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Duke Johnson out for the season with broken ankle source says

A bad night just got a lot worse for the Hurricanes.

A source has told our Susan Miller Degnan that star running back Duke Johnson will miss the remainder of the season with a broken ankle. Johnson is expected to have surgery early next week.

Johnson was injured on Miami's final offensive play of the third quarter when he was tackled by FSU defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample a yard short of the first down on 4th and 1. Johnson's right ankle buckled and he was helped off the field by trainers. He was then carted off for x-rays and seen with tears streaming down his face.

Johnson, seen after the game with his ankle heavily taped and on crutches, is traveling back to Miami with the team the source confirmed.

UM coach Al Golden said during his press conference he didn't have an update on Johnson's condition.

"I saw Duke, great spirits," UM quarterback Stephen Morris said. "Still, I don't know the extent of his injury. He's doing fine. He's in great spirits right now, talking to his teammates, trying to encourage us. Duke is Duke and he'll be OK."

The Hurricanes (7-1, 3-1 ACC) have a huge Coastal Division game against Virginia Tech (6-3, 3-2) next Saturday. If UM were to lose, the Canes would no longer control their own destiny in the division having lost the tiebreaker.

Johnson finished with 97 yards on 23 carries Saturday and was the second-leading rusher in the ACC coming into the game. His final stat line for the season: 145 carries, 920 yards, 6 TDs. 

Backup Dallas Crawford carried the ball twice for three yards Saturday. Crawford has one career start for UM.

"Our biggest thing is we have to leave this game in Tallahassee and when we hit down in Miami tonight come back tomorrow and learn on it," Morris said. "If we weren't mature enough our record wouldn't be 7-1 right now. I got full confidence in this group."



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I'm disappointed with the way things turned out Saturday night, but not broken. It's Monday morning and time to get back to work. What matters is what the CANES do in the next four games and in the five weeks they have to prepare for a rematch with the Noles at a neutral site (Charlotte). Next man up. The road to Charlotte is still wide open for the CANES.

Note to Canesjunkie: Well said! If the Noles weren't any good, beating them wouldn't mean much. What matters is how we respond now. I want to play them in Charlotte.

I was at the game. Miami was in good position in the first half. I don't know why nobody is talking about the play that was blown dead when Duke was going to score. The officials were horrible. The FSU fans are D@#ks and A@@holes. I have no respect for any of them. There players for the most part were classy, especially with their post game comments. As for the game, the coaches started the second half all wrong. The offense needed another blocker in pass protection to give Morris more time. And everyone that is giving him a hard time needs to get a life. The noise level was intense. He did a good job of dealing with that along with the pressure he was getting from the Noles defense. If you want to place blame, put it on the O-line for not pass protecting and doing a better job in run blocking. They are too big to be out played by those punks. WE NEED SPEED RUSHERS AT END AND A PUSH FROM THE TACKLES. Plain and simple that was the difference. If you think that is wrong, watch the game it is reran on Sunsports. Also, it wasn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Our players are very good, we only have to get better at a couple of positions. You cannot win every game every year. Our team lost to a very good team at their house. Better days are ahead for Miami and it has to start this Saturday at Sunlife Stadium.

UM could not stop Wake or NC on third down... I believe that UM has the worst third down defense in college football... I was actually surprised that FSU only scored 41... they must have let up after I stopped watching them convert third down after third down after third down after third down after third down after third down after third down... I have zero interest in talking bad about any UM coach... the results do all the talking... there will come a time where Golden will either want to win... or he will want to keep his best friend employed... until then... he will not EVER beat FSU...

Can someone please tell me whats up with this 3-4 schemE. What happened to the 4-3 that use to consistently send LB's, DL's and safties to the NFL? I don't recognize this team anymore. All of this laying down and allowing people to disrespect you. I guess i truly am getting old.

Solid comments Jeff!

That play, where they marked a touchdown run as a -2 yard loss, changed the game.

Since when is the game one hand touch? Duke was in no danger of being tackled, but was in danger of scoring, so they retroactively took it away from him.

Over 250 comments after a loss, mostly from Canes fans. Just shows that win or lose, the Canes fans stick by their team.

