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News and notes from Monday's practice: Duke, Deon, Dorsett, D'Onofrio and defense

As devastating as it was to get dominated in the second half by rival Florida State and lose Duke Johnson for the season in the process, the Hurricanes shifted their focus Monday and completely immersed themselves in preparing for Saturday's pivotal Coastal Division showdown with Virginia Tech.

"We have a lot to play for," UM coach Al Golden said. "We got a lot of season left. How we play here in the next four weeks will determine how much, what the stakes will be. It's real important we get back on the saddle given the team that's coming in, their tradition, what they've meant to this division and the challenge they pose."

The Hurricanes (7-1, 3-1 ACC) still control their destiny in the Coastal Division. But lose to the Hokies (6-3, 3-2) and the Hurricanes will need help to reach the ACC title game.

"It's still all in front of them," Golden said. "What they have to do is trust what we're telling them. Let them go through that process of growing and maturing and learning, just focusing on the details everyday and not focusing on everything else. Sometimes you get stung."


> The No. 1 question on the minds of all Hurricanes fans has to be just how bad Duke Johnson's injury really is. A source inside UM told me Johnson's broken ankle is not nearly as bad as the one receiver Malcolm Lewis is still trying to completely recover from.

When asked if Johnson might be ready for spring ball, Golden appeared encouraged: "I think he'll be back sooner rather than later," he said. "We're going to try like heck to get him stronger, really work on his nutrition and his weight gain. I know Clinton Portis is one of the guys who talked to him about that. He's got to continue to get stronger, and he will."

> How will the Hurricanes handle not having Duke around? Offensive coordinator James Coley said replacing Johnson's production will involve a running back by committee approach. Still, expect to see Crawford handle the bulk of the carries with Clements coming in on third downs and Gus Edwards likely participating in special packages. Freshman Walter Tucker is simply taking more reps in practice in case any of those three go down.

Golden said the reason Edwards had not seen much work (one carry for no yards at North Carolina) since tallying 166 yards and three touchdowns on 22 carries against Savannah State and USF four weeks ago is because Duke Johnson and Dallas Crawford "were holding his reps off."

"Gus is ready for this now," Golden said. "He's going to be in the mix and is definitely going to be carrying the ball for us on Saturday."

Golden said the offensive play-calling would not be scaled down with Johnson out and noted that the team's mental errors are down 50 percent from where they were a year ago "at this very date."

> Expect to see safety Deon Bush a lot more this week against Virginia Tech, which could lead to fewer minutes for senior AJ Highsmith, who despite making Miami's only sack Saturday didn't have a great game overall.

Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio and Golden both came to Highsmith's defense Monday. Golden actually said Highsmith "played really well at FSU" and has done a great job "leading, getting us lined up."

"I know he'd like to have the one play back -- he's was probably one step away from intercepting the deep play [to Kelvin Benjamin] -- one of the few deep ones they got in the game," Golden said.

D'Onofrio said Highsmith didn't get the help he needed from the cornerback covering on that play (Ladarius Gunter) and noted Highsmith has "played played a lot of snaps without a mental error. Going into that game he was 250 snaps without making one mental error, which is hard to do, especially at that position."

Still, D'Onofrio conceded he'd like to have a more physical safety out there. Bush had four tackles and his first career college interception Saturday (his previous one came his junior year at Miami Columbus).

"It is the most he's played and the best he's looked so hopefully we can get him back to the confidence level he was playing with last year prior to the injuries he's had to deal with," D'Onofrio said.

"We need physical players back there. Your physical players in games like that have to make plays, they have to impose their will. You guys know who they are. You watch the games. The guys that are physical, that can cause fumbles, those guys have to show up and be physical. He's one of the guys that can do that. And we're going to need that from him."

Bush said Monday he still experiences some pain in his surgically repaired groin, but is feeling the best he has in a long time. He also dealt with neck/shoulder injury last year.

> D'Onofrio said his defense was obviously disappointed with giving up 41 points and more than 500 yards of offense to Florida State because they had a lot invested into Saturday's game. But the Hurricanes did enjoy some success against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston early, throwing a mix of man and zone coverages in with an occasional blitz, leading Winston holding onto the ball and to two interceptions.

The problem for UM was they couldn't get off the field on third down and let Winston escape the pocket a few times on third downs for first downs.

