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News and notes from Monday: Injury updates, D'Onofrio talks defense, more

With the Hurricanes preparing for the season finale Friday afternoon in chilly Pittsburgh we got our only chance on Monday to talk to players and coaches -- aside from Al Golden -- before the game.

> The big news of the day is that cornerbacks Corn Elder and Nate Dortch are lost for the season. Golden had told us Saturday after the win against Virginia both were significant injuries. He wouldn't elaborate more on Monday, but Elder tweeted that he had a small tear in his meniscus. He was spotted walking around campus on crutches and with his right leg in a large brace.

"Disappointed for both of them because both were really starting to come on and both would have benefitted greatly from the [bowl] preparation moving forward," Golden said. "I also feel badly for Corn because I know he was anxious to play basketball."

Could they be back in time for the spring? "It'll be a couple of months for both of them," Golden said. "I don't want to jump ahead. The doctor is going to see where it's at and hopefully what it is what we believe it is and it will be a couple months' injury for both of them."

The good news? Freshman Artie Burns, who missed the Virginia game with an ankle, "looked really good" Monday according to Golden. 

> Ladarius Gunter, airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital on Saturday with a neck injury, was seen walking around campus in a neck brace. UM is keeping him out this week as he recovers, but there's a strong possibility he will be back for the bowl game. 

"He's around. He has a great attitude," Golden said. "[All the tests] are negative. It's just a function of him getting his confidence back, feeling comfortable and also the doctors clearing him."

> Miami had two 2014 commitments sign and return financial aid agreements on Monday with the school: blue-chip offensive lineman KC McDermott and receiver Braxton Berrios.

The NCAA recently made changes that allow a recruit on track to graduate early from high school to sign a financial-aid agreement as long as the participating college establishes that the player is enrolled in all coursework necessary to graduate high school at the midyear point.

The financial-aid agreement is not the same as a letter of intent, which binds a recruit to a college. The financial-aid agreement commits the university to provide a scholarship, but does not commit the prospect to accept. The benefit for UM? The Hurricanes are no longer restricted by NCAA rules that limit communication with a recruit.

Golden said he couldn't comment on any players who might have signed financial aid agreements because all documentation must first go through compliance and the league office. Golden said he would love to see an early signing day put it place and suggested around the holidays as the window (Dec. 22-Jan. 1).

"In a sense, we're almost circumventing something we've all wanted for a long time, an early signing day," Golden said of the new financial aid agreements. "It's kind of there. To some extent [this] does allow that to transpire. But I would be in favor of an early signing day. Fiscally it's the right thing to do. For all of us as institutions were going to save a lot of money. It clears up the pool for everybody who is a member institution.

> UM signed three fifth-year transfers last off-season: punter Pat O'Donnell and defensive linemen David Gilbert and Justin Renfrow.

Will Golden continue to take fifth-year senior transfers? Not if he doesn't have to.

"I want to get back to conventional recruiting," he said. "We would like to be back to manage our numbers and going through a normal recruiting cycle. This one, the penalty is already factored into this one. Next year, 2015, is the first one we won't have anything to deal with [in terms of the NCAA investigation]."

> Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said Miami's tackling effort against Virginia was the best performance of the season for his unit. They graded out at 93 percent. UM had graded out at 79 and 78 percent in its two previous losses to Virginia Tech and Duke.

"We're still a work in progress, fighting for consistency," D'Onofrio said. "They obviously ran for more yards than we wanted to. But at the end of the day we played almost 99 plays. You're going to have yards.

Virginia tallied 483 yards against UM, but 147 of those came on the final three drives of the game with UM already up 38-20 and playing a lot of prevent defense.

"The last three series we were playing soft the whole time," D'Onofrio said. "It's my job not to give up a bomb at that point and let them back in the game. We were getting there, hitting the quarterback, hitting him with a four-man rush and trying not to give up something deep. The snuck some runs in there, did some things. But you can't sit here and worry about the yards. You got to worry about the game. It's a play-by-play basis.

