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Duke Johnson out for the season with broken ankle source says

A bad night just got a lot worse for the Hurricanes.

A source has told our Susan Miller Degnan that star running back Duke Johnson will miss the remainder of the season with a broken ankle. Johnson is expected to have surgery early next week.

Johnson was injured on Miami's final offensive play of the third quarter when he was tackled by FSU defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample a yard short of the first down on 4th and 1. Johnson's right ankle buckled and he was helped off the field by trainers. He was then carted off for x-rays and seen with tears streaming down his face.

Johnson, seen after the game with his ankle heavily taped and on crutches, is traveling back to Miami with the team the source confirmed.

UM coach Al Golden said during his press conference he didn't have an update on Johnson's condition.

"I saw Duke, great spirits," UM quarterback Stephen Morris said. "Still, I don't know the extent of his injury. He's doing fine. He's in great spirits right now, talking to his teammates, trying to encourage us. Duke is Duke and he'll be OK."

The Hurricanes (7-1, 3-1 ACC) have a huge Coastal Division game against Virginia Tech (6-3, 3-2) next Saturday. If UM were to lose, the Canes would no longer control their own destiny in the division having lost the tiebreaker.

Johnson finished with 97 yards on 23 carries Saturday and was the second-leading rusher in the ACC coming into the game. His final stat line for the season: 145 carries, 920 yards, 6 TDs. 

Backup Dallas Crawford carried the ball twice for three yards Saturday. Crawford has one career start for UM.

"Our biggest thing is we have to leave this game in Tallahassee and when we hit down in Miami tonight come back tomorrow and learn on it," Morris said. "If we weren't mature enough our record wouldn't be 7-1 right now. I got full confidence in this group."



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Gallo officially a woman now. Bet ur looking forward to that turds-Noles game. Will their be a muskrat list?

Gallo ..ur one dumb shag

Most of the people here are idiots. Much to our chagrin, fsu is the best team in the country. It ain't scheme but on the defense, we just ain't got the horses to rotate in and out yet. FSU is supposed to do this with their recent recruiting. Our. Guys on D are still growing or less talented overachievers. They will fight but when faced with more talent who comes to fight fade in the end. Will someone please put AJ Highsmith out of his misery? He has been killin me for years. We are close but lack of execution in key moments blew it open. How does Morris take that sack when FSU is telegraphing all out blitz? How does he under throw Coley on that gimme touchdown. Coley dropped another gimme. Those were Huge and the total difference in the game. We got under Winston's skin and his coach took the ball from him. I am sooooo disappointed in oline, run and pass protect. They should be consistently DOMINANT and are consistently NOT. If only Morris would live to fight another day.... Duke is not super man. If he is gonna return kicks, Dallas needs more carries, period. Coley seems to be on the rise, but his inexperience as a play caller is all to apparent. He could have won the game, but still does not have the feel yet. The play action was there early and the Could not cover our receivers at all. That was no surprise to me. We are so close but so far away. We CAN beat THIS FSU team on neutral site though. Everyone needs to step up and execute frow the top down. The lack of execution in close situations is my only beef with the team. Otherwise I am confident and excited for the future. I'm tellin you, 4 or 5 better executed plays at key junctions and a blowout could have been a tough road win against the best team in the land. But if I was rich I wouldn't be poor either so we just gotta see what happens.

Say what you want about the D but you can't beat FSU by scoring only 14 points!

The turing point in the game was the 48 yard run by Freeman. For what ever reason, UM brought heat from the left side of the DL. What happened was the entire FSU offensive unit was intelligent enough to immediately recognize what was happening. Winston, the OL, and the screen unit saw that the heat was on and that there was one on one coverage on the weak side and really there was no help with that coverage or there should have been some help from at least a LB.

Just in case FSU figured out what was going on. That was a dumb move by the DC. I mean, we blitz with a lot of heat, 6 deep, but failed to take care of the other side.

Secondly, SM if U are hurt please let somebody know. SM is a pure pocket passer with a strong arm. Sometimes U got to beat people with their own game plan, i.e., screens, etc., over the middles.

I did not see Crawford used the right way, nor did I see proper usage of the FB nor TE's. Although the Walford was OK.

The OC has settled in for a "ho-hum O.

Lastly, give some credit to the FSU coaching staff. I saw Jimbo get in Winston's face about three times and explain to him exactly what was wrong. That was coaching. I did not see the UM DC or OC or HC get in anybody' face for UM. Jimbo outcoached 'Goldy. Period.