"That was disappointing," D'Onofrio said. "Our guys had an understanding of who was back there [Jameis Winston] and we just didn't make plays on him a couple times. We didn't have the vision we needed there. It's really a two-level deal. You have to keep him in the pocket, try to come clean and get a sack, and then have underneath defenders that have vision. Somebody needs to be a wrap player whose watching him if you're in man coverage and then all the underneath defenders need to watch him in zone. We just have to do a better job overall when you're dealing with a mobile quarterback like that."

The difference in the game, D'Onofrio said, was Florida State's ability to establish the run in the second half. Once the Seminoles went up by a couple scores Miami was simply playing catch-up.

> Against Virginia Tech's offense, the Hurricanes will have to try and contain a quarterback that has beaten them with his legs before.

Senior Logan Thomas ran 22 times for 124 yards and a touchdown last season against UM, but struggled throwing (19-37, 199 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs) in a 30-12 Canes win. A year earlier in Blacksburg as a sophomore, he lit UM up, finishing 23 of 25 for 310 yards and three touchdowns and running for 38 yards and two scores in a 38-35 win.

Defensive tackle Justin Renfow, who faced Thomas a few times when he played at Virginia, said its even more important this week for the Hurricanes defense to make sure they don't let the opposing quarterback escape the pocket.

"Logan Thomas is a good quarterback and I think think its even more important this week [to cut off running lanes," Renfrow said. "He's been a lot more run first. One look and if his first look is not there he's tucking and running. As a d-line we definitely have to corral him because he tries to run people over. The big guys up front need to be delivering the hit instead of leaving it like we did against Florida State for the corners and safeties to come up and do it."

> Golden made it seem Monday as though receiver Phillip Dorsett might be able to come back before the end of the regular season. "He is fighting like crazy to get back" Golden said. "We have to help him by continuing to play well."

A source said Dorsett had a clean tear in his MCL, which was helpful in his case, and was catching passes at Monday's practice. Still, it's more likely to believe Dorsett will be back for the ACC Championship game, assuming Miami makes it.


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I am ashamed of Coach D's execuse.

Pleas don't blame anything on our players.

You are good person but not good coach.

Go canes.

Canes...please bring it vs. VT. The fans want to know you are just as pissed about the FSU game as we are.

Get well sone Duke. go canes!

Wow catching up on the blogs tonight. Some great comments. I think we all get too hung up on strategy. Bottom line, coaches coach and players play. In the second half, and I have to back up what several have said, I mostly saw four man fronts. I didn't see as much blitzing as in the first half but that was understandable. The blitzes weren't successful. But I saw what everyone saw, FSU man handled us in the running game and killed us with the short passes in the flat. And that defense was worn out by being on the field the whole third quarter. No scheme would have survived that.

Now, I know what the beef is. Attacking four-three versus four-three when you engage the blocker first. You really need an entire front seven of all pros to be successful at the former. That just doesn't work. Take the Ravens. Ray Lewis was almost on the way out at Baltimore five years ago. But then they drafted Nata. He engages two blockers every play in the middle, and Ray could roam free and make plays again. We just-do-not-have-that-guy. Warren Sapp, Jerome Brown, Darren Krein, Russell Maryland, Ted Hendricks, Vince Wilfork, Danny Stubbs, Ruben Carter (I am sure I missed several other great defensive players but I could go on and on)do not play for us anymore. We play the guys we have and run the scheme based on these players. We don't have Jesse Armstead, Darren Smith and Michael Barrow in the middle right now. You can run the attacking 4-3 with those guys and the special D lineman. No disrespect to Green, Perryman, or Gaines, but they are not those type of players. That doesn't mean they are not good players but those were hall of fame linebackers back in the day. Modern spread offenses were invented to defeat the attacking 4-3, because you will observe that a lot of times, it is the D lineman that make the tackle on the bubble screens by not being way up the field after the snap.

My point is we are playing the cards smartly with the players we have. These players are fully capable of beating VT but Stephen Morris must play better than he did at FSU. He absolutely must check down against VT because their best players are in the back field of the defense in the passing game. He might beat them when healthy with his arm. He will definitely get picked with the throw like he made to Coley if he is not.