D'Onofrio said he thought Luther Robinson, Curtis Porter, Anthony Chickillo and Olsen Pierre "were stout" along Miami's defensive line Saturday.

"To answer your question it wasn't them," D'Onofrio said of Miami's early struggles against Virginia (203 rushing yards).

> Gilbert, who returned a fumble 72 yards for a touchdown, admitted he was disappointed with how little he played early in the season and actually approached defensive line coach Jethro Franklin about more playing time after getting in on only seven snaps against Wake Forest.

"David played his best game. He gave us something, gave us some energy," D'Onofrio said. "He looked like he had a little more twitch to him. He was moving around a little bit better, gave us something in the pass rush game. We created some competition over there. Quan [Muhammad] went into the game before him. When he got his chance to go in the game he made something out of it. That's what competition does."

> D'Onofrio said sophomore outside linebacker Tyriq McCord did well with his expanded role Saturday (the first time all season he was in on first and second downs). But D'Onofrio said McCord still has a couple things he needs to improve on.

"He earned the right to get in there. He's got big play ability and he has the right tools to really be good in this defense," D'Onofrio said. "He's just got to make his mind up daily that he's got to improve, which he's done the last couple of weeks I don't see any reason [he won't]. He's got a world of potential and he's continuing to improve. Being able to play all those guys helped us."

> Offensive coordinator James Coley, whose unit produced only 304 yards (third fewest this season behind Florida and Florida State), said the Hurricanes left a lot of plays out on the field against the Cavaliers.

Miami has struggled on third down over their last four games, going a combined 17 of 52 (32.6 percent). UM's third-down conversion percentage this season (37.6) is slightly down from a year ago (39.4).

"It's been a tough deal the last couple weeks," Coley said. "We just got to execute. We got to do a better job. It starts with me. I got to do a better job coaching."

Quarterback Stephen Morris didn't have his best game either against Virginia.

"Sometimes when the weather is bad you got to overcome those things, make your plays and trust your teammates," Coley said. "I love his attitude. I love the way he's approaching practice, the message he's giving the younger guys with regards to here's where we're going; this is what's facing. He's been very professional and business like. I love it. I like where his mind is at."

> Coley remains hopeful receiver Phillip Dorsett will play this week, but cautioned Miami's practice Monday was light. "He looked good running out there," Coley said. "We'll find out more [Tuesday] when things heat up."

> Coley said freshman receiver Stacy Coley, one of only three receivers to catch a pass in Saturday's win, has really matured as the season has gone on.

"He's a smart guy. He processes when you're either criticizing or you're coaching him or hard on him," James Coley said. "He's not listening to how you're delivering your message. He's actually listening to what you're saying. Smart players do that. They get past the other stuff. That's where he's improved."

> Cornerback Tracy Howard was named the ACC's Co-Defensive Back of the Week. UM has now had eight different players honored by the ACC in its weekly awards.


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So Gary do you have anything to add to this blog?

You and name changer, both are not adding anything worthwhile.

By my count the posters that show Al Golden is a fraud, did post details of his failure.

As for not being able to prove #1 through #4 on my list, let me at least try.

#1. "Not a single Hurricane failed the annual conditioning test on the final day before the season of preseason camp. Only half made it two years ago when Golden arrived."


#2. Subjective. Previous staff appeared to play favorites, and had a problem with younger players supplanting seniors. And there was the public transfer and negative comments from Robert Marve. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2008/12/qb_robert_marve_leaving_canes.php
The blaming of receivers for Jacory interceptions also added to that perception.

#3. "Since he was hired in December, Golden has stressed the importance of cultivating relationships with local high school coaches – some of whom former UM coach Randy Shannon didn’t have a relationship with, or did but it eroded – and by all accounts, Golden has been successful."


#4. Kehoe is now here, when he wasn't before. Portis spoke to the players, when he didn't before. NCAA found nothing on him despite watching closely for three years. I don't see that as innuendo.

