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News and notes from Monday's practice: Duke, Deon, Dorsett, D'Onofrio and defense

As devastating as it was to get dominated in the second half by rival Florida State and lose Duke Johnson for the season in the process, the Hurricanes shifted their focus Monday and completely immersed themselves in preparing for Saturday's pivotal Coastal Division showdown with Virginia Tech.

"We have a lot to play for," UM coach Al Golden said. "We got a lot of season left. How we play here in the next four weeks will determine how much, what the stakes will be. It's real important we get back on the saddle given the team that's coming in, their tradition, what they've meant to this division and the challenge they pose."

The Hurricanes (7-1, 3-1 ACC) still control their destiny in the Coastal Division. But lose to the Hokies (6-3, 3-2) and the Hurricanes will need help to reach the ACC title game.

"It's still all in front of them," Golden said. "What they have to do is trust what we're telling them. Let them go through that process of growing and maturing and learning, just focusing on the details everyday and not focusing on everything else. Sometimes you get stung."


> The No. 1 question on the minds of all Hurricanes fans has to be just how bad Duke Johnson's injury really is. A source inside UM told me Johnson's broken ankle is not nearly as bad as the one receiver Malcolm Lewis is still trying to completely recover from.

When asked if Johnson might be ready for spring ball, Golden appeared encouraged: "I think he'll be back sooner rather than later," he said. "We're going to try like heck to get him stronger, really work on his nutrition and his weight gain. I know Clinton Portis is one of the guys who talked to him about that. He's got to continue to get stronger, and he will."

> How will the Hurricanes handle not having Duke around? Offensive coordinator James Coley said replacing Johnson's production will involve a running back by committee approach. Still, expect to see Crawford handle the bulk of the carries with Clements coming in on third downs and Gus Edwards likely participating in special packages. Freshman Walter Tucker is simply taking more reps in practice in case any of those three go down.

Golden said the reason Edwards had not seen much work (one carry for no yards at North Carolina) since tallying 166 yards and three touchdowns on 22 carries against Savannah State and USF four weeks ago is because Duke Johnson and Dallas Crawford "were holding his reps off."

"Gus is ready for this now," Golden said. "He's going to be in the mix and is definitely going to be carrying the ball for us on Saturday."

Golden said the offensive play-calling would not be scaled down with Johnson out and noted that the team's mental errors are down 50 percent from where they were a year ago "at this very date."

> Expect to see safety Deon Bush a lot more this week against Virginia Tech, which could lead to fewer minutes for senior AJ Highsmith, who despite making Miami's only sack Saturday didn't have a great game overall.

Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio and Golden both came to Highsmith's defense Monday. Golden actually said Highsmith "played really well at FSU" and has done a great job "leading, getting us lined up."

"I know he'd like to have the one play back -- he's was probably one step away from intercepting the deep play [to Kelvin Benjamin] -- one of the few deep ones they got in the game," Golden said.

D'Onofrio said Highsmith didn't get the help he needed from the cornerback covering on that play (Ladarius Gunter) and noted Highsmith has "played played a lot of snaps without a mental error. Going into that game he was 250 snaps without making one mental error, which is hard to do, especially at that position."

Still, D'Onofrio conceded he'd like to have a more physical safety out there. Bush had four tackles and his first career college interception Saturday (his previous one came his junior year at Miami Columbus).

"It is the most he's played and the best he's looked so hopefully we can get him back to the confidence level he was playing with last year prior to the injuries he's had to deal with," D'Onofrio said.

"We need physical players back there. Your physical players in games like that have to make plays, they have to impose their will. You guys know who they are. You watch the games. The guys that are physical, that can cause fumbles, those guys have to show up and be physical. He's one of the guys that can do that. And we're going to need that from him."

Bush said Monday he still experiences some pain in his surgically repaired groin, but is feeling the best he has in a long time. He also dealt with neck/shoulder injury last year.

> D'Onofrio said his defense was obviously disappointed with giving up 41 points and more than 500 yards of offense to Florida State because they had a lot invested into Saturday's game. But the Hurricanes did enjoy some success against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston early, throwing a mix of man and zone coverages in with an occasional blitz, leading Winston holding onto the ball and to two interceptions.

