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Duke Johnson out for the season with broken ankle source says

A bad night just got a lot worse for the Hurricanes.

A source has told our Susan Miller Degnan that star running back Duke Johnson will miss the remainder of the season with a broken ankle. Johnson is expected to have surgery early next week.

Johnson was injured on Miami's final offensive play of the third quarter when he was tackled by FSU defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample a yard short of the first down on 4th and 1. Johnson's right ankle buckled and he was helped off the field by trainers. He was then carted off for x-rays and seen with tears streaming down his face.

Johnson, seen after the game with his ankle heavily taped and on crutches, is traveling back to Miami with the team the source confirmed.

UM coach Al Golden said during his press conference he didn't have an update on Johnson's condition.

"I saw Duke, great spirits," UM quarterback Stephen Morris said. "Still, I don't know the extent of his injury. He's doing fine. He's in great spirits right now, talking to his teammates, trying to encourage us. Duke is Duke and he'll be OK."

The Hurricanes (7-1, 3-1 ACC) have a huge Coastal Division game against Virginia Tech (6-3, 3-2) next Saturday. If UM were to lose, the Canes would no longer control their own destiny in the division having lost the tiebreaker.

Johnson finished with 97 yards on 23 carries Saturday and was the second-leading rusher in the ACC coming into the game. His final stat line for the season: 145 carries, 920 yards, 6 TDs. 

Backup Dallas Crawford carried the ball twice for three yards Saturday. Crawford has one career start for UM.

"Our biggest thing is we have to leave this game in Tallahassee and when we hit down in Miami tonight come back tomorrow and learn on it," Morris said. "If we weren't mature enough our record wouldn't be 7-1 right now. I got full confidence in this group."



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Man that was brutal, and the sad thing it could've been a lot worst.

How anyone could continue to not see this sissy scheme we are playing is a problem is beyond me. I guess No D needed another halftime after the 4th quarter to make adjustments to FSU's adjustments. Can't wait to hear Golden tongue and No D explain this one. I'm sure freelancing is going to be the blame.

Three years in and the defense is still soft. The only thing we know guys has gained, is weight. Golden tongue fooled a lot of folks with all the UTough talk. I guess we see now all other colleges have off season workout sessions as well.

Now we have to wait on two more recruiting classes in order to compete with FSU according to the blind homers. *Newsflash* the other schools aren't going to stop recruiting either.

I've said it before and will say it again, if you are a d-lineman in high school terrorizing the opposing back fields, why would you want to come here and be asked to slow drag with o-lineman? What's going to happen with Quan next year? Are we going to add 20 pounds to him and take away that burst? Hopefully we use McCord more before he goes to the NFL after next year and become a 12-14 sack guy. Chad Thomas will probably be playing nose tackle after his 2nd year here. Until we get a real defensive coach in here we should continue to expect the same mediocre defense.

DZP will be gone after this year for sure. If he stays another year he'll probably hurt his draft stock. Another year of UTough and he'll be 275 pounds.

Steven Morris has really taken the personality of Golden tongue. I guess him smiling over on the sideline while we're getting thumped is just him being the same guy everyday.

“I told them, [the Hurricanes] aren’t like us,” Freeman said. “We’re different. We grind different.”

Until we get the MAC staff out of here, this will remain the case.

It's a Cane Thing I feel you dog, and agree 100%. Gallo (Sybil), again stating obvious things doesn't make you a genius, we ALL know the Canes shortcomings, and don't need u repeating the same things over n over. You're like the little kid in the back of the class room that no one pays attention to, and you just keep screaming, lol. Hence you're a freaking weirdo.

Hey everybody! Look! It's Jimmy Carr, with a new ID and no point except that it's OK to lose to your rival in a blowout as long as you do better than Clemson. Go pay your debts to your creditors Jimmy you non-graduate from UM.

Dismiss Savannah St, FAU and the Dontknowfrio defense is allowing 25.3pts gm. Thats HORRIBLE

of course......Um had to go man to man more in the end and take chances......but still middle gets stretched by fsu receivers and you get oleary at the sidelines and green open literately waiting for winstons pass at UM 22......

typical dnofrio defense when the end is near.....stay prevent until the clock runs out....