This will be a close, hard fought game Saturday. In his mind, Beamer wants to coach two more years, at a winning level, and hand the reigns off to his son. That is in doubt in Blacksburg right now. He has to beat us to hand off the reigns to his kid (who doesn't deserve it but has Daddy's last name). Most of Beamer's success can be traced to Bud Foster but he hasn't asserted himself as the coach who deserves the job. But this will be a dogfight without the Duke. Canes must go all in on this one or they will find themselves in another Micro Computer chip type of bowl game.

I am extremely disappointed with D'Onofrio's side of the ball. It's time for him to take some responsibility for the defense's poor play. Giving up major yardage week after week in the run game is totally unacceptable. I could not possibly be more disappointed with our execution. We must defeat Va Tech! It really is that simple.

Really good read from Joe Nocera and the NYT regarding the NCAA and Miami mess:


"It's still all in front of them," Golden said. "What they have to do is trust what we're telling them. Let them

ROFL, this guy is not apart of the team, just more proof of why i call him an outsider. After a loss, it's they, them, after a win, he's always trying to give credit to his boy the 500 club and the process, it's comical & sad.

And than to top it off, here comes the other hypocrisy by the 500 club:

"D'Onofrio said his defense was obviously disappointed with giving up 41 points and more than 500 yards of offense to Florida State because they had a lot invested into Saturday's game."

LOL, which stat were they disappointed in, the 41points or the 500 yards, couldn't have been the 500 yards when the head swine of the defense clearly said out his own mouth, he's not worried about yards given up. As if we didn't know that, after over 2 1/2 years of watching this sissy scheme, clearly, and it's real clear you're telling the Truth.

By the way, can somebody post what our defensive rankings are now after playing 3 straight d-1 schools, the real Truth is starting to come out now, same amount of yards starting to be given up just like last year.

Calvin we know you are rooting for Miami to lose. LOSER that YOu are

UM mustmust win vs VT. As important if not more thanthe FSU game

Cal, didn't I have a pre-game post where I said I looked forward to Golden's continued use of unifying words (in the case of an unfortunate loss to FSU) like: "our", "us", and "we" that he had adopted post the Florida win and during the last 7 weeks of prosperity? Pre-Florida, we called him out for using: "they", "them", and "their brand".

Are U telling me that he's back to the "us" and "them" stuff after some adversity hits??

I wish we could see the defensive numbers minus FAU, USF, and Savannah St. all two win teams.

Pardon me, Savannah St is 1-9 and USF has 2 wins (2-6). FAU is 3-6.

We have more wins than 3 of our opponents combined.

Dude who killed ST got convicted yesterday! But why did it take 6 years? They're all saying the other one fired the shots, but it don't matter--life all around for them all.

The problem with dno is he comes out so soft and non aggressive qbs get in a nice groove against us by playing pitch and catch down the field it's so common for opposing qbs to start 6-7 for 70 yds converting 3 for 3 on 3rd and long. Our guys played hard given the handcuffs of the dno scheme but in reality Dnos scheme only caused one int and that was the 1st the 2nd was just a purely bad throw by Winston bc the guy was open he just threw it behind so that was on Winston the first on dno. But besides that fsu drove at will up and down the field we could not force one punt or fg. I wish he would just for once say it was his scheme and not the players. And I know players make plays and coaches coach but coaches have to put their players in a position to succeed which dno rarely does.

Rabblerouser, Not much of a fan if you didn't know that the Canes are 24 in the nation in total defense. They allow 20.6 points per game. You really ought to know your stuff.

golden really needs to come out and say that d'o is his friend, but d'o needs to go because he does NOT know anything about defense and constantly blames the players for his lack of knowledge.

Defensive players are tired? Yes, of course the linemen are tired because d'o puts in three or four down defensive linemen with no close LB support to take on 6 or 7 offensive linemen and blocking backs. How in hell can d'o or golden expect Cane defensive linemen to stop runs or rush the passer?

d'o and golden just do NOT make any sense strictly from a math standpoint. 3 or 4 against 6 or 7 offensive players.
OF COURSE, FSU and all the other teams will put up big numbers of yards and scores on the Canes.

And zone pass, d'os NO COVERAGE with Cane DBs guarding empty space instead of receivers is just as insane.