The problem for UM was they couldn't get off the field on third down and let Winston escape the pocket a few times on third downs for first downs.

"That was disappointing," D'Onofrio said. "Our guys had an understanding of who was back there [Jameis Winston] and we just didn't make plays on him a couple times. We didn't have the vision we needed there. It's really a two-level deal. You have to keep him in the pocket, try to come clean and get a sack, and then have underneath defenders that have vision. Somebody needs to be a wrap player whose watching him if you're in man coverage and then all the underneath defenders need to watch him in zone. We just have to do a better job overall when you're dealing with a mobile quarterback like that."

The difference in the game, D'Onofrio said, was Florida State's ability to establish the run in the second half. Once the Seminoles went up by a couple scores Miami was simply playing catch-up.

> Against Virginia Tech's offense, the Hurricanes will have to try and contain a quarterback that has beaten them with his legs before.

Senior Logan Thomas ran 22 times for 124 yards and a touchdown last season against UM, but struggled throwing (19-37, 199 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs) in a 30-12 Canes win. A year earlier in Blacksburg as a sophomore, he lit UM up, finishing 23 of 25 for 310 yards and three touchdowns and running for 38 yards and two scores in a 38-35 win.

Defensive tackle Justin Renfow, who faced Thomas a few times when he played at Virginia, said its even more important this week for the Hurricanes defense to make sure they don't let the opposing quarterback escape the pocket.

"Logan Thomas is a good quarterback and I think think its even more important this week [to cut off running lanes," Renfrow said. "He's been a lot more run first. One look and if his first look is not there he's tucking and running. As a d-line we definitely have to corral him because he tries to run people over. The big guys up front need to be delivering the hit instead of leaving it like we did against Florida State for the corners and safeties to come up and do it."

> Golden made it seem Monday as though receiver Phillip Dorsett might be able to come back before the end of the regular season. "He is fighting like crazy to get back" Golden said. "We have to help him by continuing to play well."

A source said Dorsett had a clean tear in his MCL, which was helpful in his case, and was catching passes at Monday's practice. Still, it's more likely to believe Dorsett will be back for the ACC Championship game, assuming Miami makes it.


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One word for cane trash


I must have had a good point because the Mary's are talking about how good they blow.lol

Moe and jsy, you are both right. When the defense is on the field all day they will break down eventually.
Why are they on the field all day? Because the offense can't move the ball and score.
Against crappy teams you have to pull a come from behind win in the 4th, mostly by riding Duke.
Against a good team you keep it close til half and then fall apart in the second half.
Duke is not available any more. You can't afford to fall behind any of the remaining foes.

Boy, there are some great coaches on this blog who must have missed their calling. Golden is lucky some of you guys decided to not go into coaching or he'd never have this job. It's not too late. You guys are good enough to coach so get after it!

Look at this Gatr maggot. The media knew it? yeah, they knew it so much that the Canes are still top 15.

Gatr Trash? Will you even finish the year top 50? Doubtful. Vegas' new betting line: What will be lower: The academic or football rating for the trailer dump in Trailerville?

We shall see.

Fake Jim Gallo, why do you take exception to a copy and paste of your own post? The nerve!

One word for cane trash


Posted by: 41 - 14
3 words, you're an idiot.
3 more. your Gators stink

Rboud do u tell anyone who talks about politics wow u should be a politician? Or anyone who talks about cars they should be a mechanic or anyone who discusses a movie they should be a director? Bases on your logic we should all pursue many careers. This is a forum to discuss football and x and os with like minded fans in a respectful manner nothing more nothing less. Why ppl take personal shots at each other I don't understand.

Our biggest problem is coaching, not talent level. The DC is out to lunch. The OC is trying to learn on the job. The HC is too stubborn to admit mistakes and make adjustments as needed. Great recruiter. Too conservative. Likes to grind. No killer instincts.

jsy, for whatever it is worth, that might not be rboud. There is a fellow that roots for the gatrs who comes on here under multiple IDs and sometimes under Canes fan IDs, who will post insults in the hopes that it will get Canes fans to fight with one another.

rboud has usually posted critical comments as well, so I doubt he is suddenly saying nobody else is allowed to do so. Until they change the system here, we have to judge by the words and not by the ID.