Reading the latest post on the herald, it seems Golden made to much This is still a young team, as far as Golden's own recruits go. With the NCAA out of their hair, recruiting should get better, and the proof of Golden's coaching,(which is still undecided if he can build a championship program) hopefully will start to show. I hope personally, these cood's can do better. BEAT VT GO CANES


my biggest concern with this team besides dno is the mentality of this team. Im of the mindset that truly believes that we lost this game before we even played. FSU did to us what we used to do to others and beat us mentally and emotionally before kickoff. Where is that fighting spirit ala Jerome Brown saying I aint scared during the coin flip and looking the opponent straight in the eye. After something like that the other team knows they are in for a fight win or lose they know they are fighting a dog who will claw and scratch to the end. You know that clip where Reed is mad in the tunnel? That summarizes the problem with this team perfectly. "Joaquim said dominate" That's the mentality we must have. Do you think those teams wanted to take this to the fourth? No they wanted to knock the opponent out and take away their will from the first snap. Until this team gets that mentality we will never beat fsu. And i feel that this weak mentality has to do with the coaches esp dno because his philosophy is not to go get the win but sit back in zone and get pray the other team messes up. We have to stop playing not to lose and instead go out there expecting to dominate. Remember Winston before the Clemson game? He told his team "we aint leaving without a victory" Golden is a good CEO but my God when did we become so weak and timid and scared? Even if i lose I want to go out swinging with nothing left in my clip but this staff waits till the opponent runs out of bullets hoping we can dodge them before shooting back. Like i said before I really dont mind the loss but im worried even if we get a rematch with FSU we will once again get dominated because we play scared. And if we finish 10-2 with our only two losses to FSU and end up in a peach bowl againt a team like texas A and M, trust me johnny football will throw for 600 on us unless we change our mindsets. because trust me when Mr. Football steps onto the field, he expects to win because he feels he is the best of the field he has that swag. And by swag i dont mean the dancing for flexing (thats fake swag) i mean swag as in a true inner confidence that u are the best. It permiates into every aspect of life from how you walk and talk to how u practice and play. Our players are born with that and develop it because thats what you need to survive and go from the gutter to the top like most of these players have done based on their backgrounds and how they grew up. But it seems this team doesnt have that. And if this team doesnt Golden needs to instill it. Instead of saying in the beginning lets take it to the fourth he should have told his team were going out there and from the first snap we will go for the KO. Winston who is a RFS has it, Wilder, Joyner, Freeman have it. Having that inner belief in yourself allows you to rise to the moment and do great things when others doubt you. I saw it in Portis's face when he said raise your hand if your a back up and half the team raises there hand he said i would never raise my hand. We need that more than talent because the talent is there trust me my friends we didnt lose this based off talent we lost before the game was even played.

A few thoughts on the game -

Offensive line was dominant in the first half. They were protecting Morris and opening up hole for Duke. As the Canes got further and further behind, it made it more difficult to run.

Hurns is a special receiver. Incredible hands, terrific route runner.

I thought the defensive game plan was fine to start out the game. The players just didn't execute. That third down play where AQM had a free shot at Winston and missed was a big missed opportunity. Later in the game, the defense wore down.

The Canes have good talent, but FSU has great talent. The talent gap was too much to overcome.

Miami had to play perfect to win and they let too many opportunities go to waste. They had to get points on that opening drive to start out the second half and came out flat. Morris INT when the Noles were up 28-14 was the end of the game. He had Coley wide open for a touchdown and underthrew it.

The third down defense was the biggest difference in the game. The Canes forced many third downs but could not finish the job. If they stopped them on half of the third downs it is whole different game. This is where the lack of pass rush kills them. If they were able to get more pressure they could force errant throws.

Morris seems incapable of checking down. He focuses in on one receiver and believes he can make any throw. Is anyone coaching Morris? His ankle is no longer an excuse.

It's a horrible shame about Duke going down. That play was doomed from the beginning. I still don't understand why they aren't using Crawford in short down situations. I hope this injury doesn't affect Duke's career. From early reports it doesn't seem like anything more than a simple fracture. Duke played very well and proved he run against tough defenses.

I'm not sold on Coley or D'Onofrio at this point. Defensively, they don't appear to have the talent, so I am willing to give D'O some benefit of the doubt. Offensively, the team is talented at every position. Morris has regressed this year and the offense looks worse by the week. There is no excuse for this offense performing at such a low level. They don't have any identity at this point. The cannot sustain drives. They rely way too much on the homerun. If they don't get it, the drive stalls. There are no checkdowns. It seems like the entire team panics whenever the offense stalls and is forced to punt. With the defense playing poorly, Miami must have some long drives to allow the defense to recover.

Let's see how this team rebounds against Va. Tech. Va. Tech is down this year so Miami should be able to beat them handily, even without Duke.

Miami lost.

The whole team.

The players, and the coaches could not overcome FSU and the refs. Trying to point the finger of blame at just one person here or there is a waste of time, when there were mistakes made in all facets of the game. First half results and their consequences.

1. Opening coin flip. Yes, I start with that. All week, we had talked about the importance of starting strong and keeping Winston off the field. Yet we deferred, and put the pressure on our defense first off. Is our defense terrible? No, but they are worse than the FSU offense. It included a disturbing trend where FSU converted two third and longs in their first drive, just like Wake did the week before. Take away that first posession.