Also, we did not score in the second half. Why was that? And we gave up 517 yards. Some kind of change must be made. Right now, we got very good players, but real offensive or defensive schemes to put them in.

And why is Duke carrying the ball 23 times?

Canes: U don't know what you're talking about, saying RS left cubbard bare. I can go throughout the state of FL and get a complete team and will still win games and look good doing it. There is no such thing as a scrub FL football player.

Duke was overused and the other players who can play were not used. U can put all the sanctions in place that U want, but give me ANYBODY from FL and I got a winning football player.

Don't believe me? Go ask JJ and Butch how they did it......

Dammit, I'm sick of these negative posts. It wasn't the QB play, not a D problem, and not a coaching problem. Miami simply lost to a better team, no shame in that. Miami was a 21pt underdog and rightfully so. It was enjoyable watching that 1st half but in the end FSU was just too dominant on both sides of the ball.

I hope Duke recovers and is ready to go next year because that man has a bright future both in in football and in life.

Go Canes and beat VT next week.

Calvin: Agreed. This is not a step up in terms of coaching. Give me RS all day long over these MAC castaways. This coaching crew simply isn't cut out for big time college football.

FSU really didn't play their best, but they still won the game:

Why aren't Hagens, the TE's screen passes, Crawford and trick plays a part of the offensive arsenal? And where in the heck is Artie Burns?

no hanging heads here. big games still left so we can play fsu again in acc title game. gonna be tough when u lose your best rb and wr for season. but great year so far

We need to keep winning and make it to the ACC championship game. Let's het anotjer crack at fsu.


Could you be positive about your home town team? You write:

"If UM were to lose, the Canes would no longer control their own destiny in the division having lost the tiebreaker."

This is a negative statement. You can convey the same idea as follows:

"UM will need to win next week and the remaining ACC games to control their own destiny".

For all we know, VT might drop a few additional games as well. So, why the negativity?

So many put that one game as a season. WE BEAT THE TURDS. And we have a shot at 11-1 season. NO_ONE in college football gave this team that chance. It hasn't been pretty, but we are 7-1, and a great class waiting, no ncaa over our heads, I see a lot of positives. We were overmatched by a team who has had really good recruiting. Our recruiting will get better now, Golden works very hard. It stinks to lose like that, but I saw a lot of chances we did't take. Morris is not QB to take us there. I hope olsen is. VT week, that is most important now. GO CANES Be there sat. see you there.

At least we know we are better than Clemson. Clemson gave up 565 yards to FSU at HOME and lost by a bigger margin.

We don't have consistency on O and lack a few pieces on D. Yesterday's result was nothing to be ashamed of.

Bottom line guys, fisher has had 4-5 years for top 5 or so recruit classes, and there loaded with NFL depth. Al is on pace for his 1st top 5 class and had looming sanctions. No Scholardhip Qbs but morris when he got here. we lost Teddy Bridgewater and prob 10-20 4-5 star kids to UF/FSU/ALa what would have been canes.

really, 1 more top recruting class and hope Kevin Olsen beats out Ryan Williams next year, and we will have some great depth

VA Tech lost again yesterday acc. so a win should clinch the division of us pretty much setting up a rematch on a netural field. But FSU has had no sanctions on recruiting like AL Golden has, and its shown. However, we can ruin their season by winning the Acc champ Game.

Why do cool cat/gallo/calvin/etc continue to yap about the need for a coach from the south?

Lay off Manny, why do you want him to be a delusional homer like the worse of you. He knew the canes would lose.
Vegas knew they would lose.
The Taiwanese knew they would lose.
Everyone knew they would lose.
And no, FSU is not the best team in the country. Alabama is.
Then comes Oregon, and then FSU.
The polls and the computers have it right.
You girls have it wrong.
Like usual.

Well, look on the bright side, at least we're a little bit better than UNC, Wake and the sorry Gaytors.

Yeah, what does a coaching staff from the south look like? Rex and Rob Ryan are from the north and they blitz like crazy.

So glad FSU put UM in its place. UM has not beaten a top 25 team and barely beat lower end ACC teams. There are only 2 teams in that conference, FSU and Clemson, the rest are very weak. Unfortunately their record will be inflated since their remaining schedule is weak, so we are going to have to hear things like "swagger is back" and "Golden is a legend" and blah blah blah.