Still your point is valid, whether it is rboud or a fake, this forum to discuss the Canes is going to have comments critical of the team on the week after a loss. This is not a place to claim we are #1 when we just lost to #3.

JSY - I love Cover 2 with corners on man, and we NEED to be more aggressive against opponents that we match up well against. I just don't think we're at a point where we can consistently play man against teams like FSU. I agree with most that D'Onofrio needs to go, he is a small-time coach who hasn't shown a willingness to adjust to the big leagues. But you can't blame everything on the scheme. When Auburn beat Oregon in 2011, they took away those ridiculous "now" routes (or WR screens) by letting it play out in front of them, not by rushing the WR and missing the pick or an open field tackle.

31st in the nation in total defense going into Saturday Calvin.

Chokies are 3rd.

Clemson is 32nd, Pitt 33rd, Wake 35th, USF 48th, Georgia Tech 14th, Florida 8th, Florida State 7th for comparison of top 50 teams.

Anybody who's not a little Jimmy Carr sockpuppet who is bankrupt, a panderer, and a steroid taking moron, would know that by going here;


Rboud - some of us do coach, and have played. But, you keep watching TV and playing Madden! I don't want to interrupt you from watching a game or winning your EA Sports National Championship by running the Hail Mary nine times in row.

...and how is your FANTASY football team doing anyway?

Jimboo, honest question, can you name a coach you would hire in his place?

Remember the restrictions on your answers based on why people hate Al Golden.

Cannot be his first head coaching job, no inexperienced coaches need apply.
Cannot be near .500 or below in the jobs he has had, no losing coaches need apply.
Cannot be from the MAC or division 2, no lower tier coaches need apply.
Cannot be clean cut or good with the media, no classy looking coaches need apply.
Has to have won a title to prove he is a winner, no almost winners need apply.
Has to be from south Florida, no outsiders need apply.
Cannot be friends with their assistant coaches, no loyal folks need apply.
Cannot have played in the Big 10, or even on a team that is currently in the Big 10, so no Penn Staters need apply.
Has to be able to do better than Golden, no coaches under 14th rank need apply.

That is going to be a tiny list....

I'm not a huge fan of D'O, and if he doesn't turn things around soon I think he should be fired. But in his defense, he did try mixing things up against FSU. The defense just got manhandled because they could not match up with FSU's players. Whenever Miami blitzed, they got burned. When they stayed back, they got picked apart. There was no pass rush from the front four at all which was the biggest problem. When they did get to Winston, they took bad angles and let him get away. The talent just isn't there right now on defense to stop a team like FSU who, by the way, may be the best team in the country. On top of that, you had an offense that could not sustain a drive which led to a defense wearing down as the game went on. For the offense, there are no excuses - the talent is there on offense. The defense is still thin at DT, DE, and LB. The secondary is starting to come into its own but they are still inexperienced. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much better the D-Line and LBs will be next year. AQM, McCord, and Figueroa need to develop quickly and be ready to play a lot of reps. Chickillo again is having another disappointing season. I thought coming in he would be a player that opposing offenses would fear. He hasn't lived up to his potential. He needs to play much better. I don't think Perryman will (or should) leave early, but you never know with these guys. Canes desperately need some JUCOs and freshman next year to push everyone else and improve the defense.

What is your obsession with Jimmy Carr? Are you trying to stalk every Canes fan on here in an attempt to scare them off of here? That seems to be your goal, while you continually change IDs to avoid that happening to you.

Obsession with tracking down Canes fans and a fear of the same occurring to you. That is what you have after five years of being a, well, a not very fine fellow.

Sunny Dee, I think the examples of those players that left early over the past two years will keep him from making that mistake. How many of those guys that were promised a high draft pick and big bucks by Drew Rosenhaus and that crowd would tell Perryman it would be a good move?

Posted by: Sunny Dee

Agree on your analysis of the defense in that it is not there yet in terms of talent. You can't expect much more from Chickillo, his best season was his freshman year and he has regressed since.
On the other side of the ball the talent is there on the O line. Obviously Duke is very talented but you saw what happened when he was given the load to carry with no help.
Morris is a Senior and has the experience, unfortunately he also has the inconsistency and cannot be counted on to win the big game.
This team ks very thin. Better than last year but still not even close to being elite.

