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Duke Johnson out for the season with broken ankle source says

A bad night just got a lot worse for the Hurricanes.

A source has told our Susan Miller Degnan that star running back Duke Johnson will miss the remainder of the season with a broken ankle. Johnson is expected to have surgery early next week.

Johnson was injured on Miami's final offensive play of the third quarter when he was tackled by FSU defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample a yard short of the first down on 4th and 1. Johnson's right ankle buckled and he was helped off the field by trainers. He was then carted off for x-rays and seen with tears streaming down his face.

Johnson, seen after the game with his ankle heavily taped and on crutches, is traveling back to Miami with the team the source confirmed.

UM coach Al Golden said during his press conference he didn't have an update on Johnson's condition.

"I saw Duke, great spirits," UM quarterback Stephen Morris said. "Still, I don't know the extent of his injury. He's doing fine. He's in great spirits right now, talking to his teammates, trying to encourage us. Duke is Duke and he'll be OK."

The Hurricanes (7-1, 3-1 ACC) have a huge Coastal Division game against Virginia Tech (6-3, 3-2) next Saturday. If UM were to lose, the Canes would no longer control their own destiny in the division having lost the tiebreaker.

Johnson finished with 97 yards on 23 carries Saturday and was the second-leading rusher in the ACC coming into the game. His final stat line for the season: 145 carries, 920 yards, 6 TDs. 

Backup Dallas Crawford carried the ball twice for three yards Saturday. Crawford has one career start for UM.

"Our biggest thing is we have to leave this game in Tallahassee and when we hit down in Miami tonight come back tomorrow and learn on it," Morris said. "If we weren't mature enough our record wouldn't be 7-1 right now. I got full confidence in this group."



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Coaching staff sacrificed him.

Yeah Talleycane even after Crawford showed he could get short yards...

What an idiot - Tallycane... what are they supposed to do tell him to sit down. We'll get them next year with a lot of time left in the game. Not compete!!!! THAT'S NOT BEING A HURRICANE!!!! That's not being a competitor at all! Damn... I reiterate, you're an idiot.

P.S. Reiterate means basically that "repeat"

All the best to Duke on recovery and rehab. May is pass quickly and result in you stronger than ever.

With Duke out for season, give GUS many chance to be matured.

Morris is not answer at all. We should go with Williams from now on.

Fire D and love Duke and he will back strong.

Duke already was knocked out two weeks ago. Migraines and concussions. We were supposed to be monitoring his carries anyway. State platooned their tailbacks all night and kept them fresh. It's obvious who is the idiot.

Season isn't over they were the better team tonight, yea I'm upset we lost, but our season isn't over!!!!

This loss and the team's offensive struggles should be placed solely on the shoulders of Stephen Morris. He is a Senior making freshman mistakes. I am by no means a football expert but time after time, on third downs he throws a pass that is well short of the first down maker. On third and ten you dont throw a 6 yard pass to the side line, look for another option, keep the drive alive. Again, on 2 and 10 you dont throw a pass 2 yards behind the line of scrimage to your outlet receiver when he is already surrounded by three defenders, throw it away so you dont lose yards or hang your RB out to dry. Are these not basic fundamentals of the game? As the quarterback he needs to know down and distance as well as the situation. He honestly looked clueless on all but two pass plays. This is a recurrent theme, big arm but no football IQ. What he needs to do is spend more time in the film room becoming a student of the game because talent will only take you so far. Please, someone tell me where I am wrong.

Any knowledgeable fan could see that he had to many carries on that frame.he was even on kick offs what did they think was gonna eventually.

Yeah, it's obvious. You're the idiot. They weren't monitoring anything. The guy got hurt on a freakish play. The amount of carries he had is irrelevant. That could've happened on his first carry.

Winston didn't look great either. He just benefitted from a strong running game which made his job that much easier.thats how I know that so called true fans have no football iq because mostly all good teams now even in college football have at least two tailbacks and maybe even a third one. Get some common football sense about yourself before you come on here talking shyt.

UM has to regroup and figure out how to win games without Duke. He'll be missed and UM will have to play better in all phases of the game to overcome his absence. Morris has some weaknesses which are being exposed . Golden will build up the talent and depth of the team in the next couple of years and you won't see FSU outrunning or overpowering them any more. The talent gap was obvious in the game and it had nothing to do with what defense the Canes were running. It's just plain dumb to say that D'Onofrio is the reason the defense didn't play well. The defense lacks elite players at most positions. The most gifted players, for the most part, are still young. No, the U is not back, but it will be in 2 years.