This game was lost behind poor coaching. Will someone go see Dennis Erickson about a one back offense. It is so apparent that your blocking backs are too slow . Play after play Duke runs into them look at the film. Barry Sanders had the same problem in Detroit a couple of years. Expand your playbook. It takes more than talent to win some games. The U is not a training ground for coaches. Players don't have time for coaches to get experience at this level.

I feel sorry for these kids....last night they need leadership from coaches and a plan to stop the bleeding and they got ZERO from the bench....

fu'''ck all these coaches....fire them ALL!

the concern now should focus on what condition Dallas Crawford is in; did not understand why he was used so sparingly last nite

38 to 14 with 5 minutes left and golden is throwing screen passes and running the ball....

there is your proof right there.....idiots

We need to get rid of dno and go after bud foster with everything we have. I don't care about who we recruit we need to get foster. Over the last ten years vt has been the only team that lines up and plays defense the way the u used to play and should play forever. Even Saban and his bama guys are good but I love watching bud fosters defense even thought I hate vt. Imagine the defense we would field with him leading us.

Hang tough, DUKE! And come back strong next season!

FWIW... I absolutely knew it was a devasting injury. Especially after watching the replays several times and at that time, I mumbled to know one in particular. That THE DUKE was out for the season.

Again, HANG TOUGH Randy THE DUKE Johnson.

McCord & ALquadin need to start at DE, move Chick inside because he can hold up two blockers since hes to slow to get around edge. This team needs more SPEED & STRENGTH from D line Please send UM some help in this area

Now, would y'all Cane loyalists STOP chitting on Calvin and what not. Because the MAJORITY of what he opines on, when it comes to Hurricane matters has a great degree of VALIDITY!

Nevertheless, it's NOT ALL on Goldie and Marky Marky, because they've been HAND CUFFED by the U Know Who for 30 months or so, and have fallen VASTLY behind F.S.U. for TOP NOTCH, DIFFERENCE MAKER, play makers, i.e, 5/4-Star prep players.

F.S.U.'s defense was NASTY last night. Chit, they's reminded me of those Hurricane defenses under Randy Shannon! hUh

Oh, bringing over the D-coach from Roll Tide Roll was an ACE coup de grace for bubba Jimbo. Because his D-coordinator has absolutely INSTILLED that NASTY Bama' type of defensive EDGINESS!! hUh

Does Dno ever answer y ordinary Qb's always seem to have their best gms against us

Mac jones the dco for fsu said he had to get away from what they did at Bama and coach the style that fits the players he had.

And you damn right that looked like a um style D speed all over the field.

Lb's going sideline to sideline.

Dline getting up the field and after the qb.

Secondary man under 2 deep.

Yeah we've seen that type of D in the gables b4

I don't give a f about that Saban taught coach. Give me foster any day. If you have watched vt play defense the last ten years they look the most like how miami should play. And he had never had the horses that fsu, bama or even we have just imagine what he could do. We could finally have teams fear us again. Fear comes from a attacking in your face defense more so than even a good offense that's why we instilled fear into the opposition in the past give me foster and his style with our players and I guarantee even if fsu had won last night they would not want to play us again

F.S.U.'s defense was NASTY last night. Chit, they's reminded me of those Hurricane defenses under Randy Shannon! hUh

Oh, bringing over the D-coach from Roll Tide Roll was an ACE coup de grace for bubba Jimbo. Because his D-coordinator has absolutely INSTILLED that NASTY Bama' type of defensive EDGINESS!! hUh

Posted by: D | November 03, 2013 at 03:28 PM

You tell em Calvin aka D.

Hold on there guys. With all the great stuff Randy did on D, they couldn't prevent Craig Krenzel convert a 4th and 14.

Folks who are criticizing these coaches are like those who were calling for B. Davis's head (Anyone remember the Champs to Chumps Banner?). Talent will mask plenty of miscues on execution, but we are not at that level yet.

We lost 10-43 in 1999 to Michael Vick and the Hokies, guess where we ended up in 2000. Al is getting us there systematically.

Posted by: D | November 03, 2013 at 03:28 PM

But, but, but, they run a 3-4 D too. LOL

Get well soon Duke...you always play tough. Thank you for always bringing it to the games.

We need more players that hate to lose.

Smiling on the sideline during a beatdown...I still can't get over that.

Football absolutely right. People have no patience, and think we should be Natl Champs already. We're getting better, but still have a little ways to go. We can STILL have a STELLAR season.