" And that defense was worn out by being on the field the whole third quarter. No scheme would have survived that. "

And U can blame both Goldie and Coley for that, at least initially.

Because like a DESPERATE, degenerate gambler, Goldie and Coley went for the long-shot, long pass on the 1st play of the 2nd half.

Again, that was a GAMBLE play no matter how U'all Cane zealot's dissect the play.

If Stevie connects with a WIDE-OPEN Coley, then both Goldie and Coley are genuis'! Unfortunately, Hurricane fan-dom know what happened and that play basically GAVE mighty F.S.U. back the momentum. hUh

Being a Tuesday couch potato LAME, QB, I would've liked to see Miami, Florida generate a drive and TAKE TIME off the clock.

But no, seeing that both Goldie and Coley were in DESPERATION, PANIC mode, they gambled and the Cane defense continued to PAY DEARLY!!

The HC is too stubborn to admit mistakes and make adjustments as needed. Great recruiter. Too conservative. Likes to grind. No killer instincts.

Posted by: Jimboo | November 05, 2013 at 12:22 PM

That's your typical Big Ten/M.A.C. style of football.

And it's safe to say that's WHY the Big 10 gets PUNKED in bowl games and in non-conference games against WORTHY opponents, i.e., S.E.C, PAC-12 to name a couple.

By the way, U can throw in that Goldie is a GREAT SALESMEN and what not. Because he's got the South Florida Cane media-nexus and the fan-dom BELIEVING every word he say's. hUh

Calvin we know you are rooting for Miami to lose. LOSER that YOu are

UM mustmust win vs VT. As important if not more thanthe FSU game

Posted by: 9>5>2 | November 05, 2013 at 06:42 AM

Believe it or not, y'all bUbba's. CALVIN is a genuine University of Miami, Florida Hurricane football fan. He just HASN'T fallen for the CARPETBAGGER sales pitch and what not. Especially the one from Marky Mark! dUh

By the way, I've seen Calvin's opinions of the Green nd' Orange matter in TWO other Cane forums and he DOESN'T SUGAR COAT anything regarding Miami football.

I wonder if Chickillo would have been better off playing linebacker. He had speed his freshman year when he was at around 240. He could have stayed around that weight and played at LB immediately. The weight gain has clearly slowed him down and he is no longer effective at the end. You never see him beating his guy anymore.

Cal, didn't I have a pre-game post where I said I looked forward to Golden's continued use of unifying words (in the case of an unfortunate loss to FSU) like: "our", "us", and "we" that he had adopted post the Florida win and during the last 7 weeks of prosperity? Pre-Florida, we called him out for using: "they", "them", and "their brand".

Are U telling me that he's back to the "us" and "them" stuff after some adversity hits??

I wish we could see the defensive numbers minus FAU, USF, and Savannah St. all two win teams.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 05, 2013 at 06:52 AM

ROFL, "unifying words", the only thing he tries to do is make sure him & the 500 club are unified, his agent & the the troll, after that, everybody else, coach goldie has the "how to" book on corporate manuevring & manipulation, it'll work on alot of people for a while, but some people will be able to see right thru it from jump street.

" When in Dnos three years have we done that and that is not a talent issue bc we allow inferior talent wrs and qbs to constantly have career days. " JSY

Voila! And case in point example is that little, slow ITALIAN wide-out from Wake Forest. Chit, I believe he's surname is Camponelli or Cavalleri and what not.

By the way, MIGHTY Syracuse shut down that WR from Wake Forest. Orangemen 13, Wake Forest 0.

Syracuse played MAN against him the MAJORITY of the time. Bloody go figures'.