Duke has had a concussion and constant migranes and u think his carries shouldn't be monitored. I'm glad your not a coach.

Duke has had a concussion and constant migranes and u think his carries shouldn't be monitored. I'm glad your not a coach.

Posted by: Tallycane | November 03, 2013 at 01:38 AM

Migraines have nothing to do with anything. Also, he had a mild concussion and was cleared for full activity. His carries were not being monitored, as is evidenced by his 23 carries.

And, I state again, his broken ankle has NOTHING to do with the amount of carries he received.

Also, learn the proper uses of "your" and "you're", you moron.

Fire coach D. Start Williams

3 years same dang big10 scheme

I agree with R, Tallycane is an idiot, Stephen Morris time after time makes bone head plays, we are lucky that we have such an outstanding running game to keep bailing him out. We have the talent on offense, there were plenty of times that our receivers blew by their corners. On the deep INTs, Morris threw the ball to the middle of the field instead of toward the sideline or he threw it late allowing the corner to make the play. And for you other posts, the number of carries is irrelevant, they stacked the line because they did not respect Stephen Morris's' decision making ability and basically took away our only consistent weapon. Whats funny is that it took two quarters to figure out that if you give Morris enough time, he will make the wrong decision and give you the game. If you had any bit of intelligence you might notice that. You should sit on the sideline a learn a little more about the sport before posting your gibberish. Again, Morris has all the talent in the world, but without proper film study, he will never progres and will be average at best.

Only a a coward calls people names over the internet. You are an internet coward. A foolish one at that. Was that lucid enough for you grammar checker with no football IQ.lol

We were there right where I wanted us to be at the half...

I was very disappointed with the play calling/execution the first drive out of half time...we all knew we needed a score there...as there was no way our D was going to stop FSU consistently...

We needed to be more aggressive with our play calling...seemed like we went into this game with a limited playbook...no screens...no check downs...no specials...

Morris must have limited vision or does not look to check downs or does not want to throw to the check down...why else would you take a sack when your looking at your check down...why would you throw in to triple coverage when your check check down just circled into the open for a big gain when you were not under the gun???

Very disappointed in the QB second half decisions...how do you seriously under throw a wide open #3 with a rainbow ball when you can throw a rope to the post for a TD?

I know I am not out there...but #3 you got to catch the TD with two hands!

Really don't understand the play call when Duke got hurt! 4th and 1 and your saying the game is on the line at the end of the third...why bunch everyone up...spread 4 wide put TE/HB in short motions and go with a pass run option based on how FSU Defends...maybe even if we don't get the first...we still have Duke...

Ok...I do not even know what to say about the D...other than it looked like our game plan was to let them dink and dunk us to death and run the clock so they did not have the opportunity to get quick scores...I understand it if you have the consistency on Offense to match score for score...it worked in the first half (due to FSU mistakes)...but we killed ourselves on Offense with paly calling and execution in the second half...

I am not very confident about Va Tech now without Duke...with the poor second half we just had (Va Tech is not going to want to lose 3 in a row!)...and if we can get by Va Tech...Duke @ Duke is going to be an issue...

I was really encouraged after the first half as I was afraid what happened in the second half was going to happen in the First...

I guess I would not have minded as much if we had not lost Duke...I knew the FSU game really did not matter for or have much of an effect on the ACC Coastal...

Guess this is next man up and going to get a big taste of Dallas...OT (your time to shine dude!)...and Gus...

Maybe this helps us with getting Cook from Central...as UF is in a tail spin and I expect there will be a head coaching change there after this year...UF will be lucky to make a Bowl Game this year...they have to beat Vandy and SCarolina or FSU...good luck with that...Vandy beat UGA!

Just really disappointed in losing Duke!

At least he has the time to Eat...Rehab...Train...and get bigger...he needs to be 205-210 and keep his speed...

Still can be a special season!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

"In two years"

Thats what I read two years ago, and two years before that.

And in two years, it will be another two years, mark my words. Our coaches are inferior in games like these. Check the records.

"Only a a coward calls people names over the internet. You are an internet coward"

More genius logic from Tallycane. That would be true if I were opposed to saying this in your face. Which I would gladly do. Anyway, I'm simply stating a fact and calling a moron a moron. What is wrong with that?

"A foolish one at that."

Really? How can someone with your ret@rded logic and poor grasp of the English language call anyone else foolish?