For one time, one lousy game d'o take my advice, FOUR down def. linemen with the DE on the outside shoulder of the offensive TE or tackle in the box. Man to man underneath with free safeties over the top. Disguised blitzes. If you could get this right, first Miami could start to dominate and get three and outs. And second, then, I could teach you even more good football strategy even without an 800 thousand dollar salary.

thats easy.....438 average defensive years if you remove FAU - USF and SS

2013 defensive yards average is 486.....like I have always said.....this coaching staff is weak....beginning of season bloggers go from maturity - great depth and experience to:

"we got beat because FSU has more experience and greater depth"...which is total lie since UM has a more mature team and is bigger.....just look at the 2 deep rosters for both teams.....there is your proof....

and depth? that's even funnier....

QB - 5
RB - 9
OL - 12
TE - 7
WR - 15
DL - 19
LB - 11
SS - 13
ST - 5

how much more depth does a team need to have? AG is and will always be a sub .500 guy.....if that was not the case his statistical performance would have changed already....

fsu loses kirby smart and mark stoops....hires a defensive back coach in jeremy pruitt and this guy shuts down UM...COLD

how in the world can UM be in this position defensively unless the coaches s...ck, that is the only answer left....

morris - hagens - clements - linger - henderson - wheeler - cleveland - hurns - porter - green - cain - dye - gains - cornileus - highsmith & rodgers...all your impact players GONE.....if golden/dnofrio cant coach these guys up how will they do with the others?

and if you think williams or olsen get you there, your in fantasy land.....

coach d is a joke..his pathetic game time strategy is whats causing this d to look bad..linebackers playing too deep off the line,corners playing 10-12 yards off receivers and safety's,already too deep,taking off back as soon as the ball is snapped..and for god's sakes where is the blitz..maybe this jerk off could head over to jacksonville and meet up with that other pathetic former canes coach,see how well he's doing,and get us a D coordinator with some balls..

prevent defense.....thats what it is called vs the fsu defense that players say is like playing on offense.....thats the difference.....

UM defense is not FUN.....we don't turn our guys loose on anyone because we are AFRAID....."got to keep the game in front of us"......

word of the golden era at UM


Had we "turn[ed] our guys loose" against FSU, it would have be 41-0 at halftime! This team is not ready yet. I agree we play a soft, bend-don't-break D. You have to break down each opponent. Against UNC, Wake, etc. we should have been on attack mode, teaching our kids how to play aggressively and when take risks. But Saturday, was not the day for that. If you disagree, just look at how the blitz worked out for us on the screen pass for a TD! Our D-line and LBs are simply not good enough. You can't blame the scheme for players not making tackles on contact. Guys are consistently in the right place at the right time, but don't drop the runner until he gains another 3-4 yards. And THAT you can blame D'Onofrio for. THAT is his job! FUNDAMENTALS and TALENT win games, not scheme. Just look at the top 4 teams in the country - each with very different schemes.

"We have a lot to play for," UM coach Al Golden said. "We got a lot of season left. How we play here in the next four weeks will determine how much, what the stakes will be."

Sounds like Golden read Manny's article from yesterday.

Does anyone else find it stunning that the city of Miami finally gets rid of the NCAA and then the NFL comes down to investigate the Dolphins?

I think this one is worse than the NCAA deal, because at least the NCAA one was about someone giving to others, while the Dolphins one is about players taking from their teammates.

Incognito and Pouncey and that crew are no longer going to be controlling that locker room. Is it true that Pouncey was seen wearing a Free Incognito hat?

Well said, Tampa Cane! That screen pass was the beginning of the end, he catches the ball on his side of the 50, and goes untouched to the end zone? That would not happen to Savannah State, let alone a Miami team. Only one Cane threw his body into the line of blockers, but he was a DB getting up after a previous blocker knocked him down. The rest were late and slow to the party. A screen on a blitz is usually a big gainer, but not THAT big.


HTC, it took six years because the guy used every trick in the book to delay his trial. Fired lawyers to get continuances, requested reinterviews of people only peripherally involved in the case, and attempted to get mistrials and his own blatent confession thrown out.

Sad that it took this long, but if this was not a high profile person killed, he might have even gotten away with getting a mistrial when some witness changed their story just because they forgot a detail or two after six years. I am sure a few people do get off the hook with that strategy.

Canes have a loss, so Gallo is back to his made up lists. Please ignore the lies folks, he never backs them up or admits when he is wrong.

and once again, no discussion of Mrris' dismal QB play.