#6. I have seen bad play calls, bad play results, and even bad preparation. But I have not seen a series of wasted timeouts, coaches yelling at each other on the sideline or in the booth, or players complaining about mistreatment by the staff.

The defense will struggle again next year. I don't care how good this upcoming recruiting class turns out, you don't win with true freshmen, and the D-tackle position will not be good. Linebacking will still not be good enough. The secondary should be the strength of the defense, such as it is.

To me the points you make, begs the question. Why no greater success, if those points are valid?

I don't feel they are valid. But if they are, three years is a lifetime to gain results.

Results with wins on the football field.

Mark is right the defense is a work in progress backwards under his leadership, need progress or resign and go back to Temple. We need a good man who can coach and show progress, 3 years were still not out of the gate.

SCB/WestCoastCane, no one ever attempted or even asked U to leave. U said U were voluntarily on 3 different occasions. So what are U ranting about???? I just asked why U never went forward with any of the 3, when U said U would. Its really that simple.

U can stay and get roasted--no problemo--easy work.

Where are your posts about the Canes though? And not about those who have an opinion about the coaching staff. U admit to existing to hate. But everyone else is the haters. You're taking criticism of the coaching staff as a personal shot at your manhood.

Also your name didn't show up in blue when U were on that Molly this weekend, so I don't believe the "hey, that wasn't me" excuse. Why did they pick U of all people?

Where would U be without Us--we are the provider of your existence here--according to your own words?

Jimmy Johnson's defense did'nt play soft to protect a lead. They played with the same aggression at the end of a game that they had in the beginning of one. D.O. coaches with fear.

Jimmy Johnson's defense did'nt play soft to protect a lead. They played with the same aggression at the end of a game that they had in the beginning of one. D.O. coaches with fear.

Posted by: ancientcane | November 26, 2013 at 01:38 PM


An AMEN to that Cane loyalist!

Matter of fact, ABSOLUTELY no previous Hurricane head coaches and their respective defensive coordinator's NEVER played soft and what not.

This playing SOFT and SCARED BEGAN when Goldie nd' Marky Mark took over in 2011! And that's a FACT, bUbba Jack.

Furthermore, both Goldie nd' Marky Mark inherited a defensive unit which RANKED No. 23 in total team defense in 2010 and made it look PASSIVE and NON-aggressive, which lead to a total team defense of NO. 46 in 2011! hUh

The bottom line is Miami's defense has steadily REGRESSED during all three seasons Thee Carpetbagger's have been in upscale Coral Gables.

Total Team Defense

No. 75 Miami, Florida

Thankfully there's only one game left on the docket. So the Canes total team defense ranking shouldn't DROP any further. dUh

Yeah, yeah Golden and D'Onofrio have improved the total team D-ranking from No. 117 to the current NO. 75. Bloody so what.

Because since 1983. When has ANY Hurricane defense finished at NO. 75 or LOWER!!

Even during Miami's 3 season probation period. The Cane defenses' NEVER finished ranked BELOW the NO. 40 percentile.

D, I'm sold. I say fire them all, let God sort it out!

Chit, under Davis one of his defenses DIDN'T finish ranked in the TOP 30 and he proceeded to do the WISE THING. He bloody well CUT LOSE his defensive coordinator.

The bottom line is Miami, Florida defense's have annually been ranked Top 25, Top 20 and dare I say TOP 10.

And not any of this Top 116 or Top 75 B.S. ( In season NUMBER THREE no less. )!!

But it's all moot now. Because y'all BANDWAGON and Goldie nd' Marky Mark LAP POODLES are satisfied with the below par rankings on defense. Go bloody figures'!

Again, ANY major college football head coach worth his salary. Would've done the WISE THING, and what not, and CHIT CANNED a defensive coordinator. Who happen to coach a defense which finished RANKED NO.117.

That's NO. 117!!

D, I'm sold. I say fire them all, let God sort it out!

Posted by: ChampCane | November 26, 2013 at 02:05 PM

LOL... It's a shame that a MAJORITY of Hurricane partisans are SATISFIED with the current SUB-PAR standards of Hurricane team defense. A bloody shame!!