2. Good first drive for Miami, until Stacy Coley and Steven Morris missed again. Then we miss a very makeable 44 yard FG. But the seeds of how to win this game were there, good mix of run and pass, 6 rushes for 31 yards. Morris 2-4 for 19 yards would have been better if Coley makes that catch, but 6 rushes to 4 passes was a good mix, and was working. Make that kick and take away that fist drive, we lead 3-0.

3. Defense gets an INT by bringing pressure, exactly as was hoped for by folks here before the game.

4. Second drive was perfect, four straight solid rushes, then a perfect throw against 1 on 1 coverage for a touchdown. We could have been up 10-0 at that point, with Winston's Heisman hopes disappearing like we did to Klingler and Bell and many other overhyped QBs.

5. Refs gift FSU three times, first by giving a kind spot on the Freeman 2 yard run, that they called a 3 yard run, then by changing the spot between quarters to give FSU a first down, and ignoring the center moving the ball which two Miami players even pointed out to the refs, but of course they ignored it. Remove that yard in the play before, Oleary is a yard short and they punt. Instead, Winston to Benjamin on a great throw, and then they run it in for a TD. Take away that bad spot and get the punt, Miami still leads 10-0.

6. Big ref screwjob here. Artie Burns gets a decent return, but a bunch of late hits by FSU are ignored, and instead the refs ignore it. Then, to overcompensate for that, they have a quick whistle on a touchdown run by Duke, instead marking the ball as 3rd and 14. We gain the first down, so the refs call a false start on the next play, and this time on 3rd and 16 we do not convert. Instead of being up 17-0, we are down 14-7 and FSU has the ball.

7. Another fasle start ignored by the refs, to the poit that FSU actually called a timeout in fear that it was about to get called. Announcers ignore the movement, but the replay shows it clearly. Then after that play, we have terrible tackling by the defense, allowing Freeman to turn a three yard pass into a 48 yard touchdown. Worst play of the game by the defense, and it had nothing to do with 3-4 versus 4-3, zone versus man, and had everything to do with poor execution. Would have made it 17-7 Miami, but instead it was 21-7 FSU.

8. Morris accepts a horrible sack, killing the drive. Then, even after showing he could hit a 30 yard pass, does a one yard dink to Waters, forcing a punt. Bad offenseive series right after a bad defensive series, not a good sign.

9. Second interception and likely the last mistake made by Winston, on second and long, giving Miami a chance to cut into the lead.

10. Miami again goes to the proper mix of 4 rushes to 4 passes, 23 yards on the ground by Duke, and Morris 3-4 for 43 yards and another pinpoint pass to Hurns for the TD. 24-7 Miami if things had been called right, but 21-14 at the half, and Miami still in the game. Far far better than most folks expected against a team that was up 35-0 in the first quarter just the week before.

11. At halftime, if we stick to that plan, and get a few calls OUR way in the second half to make up for the home cooking of the first half, Miami still has the chance to win. Golden then puts all the pressure on that first drive of the second half, in his sideline interview, saying we have to score on that drive. Not sure if he also said that to the players in the locker room, but it backfired big time.

I said it before the game--Golden and Co can't adjust and are just flat out bad game day coaches. Coley and D'No are tit for tat--bad and worse! Morris is obviously hurt more than we know. His first half throws wore beautiful and than he hurts the ankle/foot again. His best football is ahead of him in the NFL-real coaching. Noles are good BUT not Bama good. Bama will just run it down their throats than throw to the tight end in the seam when they try to adjust. I don't expect to be in Charlotte with Morris limping around, Duke out, and Golden afraid to play the backup. Just the truth...

Second half of this game was dreadful, no way to view it otherwise.

20-0 on the scoreboard. Duke injured and out for the season. Morris throws two costly picks. Pollsters put us below Clemson and many others, even though we did better than Clemson against the same team.

FSU Clemson 51-14 at home, with the game decided early.
FSU Miami 41-14 at home, with FSU kicking unneeded FGs late to run up the score, and the game only being decided after they injure Duke.

1. Morris throws at his LINEMAN, gets intentional grounding. Horrible, especially after he had previously bounced one off Henderson's head in a previous game.

2. Winston to Shaw, defensive breakdown that put them in FG range in a close game. BUt they score a TD and go up by two touchdowns.

3. Morris throws what was essentially a long punt, on the first play from scrimmage, giving the defense no rest. Sure, it was 56 yards downfield, but the idea was to use ball control to keep the FSU offense off the field. Horrible decision by a rattled QB.

4. Defense fails again, but at least caused a fumble, the shame being that the ball was bouncing FSUs way this night, bounced right back to Winston. Miami then gives up the killer TD, putting FSU up 21.