Football absolutely right. People have no patience, and think we should be Natl Champs already. We're getting better, but still have a little ways to go. We can STILL have a STELLAR season.

Posted by: ColaCane | November 03, 2013 at 03:48 PM

I don't believe Miami, Florida should be playing for a N.C. this season.

But is it too much to ask for a competive game against a STAUNCH, NASTY opponent. And not become the LAUGHING STOCK of the major college football media-nexus and fan-dom, too.

Yeah, yeah Miami was hanging tough for a half. Yet, that game should have NEVER become a ROUT in the cruical second-half!! That's all.

The one good thing going into next week's nationally telly game against Beamer Ball, is that the Hokies are on a TWO GAME losing streak and are in the DOLDRUM's akin to the Canes.

FWIW... the team with the MOST HEART and NASTINESS will win that game. So, let's see if Stevie's CLOWNING, smile doesn't rub off on the rest of the team!!

Most importantly, Duke Johnson is nothing short of brilliant and us "real" Cane fans are heartbroken for him. Duke represents true Canes football and will be greatly missed during the remainder of this season.

FSU is real and is most probably the best college football team this year. They have no weaknesses in all 3 phases of the game and a QB that is nothing short of being superhuman.

Great game plan and great effort last night. Our Canes simply ran up against a team that currently has more horses than us due to the recruiting headwinds thanks to the NCAA.

It was a 7 point game at the half with us receiving the second half kick-off, but unfortunately the game got away from us as it seemed FSU had an answer for everything we tried.

D'Onofrio's excellent schemes, for the first time this season had Winston confused, which resulted in 2 interceptions. Unfortunately, FSU then called on their power running game and we simply could not keep up, along with it made their passing game lethal.

With all the hysteria showing up on this blog by the normal suspects...the facts remain that the Canes have lost exactly 1 game, can qualify for the ACC Championship game (playing FSU at a neutral site) and possibly a BCS bowl berth. No one that is being honest...AND IS A CANES FAN...can feel anything but excitement and thanks to Al Golden and his staff.


FSU 51 Clemson 14

Clemson had the Noles at 'Home', were ranked #3 in the nation, boasted 2 Heisman Trophy candidates, had an off week prior to the game and many believed they would wax FSU. No one can deny that Clemson has great talent and coaching.

Real Canes fans...we have nothing to be ashamed about and should only be more optimistic than ever as to the job Al Golden is doing to take us back to the top of college football.

Go Canes!!

Yeah, yeah Miami was hanging tough for a half. Yet, that game should have NEVER become a ROUT in the cruical second-half!! That's all.

Posted by: D | November 03, 2013 at 03:59 PM

While not getting blown out in the second half would have been ideal, we would have done that if we were able to score on the first possession of the half.

We also missed a FG on our first possession of the game, which was awful. Our execution on O has not been stellar throughout this season. Our D did make FSU earn every TD, however, we need a few more talented guys on the D line and the D backfield. I am not sure what can be fixed on the O, but our execution has to be flawless. Right now we look rather disjointed on O with a few flashes of brilliance sprinkled in between.

Yes the team is getting better. From the 8 games this year. Has the coaching improve from last year as a whole. We know you can only go so far with talent. I'm not saying get rid of Golden. He has done some nice work with the program. But with this staff do you honestly believe we have the right guy coaching each position. Sure we are maturing. But this doesn't mean you are developing.

No development happening. 8 gms in and Artie Burns still not getting enough reps. With his kind of speed there has to b a way to utilize it. The key to coaching is to put ur players in the best position to succeed. Jamal Carter needs reps also he was showing some spunk on special teams last night

Randy Johnson should look up the name 'Bernard Pierce,' then get healthy and get out of UM before he becomes yet another ground to dust running back under uncreative Al Golden's one and only game plan blueprint for every single game he coaches.

Miller read the writing on the wall after becoming only seventh 1000 yard rusher at UM, why absorb all that mileage on your career for free?

Unless golden recruits to the point that we have first round talent at every position on defense we will never be elite with dno here. But this is typical golden. His mentality is reactive and not proactive. instead of cutting ties with dno snd his zone hes going to wait until the negativity from fans and boosters becomes so bad he has no choice to get rid of him instead of going out there and makinf changes. i say let barrow call plays he cant possible be worse than Dno. This is easily seen in the make up of the team we always wait to be punched in the face and then adjust instead of coming out swinging. When he said we need to take it to the fourth quarter I knew we lost. The only way a huge underdog wins is going all In with nothing to lose. A three td dog on the road does not win by playing soft hoping the other team messes up. We need to force the action. We play scared and that is goldens biggest flaw. Losing the game doesn't bother me bc there is no shane losing to something better than u, what pisses me off is the fact that fsu is looking forward to playing us again. We need the mentality that even if we lose we give them such hell that their will to play us is gone.