Nevertheless, Cane partisans can still feel SORRY for Golden and surely Golden deserves TWO MORE seasons and what not.

However, the CURRENT Cane defensive master mind has TO GO!! NO if's, but's or maybe's. hUh


Stop fighting a battle you will never win.
I agree with Five for stating his case and referencing numerous articles to prove his point.

To say these points were "not valid " in you opinion is subjective and does not refute his ironclad references.
Success is building a team from the ground up and as Coach G has said" We have not arrived, we are still building ". Many times. You may not have heard him say that.

If a poster decides they like CG as a Coach, Mentor, Politician, Innovator for the New Sports Facility, and proposed Practice Facility, Leader whatever:

You WILL NOT change their minds.

Stop already trying to bait questions on CG's ability while insinuating references to past Coaches.

Either accept the fact that you can disagree with CG on many levels, but if you don't like him as a Coach then watch the 'Gators, or FSU or someone else. He is the LEADER of the 'Canes. FACT, and he is HERE at the 'U' hard at work..

You are a Johnny One note on this blog for a long time, so man up.
We KNOW you do not care for CG.
All your posts have the same theme.
Give it a rest!!!!
What else?.....
Go 'Canes

ancientcane, 1984 Canes did, 1985-1988 Canes did not.

In fact, before last year's defense allowing 365 points in 12 games, the 1984 Canes allowing 314 in 13 games was the worst the Miami defense had done. Neat coincidence. The arrival of Jimmy Johnson TWICE led to the leaving of Tom Olivadotti. Once as defensive coordinator of the Canes, and a second time as defensive coordinator of the Dolphins. I don't think they send each other Christmas cards.....

Harriet.. how is it hating on RS when I said I loved him? I stuck up for him like a mad man until he lost to USF.. and then he got fired a couple days later anyway. The most I said derogatory about about folks is that some people act like know it all football gods. I defended Randy while his teams got weaker and weaker.. and it was obvious something was going wrong. I'd take him back in a heart beat.. just not as head coach. The jury is still out on Golden and Duh O No..but if you couldn't see that Randy didn't have it as a head coach..I don't know what to tell you.

I ABSOLUTELY NEVER wanna' WITNESS any Hurricane squad getting MOLESTED, and what not, in any bowl game.

However, I really want to see this current Miami, Florida team face a MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD s.e.c. team.

Because then MAY BE y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark LAP POODLES will finally see the TRUTH about Cane defensive matters!!!

But then again, Cane partisans will come up with their USUAL EXCUSES and what not. dUh

Tom Olivadotti in 1984 is the equivalent of Mark Donofrio in 2013.

The difference? Johnson and Olivadotti did not get along, Golden and Donofrio are buddies.

Oh, and in 1985, Johnson implemented the 4-3, which should make the 4-3 fans on here happy.

Hurricanes deserve a ROBUST applause for giving away Turkey's in Overtown today!!!!

UGo is what you need to do. I have always said that I knew Al Golden was a bad hire. If that is new, to you, too bad.

Not only did I keep my promise and stop posting, because I said I would. I gave him the chance, I promised, and he failed. That is when I came back.

My slogan was that there should be no more than two losses, this year. Based on the words from Al Golden himself. I was listening objectively to Al Golden.

What is this attempt to not hold your coach to his words? I did it, so can you.

Stop attempting to change the reality of the events of Al Golden's tenure.

#UM DE David Gilbert said teammate told him he "had the calendar out, counting the days" it took him to score on 72-yard fumble return Sat.
Now that is a nice funny line right there!

It's like the line on Derrick Rose saying "year to year".

BTW, The Gilbert play was in the Top 8 show, but did not make the cut, in part because of another lineman running back a TD with a hurdle included.

They also had some "not top 8" plays, which I will not go into more detail about, but there was very funny and familiar play on there that has already been posted here by others.