5. The drive that cost us Duke Johnson. Because we are down 3 scores instead of 1, we don't kick the FG, but try on fourth and two, and Duke gets a broken ankle as the pile rolls over him. Funny how when Duke is loose, the refs have a quick whistle, but when he is obviously stopped, they let the play continue so that the pile crushes over him. Nice job by them. Game over at this point. Duke was on a pace to gain over 100 yards against FSU, and instead he is out for the year.

6. FSU plays it safe with their big lead, with a punt and two FGs. While a desperate Miami throws an interception and goes out on downs twice in their last three possessions. Disappointing end to what was looking like a great game.

Good points, Sunny Dee.

BS..the loss falls on the coaches...they got out coached....

UM Offensive line vs FSU defense....

6'6" 319 Sr. UM vs 6'4" 313 soph FSU
6'6" 315 soph UM vs 6'4" 285 Soph FSU
6'4" 296 jr UM vs 6'1" 214 soph FSU
6'5" 320 jr UM vs 6'2" 284 jr FSU

UM was bigger and more experienced and could not stop the fsu push.....

FSU made adjustments in the second half and golden had no counter.....that's because they are limited in knowledge and experience....

as for duke...he could be having a "melvin bratton" moment..who knows.

And forget williams taking over...thats not going to happen, golden will not chance it....UM lives and dies with morris

I loved freeman holding the "U" sign in goldens face.....

that's worse than convicts vs Catholics....

2013 is shot..UM is not going to beat FSU......2014 is worse with graduation.....

2015 is best hope.....so lets clean house now.....get nfl coach here.....there is no risk for UM at all

Tubby's alfred/albert "joke" was a real killer. Man is she funny.

Jeff on point!

Five Title...thanks for the update of my previous post...you might not have seen that since it was burried deep in the Blog...but you did the Duke Reverse that would have been a TD...

I was with FSU fans and they all said that was a bad call and they caught a break! That would have been a game changer as it would have made the score 14-14 with around 9min left the 2nd...

Gallow...you are just plain wrong dude!

While I do have concerns about some of the offensive play calling (most all runs go left or to the short side of the field, no quick screens, RB or TE screens, draws...etc...I chalk the check downs up to Morris being greedy or just plain poor decisions...which is stupid at this point, but I did not want to say the guy is stupid because he is not). There is and has been a lot of good, very good, and great calls this year...when the plays are executed.

As far as the DC goes...I am not 100% sold either way...I am not fond of the bend done break philosophy...I have serious concern with our 3rd down issues...

It looks like in the second half there was not much in the way of a 3 man rush...as stated in a previous post I saw more 4, 5, 6 man fronts with mostly 4 - 5 rushing...

We got beat by a better team with more depth and more experience in their system...

I also realize we are not quite there with the talent on Defense that we need...it is basically a depth and development issue (we do not have the depth to properly develope the type of players we need). That is not the same as not having talented guys...we have talented guys but the truth be told no one is really good enough to be playing as a ture or redshirt freshman...we have seen what that gives us over the last couple of seasons...

UM needs 2-3 solid recuriting classes to get to the point we need to be with player development...

We are developing players...but we do not have the depth to develope as much as we need and get those guys solid with the what we want to do on Defense...

We are not back yet...we are close...but that close is 2015...that will be Golden's 5th year of recruiting but only 2 without the Cloud.

Go Canes! Beat Va Tech!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

It's A Cane Thing...You Just Don't Undersantd!

Too many thinking this team is top 10. At least 2 years away, we need def line who can pressure the QB, and a QB who can lead the offense. I said after the Florida game the offense was called not to lose with the defense holding on. I believe the whole season is on a not to lose play calling. Offensively that is. I don't believe they have the faith in Morris to really run the offense. Williams looked good in short relief, but maybe he is not really that good, the coaches see him in practice. We will see next year who starts at QB, which will answer a lot of questions. But a shot at 11-1 is really an overachievement for this team. NOT for the Miami Hurricanes, but this team GO CANES

dude the list is the list.....show me 1 player that's incorrect?bottom line and I am not a shannon lover...just the facts....if shannon was here UM would not be any less than where we are today.....again teddy bridgewater WOULD be here....he gave up on UM when shannon was fired....he was absolutely coming here.....so answer the question.....if jimbo was here with mark stoops and took over this team in 2011 with all those players like ray-ray, and paul...where would we be today, I say in the top 5.go thru that list...

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 03, 2013

Just one player? Thomas Finnie was left by Shannon? What did he commit to Shannon as a junior and then commit to South Carolina and then flip back to Miami?

Is a player "left" for Golden if they sign their letter of intent with Golden like Chick and Duke?

You make the most retarded lists... A guy rapes a girl and gets kicked out of school and that makes him a Golden casualty? One guy steals a Mac Book laptop and another gets caught with over 25 grams of weed so let's add them to Golden's casualty list. You are a pathetic dude. You're like 1 for 5 on your predictions and think you've been vindicated because Miami lost to arguably the best team in college football.

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