My issue with dno began way before fsu it began when he fielded a defense ranked in the 100s last year and blamed it all on talent no blame what so ever on his scheme. We as fans talk about talent and needing more talent why don't we hold our dc to that same standard. I know we improved this year but come on we couldn't do anything but improve we were ranked in the 100s last year and how can u say that it's purely lack of talent. Butch during probation with a group much less talented never fielded a defense that bad. Shannon with dough boy cook and Romeo I'm going to pull on this guys hand warmer Davis didnt field a defense this bad. How can golden tell his fans we are going to go get the best recruits when he doesn't hold his dc to the same standard. Last year Clemson gives up a lot of yards in their bowl game and Dabo goes out and gets the dc from ou. Les miles at lsu sees his oc is sub par so he gets cam Cameron and now look at how their offense is now. Why will golden not hold his dc accountable? There are many teams even within acc that has far inferior talent than we do yet consistently play better d than us since dno was here. Can anyone of u guys please explain how that is possible if our biggest reason for subpar defense is lack of talent? How does bama get shut down by vt who had a far worse offense than we do, how do teams with inf talent play better defense than us?

If Pruitt at fsu used our logic he would have said I don't have the talent to run the bama defense and I didn't recruit these guys so let me wait 2-3 years until I have the players I want and then well be good. But instead he adjust the whole defense to fit his players strength. " Our staff esp dno does not do that. "

Posted by: jsy | November 05, 2013 at 09:33 AM


CHECKMATE, y'all canespace/eoth and M-H Cane loyalists.

Campanaro was injured in the first quarter of that game against Syracuse and did not return. He's likely out for the rest of the season.

We need to finally acknowledge that our biggest problem is this staff esp dno and not talent. Im a fan of golden but he needs to actually has to cut dies with dno.

Posted by: jsy | November 05, 2013 at 09:51 AM

And JSY hit's the Cane lotto ticket, again!!

By the way, I too was in Goldie's corner from the get go because of all the dire strait circumstances, and what not, he inherited.

HOWEVER, I was NEVER a Marky Marky SYNCOPHANT akin to the VAST MAJORITY of Cane fan-dom at CS/eoth or at the M-H.

Matter of fact, I knew Miami's PATENT aggressive style of defense was in trouble in the M.A.C. duo's first game against TRADITION, college football POWERHOUSE, Maryland.

Yeah, yeah the Hurricanes were missing 3 defensive starters, and what not, against THE TURTLE. So what!

Butch did field a defense as bad as the current Hurricanes. Remember the 66-13 game at Syracuse? Shannon's teams also had defenses this bad - 48-0 last game at the Orange Bowl, 2010 embarrassment at Joe Robbie v. FSU. Again, I'm not sold on D'O, and he's on a short leash in my opinion, but this isn't the first time this has happened.

Instead we get zoned up and down the field its like DNO had no plan from 20 to 20 he only plays like a real dc when we are in the red zone.

Posted by: jsy | November 05, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Who is this JSY. This loyal Hurricane partisan. This major college football Einstein. hUh

Seriously, MR. JSY is putting y'all canespace/eoth/M-H opinion meister's to bloody S-H-A-M-E!

By the way, a lot of good that DC switch at Clemson did. They gave up more points against FSU at home than Miami. Not the best example...

Posted by: rboud | November 05, 2013 at 11:23 AM

Perhaps you should RETURN to that Canespace/eoth, rbUbba! That way you'd feel more comfortable among a coven of ROBOTIC, zombies. Or, is that ROBOTIC, follower's. dUh

I wonder if Chickillo would have been better off playing linebacker. He had speed his freshman year when he was at around 240. He could have stayed around that weight and played at LB immediately. The weight gain has clearly slowed him down and he is no longer effective at the end. You never see him beating his guy anymore.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | November 05, 2013 at 01:21 PM


It's a safe wager to say, that Chickillio will be another FOUR-STAR bust. If U Know What I Mean.

And I believe Calvin mentioned many, many, many moons ago, that all that ADDED WEIGHT would HINDER chickillo's quickness and speed.

Chit, the dude looks very, very SLOW out their on the edges. Especially against QUALITY opponents.

Hey Cal how can you stand so called fans calling The Great One a carpetbagger and salesman?
Is that because he is a Northern transplant and because he sold the fandom a bag of no good goods?
I predicted a cane victory over the noles in large part due to what The Golden Tongue kept spoon feeding us.
My excuse is that I am delusional, what's yours?
We can still get to the fabled ACC championship game as long as Field General Onofrio and Captian Quaterback do not let us down. Once we get there it's another story.
On the bright side Zooker and Five still claim Golden is the best coach in the history of sports.
What say you.