FSU offense salivating at the thought of playing 'Canes in potential ACC Championship game. To know you can run 10-12 yards up field, turn around to catch the ball, and know there are no defenders near you must be a great feeling. So why did they play different in the Florida game?

Exactly, first of all when we couldn't make our way into the red zone n the 1st series of the second half. I believe Water's missed a catch on 3rd and 6. We punted and they scored on the screen That was the beginning of the end. There is no doubt that Coach D had them confused in the firs half but we needed to tie it up in that 1st series of the 2nd half. These coaches have prepared these players well for the most part. Would i have run Duke on 4th and 1 NO! By the way who the hell do you folks think wants to come and coach here now. You all d best pray Golden stays. The situation in Gaytor land should help Golden close even stronger...They will all come, they will all win and they all play on Sunday's....

Morris is bigger problem than anything else we got right now

Calvin and Gallo are racists!

Mark, I would say second biggest problem behind losing Duke, but he is the biggest CORRECTABLE problem. Guy is obviously limping and injured, but still goes out there each game. Credit to him for trying, but discredit to the coaching staff for not trying plan B at any point. ONE series in the third quarter, before the game got out of hand, just to change things up, maybe catch FSU off guard, and if nothing else give Morris some time on the sidelines to see the game from a different viewpoint. We swap out the linemen, receivers, running backs, and even the TEs, why not give the QB a chance to get a break, too.

I was one of the first to criticize the administration for bringing in Golden and his staff after RS was fired, but at this point, Golden needs time to bring in bodies that can play his system. Watching FSU, we are not there yet. We need two great classes filled with OLBs, DLs and 2 great Safeties for this defense to work. The fact that we are getting jr college LBs to come in and play right away will help tremendously. We need Johnny Dixon, Moten, and either Cook or Mike to come on board. The players on this team right now play hard and don’t quit; even though we lost to FSU, we are still ahead of the curve and that’s a good thing.

Tampa the top four teams do have different schemes but they all have one thing in common they are all aggressive and attacking. My biggest gripe is lack of aggression, the point of zone is to send more pressure than they can block and u use zone so even if you don't have enough players to cover man for Man U compensate by making them cover their zone. Our zone is like no pressure so it gets picked apart its like we play prevent from the first play. Why not play man under cover two on top? At least if he played that the players would be let to play and their athletic ability would be allowed to shine. For example I watched alot of Howard in hs and he had that confidence that he can lock up anyone sure hell get beat occasionally but his talent is wasted sitting in a zone. When was the last big time db that came from a most soft zone defense? Imagine if a guy like rolle was asked to sit in a zone. U can't get in an opponents head playing soft zone. U remember how we shut down Fitzgerald and every big time receiver we faced? When in Dnos three years have we done that and that is not a talent issue bc we allow inferior talent wrs and qbs to constantly have career days. If the reason we play zone is bc were not ready talent wise what do u call the number 1 cb in hs. Why not tell him during the wake game you are sticking to their best receiver man to man the whole game and allow Howard to ball out. Teams with inf talent if u go by rankings like vt play aggressive man did u watch them man up and shut down Alabama? That final score was bc Logan is a guy who didnt even want to play qb and bamas returner went off but they shut down bamas offense. And do not tell me vt is close talent wise the talent gap between bama and vt is much much larger than between um and fsu. But vt maned up and played. Talent is not the issue it's dno bc u never maximizes what he has if anything he under utilizes his players

When Golden is rid of most or all of Shannon's recruits then things will start to get better. There are a few who are performing well but most of them couldn't start for a lot of other teams in the top twenty!
So when Calvin is critical of things he is critical of his buddy Shannon's recruits! LOL and he is too ignorant to understand that!

I am still trying to heal from the FSU game, but this I know. D'Onofrio is a mayor AH !! They should have use Craword more instead of Duke over and over again. At the second interception by Morris ( a good quarterback) Williams should have been brought in. You need to play with the team and not over and over with the same players till they burn. Oh, and by the way, WE DO HAVE TIGHT ENDS !!! Use them more often and make sure they are not jugglers !!
E. Martinez

It doesn't matter if a player is a golden recruit or Shannon recruit, the coaches jobs are to understand what he was left analyze their strengths and weaknesses and put them in the best position to make plays. If Pruitt at fsu used our logic he would have said I don't have the talent to run the bama defense and I didn't recruit these guys so let me wait 2-3 years until I have the players I want and then well be good. But instead he adjust the whole defense to fit his players strength. Our staff esp dno does not do that.