We need studs on the d-line and at LB......Morris is not getting benched........tough nuts, gotta go as far as he takes us, but we need studs

Coach Golden, will U PLEASE take off that ridiculously stupid looking white dress shirt and orange tie and wear a pull-over or even a hoody. Why anyone would want to emulate Joe Paterno, the child molesters coverman who's statues at Penn St. have been removed and melted down, is beyond me.

Insight. Incite. I never realized it before. This is the first time I've seen this homophone used. Now I hope Coach Golden has the insight to incite more top recruits to commit to the U. Depth is everything as this season is proving.

Posted by: NYCFIUFan | November 03, 2013 at 12:18 PM

Funny, we have FIU fans talking smack! LOL

Posted by: Mike G. | November 03, 2013 at 12:42 PM

Hey doofus. Golden is just following Schnelly.

Stating facts, just stating facts. Everyone needs a reality check, especially certain fans down here.

Uh, fiu fan.....we beat the gators and they were in the top 25.... who has fiu beaten in the top 50? As long as we dont pull a gator and drop the next 3 in a row we still have improved from last year. We still have a shot at fsu again to redeem ourselves in the ACCCG . We are bowl eligible and not even the ncaa can take that away. At least we are not a .500 team hoping to get into a lowest tier bowl!

Posted by: NYCFIUFan | November 03, 2013 at 12:52 PM

Great, Mr. Obvious. It is very easy to pile on when things are bad, why do you even come here to rub it in given the state of your team?

Posted by: fake Jim Gallo | November 03, 2013 at 12:07 PM

21-16 and 4-4. Do I need to say more?

Nycfiufan blew his cover in two posts....he said"especially certain fans down here". That proves he is not in nyc

Fiu...lol. do they still have a team?

Coaching staff scraficed Duke..23 catch til 3qt against top fsu defense..

They should be respobsible for Duke season ending injury.

Morris also is responsible for second half showdown to show himself as dumb to nfl scouts...he is so selfish...at UNC game 34nfl scouts....he only purposed to show himself too much not our team.

I am too sad for Duke and his family.

Dumb QB and Coaching and LB....

One more why dont we use Mccord to replce dumb LBs?

Morris runs the plays given to him, he can't even audible, so not sure how he was being selfish. Morris plays defense too?

We ran screens. My favorite one involved a throw to the rb with the lineman on the floor. Nice job.

Morris is Randy's kid = HE DONT GIVE A CRAP

Wading through all the little Jimmy Carr aliases to read the always astute points Calvin brings about the philosophy not being championship caliber, Cane72 being vindicated by the all game long employ of 3-4 fronts getting abused and some others after that long drive back from the bloodbath last night, I just need to add;

As a degree holding UM graduate and a fan of the team and the players who don't have their hands out for payola, that was the worst coached and schemed game I have ever had the misfortune to see from a UM coaching staff last night, against the rival school to boot. Until the defensive scheme is coordinated by a competent individual, which of course means for all intents and purposes, when Golden is relieved of his coaching duties and a new coach is brought in to clean up the atrocity of weekly strategy in the big office in the athletic complex, I will no longer spend another penny to see the football team play in person, expend another calorie of energy yelling myself hoarse for a defense that refuses to attempt to disrupt the other team for 80% of the snaps they are on the field on, or in any way vote with my wallet for this crap being churned out by a guy who never even won a division in the Mid-American Conference.

Albert Golden isn't even the best coach in his division, much less all of college football, as little Jimmy attempts to continually falsely promote under one of his many UF related blog id's here. He's a middle of the road, average coach in both the league and in the profession in general who deserves just one more season to prove his system can win big and win it all, but after last night, it's impossible to see how it can when Miami just got blown out against a team that hasn't been relevant nationally in 14 years and has been passed by the team from the middle of the state as a program in that same span of time. Not one more dollar out of my pocket for you and your employee in this position Blake, until you find someone worth my incurred expense of supporting the program as I have until last night to do the job instead.

Season, I would like to thank you for your thoughts. They are very worthy of an alum of the great University of Miami.

One more year is all Albert James Golden deserves. That is the mantra for next year. I will continue this year's mantra of 13 wins or failure.