Should a coach that allows over 400 yards rushing to a FCS team be fired? One that pretty much did not even have the pretense of a passing game?

That is even worse that what has happened to the Canes.


I love your writing style. It reminds me of Vodka and a burp.dUh!!

Make sure you are BLOODY sober before typing in CAPS.

Keep up the GOOD Work. dUh

Go 'Canes

ChampCane, serious question. Where did Golden predict an 11-2 season?

9-3 and 8-4 was what most of the folks I had seen had as their result.

I would be stunned that a coach would predict anything other than undefeated, even if they were coaching Purdue.

Tom Olivadotti in 1984 is the equivalent of Mark Donofrio in 2013.

Posted by: Five Titles | November 26, 2013 at 02:23 PM!!!!!!!!!

Your absolutely W-R-O-N-G with your inference, 5 Titles!

Because that particular Cane '84 defense was NOT EVEN close to being shameful as the CURRENT Hurricane defense OR the 2012 Miami defensive unit.

Fine, D.

Tom Olivadotti in 1984 is the CLOSEST (Miami Hurricanes defensive coordinator) equivalent of Mark Donofrio in 2013.

Good enough?

I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, I like Golden. He's done a good job recruiting and navigating the NCAA mess. With that said, this defense is a joke and anyone other coach in America is firing the DC with performances like we've seen this year in Coral Gables. You take away the Savanannah State and FAU and Miami's defensive ranks and PPG allowed would be in the 90's! Do the math, read the stats and rankings. Numbers don't have an opinion or bias. The defense doesn't work, our skill players that should be playing (McCord and AQM) haven't been playing, and if D'Onofrio is being honest about the players, then there is someone out of position almost every play. Who is responcible to fix those mistakes? The DC and D'Onofrio hasn't. It's getting worse actually. Now, as much as I do like Golden, if he can't do what's right for the program above the interests of his friend, he can go. I'm tire of coach and D'Onofrio talking about the NCAA and lack of talent. USC used those same excuses and after a single coaching/philosophy change are the hottest team in the nation just beating Stanford. There MUST be a change at DC or I'm okay with replacing Golden. Period. Coach, do the right thing for the program first.

Posted by: MovingZen | November 26, 2013 at 02:17 PM

Once again. There is no and never been any posts claiming Shannon to be a great coach or having what it took. Zero.

The hating is in reference to making a pre-emptive, irrelevant post about him unprovoked with intentions to throw his tenure under the bus to prop up Golden's.

When this ^^occurrence ceases to exist, then the Randy Shannon talk will as well.

Also, U claim to be a RS supporter but make light of his *supposed* and *assumed* inability to land a DC job. Would a supporter of someone choose to *assume* something negative about them? Thats the opposite of a supporter. Wouldn't a supporter err on the side of optimism?

Ask yourself: Was Shannon a good/successful LB coach with Cowboys and UM? Was he a successful DC at UM where he won the Broyles award in 2001?

Then U tell us "supporter". Why can't he get another job as a DC when he hasn't shown to be incompetent (but on the contrary--successful) in that position?

One other thing. When you have the color guys who are announcing the game calling what the next play ran will be and are correct 75%+, then clearly there is an issue. Teams have beat us underneath, with screens, power running game inside/outside, and we made the UNC QB, WF QB and Logan Thomas look like Peyton Manning. THERE HAS TO BE A PHILOSOPHY change on defense and it starts by removing D'Onofrio.

I'm tire of coach and D'Onofrio talking about the NCAA and lack of talent. USC used those same excuses and after a single coaching/philosophy change are the hottest team in the nation just beating Stanford. There MUST be a change at DC or I'm okay with replacing Golden. Period. Coach, do the right thing for the program first.

Posted by: UMCanes02 | November 26, 2013 at 02:49 PM

UMCanes02 is the kid ( MAN ) who dared to say, the Emperor has no clothes on. LOL

See his SAGACIOUS, opinion about Hurricane defensive matters and what not.