SOme of U morons are a trip. I mean we lose one game to a team that may be the very best team in the nation and all of a sudden some of U act like the world has come to an end. This game was just a litmus test for us to see how far we have to go. Hell FSU should have won handily, heck their coach didn't have to follow two goobers like ours did, they haven't had to worry about an NCAA witch hunt, and they were at home. Besides we all knew coming into this season we were not a National Title contender and it would take time. We will be better coming from this and soon will be beating FSU consistently.

Posted by: Season went from memorable to a disaster in three hours last night | November 03, 2013 at 04:44 PM

Thanks for showing your true colors. There are guys on this blog who don't want UM to be successful and you are one of them. You pretend to be a UM fan but your goal is to make sure good players from So Fl. don't come to UM.

Come out and say you are a UF Fan. There is no shame in admitting the truth.

Posted by: jsy | November 03, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Give Al a chance man. Folks would've driven B. Davis out of town in 1997 but he needed two or three solid classes after the sanctions ended before we became relevant. We did stay close in the first half even though Golden was "reactive" in your opinion. So, you are wrong.

"Real Canes fans...we have nothing to be ashamed about and should only be more optimistic than ever as to the job Al Golden is doing to take us back to the top of college football."

Golden will right the ship I agree...that said I AM ashamed of the clowning attitude from some on the sideline.

If FSU was losing to Miami I promise you FSU would not have had leaders laughing on the sideline. We need more "soldiers" that HATE to lose.

Little Jimmy, you're a tool who asks for another Golden shower from a nittany lion for years now like a good little step n' fetch it.

Getting blown out and routed by your rival means patience isn't going to be extended much longer, no matter how much you slurp the man's loins. Now take another steroid suppository and bend over, Mark and Al have something they want to share with you as well. They picked this technique up from Sandusky, like they did all their lessons.

Harriet tubman, enuf with the shannon bs.

Randy aka. I am no longer head coach material shannon, coulda woulda shoulda recruited devonte freeman. Instead, dumba55 had the nw bulls in his mouth so deeply it was affecting his common sense.

How do u miss out on a local dude like devonte freeman who bona fide wanted to be a cane?

Champ. Ron Zook and Canesallnight you guys called it.

First LOSS this year and fire the whole team, start over and write off the rest of the season.
What a bunch of ....
We were beat by the better team. Done.

Our recruiting is at least 2-3 years behind, and the rebuild is underway.
It is so convenient to criticize and blame after the fact.
After the clock goes 4 O's everyone has 20/20 and the I told you soooo's ( Gallo and his nom de plume's) are crowing.

If you are a fan like the posters listed above. You hang with your team.
Band wagon types come and go. They need not apply.
We 'Canes just keep Raisin 'Cane.
Go 'Canes

That's a good point about Shannon's little by ot ches. They above anybody have no room to talk after his team quit before halftime of that FSU game and he was at home with a QB he recruited and a team full of players he recruited. So those jock sniffers have no room to talk.

Posted by: Season went from memorable to a disaster in three hours last night | November 03, 2013 at 05:15 PM

21-16, 4-4 and a miserable season with all the studs.

I as an Alum and a contributor to the U have much more say than a fraud and an internet tough guy like you in supporting Al. He has done a lot with the little that has been given him.

Get off this blog. You are an excuse for a human being. Who cares whether you have patience or not. You go cheer for UF or FIU.

Funny, you think everyone is "the" Jimmy for you.

Hello, Florida State, and welcome to the national championship discussion.

The No. 5 Seminoles waltzed into No. 3 Clemson with smiles on their faces and demolished the Tigers en route to a stunning 51-14 victory. The 'Noles struck early and often with big plays throughout the game, starting with a fumble recovery on the first play of the game and a 22-yard touchdown pass three snaps later.

Clemson QB Tajh Boyd was harassed into one of his worst performances of his career, going 17-37 for 155 yards, a touchdown and two picks. Boyd was also sacked four times, including a Mario Edwards Jr. scoop-and-score that pushed the score to 17-0 FSU.