Told you so little girls. the AP and the rest of the polls have dropped you frauds to #14. Five different one loss teams ahead of you. Heck even 3 two loss teams ahead of you. All happen to be from the SEC, where is the delusional fool who keeps babbling that the SEC is top heavy? Same fool who keeps spouting that Golden is the best coach in America. he is not even the best coach in the sorry Coastal and not even the second best coach in his State.
Careful homers, you drop just one more game and you are out of the top 25. You can't buy your way into the rankings by just playing one good team a year.
Frauds and cowards.

I am a die hard Cane fan. Was proud of the guys who fought hard last night. Duke, we appreciate that you are a warrior...Chickillo obviously was ready to fight, good to see aggression on the field. A few others fought hard too.

The thing that disturbed me most last night was one of our senior leaders spotted by cameras on the sideline SMILING in the fourth quarter after us getting a beatdown. That reminded me of the old Shannon teams that did not care. The fans are more upset than this senior leader at the loss evidently.

We will be back and will get the horses to compete but I won't miss some of the RS kids who frankly seem as though they could care less if the Canes win or lose. INEXCUSABLE

I think turning point was when fsu defense stacked the box beginning of 3rd quarter....stopped morris after he under threw hurns then grounded the ball on a penalty....

fsu takes over and their offense (young) just imposed their will on UM defense with the most embarrasing display I have ever saw and a complete slap in the face of UM......freeman making "U" sigh to both the UM players n the field and then again right at the UM bench after gunner was almost put on his ass.....that was the worst....

UM defense and the team IS NOT IN SHAPE and defense totally confused

huge damage done last night right in front of a whole section in the stands of recruits....does yearby not commit? I say 50/50 at this point.....

Fire dnofrio immediately...let golden know he is next if he doesn't fix this....NOW

Timothy, you are completely wrong on Coach Randy Shannon recruits.

The players he recruited were the best of students that were athletes. Al Golden gets to recruit non students. He receives no inquiry into anything he does. He gets no inquiry into his lack of success.

After three years of the same coach coaching him and most likely not playing except in the case of injury as a freshman, whoever the senior was that TV showed smiling, it doesn't matter because for all intents and purposes, he's an Al Golden player.

So that's on the coach too for not reaching his roster member and imparting what you're looking for Little 'Tim' Jimmy. Inexcusable, even.

Gallo who cares what you think dude, lol? I mean r u trying to pat yourself on the back, and answer your own questions Sybil? I've said this before 'you're a very weird mf.

Gang we have NO idea what that kid was smiling about, I mean sort of like Dez Bryant exploding on the Cowboys sidelines, the STUPID media said one thing, and then we found what REALLY happened. Same thing here. A fan, or FSU player could've yelled something at him, and he's thinking ' that's alright, we'll see you again', and smiled devilishly. We just don't know.

also 4th and 2....coley send duke to the inside after fsu was stacking the middle since the beginning of the 3rd quarter.....so blame him for dukes legs....should have either sent duke to the outside with a foot race to the sidelines or at least use hagans in the middle....

there was no shared responsibility in UM's backfield...thats all goldens fault

On twitter Miami fans are upset at Morris for smiling and laughing at end of game, and I don't blame them one bit. I told everyone Morris was a joke....

Dom, delandcane, Russell, & TruCane4Ever have it right...

The rest of you just have a grudge, vendetta, etc. and your thinking is way off target.

RS lost his job because he lost too many close games with the talent he had. He did not recruit SFlorida kids like he should have...so please get over the RS stuff...he was a great Cane (Player & DC). He was not a good HC...he was not a HC who could get his coaches to develop the talent he brought in to its potential...that is why RS lost his Job...all of the above without any NCAA Sactions...hell he had someone paying his players and treating them to special things...

So basically, this game came down to too many UM mistakes as UM was right where they wanted to be and where no one else thought they could be at the end of the first half....21 - 14.

There were about 8 plays in the second half that UM did not execute or were poor decisions from a play call perspective...

1. Why did we give FSU the ball when we won the toss? We knew going in we had to limit the FSU Possessions to win....This did not turn out to be a big issue for the end of the first half, but it did for the start of the second due to execution...but it was not something I agreed with from a coaching standpoint...why get behind the 8 ball from the start...

2. I love Alonzo Highsmith to death...but AJ...you got to play the man when he is 6'5" and not got for the INT...separate him from the ball...that lead to a easy TD for FSU on a 1st and 15 play...poor execution...

3. The Screen pass to the wide side was just a good play call vs a load rush from the short side...that was not a check by Winston...that was just a good play call vs the short side blitz! That is football folks! That put us behind the 8 ball...