It was me who said this team should beat everyone, but Florida and Florida State. Because they were the only teams better on paper, prior to the start of the season.

As well as I knew Will Muschamp was a worse coach than Al Golden. But he had to really increase his team's talent. Since the SEC is the most talented of the conferences. Which he did increase his talent a great deal more in his three years. Than the job Al Golden has in his three years. And I gave Al Golden the benefit of the doubt, by excusing his first class of recruits. But Al Golden came to a lot more talent on the offensive side of the ball.

Al Golden has said how much stronger, bigger, experienced and well conditioned they were. Those made the greater recruits he got, remember many names post, better than any since 2000's.

I was even more sure of that when the ACC showed as weaker this year. Prior to many of the teams starting league play. I previously posted that. Duke beating everyone, including Miami, proves the weakness of the conference.

Posted by: UMCanes02 | November 26, 2013 at 02:53 PM

Something is amiss when said announcers say, SO nd' SO team is having their BEST rushing/passing game of the season at that time. When they faced Miami at the time of said game. hUh

Or such and such player his having his BEST personal game at the time he played the Canes. WITNESS Carolina BLue's TE or a host of other offensive RB's or QB's or WR's.

You guys on here are crazy but I love my canes and this defense is unacceptable. I know al came in with a lot going on around him so talent cant be up to fsu and bama depth but duke just blew us out. Someone pointed out all the nice recruiting classes we had the last three years..that should be enough to handle duke and stop other teams like va, wake forest, struggling vatech offense. I like al and i think he prepares the team mentally better then i seen in a while. I think we are conditioned better then i seen in a while. But this is some of the worst defense (12', 13') i seen in a while. So WHOEVER is responsible for fixing the defense needs to be on the hot seat. And that shouldnt be a debate, 100 excuses of why this is ok shouldnt follow either.

harriettubman- thats because your homeboy calvin and cool cat and cane 72 keep busting one wishing that shannon was back. Guess what dooshes he isnt- thank God. And once we get rid ofthe last remnants of Shannon- eg Morris, then we cans tart talking ships

For all the other geniuses_ Ok fire Golden and hire whom? Tell me. You gonna pay for it? Should we rehire Clint Hurtt?

Come on- these doosch bags like harriet tubman and cool cat are the same racists thugs who claim that Ken Dorsey was the most overrated QB in Miami history. Guess what- he is the best in UM history. look it up.

I do miss our stable of running backs and we should pursue Cook hard bc with Yearby THAt will be a stable. Duke will be gone after next season if he rushes for > 1000. Crawford will be gone. Who will that leave? We need something like:

Jackson, Davenport Portis Mcgahee Gore. BAM!

Well, one thing is for certain come Friday. NEITHER team should score more than 31 points. Especially seeing that both Pittsburgh and the Hurricanes will be playing in ARTIC-LIKE conditions. LOL

And for y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark apologists. That will be TWO straight games that their defensive unit has held an opponent's offense UNDER the THIRTY POINT barrier.

Panther's average " 106 yards " rushing per game.

Will Pittsburgh go beyond their game rushing average against Marky Mark's schemes and ploys.

Check in on Friday afternoon to witness the results. dUh

FWIW... Hurricane's are a - 3 point road favorite.

It seems the Sin City line makers know something about the game which the common gambling degenerate doesn't. hUh

Miami is 4-7 regarding the point spread this season. That's " 4-7, " if y'all are interested in such mundane college football matters and what not.

And not too many B.C.S. teams with a " winning record " have such an ATROCIOUS record regarding the point spread.

The Law of Averages say Miami, Florida should win the game outright and COVER the point spread.

But there's NOTHING average about the Canes SUSPECT defensive matters and what not. hUh

The last time Miami played in wintery conditions was the SNOW BOWL, or was that ICE BOWL, in sunny, El Paso, Tejas.

And y'all Hurricane partisans know what happened in that game. Ouch!

Why is Olsen#3
He stinks
His Bro?

Posted by: holmie | November 26, 2013 at 03:25 PM

Way to put a bunch of ideas in my mouth (pause holmie).