The Rematch in Charlotte is a long shot. Our Defense is terrible. Duke will light us up in the Air and Va. Tech will run over us. Aside from mediocre coaching on both sides of the field, our D-Line has been very sub par now since the days of Bryan Pata and company. Which reminds me, the anniversary of his death is Thursday.

RIP Pata.

Morris can not overcome his inability to read the Defense. I blame coaching for this and Also for not putting in Ryan Williams when Morris is playing horrible like UNC and Wake.

In short Coaching is mediocre and team is average at best.

Canes will lose at least 1 more game and that's being optimistic.

Lets see how many of those recruits stick next February.


ok, dipshyt, and if they win-out I want you to come on here and admit what a piece of garbage you are.

1. Virginia Tech
2. Florida State
3. Georgia Tech
4. Clemson
5. Pitt
6. Miami
7. Wake Forest
8. Maryland
9. Syracuse
10. Duke
11. NC State
12. Virginia
13. North Carolina
14. Boston College

That is the total defensive ranking currently in the ACC. I chose to compare teams within the ACC only bc the schedules are relatively similar so reduce confounding factors. As you see Miami is 6. Of the teams 1-5 only FSU has better "talent" and you could argue that clemson might have slightly better "talent" but VT, GT, and Pitt are not nearly as talented. But they do better than us. We need to finally acknowledge that our biggest problem is this staff esp dno and not talent. Im a fan of golden but he needs to actually has to cut dies with dno.

A recent example is Jacory Harris. Whipple refused to play to Jacory's strengths and just had him throwing bombs. In comes Jed and Jacory plays the best fb of his career his senior year bc Jed called plays best suited for Harris. Our offenses under Jed was never record setting or trend setting but he gets called up by the Jaguars bc he is a true coordinator and that is playing to the strenghts of your team. No one comes calling to take Dno away from us bc its so obvious he doesnt adjust. Hell make a good call 5% of the time but the rest 95% of the time he calls his soft soft zone which doesnt maximize his players strength. A guy like Howard and Burns should not be left in a zone. They need to be allowed to predominantly man up and abuse the wrs and get in their heads with some zone sprinkled in.

Wonder what CaneOz knows about reading defenses. Maybe he should be a coach in college or the NFL. Instead, he is posting here on a Tuesday morning.

Smells of jlo and his greasy, buck-toothed ilk.

our secondary has 4 possibly 5 legit nfl talent at this time. Even if bush isnt 100% u still have 3. Howard, Burns, Jenkins and potentially Gunter.

We have nfl talent at lb with Denzel

Our D line has Mccord, and Muhammad who show the potential to be big time. Even chick if used as a DT can make the NFL.

how many other teams can say they have nfl talent at ALL 3 levels???? So we need to stop saying its talent. Its the dc.

Another example look at the Texans they went from bottom 5 to top 5 in defense in 1 year after wade phillips became their dc and that is without Mario who the year prior was their best defender cuz he was hurt the whole year. So yes my friends a dc makes a huge huge difference.

In my field of work we always say when you have a tumor you cut it out. We need to cut out dno before it gets worse. Or he needs to be made a position coach and a new dc must come in or we will never be elite again bc elite miami teams were always elite on defense even when our offenses were average our defense always elite

Fans have never been sipping the cool aid about golden because he looks the part.he has been a mediocre coach at temple and that's exactly the case now. It just looks worse because we have talent than temple. Yeah we don't have as much talent as fsu but you still have to put the Right players in positions to make plays. Since golden got here he has not adapted to the type of team he has they have been constantly trying to do things to fit their bs philosophy. Fans complain about Morris but why does the coaching staff keep running that play action pass with a bum ankle. It's obvious that he is hurt. He makes the majority of his mistakes of that play alone. That play ruined whatever Harris had going on and they are still running it. Coaching. Duke gets knocked of the game 2 weeks ago and Crawford and Clements on a couple of good carries did a good job at unc and you don't factor them in at all against fsu. As good as Winston is jumbo had enough sense to take the ball out of his hands and platoon us with fresh backs. Coaching. Morris struggles and we keep lobbing the ball up in the air for the pick. Coaching.

cane Trash: Zero ACC titles, Zero coastal LEast titles, 10 years and counting.

