know football better than everyone in here and yet they choose "their" facts and treat them as gospel, when in fact they're mostly f.o.s.

Preach, Zen! These douches swear they know football better than everyone in here and yet they choose "their" facts and treat them as gospel, when in fact they're mostly f.o.s.

Canes D RANKS NINTH nationally with 17 interceptions!!

6 wins 7 wins 8 wins and counting, IMPROVEMENT indeed! Stop fighting it!

Canes baby!!!!!


In reply to gocanes1, I could say: This team was close to 12-0 (after we beat PITT, and if we had put points on the board on the opening drive of the 2nd half at Tally), but also close to 3-9.

We beat FAU, SF, and Savannah handily, but every other game was undecided going into the 4th quarter. Without a Defense, you can't be optimistic about the future of this program.

Nevertheless, I want to support Coach Golden whatever direction he takes us in the off-season. Defense will improve if Coach keeps filling the talent pool and if the players keep building character in the weight room. I trust in Golden to decide on coaching matters.

He knows you can't build attendance at SunLife without a Defense. Campus stadiums that hold 100,000+ were built on Defense. We stand and scream on 3rd downs because we want to be the 12th man. We only buy promises for so long. Saturday's stadium attendance was an embarrassment.

Both Golden and defense coach trying to paint a picture so come Monday the heat isnt on defense again, Nate and Corn injury really dont make a lot of sense they were not starters, Ladrius is serious, but our two Temple coachs are covering their butt, Golden thinks he is slick, Mark just says what he is told. We need a high profiled defense coach to handle our team on defense, another year would be time lost, again no improvement even got worse, so thats the facts, nubers dont lie. No were not any younger or injured than other teams this time of the year. oUR TALENT IS HAS GOOD AS ANYBODY, ITS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT.

Mark is in left field, our best game yet, that should tell us all something about his level of concern, 483 yards is a terrible game as anybody will tell you. If we didnt get lucky with 3 turnovers, we would have lost the game hands down. What film is Mark looking at the keystone cops????Get a new coach who knows football whether Golden wants him or not, Golden cant see anything passed his friendship thats what needs to be fixed, wake up AD Blake.

Gator Football!


Get a new coach who knows football whether Golden wants him or not, Golden cant see anything passed his friendship thats what needs to be fixed, wake up AD Blake.

Posted by: hswalden@gmail.com | November 26, 2013 at 08:03 AM

Golden, even if planning this move, would not announce it to the public until after the bowl game, and even after NSD. So we cannot assume that he can't see past the friendship. But if we still have Donofrio in March, you will be correct, Golden will be allowing friendship to override what is best for the team.

We want a coach that is loyal to his players and coaches, but there has to be a point where that is no longer the case.

A question out of total curiosity, has Al Golden EVER fired anyone? I don't see any mentions of a Temple or Miami coach being fired by Golden.

But I DID find this bit of happy news, from back in September.


UConn is looking for a new head coach, and that friend Donofrio is on their (admittedly long) list. Article was from September before the defensive meltdown though.

UConn, UCan!

Today is the day that we find out if Winston is charged.

If he is charged, he misses that rivalry game to finish the season. But the guy deciding whether to charge?

1961 Leon High School, Tallahassee, FL
Tallahassee Community College
1976 B.S. Florida State University—Criminology
J.D. Florida State University Law School

Yep. Guy lives in Tally, and has lived there pretty much his whole life. Do you think he will go against his friends, family, and neighbors unless this case is a slam dunk?

If charges ARE filed, then it will be after Saturday's game, because it essentially ends FSUs title chances.

Today is the day that we find out if Winston is charged.

should have read as

Today is the day that we SHOULD HAVE found out if Winston is charged.

I am waiting for one Al Golden fanatic to admit he is the same as the coach called the worst coach ever. Al Golden is said to be such an extremely much better coach.

But, when and where has Al Golden done that, successfully, on the football field?

The question is in regards to the signature Al Golden win. Rivalry win and all now. The way Florida has played factors greatly into minimizing that win.