"Was that lucid enough for you grammar checker"

lol..was that an attempt at a "big" word? I guess for you it would be. It would help if you used the word in the proper context, you imbecile. I had no problem with understanding what you were saying, so lucidity is completely irrelevant. The problem was with your ignorance of the proper use of the word "your".

"with no football IQ."

Yeah, you've already more than proven that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. And if I were you, football IQ wouldn't be the IQ I'd be concerned with, my friend.

Miami is better when the depth and experience is not ran off the team. This loss was scheme related and directly linked to Al Golden's method of coaching. The experienced talent was ran off. Now he uses inexperience as the reason for the team to lose. This team is still talented enough to win 13 games. The talent has to have a better head coach to gain those number of wins.

Next man up.. Its up to the coaching staff to replace one play-maker with another one.. We will be alright at RB, i'm more concerned about the LB position. It need a influx of talent there..

I Agree with It's a Cane Thing, excellent incite and perspective. We had plenty of blown opportunities. Our D is not at the same level as our O right now. Positives to take from this, our young guys were usually in good position to make plays, this means they understand the scheme and are executing well, they just lack the physical maturity (size/strength) to complete the play. That will come with time. Our secondary is fierce, they have an immense potential, we'll see how that plays out. We are stacked at every position on O, but we lack the intellectual QB who can take us to the promise land. We dont need a Cam Newton, we need a Ken Dorsey. Just get the ball to the playmakers and let them do their thing. The best play I ever saw from Dorsey was a 6 yard crossing route to Dre Johnson who proceeded to take it to the house, against FSU. That's all we need.

I agree that our secondary is and will be very good!

Morris is dissapointing. defense has holes but offense has been a ldt down

Won't come here tonight and say I told you so. I hope Golden is learning from these experiences. This is big boy football!! This UM Coaching staff must develop a take no prisoners mentality as it relates to preparation and playing in big games. Duke Johnson was the best weapon we had offensively, so I have no problem with the way he was used--hopefully there's recognition by coaches that we have very few weapons to go against top ranked programs. We need to re-evaluate what we're doing with the back 7 defensively. Our boys are gamers but disappeared in the second half and were completely over-matched and out coached by FSU. Hopefully we'll get a second shot at them, at least we know what the fight feels like.

I believe Golden and his staff had a good game plan---especially when we were pounding the football to setup the pass in the second quarter with Duke leading the way. That big offensive line needs to give us more production in the run game and longer protection for the pass. We are the University of Miami and we cannot continue to be embarrassed like this in big games. Now run the table and let's get right back after them--WE NEED TO RUIN THEIR BOWL SEASON PLANS.

It was obvious that at halftime this was anybody's ballgame. In the second half Stephen Morris showed his questionable quarterback skills throwing the ball short. The tight end Walford could not secure the ball and wasted seconds as the ball kept bouncing out of his hands. Duke Johnson was the bright spot and we have lost him for the season. This big Offensive line needs to buck up and start playing more physical and blow people off the line. We need to put this game behind us and win out but we need to get better if we are going to go to the ACC championship game and play FSU again and have a chance to win. I think one of the bright spots is next year's recruiting class, which will be coming in and most of the players from the Shannon recruiting era will be leaving. It is obvious that Coach Golden plans to play Morris for the rest of the season and with the errors he is making he does not stand the chance of being drafted. This game was his benchmark to get better and he failed. Yes we can still run the table and get to a major bowl game but I look to the future with the potential the U has coming up and will look forward to the days where the U defeats FSU 4 years straight like it use to. In closing get well Duke you will come back stronger next year with an even much better team.

Miami has no swagger

Until this Miami team gets back that were going to beat you regardless of who you are and where and when were playing you attitude, there going to have a tough time finding any long term success.

^^Exactly, dudes smoking that crack believing we are gonna be better next year.

Y'all gonna eat all that talk about Shannon players and what not--hold me to that please. We better pray Denzel P don't jet for the league.

The offensive line is a strength Al Golden received when he got here. The lack of experienced players is what Al Golden gave this team. Now that he showed his lack of coaching skills, again. Let the truth be told, Al Golden was out coached by Jimbo Fisher. Fisher is not a very good coach. So what does that say about Golden?

Cowards don't say things in people's face they go the internet route gladly.lol intellectually I would run circles around you. Any topic you have in mind o foolish internet coward?

I like golden as a coach but this isn't the first time he got out coached. When Winston started to struggle they took the ball out of his hand and ran those tailbacks all over us. If we see them again it could get much worst.

More proof of Al Golden's running experience off the team.