BWWWHAHHHAHAH. The maggots are on tilt.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 04, 2013 at 03:50 PM

Antidynasty in the makings

Posted by: 41 - 14

Quit living in the past, cane maggots. the 1980s teams ain't walking through that door.

Makes you long for the days of the Shannon, don't it?

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 04, 2013 at 04:23 PM

LOL Gallo....nice to see you here too...can you give me one of those long boring pointless list for the scUM again

Posted by: 41 - 14

Fsu put up 40+ on that sorry cane defense, cant wait. sidcane however will be preaching time of possession and wish for QB and a defense

Posted by: D | November 04, 2013 at 08:19 PM

sidcane and 5 titles talked about how goldie was such a great recruiter and coach. How he was such a better coach than Jimbo.
How ya feeling about that now losers.

Posted by: D | November 04, 2013 at 08:27 PM

Dang , just watched the game again and was amazed how poorly we played in the second half. Guy dont make adjustments like head coach material would. Maybe the wrong person was fired 3 years ago?

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/muschamp-talks-recent-disappointments-previews-vanderbilt-.html#storylink=cpy

Tallycane- youre a blow hard.

"Miami will never be back until it beats FSU"- Greg Cote

Of all the idiotic, moronic uber hyperbolic garbage, thattakes the cake.

Miami won a national ch after losing to UF in 1983.

Alabama won a NC after losing to LSU

UF lost a game and went on to win the ship in 2008.

Of course we all want UM to beat FSU. They are our hated rivals. But so what? UM was back in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 twice, and in those years, they won only one ship.

The two are 100% mutually exclusive, Stupid Cote! Um can be ranked #2 in the country and FSU#1 (as it was commonplace in the 80s and 90s) and still lose and vice versa!

Cote- That was a dumb article and a dumb headline. makes you sound dumb.

TARPS back out this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cannot beat FSU by scoring only 14 points and leaving your defense out there all night. You cannot afford to be trailing lessor foes through most of the game. The D is not the issue here.

The good news is that Gallo & Calvin are inside on computer blogging instead of out mixing society where their hate would get them in trouble! Complete idiots, the 2 of them or are they 2 different people. i noticed Calvin hasn't mentioned RS for awhile. Great job he's doing there. Helping to scuttle another program. Soon we'll be seeing RS on TV with that touching story about how hard he had it growing. Hey randy it's a great story , but your still an atrocious coach.

The defense is the issue...... you cant give up 40 to a team and expect to win. I dont have the means to look it up right now but i would venture to say that we have won more games where 14 points would have been enough bc we shut down the other team than winning by outscoring a team who puts up 40. And if your offense is struggling we need to play even better defense and force 3 and outs and short fields to help our offense. Instead we get zoned up and down the field its like DNO had no plan from 20 to 20 he only plays like a real dc when we are in the red zone.


Keep posting bro. The truth will set you FREE!!

Should've been donofrio.....should have been donofrio....
fire the bum

The wheels have come off the garbage truck.

Couldn't have happened to a more disgusting, yet deserving, fan base.

sidcane will say all we need is a QB to right the ship. Like the Captain of the Titanic who said all we need a little bubble gum to patch the hole.

scUM goin' down. scUM goin' down. Will be down for a loooooooooooooong time.

The Hokie Beatdown looms.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 05, 2013 at 09:23 AM

Word of the golden era


Question....can U even stay in the top 25 with another loss ( coming)?

Lol...the first 7 games was a fluke. The media knew it, the country knew it, the onlyones that didnt know was scUM

Look on the bright side, cane Trash, next year is looking up. You have Olsen the rook, the two worst DTs in the ACC coming back, losing Perryman .

That should make you happy. Should also make every coach in the crappy ACC coastal happy too.


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/notebook-staff-member-resigns-.html#storylink=cpy

Watch for the empty seats in the Ben Hill Griffith Dump. So much for Gatr Trash Nation.

The Commode Beatdown looms on the most maggoty fanbase in the country.

Retreat to your trailers while there is still time, Gatr maggots.

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