Your projection game is emasculate!! good job!

SHUT UP DOnofrio!!!

@Harriet.. there have been tons of posts about how RS was a better coach than Golden.. maybe not today, but I'm not just pulling this out of thin air. My post was not preemptive, and certainly not irrelevant to the conversations that have been going on here since the season began.
As far as Randy goes.. I supported him when he was the head coach here at Miami. Once again, I would love for him to come back as something other than the head coach. But since you asked, why can't he get another job? Maybe the people who actually have jobs in the football industry (not the blog know it alls here) saw enough of what he did here at Miami to give them pause when it comes to hiring him into a head coach or coordinator position. My point is, the fact that he hasn't been offered another hc or dc job is an indication of what the industry thinks of his ability as a head coach. I've seen plenty of coaches get fired and immediately get a coordinators job.. but not Randy. Do you have an explanation? If so, kick it down I'd like to hear what you think on this subject. Imo just because Randy didn't cut it at the HC position, it doesn't tarnish his Cane legacy at all. Just because I don't want him as the HC of the Canes doesn't mean I dislike him or wish him ill things.

The problem with Miami in the last 4 games has been teh OFFENSE. Not the defense. The Defense depends on time of possession by the O. You keep getting 3 and outs like Morris keeps giving us, and punting from our own 20-30 yd line over and over, it places tons of pressure on the Defense and makes it a lot easier for the other teams offense to move the ball. Our field position battles have been horrible. Against Duke, etc. And Morris' 3 an outs didnt help. Neither did his busted 3rd down conversions (which also have been horrible the last 3 games).

Please Morris, convert on 3rd down!!!!!!!!!

Another moron poster here keeps going back to the D's 117 position from last year. Newsflash- Mr lives in the past: We are not even close to being 117 on D this year!!!! wHAT IS THE TERM FOR THAT?



How many batteries does it take to beat the gators?
Wait for it.

1 AA

Go Canes!!!

Thats not just not true, there has been a ton of posts saying that Golden is no better than Shannon results and coaching ability-wise. Everyone agrees that Golden has RS on the aesthetic/appearances related aspects or components of the HC position.

Most coordinators don't make good HC, so is fair to relegate, demote, and ignore RS accomplishments as a DC because of his failure as a HC? The positions are quite different. Also, U don't *know* what jobs RS has been offered or not. So your points are pure speculation--and pessimistic speculation at that. Thats like someone saying that JJ, Lovie Smith or Tony Dungy can't coach or the industry sees them in a bad light because they haven't taken in job offers or haven't been made any job offers.

U don't know that and would choose to assume that about JJ would U? So are U assuming it and trying to make an excuse for the industry, in regards to RS?

How is siding with an assumed excuse considered support or Cane loyalty?

Again, what did he do here as a DC? He was the best in the country arguably every single at the DC capacity so why no offers at the position he is proven at?

I know that doesn't mean U dislike him but this does mean U are allowing the industry to dictate how U feel about his defensive coaching acumen despite the proof U have of his abilities as a Cane fan.

U wrote: "Get over it already (CALVIN), Shannon is gone and deservedly so. If he's so great why is it the best job he can get is linebackers coach?"

Again, Calvin's posts never say RS is great, they're responses to people saying RS sucked and has hampered Golden. His posts are ask for proof that Golden is better using stats--No one has obliged.

Posted by: Five Titles | November 26, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Wow, I don't know how I missed this post, but how do "back up" all of your points with articles from the same biased (U yourself have said that they didn't like RS) media who in my previous I acknowledge and pinpointed as the communicative and propaganda machine behind everything U wrote on your initial list?

So of course U can back your list with articles--the articles devised by Chris Freet are designed to give those impressions of a bad job all around by RS. If U are trying to sell a no name Mac coach with a below .500 winning percentage as a HC, then elites believe that U must disparage the parting regime to validate the incoming. The incoming coaches record didn't speak for its self nor validate his hiring, so RS got threw under the bus in every category to compensate.