Campanaro was injured in the first quarter of that game against Syracuse and did not return. He's likely out for the rest of the season.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | November 05, 2013 at 01:27 PM

That's what I'm bloviating and what not. The Cuse' played man-a-man on him and TOOK HIM OUT!!

Let's bring in some rational thoughts back into this blog.

Golden entered a program in complete shambles. Shannon was fired before the end of the season. Golden inherited a weak, lazy, unconditioned team of kids with no discipline despite being from high recruiting classes.

The first year for Golden was rebuilding bodies, minds, and work ethic. In the process he had to weed out the Shannon kids who refused to adopt the new level of discipline and work ethic required to be elite again.

Year 2 saw UM playing the YOUNGEST team in NCAA football if you recall. It was not a surprise they didn't do well.

Now here we are in year 3. There's clearly improvement. And of course they are not among the elite.

And through all 3 years, Golden has had to recruit under the NCAA guillotine.

These are the realities.

It's also a reality that UM cannot and will not every pay a head coach $4+ million like Bama, UF, Ohio State, and Oregon.

It's also a reality that Donna Shalala wants to be among the elite of academics, including the student athletes. While that's tough to do, Stanford has done pretty well despite their academic requirements, so it's not impossible to field an elite team of academically superior students.

Some of you can go on and on about what "coulda, woulda, shoulda" happened to what coach, what school president, what defensive coordinator...

But reality is reality.

Accept it. Let go of delusions of knowing any better than the people who actually do the work, coach on the practice field, push weights in the Canes gym, and travel the recruiting trail.

FWIW... y'all Hurricane loyalists can save your bloody COLLECTIVE howling regarding D'Onofrio.

Because Marky Marky AIN'T GOING NOWHERE and will continue to be Miami, Florida's D-coordinator as long as Golden remains in upscale, Coral Gables.

Oh, Goldie had the opportune time to CHIT-CAN his DECADES-long, frat rat buddy at the conclusion of the 2012 season ( And Golden had all the legitimate reasons to PINK SLIP his friend. ). But he didn't.

Posted by: StormsCominBitches | November 05, 2013 at 01:50 PM

And yes, Golden and the Hurricanes will have winning seasons in the near future. That's a guarantee.

However, those winning seasons will be of the 8-4 or 9-3 and yes, 10-2 variety.

In other words, it will be a long-shot I-F Miami, Florida fields a team that goes UNDEFEATED or finishes the regular season, 11-1. And that's with supreme, South Florida prep talent and what not.

Speaking of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties football. It's because of that H.S. talent, the Canes will have those winning seasons mentioned above. Yet, THE COACHING will hinder that talent from going undefeated or 11-1!

D I have to disagree because I think we'll finish 11-1 THIS year.

Hey, Ron Zook, we get it that U think Al Golden is the "Bestest" Corch in College Football... But tell us again, like U did all Spring and Summer, how S. Morris and D. Johnson are the "Bestest" Quarterback and Runningback in all of College football and would both be Heisman Finalists.

And while Ur at it, tell us just how great and tough that out of Conference schedule was leading into a buzzsaw of an ACC Conference schedule against all those Unranked ACC World Beaters that U barely beat and still have left to play.

Hydrate Up Zooker, Ur seeing Mirages again.

D.. I'm just a fan who has orange and green blood having spent 10 plus years on the um campus. I keep my wants professional and about the u. Btw today is a holiday so I had some time to put together this little piece:
currently we rank at 31 in total defense giving up 364.1 yds per game. Now if u subtract the truly scrub teams of fau, usf, sav state and look at only acc play and uf we are giving up 438.4 yds per game and currently Boise is in 94 place giving up 438.2 yds per game so our adjusted ranking would be 95 in total d. Last year when I adjusted the stats with only acc, kstate and nd we gave up 492 yds a game. That would have placed us between Indiana and temple at 117 this year. So our improvement is not that impressive it's fools gold bc of the scrub teams and if the only argument for keeping dno I hear from ppl is were improving, what improvement? We are now in the 90s, at this awesome rate of mprovent by 2024 we will have a top ten defense

jsy those are good stats to know. I'm falling into the crowd of 'if DNO doesn't improve, he needs to go'. It just isn't getting better.

Cola numbers never lie..... Dno will lie and blame his players but numbers never lie


Thanks for your predictions. But i prefer to let reality speak.