4. Morris can not take a sack on 2nd and 9 to make it 3rd and 23...got to find a way to throw that away! Poor decision...but we were able to recover for 21-14 at the Half...

5. First Drive of the Second...Morris knows he can not take a Sack on 3rd & 8 for 13 yards...not that this hurt...but it was a poor decision by Morris that set things up...throw it way...

6. Second possession of the second half...and this hurt the most because it put us behind the 8 ball...Morris has the arm...Coley gets wide open and he massively under throws a deep ball potential TD if he throws a rope not a rainbow...poor decision and execution...great play call! Should have made it FSU 28 UM 21 and still in the game...

7. Down 35 - 14 now and not 35-21...Coley drops a TD pass that could have mad it 35 - 28 or at worst 35 - 21...

8. Like the decision to go for it on 4th and 2...Don't understand the play call on 4th and 2...why bunch most all the big guys on the field and run behind the tackle? You had established the running game...why not have a pass/run option at the line to run based on what FSU shows on the pre snap read? Turnover on downs and lose you best player for the year...not a good decision from a coaching standpoint...other than the decision to defer this is the 2nd Coaching Call that was on issue for me...

9. 4th poor decision or execution of the second half on the 4th possession...on 3rd and 7 down 35-14...should have been 35 - 28 or 35-21...Morris can not throw into triple coverage...especially when you have you check down back getting past the LB for a easy first down and a big play to keep the drive alive...poor decision on a decent play call...now we are 38-14 not 38-28 or 38-21

10. but game is over...this has to be a learning thing...TE Can not run a route short of the sticks on 4th and 11...granted he dropped the ball...but he would not have gotten the first down...when the game could have been 38-21 with just under 5 min left in the game...

So when I look at this I see 3 coaching issues and 7 execution or decision issues...

Even with the Defensive philosophy...there were too many player errors to over come a very good and more talented FSU Team...

Again, for those of you who felt we should have won this game on the road vs this FSU team, your head is in the wrong place about where this team is...but keep in mind...it is much better than anyone thought it would be at the start of the year...I have said this before...if you had told me we would be 7-1 after FSU and have our destiny in our own hands for the ACC Coastal bid to the ACC Title Game and a chance for a BCS Game...I would have been more than happy with that!

Yes, we have high expectations for University of Miami Football and that is the way it should be...but for the whiners on this blog...get over it...support this team or STFU!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green, & White!

It's A Cane Thing...You Just Don't Understand!

Jim, on the scoreboard inside the stadium, at the bottom, FSU tracks time of possession for the game. UM never was within five minutes of FSU in that stat for the game and often was 10 or more minutes apart all night long. The game was lost during the week when the game-plan was made to keep everything in front of them, for example, on the screen pass for a TD, there was a safety for UM in front of the runner, just five yards deep in the end-zone when he crossed the plane of the goal. Now why play back and try and keep everything in front of you when at the same time counter-intuitively you're adding weight and sacrificing speed and agility in your defensive players with your player development philosophy? Probably for the same reasons why you would emulate a child predator like Sandusky with your defensive schemes and a child predator protector like Paterno with your sartorial choices, stupidity and not wanting to make your mom upset while she's forced to watch Temple football.

Morris was smiling and laughing at end of game.....HE REALLY CARES

awwwwwwwww whats the matter green pea cola....afraid what I have been saying ALL ALONG is coming true?

when was the last time you have ever seen an opposing player go right up to the facemask of UM players and show the "U" sign?

then go to the bench in front of golden and do the same.....and this defense just took it....2 plays later freeman was in the end zone.....

none of you are real cane fans just a bunch of wannabe's.....last night was a disgrace where a YOUNGER tema put the woood to the so called "swagger" team.....if I was the AD dnofrio would be fired as of this post and announce at press conference TODAY....his office would be in a box on US 1

As a degree holding UM graduate and a fan of the team and the players who don't have their hands out for payola, that was the worst coached and schemed game I have ever had the misfortune to see from a UM coaching staff last night, against the rival school to boot.

Posted by: Season went from memorable to a disaster in three hours last night | November 03, 2013 at 01:27 PM

Year, degree and major please. It is easy to bluff on the internet. You're so irrational, I wouldn't be surprised you're a FIU/ UF grad.

Oh, just so you know, our season didn't go from memorable to disaster last night. We had a win-win situation last night and we have nothing to be ashamed of. We showed the world we are better than Clemson.

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