Thing just never got better for Clemson from there as Florida State kept piling up big plays and points, even logging a 94-yard pass play to Nick O'Leary (which, oddly enough, wasn't a touchdown) in the closing minutes of the game.

When the dust settled, FSU's 51 points set a Death Valley record for most points scored by a visiting team, and...that's even with the Seminoles 'coasting' late!!

All in all, without a doubt: this is the biggest, best and most dominant win in college football this year. This against a widely considered championship worthy Clemson team

Box Score Hero: Jameis Winston has officially arrived on the sport's biggest stage. FSU's freshman signal-caller lit up the Clemson defense for 444 (!) yards on 22-34 passing, and he notched four total touchdowns in the process. It's still only October, but Winston is a very short list of Heisman contenders right now.

Season went from .... writes a 1000 word essay about how he won't spend any more $ or energy on the Canes. Should have started before that post.

Q: What did you think of the defense last night, how they performed?

Golden: There's no question that their players made plays. We didn't get off the field on third down. Really the time of possession, if the turnovers are even the time of possession is really dictated by whether or not you can get off the field on third down defense or convert on offense. When you lose both those categories you're asking for trouble. We lost both those categories. As it pertains to defense, we never stopped them in the red zone, on third down. As the lead grew we came out of our game plan a little bit, turned the ball over. We need to step up and make more plays. They made the plays, give them credit. Give Florida State a lot of credit. They played really well. We had too many little lapses of technique, mental errors to play good enough to win that game. We needed some kind of red zone stop and didn't get it.

Q: What is your message to recruits after this game?

Golden: We've been through a lot the last two years. I'm proud of our guys for fighting. The next step for us is to continue to climb and start to win these games and move forward. I would say we need you, you can't really be a championship program at any level if you don't have depth and aren't strong from your first group to your third group. They (the Seminoles) were deeper than us, played better than us.

This guy is a master politician.

RS answers to those same 2 questions

Uh, well, uh, we well, uh, then it uh, you know was tough out there. We had a couple lower extrmty (sic) injuries A

We obviously have a talent gap, esp at D-line and LB vs the best teams. The fresh/soph/jr talent we do have came here in very difficult times and true Cane fans appreciate it.

We are where we are and build from here.

Anyone think Golden, who makes a few million, gives even 1 $hit what tubby and the girls think? I hope he reads this thing for laughs. I know I would .

"This guy is a master politician."

Posted by: True Cane | November 03, 2013 at 05:40 PM

The "guy" as you refer to him is a master head football coach. The fact he is asked questions and astutely responds to them should not cause you fear, although lack of understanding and fear may very well be your lot in life.

PS: This really doesn't need to be said, but you are anything other than a 'True Cane'.

ACC and tv finally gave us a home night game with VT.

guess Canespace has no traffic over there. the coward has returned.

Looking at the bright side Golden is finally recruiting from the entire Florida arena unlike his predecessor who only looked at mainly people from Northwestern. Probably 25% of the players wanted to come to Miami but were shunned by Shannon as he sought to only get people from his old high school turning his back on the other high schools in the local area. Miami is on its way back just like when Butch Davis rebuilt the program and convince people like Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis, Jeremy Schockey, Andre Johnson and others to come and build a championship team at the U. I think is upcoming recruiting class will be among the best Miami has had in a long time. Right now at number 3 and it is going to get better. The goal is to get people who want to play in Miami not just recruit someone who thinks they are owe. Go U.

We keep getting outcoached un the big games and so called fans jeep making excuses about what he had to do before that and all that bs. Winston gave us more ints than i expected and could have easily thrown two more. Jimbo decided to take the ball out if his hands and gashed us with 2 tailbacks and a recently converted safety. What a genious? Our oc on the other hand take a the best weapon we have on offense and sends him to the teeth of the wolves with no support. James coley out to be ashamed. We already knew what the defense was gonna do and they didnt stop anything but they had an oppertunity to have 4 picks last night. Morris was inconsistent but he nade a couple of nice throws. No game planning for fsu, no coaching an most importantly no ballz.


What did you expect when the head guy went into the game saying, "we can't let it get away from us" "we have to get the game into the 4th quarter"....

Soft sissy mentality to go with the soft sissy defensive scheme. Perfect fits.

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