Making matters tougher for UM has been holding onto its top recruits or developing them. Of the six Rivals four-star prospects Miami signed in 2010 (the Hurricanes didn’t sign any five-stars), only three are still with the program (offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche, running back Eduardo Clements and offensive lineman Brandon Linder). Miami signed only two four-star recruits in 2011 (no five-stars) and one (defensive end Jalen Grimble) transferred out this season.

But since Golden has had time to establish himself beginning with the 2012 class, the Hurricanes have signed two Rivals five-star recruits (cornerback Tracy Howard, running back Duke Johnson) and 17 four-star recruits. Of that group, only receiver Angelo Jean-Louis, linebacker Raphael Kirby and receiver Robert Lockhart are no longer on the team.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/03/3728841/scouts-say-seminoles-talent-superior.html#storylink=cpy

we need a new d cordinator preiod. cant play prevent defence for 60 mins. poor play calling, have to put guys in position to suceed. shayon green should not be dropping into coverage. i love shayon he is an effort guy but everyone knows his injury problems and limitations except his dcordinator. thought i saw luther robinson dropping back on one play also. pure crap

Remember 1/4 of FSU team, couldn't come to The University of Miami football program due to the sanctions placed by the NCAA and recruitment has been on deadlock for years, FSU was recruiting on normal bases and taking all of our prospect players for years like all other teams in the nation, we also had injured players on the side line from previous games, one QB and Duke don't win games a whole team does, also we got a play taken away from us that could have turn the game around, 1/4 of miami players played high school football in the same team with these FSU players so what's the big Hipe? All the super stars are being pumped out from Miami, Fl, schools NOT Tallahassee schools. Jimbo Fischer couldn't coach his way into anything, at least coach Golden has a solid track record a nobody making things turn around as a coach, FSU pretty much played poorly since they weren't sanctioned by the NCAA and we were, the score should have been 100 to 0, and it wasn't….

Winston didn't look great either. He just benefitted from a strong running game which made his job that much easier.thats how I know that so called true fans have no football iq because mostly all good teams now even in college football have at least two tailbacks and maybe even a third one. Get some common football sense about yourself before you come on here talking shyt.

Posted by: Tallycane | November 03, 2013 at 01:33 AM

Here's where the mac minions failed the team, coach goldie and the 500 club are the ones who don't have high football I.Q.'s. Case in point, the defensive game plan was right in the first half, we got the results we were looking for, after we got the 2 picks, coach goldie and the 500 club didn't take advantage of that and sat back in the same defense, after the 2 picks, it was obvious jimbo was going to the running game, we should've sold out to stop the run and force winston to beat us, but nope, coach goldie and the 500 club got caught up in his hype.

It's like in 2010 when we played ohigho fake, we started smothering their offense and got up 10 to 0, and than started sending our linebackers down hill, but than dvd for some strange reason came up and let posey get right behind him, and than ray ray was to slow to get over there, but at least the players were put into position to suceed and didn't execute it. When all a receiver has to do is sit down in his route and be wide-open, that's not putting players in position to suceed.

The biggest problem i see is, and i said it a different way before but, i'll say it like this, this time, Fsu & the gaytors have coaches that are from the Souf and understand fully the type of athlete's they have, we got 2 guys(like gallo always say, send back up north) from up north, trying to use/bring a big 10 style of football with speed athlete's, that's not going to create a dominant defense. We looked just like those slow big 10 defenses against Fsu tonight and that's the direction it looks like we're going in.

duke got hurt because of a stupid play call and than jimbo flipped it on us what coach goldie thought was going to happen, jimbo started running the ball on us, our linebackers are to far away from the line of scrimmage to be effective.

james coley has alot of work to do, like coach goldie, he has potential, but at this level, that's not going to get you anywhere.

this team is soft..i sat in horror as many canes stood around as chickillo was being bullied on the ground and nobody did a thing..that NEVER would of happened with past teams,NEVER...do you think jerome brown,ray lewis etc would have stood by and watched as their teammate was getting embarrassed?..this team not only has no "swagger" they have no balls..thanks al golden for the "process" of creating a soft,weak team..

Why did Raphael Kirby leave the team?

The biggest problem i see is, and i said it a different way before but, i'll say it like this, this time, Fsu & the gaytors have coaches that are from the Souf and understand fully the type of athlete's they have, we got 2 guys(like gallo always say, send back up north) from up north, trying to use/bring a big 10 style of football with speed athlete's, that's not going to create a dominant defense. We looked just like those slow big 10 defenses against Fsu tonight and that's the direction it looks like we're going in......

our linebackers are to far away from the line of scrimmage to be effective.