Chumpcane, ufelons were at 100% when we schooled U. That was a signature win.just because ya'll lost less players than Georgia southern and still lost makes no difference in the fact we beat ya'll head to head. And ya'll weren't even blocking your own players in our game.lol

So not one Al Golden fanatic will show were Al Golden is worthy of your praise. You fanatics are constantly on the blog posting nothing of substance. No proof that Al Golden is good at coaching.

The guy you haters should be talking about is Muschump and the entire coaching team for the Gators.

Talk about failure.

Well, Golden is at least better than the $4 million/year Muscrap so, you know, a much better ROI.

And the buck-toothed varmint Foley is "1000%" behind him for more fun next year.

Randy Shannon last recruiting class 2010: ranked 27th

Golden's recruiting class rankings:

2011: last minute recruiting class ranked 11th

2012: raked 7th

2013: ranked 4th

2014: ranking prediction 4th to 3rd

What can I see that the haters don't want to see?

The 2010-11 recruits are now seniors. Their poor rankings and last minute recruits to fill gaps make the bulk of last years and this years starters who know the play book. It's not a surprise we are still not among the elite.

Many of those "gap filling" players were cut from the team for academic and behavior problems. Not a surprise when trying to fill the team with subpar players and academic kids.

But now we are seeing freshmen and sophomore kids making an impact that came from the #7 and 4 recruiting classes.

But these guys are JUST having a shot at starting and have yet to see the play book for more than a year.

Now with another top 3-4 recruiting class coming in, the future looks very bright when we turn the page on 2013 into 2014 where the team will be composed of classes ranked 7th through 4th.

And I still predict some surprise flips that will have us in the top 3 by the time all the 2014 kids sign in.


I am not an Al Golden fanatic, but I HAVE answered your question. Here are some areas where Golden has earned praise.

1. He has the players better conditioned than they were when he got here.
2. He has the players competing for positions better than they were when he got here.
3. He has restored damaged connections to local high school coaches, improving our recruiting.
4. He has restored damaged connections to former coaches (Kehoe), former players (Portis), and kept his nose clean during the NCAA probe.
5. He has restored damaged connections to the media, to the point where people now complain that his is TOO well groomed and polished in dealing with the media.
6. A lack of coaching BLUNDERS that we used to see, with timeout issues, sideline disagreements, and horrendous bubble screens.

NOW, I know that none of those things are drawing up a play to beat FSU, like coaching is in the movies, but he is taking care of the fundamentals, just as Jimmy Johnson did.

But there are areas that he NEEDS to improve on, if he wants to be mentioned with Jimmy in more areas.

1. Aggressive Defense. Jimmy changed his defense after their three straight meltdowns to Maryland, BC, and UCLA. Will Golden make the change after three straight meltdowns to FSU, VT, and Duke?
2. Killer Instinct. How many games when the game was seemingly out of reach did our offense go three and out followed by the defense giving up scores to make the final score look closer than it needed to be?

And so we continue the preemptive anti- Randy Shannon posts^^

and then claim to be "Cane Defenders" when anyone dares to challenge them with a *response*. U are a "Cane Defender" but U UNPROVOKINGLY (WestCoastCane/SCB, MovingZen, Kinetic, 9>5>2, and others) come here everyday to trash a coach thats a 3 ring legendary Cane that hasn't been the coach for almost 4 years. But U are Cane Defenders right?

Also u fail to realize that anti-Golden posters call golden and D'no names--not other bloggers in their posts. Your responses bring in name-calling like "moron", "idiot" and "douche" directed at the bloggers whom U disagree with. Just check the exchange between Kinetic and Champcane from the last blog post or ANY other exchange for that matter--the sequence of events never fails.

Who is truly a "hater"

As for the racist troll who keeps leaving and coming: I do know who I'd rather have as a coach for UM

Winston Moss, Butch Davis, Kirby Smart, Raheem Morris, or even Mario Christobal after a few more years on that Alabama Saban staff that he's stealing techniques and secrets from as we speak. He's gonna bring it back home.

Thats what U call answering a question--now why is that so hard for y'all to do?

You show that Al Golden has more talent, than the previous coach. The same previous coach that is always brought up. And is said to be the worst Miami coach, ever.