And like Champ said, with all of this aesthetic success under Golden that trumps Shannon--where's the success on the field? And not relative success because according to y'all, RS wasn't relatively good--he was horrible. With that said, why don't the numbers agree?

Where I'm from and via my experiences--I don't have the luxury of believing whatever the media says. There's 3 sides to a story and the media routinely neglects to cover 2 of them. The one that they give life to or provide a forum, is always that of the wealthier, more influential and powerful party.

A Randy Shannon piece would be pure exposure. Of course he would be black-balled afterwards, but whats the difference between his current state and that state?

I've logged onto this MH site and blog everyday since 2006 or maybe longer. That allows me the opportunity to keep up with what's happening in my city. I've read these blogs and NEVER felt the need to comment on them. Honestly, I just like reading the post to see how "OFF the wall" some of the posters are. I now reside in Ohio but graduated and played football @ Miami Central High, where I earned a football scholly so I'm no "johnny-come-lately" to this blog nor to the game of football! As a matter of fact, I played against RS (and John Effort?)when he was a linebacker @ Miami Norland High. I hit them up for a 77-yard TD reception but they won the game--still salty about that!!!

With that being said, I felt compelled to interject this word of clarification regarding RS and his current place and position of employment. I'm not pro-RS or anti-RS but I am PRO_TRUTH!!! It's becoming sickening to keep reading the same MIS-REPRESENTATION that some are hell bent to saying.

Randy Shannon (after his firing)was in fact interviewed by a few high caliber FBS teams for their DC position and was offered the DC position @ Univ. of Maryland by the current HC. He DECLINED each offer because he would've lost money from his "buy-out" package from the U (which I often questioned why even interview knowing you weren't going to accept the jobs if offered). This is/was documented and talked about often during that period of time. It was only AFTER he got all his money (though he had to threaten the U with a lawsuit to get it) that he IMMEDIATELY took the TCU Linebacker position job (which was a standing offer from Coach GP)and then bolted to Arkansas, where he is now. Those putting nails in his coffin as a DC should probably use "thumb tacks" so they won't be too difficult to remove later!

So it baffles me that the RS bashers (nor his supporters for that matter) ever mentioned this. However, with all the vitriol that is spewed on this site day-after-day, I guess I can see why. I too don't believe that RS was the best HC and that he didn't take advantage of his U and Miami, FL legacy in the most productive and prudent way BUT neither was he given all the resources (i.e., money, staff, administrative support, etc.) that the current coaching staff has either.

I will close this comment by saying that being one that lives in Buckeye country, it's hard to rep the U with the terrible defense we have. That's not name-calling or mud-slinging; it's simply a fact!!!

@Harriet.. do you know that RS has been getting offers and turning them down? or is that just speculation on your part. I would guess that if RS had been offered something better than lb coach he would have taken it.. and of course that's speculation.. everything we do here is speculation and opinion. I'm going to speculate that JJ and TD are fine right where they are and may not have any interest in coaching anymore. I think at some point guys of that caliber either get offered perfect situations or they don't budge from where they are.. they don't have anything left to prove.
I've seen plenty of Calvin's posts about Randy and they are not all "in response" posts. I'm not going to argue with you about it, I've seen them but only chose to respond to 'all of it' now.
Just how much more can I support RS than to say I admired him as a cane and would love to have him back as DC. How many times do I have to say that?
I stuck up for Randy on this blog and took heat for it. But after his team lost to USF it was obvious he didn't have what it takes to be a HC. I don't know that Goldie has it, but considering what he's been up against, I'm willing to give him more time. If his buddy doesn't get it together real soon, Golden can either fire him or head on down the road with him.
Some of the other stuff you're talking with other people about I'm not even interested in. And I'm not trying to hate on Calvin, I completely agree with him that Jacory was a better qb than Morris... I'll prolly take heat for that but whatever. lol, but Calvin is crazy to say Dorsey was the worst U qb ever tho.


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