That means allowing Golden the reasonable time to build his team the way he wants it done.

That means:

1) Being able to recruit without the NCAA being used against UM
2) 3 Full seasons of coaching his chosen players
3) 3 Full seasons of players maturing, learning the game plan, and developing their skills.

I don't consider Golden's 1st year as a fair year because Shannon left such a mess to be cleaned.

I consider 2013 as Golden's legitimate 2nd year.

IF a player fails to perform, he get's benched like every player should be.

If Golden fails to achieve success, he'll be fired like every other coach who fails.

So why not let the man prove himself at least with 3 full seasons before we start take a stand on what Golden's abilities are?

I would turn the "Golden hatters" attention back to UF and FSU.

They've been recruiting Top 5 classes for 5+ years. They didn't face NCAA pressure on the recruiting trail. Where are their national championships?

Jimbo took over FSU in 2010. And he was an Assistant Coach to Bobby.

It took him 4 years to get FSU recruited and coached to be among the top 3 team and a shot at the NC this year.

Was Jimbo a "failure" and should be "fired" on his 3rd year???

This is not the NFL where you can "buy" a contending team from year to year.

This is college ball. Where climbing to the top takes years of good chess moves. It's a long game. Winning an NC is a long game.

Golden is in his legitimate 2nd year in total control. And only now just getting out from the NCAA.

As long as his teams improve each year (which it has)....It seems the man deserves at least 1-2 more years before we can judge his resume at UM.

But that's just logic. Not sure that's part of the conversations going on here.

Guys we don't have the athletes on defense, that's just the truth.

some of theposts here are so dumb and it appears that they are all Calvin bc thay are all THAT stupid

"Whipple had Jacorry throw bombs all the time"

You mean like those 3 ints that he threw against Ohio State none of which waqs a bomb and 1 of which was in the end zone?


And for the theoretical physicist genius who compared the defenses of the ACC teams and placed Miami at 6- DUMBo!

Has Pitt played anyone like Florida or FSU?
Its no wonder Obamacareant work- THe world is full of dumbshts!!!!!

MIami has to pound pound pound pound- The Offensive coordinator (Coley) has to get out of his own f ing way- HE reminds me of Whipple

Youre down by 14 or 21 vs FSU. You know our D is having trouble stopping their drives- So Morris on firts down throws a bomb for an int? Why not punt the e--ing ball on first down instead???? Why Why ??? I was pulling my hair!@!!!!

Change your name little Jimmy and refute the facts, remember your ID cinco títulos is all about 'correcting' untruths in comments that recruits might base their life decisions on after reading on a blog, a very important life's ambition for a bankrupt, pandering, old man.

If you're going to adjust the defensive rankings to remove the outlier poor performing teams for UM, it's only fair to get an orange to orange comparison by doing the same for the rest of the teams you'll compare them to post-adjustment. With a third of the season left and only one team you can argue has more talent in the three deep than UM left on the schedule, these last four games will tell what is and isn't a mirage with the one size fits all game plan Al continues to use.

At this point, the test is will UM tank the rest of the way? Because 10 wins preseason was potentially in reach with losses to both in state teams, you take a few close calls against UF, UNC and Wake and that's a net of three wins that moved or stayed in the positive side of the ledger from the preseason forecast and now anything less than 10 wins would constitute a collapse in the regular season. You've got to take into account this is the best Duke program since the Rose Bowl wasn't in California and Pitt will have the weather advantage to go with a tepid crowd support one also, but splitting those two road games and winning out at home isn't too much to expect from Miami for a fan of the program, the coaches it might be too much to expect from though.

The canes must win out the rest of the season with no Golden excuses. The 3 remaining opponents are much weaker and less talented. No matter if "this is the best Duke team since" whatever, canes are better.
No matter if "the weather" is an advantage for Pitt, Pitt stinks. VaTech is not the same team as past years and the game is at home.
The record this year reflects poor competition not good coaching or talent development. You still lose when you face a good team. Lose bad indeed. Same as last year.

Go Canes, win or lose, I will always be a huge cane fan. The only thing we can control as fans is getting our butts in the seats and cheering our xsses off.

Some of you guys make me want to puke!

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