The defense of Al Golden should be, see all these better players we have now. As well as all these wins we have, in these 1 loss seasons.

Not all these excuses why we, technically, have less wins. Since you showed how we should have more talent, not less. With less accountability, less discipline on the field and less success with this greater talent.

That is my response to the main racist on this blog. Who has shown he is the leader of the other racist. And will not leave this blog. As he has lied so many times that he would.

With respect Five, that list is BS.

#5 has made way for all the others because none of them can be proven to have been a true issue, so how can U prove that they've been improved on.

#5-The power of #5 is after he made inroads with that aspect of the job that directs the public sentiment--then every other initiative u cited was taken care of.

1,2,3,4,--are/were all powered by innuendo

#6--We still see every week overall and ultimately, U just made them specific to which plays and specific Blunders were witnessed with RS. U honestly don't see any gameday deficiencies with Golden? He himself admits to many after every single game.

The previous post was to Stormscomin/Westcoast/the other names he uses. I will update my post once I read Five Titles, if it is different for him.

HarrietTubmanCane, you are so very correct on their methods. As my grandmama used to say, "it's a shame and a scandal!" I couldn't say it any better.

U are comparing 3 games with JJ to 3 years with Golden.

just show up in PITT...PLAY 4 QTRS.
I see no improvement in Morris - new OC?..don't know - but, he does not have it this yr...defense can only win when we have turnovers...they cannot stop anyone, or get any pass rush...

IF, IF...We go to Chick-Fil-A BOWL, against LSU...Let's see if Al and Dno..can show better than Coker and Shannon...that game was the start of this downward spiral...or the Louisville waxing we took some yrs ago...nonetheless, this team has not shown up for big games in at least a decade....something has to change...

God Bless!

U are comparing 3 games with JJ to 3 years with Golden.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 26, 2013 at 10:37 AM

I guess I am. Although I was specifically showing two three game streaks of blowout defensive losses because that was what JJ faced.

But the point is still valid. JJ pulled the trigger, changed the defensive scheme from passive to aggressive, specifically to take advantage of the smaller but speedier players he had, and the Hail Flutie and Frank Reich comeback type plays no longer happened.

My point is that if Golden doesn't also make that change, then that is a failure by HIM, not by Donofrio.


I already said it several times, someone was using my ID to make those comments.

If you can't believe it, then I've got nothing else I can say.

But you know I come here to defend the Canes from your moronic posts so I expect you'll continue to ignore what I've said about those racist who used my ID.

You haters are also similarly hardheaded when it comes to the facts about our Canes team and coaches. Nothing I can do about your low IQ.

AND WHY has my screen name changed? Simple:

On my PC it's set to "stormscominbitches" and my ipad it's set to "westcoastcane" and I never bothered to change it.

What's the big deal about that? Especially that I already said it's me on both ID?

You girls get your panties twisted so easily. I don't know how you make through life....

It's takes a miserable sort of person to spend day after day spewing hate for a football team and other bloggers.

You'll all Jim Gallo wannabes. Miserable old fool.

And I ain't going anywhere until I feel like it you punks!

Try and make me. Ah aha you can't!

Sucks to be you.

Racist still can't leave, got to jock his fellow WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING until he gets that milk delivery from him. Berkley is notorious for those types of dudes on campus. Neither has claimed to buy a season ticket yet because neither does put their money up to back up what their racist and know nothing mouths, respectively, keep drooling onto the keyboard.

Johnson took over a defending national champion.

Alverage had three recruiting classes to build his style of football team at UM.

In Johnson's third year, what happened in '87?

So, next excuse and false equivalency Alverage golden shower takers to explain away the three straight blowouts and a the limp to the finish line this year . . .

Anti-Cane, Cool Cat & no Calvin or is anti Cane really Calvin? You 3 must be idiots. RS is a position coach. NOONE wants him anywhere as even a DC let alone a Head Coach. listen we know you 3 the skin game. Try to take the hate out of your system. Randy sucked that's why he was fired!

Let me correct that, Jimmy had three years of experience at UM in 87, his third season was '86, point still holds regardless of what Pedo State's crap defensive scheme got Vinny to cough up to them.

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