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Homecoming helmet and jersey surprise tonight for Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes have unveiled a special helmet and jersey tonight for the Virginia Tech game at Homecoming.

The uniforms have been dubbed "The Smoke.''

The jersey is gray. The helmet is white, with a wide gray base, with a large orange-and-green U.

The last time I recall UM breaking out complete new unis -- a la Nike Pro Combat -- was guess when?

Nov. 20, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium against the Virginia Tech Hokies.

The Canes, then ranked 24th, came into that game 7-3 overall and 5-2 in the ACC.

The unis: orange jerseys with green sleeves, orange pants with wide green stripes and green helmets with a prominent U on either side.  

Virginia Tech came into the game ranked 14th, with an 8-2 overall and 6-2 ACC record.

The Hokies won the game 31-17 and clinched the Coastal Division of the ACC.

I really liked those unis. I think I might have been the only one.

By the way, Miami will be getting a new uniform design for the 2014 season. It has not been revealed what they'll look like. 


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The 11th-ranked Miami Hurricanes unveiled a special uniform set named ‘The Smoke’ for Saturday’s Homecoming game vs. Virginia Tech at Sun Life Stadium.

#TheSmoke uniform features an anthracite jersey (grey) top and a Hydrographics designed helmet with grey smoke accents rising from the back base of the helmet that represents the Miami Hurricanes’ tradition of “running through the smoke” prior to every home game. The helmet is white matte with a gray smoke pattern around the back and is highlighted by chrome U decals and a metal gray facemask.

 “We’re excited to unveil a new alternative uniform for the Miami Hurricanes,” said Blake James, the Hurricanes’ Director of Athletics. “Along with the new basketball uniforms, it reaffirms our desire to be on the cutting edge with our great partners at Nike.”

 The Miami Hurricanes are the first team to wear his custom helmet design created by Hydographics in Oregon.

 The jersey is the same Nike Cordura design the Hurricanes currently wear, but it features the anthracite color and has “Deserve Victory” embroidered in the back neck yoke. The uniform was crafted by the same Nike designer who worked on the 2013 Minnesota Vikings, TCU Horned Frogs and Red Rivalry Texas & Oklahoma uniforms.





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Not looking forward to this. Can't we just leave the alternate jerseys to the other schools like Oregon? These sound terrible.

And those 2010 jerseys against VT were an embarrassment.

Cool, at least the reason for the grey makes sense. I will have to see them up by 30 to like the uniforms though.

Well, the U better smoke VT with this new uniforms. LOL

I still prefer BOTH the Orange nd' Green uni's and not to hip on the ALL orange. Albeit this Grey is only for Homecoming.

Donald is already saying the game will be a close one. Tighten your seatbelt's Cane loyalists.

FWIW... depending on which bookmaker U chose, the Canes are a - 5 point/ - 5 1/2 point favorite.

The uniform gimmick rarely does anything special for a team. I like UM's traditional uniforms. As for the game, it's mostly going to be on the shoulders of Morris. That's a lot of pressure, but 5th year seniors should be able to carry that load. He's going to have to show me he can do it before I'll believe he can carry the load. Here's hoping.

I see where President Shalala is wearing a grey skirt to go with the new Grey top's.

Well, the sales of t-shirts with ties printed on them obviously have plateaued, for readily apparent reasons, like the score of last weeks game, for the little Jimmy ID's on here who can't figure that out unless it's spelled out to them explicitly.

I don't care what uniforms they wear as long as they win. Go Canes!

All I wanna' see is the Canes coming out and ATTACKING on defense. Enough of this passive-aggressive Marky Mark crap.

Damyum, Goldie and D'Onofrio are taking away the NASTINESS is REQUIRED nature of Hurricane defensive players!! And that's gotta' bloody S-T-O-P!!!

Thanks for the photo's SUZIE Q!

ROFL, nephew cook em, i luv that look on beamers face when he's like uh oh, they got another great one. coley is nasty, i've been waiting for him to break one of those for a long time. I'll say it again, he's the best cutting widereceiver i've seen since peter warrick, only he has way better speed than warrick.

What a joke. If you can't coach and field a competitive team then throw some stupid uniform changes in the mix. Sorry, but this is just putting lipstick on a pig.

Miami needs a good D cord. Donofrio absolutely sucks!. He's got to go!

With the exception of a the USF game in 2009, every time Miami gets a "special" uniform, we LOSE!!! Check your stats...

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