Posted by: Calvin | November 03, 2013 at 04:59 AM

Yes sir!!!

This plus a Shapiro sized Ponzi scheme!!!

And when your dline is coached NOT to get up field in penetration but hold your man up and hope your lb's get there from 7 yards away you got problems! Especially when the other team has nfl type running backs that hit the hole fast.

Cane72 been saying that about our lb alignment for months.

That bend but don't break is like a girl that that's a tease, sooner or later she's gonna get it!!!

Last week I predicted FSU 42-10 if dumb goldie and d'onfrio used their three down def. linemen and man to man NO pass coverage. Vegas said FSU a 21 point favorite.

WHY? Do the MATH. Can three defensive linemen hold up FIVE offensive linemen and a running back? 6 against the Cane 3 ??????????

Can Canes stop the run up the middle?? NOOOOO. That was proven yet again to stupid asses d'onfrio and goldie.

Can Canes stop the end runs??? NOOOOO. No linemen out there to stop the blocker and runner.

Can Canes get to the passer with three or even four pass rushers before he lets the ball go???? NOOOOO. Again, the Canes have to fight through 6 blockers.

Is the coverage good enough with goldie and d'onfrio's zone, prevent the win, NO pass coverage with Cane players guarding empty pastureland? Nooooo, the receivers just go and sit in the gaps and catch passes with no contest.

shalalalala and all the other squat to pee Cane fans who accept such stupidity are no doubt happy with mediocrity. But goldie and dumb'onfrio are worse than mediocre. They are stupid, stupid, stupid, and can't even count the number of blockers versus number of Cane def. linemen. Even the TV announcers were wondering why d'o was so stupid he was dropping 8 Canes back into coverage and giving up 20 yards a play to FSU.

stupid is as stupid does.

Get ready for another embarrassing five years of mediocre games, mediocre record, mediocre bowls, mediocre attendance to come and listen to the third down siren.

Coker went down hill after Butch left. Then, Shannon. Now goldie and dumb'o. Columbia Univ. will probably have a NC before goldie.

i agree,the lb's play too far back as well as the safety's..on a pass play the safety's seem to turn and run back 10+ yards just as the ball is snapped why?..easy pickings for any qb.and somebody please explain to me why chickillo is a starter,name perhaps?,legacy?.this guy gets taken out of 99% of every play..this team got seriously out coached in every aspect of this game,bottom line..

Its not all Morris fault. I don't like the play calling FSU runs a screen for a TD we run a screen and its blown up. The play Duke got hurt on the call sucked. We got out coached. Look at the second half who made better adjustments.

Well we wanted to see how we measured up, and now we know. FSU is ahead of us right now. All we can do is regroup, take our frustrations out on VT, and work on play calling. We STILL don't utilize the short passing game enough, and everyone wants to blame Morris, yes he is to shoulder some of the blame, but he's not the one calling the plays all the time. Also we need to mix up our running plays more. It seemed like we always went to the left.

On D, not enough blitzing, as we got no pass rush. Dallas it's your now dog, make Duke proud. VT is going to feel the pain, and PLEASE Cane fans SHOW up for the team, it'll be a HUGE game and they need us.

I thought the game would play out exactly as it did. I told my friends we need to win the coin toss and take the ball and score first which we did not do.Quit deferring every game we start out behind 7-0. Soft defense just means the other team takes longer to score. Disapointed in Morris's play again, at this level he needs to make that deep throw. Predictable play calling, we don't need gimmick plays just more football plays. We will never play for anything unless we change our strategy on defense.

please....the fraud has been exposed. You see how fsu's DC made the defensive adjustment in the second half and shut UM down...thats a real DC.

morris as I said has become a head case....cant put Williams in because who knows what he'll do. UM is stuck with morris till end of season.....

as far as "U Tough"...that's BS also.....this team is not in great shape either....

get rid of golden/dnofrio and get NFL talent in here and problem solved.....UM to the NC leads thru FSU and as of now...forget it

We should get a fair assessment of what kind of coaching staff we have going forward. Vtech will be tough because they are vtech and we dont have duke. Duke will be tough becausr of cutcliff. If we play fsu again that will be a great test because fsu will come out and do the same thing with the running game and dare our inept dc to stop it. Chick got drug and that told the talenof what happened in this game. Also you put muhammed in a postion to sack winston his first year in this defense. Why not give that responsibility to mccord?

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